Michigan's Adventure

4.6 (222)
67.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cedar Fair
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Michigan's Adventure

4.56 out of 5
222 Ratings
8 years ago, TheWhiteQueen83
Works well
This is a good app to have while visiting Michigan to venture!
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2 months ago, goofbunny7
A Good Update!
I like how now this version is more easy to pay for session passes and sign up! This version is more accurate and I definitely recommend this!
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9 years ago, 4th of 4
Like the park, this app is half baked.
It is like someone went to a better park, saw how their app works and then told their programmer to make one just like it. But they only gave them 1/10th the budget. It is close, and *almost* works in so many areas, but in park apps, there is no “close”. The biggest most obvious fail is the inability of the app to locate itself using the GSP (even though all my other map apps were working fine). And then, even when the app does locate you (blue pulsing dot) the map will not allow you to center on yourself and keeps popping back to locations that have nothing to do with where you are. Very frustrating. Everyone in our group just deleted it once we realized how useless it is at this time.
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7 years ago, Michiganmomgonemad
App was great, until we got inside the park.
Planning our only trip to Michigan's Adventure for 2017, my husband and I downloaded this app. We set up our PINs for the friend finder feature. We reviewed the map, the rides, and the dining options. The map, although slightly clumsy for navigating, seemed to contain almost all the information we were going to need, while at the amusement park. We opened the app, as we entered the parking lot. That was the last know location for my husband, no matter how many times we restarted the app. He was unable to find my location at all. The app crashed after opening the first page, requiring a restart every time we wanted to try to access info or the map. It wasn't useless, but it really was a disappointment on a special day. I had high hopes, but improvements need to be made. Great concept, and I wish it worked when we were at the park! (It works fine now, now that we are back home. Deleting the app. Maybe next year!
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5 years ago, cynamil
Rides times are inaccurate
So, as I stand here waiting for more than an hour, I thought I’d review this app. We chose the Grand Rapids as our last ride of the day because the app said 0 minutes wait and the other rides said 60. So we told the kids we’d do this ride. I’ve rechecked the app several times throughout the hour and it still says 0 minute wait time. Lies. All lies. And I have to continue to stand here because we’ve invested our time and everyone was looking forward to it. If you are going to advertise an app to show wait times, then my goodness, the wait times should be at least somewhat accurate.
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12 years ago, Kelley Wheeler
Doesn't work
Just went to Mi Adventure in August 8th. I couldn't use the app because you need wifi and they don't have it there. That wasn't mentioned previously. My friend couldn't use hers either, it kept shutting down on her. So we couldn't use the "find a friend" part. Plus there is no security measure put in place with the find a friend feature. You are given a pin number and anyone could track you by entering that pin. You don't have to "accept" being tracked. Kind of creepy. I entered my friends pin incorrectly and it gave me a complete strangers name that I could have tracked if it had worked for me. They need to fix this.
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8 years ago, FunnyLol(;
Easy to use!
This app is so easy and convenient. I can't wait to use the easy pay feature. And, the find friends is great to keep track of my group.
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12 years ago, Pikat288940274929384738829
This app is awesome!!
^^^^^the only thing is that I wish that there was a map that you can have without wifi. Other than that it's great!
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12 years ago, Jw1011998
Really helps me to plan my trip when I don't have a computer. Really fast and easy to use!
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11 months ago, JFJ2000
Should be able to save tickets
It doesn’t save tickets unless they are purchased through the app. It drains your battery. Just a “meh” app.
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7 years ago, ems977
Good App
Keeps everything you want to know about MA together in one spot for easy access.
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7 years ago, Tmfn71
Great app!
Love the map options and gives all the info we need!
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8 years ago, iSleepzzz
The app is amazing
So easy to use and cheaper then cedar point for fast lane+ admission. I am totally going in July
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9 years ago, Claxton916
Family friendly place but
I love Michigans adventure but it's the most ignored park from Cedar Fair..
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9 years ago, FallenFeatherFal
This app is good for knowing ticket prices, all of the rides and the height you need to be, etc.
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11 years ago, drkenfp
Not ready for prime time
The GPS map is too tiny to be useful, and finding other iPhone users just does not work reliably. Hope this improves in the future.
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10 years ago, Grilled turkey
I went to the park today
It was awesome i went on the thunder hawk 9 Times
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12 years ago, Adamru12
Super awesome I am going there tomorrow and this really will help me when I am there
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12 years ago, Heathro2003
The info is nice. Easily set up. Haven't used it yet at the park but cool
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7 years ago, 👑👑👑💋💋💎💎
Great App!!
Amazing and Convenient!!
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7 years ago, The Ranter 305
No wait times
App doesn't display wait times
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11 months ago, NBOX Nate
I love Michigan’s Adventure
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12 years ago, ketankalpana
Awesome app
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11 years ago, Tory-zebra print
Awesome app!!
I <3 this appppp!!!!
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11 years ago, Kittycat9187
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