Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming

4.9 (82.2K)
122.9 MB
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Current version
Mimo GmbH
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming

4.85 out of 5
82.2K Ratings
2 years ago, BreadOne2Three
… And it’s all free
This app is absolutely amazing. The only language I had a basic grasp going in was python, but I started taking the web-development courses(currently 20% to certification) and have been able to fly through at my own pace. Mimo encourages learning through a healthy sense of challenge/competition but keeps it from becoming demanding. It challenges you just enough to keep you interested. Best part is the app is free, enacting a “lives system” like your typical phone game would. The lives(5 to be exact) are pretty much enough to get you through one day assuming you don’t go premium. Once you run out it’s roughly three hours for one heart, essentially encouraging coming back daily to learn. It also has a simple daily streak mechanic that further encourages daily involvement and the previously mentioned competition is a leaderboard that slightly encourages trying harder when learning. This has been the best experience I have ever had in my journey to learn how to program. Between the textbooks and other online courses, this is hands down my favorite experience.
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2 years ago, dont_delete
Mimo: a comprehensive study
Mimo is exquisite. I’m learning python at a rapid pace, like a rabbit, bounding past a turt and saying “Oh you simple one. Oh you one without wisdom. I have seen the light; I have been enlightened.” All that Mimo gives so freely couldn’t have been conceived in my wildest visions. Mimo... is like heaven come to earth. It’s sleek design, a satisfying ui and, dare I say, Mimolicios leaderboard has inspired me each and every day to expand my brain capacity. The Mimo experience; a hill with flowers atop, a place to call home, a place to call school. I have climbed passed my “peers”, with my intellectual prowess, easily shooting to the top of every leaderboard in my sight. I feel like a child, touching the face of God as my eyes are opened. This is what it all means. I feel like the summarians, national superpowers that saw what the human capacity currently was, and didn’t except it: no, they rebelled against there primitive form and invented the basis for the advances we are able to make today. As I sit here, wrighting this reflection of the greatest peece of the puzzle that is our human experience: I reflect apon my life before Mimo, the melancholy state I was in. I don’t shame those who are experiencing a similar way of living; no, I call them, I offer them a hand out of the dusty, well trodden rode they are crouched on, and say: “let me offer you something greater, something inspiring and powerful: let me grant you Mimo.” 4/5 cuz of some bugs
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3 years ago, Master Grant
A Great Beginning
Mimo was able to kindle my love for coding and for that I’m grateful. I joined a coding bootcamp after finishing the HTML, CSS, JavaScript track on Mimo. I’ve been thriving there, and I strongly believe the exposure to programming I received on this app has facilitated my journey. I bought the app during a Christmas deal, and it was worth it. Honestly, the full price would have been worth it, too. My main qualm comes from the fact that the content seems to have severely diminished in recent weeks. There used to be cool mini-courses on all types of different subjects, and I believe at one point early on when I first got the app, there was even a gallery to see top projects from others. Overall, I think the largest issue that will have to be addressed for Mimo to stay on the path of success and even burgeon in the future is communication and community. I feel like the dev team isn’t connected with the users. The social media hasn’t been active for years. The emails receive no responses and the bug reports may be harkened to, though there’s not even a ticket given in a courtesy email so one wouldn’t know. And, as for the community, I found several people who had used Mimo at my coding bootcamp which was really cool though it would have been nice to see an online community, both in the app and on related social media, both which are not the case.
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2 months ago, Mark Filthy
I was charged on the 7th day of the free trial the full price for pro membership which is $100. The frustrating part is that I wasn’t convinced the pro membership was even worth $100 even for a year. This app is a great way to get introduced to coding however it lacks depth and moves from concept to concept without ways to practice more to improve in areas you struggle with. The worst part about the whole situation is that Mimo has a $50 pro membership price that you can only see after they prematurely charge your account on the last day of the free trial. I was under the impression I would be able to further extend the pro membership by buying the monthly membership which is more affordable and would give me a chance to see if I can commit more time to use the app. Now I’m out of $100 I didn’t have to spend which makes me not even want to use the app because I’m reminded of the stress this situation has caused. At the least I could appreciate a refund that would equate to a 50% off rebate I could work with that and would feel better about using the app again. UPDATE: Changed to 4 stars as things were worked out and I do like the app however would give 5 stars for more diverse ways to practice in areas that you struggle with vs memorization of the same content through repetition.
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2 years ago, Konstin
Very good but some helpful tweaks I’d love to have💜
This app is very good, I enjoy it and it follows along very well with the course I’m taking. That being said there are a couple of things that would be Extremely Helpful to have. 1. Once a lesson is completed you can’t go back to look at it for reference, you have complete the work again in the order it is given to get to what you want to review. It would be extremely helpful if all of the lessons were saved in a Notes/Review Section with the same headings as they appear in the lessons. Basically, take the completed lessons and put them in a Notes/Review section exactly as they are once completed. 2. I have learned quite a bit of what’s in these lessons but I cannot access what I really need to learn because it’s locked. I have to complete all of the locked lessons prior in order to access what I really need to get to and I don’t have time for that. The whole game aspect is interactive and fun but I think it should be optional or else it’s not practical for those who already have some of these skills. I hope the developers will consider these suggestions. I think it will greatly improve the number of users for this app. Thanks for listening ! ✌️💜🤘
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Love, but PLEASE ADD C#!
Mimo is the cleanest, easiest to use, user friendly coding app you can get. I tried others, and I liked them, but none were better than Mimo. My only complaint is that I wish that they offered C#. Most game engines only are compatible with C#, or their own coding language. So devs, if you add C#, I will raise my rating. But if you want to learn Python, Swift, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, or web development, this is the best. They offer a pro, and I totally think it’s worth it. They offer 50% discounts all the time, and it gives you a TON of good features. Even if you can’t afford the subscription, that’s fine! It’s all basically free, and unlike all other apps, it doesn’t lock any features behind a paywall. (Looking at you, Sololearn.) I learned HTML in 1 month. That’s how good this is. The app praises you for getting things right, and doesn’t shame you if you get stuff wrong. It gives you 5 hearts (Unless you have the premium, than you get infinite hearts), but when you run out, you have to pay very little coins (in app currency, doesn’t cost real money) to get all five back. Coins are also very easy to get, so you don’t have to worry. I would totally recommend.
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3 years ago, Mustbebridget
Beginner Coding
So far so good! I’ve been using the Mimo app for about a month now and I feel like I’m learning a lot. It’s been very simple and straightforward to grasp the lessons. Everything is broken down into small segments, so I can fit them in whenever throughout my day. The little encouragement of leaderboards and daily steak counters really works for my natural competitiveness. It pushes me to always fit in a least one or two lessons a day regardless of how busy I am. Which in turn, has me consistently learning and moving through the material. It’a like the Duolingo for coding, if anyone has used the language learning app. I’m curious to see how much I can learn and how far the lessons go. I haven’t subscribed or upgraded or anything yet, but I haven’t hit any real major limitations so far. I couldn’t tell you how advanced it is or gets because I’m a true novice. So far, it all seems very simple, so probably best for beginners like myself.
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2 years ago, big chungus 00000000
Great program but just a little expensive
Now you do not have to pay to use the app however it really is needed it takes two hours for one heart to come back and you can lose retaking a question? It’s annoying as it takes to long to continue your lesson but the lesson doesn’t save either. So just pay for the premium version right well it costs 70 for a year and 10 per month which is just so much I have other apps that ask for 70 for a life time premium account (they don’t even offer this) and seems more reasonable for people who are really interested in learning .however that being said it is great excluding that as you have great lessons describing what to do helping along the way but you are also free to make your own things and release it to other people to play and there are many interesting thing there by the way it also has leaderboards so you can compete to get the most point for a week it’s honestly great but the push to pay and that large price tag just leaves a sour taste for me.(I’d suggest the 70 be life time or just a life time option or lives regenerate in a 30 minute or 1 hour)
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12 months ago, Gomer
Good App, gets really complicated
Good app for the most part. I reached a 150 day streak. I got over 50% of the way through the course. Unfortunately, now I’m giving up. It got too complicated. The explanations for what you’re doing are not very clear. I just wanted to learn how to create a simple website. This app starts off teaching you that, but then for some reason veers off completely and gets bogged down in teaching you about a bunch of obscure computer algorithm codes that only high level computer programmers would ever need to use. I really wish Mimo would just stick to the fundamentals. Most of the people using this app probably only invest 15 minutes a day into it anyway. With Duolingo there’s an emphasis on repetition. Repetition is a proven way to help people learn. With Mimo they are just constantly introducing new thing without going back. It just gets too hard to fit it all into your head. Just keep it simple for us noobs Mimo. If I learned anything from this app it’s that computer programming just isn’t for me. Glad I didn’t have to spend a ton of money on college level courses to figure that out.
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3 years ago, Satinaki
Great, however…
I love this app very much, it has taught me a lot! However, it would be much more beneficial that the hearts would refill itself a bit faster than 4 hours, maybe maximum 1-2 hours. This is especially significant because half of the time I lose hearts due to the directions being obscure. Even then, I learn best after making mistakes, and losing all the hearts fast means my inability to keep learning which discourages me from opening the app at all. If I were one of the developers of the app, I’d know the hearts is a good tactic for users to buy Mimi pro. On the other hand, I’d know that if I stretched that tactic too far, there would be less traffic on the app, which means less ad revenue in the first place. This is especially true considering the majority of users don’t have a pro subscription. Another important suggestion: I believe adding the option to learn the language Swift would be a game changer because the teaching style of this app really works! If this language is taught, this app would thus be considered a more well rounded educational platform!
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3 years ago, Hanna Jacks
So far so good!
I’ve been using Mimo for a few days now and I feel like I’m making some progress. I do have a problem with how long hearts take to regenerate. Last night around 8 pm I used all my hearts, and by 10 am today only 4 regenerated!! I understand it pushes users to get premium but this is seriously too long. I’m probably feeling more annoyed than usual because all the mistakes I made were on stupid things like “What is the display of feeling=“happy” .... print(feeling)” and then I put “happy” instead of happy. A bit annoying to say the least. If you could shorten the time down to 1-2 hours I feel it would be perfect. That way it still pushes users to get premium without pushing them away. 2 hours each and users could wake up and practice after a full night of sleep. At around 5 hour/heart, you can only really use it once every 2 days or so. It’s too early to say for sure if this app is helpful in learning, but so far it’s going good. I’ll probably alter my review after I use it for a while. Though I’ll probably always be annoyed with the regeneration rate.
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3 years ago, rcmustain
Has its uses
This has its uses, but isn’t the best teacher. The program uses the same sort of business model as Duolingo (sorry if you aren’t familiar) with one major caveat: instead of punishing you for missing minor punctuation or accents, which is largely unimportant in language learning but very important in computer language/programming, this app uses purposefully obscure language in its questions as it quizzes you on html. It’s very easy to muddle through, but the purpose is not really to teach you anything new, or get you to think about tags and such in a new way, the purpose is wear down your hearts so you spend money on the app. I don’t mind spending money on a useful app, but so far it seems that I learn a new concept in 15 seconds and then get quizzed on it ad-Infinitum while not really learning anything new. When you simply decide to move on because you learned the lesson, you quickly discover that there is very little depth to the app. HOWEVER - it has been useful to use to learn new concepts and use “private time” in a meaningful way...
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4 years ago, BrianMcGev
I purchased premium but doesn’t work
I had purchased a premium subscription back in September and it was working great and I loved the lesson plans. I was learning and making progress everyday. Recently within the last few weeks it seems to register that I don’t have premium any more, I try and restore purchases and it says I already purchased premium, yet I still can’t access the 2nd and 3rd stars on courses like I was once able to. I contacted support and it literally takes 2-3 days just for a response and that is ridiculous. It’s been over a week now, almost two since I lost the ability to fully access the courses and still no help from support. They told me fixes that were easily found in their FAQ, in my initial email I even said I already tried it. What is their response to fixing my issue? Of course it was try the thing that I already did and told them I did! This review is more of a review of support and their ability to fix my problem more than it is a review of the actual content of the app. When it worked it worked great, I loved the courses and layout. But when it stops working, finding help or at least a little transparency is an impossible task.
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4 years ago, Cati S.
I had to learn some basic coding because I work at a tech company, even though I’m not an engineer. I found this app after trying to take a coursera course and failing before I could even set it all up on my desktop. This app is ridiculously easy to use, so convenient, and seriously effective. I already knew a good amount of the material just by learning on the job, but it helped fill the gaps in my knowledge and was actually pleasant and fun to use. I’ve never been so impressed with an app, I actually ended up hooking up a payment method to my apple account so I could buy the pro version (goes without saying I’ve never bought a pro version of anything!). Much like Duolingo, this app takes a complex topic and breaks it down in easy to use, super mobile friendly bite sized lessons, perfect for literally anyone. I never leave reviews on apps, but I seriously can’t stress how cool this app is.
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3 years ago, Loudthing
Obvious clone of Duolingo but lacking intuitiveness
Very odd navigation required of app. I’m constantly finding myself thinking I need to hit the “next” but twice because two subsequent buttons live in the exact same spot for each action to continue a lesson (a UX no-no for mobile devices). Also, questions are way too easy, or too hard because of wording. Getting a question wrong usually attributed to poor grammar in the question (it’s incredibly important to hire a native English speaker to review all material before publishing it), then action required to submit the correct answer requires back tracking, dispute the visibility of the existing multiple choice widgets appearing to still be tappable. It’s ok learning web dev from this app but I don’t think the Duolingo approach necessarily works well. Web dev requires typing out long scripts, where as this app requires adding together canned answers. I feel like by the time i complete all the lessons, I’ll only “know of” the concepts rather than how to actually connect and execute them.
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4 years ago, joogk
Be careful if you want to just try it out.
About 2 years ago (2018) I tried it out their discounted trial for 2 weeks, then I decided it wasn’t for me and I canceled my subscription, but a few weeks later I was charged the subscription. I emailed customer service (who took so long to get back to me) about the issue, they seemed willing to help. In the end they confirmed with me that they canceled my subscription and I will be refunded. Great! A year later 2019, I got charged on mimo again! I talked to the customer service and told them why this was happening, they told me I was still subscribed, so again, they helped me unsubscribed and get my refund back. Fast forward to this year, 2020, I got charged again! I don’t understand why this is happening after constantly getting confirmed my subscription is now canceled. I checked my account and yes it is not subscribed. Why am I keep getting charged? I am worried that I will have this issue happen every single year for the rest of my life. I really don’t want to be dealing with long customer service waits. I am concerned for their incapability to manage private informations.
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3 years ago, Dhcsdkjchdjkvdtuh
Good but a few things
So I have been using this app for the past week. For the most part, it’s very good and it got me into coding. However, there are a few things that I think needs to be changed. First of all, the heart system. Seriously, whenever you make a mistake you have to wait 4 hours to keep coding? It seems kind of unfair. Mistakes are supposed to help you learn, not make you really nervous you’ll get a question wrong. I know this is so people will want to buy Mimo pro, but it’s still too much. At least make it so you have to wait less for another heart. Second of all, the leaderboard has been glitching the past few days. Another reason I use Mimo is because I want to stay first on the leaderboard, but for some reason, it wasn’t updating. I clearly got more sparks in the past few days, but it isn’t showing on the leaderboard. Other people’s scores also haven’t been changing. Is this just something wrong with my device or is it a bug? Please check.
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3 years ago, Albertoeda97
Too much handholding
I like the basic layout and concept of the app. The design is also very nice. However, you are told exactly what to do each step of the way, or given choices that are far too obvious. Challenges are crucial for learning, and the app creates virtually no challenges for you. Rather than say "Achieve result X by putting THIS before THAT", it would be more challenging and more educational to have an instruction in the form "Achieve result X by using what you've learned in this unit" This might be wrong, because I don't know the rules of Pyhon, but I intuit that the app just punished me for doing something logical: I was supposed to write a "while loop" in the form "while variable == True", which I'm pretty sure is equivalent to "while variable", which is what I did. However, I didn't get feedback in the form "that also works, but do it this way instead for now", but rather a mere "that's wrong". Even the early platforms like codecademy have had this good fuzzyness since the beginning.
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1 year ago, Klosterchase42
Actually fantastic
I’m used to seeing ads for all kinda of different apps on social media that are money grabs, scams, poorly designed games, or just failed products… Mimo is none of those things. I’m currently working towards a computer science- cybersecurity degree and taking online courses. I’ve been struggling with my Python course because my professor seems to think everyone learns coding best by reading how to do it in a book. That is obviously not the case. When I saw this app advertised I thought, “what the heck why not give it a try”. Boy am I glad I did… I’ve learned and retained more in 3 days using this app than in reading 70 pages a week in my class. This app is 1000% worth paying for. It’s a genuine delight to learn this way and it’s paying off already. Thanks for helping me get this A!
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7 months ago, ReetahCheetah
You will get charged $99
Don’t let the ad fool you. It’s ambiguously stated that you’ll pay the full price if you try it out first. Why you’d pay $100 for an app you’ve never tried also makes no sense. I would give it more stars if it werent for the fact that the egregious cost really devalues the app. Maybe that is something the dev team doesn’t understand, is that this app is a stupid price per year, and you can’t just up and pick a different learning course like, I’m tired of html I want to understand some python or something? Personally. I’m a long shot in the dark kind of person but I love the reaction when I hit - and that should be my prerogative if I want to skip around. It’s not like they set it up as a game and you have something exciting to look forward to, the first two chapters are just html tags and although I do like the learning course, it’s just not shwazzy enough to warrant being that expensive. Yea I am upset that I got charged the $99 and I see it advertised to me for $79. No deal!
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3 days ago, NeonPaper
Great App/ room for improvements
I enjoy the app overall. However, sometimes the lessons can feel misleading because questions are asked that haven’t been covered yet. To address this, I recommend including supplemental reading materials, especially for high-level scripting languages. Feeling confused or worried that you might have missed something can actually be less productive for learning. When missing questions it doesn’t reaffirm why the answer you selected is wrong. At some point it begins to get pointless to continue if all the answers are given to you. Additionally, could you consider changing the feedback message? Instead of saying "You are strengthening your position" every time I complete a lesson, maybe vary the encouragement a bit more. Lastly, it would be great to have a setting to auto-skip or automatically move to the next question or lesson without having to hit the button twice. This kind of flow would improve the user experience.
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1 year ago, Mee2212121
Earned coins & percent progress bar disappeared after latest update
Mimo, im upset the app glitched on me a few minutes ago. Its a new day I decided to do a lesson in the middle of the night bc I stayed up. I’ve changed my goal to regular from serious as I got busier but still want to learn my python stuff to reach my Daily goal. I lost my streak 25th bc Christmas and I’ve been trying to earn daily rewards to repair it for the new year. I did my daily lessons few minutes ago and earned my 20 coins i needed to purchase a streak repair & it wouldnt let me, I got to 407 coins!! It wouldnt let me but the repair, im bummed out now. I was at 387 coins before todays lessons too. After I had enough to fix my lost streak day. And then the glitch happens! Please fix this! Also after updating the app, my circle progress bar with percent on how far I am on the course disappeared from my coding page, I loved seeing it where the lessons are & now I have to click the python drop down menu to see it.
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1 year ago, Caleb Dickinson
Overall Excellent App But Needs More Material
This is an excellent app that teaches the basics of several programming languages in a way that makes them really easy to understand. However I have some suggestions - it would be nice if there were more languages. Maybe C, C++, C#, COBOL (still a surprising number of jobs for this language but few learning materials), Java, Kotlin, Swift, Rust, Assembly, and/or PHP. An brief introduction to machine learning, data structures, cybersecurity, and non-SQL databases would be nice too. The way this app teaches things makes those things very easy to understand and I wish there was a lot more material. One small criticism: I’m at the “top” of the leaderboard and I think it should have been harder to get there if I was actually ranked against real people. Are the other people on there even real?
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4 years ago, Mys7eryman23
Very slow
I know that learning this kind of stuff isn’t fast, but making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn and I have made 3 already and now I have to wait 4 hours to make the next one. It makes it way too hard to learn. I’m fine with three hearts but 4 hours to only one heart back?! It takes way too long than it should. I have started the web development course and I have only done one and a half exercises and now I have to wait two more hours to even try do do any more. I get you are trying to push your premium program and I’m totally fine with that but it almost forces you to buy it to be able to get far and not lose interest. Your app is the best I have seen in the way of teaching you but it only teaches you for so long and then you have to wait an entire four hours before you can try to get further. I love this app a lot and everything else so far about it besides this one problem, thank you
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3 years ago, chrisunlex
I just gotta Hand it to you guys!
By far this is the most Best HTML /css Learning Platform I’ve ever seen, By far I’m a total beginner And I just have to say it Once I first downloaded this app Last night I went to sleep And then this morning at 8:00 I got on and learned So much coding!! I’ve been on the app sense 8:00 Am To 6:52 Pm Nonstop I have no idea why I just felt so Calm And I quickly got the hang of it I am now top on the leaderboard! Im now transferring to the css basic section Yaay I’m just so happy!! I can understand and Write the concept of html by doing the coding challenge And finished :D Also one more thing Buy the subscription Or at least try The free subscription when you first sign up I promise you will not regret it. I cannot express this feeling I thank you Developers for creating this fantastic App!!
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3 years ago, Beneddar
Massive cleanup thank you so much!
You guys have cleared up so many typos and errors along with, well in th past 6 months I have seen mimo go from being a massive every subject technology with bugs and errors in logic to a sudden slimming down and massive cleanup I have never seen in 20 + years of computing. You have added content to your web development and orgized it. Amazing and profound improvement. I do miss the huge amount of variation in content but I understand you guys have limited resources. Maybe some time in the future you will be able to reopen some of the previous content when you run out of things to correct. I can say you guys have come light years in cleanup and I’m looking forward to what you will do next.
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4 months ago, mattt140
Great idea, but not great
Too many poorly written hints and poorly designed tasks. They need to think more carefully about what they want you to learn and whether or not the tasks or questions truly test for that. They dont seem to have done that, so the result is lots of easy, boring, repetitive tasks followed by things you aren’t expecting or that you didn’t realize were absolutely critical to remember (important=strong, when people normally say bold; the specific meanings of attribute, selector and class, where the tasks are impossible to mix up one at a time so you don’t focus on the word but when the hint later assumes you remember the definition of the words you must remember them; it sometimes accepts
and sometimes does not, even when the result satisfies the stated condition). I’ve also noticed several mistakes in the practice sections. Combine mistakes with hearts and mimo just makes you want to throw your phone. I’m not going to pay to not worry about hearts because of mistakes or poorly written hints.
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3 years ago, BabyExecution
It is a great app but has some problems
I love the Mimo app, especially since I just got into coding and I have learned a lot, but there are some problems that ruin it. For instance, the hearts take about 4 hours to come back and that takes a lot of time if you lose all of your hearts. So I would hope that you would at least lower the amount of time it takes for a heart to come back to 1 hour to 2 hours. And also I have had problems with the questions. There has been times when I put the correct answer in and it says that it is wrong, but then when they show me the correct answer it is the same answer I put in so I really hope you can fix that too. Other than those two problems I really love this app and would recommend it for other people who are interested in coding.
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4 years ago, Snoopy Cleveland
Great...but greedy
I don’t wish to upset the creators of this app by giving a low grade, because the app is great. It works like any of the better teaching apps out there (Duolingo, etc). Very easy, seemingly full of content. ....However, if you make mistakes three times, you have to wait four hours before you can resume, and if you make another mistake, you’ll have to wait another four hours. Patience is key. OR, you can spend $60 and by the pro. That might not be a big deal to you, but if this app is to encourage betterment in a secondary skill (for many of us folks already working hellacious hours) as to better our lives, I don’t find such a high price-tag warranted. Maybe a $10 flat fee, MAYBE...even though the creators should definitely get paid for a nice app, taking money from poor to lower middle-class folks for something that, even if aced, wouldn’t land anybody an actual job could be considered pretty low, ethically....just saying.
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12 months ago, Wedcvfrtbg
Thought it was OK, then it broke the second day
**Response to developers: I would just keep going until it gets more interesting, but as I said, the software won’t let me keep going without giving my e-mail address. I can’t access further lessons.** It was a pretty boring, because despite asking about my coding experience (which I said was extensive), the five Python lessons I was able to access were all about how variables work. Not exactly rocket science. I thought it would get better. But after the five lessons, I couldn’t access the sixth lesson without logging on through another service or giving my e-mail address. It didn’t actually say I couldn’t continue, it just wouldn’t let me access the next lesson. Also, FYI, the pro subscription is a whopping $100 a year. I wouldn’t consider a subscription in any case, since they are designed to make people accidentally pay for stuff they are no longer using, but that is really steep, too.
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9 months ago, Starlight9798
Love it so far but duolingo copycat
I love this app! I have always been trying to get into programming so when I realized I had to drop a computer science class I thought I wouldn’t get anywhere with programming. But then magical Mimo came along and changed that! It’s quick, fun and easy. It uses the duolingo approach… a little too much like the duolingo approach. I am learning Spanish and Italian and Duolingo has literally kept me struggling to put in a lesson to keep my streak. I think Mimo will do the same…which I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. It’s productive though, but it has a leaderboard with different leagues, streak freezes, different icons for the app, points, and even a widget to put on your screen for your streak…like duolingo.
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1 year ago, wellis5411
Was “absolutely free”
They used to go upon a heart based system pro allowed removal of hearts but with there recent two updates they’ve changed things and not for the better. The first one they removed projects from the mobile interface the forums filled with complaints & they claimed only 5% of users utilized them hence the reason for removal although they were still accessible on a desktop. Then as of today they made more then half of all projects only available for pro users you can officially no longer access all content unless you pay them, funny if only 5% of your users utilize a feature what’s the point in requiring people to pay for it? I’m sure the next move is to add projects back to mobile but only for pro users. Funny too I was about to buy a year membership but they lost me by requiring me too. Was a great app but now unless you’re gonna pay it’s useless, you can learn more for free using other resources
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1 year ago, Edward penis hands.
Rough Update
This is still one of the best free programming apps you can invest your time in, however the “roadmap” update removes and limits what was available before. The website vs. app does not translate well when going back and forth between the two. Some thongs are available on one version than the other, issues with attempts not being tracked pr scored properly, rewards not syncing when they should. This feels like a huge step back and has stopped me (for now) from paying the pro price. I do plan on going pro with this app, as it has taught me so much; but they should reconsider having an option to revert to their old layout and create a more fluid experience between desktop and mobile. The lack of continuity and functionality hurts. I still highly recommend this app to anyone above all others out there.
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3 years ago, suggestionboy
Amazing but greedy
I honestly think that your app is amazing. It has lots of info, and teaches you a lot. The only problem is, if you fail 5 times you have to wait 3 more hours to get one left second chance. Usually people say that mistakes help you learn more. But here if you make 5 mistakes, you have to wait 3 hours. I get that patience is important but I would suggest you would give more hearts. Or you could make it so that every time you lose five hearts, it takes away some points. The point of this game is I think to teach us about coding and it’s okay to make mistakes. But how am I supposed to learn quicker if I have to wait hours to play again. And if I get unlimited chances, I have to pay, which I think is unreasonable. Once again, your game is fantastic. Thank you.
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3 years ago, MJR72
Great way to learn
I’m an IT professional of over 25 years. I’ve picked up enough html and css to be dangerous, but missing some fundamentals. This app has been a great way to learn. It is interactive but simple. As an IT professional, the questions are all so simple that there isn’t any challenge to it, and it is very repetitive, but somehow never boring. I’m retaining what I’m learning and filling in a lot of the gaps in my css knowledge. The leaderboards and the streak counter keep me motivated to stay with it. The further I get, the more I’m hitting the things I don’t know yet. I’m looking forward to the JavaScript lessons. I work with Power BI, DAX, and M. I wish there were lessons for those. My co-workers could really use it! I’m going to recommend the SQL training to them.
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3 years ago, PainisCupcake69,34
Ok, Mimo is not bad, however I have a major issue with the heart system
I do love the feeling of this platform, there is A LOT of potential, but one issue, hearts. Now keep in mind that I’m not the first to complain about it, however I have the biggest hate for this heart system, especially with educational games which should allow me to just do the tests as many times as I need to without having to worry about not being able to learn because “you failed too much, now you must think about the dumb little dip$)+/ that you are”. and this is coming from a beginner who has no clue on this green and blue planet about coding and just started trying to learn. Yes I am going to fail a metric ton of times, but that’s the point of learning, what you succeed at you know and what you fail at you learn from. Now besides that the app is fun and has taught me a good portion already, just remove the hearts(which, yes, is why you get -4 stars) and I will change my rating, if you are reading this devs.
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3 years ago, Parabra
Not too bad
This app is similar to a Duolingo style of teaching. The first level in each category is good but the second and third are quite tedious and some of the puzzles are downright boring. One level two of the button category for html I received multiple questions where I was just spelling words i between buttons. It’s okay but I’m not sure how much that taught me how to use buttons as much as how long it takes me to type vote. I think the app is great for beginners but if you have completed any of the courses on Codecademy website then it will seem quite a pain. The glossary is a really good resource though and I do think that the lessons are very informative and a good refresher. It’s a great way to practice my programming skills away from my computer.
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2 years ago, Hartley Porter
Fantastic app for beginners!
I literally downloaded this last night on a complete whim, and it’s so addicting that I’m already 20% through the python course. They break everything down in a way that’s extremely easy to learn even for complete beginners like myself, and gradually up the challenge the more you progress through your lessons. There’s also mini projects that come with each lesson to help you apply what you’re learning in a practical way. The pro subscription is more than reasonable for all of the material you learn, and lets you do as many modules as you want. I already recommended this app to everyone I could, and I’m so excited to keep learning more!
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4 years ago, Lauren otero
I love it!!
So if you’re thinking of getting the app, maybe don’t super duper take my word for it cause I’ve only had it for like a day, but so far I really like it! I have 0 experience with coding but I’ve wanted to learn it for a really long time and this app really helps explain each of the concepts in a way that I can understand and remember it. I personally have the free version and am very satisfied with it except for the fact that you only get free lives. It’s a little stressful doing the exercises and worrying about messing up and then having to wait h o u r s for more lives. My only problem with the app so far besides the three lives is that the pro version if $40 for the whole year and I have $35 in my account😭
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4 years ago, Asdfgfdfgh
APPLE, Listen, Seriously.
I almost did it again today, Apple! are you a fine print company where WE have to scrutinize every purchase or download I make in the App Store?!? This time with the app Smart Cleaner, you had better post highly visible opt-in notices for your “free” apps that post subscriptions to users credit cards or let yourself in for class actions. If I hadn’t scrolled a little further and tapped on the ‘very fine print’ I would not have known that Smart Cleaner would have been charging me ~$5/week for something i’d use twice a year, $30/per use! I would have liked to check mimo out but am afraid if I breath near their app it would cost me $10, seriously a defeatured free version is better than kind-of tricking some users into a subscription. There's a hidden fee, maybe annual, of $80 that they hit me with AND I NEVER USED IT, not once!! Now I have to hope Apple maybe/might refund me through their text-us-and-hope customer anti-service department. All charges NEED to be verified, and twice as much when it is a substantive charge, $80 is that for most people. My god Apple, I never bought an app for $20, i'd have thought you'd have flagged me or something. This hurts my budget, while others would go hungry because of BS like this. Seriously this deserves class action attention if it is the only way to get these theives attention, Mimo and Apple.
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1 year ago, TechSyd
Learning Made Fun and Interactive
I don’t normally write app reviews, but Mimo has helped me tremendously with learning web dev programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. I had zero exposure before using Mimo, but now I feel like I have a solid understanding, although I’m by no means an expert (yet). I really enjoy the gamified learning experience with interactive, bite-size exercises that force me to test if I’m actually learning and retaining, which reinforces the content for my personal learning style. I wish it didn’t take so long to regain a heart, and the ads can be inconvenient, but overall I truly enjoy and appreciate this app and wish there were more apps just like Mimo to teach me other technical skills.
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3 years ago, Brannongram
Duolingo for Coding Languages
I cannot stress the comparison enough, the two are nearly identical. I was afraid that they wouldn’t have much content, but was shocked to see that they have python, SQL, HTML, and JS. The UI feels like your working directly on your computer’s command prompt, and the instructions are very simple to follow. Almost too simple, and my only complaint would be to add a textbook style lesson plan that goes into big picture concepts for what you’re learning as you get through each lesson. Being a beginner, I’d like to learn how expansive each concept could be used for, but understand how it starts small as to not scare too many people away. TL;DR This is a fantastic way to jump into coding.
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7 months ago, Willup670
Loving it so far
Trying out coding just for myself for the very first time, so I downloaded a few apps to see which one I liked best; Mimo is by far the one I prefer the most. If you say you’re an absolute beginner (me), they actually walk you through everything without assuming you have any prior coding knowledge like some other apps I tried. Only downside so far would be their pricing: their pro subscription is the most expensive of all the apps I tried, but I thought getting it for half off seemed like an okay deal. Still, I think the price is too high and could be very cost restrictive for many. Otherwise, fantastic app and would recommend.
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2 years ago, Fuguh69-
Great app for beginner
I never wrote a review for anything, so this is definitely something that’s very worth it and I really want to share with you. I found this app through an Instagram ads, I’m an absolute beginner at coding, and this app truly makes things very simple and easy to understand. Although more practice will be needed for you to master a language, they did a great job of introducing you to the most basic concepts. As well as having everything laying out in a syllabus, it really helps to keep your curiosity up, and keep on pushing more to get to the end. The UX is cute, super easy to navigate and understand. Thank you ❤️. Definitely worth the price.
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3 years ago, norm1976us
Pretty good, just a couple things
Okay so I got this app recently, and I like it so far. I’ve gotten a few lessons done. Did a bit of html and am trying out Python. The lessons are structured alright, though I think there should be a bit more teaching and demonstration before giving a bunch of questions. It gets sort of confusing. A complaint I have is about the heart system. I understand that the point is for people to buy premium, but FOUR HOURS for a single heart seems excessive, especially when the supply is only five hearts. It’s just bothersome. Maybe cut the wait time down to an hour or two, and/or add more hearts to the supply. Overall I like the app so far, just a couple things could be improved upon in my opinion.
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1 year ago, leavemealineidontcare
The hands on learning we all wish we had sooner
I am not one to write reviews on apps but when I say Mimo has absolutely blown me away, in all of the best ways. I have tried many apps, websites, and online courses to learn HTML and CSS as a self taught programmer and none of them have presented them in a way that is digestible, easy to understand, and easy to put to use. Mimo has done this, taught me more about the structure of codes, and how to correct my errors on top of that. I truly believe anyone can use Mimo to learn programming no matter your skill set. This app is truly a game changer and will probably change the rest of my professional life for the better.
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4 years ago, UbesMins
Really easy & enjoyable.
I love learning new things, coding being my newest venture. I bought the year subscription, and just went to town. I even talked my 60 year old mother into giving the app a shot because she, like myself, enjoys learning new things. When I say this app is easy, i mean, you understand the fundamentals pretty quick & if you don't rush it, and do all the lessons, one by one getting 3 stars before moving to the next, you'll get the hang of it quick. Like I said, my 60 year old mom can do it, and shes a technological dumb-dumb, though, she did rush and get confused at first, but I helped her understand. Anyway, if you want to learn coding, this app is great. Give it a shot.
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1 year ago, A yo yo cup of coo coo
Can’t say enough good things!
I just can’t say enough good things, this is actually my second time being a customer cause I ended up taking a break for a while (life happens!). This app really caters to programmers of all skill levels. I really enjoy the way mimo challenges you and the new rewards they have added are incredible! I had a really busy day the other day and was not able to get on and practice and I lost my streak. I was pretty bummed but then I got that notification that I can restore the streak with the coins I earned for the challenges! They have found really cool ways to keep you interested and practicing. Thanks Mimo!
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3 years ago, RoseyWolves
The app is awesome but the hearts…
The app is really good very well done I’m trying to learn coding because I always wanted to make my own game one day it’s really cool I’ve been trying to find something like this for so long but one thing that I really hate about this is the heart system there’s no way that people are not going to do 5 mistakes especially in coding mistakes is the reason why we get better in coding or at anything at all waiting 4 hours for just a heart to regenerate just pushes others away when trying to learn coding in a app this good…forgive me for my English or grammar I don’t even know how to right a paragraph correctly but it’s just the hearts either add more or make the regeneration time less
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1 year ago, It Was Me XD
Good but needs Answers Reviewed
I’ve been using this app for 19 days. This app is great for a beginner. It’s very smooth and explains things as you go. I also like that it feels like I am playing a game while learning. My only negative so far are the answers are not consistent. It was great until I got to the Python Loops section. There are a ton of errors that make learning very frustrating and then you lose hearts and have to wait or pay for the pro version to get unlimited hearts. Someone definitely needs to go through and edit answers as some are not the same/ not consistent with the format etc. I’ve flagged a few to provide feedback and waiting to see if things get updated.
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