Minecraft Education

3.9 (25.1K)
1034 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Minecraft Education

3.92 out of 5
25.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Brionnan
Not working
Minecraft education edition is a very good game but, whenever I try to join my sisters game it says unable to connect outdated server, overall Minecraft education edition is an awesome gameCan anybody figure out what’s wrong with mine Minecraft whenever I try to make my sister join my world is says unable to connect but it doesn’t say outdated server it’s probably because she’s using her Computer that the school gave her from 2020 maybe that’s why it says outdated server because there is no online school for my school anymore if you have any ideas on how to get us to join into the same server please help because it was mean a lot also it might be because i use my iPad to play it and she has the district computer so please help it would mean a lot because my sister has been waiting a long time to play with me she has been waiting a couple of hours because she had to find a charger and then she had to wait for it to charge and I don’t wanna leave my sister out where she can’t play but I can thank you for taking your time to read this message I really hope that one of you guys respond and if you have anything similar maybe we can help out each other have a nice day/night/evening
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8 months ago, madison the wolfie
Nice Game!
Minecraft educational is honestly the funnest way of education. My teachers let me play it, and I join my friends servers and we try and survive in the villages we find and one time me and my friends made a small house where we decided to spawn a ton of wolves. It was hilarious, one of my friends hit a wolf and they all started attacking. It was so fun and I can admit this has the great aspects of Minecraft, and it’s free. More then a normal Minecraft player can ask for. I also am glad that this is for schools, because in school there’s barely any computer games. When the cool games are accesible, you are usually prohibited from going there since the website is blocked and you will get into trouble. But this game, you are allowed to play it and for me it’s really easy to get into it. If any teacher or school employee come across this review, please let the kids play Minecraft educational mode, it’s a fun alternative way of learning, which will also excite the students. Even if this game has some issues, it’s better then a regular tacky ripoff school game, I appreciate that, respect that and am grateful for that. I can acknowledge that Minecraft Educational isn’t perfectly performing, but at least it brings more to the table then other school-access games. It improves learning and having fun in school so much. Well, this is the end of my review, have a good, day, night, or afternoon; I wish the best of luck to everyone reading this!
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2 years ago, supagoodstuf
Good game, but slow to update…
I love this game. Been playing it since second grade, back in the days of the good ol’ Aquatic Update. I seen this game go through many changes. I’ve spent so many hours on this game, wether I’m testing and playing new Addons or working on a new project. But one thing I do have a problem with is the updates. See I was still in 1.16 when the 1.17 update was out, and by the time 1.18 rolled around, it finally updated. This is the same for 1.19. There is already snapshots for 1.20, but I’m always wondering when Minecraft: Education Edition is going to update. I don’t know why it takes so long. I’m no expert on making games or anything but if you have the files, you could just transfer it right? Or do you have to work on coding the mobs with all the different effects of all the Education Edition items? Either way, I just wish that when you released the updates for Bedrock and Java, you could also release it for Education Edition, because after all, it’s still a version of Minecraft. But overall, I don’t want you guys to take this review negatively, but the game is still very good. I enjoy playing this because it’s free.
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5 years ago, Ebony Seay
A Unique Education Experience
Minecraft Education Edition has been a very unique experience for me. At first I thought to myself how is this game going to teach me more about English composition in my college class? We had to play the game in class and that was the first time I’ve ever played Minecraft. Minecraft really opened my mind to see how a game could help me to learn more about english composition and how images, video, and coding, could be used to help communicate English concepts. We played the game and it helped me to realize that by playing the game I was using the game play as a way of communicating with my classmates, and professor simply interacting with the world around me. I also learned about coding as well from the education edition. Coding is a form of language that is used on computers and I learned that coding is a form of language in technology that helps us communicate with the world around us, and it translates into a language that we can see and understand. I would definitely recommend using this to help teach students because it lets students learn from a different perspective, and broadens their minds even further than what they will realize. It also is a plus that’s its fun to play too!
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1 month ago, Horsemodlover98976654
Needs some more realism but overall good app!
Ive played this for YEARS and i have made very good barns but i wish there was some alfalfa hay and supplements to give each species of animals and maybe buckets to put down and feed the horses and cows,slow feeders,and some shavings to put in stalls! It would teach kids how to take care of horses (feeding them,cleaning their stalls ect) and it would add realism. And maybe Mojang can add a eating feature to the animals where you have to refill the animals feed throughout the day! And where all the animals go to sleep at night untill morning! I would love to see this added (just a overall summary of things i think would teach kids how to take care of animals and properly take care of them! I am a equestrian and i love minecraft but id like these features to be added in game to add realism to owning animals!) and yes ik we have regular hay but its good to have supplements and varietys of hay. If u see this Mojang i hope you take this into consideration! Ty for reading.
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1 year ago, Skaters activate
Minecraft education is really good because you don’t have to collect diamonds and you can get your own golden pickax sword but whenever I try to join my friend server, it says unable to connect, which is weird but I don’t know I really like this game and no I also can play it at school, which is also good. Instructions for people who don’t know how to play: so how to play Minecraft or Minecraft Education Well, for starters, Minecraft Education is kinda like the same thing as Minecraft it’s just that you can get everything even diamond pickaxes and sorts and also you can have treasure boxes and you should get Minecraft Education because I think it’s better than Minecraft so you should end in Minecraft education has everything like everything they have diamonds and miss amethyst shards, and even golden pickaxes or diamond exacts ax And yeah that’s how you should play Minecraft education. But my one of my friends told me that Minecraft educational is not actually educational. Plus it’s not really well education for Minecraft education some really good game and you should play it.
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11 months ago, Elkikozd
We need updates
not to lie I really love this game it’s just Minecraft updated so much things and education is just stuck with the updates one year ago we really need new updates and skins why hasn’t education edition update it it’s been one year, and Minecraft added a brush, the sniffer, cherry blossoms, and the bamboo planks there are so much things that they updated that education edition still doesn’t have ( :((we’re stuck with frogs) we also need new skins. The skins we have are….. good I guess. but just because this app was made for elementary school, doesn’t mean that a lot of people want to show their styles and aesthetics like cottagecore preppy, Kawaii, just saying a few. I really like showing what I like and to show what I like is the show my style. please education we really need more skins. thanks for listening.
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4 years ago, 801Johnny5
Minecraft Education Edition Great For Students
This Game Is Totally Good For Students To Learn I Reccomend New Starters Should Download It, Teachers Can Teach, Help Students Learn, And They Can Play It Too The Only Thing That Is Really Bothering Some People Is That First, The Students Have To Sign In With Their Password. Second, Students Get Logged Out When They Sign In With Their Password. But I Totally Understand That You Guys Are Trying To Fix That Promise But I Reccomend Students Should Learn From This This Game Is Awesomeness But I Still Have One More Quote About This Game And How You Guys Can Get More People To Get It And For Teachers Too 1, Add Foxes 2, Add Dolphins Grace So You Can Swim Faster And Mine Faster UnderWater 3, Last But Not At Least When Noobs Make a Dirt House Transform It To A Nice House But I Understand You Guys And Mojang Are Trying To Fix The Problems But All You Guys Should Remember Is That You Guys Keep Trying Hard And Remember You Guys Are Awesomeness People!
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1 year ago, 爱棋魂的人
"loading resources" and mob spawn rates
i know 2 stars sounds harsh, so i'm going to say some good stuff first. i like playing the game because it's fun and free. recently, i have found a problem where i can't even get into my own world without the screen just being frozen on "loading resources". there is no loading bar for that, so i can never know how much progress the game is making "loading the resources". by experience, i know that waiting does not work, even if i exit and reopen the app. this is a crucial problem that needs to be fixed. now before that cropped up, i could actually play. but in all of my survival worlds, there'd always be a lot a lot of hostile mobs. i have the gamemode set to easy and there is still a lot. unlike the real minecraft which i've played a couple times at my friend's home, this minecraft makes going out at nighttime nearly impossible, because you'll end up getting swarmed by hostile mobs. traveling in water is an even bigger concern. the drowned spawn rate i find is way too high. go underwater, and there will be at least three drowneds waiting for you. i know the other hostile mob spawn rates are really high too, but drowneds simply spawn way too often. also, i think that the sheep spawn rate is a little low, because unlike a normal gamer, i have to spend an unreasonably long portion of day 1 just searching for sheep to kill and get wool from which is immensely annoying. i hope you can fix this too.
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10 months ago, TANAARARARRAA
ok so basically whenever I try to join my friend it won’t let me! And whenever I ask safari it says it’s a glitch but this glitch happens to everyone how is it a glitch? This is a rip off of Minecraft I’d rather spend 6 dollars on the real Minecraft instead of this ripoff if u say that I’m a rude person u should fix ur game please know that and if u are the creator of the real Minecraft why didn’t u make the education one as the same as the real one we could’ve had free Minecraft instead of this rip off so please fix these bugs and if u say u did and they continue I will give ur app a 1 star just know that I just want to join my friend why do I have to play single player it is very boring and whenever I put survival it’s very boring and hard to get things without 2 people !! Ur game is a ripoff do not ever play this ! Just try to beg ur parents to get Minecraft for 6.99 it’s not that expensive but my parents won’t buy it I’m grateful to have roblox I’m grateful I have robux instead of this ripoff delete this game I hate it!!!
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11 months ago, Lil uincorn
fix this
Ok so it was a normal day i update my minecraft education keep in mind im in mobile. I decided to play it and make a farm, but as soon as i was about to sign in it says i have a error and that my administrator needs to call a number. This is very annoying and sad that mobile players cant play minecraft education anymore. Please fix this problem i want to keep playing my childhood game i been playing since 2nd grade, have a good day/afternoon/night. I came back to this and im still disappointed it still doesn’t work instead when i sign in with my school account and it takes me to this school nyc (i dont know what the site is called) site and i put it my email and password and then it says a error and it gives me a number to show my administrator but i dont know if i have one or not. But if this app’s only works when its school time and kids go school, then also fix that because kids can learn in this app when they go school and out of school. Have a good night/afternoon/morning
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8 months ago, nickname your bored canon
Love trails and tales 1.20 Love, music disc relic pig step and overside blocks chirp and others
Ever since when I was in first grade, I love this game, I can make a aquarium I even made a house this game is so good you can even let random people join your server. By the way this game should get lots of likes this is your first five likes hope to be happy thanks mojang for adding 1.20 trails and tails I love sniffers. Thank you so much for fixing bugs and other stuff. We you love your game mojang. See ya mojang and also, I love how I signed in so now I have different Mabs. Thank you for making Minecraft education. Now it’s my journey. here’s some creepy stuff for you mojang if you add music disc, 11 and music disc 13 sounds creepy I made a hot tub and it looks good I made a house in looks good bye bye and want to be friends?
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2 years ago, Mizumi_Dino
Not bad but a few issues and questions :) + Some extra stuff
So sometimes like most of the reviews it won’t let me join other people’s world or I can’t join their world, to make it work my friend had to reset her whole iPad, like remove all the data and stuff, but she’s fine with it. And why does the updating go so slow??? I think it’s unfair in my opinion, the other people did pay for normal Minecraft, but I just think it should update a tad bit faster, not as fast as normal Minecraft tho. And I saw a video of a shorts creator and the title was “Is bedrock or Java better?” By camman18, and if camman does see this now I know not to say “canman18” XD. And he said both are good and was like “At least were not in education edition!” I mean I would be upset in this edition as well sorry- So yeah! DEVELOPER RESPONSE PLEASE AHAHAHAHHAHAH-
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4 years ago, m j k. k mzms
The other Minecraft better
OK so a little child how to test it out this game so far I don’t like it it’s kind of cool but right now I need some help and even though you have to pay for the regular Minecraft the regular Minecraft is way better so anyways let’s get on with my problems 1. Hi I like the game so far I don’t like it 2. The regular Minecraft is better but this is kind of cool and for the final finale *drumroll* Number 3 three of my problems wooooo anyway 3. This is a good game I thought I was gonna teach you something but right off the bat I don’t like it and it’s I don’t know but anyways I like the real Minecraft better so just think of how much people hate this and like this put it all together and I would say equals the same thing real Minecraft and the word it’s better. Thank you for reading this!
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4 months ago, TheBestHorseRider
Great but…
Look, this is a great game. It’s just annoying that nothing about anything Minecraft is free. Even this has to be paid for by a school or business… and no matter what i try, it’s impossible to remember, view, or even change the current password. Nothing on the site will allow it to be changed, weather it’s on website or in app. This was the closest to free i could get and my password is the only thing keeping me from playing… this needs to be fixed, or the full edition needs to be free. Or a version that has everything the same (the blocks/world kinds/etc.) I understand exclusive things, but i just want to build in worlds and the flat worlds. So please, please open a free version or fix the password issue. Thank you for your time.
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3 years ago, Picollage the best!!!
So, I really love this game. Pretty similar to actual Minecraft! However, I really wish you would allow kids to choose out their own skins. I have this friend, she’s not allowed to have actual Minecraft, so she got this instead! We’ve been playing together for atleast 1 month! But, we found some really cute skins we wanna wear! But..we can’t. Please allow us to wear our own skins. It’s driving me insane. Overall, it’s a very good and similar game. Aswell, Can you please start updating the game? Actual Minecraft recently just came out with a Cave and Cliffs update, I would love for you to add it aswell. Also, you still have the old nether! Please update It. But still a very great similar game to actual Minecraft. Thanks, Mojang!
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12 months ago, 10728102
I can’t get in Minecraft education for some reason?
Whenever I try to get in, it says I have to sign in, but when I do sign in, it brings me to a 0KB file called “NativeClient” I tried everything, I see other people are also having this problem, I had this problem since may, it’s been a month and still hasn’t been fixed, I don’t wanna reinstall the game since I know I’ll lose all the worlds and my progress, I tried everyday but it always just bring up the same thing, this 0KB file, it still works for some people, but most people it doesn’t, I heard it’s cause of I need software update, I did, but still didn’t work, please fix this, try to reply to this if you can and your game is very good.
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2 years ago, bwashillek
Happy I found this app
When I was 6, Lots of my friends had Minecraft on their iPads and on their parent’s laptops and phones. But you need to pay for it so I was really sad by missing out on the cool stuff. My older sister came home from school and told me during school she played minecraft education edition and it was free! A few months later… in July I got an iPad! The first thing I did was start to download lots and lots of games… then I remembered about this app, And signed in with my Surrey schools account! It’s exactly like the regular Minecraft, but has more coding activities that aren’t mandatory (well DUH!) To this day I am still in love with this app and enjoy every hour of it! Mojang, you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Weekshopping
Love it but something wrong...
I could give this app a five star but the app has some things. 1: you have to sign and yeah, you have fun but if you accidentally exit or quit the app, you have to sign in again, and this makes me think mojang is trying to steal people’s information and hack or use it for his downloads. 2. You hear some background noises( while playing or joining a world.), some are strange, some are scary, and some are blades. This makes me think mojang is also trying to scare people too. 3: the /event slash command does not work. I keep typing correctly but it keeps on saying “(eventname:) could not be executed on Minecraft:player” and it gets annoying. 4: it is a lazy idea that you did not make a chain armor recipe. There are chains, so how??. Well that’s all i had to say but yes, it’s a pretty good game. Bye Bye!!
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2 years ago, Alberty The Blue Flame Gaming
So basically Minecraft is really overrated like you get me right. But education edition is so much more like it’s basically a free version of your average pocket edition/bedrock edition. This game uses your school email which is really cool to play your favorite game Minecraft, some people only use this app as regular Minecraft as it’s free but its also for educational purposes and the coding features are something that wasn’t in the original, ITS MIND BLOWING! The only thing I could say bad about this is that the updates sometimes come slowly. Anyways Mojang please keep updating this game adding new features and items for this version of Minecraft. Anyways 10/10 love it.
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3 years ago, NormaMyer
Something about unable to connect to world
So what happened is something wrong it’s happening so first of all I cannot go into like pick a World that I want because I cannot connect to the library for some reason and the second reason is I can’t connect to world and I hope you see this as soon as possible because this may happen for some other people this is important I don’t want to make this very long but anyway someone needs to fix some thing about the world and I don’t seem to get updates like I’m not able to update Minecraft so maybe you should make some thing to update it may be could be a bug somewhere but I just can’t connect to my friends world and it’s really a bummer Sincere, dancing 🌊
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1 year ago, kashaqueen183537353735373536;
My review
Everything is great about the app and everything it’s even free and stuff but the only bad thing about it is that when I log in with my school account it keeps saying native client when I search up how to fix it I saw no videos pls Mojang pls fix this I wanna be able to play this game again it’s my favorite game to play in school and home. Also one more problem is this game has no check point like I mean I can’t set a checkpoint in my base bc my base is a hide out base so it’s underground secret base and sense March I have been still trying to find but the compass doesn’t really work it’s sending me far away to the snow place also fix this pls hopefully u see this
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10 months ago, Ashadowmage
Minecraft review from ashadowmage
I think this games the best it has the gameplay to build to destroy to join friends and you could be building in creating or survival I like this game do to the fact that it has new creatures being added and that it has multi world like the neather and the end and you can’t really full on beat the game there’s all ways new creatures and mobs I will say this again if you some one who’s been thinking on getting it you should right away with no thought. I hope there are many more updates I look forward to it and so do the Kids like me that play Minecraft
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3 years ago, DeveloperofTechnology
If you need help:
So there is this thing that happens to a few people that might be tricky to solve: Unable to connect: Outdated client/server. If this happens to you, do this: 1. Delete education Minecraft. 2. Re-download it. But your worlds will be deleted so you either have good worlds that no one can join or no worlds but perfect setup. Although this is a LOT to read, this game is AWESOME I just updated today and I’m excited to see the update hundreds of people told me. If you’re reading this and for some reason I become famous, thanks for reading this anyway. Special thanks to PrestonPlayz for making Minecraft my personal hobby!
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12 months ago, Ilovebasketball545-4567
I have seen SO MANY videos online about Minecraft Education Edition. It seems like… THE MOST OP MINECRAFT I COULD EVER STINKING WANT! But I can play it 😭😭😭. I am so sad I can’t play this without a school account! Like bro… MY SCHOOL IS POOR! A year ago I literally found out that MY SCHOOL WAS CREATED IN 1872! If you were to ask any of the teachers there what Minecraft is they would literally think you were speaking gibberish. So you’re probably saying, “So, do a stinking demo lesson dummy!” Well guess what, IT LITERALLY TRIES TO GET ME TO SIGN IN! Then, it stinking says (after I put in my account), “This is not a school account.” Meanwhile I’m CRYING ON THE INSIDE SAYING, “WHY MOJANG, WHYYYYY!” Please 🙏 fix this 😊 Sincerely: Your stressed out player, Dollymydoggy128
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2 years ago, Ruby Rukiya Russell
The best game( after Minecraft)
OK guys this game is totally legit so if you like Minecraft this is almost exact same game and you can play it just like Minecraft even though the world for free because the world are as good as Minecraft because Minecraft you have to pay for it but it is for free and I would rate it five stars so if you play this game download it so the developers can have some more money just kidding you don’t have to pay for anything it’s just you can change your character if you don’t have to pay for it it is so much fun I hope you have a wonderful time playing there all right sleep tight!! Ruby .R. RUSSELL
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2 years ago, Jidawc
don’t suggest getting if ur still in school bro they didn’t let us right? so i hacked into the firewall and got edu but put the firewall back up. A FRICKIN POLICE OFFICER CAME JNTO MY CLASSROOM AND BRUNG ME TO THE DEANS!!! i got an infraction for having it on my computer + iPhone, iPad, Windows, MacOs, Linux, whatever platform u use, i used it on every platform and it’s absolutely laggy, and i joined somebodies world and the NPC had an IP grab link in its dialog! Edu also allows mods but be careful with the mod su download. if there was a choice to choose -100 stars, i would, but i rated it 2 stars because the performance is horrible but the game itself isn’t THAT bad plus teachers don’t use edu to teach their kids anymore in middle school. there is something called BOOKS that weigh atleast 40 pounds plus a 10 pound computer. Do not recommend getting edu. get at ur own risk!!
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6 days ago, Bend oh d
Great but…
The best game ever but just doesn’t feel the same anymore. I feel like I’m getting bored of it I’ve actually always wanted to play Minecraft earth and ever since the game shut down, I’ve always wanted to play and I’ve never gotten a picking up chance to ever play it please I’ve always wanted to play this game I want to see the beautiful cows🥺🥺🥺🥺and see the features of Minecraft Earth and don’t worry this isn’t your fault or anyone else’s fault it’s to Chinese fault they are at fault plus a Chinese person ate a bat and had a virus 🦠 and that’s how the coronavirus started, but please bring it back😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭plz
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2 years ago, cksk21
The app is good 🙂
This game is fun a very similar to the original Minecraft. I also like the fact that you can also play the game without the education part too. But sometimes when I play with my friend it won’t let her join me. Also can y’all have better skins and if we could change our names too that would be nice. This app is very similar to the actual Minecraft and I like the fact that you can choose the map and choose whatever you like without using money. I have one thing for the actual Minecraft and this Minecraft PLEASE ADD CHAIRS AND TABLES I think me and a lot of other people would appreciate this. That you for wasting your time reading this
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1 year ago, Penguin61_61
Pretty nice
I like this game a lot I think it’s pretty good there’s some bad things like a takes forever to update like I’ve been waiting for so long for the update to the newest version and it hasn’t but other than that I think this game is pretty good and it has a feature of the other ones don’t like the normal one and other than that it’s pretty good I know I’ve said that a lot but I think you you could love this game or hate it so I would recommend a little more than the normal Minecraft because it’s free no Minecraft is seven dollars I mean like no one really wants to play that mean you playing on Minecraft it’s for seven dollars is crazy
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2 years ago, monkels2010
This is an amazing game
I play this game 24/7 in my class whenever the teacher allows the class to and this is by far my favorite game to play. I have tried so many other games that doesn’t cost money and this is the best. My friend is getting the real version so she can play with me because I have the real version on the ps4. This game is perfect for when my parents are busy on the tv and I can’t play Minecraft. If I were to recommend any game to anyone this would be the game. If you want to get a game that takes up time when your bored this game would be perfect for you and for everyone else.
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3 years ago, IukeSkywaIker
Very buggy, but very good! (READ THIS!! HELPFUL!!)
you don’t really need to use this for school use. If your school gave you an email for school use you might be able to make an account with the email, but if it doesn’t accept KEEP TRYING. It is very glitchy and takes a few attempts. I can playa Minecraft for free now! 🙌 When I play this, it is very fun and impressive for a mobile game! But, here are 2 issues that are driving me insane: 1: entering nether portals. When I enter a nether portal, there is what feels like a 45% chance my screen will be stuck on the “generating terrain” screen and I have to close the app. 2: invisible chunks. If you don’t know what a chunk is, a chunk is a section of Minecraft land (like an acre, a section of earth). Sometimes the chunk will be completely invisible, but mobs and players can walk on it. This can happen in the nether, too. 3: I have an idea why this is a thing, but just for anyone reading, there is no music. Unlike the other editions, there is no music from C148, so if you are playing survival, DO NOT create a juke box. The discs do not work. That is pretty much the worst parts, but take note that it is not updated past the ocean update. There is no Netherite, bastions, piglins, warped forests, and basically anything past the ocean update is not there.
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1 year ago, Minecraft Education iOS 16.2
Minecraft Education will not sync with IOS 16.2
My son loves playing Minecraft Education on an iPad with his friends, so much that he loses track of time. We’ve been managing that challenge by using Apple’s parent downtime/screen time limits. Recently with the new iOS update to 16.2 I noticed that MCE is not recognized 1- as a game in the applications category and 2- maybe not at all by screen time. My son just continues to play because the new MCE is not recognized by downtime. This leads to family stress and only unpleasantness for the gamer! We know Minecraft is too fun to stop! I hope developers look at this glitch to make all players’ experience better and more harmonious. Then parents can step out of the picture and let Downtime do its job!
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4 months ago, sailor buns 😊lil angel
One lil favor
Hey Mojang,I’d like to ask you guys a little favor first of all I just want to say I love Minecraft I’ve been playing it for years usually I just use the Minecraft education edition because I don’t have the money to get the actual app but so far I am I just want one little favor for the villagers jobs can one of the jobs play a florist I think the florist would be really cool. You might not see this review and that’s OK but if you do, can you possibly make a florist shop and really appreciate it and once you have, I will immediately send another review telling how much I love the game. Thank you.
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10 months ago, Jiddjfbxbxx
I can't connect in other servers.
So me and my Friend have this game. And we have been able to connect with eachothers games and join them, But then one day suddenly she decides to join mine it says "unable to connect" we've tried over 3 times now and it still doesn't let us, (when I say 3 times I mean 3 times TODAY) we've probably tried 15 times counting the other times. I don't really want to give this game a 2 or 1 star review because your game is REALLY fun! But if I can't connect or my friend can connect with eachothers servers I don't think I might keep it at a 3 star review, please understand I dont HATE the game I just don't understand how it doesn't works. I hope you have a good morning/evening/night!
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1 year ago, hiya! abc123
Slow that’s it
I’ll be fair, it’s a good game but uhm did I mention that this is the slowest thing to update like EVER?!?🥺😤😒 like- this is slower than bombs in movies AND THATS PRETTY SLOW also, is there a way to download skins in the app? If not, i think this would be a great update, some things that I suggest to make making this game easier for you is to have two teams working on each game, because, I’m seeing snapshots for 1.20, and all that stuff, and we haven’t even gotten the wild update OR PHROGS 🐸 but seriously I don’t think we even have the nether update,ANYWAYS PLS FIX THIS MOJANG!😭😭😭 other than that, I really love this game SOO sooo SOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (Ok I think u get it ._.) MUCH! LOVE THIS GAME KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK😍😍😍❤️❤️
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5 years ago, bobo the derpy sheepy
Dear Mojang
I just love Minecraft my friends say this my only game and its so so so so so cool new lanterns,looms,lenterns,jellie skin for cats WAW I want to help with a another cool update ok this is my idea So the should be a shark spawn 3 times bigger than a dolphin and a new redstone lighter which is a light switch and when you click it the lights you put up will light up!and turn off and you can change the color of flower pots so put a flower pot in a new crafting item that’s the next one so put a flower pot in the new block called a pot crafter and put a dye in right,left,bottom,front Of the side then it will creat a red flower pot or whatever color you picked so the pot maker can make different color pots and its your imagination to customize these and bu-bye wait wait wait I’m back I want to tell you on plain Minecraft I got a Xbox account and a huge commitment from my friends WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE MOJANG GAMES THERE JUST SO COOL Love Xbox Player Name Derplittlechick
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2 years ago, maxbox37941
Signing in
Today I just downloaded this app and I was excited cause its like minecraft but there is more items and I thought it would be interesting since my brother and his friends play it a lot. So a couple more days later on my grandma’s birthday I download the game and sign in with my school stuff and boom it worked for a second but then it said that it was unable to load. So I checked again and typed in my password and email CORRECTLY but no it did not work later trying to do it all over again and again and again but eventually I gave up. Please fix this I want to play minecraft education edition.
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5 years ago, Thompson hills
Something Wrong With the Internet
Hi devs. Me hoping you’ll read this because I got 1 complain, but the rest are pretty good. The internet is working because I’ve checked multiple time and then played other games that require internet and that worked so then I went into Minecraft: Education Edition and I saw that it said “something wrong with the internet, Please try again later” and I did the same exact process again and it still didn’t work so yeah, that’s my only complain. The experience is a good one it saves money instead of getting regular Minecraft and I actually think it’s Minecraft so it’s a 4:5 to me and since I like it, you could play it too!
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3 years ago, Legend_Savage
Saving stuff on your account
I devs mostly everything is good in your game except two things, first you guys need to update the game mor often so the current effects in the game works, and you also need to fix one important thing, yesterday I accidentally deleted Minecraft Edu when I came back, all my stuff disappeared, the world and creations I made disappeared and all my mods disappeared, I think you guys should fix that. And for some reasons, I Checked my network and wifi and it’s all ok but every time someone tries to join me or I try to join them it doesn’t work it says unable to connect to world
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11 months ago, sunnygoodreveiws
Best game ever!!
Dear, Monjang This game is the best game that I ever played I would play ths every time I go to school I love this game because it’s a fun game where you can join with friends and also you can build a lot of cool houses it takes a long time to build a house but it’s very fun if you could make another Minecraft I would be soo happy from how good this game is love it!! Something I wanna say that this game is the most fun and calmest game I’ve ever played you die from skeletons and spiders and more love the game and this game is basically a game to be like a real life game but in a game love it and for making this game!!
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1 year ago, It has its up and downs
Ok I guess
Ok ok so listen the other day I tried this game and listen Im A little disappointed in this game the only reason I tried this was because I can’t download mine craft (try Minecraft you’ll love it ) so I tried this it was really disappointing I know that it’s not supposed to be exactly like Minecraft but it says Minecraft education so I should have been wise. All I have to say is if you can’t download Minecraft but wanna download something like it……… don’t download it but if your totally obsessed with education well………… download it (wow this is long lol) anyway I’m not trying to be a hater but this game isn’t really for me any way see ya later thank you for reading have a good day.❤️❤️🍬👍✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽
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3 years ago, lmao_alisonnnnn
Bugs and updates
I love this game, but it doesn’t get much updates like the original minecraft game. Anyway I am pretty sure I have been playing this for about a year, but please fix this bug. I think it’s a bug, basically whenever I play in my second device in my account, I don’t see the world I made in my first device. I spent a lot of time in that world. So please please please please please please please fix this bug or glitch. I DID check my first device to see if my world was still there and it was, but I don’t know why, I don’t see the world in my second device. So yeah please fix this
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3 months ago, Penutbutter 2387
One issue you guys need to fix
I cannot have my brother join my server with me because it’s not letting me and it keeps saying there’s something wrong with the server no matter how many servers we try it just kicks him out or doesn’t let him into the server that I’m in and if I try to do it with him, it does the same exact thing it’s a fun game and all but you really need to fix this because I wanna play with my brother and have him join a server to do a building challenge but I can’t because this doesn’t work at all even though y’all need to fix and y’all need to find a wiz fix it, please find a way to fix this issue because there’s literally nothing wrong with my thing. It’s just saying I can’t play with him so please try to find a way to fix this.
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So Minecraft education, is like maybe a little bit better then Minecraft, but some suggestions please. First I don’t really like how the agents just spawn whenever, could you please let us spawn our agents, because me and my friend were playing, and we decided since we had made a house together in survival, that we could build a house over the agents, but mine was on the other side of the world, I would really like if you would do that. and also, it lags a little bit. But thanks you for reading my review, great game by the way!
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1 year ago, samxsd7 hbb32 bcz
Some one hacked my server
Ok so Minecraft education is a good game and all yea blah blah but.. I was playing with my friend and we built a house and all and then our phones turned off so we joined back and someone named aaergeta_J or something like that and then in the chat they said hello and I was gonna type who are you? And then It just kicked us out and we tried joining back and it said are you trying to join this world by my user name and then we were confused because I wasn’t in the game so we like restarted Minecraft and it said for my friend the host isn’t In the game but we could still join..
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1 month ago, Ana sibanda
Very good but needs changes
Minecraft education is a very fun game but some things I don’t like is that sometimes when we are trying to join someone else’s server or them try to join yours it says that we can’t get on so please fix that Mojang, and another thing I don’t like is sometimes when I get on my mouse doesn't work and it’s very slow to load so please fix some bugs. But some good things are that we don’t have to pay and it’s a free game and that you can change modes and make it flat or not and that you can build whatever you want. If you read this review thank you and please try to fix these things!
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11 months ago, gotta go fast152
I love Minecraft education. It is very good. I love it. Keep up the good work guys !!!!!
I only have one concern why is 1.20 not on mobile yet!!! You guys got to step it up so please I want to play on 1.20 so download it to education edition!!!!! Just tell me when Minecraft education gets the 1.20 update it is not that hard!!!! It has already been a month since you updated it so just update it or I’m giving the game a 1 star review!!!!! Change the version to 1.20!!! Pls listen something weird is happening every time I walk I hear a baby villager
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Really good but just 1 thing
I’m a student who found this game and started playing. At first I thought it was a perfect game no flaws, great. But then things took a turn for the worse. Since I wasn’t signed in my school district anymore it started with saying that there wasn’t internet and, I know, your service doesn’t include internet which is why this really concerned me. I’m deleting the game to install it again and I really hope you guys can fix this so it can make internet connection a bit easier. Otherwise awesome I would really recommend it.
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3 years ago, Not_That_Bad?
It's Something, for sure,
It is great and all, and I understand that this is for students and teachers, but I also think that you expect others to play this as it is a free version of Minecraft. It is lovely, but it is very laggy, buggy, and there is this problem, our animals keep disappearing! Even if it is a pet or it has a name tag, they still disappear! It's sad, because some of us are, y'know taking care of your pets, and grow attachments in the amount of time we have them before they disappear. It's really sad, and I hope you could fix things like this. I hope you read this, thank you very much if you did.
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