Missouri Lottery Official App

1.7 (937)
120.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Missouri Lottery
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Missouri Lottery Official App

1.69 out of 5
937 Ratings
3 months ago, Hopsingtrouble
A lesson in aggravation
This would be a good app IF it actually worked correctly. Won’t scan bar codes (iPhone 15) most of the time the little green bars to align the barcode aren’t even there. I’ve tried this in a somewhat well lit room to outside. Same thing. Not enough light. I’ve restarted the app multiple time to only have it work one time then nothing once more. And how stupid is it to have to scan the ticket TWICE? Just to enter it? Don’t know who the state hired for the development of this app but they need to fire them and start over. It’s almost like the don’t want you to check and enter your tickets. Certainly does not seem like they care after looking at multiple other bad reviews on here with the same issues that still haven’t been fixed.
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1 year ago, I_am_Bosco
Get new developers
After nearly a year, the “new” app is still horrible. The amount of keystrokes it takes to do anything is absurd. The scanner (iphone11) does not scan scratchers at all. It will scan draw tickets for winners, but takes forever to scan them for players-club entry. Why??? Why should you have to scan it twice anyway? The old app was better in this regard. You scanned once to see if you’re a winner, then asked if you want to add to players club. Click yes, and -boom-, done-deal. Note to developers: The reason the app will not scan scratchers (iPhone 11, and possibly other models) is that in order to achieve camera focus, you must move the camera too far away from the barcode, thus making the captured image too small to see enough detail to decipher. The fix??? Either adjust the focus, or allow the ability to zoom in for a larger image. Manually entering a scratcher is tedious. Why must you need to click on the first field, then click number shift, and enter three digits…. Then do the exact process again for the second, third, and forth fields. The fix??? First field is automatically selected in numbers mode when the user chooses manual scratcher entry. Curser automatically moves to each successive field as the previous one is filled. When finished, press ‘submit, and once again, *boom* it’s done. Now wasn’t that easy. Just do it! Make a difference..
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2 years ago, ChadErick0
Steals your personal info
I entered my personal info. Photographed my ID as required. Still have not received confirmation email. Sent support requests. Received email to call customer service. Called 3 different times, 1st and 2nd time waited on hold for 10 minutes with no response then hung up. 3rd time waited on hold for 9 minutes and someone answered. Told them the problem, they responded “ which state are you in? You’ll have to call back later our system is down.” As I stated in my multiple customer service complaints, I want my personal information deleted from their system. I will be contacting the state of Missouri Gaming Commissioner and the Attorney General’s Office. How embarrassing for all Tax paying citizens of the great state of Missouri.
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8 months ago, David E. Smith
Literally useless for its key feature
Downloaded so I could more quickly check tickets. Every time I tap “Scan Tickets” it prompts me to create an account. I tap “Skip” because I shouldn’t need an account to check a ticket. Nothing happens, the app goes back to wherever it was. If I cannot use the app, for the one thing itshould be able to do, why would I need it? The second star is for making it easy to look up winning numbers I guess, but for that you could just as easily use the web site.
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3 years ago, Seaofredkc
Read your reviews and fix your app
For the love of all things holy MO Lottery, read your reviews! If you actually have read any of the reviews that you can tell were written by real app users, and still do flat out nothing to fix it... then just do us all a favor and get rid of the app! And while your at it, just do away with the whole rewards program too! The ones to blame are the app developer, everyone in the PR department that is supposed have an ear listening in to what your users are saying and then doing something about it, and whoever you hired on that convinced you it was a good idea to completely change the point earning system to the current god awful wheel spinning system. PLEASE FIX YOUR APP, AND IF YOU COULD ALSO GO BACK TO THE OLD SYSTEM THAT NOT WORKED, IT WAS ALSO PREFERRED BY YOUR USERS!! (This you would know if you took 5 mins and read these reviews!)
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2 years ago, Angel17896
Horrendous App
This app is absolutely horrendous. I’ve lost reward points because on the lat day of the month it errored when trying to scan my tickets and by the time they fixed it it was the next month but my tickets had already been entered without getting credit. The ticket scanner, to see if you’ve won, is absolute garbage. It works maybe 2% of the time on the first scan. Otherwise I’m having to hold the ticket for 1 min only for it to error out when it finally does work. Another dozen tries later and maybe it goes through. I’ve called and complained but they don’t care tbh. They pass the buck to the developer who also doesn’t care. I use the KS one because I’m on a border state and it works great; maybe take a page from their book. Wish I could give this zero stars.
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11 months ago, hillbilly with morals
I stand corrected!!!
Like all of you, I absolutely hated the app. Everything about it was absurd, out of order, crazy and they needed to fire everyone that worked on the app. Well, one day I decided to try the new version after being told “we have improved, it’s so much better now.” So guess what? IT IS!! I’m not a robot of fake review. It really is better. They listened. Really. Go check it out. Tickets scan so freakin quick. It’s amazing. I figure if they did their part then I could at least come back on here and commend them for it. Bravo Mo. Lottery! Swell job. No lie people, go get the new app!
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11 months ago, Lotso15
MO Lottery App is Horrible
This is the worst lottery app I have ever seen. Most apps can be quickly downloaded and then used to scan the barcode to see if the ticket is a winner. THIS app asks the user to register (needing to verify name, age, address, last four of ssn, etc.). I’m not sure why any of this is necessary and seems like storing so much personal information could lead to identify theft if this information gets stolen. Also, if you scan a ticket (and win), the app can (I’m guessing) track exactly who won (since you have to be a registered user), potentially making it impossible for jackpot winners to truly remain anonymous. Way too much violation of privacy here. Missouri should really review this app and find s different developer.
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2 years ago, lottery mom
New App review
I agree with others. Developers need to make sure the app is better. When you call they say they are working on it, but no one knows when it will be fixed. When I try to scan scratchers tickets to see if they are winners they won’t scan and there is no manual way to check them. Sones times I can check the draw tickets and almost always I have manually enter the numbers for players club. The app won’t scan these either. I was told to take them to a retailer to have them checked. Ridiculous. The old app had issues but was better and more user friendly. Do the people that make this even try to use it? No one seems to care even if you contact them.
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3 years ago, sorry not a winner
It Stinks
Why is it that you can scan a scratcher once to check it and then enter it into your players club account but any draw game you have to scan to check it and scan it again to enter into your account. You cannot check tickets for winners (it seems after midnight) you get invalid. When you do the wheel spin and get a free ticket, it would be nice if you could screen shot it right then, but no you have to go somewhere else to find it. I guess that’s so we forget about it and never redeem them. Missouri lottery is making soooooo much money off winning tickets that are lost, thrown away, etc. that it would be nice if you made it easier for us to get our free $2 ticket.
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2 years ago, Rdomzalski
Did something change?
This new app was working great until yesterday. Yesterday I tried to check tickets for draw games with the app and they did not want to scan. I finally got it to check for a winning ticket but it would still not scan to enter a ticket for points. I even tried rebooting my phone and that didn’t help. I was able to manually enter the numbers to get points. It does not look like there was a new version pushed out.
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2 years ago, Crazieracres
Thank you Missouri Lottery!!!
It seems that they do read our reviews! Within 24 hours responded to me by email as well as seems to have resolved the scanning issues I was having. My luck may never change however I am so happy to again have second chances! Thank you to Missouri lottery for working on the app. Thank you for taking the time for little things that mean so much at times!!!!
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1 year ago, KJE74
Worst Update Ever!
I have sent 2 emails requesting help because no matter what I have tried for the past 3 days I can NOT get this scanner to scan ANY scratcher or draw tickets… and have not heard anything. If it wasn’t broke why fix it??? It’s horrible! I want my older version prior to this nonsense back! Tickets scanned so fast and the previous version was so much easier to navigate. I refuse to have to enter my tickets by hand…. I am very disappointed in this update and I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem, but I would love to know. I am using an iPhone 13 any help would be much appreciated.
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2 weeks ago, JoeyB50
Glitchy App
Not very user friendly, things just don’t flow. Have to hunt & peck for items & sometimes end up in an area you didn’t even select. App fails at times. Two different barcode scanners, one for checking if ticket is a winner and another scanner to enter your ticket into the players club. The players club scanner is horrible and has a hard time reading barcode. I have entered every ticket I’ve purchased into the players club & it’s never really been a benefit other than a free ticket coupon every now & then. Checking lottery numbers is really the only reason to have this app.
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2 years ago, Big Cam 6 8
App has issues
The app is extremely buggy. It constantly freezes, the section you attempt to pull up won’t do so, the scan works half the time and takes a long time to process at that and it always has trouble logging in. The rewards program is a joke as well. It used to let you enter any scratcher as long as the game was still active and it would give you points as it should since people are spending their hard earned money… now you may or may not be able to enter for points and the system still glitches when you do so.
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1 month ago, Khatalie87
Can’t scan draw tickets
I have sent couple of emails to support about not being able to scan draw tickets from the app. All they told me is to manually enter the draw tickets or that “we ran the app ourselves and it works perfectly.” I sent in videos showing that I can scan in scratchers but not draw tickets. Who wants to manually enter 20 letters/ numbers when the app used to scan them in for you. Now they made it so you don’t want to enter the promos, maybe they got tired of paying out winners of their events so make it harder for they players to enter tickets.
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1 month ago, Dhoda62
Worse and worse
Every update they make the app worse. Use to be able to scan the tickets immediately now it takes all day to get one to scan. That’s basically the whole purpose for the app is to check tickets and scan into mylotto account. It fails miserably now. It gets worse. Now it tells you your ticket is not a winner when you know it is. Took three scans for it to actual show that I won. Careful Missouri lottery or there may be lawsuits headed your way. Fix your busted app.
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3 years ago, ThickyMadam85
Read The Reviews!!!
Like others state read the reviews and then you’ll know the problems at hand…The scan feature doesn’t work half the time so you have rescan the items…Adding to players club is a pain and it doesn’t make since to have to scan two different barcodes…The points don’t update automatically when adding next scratches and draw tickets…Do you all need testers of your app or workers for the app specifically??? I mean we can help after all it is our dollars being spent on these tickets in hopes for a better life after all!!!
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2 years ago, nikkistl77
Every 1 star rating is completely accurate
I’m still trying to get a job where I don’t do it well and I still get paid. This is hands down worse app I’ve ever used. It hardly ever work properly that’s if you can even log in. Often times it states there was an error logging in when my login information is definitely accurate because it is stored it. I usually have a little stack of tickets to check and get points for because I have to wait until the app decide it wants to act right. How can they get so much money and not do better?
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2 years ago, Broski-0929
About 40 percent works
You can scan your tickets and look at the prizes left in the games, but the prize points don’t refresh, and you can’t redeem your points. I have a coupon for a $2 ticket, but the app doesn’t show it, I’ve scanned in over 200 tickets and I only have 450 points that haven’t changed since I uninstalled the app and then they loaded up when I put it back on. Two months ago. It doesn’t change anymore.
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2 years ago, 911Fixer
The new update
Looks sharp but missing info. Could you please add the next draw date back to the main draw games page? It shows the prior date only which is helpful for a quick look for results, but I like to be able to glance and know what drawing I’m buying tickets for without having to open each individual game.
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3 years ago, Homerb6
Totally Worthless
Don’t even bother to download this app unless you like holding your phone or iPad over your ticket for countless minutes expecting it to register whether you won anything. Or even better yet, shows you a white screen when “trying” to enter the Players Club. Do yourself a favor and take it to a live person to check because even the large machines found in the grocery stores don’t work. I continually get an “invalid” message reading on the screen. The Missouri Lottery App is the worst App I’ve ever used.
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3 years ago, Big_Country_Forever
The scanning started out bad and just gets worse over time. That is literally the only reason I would have the app taking up space on my phone, otherwise, I’ll just use a website or some other means of checking numbers. Why do I have to scan tickets multiple times to check the ticket and enter the players club? The biggest question is why do I have to sign in every time I go to use that feature? I deleted the app and hopefully can save others from wasting time with it.
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7 months ago, Laneystl
Recent update includes in App sounds
The recent update includes in app counts with no way to turn them off! This is ridiculous and not an improvement in anyway. Why are sounds when scanning tickets needed anyway? They aren’t, the least that could have happened when this was added is that an option to disable was also added.
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2 years ago, Dmmkelley
Every time you make changes, it’s for the worse!
Now you have to scan tickets in two different places, have to select the type every time, have to hit Submit after scanning, have to scroll endlessly, the whole thing is a pain. And every time you update, the users get fewer perks. It’s like you don’t WANT us to use the app. I’d give it zero stars, but the review system won’t let me. Can’t you go back to when the program was fun, when you could actually order things with your points???
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2 months ago, RB1812
App is terrible
I feel strongly app developer was under strong pressure to make this as difficult as possible to limit use for gambling reasons. No reason whatsoever to have to choose type of ticket. No reason to scan twice. No reason to have to hit enter after scanning. And the delay between any interaction is awful. The lottery makes billions and you can’t spend the money on a proper app!
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2 years ago, XNDraws
Unusable Garbage
The app will not except my login no matter how many times I try. When I click on the drop-down menu in the upper left it takes me to an empty molottery screen that has no contents. When I tap the X in the upper right to exit, The empty screen refreshes. I’m stuck on that screen forever. I am able to login to the website, however badly designed and unusable it is. Both app and website are terribly unprofessional in their presentation and badly designed. You people really should be ashamed of yourselves.
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4 years ago, Fire1up
Corrupt app and company
This app is totally corrupt and programmed to make you lose what is owed to you. When I first downloaded this app it was always inaccurate with my entries when I used it and I would take the same tickets to a gas station and they were then looked over by an actual person who saw to that I got what was owed to me. After a year of when I deleted the app I downloaded it again and attempted to enter my credentials it won’t allow me to use the app and I can’t create a new profile. The lottery is corrupt and only designed to steal your money
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12 months ago, Bejeshca
Worst app I have ever used
I don’t leave app reviews, I honestly don’t know if I ever have, but this one is so bad and so inoperable, it needs reviews. This is truly a waste of space app. It has to reload every 10 seconds and I have now logged in at least a dozen times only for it to keep asking me to log in. All I want to do is scan a scratcher, but this app makes that impossible. What is it’s purpose if you can’t do basic tasks on it? Horrible. Do not download for the sake of saving yourself from frustration.
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2 years ago, HeyyyBarKeep
Your lack of response to app issues is apalling
Your app is…well, always has been, problematic. Yet nothing ever gets fixed. If you can’t fix your website, can you really afford to pay out to winners? MO gov’t lies so much, we’d be the last to know. Most of the ticket readers that are in the stores don’t work, either. The one at my Schnuck’s hasn’t worked fot 3 years - At Least. When I complain to them, they just say their “complaints fall on deaf ears.” Come on MoLotto, class it up a bit. We’re loyal players.
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2 years ago, BrickSmock
This new version is absolute garbage! It very rarely even works! I’m not getting my rewards or spins or coupons like I should! And today I’ve been trying for two hours just to see the winning numbers and it will not show me it just keeps on saying error! Truly not a fan of this new version! And it has me seriously considering limiting my lotto play, since I can’t get the rewards and things that I deserve for being such a prominent Lotto player for so many years! Just terrible!
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1 month ago, Hellonwheels!!!
Doesnt work for scanning for rewards/points
You can scan a draw game to see if winner but when you try to scan to enter into My Lottery for rewards/points it will not scan to enter! On scratcher tickets it scans for checking for winners and if you want to enter into your My Lottery for rewards it scans it immediately. Why cant you get the draw games portion fixed? Does any one at Missouri Lottery even review the ratings for this app? Please fix it. Used to work and no longer works! Aggravating!
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1 year ago, dontthinkaboutit024
I honestly cannot complain too much about this app. The process of scanning to check and enter tickets could use improvement…. And the interface could be dumbed down a little for the older, less tech-savvy type, but overall, I love this app and use it on a daily basis. Great job!!
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2 years ago, kjhelbing
Just an app to collect data
I’ve used this app for several months in hopes of a second chance win by entering drawings, or just to check tickets. I’ve learned that playing the lottery does not feel good to me, nor does it feel good to use this app. My time is valuable to me, and spending time on this app in a “confirming” action, trying to win a lottery, then reconfirming again by re-entering the tickets into a second chance drawing seriously was a discount to my time. I truly value my time.
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3 years ago, AB Adict
Constant issues
I have to manually put in my password almost every time I use it. Even when I do it gives me some type of error that it can’t verify my personal information. I don’t scan a ton on there, but I am sure some people are missing out on prizes and points because you can’t get in to scan your tickets. Hope they redevelop a new app or improve this one. Maybe look at other state apps that are highly rated. This one leaves a lot to be desired.
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3 years ago, rocnrob1
Do you not know where to find a good app developer??????
seriously MO lottery, are you stuck in some contract with current app developer?? whatever it will cost to break the contract and get someone that can develop a fully functional app, consistently performing as advertised - WORTH IT!!!! this app, as it stands, gives nothing but the appearance of you getting completely screwed by your app developer - and that does not make you look at all intelligent, credible, or trustworthy. it does, however, make you look dumb.
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3 years ago, ashleyyoung0
Glitch’s to much and takes your point if you don’t use them in enough time
I just started having the problem after a year into having the app but one great bonus is that when I entered my points in to drawlings I got and won the $300 scratch off tickets awesome but need to fix the app I got to scan and enter into players club and nothing happens
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1 year ago, GeneralSTL
Usually when an app is updated it gets better, even if only marginally. Not the case here. Seems like every time they update this app it gets worse. Rarely ever works, I constantly get the “Login Error” message when trying to use it. Before the update, you could scan a ticket one time to check for wins and entry into My Lottery, now this requires two separate scans which is beyond dumb. Maybe the MO Lottery will get their act together one day, but I won’t hold my breath.
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2 years ago, alley63645
App is trash now
App used to work and and was able to scan your tickets. Now you can scan tickets half of the time. You lose points and when you create a ticket they just tell you to call in but can never talk to anyone so you lose everything. The free tickets from your points is a joke now cause you can’t even use them cause they done work. You can’t even find what your looking for on this new version. This app needs to be fixed
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2 years ago, Hank's Bank
Cannot trust scanner to ID winner
This “updated” app is full of glitches and because of the way it works, it is difficult to tell if the results shown are for the ticket you are scanning. If scanning multiple tickets, the last ticket results are held until app produces a new result. It’s not entirely intuitive that the result shown is possibly for the previous ticket. The app is also very slow at times to produce a new result. I had gotten used to the issues with the old app.
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2 years ago, sillywasteoftine
From Bad To Worse
I don’t know who in their right mind ever thought of trying to change the app that was working perfectly prior to this massive failure of an update. It has become entirely too stressful to play and try to check numbers and navigate the app. Myself and most of my friend lottery players are considering not playing at all anymore it’s just not worth the Aggravation. In this day and age of modern technology whoever designed this app should be fired and shame on those who approved !!!
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2 years ago, Munkey Man
Bass Ackward
MO Lotto seemingly tries to go backward with each update. Now even more inefficient to use app. Have to go to different places to scan for results vs point entry. Now scanning ticket for point entry is a three-step process!!! 1. Select draw/scratcher. 2. Scan. [wait to see if it’ll recognize the barcode] 3. Click Submit LOLOL what a joke. Most other states you dont have to identify whether you are scanning a draw game or scratcher. You just scan it—it easily identifies the game slip [unlike MO Lotto]—and you're done. A FARCE!!!
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2 years ago, 1screaminmom
This App is Awful!
This app gradually went from ok to absolutely AWFUL! The wheel doesn’t work, reward points not issued, and now I must login every single time I check my scratch off ticket and then it when asks to add to rewards your answer logs you out only to not accept the password. A message “undefined” pops up when you put in your password. It is beyond aggravating. So not only are the scratch offs mostly ALL losers, now the minuscule rewards given aren’t worth wasting your time!
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3 years ago, AbZilla123
Terrible scanning
The scan your tickets function works about 10% of the time. It’s very frustrating. Also in the pages that have the winning numbers you can’t zoom in on them and they are typically too small for me to read without glasses. I’ve kept thinking these things would be fixed in your updates but it never seems to happen.
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3 years ago, App hostage
Too many login issues
I hate having to log in to scan my tickets. When it works, I stay logged in but today I get cannot find personal information, then you are logged in at a different location use that location, then the third time I got the message unable to locate your login information. All I want to do is scan my tickets. Your points system for the players club is such a joke I really do not care about it at all. Just fix your app so we can scan tickets.
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3 months ago, kitop310
Will it even load? Who knows?
App does occasionally load, eventually, but usually just sits at the loading screen until your phone times out. IF it does happen to load, don’t expect the ticket scanner to work. And don’t rely on typing the ticket in manually either. Seems like an excuse to make you go into a retailer to check your ticket, in hopes that you’ll go “While I’m here, might as well get another draw and some scratchers.”
Show more
3 months ago, ticked off customer67
Scanner is not working on IPhone 15
Before they updated this app it was working great had no issues but as soon as y’all did the update the app is working horrible it keeps telling me the barcode cannot be read or make sure to align the barcode. Sometimes the new update will work but I have to keep moving my phone and the ticket around until it catches the barcode PLEASE GO BACK AND DO ANOTHER UPDATE! Correct this issue because I like keeping my points
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3 months ago, Bricotrak
Needs an update
I don’t know what has happened, but it is very difficult to scan scratchers or draw tickets anymore. Sometimes it will eventually enter the ticket, but more often than not it says, unable to read barcode, make sure you are scanning the correct barcode. IT please look into and fix this issue! i’m throwing a lot of tickets in the trash that I should be getting credit to my account for rewards
Show more
2 years ago, Parrothead40
Should have read reviews
I downloaded the app on my iPhone so I could scan tickets. Scanning requires an account, so I went through the process of creating one via the app - “Unexpected Error….” Attempt 2: Repeated steps on iPad - same error. Attempt 3: Created account via browser - worked fine. Tried to log into app - “Unexpected Error”. Checked browser - saw that I had to confirm via link in email. Confirmed account via link in email and was able to log in via browser. Tried logging into iPhone and iPad app - both give “Unexpected Error” Last ditch attempt - decided to Reset Password via the app - “Unexpected Error” on both iPhone and iPad app. Looks like app was last updated 2 months ago. Apparently, updates are needed.
Show more
3 years ago, MissTia618
Mo lottery
If I could write this -5 I would. The app used to work and it did so for a while. Now when I go into check a ticket it will just remain on camera mode. I have tried logging out and logging back in uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing seems to work. It’s just like one day the app said I’m just gonna stop working auntie just that. Furthermore I cannot login to check any of my points or redeem anything anymore. I’ve honestly just given up
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