Monster Math : Kids Fun Games

4.5 (13.1K)
235.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Makkajai Edu Tech Private Limited
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Monster Math : Kids Fun Games

4.46 out of 5
13.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Talon95971
Summer package?
$60 for a year is more than I’m willing to pay for an app for my kiddos…if you rolled out a “summer rate” with a subscription for just June-August…less than $20…I would subscribe immediately…or even just a monthly subscription at that lower cost. I can’t be alone in this…
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8 months ago, ParentRoop
Fun and Great math app
We got this an year back on another account and our child still loves this app - so much so that we bought it for this new device as well! The story really is simple and it keeps him motivated to keep solving the problems. I really love that we can customise the exact problems he needs to work on in a very granular way. It also flips the question and answer format so really tests my sons mental math and challenges him to be better. There were a couple of glitches but an email to customer support and they were fixed real quick! The monsters could be a bit cuter and the story could be a little less cheesy, however it works and that’s better than most other apps I’ve tried. The other apps in the subscription - esp multifly and Math balance are also really good. There they also can solve puzzles and visually see how math works so in some ways it’s even better than this app which is mainly about practice. I wish they were all in one app though so it was easy to navigate for my son. All in all, a great package, could be even better, but better than whatever else I’ve tried. Thank you, developer, for making this app and I hope you keep making it better for my younger one too!
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6 months ago, TiredMamaReviews
A fun math game with some room to grow
Finding something that keeps my kid interested in math practice has been a bit of a struggle. Tried a couple of other programs but they just couldn’t hold his attention. Monster math was a recommendation from another parent that turned out to help. The adaptability feature is nice. It keeps my son on his toes without pushing him to the brink of frustration. The app adjusts as he goes and that’s been helpful. The variety here is also a plus. Especially for days when he gets bored easily. He’s all in on the way the characters interact and it keeps him entertained. Sure some parts get a tad repetitive but it’s not enough to throw him off the math track. Progress reports are helpful for me to see how he’s doing. Seeing the improvement is great but a bit more detail in those reports wouldn’t hurt, just saying. It’s become a regular part of our routine and I’m not complaining. Cheers to finding an app that actually gets the job done without the math tears.
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3 years ago, Engine 38
Don’t be Hoodwinked
I was searching out educational apps for my grandkids impending visit. Little did I know it was a paid annual subscription. That is stated NOWHERE in reading about the app and it has the ‘get’ button as if it’s free. Once it downloads it lets you know you have a 7 day trial and can cancel anytime, but when you’re ready to cancel your trial the cancellation instructions are nowhere to be found. I wrote a poor review giving the developer one star, within 24 hours I received a very kind and helpful email along with an explanation that I may actually not be subscribed at all. My 6 grandchildren were with me for the weekend and clamored to use the app the entire time. Their parents LOVED it and did subscribe. I definitely want to change my review for a company that seems to have a wonderful educational app. I apologize that they had to come up against a person like me who really only knows the basics of tablets and computers and has little patience. I am very sorry.
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6 months ago, CP3isabeast
Working well for my kid with ADHD
My kiddo’s got ADHD and keeping him hooked on math without it turning into a meltdown is a task. Monster Math keeps up with his pace without turning the whole thing into a stressful math saga. With ADHD in the mix, it’s been a relief to be honest. Everyday is a new day with my kiddo. The app’s got a mix of challenges and that’s exactly what we needed. The characters and storyline - big win. My son gets easily distracted, but the characters weaved into the math stuff has helped keep him focussed. Visual learning works best in our house especially when it comes to math. The storyline, music, funny animations have definitely kept his attention where it needs to be. Dont get me wrong, it’s not a cure-all but its been a solid ally for us where math is concerned. For parents dealing with ADHD hurdles, this app is worth a shot.
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3 days ago, cetfrog
Amazing math app for both my kids learning styles!
I’m so glad I found Monster Math! My oldest is adhd and this app can hold his attention so he can actually learn and practice his math facts. Most apps in the past he’d get bored to quickly and give up which was frustrating. His favorite part are the stories that go along with the characters. My youngest son loves the app too because it feels like a video game fighting the bad guys. He doesn’t even realize he’s getting math practice in. Lol! This app is way better than the flash cards I was using before. Both my kids don’t argue with math practice anymore and I’m happy to have found something that works for their different learning styles. Thanks for making a fun way to learn!
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2 years ago, TeaBooksRain
Not for my kid/ repetitive+stressed
I have a 6-year old who's strong on math and wanted an app that would engage her in practice like MathTango once did—she completed all of its levels more than a year ago. This is not that app. We only saw the candy-collecting activities in more than an hour of play: the kid's job is to collect simple equations on candies that equal to a set number up top. While the kid is doing this, a threat-creature moves around on the screen to either penalize the kid when the threat gets close to the kid's character or eat/change the equation candies. The threat-creatures distracted and stressed her to the point at which she stopped wanting to look at or touch the screen. Instead, I asked her the equations and selected the candies based on her answers for a while. I myself found the threats annoying: I would start after a candy and the threat would move and interfere before I could get to it. I also didn't much like what I saw of the storyline, which mainly consisted of exchanges of verbal threats, “get candies to defeat this,” and attacking the threat-creatures with an axe once the candies were collected. Give it a try if you don't mind the idea of the storyline, you think your kid will be unbothered by the threat-creatures, and your kid won't mind doing the same activity type over and over. For us, it's a no.
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4 years ago, Nicole3452
Great concept but lacking custom settings
We have tried several math fact apps for my 7 year old to help her practice and so far she loves monster math the most. My only complaints are that I can’t change the timer and mostly the little electric monster that moves to different candies preventing her from clicking on it. It takes away more time and it stresses her out. I would have liked to have been able to increase the timer if I can’t remove the monster. I feel like it takes the focus away and causes unnecessary frustration. I would definitely purchase a subscription after the trial is up if these were options!
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5 years ago, DrAmandaB
No correct answer
I was testing this app to see if it would be a good fit for my 1st grader who can use extra practice. The very first round wanted me to choose candies less than 2. There were not any candies less than 2. There were some equal to 2 but those were incorrect (as they should be). I uninstalled the app as I want to be absolutely certain my daughter can play and learn from a game. Further, as a math professor I find the lack of correct answers concerning. The next round did have correct answers but I had to restart the round for that as there was no other way to progress. I would like for my daughter to be able to play this game independently. Explaining the restart button is not something I should need to do.
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6 years ago, Etudiefrancais
Great app, had some errors that got fixed
Update: the developer is actually very responsive and fixed the error in an update and contacted me to let me know. My kid is 5 and loves playing this. If he get a wrong answer, a window pops up that’s supposed to show the correct answer for what he chose. Half of the time, it is wrong! For example, he was supposed to be pressing numbers that add up to ten and he just pressed 3+1. The window popped up to tell him that 6+1=7. :-/
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3 years ago, Bec785
Great Customer Service
We purchased this app by mistake (thought we were getting a free trial but Apple charged us instead). I reached out to the support email and heard back within 24 hours and our issue was resolved in literally 10 minutes. Our daughter is too young to really use and learn from the app, so I can’t speak to the app itself, but wonderful customer service!!!
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4 months ago, Aidan’s Mom
Great Fun While Honing Math Skills
This game lets kid’s have fun while practicing their math skills. It can be customized for grade level and really keeps a child’s attention. It has been improved in the past year to be even more sensitive to the perceptions of kids on the autism spectrum without taking anything away from neuro-typical kids enjoyment. I highly recommend this app and the company producing it!
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3 years ago, Mouseygrace
I really like this game but the only thing I think that should be removed is when you finish beating TikTok and everyone else you have to buy the rest of the story and then all you get to do is practice and battle your friends and family. When it said it needs updated for mine I was like “Oh then I’ll let it update.” And I saw I needed to pay money for it.
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6 years ago, Azwsx
Made it too complicated.
Last year I purchased this to use with someone struggling. It worked great, he learned and enjoyed it. However, I do not have the option to login. I purchased it with my iTunes account, but when it came time to subscribe I made a typo. No big deal, I know what my mistake was, and was easily able to switch it over to another iPad when one had to be repaired. Now, I can’t do anything as I had to reset the iPad. It asks me to subscribe again when I know it has not nearly been a year yet. Very disappointed in the waste of money.
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4 years ago, Brendangc3
I don’t like you.
I was gonna play the game again but then I wanted to download a game intel I couldn’t download a game. Thanks to your game I can’t. download a game thanks to you I will never ever play your game again you better fix this I know you don’t help anyone . Like that kid. Shame on you how dare you. You better help people but your self don’t you dare lie you tell lies to everyone help people or I will get you arrested or hate your game for every and every. Please if you fix my iPad I will give you a 5stare rating is that ok but please fix my iPad please please and that mom who said do you have any respect that kid does not need respect.
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3 years ago, Plmnhj
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ actually there is no ads but there are errors so I will play it I accidentally tapped on ads kinda please let me tell you to put my old review away with this review there are no ads now hello can you read me please and put this review called love on the appstore instead please take this review oh and I am getting very frustrated right now
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3 months ago, Arieladas1013
We absolutely love this
So excited that we found this I think this is probably one of the most fine learning apps online. If your child is struggling or just loves math and reading, they will absolutely love this and I’m not sure if it’s a free trailer now, but so far it has been worth it to find.
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4 months ago, ppuut
This game is fun my 8 year old loves it she learns a lot from it and it’s free and no ads and it’s made by teachers but there’s one little thing I do not like is at first it makes you pay but you really don’t have to pay there are some parts win you can X out of it but it is super good and fun
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3 years ago, Alex8181
This is a paid app only. Shady way to get subscribers.
This is fraudulently advertised as a free app, only to force you into a monthly subscription before playing any games. If you were to download and hand over to a child, I would imagine you may never realize you’ve subscribed to a reoccurring subscription. I’m sure the developer planned it that way, otherwise they would just be upfront and offer it only as a paid app. I don’t care about your content, if our business relationship starts with a lie.
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4 years ago, prestonfan5745
I ❤️ learning at this
My sis hates math cuz she is in a high grade almost to 5th! I don’t know why she hates it.. it is so fun! When I saw a free game on the App Store, I downloaded it, thinking I will love this way to learn. I liked it when I saw a monster get captured I need to save her WITH MATH and I loved that u added candy. Making this app was a cool idea! I love it! Thx owner of game bye! AND THX FOR ADDING TWO PLAYER MODE MY SIS WOULD LOVE THIS KIND OF MATH!!!! NOW 👋🏾
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3 months ago, BIGtoad567
Very nice and educational for all ages. Fun to play and teaches very impressive and important educational skills and values kids all ages alike can use these skills the whole rest of their live Thank you for developing this fun, exciting, and finally educational game. This game will be passed down for many generations to come☺️🧀🔥
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6 months ago, SDuser2
Just downloaded and it has many math errors!
My kid loves the app however it has mistakes. She has to select wrong answers to move to next levels, I already see her second guessing the app and I think it is confusing in the long run. I wish it had worked because I liked the overal user friendly ness of the app, however due to ertors will not subscribe.
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3 years ago, shtickname
Boring and repetitive
I played this with my kid for a while and, unless we missed something, it is just the same basic thing over and over and over. The monster character moves along a path, at each destination he has to find ‘candies’ by doing simple math. Once he gets enough candies, he moves along the path. Trouble is it never seems to actually change. He has to do the exact same thing at the next location. And the next. And the next. Never a different screen, never a new challenge. And the animation is about as weak as animation gets. Looks like it was made in 1998. Absolute waste of money. I have no idea why it has such great reviews. If I missed some awesome part of the game, please let me know. Otherwise it isn’t even worth having for free, never mind paying for it. Deleted and canceled.
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6 years ago, Rach_el_😀
The app is okay because...
Well,the app helps you a lot. But it should be 5+ not 9+ because it's really really easy. You also don't get to do ALL the equations there's an amount that doesn't involve ALL the equations. The app is good because it tells a story,it's not like 5-1. But I recommend the app for 2nd-1st graders.
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1 year ago, E1ean0rrigby
Like Number Munchers but cheesy and violent
This specific Monster math game is just like the 1980s Number Munchers game with a few differences. The thing that is better about Monster Math is that you can control the math topic and difficulty level really well. However, this game is more cheesy with a backstory and dialog between a good monster and bad guys. It is very repetitive and predictable. And each time your good monster gets enough candy, he is able to beat up the bad guy by literally attacking the bad guy with a hammer to the head. It’s actually surprisingly violent for a kids math game. My kids (age 7 and 11) got bored very quickly. So I will be canceling my free trial and look for something better.
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5 months ago, Guyl Pechmagre
Multiple charges fixed
After some help they were finally able to fix it. Turns out it is a sku problem. Very grateful and great support staff
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4 years ago, DSray
Monster Meh
I was looking for an app that would help my kids practice math facts. While I like that it is customizable to their level, it would be better if it detected their level and adjusted to it. Or maybe just started with the easier ones to build confidence and gradually get more difficult. I set it at the level my 4th grader was to try it out. It jumped right into the most difficult. I’m not impressed with the story and game play and don’t think it will engage them. I played a few levels and it was boring. May as well do worksheets and drill the facts. Still looking. I wouldn’t pay for this.
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3 months ago, ctcychvuvuvu
Good game especially for kids that have a hard day time with math my daughter has dyslexia so she doesn’t really get math until this she practices for 1 hour per day and even is the top of her class! So good
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1 year ago, caro happy crazy
My review
It helps entertain the kids I babysit and they are so energetic,and it makes it so much easier and fun just to give them my phone and done they are learning and having fun!!!!
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3 years ago, Salaryr
Change your highlighted review
The focus review that you have posted should be removed. Although the customer apologized and gave the company praise in the end, the developers response was NOT professional at all. I would pick a different review and train customer service in proper professional responses.
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5 years ago, Puffin134
Monster Math
My child says it’s not fair that she can’t go all over he way to finish the journey. Do you have any respect? Some parents can’t afford to buy the rest of the stuff, and some have other stuff to think about. I send my regards to the manager. Please make a change if you want your app to last. The good news is that DURING the time my daughter played the game while it was still FREE, she actually enjoyed it! Make a change.
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6 years ago, jxhdbfgxxncgdj
Really educational. And I have issues
Like all the other kids like me out there. They need to learn! Now I don’t get why these are timed kids should be able to take there time. There is also another problem. Why do you have to pay for the rest of story mode? So my guess is ALL OF THE NORMAL LANDS ARE ONE EPISODE? There’s my my problems. Goodbye!
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5 years ago, P00fpoof
Hi I’m nsjsjdi I’m not going to tell you my name because like my how app does that come out and like my dad is going home because I’m not sure what you wanna like that you want me and you can do it because it’s like a girl
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4 years ago, rEAD tHis plEasEe
This is coming from a 9 year old who need to work on equals and multipilacation
Hi! Can u add a multiplication mode I need help with that please it would help me learn better I’m in the fourth grade and I have a c please add a multiplication mode thank u 🥳
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6 years ago, kini h
Teaching math fun!!
This is a really. Fun app for kids to learn maths! It shows progress and how well they are doing in the particular topic. Plus different toughness for different grades. My daughter is going to 1st and this has really helped her
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5 years ago, optimath
My son likes it
I just wish that the multiplication went up to 11 and 12. It currently goes only up to 10 I think. After that it jumps to 20’s and so on. I personally think kids first need to memorize 1-12 first.
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6 years ago, you go to
Worst game ever
This is the worst thing ever no one play this game when you finish it then you can’t do it again it’s just so annoying so don’t play it
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3 years ago, U780
Love it but no
Me and my child is love monster math but my kid said why is the coming soon planet not open yet I was confused but I hope you Open it soon
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5 years ago, UPC.1
Great EDUCATION Based video game!
My 6yr old Loves this app! It’s fun and educational. It’s great because it teaches them to get fast at adding or “equal to” equations before the monster gets them! It’s like a video game but EDUCATION based! Thank you!
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6 years ago, Jaylah😆
Best math app ever 😍❤️
Love this app it’s fun and educational my favorite part about it is beating the monsters this app is good for Elementary kids such as 1,2,3,4,5 grades but anyways it needs a upgrade but still love ❤️ this app
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4 months ago, Asianjeffery
The best learning game
This is the best the only bad thing is that you have to pay I didn’t pay I did the free trial
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1 year ago, ApeGonzo22
Charged for a year, tried to cancel with no luck!
I had no idea that I would be charged for a years subscription. When I noticed it, it was to late to cancel and I could not figure out how to request help in obtaining a refund. I home school my son, do not have a job and can not afford this app.
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6 years ago, sofie rya
Games and math
My son couldn’t get of his video games so I looked on the App Store and I found monster math it helps him a lot he gets a fair amount of games and math
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5 years ago, krikal
Monster Math is amazing
Monster Math helped my son with addition and subtraction. He really felt like it was fun and didn’t realize he was learning along the way.
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3 years ago, Lucas Penilla
How do you finish the game.
How do you finish the game. I have done the story and I liked it at the end the wizard get a cavities because he ate candy.
Show more
6 years ago, ig ogeiwohuqfiuf
We have had no problem with this game
Hi I’m sorry to hear about that but you are not going on a trip tomorrow
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2 years ago, rla328
Creepy monsters for kids
This game/app has potential but the monsters are creepy. My second grader was definitely weirded out and didn’t want to play because of how they look and interact - not very kid-friendly.
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6 years ago, 5 star rehab
The demo is short however before you have to buy the game.
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1 year ago, Loluhhhhhhhh
Must provide payment first
Free trial is tied to you providing info to charge you $60 after 7 days. Give me a seven day ACTUALLY free trial, then lock it out. If my kid was in love with it, I might have paid then. But I’m not risking forgetting and being charged a huge chunk of cash for an app. But I guess that’s what they count on…
Show more
2 years ago, upsetuser1111
Roped into subscription I didn’t want
I went to take this app off my phone as my child barely used it. And to my surprise I had been automatically subscribed for an annual subscription at $60?? Now I don’t know how to get a refund for this subscription I didn’t authorize
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