Monkey Word School Adventure

4.5 (22)
374.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
THUP Games
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Monkey Word School Adventure

4.55 out of 5
22 Ratings
5 years ago, Logan113900
How It Works! But It Needs Update...
[Cool Game! (But It Needs Update...)]How To Play: {If You Get A Game Correct. You Can Choose A Bug and/or Plant! The More You Get Correct. The Higher The Chance You Can Choose A Bug and/or Plant! Then, The Bug and/or Plant You Chosen Goes Into Your Terrarium! The Tray Below Your Terrarium Is Where You Can Store Your Bugs and/or Plants! (Even New Bugs and/or Plants!)The More Bugs and/or Plants You Have, The Higher The Chance You’ll Get A Duplicate Of One Of Your Bugs and/or Plants! There’s Only 3 Player Spaces... Each First Launch Of An Player, Starts The Player Without A Bug and/or Plant! Remember This Phrase?(The More Bugs and/or Plants You Have, The Higher The Chance You’ll Get A Duplicate Of One Of Your Bugs and/or Plants!)Yeah! That!}Why It Needs Updates: {[Reason 1(Multiple iPad Play)] There Should Be An Option To Play With The Same Player On Multiple iPads!(Only When Multiple iPads Have This App)[Reason 2(Losing The Entirety (Or Part) Of Your Terrarium)]You Can Actually Lose The Entirety (Or Part) Of Your Terrarium... (Usually When It Crashes)That Shall Be Fixed![Reason 3(More Collectibles)]There Should Be New Bugs and/or Plants To Collect![And Reason 4(Big Fixes)]Fix The Bugs!
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4 years ago, kayleeforester
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4 years ago, Sarah t. M.
I really love this app but recently the hint button appears to be broken. I’m having a student of mine practice only tracing the letters and I had turned off the hint option. But for some weird reason, the hints would continue to come on every few seconds. It got to the point where he can’t do anything because the hinting arrows would prevent him from tracing.
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3 years ago, Josh82x20xx
I’d like to recommend this
I wish I could recommend this but the trace the letter portion is completely broken and buggy. It often doesn’t work and requires restarting the game. I hope they take the time to update this.
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3 years ago, PandaMa17
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11 years ago, GameDame87
Really great app
My kids are 6, 4, and 2 so being able to customize different profiles for each of them is really great. It's easy to navigate, which I always love in a kid app. One of the things I like most about this app is the section that they need to place the right letter to make the word, even when the wrong letter is placed in the spot the narrator of the game sound out the all of the letters so my kids can hear the sounds that are in the word, example they want them to place the letter u to make the word cup, c and p are already in place, the letters u, t, and g are available to place. If my child places the g the narrator then sounds out c-g-p and the monkey shakes his head and then they get to place another letter, this is really great for young children, they get to solve the problem and see why cgp doesn't make a word that anybody understands. There aren't any ads for them to touch and navigate out of the game they are in. I recommend this app for all young children, it's really a great app.
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10 years ago, fendstat
Best reading app, but needs update
1. My daughter is learning to read from this app. It is OUTSTANDING. Well designed, tracks her progress, fun. So much fun the little brother wants to watch, which greatly increases its value in her eyes. 2. It needs an update to allow a backup of progress per child. This is important because a) it can currently only be played on one ipad, and b) it crashed the other day and lost all her progress. She didn't care about getting the easy words again, but she was unspeakably upset when it gave her a reward for her terrarium and it turned out all the previous rewards had gone and her terrarium was empty. It was devastating.
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11 years ago, milan's world
THIS is what we were looking for!
There are a bunch of apps out there that are 'educational' but they don't really follow education theory. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. This is pre-reading and beginning reading the way you'd get it in elementary school. The games are short and varied, the concepts are the same ones you get in school -- from rhyming to identifying vowel sounds, to letter identification of both capital and lower-case letters. Builds sounding-out skills as well as site word skills in a fun, encouraging and VARIED way. Great to play WITH your child, too...keeps parents from getting bored. This is a winner, we recommend this one very much.
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9 years ago, Stacysuperdupergrrl
The BEST Pre-K Learning Games out there!
Trust me.. As a mom who has downloaded 100's of games.. I've mentioned it before.. but if you're looking for THE BEST Pre-K Super Charged Learning games on a tablet!.., $5 for all 3 games is a STEAL! Monkey Math School Sunshine and Monkey Word School Adventure.. are the best games out there.. and they are both in this inexpensive bundle.. My daughter devoured these 2 apps when she was little and now she tutors other kids in math and can read easily at age 7. My other child is 3 and is constantly doing math and writing letters.. I know these games makes them crazy excited to learn.. It's super fun and my children earn fish and other prizes for a virtual aquarium.. (That I even love to play with..) Just trust me on this! You will NOT be disappointed! I NEVER write reviews but .. This app deserves it.. Well done.. Hope to see more games by this developer for kids age 5-7, 8-10.. Etc etc..
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12 years ago, Weemonster
Great apps
I've bought all 3 of the monkey apps for my kids, they love them and really have learned (still are) from them, they are fun and have them both laughing while learning, great stuff! Only one thing; On this new game I would like the 'trace the letter' to be a bit better, my son hates the way it asks him to write and 'M' , it's not fluid, having to draw the two vertical lines them the 'v' in the middle, can you do it as you would if handwritten? Other than that, can't fault it, great price too and love that it can go on iPhone as well as iPad :)
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11 years ago, Mearls
Cleverly designed & very well thought of
I have been looking for a way for my son to learn while using the ipad. At his stage, learning fundamentals are essential for future learning. This app may not be enough for a complete curriculum but it such a well thought of app. Learning reading and spelling is made fun and captivates my son's attention, mine included. The terrarium is such a good idea and designed beautifully. We both love it. I'll be recommending this to my friends and family.
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11 years ago, RavensMom52
Finally a learning app for multiple ages
Not sure what I love most, that I can set up multiple children with profiles or the range of learning. I have a 2 1/2 yr old and 6 yr old, just started Kindergarten, and they both love this app. My youngest is a little young, but we don't let her on our iPad without an adult, so we are right there to help. We have been using the Lunchbox app for awhile now and love that as well. Thank you so much!
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9 years ago, DSray
Great Quality Educational Game
We took a chance and bought the whole pack because my kids loved Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. My 5 year old loves this, especially the terrarium prizes! We love that there are multiple users and that it adjusts to her difficulty level based on her success in the games. Soon my younger one will be interested too and they can each have their own user in the game.
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11 years ago, Blondchick12
Good but could be better
I love Monkeys preschool lunchbox but that one is much more fast moving. This one has that needless monkey screen that comes up after every single task and really drags the Mae down and gives my students a chance to get distracted, I also agree with other users that the hints need to have an option to turn off. My students sometimes take a bit longer to think and just as they are ready to go the hint aka answer appears.
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11 years ago, Knows 5s
Secret learning
My daughter loves this app. She wants to play it all the time and the best thing is that she doesn't know that she is learning. She is just having fun. She loves the terrarium and how pretty it is. She dances around to the music when she gets things right. My only complaint is that it says, "good job" even if you didn't do anything. Too much praise isn't good for kids.
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12 years ago, Birdsong8
Wonderful! Need more student spaces!
I love that this app adjusts to the child's level and gradually gets harder! Please allow me to have more than 3 players and this will be a 5 star app. Up to 20 players would be ideal so I can use it as a center activity that is tailored to their individual needs and so each one manages their own aquarium. This app is so motivating and fun I would be willing to pay more for additional players if need be.
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11 years ago, OrangeSoda3
My 5 year old loves this app!
These guys do an amazing job with their apps for kids. Thorough and detailed without any bugs (it's intuitive and well thought-out). I love watching my daughter play this game. It helps reinforce what she is doing in class. I really look forward to any apps these guys make.
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12 years ago, Jmba32
Great Fun
This was the perfect time for this game to come out. My 5 year old loved Lunchbox but is too old and cognitively higher than what was available. Now that Word is out he can play with a favorite character and build upon his reading, rhyming, and fluency skills. Thank you for growing with us.
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11 years ago, JBkiddos12
My son loves this game!!!
This is the first review I've ever written but I just had to... My son in general resists all learning games because he finds them boring. But not today!! He fell in love with this game, the great interactions and prizes. He literally couldn't put the game down and is actually excited about learning. Great job!!!
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12 years ago, psyc55
a really fun game
my son loves this, he enjoys it so much he doesn't realize he's learning and that’s the beauty of it. The visuals are lush,colourful and engaging and the sound are entertaining. wish there were more apps like this out there, two thumb up : )
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11 years ago, Jmthom
Almost perfect!
Really like the app, love the customization options. Would like a few more: picture rhyme option in addition to the word for even younger students, add section where beginning sounds are matched? Overall, a really nice app - thanks!!
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12 years ago, K5teach
One of the best
This app is an absolute favorite in my kindergarten classroom. The children love the variety and I love that I can reset and adjust levels as needed. Great purchase! I highly recommend Monkey Math, too! You will not be disappointed!
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12 years ago, Addfgteegfzgvhyes
Perfect learning app
The Thup games are so consistently good, I'm blown away. They make educational games for kids look easy to make and yet there is so much other crap out there. This game is perfect for the burgeoning reader. Love it. Great
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12 years ago, HeckOfADad
Very good
Good sound effects and graphics, my kids like tracing the letters. Docked it one star because the hints popup too quickly. Also long loads between activities. As far as word/spelling games go, this one and Licking Letters are my kids' favorites.
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12 years ago, mac_rastogifamily
Please turn off the hints
It's a great game but hints frustrate my child. They appear while she is trying to figure something out on her own! They are basically answers .... There needs to be an option to turn off the hints! My daughter has stopped playing this game because of that:(
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11 years ago, Mom 09876
Love this!
This is a wonderful game for my son who is getting ready to go to first grade. It holds his attention. He loves the terrarium. He is reviewing the words he know, learning, and having fun all at the same time. I want more "games" like this for 1st grade...
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11 years ago, Bananas for the monkey games
4 year old loves it
This is great for my preschooler, it's fun to see her excitement when she gets it right. This is one game o don't mind her playing, along with the other thup games.
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12 years ago, vindikate
Daughter loves this
Any way you can add more challenging level options? She is 7 1/2 and would happily keep playing this if it were a little more challenging. We already adjusted the settings to the top.
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11 years ago, George Friend
Homeschool mom
My 4 1/2 yr old loves this app. He also loves Monkey Math. I recommend this for beginning readers. And I do like the game that has both lowercase and uppercase letters.
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11 years ago, Melbity
Love it!
We love all the Thup Monkey apps. This one is a great educational app for reading/writing. Perfect companion to the Mathschool app. Both my 3 year old and my 6 year old love it!
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12 years ago, Blue1727
The kids love it!
Really great game. The kids have fun playing and they're learning at the same time, as with all the Monkey Preschool games. Keep 'em coming.
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11 years ago, Basetmal
Great app!
My son has autism and loves using this app. It has helped him read and spell simple words. Highly recommend!
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10 years ago, Frustratedx100
Great for preschoolers
My 3 year old is into this. She's learning and playing. She also loved Monkey Lunchbox when she was a toddler.
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12 years ago, Heureusemaman
Hints option
My child loves this app. I would like the option to turn off hints. They aren't really hints. They are the answer. But it is a great app otherwise. We love it.
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10 years ago, undeadpickle
Simple and well done
Pur daughter loves the little monkeys, esp when they talk! She has a huge smile on her face. Very well done app.
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11 years ago, Bootz224
This is great!
Love that the settings allowed me to modify this so my 2 year old can play!
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12 years ago, Msudr
Awesome app..
My four year old LOVES this app. When he wakes up in the morning...he actually WANTS to learn spelling and math. A definite must buy.
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11 years ago, thought not
A great start at early reading for my 4 year old.
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12 years ago, Robynd73
won't respond
let me start by saying i LOVE these monkey apps...however, this one won't open/respond. i have shut ipad down, relaunched it, and even uninstalled it. i cannot add player and i can't hit support. no idea what's going on but its frustrating.
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12 years ago, Ms.Harbin
K Teacher
My students love this game. It is a great mix review of some of the K skills we work on in class.
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11 years ago, Cowpyi
I bought this app for my cousin that's 5 and he really loves it !
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12 years ago, Swearing!?!?
Not responding
Great app! My twin three year olds love it!
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11 years ago, Aidensmommie32
Please fix
Hasn't worked since last iOS update please fix or refund!
Show more
11 years ago, Sweetlovelybaby
Not working!
Please fix this. I just bought this application and it won't open.
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11 years ago, Momtobobo
My kid loves this
Hes 3. 6 yr old nephew loves it too. Great game
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11 years ago, Phnadd
Letters should be sounded out
Why do they say the letters instead of sounding them out?? Not very helpful for teaching phonics!
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12 years ago, The JK Show
Awesome literacy app for kids. Great for emerging readers.
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12 years ago, monkey math
Love it!
Grand kids love it!
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11 years ago, PrincessMuriel
Great app! My kid loves it.
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12 years ago, Justanotheriosuser
Best app for KG.
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