MidoLotto: Play the Lottery

4.8 (37.3K)
119.6 MB
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Current version
Mido Play Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for MidoLotto: Play the Lottery

4.83 out of 5
37.3K Ratings
4 years ago, vm z cvbbm
First lottery ticket purchase ever - this is fun!
I purchased my first EVER lottery ticket with the Mido Lotto app - and I already won $2 last night - my third time playing! I never even thought about playing the lottery before, but this app makes it a no-brainer. Someone is gonna win at some point - why not me?). And it's cheap thrill -- who doesn't need that during these times! I pre-loaded my wallet with $25 for "entertainment" so I can easily buy tickets when it's convenient for me (insomnia shopping!) So now buying a ticket only takes about 5 seconds from start to finish - just pick game, choose numbers and bam! After that, it's kind of like Christmas morning opening the app to see if I won! (The whole process is done in the app including payment on prizes under $600 - so you are prompted to check your ticket which is digital so you can't lose it!). I also just set up a group so I can invite friends and increase our odds of winning. Thanks ML for giving me something to look forward to while I'm stuck at home! If you have zoom fatigue this might be a new way to be social and do something different with friends/family and fingers crossed maybe hit it big! :-) Need something to dream about these days!
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1 year ago, Pkmncreatr
Attention CA Lotto Players
Great app! Use to but my tickets on here all the time. Beats going out and waiting in a line. Well deserved 5 stars. But today I received an email from the official CA Lottery that read: “The California Lottery warns players not to buy your tickets online or through a digital app. App-based and online lottery ticket resellers and courier delivery services are not affiliated with the California Lottery and are illegal in California. If you buy a winning ticket online or in a third-party app the Lottery will not pay any prize and must deny all prize claims associated with such tickets. The California Lottery is legally prohibited from knowingly paying prizes on tickets acquired through an online courier service. Players who choose to engage with these services do so at their own risk”. So I guess I’ll have to but my tickets now in person.
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10 months ago, Sunnycupid
Clearly Risky APP - safe until you win big
It’s from your TOS ( Terms of service ) Conditions and Restrictions. We may, at any time and in our sole discretion, refuse the order of a Ticket via the Services, impose limits on the amount of Tickets that may be ordered via the Services, or impose any other conditions or restrictions upon your use of the Services, without prior notice. So you clearly mentioned you have all the rights to refuse any order / ticket at any point of time!! Which mean you even can refuse the order and cancel ticket once after they won Big and you guys can claim that jackpot is not it ?? Also you can impose any new conditions any time wow There is no proof of security with you guys !! Update : regards to the replay from dev about recent biggest jackpot win that they paid in April .. what you say about this ?? The ticket was purchased in Colleyville at Hooked on MT, a lottery courier service. Lottery courier services are third-party companies that purchase tickets on behalf of Texas Lottery players and deliver them digitally to players via third-party apps. A bill introduced in April sought to ban the use of smartphones and apps to order lottery tickets. The bill was passed through the Texas Senate but didn't reach the House floor during the regular legislative session.
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1 year ago, RDTitus
Convenient time saver!
I like the notifications when a big lottery pot is happening. App is easy to use with no waiting in lines, no fumbling with printed tickets and easy pay out of winnings. The convenience fee charged is well worth the price for avoiding all the hassles and trips to purchase tickets at the local gas station or store. Also, the app is like having your own personal ticket management system. It’s fun to watch the results each evening to see if your tickets are winners. I just recently started using the autoplay feature for a few of my tickets that have my self selected numbers. It was easy to setup for the different game draws. The app is also visually appealing and their mascot dog is cool.
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2 years ago, Johnny Appleseed Fan
I have some concerns about this entity… The app is fine but I have concerns about what would ACTUALLY happen if you WON a large lottery and tried to claim your $10M ticket etc. Would they suddenly disappear?? I checked with the official CA Lottery and they do Not sell online; so this is more like an escrow… which is great when you’re paying THEM, but what about when it’s time for THEM to pay YOU. I have not seen any verified stories of people winning BIG with this app and then actually getting paid out. I finally tried to cash out a small winning (less than $10) instead of rolling it over to a credit, and they made me fill out an e-form request to get the money in PayPal. I did receive the money ultimately but getting a few dollars is not the same as getting a WINNING LOTTERY ticket so who knows. In any event, I decided to stop using the app for now since I have no way of knowing if they’d pay out on a Million+ winner etc. Guess it’s time to go to the convenience store.
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3 years ago, imtheshizzniyee
Won't load money via PayPal
The only options to load money is through paypal or signing into your bank account through their website. I've never heard of this app so I don't trust it enough to login with my bank so I tried to load $10 via paypal but after signing into PayPal it's just a blank page. I still don't know how much I trust so I will be changing my PayPal password just to be safe. Good idea and convenient but don't I cannot put enough trust into them to use my bank information. Was worth a try. Edit: (Response to developer) I have 2 bank accounts linked to Paypal. I will contact them to see what's up. Will change review if I can get it to work.
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1 year ago, jeepibs21
I submitted a question to customer support “When will you be back up and running in Arizona?” I received this as a response “Referral bonuses and other promotional balances are non-withdrawable. You will be able to use those credits once we resume operations in Arizona. We will let you know by email once we reactivate your state.” Thanks for that response but it doesn’t look good if your app suggests keeping money in the balance that I can’t get back and your app says “ Currently Mido does not support any games in this location. Sorry! Please try again when you are in a different place.” I’m glad I didn’t have that much in my account when the area was paused. Would have been nice to get a heads up before hand to allow me to use the money and get the account down to zero incase you don’t come back up in my area. When the app works, it works well but when they update their app good luck.
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4 years ago, Pzino
Updated to 5 stars based on customer service
Update: after my review customer service contacted me and sent me a link to correct the problem. I would definitely recommend the app now. I was pleased with the app, purchased a few tickets and thought the fee of 10% (.20 on $2) was reasonable. I was sent a text by Mido with a “Free ticket offer”. You send a text with the message they can get a free ticket if they download the app. I tried to send a free ticket to my husband. I sent the text, he downloaded your app and set up a profile and then it says the promotion expired. In only 2 minutes?? Really?! I felt that I was misled and it was just a way to get him to download your app.
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3 years ago, ChanceClay
Too many notifications
The app settings force you to keep 2 of the 3 notification settings on so the app can push notifications to you reminding you to play. You literally have to block the app in the iOS settings from sending you notifications at all if you don’t want reminders every day on how big the prize is. How this isn’t a violation of App Store guidelines is beyond me. If that’s not enough they don’t only use push notifications they also will use the phone number you sign up with to text you these same reminders. Again this is clearly spam that I didn’t ask for.. I also don’t understand how the app is allowed to link directly to PayPal for loading money into the app.. any other app is supposed to use in app purchase or go through the App Store. They specifically say they “digitize” your ticket so I feel like the App Store policies should apply to them.
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5 months ago, Don’t be lazy 64
Works ok but…
I used to use Mido a lot but eventually grew tired of the excessive fees and realized I used it because I was just being lazy, I found that my grocery store has a lottery kiosk and you can buy all lottery products with no fees. Of course I knew about the fees going in so yes they are high but I’m not faulting Mido for that, I’m upset because they just charged me an “inactivity” fee $4.00 since I had quit the app and deleted it 6 months ago. I now have emails in to Mido to delete all data/info of mine associated with this app. It’s not the money it’s the principle, my guess it’s buried in the TOS but I couldn’t find it. Btw never waited in line at the kiosk even on billion $ powerball games and zero fees, I spent hundreds on Mido/PayPal fees and then to be zapped inactive fees is just too much.
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3 years ago, Unhappy app banker
Do not get this app! Read below
At first I loved this app and was super excited about it. However, I will be deleting it after tonight’s drawing. Here are the problems: I won a free play with Fantasy 5, this means if you go to the store you will get a free ticket with numbers. On here, however, they are suppose to give you a new ticket with numbers. Well I never received it and all it says is that I won it but it’s pending. This was last night. Now it’s late in the day and still no new ticket. I contacted them and they completely ignored what I said and replied with a response that was not what I contacted them about. Another big problem is that if you win money, you will have to WAIT for them to either mail the tickets to you, assuming you ever get them, or they claim there might be a place somewhere (could be far) that you could go, and that’s a big IF. I have a 7-11 right here by my place and so many other stores that I can simply get the ticket and collect my winnings quickly when that happens. This is simply not worth it and you may never see your winnings, too risky. Another problem is when you set up online banking, it’s not permanent bc they will make you do it repeatedly for security. This app is way more trouble than it’s worth.
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2 years ago, Nothing beware
3rd review yes legit system. Nothing to worry about
My last review was bad due to not withdraw quick and slow. However I escalated and just received my withdrawal funds. So now I continue playing on here. Been playing since app started. It’s been promising but payout withdrawal is little slow. It took me a day and half to get my first withdrawal and it does work. After being all this yes this is only the way I play lotto now. They may charge % up front but that how it is, people need to get pay for doing this service. Anyway now I love it Thanks Mido and Customer service exceed my approval. Great job handling slight issue
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2 years ago, fergosphere
I happen to come across Mido over a year ago during the pandemic. Since my son is terminal due to a lung disease, we do not leave our house and I missed playing a couple of times a week. After researching Mido, I signed up and have been having so much fun since. Being shut in during the pandemic has been very difficult. At least we can still enjoy playing the lotto during these uncertain times. I LOVE the fact that when you do win, I recently won on Fantasy 5, you can access your winnings either thru an e-check or a PayPal account and get it within minutes.
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3 years ago, bad svc
They are using a 3rd party company to fund customers accounts. The company name is SKRILL. This company has hit multiple customers with fraudulent transactions. There is no contact phone number for either companies He is an email from there OPs manager Hi Chad, this is Hamish, I'm the Head of Operations at Mido Lotto and the person who sent you the email in your screenshot. I'm sorry that you were one of the few customers who were impacted by the issue that our payment processor, Skrill, experienced with their bank. I can understand your frustration - seeing bank transactions duplicated can be stressful. I'd like you to know that these issues happen from time-to-time; this particular error affected a number of businesses, not just Mido Lotto. I'd also like you to know that we are actively migrating our users from the payment platform that you used (Skrill) to a new payment platform that offers a much better user experience (PayWithMyBank by Trustly). Please reach out to me if you'd like help getting set up with the new platform. In the meantime, please use the link in the email I sent you to let us know how you'd like the duplicate transaction to be resolved. We're working closely with the team at Skrill to reach a resolution for all of those impacted as quickly as possible.
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4 years ago, Joe4147
Highly recommended
I don’t play lotto all of the time but I do sometimes. I try to stay out of convenience stores. So this app becomes very convenient on those occasions that I want to spend a buck or two on lotto. I also really like the group options, we have a coworker group, a family group, and my girlfriend and I have our own 2-some group (LOL!) As for the customer service, I think that is why I am writing this review, we have received nothing but world-class customer service from them and we would really like to see this app takeoff. So we both highly recommend downloading this app and trying it out.
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4 years ago, M3gaFan
Enjoying playing in groups with friends
I used to buy tickets when I remembered or when the draw was big. A friend introduced me to Mido Lotto and invited me to their group. The group buy in alerts make it easy to remember to buy tickets when one of my friends buys in. We’ve won a few group draws and I’m planning on creating another group for my office/co-workers. It’s awesome not having to stop by the store or manually check tickets. Keep up the great work! P.S. I heard from customer service that you all are planning on adding more daily draw games. I hope you all add them soon!
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6 years ago, EFA!!!
Bonding Over a Dream
Who would have thought an app to play Powerball would put our office in Sync?! I was invited to play Mido Lotto with a group of co-workers over the past week. The level of bonding, dreaming of what we could do for each other as well as our budding company could never have been foreseen. While we were buying our tickets and planning our steps with our imagined winnings, we closed the book on a chapter that needed to be finished as well as determined new leadership! Would this have happened without our Mido camaraderie? I think not. We didn’t win the Lotto but we won in very meaningful ways!
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4 months ago, SLWood21
So convenient
I have always wanted to play the lottery but always forget to buy tickets and then if I do remember, I lose the tickets or forget to check. I love the reminders for the different lotteries and amount. I also love the reminders to check my tickets, which this app does for me. I load the amount I give myself a month to spend on lottery so it also helps me control my spending. For once I find the convenience fee completely worth it! I just bought 5 tickets from the comfort of my bed and it only cost me 1.60 fee 😳🤗🤩
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3 years ago, Jenbug042192
Good so far
I am really loving this app. I absolute hate going to the store to buy lottery tickets because I like to pay with my debit card and they keep changing to only cash and no debit cards accepted and then randomly debit cards would be accepted, so it’s nice to be able to avoid being turned away simply because I have to pay with cash. I buy my tickets through the app which takes 10 seconds. Super easy and quick. I’m just unsure on what happens if you win more than $600, do they hand deliver the ticket to you in person?
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2 years ago, Rquintero66
Checking Ticket
I bought 10 quick pick numbers and the app was not allowing me to check my numbers. I left a bad review and the system kept telling me it was waiting for the numbers. Well, after a few more hours passed. The phone app finally notified me it wa time to check my numbers. I won a small amount and it was deposited. Turns out so many people bought a ticket, the system was overwhelmed with people trying to check their tickets. All is good in lotto world again.
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3 months ago, Jagrata123
They are stealing your money due to lack of performance!!! Don’t play with them!! I live in Florida and in the beginning it worked, then when I tried to play it said that I’m in Florida and that it is illegal to play with Mido in this state but that they are working on it so we could also play in FL! Well I left my money in there because I thought they are working on it! No, they couldn’t fix it to this date!! Now, they charge me $4 for inactivity in my account! Like I said, they are fraudulent Thieves!! They are unable to fix the issue so the customer has to pay! Don’t play with them, or the same might happen to be you!! And the best is, when I demanded my money back, they inactivated my account and now all my money is gone to these thieves!!!!
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5 years ago, Deaconmac
My first review began: “Mido does not pay off”...
As Mido was being launched, 3 years ago, they ran a contest promotion to increase their traffic. There were nearly 200 winners and I was one of them. My prize was only $25 worth of lottery tickets, but despite acknowledging my win, they never sent the lottery tickets and repeated inquiries went unanswered. However, after I posted my 1 star review, they contacted me, acknowledged the error, and arranged to put 25 lottery tickets into my Mido account. They also added another $25 to my account to make up for the hassle. So I have revised this review and given them 4 stars. They do pay off after all. Good luck!
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3 years ago, NRod112
Won $341 using Mido Lotto
After using the app for less than a month, I won $341 playing Fantasy 5 two days ago. I matched 4 out of 5 numbers, playing just 1 ticket in which I chose my own numbers. The app is very convenient if you are a regular lotto player. No more driving to the nearest convenient store. No more missing tickets. No more filling out and wasting paper tickets. Plus, I was pleasantly surprised to receive my winnings in less than 2 hours after emailing it to customer service. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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1 year ago, Anonymous45661
I am very shocked
I really enjoy this app! No this isn’t a fake review. In all honesty, I was kind of iffy about the app even with all of the great reviews. The idea of allowing an app generate numbers and not knowing if it’s legit or not. Let me tell you… it’s legit! I bought some tickets and already made profit. This is the real deal. Buying tickets on this app is the same as walking into your nearest gas station and buying your own physical ticket. This app is straight to the point and really fun to use. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.
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6 years ago, Akod
Great concept and fun!
Really well done. Been an occasional lottery player for a while and this takes the hassle out of it. Payment has been nice and safe so that’s something I haven’t felt worried about since playing via the app. Needed help getting set up though and they got me rolling pretty quickly so that was good to see! It’s also a fun thing to gift people. “Have an awesome day, thanks for all you do - good luck!”has been a cool work morale booster gift too :-). Tried it and it caught on so it’s something I’ll keep at. The app is rock solid and well worth it. Good stuff!
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3 years ago, The bensonater
Makes it eeeeeeasy
I really appreciate the fact that I no longer have to remember to go to the gas station just to get tickets sometimes. The app can be a little clunky at times. The transitions from checking tickets and stuff is a little drawn out. And the little in in-app notifications are bothersome and get in the way a bit. But all in all, it’s been great! Saves me actual real time in the day! Please, devs, give me an option for notifications. I don’t want to turn them off completely, but the app gives WAY too many notifications for my taste.
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2 years ago, Chris3193
Mido won’t take my money
I played two weeks in a row without issue, now during the weekly check to renew the use of my bank account, I get an error message. So, so I tried using my PayPal account and it says that it won’t accept credit cards, but I’m using my debit card. It isn’t an issue of funds, i bank through Chime and this is the only issue I’ve ever had. It’s frustrating, because I’m too embarrassed to buy a ticket in person and this seemed perfect.
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3 years ago, LotsaLoTTo
No such thing as free ticket
Don’t fall into their False advertisement. They said they will give a free ticket to new app users but when I forward it to my friend so that she can claim it, the app asked her to create an account and so she did, but right after that she click on the link again to redeem the ticket but at that point the app warned her that the free ticket is only for new users and I guess it does not apply to her anymore because she just created an account. But that was the instruction that was given to her, to create an account. and you can’t redeem the ticket if you already have an account, go figure. That’s actually a clever way to deceive people. Plus you pay $.20 for every dollar that you spend, that’s kinda steep.
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3 years ago, young artsist
Email to get winning?!
This app would be good but it has one major flaw...you have to email them to “cash out” and get your winnings. There’s a wallet within the app that you can load funds into and your winnings are also placed on this wallet. Unfortunately, in order to cash out and get paid you have to email the company with your Zelle or whatever payment app they are associated with account’s info and email (or something like that) and then they will pay you to your Zelle 25-48 hours later. For me, this kind of defeats the purpose of going digital with it. Additionally, there is only an email for customer support. If I need customer support I want to speak with someone one the phone not through an email.
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2 years ago, Misterjaws
About 70% there
It’s nice that you can save time and gas. The surcharge is 20% over the ticket price. Not that big of a deal. However, their cut off time is 2 hours prior to the drawing, so you kind of have to plan ahead. Also they do not support second chance submission vs. you can scan physical California lotto for second chance drawing. Lastly, the payment is way over complicated and PayPal errors out all the time. I played $50 and haven’t won once. Out of 20 tickets, I think l’ve only hit one or two numbers total. I’ll stick with physical store after my $50 trial. Oh yea, I never got the free ticket either.
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4 years ago, Grateful JT
I love it!
I love this app. The last time I bought tickets in person last month, people inside the convenience store weren’t wearing masks or being careful. I’ve been using this app ever since and it works perfectly. I’m using Zelle to send funds securely to the app. No credit cards. I’ve won small amounts of money and the funds were delivered immediately to my account. During these crazy times, I’m happy that I don’t have to risk my health to play the lottery.
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1 year ago, Mischiefus1
What happens IF I win????
So, according to an email I received tonight from the California State Lottery, I may end up forfeiting any winning ticket I bought on this app because this app and other apps like it are illegal. How do you make sure that all winnings…any winnings can be collected? This is a genuine concern of mine. Not that I think I’m gonna win the jackpot, but what insurance do you give to your customers that they can actually cash in they’re winning ticket? Especially now that the California State Lottery has issued this vehement warning that they will recognize tickets brought on third party apps.
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4 years ago, shaangels-kma
Easy Lottery Playing - with Social built in
We have been playing with this app with a work team. It’s been a fun distraction with all that is going on and a super fun, easy way for all of us to connect when seeing each other is difficult with COVID. It’s been team building and social when other avenues haven’t been available. Adding PayPal ease for purchasing is quick and easy. It takes away the pain of having to go to the store to purchase — and checking the winners MUCH easier. I used to play from time to time, but was better at buying them than checking them. Adding multiple player groups is genius and everyone can control the numbers they want to play and the competition to be “on the top” adds a fun, social spin. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, Dr.Jr.13
I have tried multiple Times to link my PayPal account and it doesn’t work
I have a few family members who have this app who love the simplicity of it. I don’t like this app at all. I’ve had a PayPal account for over 10 years and I’ve never had a problem with any other account that’s linked to PayPal like this one. I am unemployed and I don’t run a business. Every time I try to link my PayPal account to Midolotto, I get a message saying that it’s unauthorized and I can’t link my PayPal account. I got so frustrated the past two days that I decided to delete the Mido Lotto account and write this review. Please fix this problem if you want more customers to use your application.
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4 years ago, Desert Nomad Girl
Pain in the behind to fund...
This app used to be amazing! Haven’t bought any tickets since last year and just logged in to play but the pay options have changed. I now can’t play because I can’t get money loaded. The instant load option, Skrill, is completely useless because when you sign up, it tells you that your funds can’t be used for lottery or gaming so why is this even listed as an option? The other options for delayed pay either aren’t compatible with my bank or have horrible reviews. Besides delayed funds don’t help when I was buying tickets the day of. Sad because Mido once was simple and easy.
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3 years ago, MrxBrightside18
Easy and convenient
I love this app. It saves me a trip to the store and also I could play in multiple draws. Trying to explain that to an employee at the store is ridiculous! They do not understand multiple draws. So far i only one $2 but I got my money instantly. I do wish they would have multiple draws between 10 and 20 but they don’t do that many at a time. Hopefully they can fix it in the future.
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3 years ago, mamatroll
Easy & Safe
I’m very impressed how easy it was to buy Lottery tickets on my phone. In these times when leaving the house and going in a store isn’t safe it’s great to be able to purchase through an app. It’s also great to just electronically one-touch check my tickets on my phone instead of having to remember to take them in to a store. They don’t take money from winnings but they do charge a fee when tickets are purchased. I love this app!
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2 years ago, gsamaria
insufficient funds? i don’t think so.
this app is great except for the fact that i can almost never load money onto my account. I’m trying to buy powerpall tickets for the drawing tonight and every time i go to load the money to pay, it says insufficient funds. I transferred WELL OVER the amount i needed into the account i was using to complete the transaction. So why does it keep saying insufficient funds? I even removed the bank account and re-added it three times. I tried waiting a few hours and trying it again and that still doesn’t work. This isn’t the first time this has happened tho..it’s really a hit or miss.
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3 years ago, LetiYoko
I won $345 on Fantasy 5!
I love this app! It’s so convenient to just purchase lottery tickets right from your phone. The app will check them for you as soon as the results are available. I played Fantasy 5 the day before yesterday and won $345 ! I used the pick your own numbers option and got 4 of the 5 numbers 🤭 I know it’s not that much but I was pretty shocked that I won something still 😁
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1 year ago, PapillonMom56
Takes care of my procrastination/memory
I missed out playing so many times because I either forgot to play or kept telling myself I will go in and then time didn’t permit. This takes care of both of those issues. I get notified when lottery’s are big and when I only have a couple of hours to play. The app is so convenient and easy to use. 5 stars!
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3 years ago, stevemillertime
A needed app!!!
Please get rid of the “I understand” prompt after picking your saved numbers. It’s ultra annoying to have to deal with that prompt before I can select the numbers each time. Maybe put in a check box that asks “do not ask me again”. I do wish the cut off times were not at 5pm (pacific time). That’s early! I thought of this app idea 8 years ago, good to see someone put it to task!
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2 years ago, Bro-XV
Really cool app but paying for it is impossible
They need to at least allow debit card usage. I don’t feel comfortable linking my bank account, plus they don’t support my 2 main bank accounts either and I don’t really use paypal. I feel this app would be a hit if it was more user friendly with payment (3 stars). But, because it’s such a hassle trying to pay for these tickets, I just don’t end up buying them. Which is a bummer. When they support more payment options I’ll be all in. 🙂
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3 years ago, RachSocal
The best app!!
Honestly I can’t say enough good things about this app. I LOVE how easy it is to purchase tickets. The customer service Mido lotto provides is top notch. They are extremely quick to reply and go above and beyond. You’re probably wondering if you’re actually able to win the lotto. The answer is YES! I recently got 4 out of 5 numbers playing fantasy 5 on Mido lotto! Thanks so much to the Mido Lotto team, You guys are awesome.
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2 years ago, lotto winna
Convenient app during pandemic
I just learned that we can now purchase online lotto tickets in MA. What this app doesn’t tell you is the convenience fee of $ 1.60 assessed with each ticket purchase which quite honestly can amount to another ticket. Even though Mido doesn’t keep any lottery winnings,This fee is quite high. Please consider reducing it or placing ads and getting rid of the fee altogether. I am more likely to buy all my tickets here if all fees were eliminated.
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2 years ago, Jiggs143
Convenient but I don’t get my moneys worth
I like that it’s convenient but they do charge a convenience fee where I feel like I could of bought another ticket but I guess they have to make their money some how, so I get it. I also don’t like the fact that I can not enter my 2nd chance entries for my super lotto tickets so sometimes I feel like it’s not worth it and that I feel like it’s better to just buy my tickets at the store. For now I only use the app when I really have no time to go to the store.
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3 years ago, Jakawila9
Too Much for a 20% Convenience Fee!
I made my first purchase and found out a 20% Convenience Fee. Ordered one MEGA ticket for $2.00 and funded PayPal Account for $2.40. I fully understand the need to cover cost of doing business. However, 20% could be very stiff considering the generous commission they might get for every winning tickets. It is my hope they reconsider lowering and making the “convenience fee” real convenient to consumers. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Maty028
States Approval
I will like to know if if legal to play being in MA, because I believe when i was doing my registration and scan my license i got a email telling me that Mido is no in my State yet and then today I just play 1 quick pick and it when through and i don’t know if is ok... and another question what happens if someone win the lottery through Mido how you claim the price with a digital ticket and no physical
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2 years ago, allyBDM
Easy to use
So I was skeptical at first thinking it was a scam but honestly after doing some digging it didn’t seem to be the case. This app is extremely user friendly especially since this is the first time I ever really purchased lotto tickets. Know only if I could actually win just so I can get out of my toxic Relationship and put a ruff over my kids head!
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2 years ago, JennNerd
Terrible and frustrating
I downloaded the app to hopefully play. When I did, I tried to check out with PayPal. It didn’t work. I then changed all the settings like the app suggested… still didn’t work. Then the third time I tried, not only could I STILL not check out, now the app says my free ticket(which I never received because I cannot check out) is only for new customers. I still haven’t been successful purchasing anything and getting a free ticket for me was not happening. Oh well.. I’ll get my tickets the old fashioned way.
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3 years ago, aliaskate
Way too many notifications and prompts
There should be an option to disable the constant barrage of emails generated with every single action taken in the app. And while using the app, popup prompts are continuous and impede use of the app. Very frustrating! I don’t mind the fees because I’m happy to pay for the convenience of being able to play lottery games from home. If my concerns aren’t addressed I will likely find a different app or start going to the store for my lottery purchases again.
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