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Movies Anywhere
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User Reviews for Movies Anywhere

4.57 out of 5
65.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Digndirt7
The final word in digital downloads
Let’s start with “AT LAST”. I paid for these movies and FINALLY some genius realized it profits everyone to let me use them on whichever device, whichever media I choose. No more separate download sources depending on the studio. No more telling my wife to make sure the box has the iTunes logo. We’re done here. Prime Video acts like I bought it through them, so my LG smart tv and kids kindles can watch them. iTunes acts like I bought it through them, so all my iOS devices can watch them. Across all capable devices I can download them. So my kids don’t have to waste my limited DSL bandwidth (I live in the sticks, back off). When I do stream through the app or otherwise it’s flawless. Honestly, this is what living in the 21st should be. Yeah, I said it. Oh by the way, the app UI is well thought-out and intuitive. Really well done. I honestly don’t understand what is holding Paramount back from buying-in, but they’re morons for doing so. If MA is looking for investors or anything, I’d sign up. I’ll go door-to-door. Probably not door-to-door, I don’t really like people, but I do like this app... a lot.
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6 years ago, Mel Jack30
Frustrated, getting better . . .
UPDATE: I’ve received responses from the developer. They assured me that the movies in my account were fine. I updated iTunes on my computer, updated my phone to the latest iOS, and did an app update. I still receive the error, and Now there is a (19) at the end of it. HOWEVER, if I tap OK, and then tap Play on the movie again, it will start to play. I’m changing my rating form one star to three. I’m very happy that the movies will play, but it’s somewhat annoying having to get them to play. Thanks for working through the issues! Because of Disney movies anywhere shutting down I was forced to go with this app. At first things appeared to be an order and was working properly. In the recent weeks or months every time I try to play a video that worked fine on my Disney movies anywhere account or this account now all of a sudden are giving me a licensing issue error. I have paid for the movies that are giving the licensing error. Then a bunch of random movies showed up in my account but I did not pay for. It’s not easy to explain to a four year old that something that was working fine is no longer working when we’re on a long car ride. I have opened a ticket through the app. We’ll see what happens.
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5 years ago, Drukolibabek
Excellent customer service!!
I hardly ever type anything on a review but after the quick customer service I had to rate them just for that. The app alone is great and user friendly. I have no issues there. I just wish all movies were on there but they all have to participate which they don’t but never know...maybe in the future. issue that I had was a movie that was eligible and that I had purchased was not syncing from my iTunes onto MA. Toy story 3. Toy Story 1 & 2 transferred over but 3 did not. I tried to log out and log back in. I also tried to unlink iTunes and reconnect to see if it’ll refresh and sync again....but nothing. Finally I contacted them via the contact us chat through the app. I let them know what was going on and sent the message. 2 MINUTES later I received a message saying that they refreshed it from their end and hopefully that fixed any issue I was having. IT DID! I was so happy. 1 minute later I came on here to give them a review and rate them 5 stars just for that lol good job MA!! Great Customer Service!! 👍🏼
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4 years ago, JunoMuno
Cross Service Movie Purchase Experience
I was a but skeptical when obtaining this app considering that I would divulge access to my accounts to an app that was relatively newly created. But the advantage has been overwhelming, considering that whatever was purchased on any store ex: Apple Store connected to app didn't require me to shell an additional $20 in another Microsoft Store for the same movie. The only item that seems to affect true interconnected services is that movie labels will be concerned about not obtaining sufficient gains and someone foolishly purchase 1 movie multiple times. Its 2020 get with the program and the interconnected world is becoming more of a reality. I have well above 300 movies but due to certain film companies I will mot have all my movies centralized until they budge! Outstanding app thinking 10 years ahead of the industry in a time where movies will likely be in your home without having to go to theaters any longer.
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6 years ago, MickeyRN
Won’t let me access purchases
Update: The support team reached out to me to let me know that the movies from my old account could take up to 24 hours to show up in Movies Anywhere. Well, it’s been over a week and they are missing the 3 movies exclusive to that app, but they did get the purchases from iTunes/Amazon. It seems to be a problem with the movies the Disney Anywhere app gave me for free so I guess I can’t keep them on the new app? Anyways, they’re at least in my iTunes account so I can still watch them there, it just defeats the point if they’re not all accessible from this app like advertised. But in all fairness they did give me some new movies with this app so it’s not a total waste. Movies Anywhere won’t let me view my movies from my from Disney Movies Anywhere account. Each time I attempt to import my movies, it tells me the movies have already been imported for my account, but then shows no movies. Still watching my movies on Disney Movies Anywhere, hopefully they will fix this problem before that app closes in February. This one is also not as easy to maneuver through in comparison to the Disney Movies Anywhere. Very disappointed.
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2 years ago, Izaiah bear
What happened to Itunes download
I remember when i used to buy blu-ray movies they came with the same style with the codes and i would enter them and they would all be on my, which now is called “Apple TV” and they would stay there, i have a very good amount and since i’ve always had an iphone no problem, but now i have to download this separate app just to add them there an watch them which adds more space to my phone and since i have to download it from the app i’m not confident my movies will always be available because my phone offloads random apps, if i were to have known i would need to watch movies on a different app like netflix i would have just bought it directly from apple, but i would have to say for someone like me the convince isn’t really there, unless i am missing something that adds my movie to apple tv, non the less the movie is still there and i have it just wish i had stored with my other movies because my playstation and xbox doesn’t support movies anywhere
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6 years ago, DmitryD777
Application has too many issues
We purchased two movies from different studios and it was first time trying this app - it wasn’t our choice, it’s more like we were forced to use this particular app. I downloaded copies and checked them before giving iPad to our son during the long road trip. He started to watch one at home minutes before getting into the car. It was good for 30 minutes. After half an hour application stopped and gave message about not having any offline copies. So long trip was with no movies. When we arrived to destination I’ve checked the app: it asked me to sign in again, as soon as I did - movies appeared. In several days my son was flying with my wife, I’ve checked the app and movies were there. They boarded the plane - movies were gone. I’ve checked later iPad (when it had WiFi connection to internet) the app asked me to sign in again and after that movies appeared. Application has deep issues with authentication and needs internet connection to work. In case if I want to watch purchased movie when offline - hold off your expectations. More fixes and improvements are needed. But as the customers we are very disappointed.
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5 years ago, Dignan17
Good but could be better
The service made the transition to Apple TV much easier because we could combine our purchases from various services into one place. The biggest problem I have with the service is the way they have chosen to create accounts for children. The only control they give you is using the film’s rating. This would be fine if you agreed with the rating system of the movie industry, or if that system was applied equally over its history. But that’s not always the case. For example, I have given my kids access to G and PG rated movies, but right now I’m debating whether or not I should buy Beetlejuice, because I know it’ll show up under their account and I clearly don’t want them to see this movie. But I have no way to select specific films I want to show up in their account. I don’t feel like this would be a hard thing to change, and I hope they consider it. I also hope they consider a better way to provide feedback, because currently I don’t see any, and the service has no presence on social media.
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2 years ago, JordyRulez
All movies sync to all platforms!!!
This app is absolutely fantastic! I honestly thought this was just an app to watch all my movies on because it allows you to sync movies from all of your online outlets like Prime, YT, Xbox and so on. However, by syncing them all within the app, the movies I purchased from Microsoft on my Xbox, I can actually watch directly on YT/Google Play as well as being able to watch my YT/Google Play movies on my Xbox. What a great tool to place all your movies together no matter what service you’re on at any given moment. So if you don’t like the streaming services within the app itself, it’s as simple as not using it. Once you sync all your streaming platforms to Movies Anywhere, you can literally watch them ANYWHERE as it makes them available on ALL of your platforms.
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7 years ago, mdg8
No Support Whatsoever
I have now submitted 3 support tickets on the same issue over the past several weeks: ie some of my iTunes movies not showing up in my Movies Anywhere account. All I’ve ever received in reply are autoresponses promising that someone would be in touch. No one ever was. This may be a potentially convenient service, but if you ever need support, you’re out of luck. I’ll be deleting the app and my account. 11/12 Update: My first attempt to reach support was via chat. The automated system asked me to detail my issue, which I did. To prevent a lengthy wait, the system invited me to transfer my chat into an email support ticket that would retain all the info I had already input. That would have been a terrific feature, except the email I ultimately received made no reference to the info I had already input and asked all over again for details about my issue. Although frustrated, I complied...which launched my series of “no reply other than auto responder emails.” While I appreciate the suggestion to use phone support, I’m not sure I’m prepared to put any more energy into this app. So, for now, my rating stands.
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5 years ago, James7Sole
Best Apple TV Alternative!!!
I have had an Apple TV for over a year now, and since I got it I have expanded my iTunes movie collection from 0 to around 30 movies. This service works great for me to use with the living room tv in order to gather my iTunes movies along with my google play movies. My only criticisms are I would like to be able hide individual movies from within Movies Anywhere and to allow access to purchased tv shows from linked services. Asides from that, I am 101% happy with what this program currently has to offer. Tremendous thanks to the organizers and developers who made this app happen!!! You have saved time from me having to unhook my Apple TV or laptop and having to relocate and re-hook them up anytime I wanted to watch a movie on the big screen or with family.
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6 months ago, Skeptical Mark
Will steal your movies if you don’t log in when they tell you.
Ever get a phishing email that pretends to be a business you pay a for a service? The email threatens that you will lose your account and any value you’ve put into it if you don’t go to their link and enter your user name and password. This is the kind of email Movies Anywhere will send you. You redeem all you digital copies through Movies Anywhere and then after a while they start sending you emails threatening to steal your movies if you don’t log in and agree to their updated user agreement. The tactic is indistinguishable from phishing. Then depending on what retailer you use, it is a painstakingly complex process of entering passwords and approving user agreements to get them to link. I just want to watch a movie I bought a few years ago. Not run to the computer while the family is waiting in the living room, trying to deviate a labyrinth of user agreements and forgotten passwords.
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6 years ago, E Bzz
Movies disappear from app
My movies started disappearing from this app about a month ago. I own a total of 21 movies on this app and now can only see 10. I contacted customer service and after a couple of weeks I had someone reply with the customer service number to call. Customer service was very helpful and we figured out that the movie rating under my profile was the issue. Someone (probably my kids) had chosen a G movie rating which makes all movies higher than that or with no rating disappear. The reason I put 4 stars instead of 5 is because we still have an issue with viewing the movies sometimes. When we choose a movie to watch we get an error message and we can’t watch that movie. Other than that, this app is great because my kids can watch their movies whenever they want and it allows me to cast to my TV. That is so convenient.
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6 years ago, gingersnapkat
Terrific App....
I can’t say enough good things about this app. First off I don’t have a technical cell in my brain! I had bought quite a few movies as I live in Jamaica for the most part of the year. No T.V. I would download movies to watch on my computer... That said, I had movies from several different sites... I am in the states now for a while and couldn’t figure out how to get my movies from phone to my T.V. This app has completely solved my problem. After trying for 3 weeks to figure something out I ran across this app and in no time have all my purchased shows in 1 spot. It was super easy to get going (don’t know the technical jargon) and in minutes was watching a movie. Thank you so very much for this terrific app. I can’t rave enough about its ease of use etc.. P.S this the 1st review I have ever done. Felt to tell anyone, as I am lacking in technical skills. Thanks again
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7 years ago, KernelPan1c
Like the concept
My main purpose for this app is the ability to cast my iTunes movies to a chromecast, which works well. I also like the idea of combining the many digital libraries in one place. My only issue is I can’t get all of my iTunes purchases to appear in my library. Hopefully this gets fixed and the app gets polished to the point it becomes a go to app. Edit: I’m now learning, from developer response, not all movie studios/titles are supported. This is unfortunate, and perhaps this could be denoted more clearly, but it’s certainly better than none. This may very well be noted, but I’m one of the many who glosses through all the disclaimers/alerts. What would probably be the best solution is to load titles that aren’t supported faded back in a section under available movies. This way users can see clearly which movies are currently available from studios.
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2 years ago, K95000grr
Account connection is annoying
I accidentally made a second account since I forgot I already had one. I like having all my digital copies on my Apple TV account. I read you have to use your Apple ID email in order to connect it to this app. So I do not understand why it didn’t inform me I already had an account with that email when I made the second one…now I can’t connect the new one to my iTunes cause it says I already have an account connected. So I cannot connect the movie I just redeemed on the new account to my Apple TV account. This is frustrating and not user friendly since, after searching the internet, there is no solution to this issue. UPDATE: Customer service was great. They reached out and fixed the issue for me.
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9 months ago, Sansa561
It’s time to bring Tv Series to this app..
I think we’ve waited long enough. I’ve been using this app for the past five years I’ve noticed then, but we all thought maybe by this time you guys would’ve implemented the TV series also that I purchased off of console through my Xbox one I don’t understand how you guys are able to connect all the movies that we’ve purchased but you can’t seem to bring over the TV series also that we purchased through our console as well please fix this this is the only thing wrong with your app. Other than that it’s great, but it can be so much better. If you could just add all the TV series I’ve purchased through my consul as well, thank you
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6 years ago, betoajp
Absolutely great movie app! But...
This app is great for storing your Digital movie copies. I now buy movies more often than I usually did. But, I’ve encountered this problem three times. The first one was two months ago. When I went offline to watch a movie, it appeared with a pop up reading “The operation could not be completed” (May I remind you I had the movie saved offline) so I decided to delete the app, and reinstall. It worked for a few weeks. Than a month ago, I went on vacation, and during the plane ride, I opened up the app to watch the movie, but the pop up came up again. I deleted, reinstalled, and it worked once again. today, I went offline to see if it would still work, but no use. It popped up saying “the operation could not be completed.” Please help, I’m really dying to see my movies, when I’m on the airplane. It’s boring just sitting there for hours having nothing to do.
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3 years ago, Chesborogor
Great app! Just one small problem
I have had this app on my computer for about a year now and a couple of days ago I downloaded it onto my phone and it is great! I am able to watch movies on my phone during long car trips. I just have one small problem with it: Connecting with retailers. When I connected with my fandango now account, I figured all my fandango movies would be on the Movie Anywhere but they aren’t. All my movies from Movies Anywhere are on my fandango account so that’s weird. The reason I’m making a slightly big deal about it is because I prefer using Movies Anywhere to Fandango now. Besides that, it’s great. I will start buying more brand new blu rays to get those codes!
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6 years ago, Sears House
Doesn’t work
Being forced to use this app is very frustrating. It hardly works and it lags when you try going into different menus. And many many movies that i had on digital didn’t transfer over to this app. How am I supposed to watch those movies...that’s right, you can’t now. But what’s even better is that the majority of the time when i have movies downloaded, it won’t let you play them if you can even get them to show up in the saved movie section. It’s ALWAYS telling me that I’m not hooked up to WiFi. What the @&$! More than half the movie i download won’t play because of that error message. So i can rarely watch anything anymore!! Been dealing with this app for a long time now and have barely been able to watch any of my movies anymore because it won’t let me play them and it lags horrendously to the point where it’s not worth messing with. If the app is ever fixed and all my movies are available.. then i will give it a 5 star. For is junk.
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6 years ago, WingsOfFire-LeafWing
This app is wonderful!
I love what this app allows you to do, with everything from the premise itself, to the fact that you can save movies offline, to the idea of buying movies either in the app, or in real life, to the great service given when I asked for help. I had a problem with my email address being incorrect, and I send in a help ticket that was responded to within several hours. I corresponded with this person who helped me merge my two accounts, one of which had an incorrect email address and a movie on it. I still have my movie, and I now only have one account with one correct email address. The entire problem was solved in under 12 hours. This app is highly recommended to you by me!
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5 years ago, SimplyOrganized13
This app is garbage!!!!
This app stinks. We were forced to switch when Disney movies anywhere went away. We never once had a problem with that one. We have had nothing but issues with this one. Every single time we try to play a movie without WiFi an error message comes up that says “the operation cannot be performed” or “licensing error” and the movie won’t play. The only way it will play a movie that we have saved offline is if we first connect to wifi, start the movie, and then put it on airplane to play it again. With the licensing error issue, our library copy and copy saved offline gives us this message. To get either to work, we have to delete the movie from our saved movies, go back to our library, then re-save offline. Obviously this is not doable on a road trip so we then have to explain to a 4 year old why her movies that we have paid for never work. It’s a huge inconvenience and I just wish they would bring back the old app!
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6 years ago, VeroAleli
Forced Transition from Disney...not happy so far
I want to like this app and give it five stars, and I would if your development group would please incorporate the “profile” setup on a device that shows just that designated material and below. I was hopeful when my daughter’s (age 6) movies would be joined under one location, but then under the “Explore” she is bombarded with all movies, not just family and kids, like before. She has to go find “family”. When we initially were informed to download this app, we dutifully created a profile for myself, husband and our daughter and set hers to G rated only allowed for viewing. I thought this would hide unwanted material and was not happy to see everything up to rated R and horror first thing upon opening the app. So for a recent example, “it”, super creepy and scary....on her device she is able to view info and watch trailer! Along with some more adult movies we would prefer not be allowed. Another example: Jason Bourne the one that comes in the bundle, plays on our daughters device whose profile is set to G and the movie is PG-13. I will be removing this app soon if this is not changed. My suggestion is to set the queries on devices based on the profile it’s using. I’ll give it a few more updates before pulling it for good.
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5 years ago, Pretty@Princess
Best Movie App I’ve Ever Purchased In My Whole Life!!!!!!!!!
At first, I was very very upset 😡 and so mad 😡 about this app because it won’t let me watch any movie I wish to watch. I was so MAD 😡, I thought I never want to see this app again!!!!!!!! 2 Years later, I finally get to watch any movie I want, especially Disney Princess 👸 movies. Today, I’ll take back everything I said about this app after the update to this movie 🎥 app right now. Movies Anywhere, I’m so sorry 😔 about everything I said about you and everything else. I hope 🤞 you’ll forgive me for everything I said about this app. BTW, that was definitely the Biggest and The Best comeback and update of this app I’ve ever seen in my life. Well Done 👍 & Thank you 🙏 so much!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, HawaiiSurferGuy26
Love this app!!!!!
I love this app so much! Without it all my over 200 digital movies would be completely separated over multiple different websites and apps. With this app it links almost all my accounts. I can’t wait for the rest of the film studios to join this amazing app! Only downside is certain titles don’t sync because certain studios aren’t apart of it, yet. Which honestly prevents me from buying from them now! 😂 Less money for them! But, other than that it’s amazing and I know in time the other studios will wake up and see they’re really losing money and join. For now this is a major step in the right direction. Thank you guys so much!
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7 years ago, Mtwfgh123456789987654321gghj
Needs a fix
Developer assured me customer service would be able to get Scarface, among others out of my 4 year olds primarily Disney Collection. I have contacted them 5 times and the only response I have received was copy and pasted instructions on how to disconnect from iTunes. Not really helpful since I mentioned in the email that I had already disconnected from iTunes. That’s it, no response to anything I addressed. Completely useless, completely unhelpful. Well over a week of this nonsense. The app itself would be a great idea if there was a way to control what goes in or at least be able to delete unwanted movies. This shouldn’t be a difficult fix, but then again, they have the world’s worst customer service. When this get fixed, I’ll adjust my rating. Have I mentioned how bad their customer service is? It’s bad, very bad.
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5 years ago, Cavalius
Too Damned Difficult
Movies Anywhere is not really anywhere. I tried creating an account through their web page, because I bought a movie which had a digital copy. Their password requirements were so stringent, I had to take a screenshot just to make sure I could remember it. When I finally was able to complete the Herculean task, their website said I was typing my password incorrectly. I gave up and downloaded the app, which thankfully was much easier to navigate. I successfully created an account, yay me. Then, I went to find the app on my Playstation, so I could watch the movie somewhere besides my phone. You know what? No app. Next, I tried the Xbox. Haha no app. I used the native web browser to find the website, and guess what? It would not accept the password with which I just created my account. So now, I have a digital copy of a movie I can only watch on my phone. Not really anywhere near anywhere.
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6 years ago, Sxoutet
Good but lots of work still be done
Movies Anywhere is the holy grail of digital movie ownership with the ability to buy a movie anywhere and then watch it anywhere. However, they still need to add studios (Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM) and retailers (Microsoft and Kaleidescape) to make that happen. They desperately need to add special features to the Continue Watching area. This was available on Disney Movies Anywhere so I don't know why it was removed. A lot of bonus features and commentaries are long and I watch them across sessions. It currently is very difficult to pick up where I was last watching. They've done a great job of adding bonus features and commentaries but there are still a lot missing. I would love to be able to get rid of my DVDs if all the content was available on Movies Anywhere. Also, a minor gripe from the perfectionist in me would like to see more consistency in the bonus features organization. Some title are in all caps and some not, some are missing titles all together, and the subcategories are not consistent. All in all, that fact we're at this point is great and I'm very happy. I just don't want them to stop here when the Movies Anywhere platform has the potential to be absolutely amazing
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7 years ago, Drhandy
I wasn’t able to access my downloaded movie in flight!
I had downloaded one of my movie titles to my IPad for later viewing while flying on a commercial airliner. The title was identified as downloaded prior to my going off line (airplane mode). However, when I attempted to view the movie in flight, I kept getting the “circle of infinity”. Eventually, the app instructed me to log on to access my movies, which, of course, was impossible in flight. I checked my “IPAD Software Usage” data, and the movie in fact had been downloaded and resident on my IPad, But was not accessible. When I arrived at my hotel, I did log back in, and was finally able to access my downloaded movie. I’ve emailed this incident to the developer, but have not gotten a response. Before my return flight, I made sure I was still logged in to this app, and I started viewing the first minute of my movie in advance. Once on board my plane, and again back in “airplane mode”, the app did work, and I enjoyed my viewing of “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”. I even paused the movie twice for a little shuteye, and was able to resume my movie. But I would like to know why I could not view my movie on my earlier flight, despite having downloaded it to my IPad, and despite never having logged off.
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5 years ago, discoTITANFALL
Extremely useful🤩
This app brings together most of the major digital movie distributors to make sure you can watch the movies you want in excellent quality across almost all devices. This really helps when having an IPhone and then having a Microsoft computer or Samsung tv. This app isn’t really a streaming service but more of a threshold connecting movie providers. This is most exceptionally useful when a provider has a sale that the others don’t, allowing you to get what you want for a better deal and still being able to watch it on other movie provider’s steaming services regardless of if you bought it from them or not.
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5 years ago, Jmg1674
Great movie app, horrible offline experience
I like this app compiles movies from a lot of studios together. I like that it saves them in a more compressed format that iTunes thus taking up less space on older devices with limited storage. The horrible thing is the offline experience. In a matter of weeks a downloaded movies has its licensing ‘expire’ so you have to delete it and download it again. A pain since many ISPs are limiting included data now not to mention a real pain to find out the movie your kid wants to watch in the car won’t play anymore. Once I download a movie, I’d like to be able to access it any time. These aren’t rentals that expire. I bought the movie and I just wan to watch it not have to deal with downloading it again BST verify your movies still work before going offline.
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5 years ago, Mr. AKB
Too Many Errors and Issues
I'm astonished that an app which probably makes good revenue and has the financial support to make an awesome app, has not fixed all of the errors and issues. What is the purpose of paying for a movie, to then be able to save if offline BUT never be able to play it offline. We use this for our kids to watch on long drives and at places with no wifi, and always get an error. Operation failed, movie not parse, movie error. When this happens we need to remove the movie, then have wifi connection to re-save it, then cross our fingers it works, which it sometimes does but 2 days later another error and we are doing this song and dance again. Come on guys Get your act together. This shouldn't be this difficult. Beyond frustrated with this app!
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6 years ago, Alto erg
So tired of spending time loading movies to view offline then have them suddenly stop playing for various error messages. It is clear the file is still there and the app is failing. Now I can not even get a movie to download to my device. It just keeps spinning thinking about it. And yes, my device is a brand new ipad with updated operating system and your software. And yes, I have a great WiFi connection. And yes, I completed all three of your troubleshooting steps for movies won’t play. At least some of them were still on my device and working until I uninstalled the app at your suggestion. Now I have lost all my offline files and can not get them to load again. Every time I go to use this app it ends up wasting hours of my time! So many other apps handle video files very well. Why can’t a big corporation get it together. It has been glitchy since it was Disney Movies Anywhere.
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7 years ago, ChloraPhyll
No Way to Hide Unwanted Movies
I started using Movies anywhere last week, and I love the service so far! It’s a great way to collect all your movies from different sources into one easy-to-manage location. It lives up to the name. Right now, there’s still one glaring hole with the app: There’s no way to hide movies in Movies Anywhere. This is a big deal for anyone who has movies in their collection that they either no longer wish to watch, bought for someone else, or that came as an extra part of a bundle. iTunes provides a simple option for hiding movies for users who don’t want to see them anymore so they can focus on the movies they do want to see. Meanwhile, Movies Anywhere shows all movies by default. I’d love if the development staff added in an option to hide unwanted movies to assist in making the experience more optimized for movie collectors.
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7 years ago, Paulh52
Sadly, a few things are missing from this app.
First of all, for visually impaired users, there is no way to take advantage of audio described movies. Next, there was a unique feature in the Disney anywhere app. For visually impaired users, there was a way to download audio description for the 18 Pixar movies. One could listen to the audio description through headphones while the rest of the family watch the movie on television without audio description. This is not available in the movies anywhere app. It would be great if the developers could allow downloading of audio description content for any movies which had descriptive audio so that the user could listen to that audio description in headphones without the rest of the family having to listen to that as they watch the movie.
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1 year ago, tjhtjh57
Had a problem and they communicated with me to ensure that my codes were good
Hello all, just wanted to let you know that Movies Anywhere stands behind the service they provide. I had a problem signing in and they told me that my account didn’t exist, so since I was out of town I had to wait until I returned home to resolve my issue. So when I returned home I signed up as a new customer and downloaded four codes, digital blu ray movies I had purchased Much easier using Movies Anywhere to store and play back my movies. Thanks again, you are a model business that truly cares about their customer base.
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5 years ago, VanHeath
Great App for easy access to digital movies but....
I love movies anywhere, and it’s really cool that they have expanded their list of digital movie retailers you can link to your account. I just wish that when searching for a new movie to buy the Movies Anywhere App would either show the movie prices from each linked retailer or just return the retailer with the cheapest price. Currently when you click to buy it just opens up iTunes to purchase the movie. I currently have 6 retailers linked to my Movies Anywhere. When I get in the mood to purchase a new movie, I have to look it up on all 6 sites to find the best deal. More often than not, I lose the desire to purchase the movie after comparing 2 or 3 retailers.
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4 years ago, cl90!
Good if you use while connected to the internet
I initially loved having the movies here and being able to download on my devices. After downloading the movie and having it for a while it gives me a licensing error and will not let me play the movie that I paid for. The whole point of being able to save a movie offline is to view when there is no internet. Well I cannot do that. On helpful tips it says to erase the movie and re-download well if I own the movie it’s ridiculous to keep doing this every day that I want to watch offline. It keeps saying this will be fixed that movies anywhere is working on it. But so far not impressed that I went through the trouble of linking and downloading if I have to constantly re download. Hope it’s fixed soon. Because it seems like it could be a great app.
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6 years ago, CtoTheDoubleOL
I have to admit, I hated the app, Disney, as well as other companies were switching to Movies Anywhere and I didn’t understand why. I installed the app, connected my Google Play and ITunes account, then watched my first movie on the app, and I found it more interactive, reliable, than any other app (including the Apple TV app) and I can share my movies with everyone in my family with one account. I once tried to install a movie on Movies Anywhere and for some reason, it didn’t connect it to my other devices, I got an email back within 1 day with helpful advice and tips. Really can’t recommend it enough. In one word, I would say “Amazing.”
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5 years ago, Llue023
Such a terrible App... Can’t believe huge movie industries trusted this App to provide customers with redeeming their digital copies of their movies. I’ve tried everything from removing the App and reinstalling on multiple times, restarting my iPhone as instructed by the website, still had the same issue of “Cellular Playback Warning” EVEN WITH MY WI-FI Connected. Can’t watch a few seconds of any of the movies that I’ve “Saved Offline” without getting this alert. I’ve saved the movies for offline, yet still prompts me with this warning then automatically returns me to the movie menu. I’m out of ideas. I’m not sure if others are also experiencing this issue and have found a solution. If there’s no solution, then I’ve wasted money buying movies with digital copies through this worthless and unreliable App... very disappointed. I would give this negative stars if possible.
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5 years ago, Robotech58
Dropping My Support
I received an email today saying Movies Anywhere was dropping support for iOS 9, and that if your device doesn't support higher than iOS 9, you should buy a new device... Yeah. Right. NOT!! My iPad 3 still works just fine thanks, and a handful of improperly built Apps is no incentive to spend the money required to buy an otherwise unnecessary upgrade. There is no needed feature you can add that justifies alienating any portion of your customer base, and any business manager trying to appease Apple by doing so to push sales needs to go back to school. (And yes, I do have an MBA to go along with my engineering degree.) There are very few Apps that actually require the power update, and this isn't one of them. The other possibility is that the developers just haven't figured out their software build settings, to let it include iOS 9. That's a newby mistake.
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6 years ago, he's doing good
Love this App!!
I really loved the Disney Movies Anywhere app, so when I heard that they were closing it down, naturally I was disappointed. However, I now really enjoy the the Movies Anywhere app. There is (obviously) a much larger selection of movies to purchase and watch, and I can now keep all of my movies in one place. I was very hesitant about the transferring of my old movies from Disney Movies Anywhere to Movies Anywhere, but it was smooth sailing. The only thing I would like now is a place, similar to the Discovery page in the Disney Movies Anywhere, where I can go and watch videos about the movies I am interested in. Besides that, this app has been amazing!
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6 years ago, Bylersmom
No way to get help with issues. No customer services
I have a few issues that I can’t get help to fix. I bought unrated versions of a few movies. I used the digital codes they came with but the rated versions is what downloaded. NOT HAPPY!!!! Another movie won’t play at all. It worked previously but for some reason now it won’t. I keep getting an error message. I tried to find answers to these problems through the help center tab. There is a long list options, but none pertaining to my issues. And no option I could find to even email or insta message anyone. So very dissatisfied with this app. Needs lots of work.
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2 years ago, melaclaro
Not the consolidator I was hoping for
I was (still am) looking for an app that would consolidate all the various movies AND “wishlists” (“My Lists”) across my multiple subscriptions. Turns out, it doesn’t connect HBO Max, Netflix, Paramount, Disney+ and others. Worse, the My List function in this app seems to only be limited to movies and shows that are My Listed from this app. (Can’t pull in my lists from the services I *was* able to connect to. So, it’s just basically another service I have to drill into in order to see yet another My List library.) One day, someone will create an app that truly consolidates all watch listed movie titles across all the movie subscription services. But today is not that day.
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5 years ago, TheGamerGirl999
I downloaded this app for an overnight school trip to Quebec (about an 9 hour trip), and it works great. I saw a few critical reviews saying things like, “doesn’t work in Canada” Well, there must have been something wrong with their phone because it works great! I saw another review complaining that the movies cost money. Hate to tell you, but most of the time free movies are illegal... Also i just used this app to get the digital version that comes with your Blu-ray/DVD of the movie. Another review complained that it tries to steal your data. Not true. Just save the movies for offline while you’re on wifi. I highly recommend this app. It works great!
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7 years ago, Jahelmie
Why isn’t this a 5 Star app?!?!
This app was the answer to my biggest problem for so long! All my digital movies in all my different accounts were a pain to access so I only used iTunes and just forgot about the rest. Finally someone solved my problem. Why is this only a 3.6 out of 5 stars?!?!?! This should be 5 out of 5!!!! Thank you for the great app and for the free movies for doing what I intended on doing anyway when I downloaded the app! You basically rewarded me for using the app the way it was intended to be used! You guys are the greatest! I don’t write reviews often unless I come across a gold nugget like this! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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7 years ago, Jade Larson
Seems good but...
I signed up for this because the Disney one is closing down. I like the concept and do appreciate the free movies for linking my account. I just wish the free movie was optional and not added immediately to my library without me getting a say. While my son will no doubt Love Ice Age, I am not a fan of the 2016 Ghostbusters. It is now in my library whether I want it there or not. Can this be taken back out? My recommendation would be to give subscribers the option on which free movie they can add. Another useful option would be to give us the option to decline the free movie if it is something we do not want. Thank you
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7 years ago, Yorick Delano
Needs more movies &tv shows
I can't give this app less than a 5 star rating because it gave me Big Hero 6 for free and that pretty much automatically makes it great... Buuuuuuuut, I do wish there were just a few more movies available on this app, I'm still waiting for classic James Bond, the first 2 Terminator movies (AKA the good ones,) the usual suspects, good will hunting, gangs of New York, and a lot of anime movies to be available. Also it's a little annoying they don't have a single tv show available, which would be really nice. However this app is still young and I just wanted to give some recommendations
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7 years ago, St. Zinc
About Time
I really wonder why this took so long? So far the app is working very well. A little glitchy at first and didn't recognize all my logins but seems to be working better now. Some feedback section in the app per studio would be nice. That way studios have a direct line with the consumer, adding a rental section would be nice too. So no Paramount and Lions Gate that is to bad. This app gives control back to the studios no longer are we shackled to iTunes or Google etc..I can buy from wherever. The studios can also negotiate harder with the iTunes dominance. And if they don't agree make the deal with Google and consumers will buy from them. Guess Paramount and Lions haven't figured that one out yet.
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6 years ago, David H. - MN
Lose movies ever time there is an update...yes, every single time
I had to make the change with Disney closing down their app. The first experience was not good - the iPad app did not have the ability to save movies locally. The experience had been improving and the apps had been reliable for a while. Unfortunately that was short-lived and each of the last updates caused issues with our saved movies. I tried logging in again and streaming while connected but still got playback errors. Resetting the iPad didn’t help. Logging out and back in didn’t fix it either. As a last resort, I finally removed the app and downloaded all our library again only to have the latest update once again cause issues. I cannot recommend the app to their service until issues with saved movies are fixed.
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