MS Driver’s Practice Test

2.7 (35)
4.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for MS Driver’s Practice Test

2.69 out of 5
35 Ratings
12 years ago, C's man
Divided Highway Begins has incorrect answer of Divided Highway Ends. Otherwise, it seems that there are only about one or two new questions when retaking test.
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5 months ago, Levihughes51
False info
I downloaded the app to try and study cause I didn’t have a book and when I took the test almost all the questions that I remembered from the app and had anything to do with distance or anything or the sort were incorrect. I just assumed it was me forgetting the answers but when I took it a second time it was the same situation. Terrible app! Do not recommend!
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2 years ago, 💨😈😌🦾😈😌🤪🦾🖤🥰😈🥰👁
False information!!!
There is an error on this app. The answer I picked is correct but it marked wrongly on this app. This is the reason why many people fail and needs to be changed IMMEDIATELY. The question about the double arrow traffic sign is supposed the be “a divided highway begins” but it was marked wrong. Who ever is over this app fix this and clear the confusion.
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4 years ago, Datnoobieguy
When I took my driver test it went great
It had almost identical questions and answers
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4 years ago, Toter_
Do not use.
I downloaded this app to help me prepare for the test. The formatting on the questions was bad. The last half of the questions were missing, so I had to assume what the questions were.
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2 years ago, TheCartoonFan12
Why does this even exist 😡
It study with this and when I took the test none of questions are the same what a waste of time
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5 years ago, Lex_2185
wish i could give 0 stars
DO NOT USE THIS TO STUDY!! many questions have incorrect answers. it is easier and to your benefit to just read the book.
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3 years ago, R.J. High
Bad setup
Half the answers are cut off and you can’t read the full questions
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11 years ago, Physicist43
One Error in Question Grading
This is a good app that helps to study the various questions and topics covered by the driver's test. There is one error in the grading of the questions. The graded answer of question that asks about the divided highway caution sign does not match the correct answer or the one in the driver's license manual on page 44.
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12 years ago, KRGibbs
Great practice app!
With two kids who will be taking this test in the next two years, this app will see a lot of use. Very well done!
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12 years ago, travelsized
Great !!
This app is great for new drivers and for drivers who have been driving for many many years, like myself.
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11 years ago, I am only in it for the coins
One mistake
It's a good app, but the divided highway sign is mistaken. The sign shows that a divided highway starts, but the answer that they put is a divided highway ends. It is incorrect and I hope they fix it. Wish me luck on my test tommorow.
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7 years ago, Shonda29
Answers are not correct
Please study the book and not this app their are several questions that the answers are not right and my daughter used this app to help before the test after reading the book and she was so confused she failed not happy with this app at all
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12 years ago, Riley Strickland
Extra star
Just for the fact that the screen shot is on 4:20 rock on Mississippi. Hahaha. But good app I guess.
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11 years ago, Toquinn55
Big disappointment
We bought an iPhone specifically to download this app. We went to take the written test and answers of 3 questions on test were different from the app. Of course, I failed. THIS WAS A WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE!!
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8 years ago, Ni adds
None of these are on the test!
Well thanks i failed! ! I would use the app with all 300 question or buy the book at the place cuz this app is junk!
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10 years ago, Jonathan REEVES
On the question about an officer directing traffic it reads "if a PEACE officer"
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10 years ago, Bon15
Made me fail
Some of the questions on here are wrong and so I missed them on my test
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8 years ago, 😄😄😀😊☺️
Really great app!! Helped me a lot!!!
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8 years ago, JamieTheCarGuy
Don't get this app
Most questions on this app is not even on the test. Don't use this app AT ALL to study!
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10 years ago, Driving question
IS there 25 qustion on the test now? and is all these same question are on the test?
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10 years ago, Acftmd
Many test mistakes compared to study guide !! All roundabouts go counter clockwise in the US.
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7 years ago, Mr.B-Rad
Not supported for IOS 11
Not supported for IOS 11
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9 years ago, iiamsantana
Pure Trash
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