Mini Adventures - Let's Go and Learn the Alphabet

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User Reviews for Mini Adventures - Let's Go and Learn the Alphabet

4.32 out of 5
427 Ratings
12 years ago, Kitzy3.0
Great idea!
This app has a lot of interesting features that may not be noticed at first glance. Dig around the settings and discover the different ways you can configure the app. I especially liked the layered videos within each individual word. The only drawbacks - some letters have lots of words and some just one. It would be nice to see at least two or three words for each letter. Also, I experienced a delay when trying to touch each letter of the word to have it read out. Sometimes I would have to touch a letter repeatedly for it to work. It would be better if those would respond faster. But those were really minor points. Other than that, it is a fun app to help the wee ones learn their letter.
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12 years ago, thirdmanout
Mini adventures lets go
This app is beautiful! The videos had my son thoroughly engaged. My main recommendation would be to take away the feature that allows you to tap any letter in the word at the bottom of the screen. This causes you to switch to random new letters but not the whole alphabet. I think when you tap the letter it should name the letter and that's it. I do think you should make the first letter ONLY have the capacity to switch you to a new picture. This allows the child to view all photos sequentially for that letter. If they want a new letter it is very easy to return to home page. Also, you really need to do something to represent letter "x.". You can't have an ABC app with a letter in the alphabet missing! Fabulous app though, just needs some tweaking...
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12 years ago, Lchamber
Very good, with room to improve
I am a speech pathologist, and I very much like the idea of this app. It has great foundations - I love all the customization options and the real photos (good for both children and adults). The videos are also a unique touch and I was pleased you could turn those off as well. I can see room for improvement however; I would really like if you could hear the sound of the letters rather than letter names, or even the sounds of syllables one at a time. The voice is also a bit childish for use with adults (too "excited"), and while I realize the app is likely not aimed at adults I would like to use it with that population and think it has good potential for it.
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12 years ago, Central IL
We will be using this in our kindergarten class for sure! The pictures are great and the videos add a whole new level of the experience! Since I can plug my iPad into the SmartBoard, I can show the videos for large group lessons! We do activities centered around one alphabet letter each week, this app can be a fun part of each week. The children also write a class book about different vehicles, each child having a different one-are we going to have fun now! I love it! If I absolutely have to be critical about something, I would say geography. I can imagine the children wondering why they have never seen many of the vehicles in their own neighborhoods. Even I am not entirely sure where some featured vehicles are currently or historically found in our world. Some thing simple to keep the page clean would be helpful, maybe showing the location on a small map icon that says the location when tapped. Thank you so much for this great app! Sincerely, Ms. Z. Lab School Teaching Assistant K-8
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13 years ago, carolcarlan
Awesome app!
Awesome app! Being brazilian makes it very hard to find good apps for my kids in portuguese. So I always try to find customizable apps and this one is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! I can record everything in Portuguese, change pictures and texts… Couldn't get any bretter! The only downside for me, in this particular app is to arrange everything in alphabet order… Finding elements for each letter will take a while, but well worth it! It would also be great to be able to use characters not used in english as ~ and ç to write the words correctly!
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12 years ago, 1utTeacher
I like this app for teaching vocabulary, and for exposing children to things that they may not get to see in their everyday lives. I also like that you can turn off pictures that you don't like. Some of the pictures are great when we do our transportation unit in school. I love the pictures, and so do my kids. I also like that I can turn the videos on and off depending on our activity. Just wish some of the letters had a larger variety of pictures. Overall, very engaging for kids.
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13 years ago, AUctmom
Great app!
My daughter has enjoyed using this app and seeing how words are not only spelled but positive reinforcement on both pictures and videos. I haven't looked at all of the videos yet but would like to say that the only negative comment I can make is that 'submarine' only shows a Russian, German, & WW2 sub and I wish it had a US submarine in a current class plus the you tube video for it is lame & I know that a better video of an actual sub could be found very easily that would really get the kids attention.
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12 years ago, Eklhopkins
Download this app
As a speech-language pathologist, I highly recommend this app. Sometimes it's hard to find photos of everyday objects and less familiar objects to use in therapy. This app has pictures of both and has multiple pictures of each object. I love that the students will be able to realize that not all rafts look similar, not all fire trucks look alike, etc. This is especially helpful for students who over-generalize. I also love the built in videos of the objects in action. What a wonderful app!
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12 years ago, Meg0223
Mini adventure
My daughter loves this app she was watching tv while I was going through it and she stopped watching tv to play the app. The pictures are beautiful in this app. This app is great for children to learn there letters. I like how the picture has the word written on the picture but when you click on one of the letters it brings you to the picture of that letter. My personal oppinion i think it would be better if it spelled the word out then your child can learn how to spell it.
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12 years ago, CCurrent
Awesome ap!
I thought it was going to be just for younger children, but I can see my 3rd graders liking this. The videos are great! Coming from a teacher that used to teach the primary grades, it would be nice to be able to move the letters - it looks like you should be able to. It would also be nice to have the option to hide the first letter for younger children to have to choose the correct beginning letter. For older children, it would be nice to have the option of having them choose letters to spell the words. Otherwise, excellent! Thanks!
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13 years ago, Reading Buddies
Great potential but needs letter sounds
This is a very engaging app which will appeal to kids who love things that go. I also have the animal app and my students enjoy them both. I particularly like the open ended nature of the play, where you can explore how things move. The videos are beautiful and it is super easy for kids to navigate. My one issue is that I can't set the letter sound option. I chose it in the settings. It am still getting the letter names. For kids learning to read, the sounds are more helpful. All in all a great app and highly recommended.
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12 years ago, PreK-4 Teacher
I teach Pre-K & I know my kids are going to love this app - specially the boys! We're starting the letter J this week & they are going to go nuts for the jeep riding through the deep, muddy water & the jet ski. That particular video is quite long, so I will probably only show part of it. I'll also mute the sound, since it isn't quite appropriate for my 4 year olds or necessary to enhance the video. Overall, I think this will be a great way to get the boys interested & involved with the alphabet. Thanks, & keep 'em coming!
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12 years ago, Earlyintervention12
Good for kids however...
Working with kids birth to 3 it is a great pic app with letter recognition and verbal output however, the first picture that popped up was a shopping cart. Great until I watched the video of a half bodied person on fire pushing a shopping cart. Not exactly what I expected to see the first time I viewed the app. With that being said as I continued to use the app and look through the settings I learned you have the option to turn off the video. I like the video option but be careful.
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12 years ago, Cizuo
Mini Adventures Let's Go
My grandson who is a year and a half loves the colorful pictures and videos. As a kindergarten teacher, I can see how valuable this application can be in teaching about transportation. I liked the videos that were embedded. We did have some problems with the app. It was difficult to change from one picture to another. It would be nice to have an advance arrow to move to another picture or to take you back to the home page. It did freeze up my iPad. I had to delete the application then reinstall it. If those two kinks get fixed, I would give the application 5 stars.
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12 years ago, Chica Norteña
My son loved it!
Before we downloaded mini alphabet we enjoyed mini animals. My 8 year old son and twins really love mini animals, but when I showed my son the mini alphabet transport system, it blew him away!! You really touch his heart. He loves everything that goes, from helicopters to speed boats to airplanes, and with the videos, it was the icing on the cake! Thank you very much for creating very visual and entertaing apps. We have almost everyone you've created! Thanks again! We are very happy.
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12 years ago, Efrufru
Lots of fun!
My 19 month old daughter really enjoys this game! 1) i love the fact that there's such a variety of transportation 2) I like the fact that when you click on a letter of the current transportation it takes you to another mode of transportation that starts with that letter! 3) love thst there's video along side the picture- I just wish the video could play by itself. Since she is still so young using this app, she doesn't ever see the video option.
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12 years ago, Full time mom of 6
Very impressed turned sour
We just got the app and my 4 year old quickly took to it. I too was impressed with the pictures, videos, and ease to navigate. As I went back to my activities and he played I was shocked to hear the language of one of the video songs the inline skating video. I like the app and was going to give it five stars but cannot when a child's app has lyrics such as those. Videos should be screened better. I will delete that video and use the app if I can get it to move off the jeep pictures where it is currently stuck. I would change the rating if that inline video was pulled from the app. The video is great but lyrics not appropriate.
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12 years ago, Dimplesckw
Awesome app!
My ten year old son has autism and he loves the vividly colored pictures ;) I really love that they have real life videos to show how the actual word looks. My two year old enjoys this as well. I also like the way when you hit the letters it shows another vehicle that starts with that same letter. I only wish that you can shut that off/on as needed so that the kids can just hit the letters just to hear them. Overall great app!
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12 years ago, Molly's mom1021
Amazing for interest and vocabulary dev'p!
I just finished a 35 year career as a literacy instructor and first grade teacher. Oh, do I wish I had these amazing apps to use with my students! Most students' greatest weakness is a limited vocabulary. Finding a highly entertaining and motivating way to introduce new word knowledge has always been a challenge and these wonderful apps provide an excellent way to gain new knowledge. I can not wait to use these apps with my grandson when he gets a little older!
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12 years ago, Jonathan'smom042
Love this app
This is a great app! The photos are clear and bright. My 23 month old son is fascinated by anything with wheels and this is his favorite app. Our favorite video is the excavator, he has watched it many times and I have found myself watching it with him and singing along to the catch tune. The customization is great on this app., I was able to delete a video that I didn't care for and I plan to add a photo of our own van.
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12 years ago, Winks7
Great, but stuck
As always, Alligator Apps has created another engaging app with amazing picture quality. Just having trouble on this particular app with how to interact with the screen to get things to work. Swipe, tap, double tap, swipe left/right or up down. Somehow we keep getting stuck on the same item instead of moving to the next. Overall, a great app though!
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12 years ago, NW-Nuance
Pornography, Foul Language, Adult Subject Matter
PARENTAl WARNING!!! This app is inappropriate for any age child. It has potential to be a wonderful educational tool but the problem is that the videos are with I believe U-Tube so that one word will link to another thus taking a user into murky water. If an adult is not with the child using the app the child could go from Elephants to elephants mounting one another to dogs humping, to other animals copulating to humans. Yes the graphics, videos and still photos are of supreme quality but there is no monitoring of the content. Please remove it from showing up in any search for Apps for Toddlers or any child till this problem can be remedied.
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13 years ago, Whattaday
My daughter is in love with the elephants! This is a great app for kids of all ages. The selection of pictures and the length of the videos is really nice. I also like that they have original audio, which can be pretty funny. My daughters really enjoy this app, but my special needs students all have their own favorites too! Installed World of Music and Animals today! Highly recommend!
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12 years ago, Moslp
Let's go learn alphabet
.Like the video portions that accompany the pictures. Initially I expected the letters to make the sound of the letter, but that is not what the app is teaching. I think it is well named for what it does. I am Speech and Language Pathologist and I tend to look for apps that I can use with students. It might be one to use with 18 month to two year olds as it would teach the concept of " when I touch this, this happens".
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13 years ago, Good app, one suggestion
Mini adventures- vehicles
I am a speech language pathologist and use Alligator Apps with many of my clients. I like the photos and voice on this app. I would like it better if you could customize it without deleting pictures. I would like to be able to turn pictures on and off as needed for different kids, because I don't always want to do every picture with each kid. I also don't want them to have access to all of the pictures. If your app could do this, it would be a 5 star!
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13 years ago, Tarab11
Great for ages 2-7
Highly recommend this app, awesome graphics and videos to provide a moving image to the picture that matches it's initial alphabet component. The only improvement I would suggest, from a teacher's perspective, is to have the word constantly appear at the bottom of the page so the child Can get extra repetitn and a reminder of the word & it's spelling. Nice job!! Well worth the low cost.
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12 years ago, Playkater
Love it!
I agree with other users about how it would be nice to hear the spelling of the words out loud; however, it is a wonderful app. The pictures are amazing and there are more than one picture for each word. I also liked that I can disable videos for my youngest who thinks something is wrong while the video is loading. She can tap wherever she wants and get a new picture.
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13 years ago, mjhhal
a few bugs
This app is really great. My son loves the videos that go along with the words for each letter. We found that on a few words after we watched the video we would be stuck on that word. It would go through just the pics of that word over and over. Turning off the ipad and then turning it back on was the only way to clear it. Im sure this bug will be worked out and then this will be a 5 star app.
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12 years ago, L&G's mom
Good apps
My son will love it, but I enjoyed browsing through it as well. The auto rickshaw video was odd for preschoolers, but I appreciated the fact that the app seemed to be a little international in scope. I agree that tapping on the letter should only name the letter rather than taking the user to the images associated with the letter tapped. If the user stayed on the same page the child could use it for spelling and reading skills.
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13 years ago, Space Cadet*
Super Terrific, Fun Way to Learn
Mini Adventures-Let's Go, Learn the Alphabets is a super terrific fun way to learn. My 2 year old grandson really enjoys the videos and watching how items operate; so do I. :-) . He quickly learned how to use the app on his own. He knows his favorites and how to view them. I learned more about using it by watching him --and his mistakes(?). :-) He didn't want to put it down.
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12 years ago, Alligator Alphabet
Awesome Alphabet
The photos are beautiful - very impressive for a little boy who really loves all things that move. Learning the alphabet requires lots of practice, and the photos and videos make the lessons fun. An idea for improvement would be to make the app more accessible for children with varying levels of attentiveness. In settings, the teacher/parent could choose videos of different lengths according to the learning level of the child. E Affanato
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13 years ago, Dapper_apper
Beautiful pictures and good videos
Great, beautiful app. My one complaint- non-intuitive use of transitions. When you swipe, I was expecting a left to right page transition instead on the page pull up transition. I loved the pictures, clear dictation, and fun topics. Plus the home page is beautifully done and the customization settings are feature rich. A very good app!
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12 years ago, roxnzac
This is an entertaining app But I don't like the fact that I can't explore the letters of the words which is which I'm being taught. I would like to see if the phonic sounds of the letters of the word coming into play here to teach kids to read opposed to treating the words as sight words as some of the words are too long to be sight words. not enough control for the user other than listening to a word being read and a video. I would not give this app to my students. little writers app has a better concept.
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12 years ago, SpeechMama987
Just okay
It's got good potential. I'm a speech therapist so I would be using this in therapy and with my own young children. The pictures are nice, but some of the vocabulary is somewhat obscure for the intended audience and the videos needed to be reviewed better because a few were borderline inappropriate. I wish you could push more than one letter before it switched screens. There are a lot of vocabulary and alphabet apps out there. If these issues were addressed, I think this one would stand out more.
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12 years ago, Dogonred
Wow what great pictures!!!!
I am very pleased with the pictures and videos in this app. As a speech pathologist I can think of many ways to use this with my students both younger and older elementary students. The only thing is the odd ball transportation items....takes way too much explaining for my language delayed kids.
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13 years ago, CatherineMorris
The App has many potential uses. I like the variety of images for the same letter. I do agree that a nice option would be to get the letter sound instead of the letter name. I do like the option of being able to turn off the videos since we do not always have time for them to load and we are not always where there is access to the internet.
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12 years ago, Tatersmom07
4 year old loves it
We like everything about this-sharp photos, linked videos, speech, and the word spelled out beneath the pic. The only thing that would make it perfect? Make it so that you can touch all of the letters in the word, not just one, before the picture switches. This is minor, though, and I look forward to checking out other Alligator apps.
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12 years ago, Just "K"
OK & and not for everyone
The photos are good but very repetitive (how many times can we see an airplane) and the videos are a good concept. However, if a child is in the beginning stages of learning the alphabet, the words may be either too long or difficult to repeat. The other thing - it doesn't tell you what letter is being introduced; for example, "A" is for "airplane". This app is better suited for an older child but by then, he/she should know their letters... Decided to delete from my educational app listing.
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13 years ago, Aaronian Striatus
Great, but...
It's definitely a 5 star app, however, I think some of the videos need a little more scrutiny before being attached to their particular photos. They should all be roughly the same length, which in my opinion, should top out at about 3 minutes. The longer videos take the children away from DISCOVERY and bring them into ZONE-ERY.
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12 years ago, DebbySLP
Great ap
Wonderful real-life pictures to illustrate the letter sounds, especially interesting for kids who like cars and trucks. The video clips are a bit long for a speech/language therapy session but can be controlled by the therapist to allow the session to move along. The videos exposé the viewers to experiences they may not be familiar with in a manner that makes you feel like you are there.
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12 years ago, Rksgffiusqjspcbdjak
As promised!
Browse through pictures or autoplay through the alphabet to see, hear, watch, and spell each word. Great tool for classroom use and love that it is customizable! I have put in plenty of my own pictures to compliment the existing library. It does crash when uploading many different new cards though - please update and it will be perfect for early learners!
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12 years ago, B23 SLP
good not great
I got this app free as part of Alligator Apps "free the apps" program. I like that it's all in a category (transportation essentially) and the photos and videos are high quality and appropriate for children, but I would have liked to see more vehicles (seems every little boy I know is into vehicles) and some videos don't explain at all or have people speaking foreign languages in them.
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12 years ago, Spikeygirlz67
Lively learning
I really like the app. My students will maintain interest. Provides opportunity for vocabulary development: descriptions, functions, etc. And developing language structures. I only wish I had the option to keep the vehicles in ABC order instead of random when you choose a specific letter because it would be great for articulation practice.
Show more
12 years ago, Researchmom
Love the real life pictures
This app needs to be customized to the age group you are working with. Many children with developmental delays or a disability can use this to increase vocabulary & categories. I also like the ability to show a video of what the object is. Some of the videos should be edited to an G audience so it can be used across all ages.
Show more
12 years ago, MamaWitt
Fun, Interactive
Beautiful images that interest my son. Shows that vehicles of transportation are more than just planes, trains, and automobiles. I like the videos that come up, but he rarely goes through the multiple taps it takes to play them. I would like the option to have them play automatically.
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13 years ago, A mom's view
Great app
The app is very useful. The pictures and voice are crisp. I appreciate the embedded videos so my sons can see the item in action! Star Wars lovers will appreciate the inclusion of jet pack! I would like to see an option to read/hear the definition/context of a word. Also, words are repeated frequently. In ten screens, the same word appeared twice.
Show more
12 years ago, Rakmom
I thought this was a great app for learning letters. I also thought it is a great vocabulary builder for any child. It is infused with pictures of a variety of items using the correct names. It not just a truck it's a front loader, etc. I thought it was great, useful for second language learners.
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12 years ago, Carolemm
Great app but...
I think this app is perfect for young preschoolers. The pictures are beautiful and most of the videos are engaging. My almost 4 year old is learning letters. I wish there was a setting that allowed him to tap on all letters in a word instead of how you tap a letter and it changes to a word beginning with that letter. Still very please with this app, thanks!
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10 years ago, Kkickers
Please update to ISO 8
My son loves this app and used it all the time but when we updated to iOS 8 the videos will no longer play properly. They won't full screen and if they do, they go all black with sound only. The original size of video is like a postage stamp so they are completely unviewable. Also we have to kill the app to exit if we try to enlarge a video. I sent mail to support but did not get a rely. Too bad. I wish they would fix it and support iOS 8. For now this app is disappointing and not useful.
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13 years ago, Mini Adventures
We love it!
Fun ap! Bothe my two-year-old and five-year-old enjoyed taking turns choosing different cards. I like the videos right there, easily accessible to see and learn about so many different things. This will definitely be on of our new favorites!
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