Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

4 (286)
237.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
THUP Games
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

4.05 out of 5
286 Ratings
4 years ago, ggvfggd
Amazing but one problem
So I downloaded the app for a two year old and it kept him busy for hours but he loved the wrong noise so I think you should just make no wrong noise but keep the right noise because he also thought it was funny but otherwise I would definitely download it
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8 months ago, NanaHouz
Stands the test of time!
This is the longest running app on all our devices because our 13 year old grandson wanted it when he was a toddler. He loved it, it has entertained all 8 of our grandchildren over the years now the youngest age 3 loves this app too. It is educational and seems to catch their attention well while teaching them too.
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7 years ago, Addfgteegfzgvhyes
Love it
I don't understand why this game doesn't get promoted more by Apple. It's the best most consistent preschool App in the store. It teaches young kids basic reasoning skills and keeps them entertained with a simple to play interface. Love this and the other games by the same company. I'd choose this for my kids before some terrible character based App any day.
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7 months ago, Normal reviewer’
Best game ever
This game is so good for when ever you’re tired and just need to turn your brain off plus this game is really Old still stands the test of time and it is good for young kids even whenever you’re older it will still be enjoyable for when you are tired
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2 years ago, Vmatt3
G.M.O.A.T. (Greatest Monkey Of All Time)
Coming back to this game as a single high school student with 4 kids, a minimum wage job, and a genuine loss for what to do in life, has not only given me the blast of nostalgia I needed to get back on my feet, but a way to keep my children entertained. This monkey will serve to teach children for generations. THANKS !!
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2 months ago, @newyearnatalie19
LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im 15 years old and i still play this game as if im still 4 years old. Ive had this game since pre-k and now im in 10th grade. Amazing game 10/10 recommend love it soooo much. i love the way he says raspberry and honeydew. I can’t live without this game. I’ll go clinically insane if i don't play at least once a day.
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9 months ago, sccpsteve
Played this a lot during early childhood.
Thank you for bringing this game to a significant part of my early childhood! I remember playing this for hours as a young child. For nostalgic purposes I downloaded this again and it really took me back to early childhood. 10/10
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2 years ago, Dr_JD
Great idea but lacking
The app works smoothly and my daughter loves it but where it fails is in the simplicity. It never gets harder and after an hour my 2 and 1/2 year old mastered all the games. If it continued to get harder to challenger her I would give it 5 stars. I was hoping there was a way to set it on a harder setting or it would learn to give her harder games. Not worth $2.
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1 year ago, oogaboogaaaaaa
Love it
I am now almost 12. But when I was 2-3 years old I was crying on a long flight everyone was getting fed up with me when this kind lady gave me her phone with this on it. It was good for everyone I was occupied and people didn’t have to hear me scream.
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2 years ago, CAROLINA🌺🥀
I remember this game
Low-key remember this game and I used to love it but I literally paid two dollars for a game and it’s OK personally I wouldn’t say you should get it but I like the game I remember since I was like three weeks old I had this I don’t know how long it’s been out but I think that😃
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14 years ago, AussieNova
Love this app for pre-schoolers!
First, this app is best for 3-5 years if they have not entered Kindergarten yet. My daughter who just turned 4 could easily do this after a couple of tries and she LOVES it. There is a "chose a sticker" wall that is overburdened with her selections, as each couple of rounds you complete, you get to choose from a number of very cute graphic stickers. The only improvement I'd like is that it allow you to graduate to harder levels. For example, the counting part could as a next level ask the child to put three apples in the lunchbox where there would be six showing - currently the exact amount is shown and the program announces the number each time they drag the apple to the lunchbox. The puzzles would be easy - just make them more pieces each time they master the previous set. There is a colors section and a size section, both of which could easily be expanded on as they succeed in the previous level. For the money, this is totally worth it and it's a great intro to educational games for this age group. I really hope they put out other versions because I will definitely keep buying them! If for no other reason, so my daughter plays something different!!
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4 years ago, PittDad05
Where Did The Sound Go?
I’ve had the paid version of this app for years... first for my niece and nephew, and now for my own kids. Since the most recent update, the sound stopped working (and yes, the volume on my iPad is up the whole way and other apps work just fine). I tried updating my iOS, uninstalling the app, resetting the iPad, then reinstalling, and still nothing. I also checked the app settings, and the sound is on. It’s useless with no sound.
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6 years ago, Bluebear109
Easy to use and fun for 2 year olds
With a little practice, my 2 year old can play this app on her own. Love the variety of little games to learn colors, shapes, letters and counting. I wish they would occasionally add new content or mini games.
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5 years ago, Upapalmtree
Monkey lunch box is great!
Both my grandchildren love this app! They started when they were 2 years old. It’s delightfully fun, colorful and nice to see all the lunch objects are realistic, healthy fruits and veggies instead of candy that most kids' apps cater too. Enjoy!
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Yes. Just yes.
I would play this when I was in kindergarten and it was great. I don’t understand why most people don’t know it and don’t really promote it. It teaches things from shapes to colors and all sorts of things. It is truly a great preschool learning game!
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2 years ago, aprreid
Please continue creating more learning games. My student loves all of your apps and is very engaged while learning.
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6 years ago, RJ'sMamaa!
Not starting up!
I would have gave this game a 4 stars, because my 2yr old son really enjoys this game, but for a few days this game has not been starting up! Every time my son or I click on the app. It doesn’t start up. It’s stuck on the image of the monkey in the beginning, Please Help!
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2 years ago, Devon_164
Life Changing
This game has absolutely changed my life. It has invented the cure for cancer and has saved my marriage.
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4 years ago, lbryant61
Please fix annoying sound
We love this app and use it all the time but please make it where you can turn off the monkey sound.!
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3 years ago, hjhjhjgjjkhhhhhhtfffgg
Best game ever!
It’s really fun I love the puzzles and stickers thank you for making this!
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4 years ago, tgarbe
Kinda cheap
I paid $1.99 and there is no log in. There is no real menu. You can not choose activities, the game starts and you have to complete one activity before moving on. Khan academy is by far superior and it’s free.
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7 years ago, Cakesofjane
Far too easy for 4 year old
The recommended age should be lowered. My daughter is 3.5 and was not challenged after 10 minutes of this. Should be $1
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3 years ago, kcstauffer
This game was my childhood and the best preschool game I’ve ever played! Definitely a must play!
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4 years ago, yoyoyoyoyotototototoyot
This app is awesome! My 11 and 14 year olds have rediscovered it after having played it as preschoolers. Ah! The memories! MANGO!
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7 years ago, Bekki22
Kids love this!
Kids love the monkey preschool apps! They are my nephew's favorites!!
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8 months ago, winter/Z
🗣️”how do you know your fruits so well” me when I was little:
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7 years ago, Jess9289
It's extremely repetitive. Not enough variety in the games. My 3 year old was bored after ten minutes.
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6 years ago, akiddisaster
Needs updating
Needs to be updated to work with the iPhone X screen size.
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7 years ago, M.fard1365
Good but run very slowly
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3 years ago, hmmmidkwhatforaname
the way monkey sounds is weird٫ he sounds like a antsy child who wants to pee
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6 years ago, excuse me please leave
I love it sooooooo much
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3 years ago, jepsicola
Omg I remember this app 😭
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6 years ago, Megalodon14
Love it.
Awesome game.
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14 years ago, melissathewriter
My 2-year-old daughter LOVES this program
Thank you so much for this app! My 27-month-old daughter absolutely loves this! I too love it because it challenges her to learn fairly complex skills; yet, it always keeps it fun while giving her the right kind of encouragement to not quit - especially when it is difficult. There are so many variations on several themes that she is able to master a truly advanced skills for her age (like matching) without getting bored or frustrated. I have several other apps that focus on matching items, but they just didn't get the concept through to her. This app did after the third time matching came up in the lineup. THANK YOU! You have two fans for life! You're awesome. All I ask is PLEASE make more programs. I will buy every single one of them! Be proud knowing you're helping to shape our future. I firmly believe you are playing a major role in helping our children be the future leaders of this high-tech generation in which they belong. P.S. If I could make suggestion - my daughter always loves when the lunchbox shuts after she completes a screen. She thinks she is shutting it, though, and sometimes swipes it several times before it closes. is there anyway that the kids CAN be the ones who shut it? It just seems like, for her, it's this little victory ritual that gives her a big sense of self satisfaction. Hope that makes sense. :-) Anyway, just thought I would ask. THANKS!
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14 years ago, owe-me
Pretty much the best toddler game out there!
My 3 year old loves this game. Its a steal at 99cents too. He is autistic and it has helped him cope with waiting quite well. Plus he has learned many new words and counting. The matching game was tough at first but now he whizzes through it and laughs the entire time! Took a 5 hour flight and he literally played this game for 3hrs straight! Normally he would be antsy and screaming. Not when there is a monkey to pack a lunch for! Speaking of long play, there is a bug where after somewhere around 1.5hrs of straight play, the game locks up and you cannot drag anything around, and taps do not register. Maybe he just got too many stickers. :) Restarting the app works fine though and this is such a minor inconvenience that I really don't care but figured I would mention it for the developer's sake. Thanks again THUP Games for making autism easier!
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13 years ago, Lizzieejean
My daughter LOVES Monkey Preschool Lunchbox!
My daughter is 19 months and she LOVES this app! After each activity, when the monkey tells her good job, she smiles and claps for herself, too cute! I was amazed that she was able to figure it out, I assumed she would just look at the colors for now and actually use it later. This one is the current favorite on the phone and ipad. Her 4 year old cousin thinks that it is super fun too. Also, I see a bunch of reviews saying how it is too easy, too simple, no levels, etc. I think the kids are just too old for the app. If your child is 4+ and already has a bunch of apps, this may not be the ideal game. He may love it but also may get bored. I think this is the perfect app for that time when kids are just starting to understand how to use an Ipad and not just touch everywhere and hope something happens. LOVE THIS APP
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13 years ago, 1MamaKat
Great for younger ones
My toddlers LOVE this ap. My 2 1/2 year old begs me to play it and while there are times it is too difficult for him it is set up so that he can guess his way through- helpful for keeping the little ones still trying to play. My 5 1/2 year old likes it but only for short periods of time and it's not a game she would ask for. It has six types of problems and they rotate so the kids have to try and solve each kind before moving on. There is a memory match card game, a fruit shaped puzzle, a find the fruit that is different, a counting one, a letter one, and a color question. The monkey in it squeals with excitement when the child answers correctly and has my youngest doing the same, it's his favorite game and I have a dozen. Totally worth the money!
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12 years ago, Loebus
Still playing 2 1/2 years later
My son, who's 4, still loves this game even though it's way too easy for him now. My 2 yr old loves it too. My older boy sits and shows his brother how to do it, it's very sweet. The people complaining that it's too repetitive baffle me, they must be playing it themselves! Anyone with small kids knows kids love and thrive on repetition. It's how they learn, by mastering simple tasks. Too much variety and they get frustrated and give up. Besides, this game has only few different gameplay levels, but it does change them up each time. For instance, the puzzle will be a different fruit each time; first a banana, then a strawberry, then a plum, etc. Well worth it.
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13 years ago, Snoopchic
Needs work :(
I looked all over for the best learning app. I was iffy on this one, since it doesn't actually show letters or numbers big (just off to the side little) but I decided with all the good reviews I'd give it a try. And it is okay, but besides those flaws I already are awarded a sticker, but it doesn't retain it from on time to another! If you have to close the app and come back, they are gone! My son will be crushed! It's also just the same few things over and over...either the monkey needs to do something or a book or something else! I also wish it had a place to say I want to work on letters, or's hard to learn when it's random! I also wish you could track what they have learned and keep accounts for each kids names. Maybe I'm asking too much from the app, but it has so many possibilities! I could be really great!
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13 years ago, DebraElaine83
My 4 year old loves playing this! He is autistic and delayed in speech and comprehension, but is good with visual identification. I like how it shows the color's or something up in the corner that helps him identify what he's looking for since he doesn't comprehend the verbal cues. But listening to the verbal cues will help him to verbally identify what he's look at or working on. Though he doesn't comprehend what he's doing most of the time (except the puzzle's and matching, which are his favorite's), he still loves playing it. I definitely can't wait for more things to be added to give him more to do. I wasn't sure when I bought this application, but he picked it up and won't put it down!
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14 years ago, Jellybean Mama
Great for even young toddlers
My daughter is almost 2 1/2 and LOVES this game - it's definitely her favorite. It's the first time she's ever asked to play an iPhone game even when I haven't been using my phone. She is entertained for longer than with any other app. I've had lots of strangers approach me to ask what she is playing that has her so focussed! At first the puzzles were a little difficult for her to complete, since she has difficulties holding/dragging, but she was so proud of herself when she got it, it was great to see that look of pride on her face. Her favorite part is the memory game, I'd love to see more of that. She also likes the other Monkey Preschool apps - keep up the great work!
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11 years ago, Momoflotz
Great for special needs!
We have bought all of your apps and I just wanted to tell you thank you! My daughter has multiple disabilities and we didn't think she could ever read. We loaded monkey preschool and dress-up and saw that the game was teaching her the skills she needed and she loved playing it. We have tried so many apps for her and these are the highest quality we have come across. Our daughter is now reading! Thanks to you and the wonderful sequence of the games. She also is learning her math facts because of these apps. I keep hoping you will put them out for several grade levels. :-) The way the apps are designed is perfect for kids with difficulties. Thank you!
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14 years ago, hoppersfishing
My son will be 3 in july. And i have him where he is doing the your baby can read. And can already read about 20 words. So when i get him games i try to have them fun but still learning things and using his brain. That is this app all the way. The puzzles I thought he would have a hard time but by the end of the first day he had them. He loves it. He is playing it rightnow. And he gets so happy when he gets it correct. He thinks he is playing a video game yet he is learing his colors, bigger and smaller, match making and so much more. Its a great app and I suggest this to EVERYONE. I would pay alot more for this one..
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14 years ago, Swag_King2006
for very young
this is an awesome learning game that keeps kids going by changing the games from word match to puzzle to the others listed one after the other. pleasant characters. age or level of difficulty adjustments so buy only for this level: four piece puzzle, choose first letter of fruit with word spelled out right there, 8 card matching game, find X fruits... but ithas exact amount shown and simply counts them out as the kid touches them... to 7 or so, find which of 4 fruit doesn't match, find the 'blue' fruits... great for that age when your just introducing letters and numbers, etc....not any more advanced than that.
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14 years ago, Gwenhwyvar61
Wonderful Game!
This is a great game for preschoolers and even a little older. I got this game for my 4 year old nephew and he loves it. His favorite part of the game is the fruit matching (oh, and the stickers of course)! The only thing I would change would be the counting part. The number of fruit is already on the screen, and as the child touches the fruit it is counted aloud by the game and put in the lunchbox. This is great for children learning their numbers one to ten - hearing the numbers as they touch the fruit, but it would be great if there was an option for kids that aleady know their numbers to have to count the fruit themselves. But hey, my nephew, who does know his numbers, still absolutely loves this game and asks for it all the time, so I still rate this a solid 5 stars. Most definitely worth the money.
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13 years ago, darthtoaster
Good for some basics
My daughter loves this game. It covers single digit numbers, colors, identifying biggest, smallest, which fruit looks different, touching and dragging for puzzle pieces and memory card style matching. Each section of completion allows child to choose a sticker to add to their bulletin board. The stickers disappear when the app is closed, which allows them to start fresh each time. I like to give her a goal of earning so many stickers to show me, as an extra incentive. I think this game is geared more for the younger ages. A five year old that has mastered the basics, would probably get disinterested quickly.
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13 years ago, Apocalypehoboken
Great for toddlers
My 2 and 1/2 year old son absolutely loves this game. He has been able to do all the games, even though it took him a little bit to be able to complete the memory game. The child gets to win stickers so they can place them on white sheet. This is great cause my son loves stickers (he decided to decorate the back of my ipad with some a few weeks ago. This game keeps him very occupied for sometimes almost an hour (and we all know the is an accomplishment considering their commonly short attention span). I highly recommend this app considering it is very educational for children before they enter any kind of schooling.
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14 years ago, Jam boy
My Twins fight over this game.
My twins have learned so much from such a simple but well thought out game. The Ipad tought them how to do manipulate things and not just randomly poke at things. They have advanced more in a month from just the memory and puzzle games than any "traditional game." The feedback from the monkey gives them a unique incentive. The sticker board is a great way to break up the games and makes them feel like they are being rewarded. I don't know how long it will hold their interest but if they stopped now it would be worth it. Great concept and interface.
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14 years ago, Jaymus
Very fun for little ones
My daughter loves the "monkey school game". It is a fun little app that always helps pass the time between ordering your meal and when the food finally arrives. How about adding some type of "dress the monkey for school" mini-game? Shirt, shoes, pants, comb hair, etc... type of stuff that is relevant to the age range of the kids who like playing it. ---Update--- I have since added an additional star for some of the updates and especially for making it a universal app. Waaaay too many devs are repackaging the same app in "HD/XL" format and charging twice for it. Thanks for making this one universal.
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13 years ago, Daisieb
18 Month Old Friendly
My 18 month old loves this app. I have to help her a little bit but for the most part, she does it herself. It is the only app that can keep her attention for longer than 3 min. She has been on it for 15 min already and is still playing with it. I do a lot of teaching at home with her, but what is nice about this app is that she is learning but she thinks its play. And the best part is she gets to play on the ipad and ipod touch. When we go out, we take lots of toys to keep her entertained but in the end, we pull this out and it can get her through the last of a long stretch of waiting. Great app!
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