MotorTrend+: Watch Car Shows

4.8 (56.3K)
113 MB
Age rating
Current version
Motor Trend Group LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for MotorTrend+: Watch Car Shows

4.81 out of 5
56.3K Ratings
2 years ago, dontrucker
The best way to spend your retirement
I get up early every morning turn on the TV and watch Motor Trend never change the station until bed time I watch all the shows but I do like Garage Squad the best. Reminds me of my own problems I would have repairing cars and trucks in my shop years ago. Make me feel better knowing that other have the same problems and how we always find the solution l do feel bad for the crew when the weather is too hot or too cold to be working on the cars. I can remember doing a engine job outside under a tarp during a snow storm because the truck was needed to plow the snow. Another time had a car back firing thru the carb after a tuneup went back over everything couldn’t find the problem went home Had dinner went to bed thinking about that car. In the middle of the night woke up with the answer only the spark plugs had to be the problem. Next morning changed the plugs car ran like a top. I know the crew must have some weird problems like that too. But they always find the answers. That’s what makes the show the greatest of all the shows on Motor Trend. Dirty hands are made by the best mechanics and the best show is made with those dirty hands. Keep up the good work. My best to the crew. Don Gardiner. Lehigh Acres. FLORIDA
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4 years ago, Robeva
Love it
One thing I enjoy more is reality TV sitcoms are fun so are movies but nothing moves me more then real human emotion and interaction I love all car shows but Overhaulin is buy far my favorite show have been watching it from day one, I own a 1967 Nova SS that I had over the years restored then brought up to date on resto mod status and always dreamed if only some day Chip Foose and the A Team could get there hands on my car that would be a check off the old bucket list,I’ll never forget when Chip Foose came to Pa and was at a Ford car show event and told my wife I would wait for her to get done work so we could both go but ended up that we got there a little late and they ran out of tickets to actually meet Chip I was so disappointed but still was able to see Chip from a distance and enjoy the show I really wanted his autograph who knows maybe someday.
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4 years ago, Skulljockey
STAY AWAY!! Updated!!
Updated - original post remains following the update. After three days and literally multiple dozens of emails I was able to get it somewhat resolved. Very long story short, you cannot subscribe through Apple if you have canceled in the past. You must subscribe directly through MotorTrend. While they didn’t directly say it, it was intimated that MT is trying to avoid the commission Apple charges them through the App Store. It is unreal the number of emails it took to get to the bottom of this. The install instructions could be rewritten to address this, or a menu option on the app with instructions on how to deal with it. I really hope Overhaulin’ is worth it as it’s really the only show that has my interest. STAY AWAY!! I subscribed to this app through the Apple App Store. The app will not let me access programming unless I ALSO subscribe through MotorTrend. I don’t think their programming is worth paying twice. I’ve exchanged nearly a dozen emails with MotorTrend with no resolution. Apple is refunding my subscription. I won’t give my payment info to MotorTrend. After this epic failure in their support service I don’t trust them with my info. If MotorTrend wishes to fix this, they have my email address.
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4 years ago, UX T-Rex
Doesn’t Cast, MT Support Refuses to Refund
The app doesn’t cast from my iPhone XS Max to my Samsung TV. It plays for a second, then cuts out. I tried requesting a refund, as I’d shelled out the $24 for the annual subscription, and Motortrend Support refused to issue a refund, insisting I spend the time to video the issue on my phone and the TV after already providing a detailed step-by-step walkthrough of the behavior in my support request (the ask to video the issue, I’m afraid, would take some time to understand how to video both screens simultaneously, and I barely have time to write this review let alone compile videos for them). After the support ticket was constantly being put back on me and Support REFUSED after multiple clear requests to issue a refund, I ended up giving up. So now, I’m stuck with an app that DOES NOT WORK from a company who REFUSES to refund after clear documentation of my issue. Had they simply issued a refund, I would have been happy to pick this back up and resubscribe to a working app, but now, I’m paying them and they’re stalling by requesting time and effort from me before they will give me my money back for an app that I CANNOT USE 😡😢😞. I would love for you to fix the app, but I don’t have time to help you beyond the documentation I’ve already provided! So terribly disappointed. 😕💸💸💸💸
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2 weeks ago, Scrappy148
Motortrend clearly doesn't know how things work
The app itself is probably the best magazine app out there, as far as look, form, and functionality. The problem is in the money department. They do not give you access to back issues despite the fact that every other mag subscription does, they expect you to buy them. Its misleading when thumbing through the app to see "subscribe for 1.99" below an older issue, but then when the sub is purchased, instead of having the button that says read, they just bumped up the button that says "buy for 4.99". After a few emails with customer service i was told that a sub only gives you access to the latest issue and that the back issues have to be purchased outright. Add that with the fact that they just moved to a quarterly output platform, and that equals me subscribing for 1 month every 3-4 months and then canceling. I would gladly keep the sub open year round just to access all the old stuff at my leisure, but i guess Motortrend wants to be difficult and do things the hard way.
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5 years ago, mauricemonge
The shows are amazing, but I can't seem to watch anything for free anymore
MotorTrend is putting out amazing, quality content. Even my engine builder watches every episode of engine masters. If you have the time to watch regularly, then a subscription is no biggie. I don't have time to watch more than a handful of episodes a month, so I just browse occasionally. I hadn't been on the app for a few months and when I came back, almost everything is locked. Some shows don't even have a single free episodes to persuade you to sign up. I know beggars can't be choosers, but I can't even watch anything to see if I'd be interested in it. it use to be "watch 12 weeks ahead of time" when you signed up for a subscription, but even those shows were never free to watch on the app. Again, the content is incredible. But there's no use in having the app if I can't watch an episode or two. Maybe the commercials and sponsors of each show - there seem to be plenty - aren't paying to create the content and they need subscribers to stay alive.
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5 years ago, Jovaughny
Automatic renew should not be the default option.
MT wouldnt refund me for me missing the deadline. I cancelled immediately after i got the 60$ charge. The havent ised this service for almost a whole year because 1. i wasnt happy with the app or the lack of content at the time. and 2. when i went to cancel the first time ( a month into my subscription ) it had said my account was no longer holding a subscription. I though nothing of it and forgot about it. THE PROBLEM is that by default it was set to automatic renewal which is BS. They sent one email that i overlooked because i get “Motor Trend Newsletter” several times a day on top of other emails. no second notice email the day before or anything like that. They seemed pretty set on not refunding me and faulting me becaise i missed it. i also requested the cancellation an hour or so after i was charged (3am my time ) i could understand if it was a week or a month but no, a few hours ( because i was sleeping at the time it charged me ) they wont refund me. not worth it. ive never had a company act like this of refunding. seems like they want all the money they can get. Great job Motor Trend!
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3 years ago, lanoitaN dnarG kciuB
Best Fathers Day Gift Yet!
I don’t really watch tv much anymore… but when I do it’s “Roadkill”! I used to watch a lot of these shows on Velocity, but I knew I wasn’t watching the most recent episodes. It’s nice to be up-to-date with the current episodes as well as having better access to watching “Roadkill Garage”, “Hot Rod Garage”, “Engine Masters”, etc… as these shows give a better understanding on how some of the project cars got to where they are. I’ve even started watching some “Donk Master” as I’ve passed by some of the raceways driving through S. Carolina. And as much as my family may hate it, I can easily go back and watch my favorite episodes as many times as I want. So in the end, the Motor Trend App is just like Gas Monkey Garage… because it’s all about fun with cars and Aaron’s not there… (See what I did there)
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2 years ago, grey beard the pirate
Motor Trend Rocks
Of all the shows I have watched for the last 25 years roadkill garage is my wife’s favorite. Helps me spend more money on my junk too. I thought I’d miss Tony on Hot Rod TV but Alex and Lucky are killing it just love their chemistry. Finally new iron resurrection. Missed it. Texas Metal with the way he does his chassis has to be my hero don’t get me wrong I love the others but extensive chassis is a hands down winner. Don’t really care for his huge wheels and tires but the fab carry’s it. I really like how the app shows me which shows I have already seen and they all pick right back where I left off as I get all worked up and head to the shop in the middle of the shows. Keep up the good work oh can you hire Stacy David for a show please he’s the one man band to beat… thanks again…
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1 year ago, ljcsponger87
Countless issues, be aware if buying for WEC / lemans
This company bought the exclusive rights to broadcast WEC in the United States so you are forced to pay them for access. Unfortunately if you don’t want to watch qualifying live you won’t ever see it again, and watching the race on replay is hit or miss. This weekends event was shockingly listed to stream but they forgot the commentary so it’s 6 hours of car noises which is pointless. I’m a dozen emails into it with support and they basically gave up. The commentary works on the TV app but unfortunately that’s the only streaming service of a dozen or so I use on my androidTV that doesn’t play smooth video, maybe 20fps and stutters along. Watching live is worse. If there was another way to watch WEC I would never pay for this because it’s unusable at times and mediocre when it does work. Be aware you will be frustrated and likely give up and find a stream online and find it higher quality too which is depressing when trying to do the right thing and pay for it.
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3 years ago, Macluvin87
My list needs updating
App is cool and love the programming but I’m limited to only being able to have 12 programs on my list. I watch several shows and there’s more then 12 things I like watching, would be easier to keep track of my preferences if I could have more then 12 shows on my list. Also I’m not sure why but even after you watch your episode it still keeps saying new episodes on the things you have already watched. Love the programming but there’s some work we can do to make the app more specific to every user. Also no profile options as well only 1 user profile if my son wants to watch the app it doesn’t let is separate our lists and have our own profile. Would be awesome to feel like we have some user specific options when we watch our shows. Thank you.
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5 years ago, SayokoLily
Good but needs improvement.
Pros: the content is pretty nuts. It’s a wide range of shows both new and old and it’s super cheap. Even old shows like American Chopper and Biker Buildoff are on here. Plus you can watch live events like the 24 Heuers de LeMans for the price of an app subscription. Definite plus. Cons: the mobile app doesn’t allow you to minimise a screen to peruse other shows or episodes. When you finish an episode, or close to it, and leave the episode doesn’t reset in case you wish to watch it again. You can’t add shows to a watch list or add favourite episodes to a personal playlist. And the Xbox app is pure trash, which is unfortunate, and a lot of the mobile app shows don’t play on Xbox live or past the show (like the 24hr LeMans race). Doing well. Needs more work.
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9 months ago, BrilliantA3
This app is hot garbage
I’ve watched Motortrend for a long time on my Apple TV but the app just keeps getting worse and worse. A few months ago i got fed up with the glitchy app and shady subscription options and let it expire. I just subscribed again because i figured maybe it would be better by now plus there are new episodes of shows i like but it’s the same old crap from the app. I subscribed on my iPhone like usual for $4.99/month. But to watch some shows you have to be a “premium subscriber” which is apparently $5.99/month. Cool, i guess. Not too big a deal. Kept trying to follow the prompts in the app (on a newest generation apple tv) and it just takes you in a loop. I finally just went on my phone and bumped up the subscription to premium but the app doesn’t recognize it. Now, even if i cancel, I’m going to be charged for a month of service. I tried contacting the Motortrend help people last time and never got an answer. Keep your money and stay away from this app.
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5 years ago, tryehippi
What a true vision for everyone to identify with
Ahhh, the first time you realize what your mind is focusing on and the bite of true design, your are on the road to make what you think, how a car should look and perform. These episodes show you can build your dream, your’s is going to take, longer and what you can afford and learn skills, you need to build a car. Ant has deep pockets, yes he skilled, yes he subs work out, but in the end, his high end car can be realized. Yours can be a daily driver, a project someone who gets over whelmed with, you can take it to your final dream/design and it is your finished thought. So, here is a race going on with his hair on fire, and a time line. Slow this show down to a walk, is about what this can be for the regular person.
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3 years ago, fennix12
App is useless on my Sony smart tv you cannot use the up or down arrows in app to select log in, the tv recognizes that I am pushing the button but the app will not move left right or up and down so you cannot select anything to use the app. I am canceling my subscription since I cannot select login to watch anything. This issue has been going on for several months and does not work after the last patch on the app, pretty lame since every other app works just fine That’s a terrible response from the developer, instead of offering a solution you tell me I wrote my review in the wrong place....... an app should work on all platforms not just iOS if you only offer iOS support for technical issues then it should only be available on iOS if you can offer me a solution then I will change my review I pay the subscription through my phone so I don’t see how it is any different but I guess I will also leave my review in the google play store as well
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3 years ago, not sure about the name
Great family entertainment
The absolute best about motor trend is that my sons who love anything and everything car, bike and engine related. They can turn any of the shows on and I never have to worry about them seeing something they shouldn’t and they get to learn so much about how things work, get entertaining shows and gain some knowledge at the same time. I’m not aware of too many other shows where everything is family friendly as well as great watching material for adults. If you like anything with wheels then this app and these are shows are for you, and the quality that it is produced is top notch
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4 years ago, Lawlawlaw32123
Total bummer
I’m revising my previous 3 star review. I LOVE the content. But the management in charge of the app and the scheduling is doing EVERYTHING they can to lose subscribers. First off the app is an absolute disaster. This was the main complaint of my last review and they’ve done absolutely nothing to try and fix it. They put out an update saying you can now stream, still can’t stream. You search specific shows like Roadkill Garage, it doesn’t show up. It’s genuinely so bad you have to laugh. Honestly though, the content was so good I just dealt with it. But now, they’ve totally changed how the content is published. Before every major show was published monthly. This meant every week I had some new episode of my favorite shows I could watch. Now they are trying to be clever and only publish one show at a time in specific batches... then it’s gone for 40 WEEKS! It’s infuriating. I’m done paying a premium for the silly games these guys play. They’re clearly amateurs in the world of running a streaming app and it shows. Every good thing they had going seemed to be a failure. Myself and many other subscribers (just check reddit and other online forums) are cancelling and plan to just binge watch when our favorite shows get published. Before I had to stay subscribed year round. Now I get to choose when I pay them money. So I guess I should thank them for saving me some cash.
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2 years ago, Xtreme Atomic
Great content but has loading issues
The content on this app is excellent and there’s so many hours of entertainment and information at your disposal through this, but sometimes I have issues loading it. I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max so it’s not like my phone is slow, and I’ve been in areas with 3 bars of fiber optic wifi and 4 bars of 5g cellular and it will still completely stop loading videos and even black out occasionally. I’ve tried everything from checking for updates to completely closing out the app and the issue is still there, so I’m at a loss at this point. It sounds like a small issue but it gets really annoying really quick when you’re trying to just relax and watch a show.
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5 years ago, GreyGroceryGetter
User Needs...
I love the content, do not get me wrong. But I use the app on my phone, and the recent update just eliminated my chance of streaming it to a device. That was qualm #3. Moving in reverse order, #2 is that there is no way to set up a “playlist” or even play the next episode of the series (if available). #1 is that all episodes are in reverse order. That is good to promote the most recent episode, but if that series is interesting, I would want to start at the beginning. Instead, now you have to work you way backwards as if you are in a time machine that magically ages the hosts in reverse. Please don’t think that I am just being over the top for no reason, but I have been a full MotorTrend on Demand subscriber for close to a year. These are my biggest issues since I started. The content is above approach, but the app lacks that sense.
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2 years ago, 79superslow
App is bad, and there’s not even an app on Xbox really
The Xbox app is how I usually watch and they could never get it to work right so now you have to download the phone app and the Xbox one to screen cast from your phone in order to watch anything, the Xbox app literally just pulls up a screen that says, use your phone. And then when you pause the video on the Xbox screen it continues to play the video frame by frame really slowly and if you hit play it just continues from whatever the frames on. So you CANNOT pause it. The only reasons I keep this app is for roadkill, roadkill garage, engine masters, and roadworthy rescues. If it wasn’t for those channels i would stop paying for this load of garbage. Fix your app and your Xbox app and bring our episodes faster i pay a monthly fee to use your service for an hour.
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2 years ago, JCMARSH85
Why must a receive notification for shows I don’t watch? We should be able to set what shows we get notifications about. I only watch about 5 shows on this app and the rest of them I have zero interest in. I love this app and the shows I enjoy, but it drives me crazy that I keep getting notifications for things I couldn’t care less about. Give us a “my favorites” section and allow us to control what we receive notifications about. Also why do notifications about shows I do watch always get sent out after I’ve already watched them!? With all this technology isn’t there a way of the app seeing I’ve already watched or at the very least send the notifications when the show is available to watch.
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1 year ago, TSStiggy
Excellent Streaming App
Truly a well developed app, fully supports picture in picture, and haven't had any issues buffering or loading either. Impressive to see a magazine make a better app than many tv companies, looking at you Peacock, paramount+,HBO. Areas for improvement- prioritize live viewing a bit more, takes a couple too many clicks to see all live streams at once. Also I wish you could set a notification for the start of a live event, or save it for quick access. Really a byproduct of Motor trend being the source for endurance racing in the us, unique use case. Well done
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4 years ago, DJmacman63
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over???
What the actual (*&%^ have you done to the AppleTV version of this app?!?!?! The last update completely hosed everything. It is slow as molasses. And When the show you want to watch finally does load the seasons are in random order and if you were watching them in order you have to figure out which season you were on, find it in the scrambled order of seasons at the top, then scroll thru episodes trying to find where you were (Extras are a prime example where you 40ish seasons for Roadkill or DED - it’s impossible to find where you were in the watching order so you can see the latest episode) Bottom line you need to fix this now or I may walk and take my money back. edit**I tried the suggested fix and it’s like whomever wrote that has never seen an AppleTV. I will try to uninstall/reinstall, but I’m not hopeful Edit again*** nope still ^*^&%ed up.
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2 years ago, theglenfield
Minor issues with the app itself.
The luxury of the app and the content is fantastic, only issue I have is the media player is close to garbage. Does not matter if I’m using the phone app, or the website at on my PC. It always crashes on both the app and the website, the PC player’s detection blocks for the volume and controls at the bottom are so small if you have want to turn up the player you have to hover perfectly over the red line in the middle which is virtually impossible. Try to exit the full screen without using escape will inevitably scrub to the end of the show rather than click the full screen button. It’s clunky and terrible, but other than that love the applications.
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3 years ago, ThatEricGuy12
Doesn’t work on Apple TV (updated)
Can not scroll down, makes the noise like it’s doing something but can only go left and right. - Update, still doesn’t work. I have gotten emails from MT suggesting some workarounds like using my phone as a remote (didn’t work) and today’s, and this is the best yet. Changing my AppleTV 4K and TV settings to 1080 as suggested by other users, and apparently MotorTrend thought they’d pass that info along. Yep, downgrade the quality when watching MT. Of course I’d have to go back and redo everything when watching streaming apps that actually work. Basically if MT was Chevy, they would take your perfectly running Camaro, change some stuff for like no reason, give you your Camaro back.. and when you find out it no longer goes into gear, they will suggest you just push it down a hill. Absolutely ridiculous.
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5 years ago, mgmcd1
Losing features? Can’t get the most recent version
The latest version of the app makes it sooooooooo much harder to find content. Not sure why they made it so user unfriendly now. They keep answering questions no one is asking, like, how can I make this app more difficult to navigate. Also, notifications are awesome. But when you open the app, there is absolutely no indication of what you are being notified of. Just, everything looks the same. Weird. I would like to point out that I am an application developer, coder, and systems analyst and engineer, not some jacktard that gets off slamming apps. Great content! Lousy, lousy app development.
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4 years ago, Brett Bezard
Pleasantly surprised
Ok I’ve read some of the reviews online and all for if you ever have an issue that MT doesn’t have much of team to help you through or if they do they treat you like crap..Don’t believe all you hear or read bc I was over the moon with my customer service rep Matt and Sandra a Sr. Manger for motor trend and they both were exceptionally great to have had working on my issue and went above and beyond to help reconcile my issue..I was really being a jerk and they held there composure and were professional and very very helpful. I give them an A+++++ rating and Motortrend should be proud to have them on there team. Thanks
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1 year ago, EvilBug13193388
What happened
I’ve been a long time user and subscriber to Motortrend+ since they came out. Unfortunately recently this system has been nothing but disappointing. Every time I try to watch a show I have to choose a subscription as if I haven’t already paid. 50% of the time it just sits there and tries to load and the other 50% of the time I can watch shows. Ever since I renewed my subscription this year ive been having this issue. It to mention the difficulty signing in on other devices. This app used to be fantastic but recently I feel it’s gone down the drain. Not to mention their customer support is not exactly easy to get a hold of with the support messages “failing” every time I attempt to reach out for help. Unfortunate to say but I might now renew my subscription when the time comes.
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5 years ago, The ProStreet Club
Zero Continuity
Got this app because of the fantastic Top Gear Collection, and will keep it for that reason. However, it’s obvious that Motor Trend is years behind in Streaming, specially for long TV series. The app will not remember what season, what episode, what minute, or what second you left your watching on after you’ve left the app for a few minutes. I’m already in season 5 of Top Gear and every time I get back, it prompts me to “Keep Watching S02, Episode 1”. I have to manually scroll to the season I am, then find the episode, and then scroll to where I left off if I’m lucky enough to remember. These episodes are an hour or so long, so it’s very unlikely that I’m always going to finish each of them in one sitting. I love the fact that there is a Ruku TV app for this and I can watch Top Gear in a huge TV, it’s truly nostalgic and beautiful. Hence, Motor Trend, please fix the continuity, let me watch something on my TV and then pick up at the same place in my phone and then continue while I’m at my lunch break at work and then when I’m back home. I love Top Gear and this app is nicely built, but please fix that. Sincerely, Stig’s Angry Cousin
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2 years ago, DurkDigler
Great Content, mediocre app functionality
Three stars given as an average. Content is a solid 5 but the app functionality is a One star for me. On current Apple TV with all software updates, app goes black when Apple TV goes to sleep making the TV appear to be off. This is unlike Every other app, after the unit goes to sleep. Clicking a show link on initial launch of the app will cause the same program’s audio to play twice (with a delay between them) at the same time. This can only be resolved with a full restart of the Apple TV. Currently, I can’t even access the Home Screen content without navigating through other menus to find that show. So many functionality & navigational issues for such great content. I keep hoping that these issues get resolved with “the next” app update but the app still has issues on all of my Apple TV’s after several different updates and over a long period of time. Please fix this app, I Love the content but often don’t watch because I don’t want to make time to successfully launch a show.
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4 years ago, 1810rizzo
Best thing on the internet
I’m not tech savvy or internet/tv watching guy . Im more of a if it has an engine I’m interested kind of guy .. I’m mechanically minded . I have Never been into car shows in the past ,with most having Big dollar builds way to outrageous for me to relate ..” Motor trend has opened my mind” !!! “ Roadkill , hot rod garage ,junk yard gold” I can go on and on about the amount of shows/ content I love on here ... I like the new alerts to see what’s new . The price is great and the reliability of the website is impressive . I have nothing bad to say about motor trend .. thanks a loyal customer . Rizzo
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4 years ago, Wearevipers
Update: decided to cancel my Moto Trend app. They canceled/ended Throttle Out show. There’s not enough motorcycle content to keep me Interested. I had an issue with billing a while back. They had updated there app and booted me off with no clear way too sign back on. I was upset considering I paid for a year subscription and this was barely 3 weeks into it. However, when I contacted them they were really nice and even called me truly wanting to resolve the issue which they did. I was happy. The channel/app it’s self is great. Pretty easy to navigate, lots of moto content. Personal note, I wish the had more motorcycle stuff but Throttle Out is great. I’d love to see a type of sports center for all Motorsports and I think they could pull it off!
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1 year ago, Jeff griffith
Good app but needs refinement.
Good app but I wish it would support iPad keyboard control as well. I find the on screen playback controls laggy and too small of a touch area. When I seemingly touch a control like to go back 10-15 seconds, it instead makes the controls go away with a bunch of lag. Just enable forward and back control from the iPad Magic Keyboard like most other apps have done. Physical buttons are preferred due to their responsiveness and less chance of accidental touch. Also I keep getting notifications on shows I’ve already watched and the badge icons wont go away, making me think I missed a show when I really haven’t. Other times I Never get a notification that a new show is dropped!
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5 years ago, Thomas Scout 75
Must have for a car guy
“Don’t make it perfect, make it work”. Has motivated me to get my 75 scout back on the road and the trail. I have seen everything episodes of roadkill and RK garage (glad finnigan is back in more he has the best stories in the daily’s) hot rod, And DeD. I used to check Back at watch new material but now with all The additional, wheeler dealer, overhaul, ect there is something almost every day (excited for Top Gear) To Bring me back. Only recommendation from me not that it matters to anyone but me flip the archives from newest to oldest, have to scroll all the way Down to see if I missed one in the last month or so.
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4 years ago, jasonpagemusic
Great Customer Service
Say what you will about the content or app design, but MT has top notch customer service. When the app showed up with issues a few days ago, the trouble ticket I sent in was acted on in a very quick and professional manner. Inside of 3 business days later, an update was released that solved my problems. I haven’t gotten that sort of response from any other major named app before. Good work! I have no problem sticking with a company that is willing to keep improving. Never lose that drive.
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4 years ago, tcman11
Needs improvement
This app is full of content I enjoy however the layout and other options are horrible. Adding shows you enjoy to the “my list” option is impossible. Why have a “my list” if you can’t use it? The presentation and overall navigation of the app also is horrible. I can’t just open the app and see shows I watch or continue to the next episode after I have exited the app. I constantly have to use the search option to find the show, then scroll to the season and episode I’m on to continue. It’s really ridiculous. And the app on my phone vs my fire stick tv is completely different. Whoever they hired to design and manage the app should be fired. It is not user friendly at all.
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4 years ago, jame3334
The interface needs to be fixed
I got the streaming subscription for the soul reason to watch topgear. There’s just one problem. The interface is awful ( im speaking for a console interface) typing is slow and sluggish, You can’t save shows only episodes. when going forward you can’t see what part of the film you are on you just have to guess. when you press back from the fast forward like when you accidentally press it, it sends you back to main menu, and then it does not save your spot in the episode so you have to fast forward. By far the worst interface, but the show selection is good and snappy start up time
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5 years ago, Saxplayer07
Great content, interface tends to be a bit glitchy
This is a network for every type of motor head, for all genres. The only drawback is the interface tends to be glitchy. When you scroll through the episodes, it sometimes goes to a completely different episode. The pause button needs to be fixed, you have to hold it down for a couple seconds in order for it to work. The selection for both shows and episodes can make displaying and selecting specific ones a bit difficult. But besides that it has great content, so it gets its rating that it receives.
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3 years ago, Tjsean
Very buggy content getting worse
Update: The update notes still aren’t for shilling, tell me what you tried to fix. So many bugs and issues there’s should be plenty of actual info to share. Bring back the extras and stop with the “we’ll lose the shop” scripted shows. This app used to be the ticket for watching some of the best original gear head content out there. Now it’s more and more scripted reality TV stuff and less and less roadkill and dirt every day. Thankfully the hosts are one by one starting their own YT channels. I don’t think I’ll be here much longer. Also, the release notes are where you tell us what you fixed. Not where you shill for the latest discovery channel refuge show.
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7 months ago, Blakers04GTO
I love all the shows
It’s not the same old thing like watching trucks on mavtv or whatever it is now and them cutting out half the build! Everything is well edited, and the banter isn’t as scripted which I assume it’s mostly impromptu dialogue! Anyway love all the good info and how active they have been and continues to be in the hobby and passion of car life! Don’t loose the real aspect! David and Mike are the GOaT! David F./Mike F. We’re awesome to my family and I when they came to texas years ago they hung out had a blast with us.
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5 years ago, dannak
Must-have for gearheads
I’ve probably used this app more than any other, because it’s kept me entertained during trying times when I had to wait for flights or when I had to take a commuter train downtown for business. My favorite shows are Wheeler Dealers and Chasing Classic Cars. My lone gripe about the app is that the episodes from the earliest years of those shows aren’t available; hopefully someday they’ll be available, as well as the earlier episodes of Overhaulin and Graveyard Carz. Otherwise you have me as a user for life.
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5 years ago, spierce85
Respect your elders.
While I do appreciate the wealth of shows on Motortrend, now that Discovery has stepped in, it erks me a little bit that the original Motortrend shows, especially Roadkill, aren’t first on the list. I started my subscription because of shows like Roadkill, Roadkill Garage and Dirt Every Day. I’m just at a loss as to why they keep getting pushed deeper and deeper into the list of programming on the app. It’s not like it takes more than 5 seconds to find them, it’s just a matter of principle to me I suppose. Thank you for your time.
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4 years ago, disappointed payee
If the app worked, it would be worth it.
Fantastic content, but the app fails at least every 3 weeks max and then ......nothing. Been like this from the start with no improvements ever done. I have seen other reviews saying the same and some with much more detail. They’ll help you get it fixed the next day, but if it doesn’t work when you want it, it just isn’t worth paying for. It’s all on you tube anyway.
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5 years ago, Harris U.
Needs offline download and watching
I love MT and all the original content. I used to watch Ignition and Head to Head regularly in YT when I workout or when I have long flights. I actually subscribed and still continue to pay because I love the content and want to support MT. All that being said it’s been over a year since I’ve watched content because I still watch YT on offline mode in my use needs, but the app doesn’t support it. Despite loving the content, I’m actually considering ending my subscription because I haven’t watched in more than a year and it doesn’t seem like offline watching is on its way anytime soon.
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4 years ago, Lucdog
4.0.0 update is garbage.
After installing this app version my paid in full year subscription and account are recognized but it will NOT stream. I can’t even get past the login and select a package page even though it sees my account is paid. Ridiculous I have read that previous updates from last year have had similar issues. Why can you not fix your garbage app? What is the point of an update if it gets worse and won’t work? Do you even beta test prior to full release? Come on guys. Next let’s talk about your casting to another device. Can you not just make an on TV or stream service app like everyone else? Get it together or give me a full refund!
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4 years ago, Some other guy 9000
Mostly Good App that needs fine tuning
I enjoy most of the Motor Trend sourced content. I don’t really care for the cable shows, I mean how many times do they need to recap what has been done in a half hour show? One thing that would be super helpful is if I could delete shows in the “Continue Watching” section. Most of those shows are there because I stopped watching during the closing credits or they auto started after I finished watching something else and I have already watched them or I have no interest in them to start with.
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5 years ago, 05601946
Motor Trend Cable Subscription Doesn’t Work
Just like some others have pointed out that and you have responded that with a cable subscription you can go to the website or Motor Trend Go app. The problem is you don’t get the full library like Top Gear and Overhaulin for example. There are only like 4 shows available and not even complete. I know when Discovery rebranded and partnered with motor trend a lot of things went away. You guys should change this if you haven’t started working on it or if you have and it just hasn’t been implemented yet. Especially when you have people paying cable/satellite companies it’s only fair and proper to include all content and those who want to cut the cord and buy everything separately can do so.
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4 years ago, jimmyk8191
It should be minus 4 stars
Great concept. Great shows. Somehow someone created an app that is absolute crap. Was it designed in a middle school classroom? I would love one time to get it to open and play properly. Just one time where i don't have to reboot my device because the app plays slow or has two audios playing at the same time about 2 seconds apart or doesn't crash and close 5 times in the first 4 minutes. This is no joke or exaggeration. Had i have known the app was this crappy i wouldn't have wasted my money. Get it together guys and build a functional app. You guys are mainstream and act like like no one has a clue or even cares. Come to think of it... minus 4 is too nice.
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3 years ago, Knnba
Love motortrend. LOVE IT ON XBOX! UPDATED
What happened to the Xbox app again? Lately with new show drops it skips frequently and the subtitles don’t work. also sometimes if I started watching a show it won’t let me watch it until I start from the beginning and then I move to the spot I was at (quite frustrating) love the content though. But on my phone there is no problem. Don’t get me wrong I love on the go. But engines are much better through the soundbar and the skipping really makes a person miss the show and especially without subtitles. If this problem can be fixed I’ll update my review but as of right now because the Xbox app is unwatchable it’s gotta be a one from me dawg.
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4 years ago, Hdhfhfjf
Horrible to watch on the tv!!
Why does it have to take 5 whole minutes for the page to load for any show on my tv? Works perfectly on my computer and phone, but not the tv. And the tv will load Netflix and other sites perfectly fine as well. Y’all need to fix this As well as when I search top gear, why does it show “extra gear” and “top gear best hits” I wanna see what I typed in but no, it’s 6 channels away, which also takes a long time to load And the continue watching section doesn’t update when I finish an episode so I have to re search “top gear” go all the way down to the actual show, go to the correct season, then finally, if it’ll even load, I’m watching the next episode
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