Moose Math - Duck Duck Moose

4.3 (482)
132.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Duck Duck Moose LLC
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Moose Math - Duck Duck Moose

4.27 out of 5
482 Ratings
6 years ago, Teachmomdocstudent
Duck, Duck, Yeah!
Thank you to the designers of Moose Math! As a teacher, I am always looking for apps for the students in my class. Once again the group at Duck, Duck. Moose didn’t disappoint with Moose Math. I am so thankful that they continue to make free educational apps for kids that are safe places for them to learn. This is a great app for students to practice their numbers, counting, adding, subtracting and comparing numbers. As each level is completed, the next level increases in difficulty. The repetition of problems helps the littles learn basic facts while also learning strategies for addition and subtraction. This app uses ten frames, pictorial representations of numbers, digits, and a combination of these to create problems to be solved. The cute graphics, sounds, and characters are inviting to encourage students to continue their work. Also, kiddos can move around and don’t have to stay in the same section all the time. Keep up the great work Duck, Duck, Moose!
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1 year ago, 👧turtle girl🐢
Pretty good
it is very educational but my little brother gets bored of it by 15 minutes of playing. Of course٫ it gets harder as you go٫ but he does not understand so he think it is too easy and does not want to play it a lot. But overall pretty good.
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3 years ago, P&Y2013
Pretty good app! But...
So first I downloaded the app and stuff and there was pretty good things! But it’s very frustrating sometimes like when you almost reached a level but you accidentally pressed the home button and then if you want to get to that level you need to restart the level AGAIN but besides that everything that’s not frustrating is good!
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3 years ago, djvictorsalazar
I’m 10
I’m 10 years old and I can’t believe I am playing this rn, I feel like I a, too old to be playing this but it is so fun. Some people do make fun of me for playing this app tho, I don’t really care much. But besides that this is a really good app I really think kids should use this.
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2 years ago, cute cupcake 45
I love this game!!!!! Cute cupcake 45 August 3
Hi I’m cute cupcake 45 and I wanted to say that when I was little I played this on my moms tablet and I LOVED IT. Really fun storyline and the dust funnies are so cute. I rate this five stars. I know it’s a lot to think about,But could you please reply back on this review that would be great thanks. I’m a huge fan.
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2 years ago, enas loves games
I’m 8 still playing
This is the best educational game I’ve ever played it’s so cool because it’s free it’s so good because there are report cards and it’s just perfect I recommend you should download it now it’s just perfect for 10-year-olds and younger!
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4 years ago, jobworker
Doesn’t save
This is a great app as long as you don’t leave before getting a level. If your child bumps the home button which is often close to the playing area, you have to start the level over completely. Very frustrating. Still gave it a 3 because it has great graphics and music/sound.
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5 years ago, nickname:hale
Amazing 😉
I love it so much so I gave it a four because You should add more places there are only three please add more places and I will give five stars thanks 😋
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3 years ago, jenay blackom
I’m 9
I am a nine year old and I still play this I remember it and you came to my mind so I decided to download it and he’s really good for little kids to I should show my niece this game because is very nice for her because she is 4
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1 year ago, Rip off of Mila Kunis? 🫢
Why is this so fun!
As a 8 yr old that has trouble with 1st grade math ( I am in 3rd ) this really helps me learn! I am having trouble with 1st grade math because of Covid. It really brought me low to the ground. Im now in Area, this is really really helpful for me. This is so much fun! Thank You
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8 years ago, Hooliejackson
5 year old loves this
My granddaughter thought this was hilarious. She enjoyed dropping the fruit on the cute little owl, and watching the owl shake it off. She also tried her own recipe (I.e., not following instructions) and didn't get upset when it wasn't drinkable.
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7 years ago, Jdub456789543
WAS an awesome app
This app along with many other duck duck moose apps won't open. I have a brand new iPad Pro, other was a good iPad as well and they have had MANY difficulties opening. I always update these as needed but they don't require any updates so unsure what is happening. I have also deleted apps and download them again but still won't open. THANKFULLY they are free but have to delete them because they are just wasted space at this point. So so bummed.
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4 years ago, Mllancaster21
Great app for school
I want to hardly use it fine if I is I want to hardly use it fine if I was at school right now but corona there really good math app for like kids who are like not that really eat you
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3 months ago, maeriHadALittleLamb
wow i remember playing this when i was younger! I would recommend for kids to learn basic math skills also because it’s fun
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5 years ago, 4timemommy
Love it!
Moose Math and all the educational games made by Duck Duck Moose are fantastic and such a blessing that they are FREE They are so well made and I love that this game and a few others have the options for multiple children to use with their own “sign in” so my children can work at their own pace. My daughters LOVE all the Duck Duck moose games and I feel confident they are learning and not just turning into zombies looking at a screen. These games teach great concepts but are fun at the same time!
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2 years ago, Steve Pirates
Do not whatever you do get it
Sure it may start fun when you’re a bit younger than you are but when you start getting up to five then it starts getting really on your mind and then it’s just really really really boring and it’s not fun anymore my brothers don’t like it my dad doesn’t like it my mom doesn’t like that game yeah it’s just a total bust.
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2 years ago, CalicoLover2011
Good for kids
Sense Covid struck Moose math has Ben very helpful for my kids. Thay have Ben learning adding and subtracting and I’m just so happy because this game has it all covered. Also they have counting and other skills. And it’s safe! Your kid is a town builder who has the power of math. The dust bunny’s need a town use all your math skills and learn to grow and build a town Bingo! Make Shere to download it!
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4 years ago, Dddarewreck
Love the game, wish it wouldn’t turn off so easily
My son loves playing this game and wants to show me how good he’s doing. Unfortunately, when the phone goes to sleep the game turns off and makes his progress on a level go away. This makes him very sad.
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3 years ago, Abby Abba
Pretty good game
Pretty good game…but for some reason I got a lot I mean like a lot a lot OF RAGE but then I did something else and it was like I forgot my rage so I like the game it’s a very good game
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5 years ago, Sarah1234568
Match the color and number
Need some more clarification on the pets game where you add shapes. When it asks “match the color and number” it won’t accept the correct answer. What are we doing wrong?? Very frustrating.
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1 month ago, Sadie m Childers
My five year old loves it
It keeps her a lot more focused than other math games
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1 year ago, Neddo79
Both my 3 and 6 yo love playing and learning on this app. It’s our go to plus Khan Academy Kids
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3 years ago, BelleBeeBop
Has wrong answers
Once in awhile in the fruit drink blender part, it will say you wrong. For example, it’ll show 2 watermelon plus 2 limes equal 4. You put two watermelon in and two limes and will say you’re wrong. Pretty bad bug for trying to teach kids math.
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8 years ago, Jeddah57
Great fir our Smartboard classroom
Great app for my orientation workshop of new teachers and awesome Smartboard ideas for new technology learning. I implement in my classroom love all the Khan Academy series and videos!
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3 years ago, Johnny Video
Grade 2 Super Star!
I did a very great job on the game when I was 7 years old.
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2 months ago, CJ boy boy
Mose math
I love it because I have it at my school and I am 7 years old
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6 years ago, T-roy70
It's pretty good
My daughter likes it, but says it would be better if there were more places.
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3 years ago, Bmpls22456
The same as doesn’t save
I would give this app half a star ⭐️if I could. my kids use this app but if you go and press home 🏡 and you have not finished the level you get some thing else
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5 years ago, froyoroblox
I love it
I love this app moose math I’m a student and it is the best thing ever
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2 years ago, CatZo & co.
Do I look lik a goose to you!?
I love this game I played it in kindergarten! And I made profiles for my sibs. (Buiscit is bicatcatbit) and it’s just awesome ok?😻📱📱📱📱📱📱📱😻📱📱📱🐝🍳😻😻🧠📱📱📱📱😯😿🖤😿💚😿💙☠️💜😿💜😯💜🍩😯😯🙀😡💛💛💛💛😡😡
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4 years ago, BritLiv
Good but it had built in distractions
So the game is wonderful for learning, when your child isn't distracted by the birds flying by our other randoms popping in during the lessons...
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2 years ago, ecn146
Moose math
Moose math is the best thing I could ever play it will always be my favorite game
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1 year ago, 🏀 Sports girl🏀🥎⚾️🏐🏉🎾🥏
i love this game im like seven (7) years old still playing it! so cool but please you should put cats in the game! meow meow meow meow meow meow.
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5 years ago, kaymo98
Fun and educational but at times fails to operate properly
My three year old niece enjoys this game very much but when making a juice in the game The system reads wrong Exp: it asks for 3 lemons and 1 watermelon In order to get 4 But when put into the blender the amount asked for it reads incorrect I sit besides her to help with the problems Other than that the game is great
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6 years ago, Loberotve
When the app works, it's great but most of the time it crashes. I have deleted and re downloaded this app 6 times in hopes it'll help.
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12 months ago, Dissapointed w/the Censorship
Newer phones out of luck
This is a great app. My daughter however cant make it available to my grandchildren because the app wont run on her newest phone.
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3 years ago, Cory12345
4 and 7 year olds love it
Ad free, fun and educational
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6 years ago, Fun-but-expensive
Please fix audio
The audio continues even when turned off please fix this.
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5 years ago, Pennsylvanian.
Perfect 😁😁
Moose math is funny and is a happy 😃 game noise to play if you have nothing to do 🙂🙂🙂🙂
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7 years ago, Dragonhakim
A great game
I realy love this game . My son like it very much. Thank you for your efforts.
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4 years ago, susei walker
Best learning game for the go!
Lost and found is a good thing for counting. Duck duck Mose was a great idea.
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2 years ago,
My little cousin loves this app
My little cousin always wants to play with it he is a great kid
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4 years ago, itz XxSavannahxX
I’m a vcs student +I like this app it’s cool.💖
It is a great app. HOMESCHOOLING TEACHERS please use this app. PS,1xtsa/SavannahMcClanahan
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7 years ago, Sydney7980
I love it
This is such a great game for children!👍🏼😊
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9 months ago, bruhman345
So stupid
If you don’t delete your company I will call the cops
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4 years ago, iloveorhateit
Moose math
Duck Duck Moose LLC is the seller for “moose math” and I like it
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8 months ago, Ghgttjhkhjg,hijkyhtjgh
The best!
This game is THE BEST! It is FREE! And it is so much fun!! :)
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4 years ago, Ron90202
Love it
I just love it sooo much 👍👍👍👍😉😉😉😉
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3 years ago, jjjmjkj
Duck duck moose is awesome🍦
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4 years ago, Boobear714
OMG I LOVE DIS GAME SO MUCHHH SOOOOOOOO GOOD 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 STARS PLZ MAKE A DEVELOPER RESPONSE
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