Mobile VR Station®

4.2 (453)
81.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Michael Fuller
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mobile VR Station®

4.21 out of 5
453 Ratings
4 years ago, mattmydude
Love it but it won’t play 2160p
Love that I can stream my videos from dropbox and online. The only thing I dislike is that whenever I try to play 2160p videos, a big vr menu is cover the whole video, meaning I can’t see the video. I don’t know if there’s an option to remove that menu, but it only happens with 2160p videos. It may happen with some 1140p videos. Not sure, but definitely with 2160p videos. I hope they fix this. Besides that, the app is great
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6 years ago, D3thN1gh7
Absolutely amazing
After going through about 5 different VR players, none of which could accomplish what I needed, this one is the absolute best of the best. Has an insane amount of customization options and the quality of the video playback is awesome. The only tiny issue I have is alignment problems. I do seem to have to tap the screen every few minutes or so to re-center it but I had this problem on every other VR player. The nice things about this one is I can tap anywhere on the screen and bam, realigned again. Just need a headset now with a button that taps the screen without taking out the headset. Either way, amazing job. Keep up the good work. Bought the ultimate version almost immediately.
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4 years ago, blitzkrieg917
Move tool bugged since latest update
since latest update the move menu doesn’t move the video where i’m looking anymore. It is always showing the video behind me by default.. if i turn 180degrees and use the move tool it NEVER always jumps back to 180 behind me.. usually i have to gradually work my way to 180..i move head 90 degrees and use the move tool and hope it sticks which it usually doesnt but if it does then i can move head another 90 degrees to were its where I want to be looking and sometimes takes 5 tries before i can get it to stick to where I’m looking.........major bug. please fix...before this update i never had issue with the move tool.....UPDATE: looks like for move tool to work you have to make sure you look at lower part of the screen, if you look higher it wont recognize it Needs h.265 support
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3 years ago, Ruckerfly89
Pretty good VR player
This is my go to VR player, but it doesn’t come without its drawbacks. There’s no short way to search for and select the video you want to watch making the process of loving for a specific video quite cumbersome. There’s also a glitch that won’t allow you to rewatch any video watched until the end of its playtime. If the video plays out fully the next time you select the video the player will begin just before the ending and the timer to select a different point in the video is just a bit too long to solve the issue. Overall this is a pretty good option, however I would appreciate a couple updates and bug fixes.
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3 months ago, ohoh_bab (from Roblox)
Really great!
This is a great way to watch videos in vr! I bought a Google daydream headset from goodwill today, and I was looking for vr apps to use with it, and this is just perfect. One downside though is that the menu in the player can be very glitchy and slow sometimes, but all the settings there can be done just fine in the non-vr menu. I’m going to buy the thing that bypasses the 5 minute limit on videos, and I think it’ll be worth it. Overall, this is a mandatory app for people with headsets that you put your phone into.
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7 years ago, Leostrong99992222
What I would pay to go back to vs 3.2!
Edit 3: Issue FIXED. Without a doubt the best VR player in IOS app store feature wise. Def worth the price. Highly recommend! Edit 2: The developer stated they will look into this minor issue. Edit: any way to get rid of the automatic playback pause if there is buffer? (Streaming). Great app first of all. No question there. However, in trying to fix the buffer problem, it appears another problem was introduced. Now when you hit next to go to the next movie etc when streaming, the playback will often go back and forth between play and pause, and you actually have to hit play sometimes to proceed. Sometimes if you scrub to a further location and there is the slightest buffer, playback switches to “paused”. This did not happen at all with 3.2. Gawd, wish I never upgraded. I stream from my own network drive so no major buffer issues so this play/pause is super annoying.
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3 years ago, DrGonzo62
Vastly over- engineered
Disappointing. Half the VR video files I tried don't play back correctly. They either don't play back in full screen or you still see the split between the two frame half's. But they play back in FE Fileexplorer - no problem using that app for my videos at all. And it let's you access local file shares as well, like M VR Station. Seems to me that Mobile VR Station is so utterly over-engineered that it not longer performs even the most basic task - playing back a VR video without having to fuzz with the app for a day. Again, most other VR players I tried do this just fine. To add insult to injury, I've first tried to contact the developer to get some help with this and all I could find was an FB page. Well, how about I don't want to have an FB account just to contact this dev? Too much work to have a simple support email for your clients? Guess so.. Had upgraded to the full version to. Bummer.. Anyway, this app is not recommended, unless you have nothing else to do all day than trying to figure out how to work an app. - Kyle
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6 years ago, KloudyKid91
best VR app available at the moment!!!
this app is TTLY worth the $5.99 or whatever it is to unlock all of the features. the presets tab is amazing when watching 2d content: the large PLANE setting and the BIG Curve are my favs. the app seamlessly plays local content with n your iPhone: photos and videos...and if you have an iPhone 9 or X you can easily play 4k content. i’ve never hooked up you upnp or and local drives or itunes, but i will soon and get back to you. it as it stands, THIS US *THE* best vr/google cardboard app available today—hands down!!
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5 years ago, DudefuseTIB
This is incredible app. I hope you guys keep updating this because this is such an incredible concept, but I have a few requests: please allow us to play media from the Files application, add remote play stuff like from Wi-Fi playing to connect to a PC, etc., please add the ability to import files from external places and add things like skyboxes and more. And also please add lots more file type is to be able to play, like MKV files, etc. thank you so much for the support, I love this app!!!👍🏻
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6 years ago, Boboscuds
This app is super robust
Definitely not the most user friendly application but it gives the user the ability to view almost any visual media in a variety of formats and pull the files from a bunch of different sources. The app also customizes the visual output of your phone for both the individual user and viewing device so you get the most immersive experience. This is the best vr viewing app I have used in terms of user defined settings, designers job well done
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6 years ago, Sonic 360
Great for watching "family movies"
This app is what I use to watch my favorite "family movies" in vr and it's perfect! If you have the "family movie" downloaded on your computer you can easily connect your phone and transfer the "family movie" into the app via the file transfer feature on iTunes. It's also definitely worth getting the unlimited edition for all of the benefits. I get to watch all of my favorite"family movies" in VR and for a good price.👍
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7 years ago, BothersomBanana
Great App
I use this all the time with my cheap phone headset and this app is well worth the money. New features are added often and while phones still have to evolve for vr to look and work better, this is the ultimate app/software solution. It makes me happy to know that I've given my hard earned money to a small developer not directly associated with any major headset makers, and that the developer is passionate about the software it creates.
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6 years ago, bguzik
Best on iOS!
Love this App! Just an awesome app for content consumption. UPnP makes it easy to view from just about any local DLNA server. Now somebody just needs to make an app that can do that remotely, so you can navigate and stream while on the road. Be great if that feature could be implemented here...I would even pay extra for a Mobile VR Station Server app with remote / over VPN streaming and library navigation. But for local content this app is THE Best!
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4 years ago, hiyadagon
Best VR player still working on iOS 14
Glad there’s at least one dev out there keeping their app updated! Other players that relied on Google’s VR API are now broken in iOS 14. The UI and initial setup take a bit of getting used to, especially for manually configuring a Cardboard viewer for an iPhone 12 Pro Max (hint: use the Default non-Cardboard SBS profile and set your DPI to 460). But once you’re set up, it’s one of the most versatile players you’ll find.
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7 years ago, Thebrokenbackgamer
The app is great but...
I loved this app. Its just the way it's advertised. Its a great video, photo, and music player. They thought about anything that can possibly make your life easier while using VR. The cinema room looks great too. The one thing that made it bad was that it made me EXTREMELY dizzy afterwards. It took me a good hour to be able to move around without feeling like i was going to vomit. The next day I woke up and i was still dizzy. I don't directly blame the app, it could have been my settings, my phone, or mobile VR itself. The app is great, but mobile VR isn't ready yet. I ran this on an iPhone 6s and the resolution is not optimal for VR. Videos are really blurry. I have use the plus iPhones before with VR, it is better but it still isn't enough. Headsets like the Oculus and the Vive use resolution close to 4k and 90fps, iPhones are only at 1080p at 60fps. iPhones are just not powerful enough. This app is great but mobile VR on iPhones is not here yet.
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1 year ago, Mr. Thorson
Super Cool(rare)
This App is the best! However, it makes you pay money just to watch your own content. If I could receive a trial or the ability to watch my own content for more than 5 mins it would be fantastic! Then I’d definitely give it 5 stars. There’s no reason why someone should have to continuously pay money every month for the same app. Heck just a one time payment of $5 or so would be legit.
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7 years ago, Cre8ive321
Wow, great app
I rarely write reviews and I rarely pay for app upgrades but for this I'm doing both. I really hope this app continues to function for a long time. All the basic features you need to watch vids in VR are there and I really recommend going with the google drive method. No complaints, genuinely. Oh the premium is $6 if you're wondering, it's not really necessary unless you wanna watch vids over 5m among other things like I do.
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1 year ago, Monke86
Cool but not amazing
I would give it five stars but it’s kind of hard to download a movie, but it’s really easy to watch videos of your own. Another reason is because it makes you pay like five dollars to watch a video that’s over five minutes if you’re a kid like me you might not you’re probably not allowed to purchase things in app, but other than that it’s great
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6 years ago, Cxgt21
Best App for VR Videos!
After spinning days trying to find a good VR app to play videos, I finally found this! There are a lot of configurations that can accommodate the various styles of VR video. There is a learning curve to working with this app, but it is worth it in the end to have one app does what I need! I really love the fact that I have full navigation without the need for a remote or having to constantly remove my phone.
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2 years ago, Candyman3466
Great app VR player
There is really very few of any apps that do what I want them to do for displaying 2D movies and videos in vr. This app lets me actually customize the background where most apps are just a single background. It works pretty well with iPhone and I’m glad to see they are still updating it after all these years. Really nice app!
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2 years ago, Chrissy826
No Streaming from URL
This app would hand down be the best in it's class if it supported direct streaming of video from a URL. I would gladly pay for this app with that functionality. I've yet to find a single VR viewer app with a hands free interface that allows streaming from a web address. PLEASE consider adding this feature.
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5 years ago, jsoulful53
Awesome app
I have a very small PD, so the oculus go isn’t an option for me. If you spend time learning this app, it’s well worth it! Extremely functional, so many options to craft experience exactly how you like it. Plex works great with it! Worth it for the upgrade. Much more functionality than Skybox, but skybox is free... I wish there was a way to access DRM files though via iTunes, etc.
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5 years ago, Tristantman
Mobile vr
Has been my go to VR app for any and pretty much all phones with the exception of one. I’ve had this mobile app since it came out not many can compare with the technology and all the different points of view you can gain from this application absolutely haven’t found one that’s better for what i use it for -using a smart phone. 5. Stars
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2 years ago, Surfer Coolspot
Broken on iPhone12?
Used to be the best of the best. But lags 9/10 times on my 12Pro now, almost unusable to be honest. Still, it's the most feature rich VR player on ios. Could use some UI refinement, some basic calibration features could be a lot easier to understand/access. Almost too 'advanced' for its own good. But gets the job done when it works. Hoping the lag issue gets resolved, 5 stars when I can use it again!!
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7 years ago, Kwsuttle
Good app with lots of features
Good app with lots of features and settings. Can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what does what. I am able to rip and download videos I own and play however when I stop the video and try to come back it starts at the beginning. Needs to be able to know to start at last stopping point
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7 years ago, sail538
Missing Camera View
Great app for the Parrot Cockpitglasses. But missing Camera View. I would like to use the iPhone 7's camera to view outside the viewer. Update: Thank you for responding. I was just wondering if it was possible because Parrot’s FreeFlight Pro app is able to do just that. But the app is only able to view from drone camera or iPhone’s camera.
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5 years ago, AjArtiste
Spinning screen that I didn’t move
When I use it it’s awsome! But... 1: I will be standing still not moving the headset and it will be spinning in circles slowly so I keep having to turn my body 2: most other problems are actually cause my headset cost like $5 so I won’t both you with those
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4 years ago, Saxofong
Great app! However
I was wondering if there’s a better way to handle the control interface? I’ve tried setting it at the top as well as the bottom and both ways it seems to pop up when I don’t intend it to
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2 years ago, scentofjasmine
It is a functioning VR player for modern iOS devices that actually still works unlike virtually all other players. Would love an integrated web browser but other than that absolutely fantastic and I’m glad this is here.
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6 years ago, Somethingwickedthiswaycomes
Best VR Player
This works well and the many configurable options makes it a very robust tool! I often use Plex and uPnp to view content. Sometimes I have to quit and restart to get the uPnp to work but once it does it’s very cool. The developer is very responsive and even added a cool FOV feature request.
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5 years ago, Helter Seltzer
Love this app!
This app is amazing, Its very user friendly which As someone who is new to VR I highly appreciate. I do have some questions though. When I select a viewing setting with “Left/Right” in the description the image gets all blurry. Is this normal? How do I make the image focused?
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7 years ago, Geoffroy21584
Good but lost some options along the way
My biggest issue is simply the fact that the vertical offset option was lost along the way as the app was updated. Please add this option back to the advanced setting in the next update please!
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8 months ago, Emaginazun
Best on the market, but…
Great app. However constant problems with updates. Always crashes everything and I have to rebuild. Need to create a better user manual. May I suggest having a user write it instead of a developer? No offense, but you have no idea how difficult your manual is to us common folk. Techies should never write manuals.
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4 years ago, Tcm024
I’ve used this for over a year with no issues. But now none of my video files show up in the file browser so I am unable to play anything. EDIT: user error, everything is working as it should.
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4 years ago, Fluffhead44
Almost Perfect
Very customizable. works great. If only developer could incorporate a vr web browser it would be perfect. there really is no full ios web browser that i could find. something like the browser on the oculus.
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6 years ago, Shomentc
I looooove it
This app is amazing! It supports streaming from the web or a home network, local files, and more! It is extremely customizable, well built, and bug-free. I only wish they would add support for .vob files, but this is not a huge issue.
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4 years ago, Joljaz
Awesome app!
Been using for 4-5 days and works perfect. App is loaded with features and adjustments. Took a bit to get it set to my liking, but movies are clear and in perspective. Another app I used made the people look really tall and thin. App is well worth the $5.99
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7 years ago, Transfer App007
This is one of the coolest apps I’ve ever downloaded. It’s a little tricky at first but once you figure things out it’s such a fantastic media viewer. No other VR players can handle 3d SBS and O/U. Hard to believe a phone can do this. Thank you to the developer of this program.
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4 years ago, LonelyIslandbkt
Best VR Player for Local Files and More!
This App is legit! As mentioned in previous comments it is a bit annoying that the free version will only play 5 minute or shorter videos, BUT It plays them in full HD and with more settings than I’ve ever seen in a free version of a VR Player. IMO It is WELL WORTH the $5.99 price to fully unlock all extras and allow for private videos and any LONGER than 5 minutes. Show the developer some love! You will NOT find a better app on App Store that can do what this one does!
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5 years ago, callmedeaconblues
Best VR player available
I tried every player I could find until I realized MobileVR was the best. A couple generations ago I stopped looking because all my needs were met. I hate to just give 5 star reviews away, but MVR earned it.
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4 years ago, Garrittm007
Awesome app but
I have had this app for years it worked better than any other app I ever tried, right up until I upgraded to an iPhone pro Max. Now nothing on it works right it kicks me off anytime I try to start it streaming with saved videos it doesn’t line up right this leaving you with a double picture. And no place to get tech support.
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4 years ago, trackguy200
Google Drive no longer functioning correctly
Before I updated my app everything was perfect. But now I cannot view or download files from my Google Drive account (I disabled and enable my account several times to see if it would correct itself) Currently using iOS 13.3.1 and mobile vr 3.13
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8 months ago, novice 76
Will not play videos
Every video that I already have downloaded into the app will not play. It keeps saying “buffering” & will not play the video, very frustrating.
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1 year ago, hanchiumd
Following an update late last year one video isn’t playing
One of my videos that previously played just fine and still plays fine on my iPhone 7s when not using this application won’t play. It says buffering but never finished buffering and so never plays. All other videos seem fine and as best I can tell this file is unchanged. I’m thinking a setting changed but I can’t figure out what that is. Tried to submit the question elsewhere but didn’t get a reply or can’t see a reply.
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4 months ago, gtab_88
I got this app because I thought it was like the vr version but this app is good I thought it was like you can get free granny mods or something’s without a pc but idk what is this and dev if you see this can I mod stuff like the vr version?
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4 years ago, grunyen
Doesn’t seem to play h.265
This was a great app and the best one I could find, after comparing many. Now I’m getting a lot of content encoded in 4K or 5K as h.265 and these only play the audio. I tried optimizing new files in Plex (those don’t play either), and using Handbrake settings suggested by the developer. Those files still don’t play. Hope there’s an update for this.
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7 years ago, Linkkid185
Setting aside the optional $2.99 upgrade for unlimited viewing time, I find this app very customizable and personal to the user. Love how it can take me to another world. Thank you for making this and easing the VR video search process!
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7 years ago, sirelvin
Seems like the app is becoming less compatible with more and more sites. I’m not sure if it’s the sites blocking the use of the app or what, but it’s frustrating to continue receiving “content not found” messages when opening videos.
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4 years ago, xcbhsth68,:563346?
Could be a good app if the developer put clear directions. I’ve had it work great somedays and others all messed up. I can’t even use the app now, or find help/ directions on what to do. Plus it only allows 2K videos and that’s not a great picture. I’m giving up on this app it’s way to frustrating when trying to use it.
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7 years ago, Marcus08
Best VR viewer
This app turned out to be the best VR viewer I have ever used. There are lots of settings and configuration options. But once you set it up for the particular media you want to experience, the app performs very well.
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