1.7 (57)
29.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lee Enterprises
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Missoulian

1.72 out of 5
57 Ratings
8 years ago, Johnny The B
Needs an update. It's been crashing with regularity of recent.
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2 years ago, Sjsdoc
It does work, but,…
I recently downloaded this app despite the terrible reviews. Why bother? Have been using e-edition on iPad and it is no longer usable. Likely due to terrible software programming, the e-edition just doesn’t work on either Chrome or Safari on my 2018 iPad. Unable to scroll. Two finger gestures dont work. Can turn page and that is about it. Try reload, turn iPad off and on. Nothing. Used to at least work on chrome but that died too in last few weeks. So… tried app. The good: The app does work for e-edition. You can scroll, zoom, turn pages. the bad: ads are overwhelming. There is a bar at the top taking up around 25% of screen for 1 ad. Ridiculous. Cannot dismiss. I dont mind some ads. But I do pay for this paper so the app should work without such egregious marketing. App is clearly old, very basic as others have said but now only way to get my paper on iPad.
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1 year ago, Maggiejean1
No Excuse
I have tried to stay with the Missoulian ever since it went digital. I know the transition has been tough but come on guys, you’ve had enough time to adjust now and it just doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I hang in for the little bit of local news you print but I’m close to giving you up. Not worth the cost.
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5 years ago, wildemt
Previous version far better...
and it left a lot to be desired. With all the quality apps out there, you would think they’d be able to provide a decent version that provides access to more than a few stories. No wonder readership is down.
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6 years ago, Siochan71
Ver 4.2.0
I really dislike this latest version of the app. I do not care for the layout at all. The previous version had a better layout and was a lot easier to use and scan the articles. With this version I’m no longer using the app and am thinking of deleting it.
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4 years ago, mvcewindu
Absolutely terrible
You guys need someone to update the app regularly. Ever since iOS 14 has come out, you cannot read any articles. This isn’t the first time this has happened. I would give you 0 stars if that were an option. 1 star is being generous. Step your game up!
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6 years ago, Game doesn't pay
This new reworked app is useless. I would check a few times a day & now there’s no local news. I would like to think that the local newspaper would cover local news & issues. Odds are that I will delete it completely.
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6 years ago, exit does not exist
Bad update
The new update is very difficult to scan thru the articles quickly. The photos dominate the screen, and small white font is easily lost. Hard to tell if it’s an article or one of the many ads.
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6 years ago, docintherockies
Really bad update
Very hard to navigate and much less content. No way to read marriages, DUIs etc any more. Most of the app content is ads; any news is hard to find.
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4 years ago, booshcityMT
Trash just like the Missoulian website
App is overloaded with advertisements and not enough articles. Buggy experience is verbal with articles periodically not loading.
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2 years ago, JJPMSO
Too expensive
You can get the same information from other sources for free.
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2 years ago, camthecourier
No thank you
You really think I should pay for a subscription to this?!?!? Unbelievable
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2 years ago, tisha19
App continues to disappoint
App must have been developed in Lower Slobovia. It’s expensive and requires frequent requests for help. Lee wanted to raise the price 100% last January, settled for 30%. Meanwhile, the app woes continue.
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4 years ago, Beefy McManstick
Worst “news” app around, don’t waste your time and effort to download it. Too many adds, articles don’t work, and very one sided content
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3 years ago, Cory bed
Crashes in 2 seconds on iPad. Can’t use it at all.
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6 years ago, Bob775
It’s useless
It used to be enjoyable to read. Not now. I’m not Evan sure why you one now. IT IS A PIECE OF CRAP.
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12 years ago, random rez kid
I stupidly updated to the new app and really wish I wouldn't have. The "download article" button doesn't work anymore and the downloads are no longer on the main toolbar. Not that it matters though, since that doesn't even work. Next stop.....charging for the app. The upgrade was a major downgrade. If they fix the bugs it's a great app, if not, buy the paper edition or pay for the online edition. This app is crap now.
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12 years ago, Luke got trapped!
Very unimpressed
I have gotten trapped in articles several times with no options other than to read or submit posts on the article -no way back to the main page, none! I've had no choice but to delete the app and reinstall it to get back to the home page. Fix the glitch!
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9 years ago, Missoulian
Awful app
This app is atrocious. It constently freezes because of the ad service garbage that won't stop opening up the safari app. The Missoulian itself is also a true rag in terms of the articles published, but atleast the psychos that frequent the comments boards every second of their lives make it interesting. TL;DR download the kpax app. It's good old fashioned, plain Jane boring news.
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9 years ago, DocSWAB
Poor interface, ads excessively intrusive
I have paid for a full digital/paper subscription to the Missoulian. This app is the biggest pile of ads ever. Along with the usual popover ads yo have to wait to dismiss, at random times, scrolling content will just open a link to an app in the App Store, and you have to go back to the Missoulian app again. Really terrible.
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12 years ago, Gridsix
Works great
No problems. Not sure what all the other morons are complaining about.
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13 years ago, 11ian11p-town
Very easy to use. No time, helpful and interesting. Use it all the time :)
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8 years ago, Sakio327
Awful, awful, awful....
This app is probably the most useless newspaper app on my phone. The content is practically non-existent and what little content available is mostly national news. The whole point of a "Missoulian" app is supposed to be Western Montana related news as the prime content. Why bother?
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10 years ago, Mjlthuston
Changed to paid content
New premium section made it so several area are now not available unless you pay $12 per month. Guess I don't need to see their stuff anymore. KECI has an app that provides same info at no cost.
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11 years ago, ShaneJac
Notifications are annoying
I wish there was a way to disable the notification function like every other app on my devices. Guess what; I don't always want to know what the UM girls soccer team is up to. I guess I'll just delete the app all together.
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8 years ago, ?Really?.
Not Impressed
You can get more and faster local news from one of the tv station apps. This one should not be advertised as local news, it's pretty much world wide and irrelevant fluff. Thinking about just deleting it.
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8 years ago, ahillmissoula
Latest update renders app useless
After the most recent update, the app freezes and shuts down constantly. If I attempt to read the comments section, I get the freeze and shut down.
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8 years ago, CMarshall85
App crashes every time you click to view comments
On iPhone 7 plus this app crashes every time I click the Comments button at the end of an article
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9 years ago, bcdady
No good, no support
If the app just had a few issues, but the provider was accepting feedback and showing any sign of care/interest or progress, that would be one thing. But they don't, so don't bother installing.
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14 years ago, loafbro
The Missoulian is slowly coming into the modern age. Slowly.
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10 years ago, Whiskeyportal
App just bounces you to ads
You can't even read an article with this terrible app because it just opens ads in your web browser. Terrible, un-usable app. Deleted it from my phone and iPad.
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8 years ago, LowellH
One of the worst apps
This is possibly one of the worst apps. I finally deleted it. They leave some of the same articles on for 3 or 4 days. Most of their articles are either national or international. Typical Missoulian...NO QUALITY!!
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11 years ago, Mllamson
Used to work...
Worked really well for a few weeks but now it won't update. Deleted it and downloaded it again - same issue.
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13 years ago, Rm Fair
Great app!!!!
I read this app all the time. Easy to use.
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8 years ago, Popa18643
What happened?
This app used to be decent with local news, but now it is mostly celeb gossip and national news. I usually only use the app to read obituaries.
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11 years ago, OliverMS
Can't say I'm not surprised! The Missoulian never ceases to disappoint. It has worked in the past, but now just cannot update. Get your news somewhere else!
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11 years ago, MslamamaCC
Please fix!
This app is unable to connect to its server for days! Other lee enterprise apps work still. I think last update to articles was Aug22 nd.
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10 years ago, Waltm4
Fail.... Downloaded the app and it would work because of server issues
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11 years ago, ............... ..,
Poor app
Never able to update the articles.
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13 years ago, Hedgeman
Misleading Advertisement in Missoulian
This is not a universal app, meaning the picture of the app running on an iPad in the Missoulian is photoshopped. The small size of the app makes it pretty useless on the iPad.
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10 years ago, delta6677
Deleted the app.
Deleted due to recent changes. Not even allowed the former 10 free articles.
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9 years ago, zimmerwerks
This app will hijack my phone without even touching the screen I am sent to the App Store whilst using it.
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11 years ago, economicsninja
Won't connect and update. Yes, I've rebooted, reinstalled, etc.
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9 years ago, Old_No.7
Doesn't work.
Won't even open with iOS 6...
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2 years ago, Zlindor
18.99 / month
$18.99 a month for a subpar news app is comical. Downloading KPAX.
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2 years ago, blind/ruff
Horrible app for free. . .
. . .and now wanting 18.99/mo? Insane
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2 years ago, Billy Dance
$18.99 a month?
I’ve had this app for years and it was just ok for free, nothing special. Now they want $18.99 a month. I wouldn’t even pay $2 a month. Delete!!!!!
Show more
2 years ago, carmanvan
Too expensive
Was free until recently. I get the need to generate income, but to go from free to $18.99 a month??? Sorry but I chose to delete the app.
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2 years ago, Flutituti
This app was free. I checked the news every day. Now I’m being told I have to pay $18.99/month to use the app? Are you kidding me?
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2 years ago, ***MT
Now I have to pay to read articles in the app?
I’ve had this app for years. Today I went to the app and attempted to read articles, opinion, etc. only to find I need to subscribe and pay $18.99 per month with noheads up on that. I will be deleting the app because it’s not worth nearly $20 per month, and the digital quality is poor.
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