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User Reviews for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

4.39 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
10 months ago, MNWIS
Good, for A Gannett Paper
The MJS has been a conscience of Wisconsin voters and a much needed watchdog of local and state government. A defender of open records laws when the GOP in Madison continually tried to slip one past the electorate (and called them out when they lied about it). Investigations into topics like alcohol related traffic deaths (certainly rankling the powerful Tavern League lobbyists) and suspicious deaths at all-inclusive Mexican resorts have been outstanding, among others. My worries that their sale to Gannett would weaken their mission have largely been unfounded, so far. But I'm still watching closely. Excellent sports coverage, even with the retirement of the legendary Bob McGinn.
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1 year ago, Pgwen
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (MJS) is like family
Our neighborhood BookClub recently completed a book, This Tender Land by author William Kent Krueger, which received a thumbs up from all 10+ members. This entertaining and sometimes heart-wrenching book spun tales that incorporated facts of its time, and in the ending, wrapped up characters together in a satisfying way, as does the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Like the main character, Odie (short for Odysseus) MJS is the narrator of our local family stories; MJS scribes events and our journey-sometimes joyful, tender, but bitter too—offering to teach, enrich, share sorrow-a touchstone of the familiar. As we collectively long for the days when everything was local and familiar, times change; life has become bigger, broader and more global. Despite the new distance, I for one am appreciative of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinels ability to write stories that provide a sense of home-like a friend. Like family.
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3 years ago, oshkosh mike
Sad for my old Paper
60+ years ago I was a paperboy for the WSJ and later the Milwaukee Journal. I still remember the Sunday editions around the holidays reaching upwards of 600 pages! Those mornings sometimes required at least 2 trips to our distributor’s office to refill my bike basket. Other times my mother would get up early and drive me around my route (what a relief on some cold mornings!). I also remember the news coverage back then was pretty straightforward- readers got the who, what, where, when, how of a story along with other potentially informative facts. In general we were then allowed to think for ourselves, discuss with others and form our own opinions. Important topics that might be controversial could be found on the Editorial or Opinion Page. These writers expressed their thoughts on a topic that often provided insight that helped inform our point of view. Today’s Gannet/USA Today “news” with the MJS name bears little resemblance to the real Journalism of the past. To get today’s news accurately takes effort using other sources. Today’s Journal Sentinel “news coverage” is mostly a Groupthink take on a given topic- Beware if this (and related providers) are your only sources. MJS remains a very good source for Sports reporting and the only reason I still subscribe; and the only reason they get 2 stars in my ranking. Mike Price
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1 year ago, Coosaw2004
Much improved!
This is the app we've been waiting for. Much cleaner and more attractive than the last DoApp app. Unlike the last app, the nav buttons (arrows) work the first time you touch them. 4/1/23 update. The app seems very jumpy while scrolling through news stories/sections. One seemingly innocent tap send you back to the top of the news section. Scroll all the way down to where you were and at times you jump back up a section or two. It seems like the ads are causing this, especially if it’s a video ad. In addition if I am an existing subscriber, why am I getting full screen pop-ups asking me to subscribe? Overall not a smooth experience with this app. I shouldn’t have to fight the app to see what I want etc.
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2 years ago, 1/224
Opinion of the morning journal
If you want to read non-informative news articles. This is the one for you. It’s so far left wing. Been reading this paper since the 1970s and they used to be more in the center. Gave view on both sides. But ever since USA today bought it. It’s been downhill. Never print anything negative about the Democrats. And only negative stuff on the Republicans and only negative articles on President Trump. I don’t agree with everything he has done. But he has accomplished more things than any president And as of today never printed an article about Obama ministration and him orchestrating and did worse things then Watergate. And written one article and one day on Biden sexual assault applications I will never give the paper another dime. Wake up people save your money
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4 years ago, GBP1
Trouble
Recently got a new iPhone SE and had a terrible time transferring my subscription to the new phone. Your app would acknowledge me as a member, but would not allow me to view subscriber articles. I had to go into Settings numerous times and Create Account to gain access one article at a time. Tried deleting and reinstalling too. Couldn’t Restore either. Finally, I went again into Settings and tried a different change combination of (which I cannot recall now) and it worked and now all is good again. Thanks
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2 weeks ago, A person who loves to write
JS App
It is horrible if you are a JS reader. If you’re Gannett, you’re licking your chops with all the disruptive advertising This new App is very difficult to read. It takes you out of the article to an entirely different screen when you try to zoom in. It is not an intuitive App. Finally, Gannett needs to have available outlines on its website explaining how to use this App. Finally, newspapers were famous for its print. This print is so small that you’re distracted from enjoying the content of the article. This is not a case of software malpractice. Its an intentional act by Gannett to extract every ounce of profit from its advertisers to the detriment of its readers. William Henry Vanderbilt was reported to have said “The public be damed.” Well that’s how I feel about the way that Gannett treats me.
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2 years ago, DY rates
Annoying return to home page
The news is the news, can’t do anything about that. But this app became very annoying in a recent release because when you leave an unfinished article for any reason - to switch momentarily to another app, take a call, phone goes to sleep, whatever - the app takes you back to the main/front page of the news. For example, if you’re reading a story, take an incoming call, then return to the story you’ll find yourself back at the home page and need to search for the story you were reading and then scroll to the place in the story where you left off. Happened every time. (IOS user)
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2 years ago, BossPlayaOTTO
Trash- can never access subscriber content even though I’m a paid subscriber
App is not user-friendly. I’m a long-time paid subscriber, but ever time I try to access paid-subscriber content I get pop-ups asking me to subscribe. When I click “restore purchase” the app stalls or crashes. A total PITA. I like the content but if you can’t access it, what is the point. Will be cancelling unless my user experience improves. Disappointed. Edited to respond to developer response to my initial review: I ordered my online subscription directly through Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and have paid for online access for years. Your app and sign in process is an embarrassment. Continually asks me to enter my credentials and then still doesn’t work. Do better.
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2 weeks ago, S. Goetz
Open till a few days ago loved the old app but recently when I download it for off-line reading the content would disappear when I zoomed in and returned when I zoomed out forcing me to use the text tab to read an article which is very annoying. Download the new app and it is absolutely horrible. can’t download for off-line reading, things disappear, etc. etc. etc. My subscription is coming due later this month and at this point I won’t be renewing. It is also interesting that the page to change your preferences that track you for advertising purposes and cookies tells you how to change the preferences that default to always on but there is no way to change them.
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5 years ago, Cybbil
Too much breaking news
I turned on breaking news only and I wish there was a way to turn off all of the notifications that o have no interest in. The app is nice, but wish I could subscribe to true breaking news or at least select the topics that I want to hear. I get a lot of unnecessary sports news on my feed. Other than that the app is nice
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5 years ago, Guanayen
App not working to allow a subscriber
I purchased a digital subscription with the J Sentinel online. I’m able to access the digital print of the newspaper ok, but when I try to use this app to read news emailed to me from the JS it allows me to read the first one, however if I wanted to continue reading any subsequent article the app will freeze and ask me for my email and password. I have added my information to the app several times but keep asking me the same. It doesn’t process the subscription so I have to get out. If I want to read more I must go to the email or to the digital print. I hope they can fix it.
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4 years ago, glgrvortex
This app needs work.
When I try to access news stories, it often asks me to log in and when I try to, the app says there are connection problems and I should try later. Um, I think I pay for this app. It should work better than that! Over the last several months this app displays years old stories in the home and garden section. Before that time the app matched what was in the print version. Many of the links, other than the first page news, link to old stories. If the Journal Sentinel truly wants to up their game in the e subscription space, there is a lot of room for improvement I would like to rate this app higher. If only it worked.
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4 years ago, Rubiashmubia
Easy to use app
I got a digital subscription as part of a package deal with the print subscription (support local press!). The app is easy to use and I check it regularly, particularly for weather and big stories that I know will be updated regularly. I also like that special “for subscriber” stories are clearly marked and that if you don’t log in for awhile, the app will prompt you to “check out stories you missed.”
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1 year ago, Zyxwvutrq
Staying in Touch
I once delivered the Journal and Sentinel in Northern Wisconsin. Now I live in North Carolina and subscribe online, mostly to read about the Packers. To my surprise, reading the JS has me once again following the Bucks, Brewers and Badgers. I also read Wisconsin and Milwaukee news, which keeps me better informed about my old home state. The newspaper is as much part of my morning routine as my two cups of coffee.
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5 years ago, John S., Long-Time Reader
First-Class News Organization
As a long-time reader of this newspaper, starting in the 1950’s when it was The Milwaukee Journal, I always look forward to reading the local and state stories as well as the national and world news. As evidenced by their Pulitzer Prizes for journalism, it is a first- class news organization which I hope continues for many years to come. Thanks
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7 months ago, ScoundrelKing
Content is fine - app is mediocre
There’s lots to enjoy about the app, but it’s hard to get excited about it when it will guarantee to freeze on you at least once each time you read the e-paper - requiring a closing and reopening. Looks like it’s maybe having trouble contacting an external ad company. It’s a shame they’d let shoddy advertisers servers drag down their application, but it’s seemingly all about the money for newspapers these days, especially a USA Today paper. Fix the app, or ditch the advertisers.
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10 months ago, RGPK
Has become even worse. Now with scam pop up ads
I just bought a one year subscription and I wish I hadn't. The app is buggy, there are long delays between opening stories. The e-print version has stories that don't appear in the app's main news feed and vise versa. Even worse are the scam pop-up ads that appear now. I have to wait 10 seconds or longer before the "X" appears so I can close the blasted thing. I just paid for a one year subscription and you're making me endure this nonsense? There is absolutely no excuse for this!
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1 year ago, nipdog
The app never connects to account in a functional way. It offers to allow review of account, but it’s always down, forcing you to call and wait forever for a real person. The chat function, even if you FINALLY link with an agent, doesn’t work barely at all- after typing a letter or two, the keyboard disappears making it impossible to maintain a chat conversation. The news is old- can’t see when until you open an article to find weather forecast for days ago. For a media company, the tech is atrocious.
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6 years ago, Dday89
Great news app
Nice to have local news app that covers everything and is kept up to date fairly regularly. I read all the national news and major city apps like USA Today, CNN, New York Times and The Post, and it's nice to have Milwaukee news app on par with these organizations. Definitely recommend this app to keep update on not just local but national news, and as it pertains to MKE.
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8 months ago, Tom journal boy
What happened?
As a former Journal news boy and long time subscriber, this app is a disappointment and awful. I just acquired a new iPad and hoped tp sit with my morning coffee and read the local sports. This is the only JS app available and the e-edition is supposed to be a part of it. When trying to view it, it is frustrating as it won’t stay on the section and is laden with constant ads. My wife has a previous version and it is far better. Is this an attempt to have your last loyal subscribers cancel?? Where is a stable app without ads?
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3 years ago, something not taken yes
This is the fourth time I have tried to write a review. The app is currently hung up. This happens frequently. I have been a subscriber for many years, the paper is a shell of what it used to be, tiny and very little content. I try to log in as a subscriber and it never works. It would be nice if one could change login and password. Seems like it should be a simple feature to make obvious. “Restore purchase” does nothing and now I can’t close the app without a total shut down. Using an Apple iPad, OS is up to date.
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2 years ago, Tony Tokens
Need to fix multitasking bug
I don’t mind this app when it’s working but every time ios has an update, multitasking gets affected and stops working. It’s incredibly frustrating to be halfway through an article, switch to another app quick, and then return to your story only to be sent all the way back to the home screen. It’s been like this for months and shouldn’t be a hard fix. Until then the app is unusable.
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5 years ago, Badgerinmaine
Great paper, problems with sign in
I love the Journal Sentinel, but it’s sign in is aggravating. I click to sign in, it welcomes me by name and says to click the Facebook icon to check in. I do, and the circle on the screen spins around and around, and the same screen pops up. This should not happen to a paying customer and needs to be fixed.
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2 years ago, Vealcops 54
We enjoy reading the Journal partly to get their views on politics versus less liberal views. We especially love the puzzles too. The newspaper Industry has been taken over by electronic devices because the news is reported instantly on the I phones, I pads, etc. I don’t care, we still love the Green Sheet and Puzzles every day!
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1 year ago, RLynn73
Stop with internal ad spam for subscriber deals!
I have a Milwaukee Journal subscription. It is for an entire year. Stop with the AD Spam for your special subscriber 3 month/99 cents offer! It’s for new subscribers ONLY and it’s during a time I am a subscriber at 99 cents a month for 12 months! It is EVERY TIME I go to read the news and it is absolutely ridiculous that it stops your subscribers from accessing your app without closing out the offer first
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2 years ago, Brew City news hiund
Great local coverage, but I miss the old Newswatch feature
Best coverage of anything going on in Wisconsin. Amazing Green Bay Packers coverage. My only beef is the used to have an easy to access feature called Newswatch which gave you a quick rundown of what was going on during the day.
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5 years ago, overseas travler not happy
Us online
My husband didn’t like not getting his full journal on line when we were overseas. We paid for it. You said when we tried to stop journal years ago that we could get it online. Well this trip we got Us today highlights. He wasn’t to happy! The paper keeps getting smaller each year, so we want to read it as we always do not your new format when we travel overseas.
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3 years ago, Gamer Mick gamerson
Sad journal...
I payed to read today! Then I tried to log in any it said I wasn’t a subscriber. Then I tried to update my account and the app froze. So then I called The help number and no one picks up no matter what option I picked. So sad. I just want to read some of your articles and shelled out my credit information but your garbage app and nonexistent customer service should make you ashamed to even have a digital operation. I’ve also sent a message for them to call back but I have not heard a thing from them.
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4 years ago, MandalineMKE
Easy to use and great news source
Love that I can access local Milwaukee news more conveniently than via email or on the website. My favorite feature is the push notifications so I can stay up to date on local news as much as national.
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4 years ago, Arbuckle22
Mostly great
One issue that drives me nuts. If I’m in the middle of reading an article and go out of the app (not closing it), when I go back into the app it takes me to the beginning of the article. It would be nice if I didn’t have to search to see where I left off.
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8 months ago, Axplosion
Generally good news source. 2 areas of improvement: spelling and grammar-far too many basic errors for the major newspaper of a large city, Editorial- leaning a bit too conservative for my taste. I’d like to see more aggressive reporting on issues related to the (huge) gerrymandering problem, especially as current events seem to be escalating in this area…
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3 years ago, skyfall2019
Good app but needs to remove all the indicators that say you need to be a subscriber or that you should sign in... when you are already signed in and a subscriber. There’s not enough real news, investigative reporting, interesting updates on long term issues to justify the cost of a subscription. I’ll give it a year and see where it goes but so far it’s light reading at best.
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3 years ago, Qasedrtgyhn
For what ever reason the last 3 articles flash back and forth and switch positions like a strobe light and only stop when you actually open them. I tried going to the games section but got so frustrated with the ads interfering that I never went back even though I subscribe to the paper. The Washington Post has a much better format.
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4 years ago, Disgruntled Subscriber 77
Too buggy
The app leaves a lot to be desired. Only reason I endure it is because it is the primary news outlet for Milwaukee. When tapping on links for articles or photo slides, I am taken to ads but none of the photos are available to view. But when I view the article via a browser, the photos are there. Clearly it’s an app issue
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5 years ago, JayTheKaz
JS Online
Yuk! Looks like I’m going to have to move if I want to get a local paper that I enjoy reading. I signed up for an online subscription after reading free content for awhile. To this day I can’t tell whether I am reading content that is free or part of the paid subscription. I haven’t seen a new editorial in a month. I would send an email to get some clarification on this but there is no method to ask questions. The only email I can send is to the newsroom with story ideas. WSJ, here I come.
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1 year ago, SoccerFC
App does not allow unsubscribing from newsletters
For over two months now it has been that it is not possible to unsubscribe from the newsletter/emails generated by this app. Trying to unsubscribe within the app does not work, and also clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of the emails does not work. It says “ We're sorry, something went wrong. We are actively working on the issue and will have a resolution soon.”
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6 years ago, ReaderAndy
Not current news
How difficult is it to update the news on this app? MJS/Gannett could hire a local part time high school journalism student to select current articles from the paper and post on this app..heck even I could do it...good grief! There are articles in nearly every section that are months old. Not even worthy of 'fake news'. Just plain sad. You'll get more current news from standing in line at the grocery reading the tabloids.
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6 years ago, Mat2a32
Garbage Newspaper
If you just want to learn about the liberal perspective, enjoy one sided and often misleading articles then this is the news source for you. The MJS has done more harm to their local community by not letting it’s residents know what’s really happening, by presenting their own biased views of everything and intentionally NOT covering certain stories than all the drug gangs in the city. Good journalism is extremely important for a community. The MJS is anything but that. I will be glad to see them go.
Show more
4 years ago, Germantown, Wi
Local news and sports
There are many news organizations that report on national and world news, but only JS online gives me the local news and sports that I also like to keep up on.
Show more
2 years ago, Dggdfuohcdsyu
Everything is current. Love the new look. Articles are very clear and concise. My one stop shop to get my updates on Milwaukee and Wisconsin. Helps me stay connected .
Show more
3 years ago, BoguzApp
Great townie news
Always loved the MJS back when one was delivered in the AM and the other in the PM! And never forget the GreenSheet for the young ones— keep those stories about the best little city in the US coming— we love MKE!
Show more
2 years ago, MadisonModerate
Surprised This Newspaper Junkie
How many papers can a woman subscribe to? 5? Well, I added one more a couple of weeks ago, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The writers are good, and though I live in Madison I’m enjoying their local stuff. I also like their statewide coverage. I recommend it.
Show more
5 years ago, copyboy311
Needs commenting function
I don't like that the app doesn't allow for comments on stories like the web version does. But the app itself works fine and has a decent set of features once you get used to using it.
Show more
7 years ago, Leslie6plus4
Great content - app is getting better
The MJS is a great newspaper. They do excellent investigative journalism. I was concerned when USA Today bought MSJ but it seems like they have kept their hands off the best of MSJ. The app is getting better- I especially like the photo galleries.
Show more
4 years ago, Atty Dave
The new app is a bust. Crashes frequently, is slow and not as user friendly as predecessor. Bad enough so I just turn it off and move to other news source. Can't believe they can't do a lot better.
Show more
4 years ago, CVSam
Slow and Inoperative
Trial subscription is annoying because their site is sluggish. IMPOSSIBLE to quickly locate account information, payment method because the app disconnects over and over. Same news stories posted long after they are out of date, irrelevant. Why is it so hard to stay logged in? When logged in, why am I denied access to payment options? Horrible app, for years!
Show more
5 years ago, Maltafaz
Hometown news
I moved from Milwaukee a few years ago but keep in touch with my hometown by using the app every morning. It gives me the news I want when I want it without a hitch at all
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4 years ago, enough money already
What’s with all the subscribe pop up blocks? I subscribe to the on line version of The Milwaukee Urinal. Open up your articles for viewing not blocked asking to subscribe to mjs. Enough money. Maybe I should drop the app and forget mjs.
Show more
8 months ago, CAO45
I’m happy to receive the paper!….. online!
I’ve had some issues proving I take it, but when my husband helps, I love it! It’s a great way to use devices and stay in touch with things going on in Milwaukee.
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