MSNBC: Watch Live & Analysis

4.1 (21.4K)
82.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
NBC News Digital, LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for MSNBC: Watch Live & Analysis

4.12 out of 5
21.4K Ratings
4 years ago, ccjnc1
Almost perfect, except for....
I watch MSNBC every day, sometimes I have it on all day, and the app lets me watch it while I’m away from home. App works very well EXCEPT that it freezes frequently and usually I can’t get it to unfreeze. Sometimes, after several minutes, it will begin to play again on its own but usually it stays stuck. I then have to go back to the MSNBC Home page, select Live TV and hope it will play correctly. In the meantime I’ll have missed part of the program. And sometimes, when a live program has frozen, it won’t let me go back to the MSNBC Home page at all and I actually have to turn my device off, then back on, select the MSNBC app... and start all over. This is very annoying and such a pain that I often just quit watching - which is certainly not what I want to do! But when a live program has frozen twice, or more, during a single viewing, it is just too aggravating and frustrating to go through the process of trying to get it to unfreeze and restart. Grrrrrrr!
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2 months ago, Very Disappointed 910
Do NOT update this app. It only gets worse
I stream evening MSNBCprograms on my phone while making dinner. For the past year, when my fave show Reid Out came on, inexplicably, service would freeze every few minutes or every 15 seconds. I'd have to turn off my phone to get it back. Latest upgrade, changed things for the worst. It made it harder to start live streaming and get the image to fill the screen. It offered more links and headlines and junk getting in the way of just turning on the show. Here's the kicker. Today, a few days into the latest update this app suddenly informed me I had to turn off my ad blockers to watch the program I had just brought up. You mean there is an ad blocker that turns of MSNBC's dreadful pharmaceutical ads for erectile dysfunction, female incontinence, the gold mine of life insurance buybacks that show retirees as too ignorant to know what they're "sitting on" but the men working mining jobs are smarter about about? I digress. The answer is no. There is no such ad blocker for TV ads, but MSNBC wants to control the possibiliity that a live stream viewer may wander into the blog or newsletter section and start reading without the barrage of internet ads? MSNBC, you are better than this. Get it together. And stop with the ageist ads that insult half your viewing audience.
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3 years ago, slv_j
Great Programming, but what’s up with Spanish commercials?
I watch MSNBC on app practically all day, from Way Too Early to the 11th Hour. But lately most of the commercials are in Spanish. Is bilingual TV programming hip these days?? There are some people who might be highly offended by this, however I am not one of them. To be honest, when I’m ready to buy something I’m going to do all of my homework not just believe what is loaded into my brain in between Morning Joe and Dealine White House. So the fact that I can’t understand them helps me to ignore them even more. I’m sure Verizon and Honda don’t want to hear that. The only English commercials I hear anymore are about cancer, sleep apnea and bowel problems. It would be better if you could just choose what language you want to hear programming in, to be fair all around. Otherwise please make all the commercials in Spanish, Cantonese, or any other language so I don’t have to pay any attention to any of them.
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5 years ago, MyGirlz#1Mom
I'm so glad this app exists!
We spend much time in areas we can't get satellite, so we rely on streaming when we are in the RV. App support was very helpful when I couldn't watch live on my iPad, and they made it possible. My only complaint is how long it takes to get episodes up on the app. Since we are on the west coast, Morning Joe is over by the time we get up, so we can't watch live. We can stream on you tube, each hour is available almost as soon as it has finished playing. I'd love if MSNBC would break the program up into hour-long blocks and make all available on the app sooner. I don't know why the whole show isn't available, instead of just a fraction. I always (mostly) enjoy the variety of speakers in the program and you are short changing the viewers by not having the whole show availability. I'd much rather watch the whole thing on MSNBC than some random Chinese channel on you tube.
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4 years ago, ugh really frustrated
Like it but frustrated
I like the app but am absolutely frustrated with it now. Did the update yesterday and now cannot watch it “live”. I haven’t updated on my iPad because I don’t know what the problem is and it Is difficult for me to find where to get help. Tired of all of the freezing (used cellular data to bypass this from searching for connectivity), tired of message saying can’t view and need to use cellular data (which I already do), tired of the repetitiveness of the commercials (if I’m already signed in with my paid provider, why so many commercial?) and the same commercial can play back to back up to 5 times, tired of the freezing (buffering screen) I have to close out the app, swipe up to remove as prior viewed and restart. By the time I do this then I miss what I was watching. Like watching morning joe on my way to work and deadline whitehouse on my way home. I can no longer watch this due to the new update. Hopefully I’ll be able to get someone to address otherwise I have to find a new channel to watch. Thanks.
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6 years ago, _UKRefugee_
Not that many issues, but not perfect - And the Ad Serving.. WOW!
Unlike many people, I have a few problems but can generally watch consistently and with few problems. It might freeze for a while, but a quick close and re-open fixes that. I use an iPad 4 and an iPad 2 with little or no issues. One thing tho' that baffles me completely is the ad serving. Every single ad break features truncated ads, either missing the beginning or end. I have been streaming all day today and pretty much every ad, in every break since I started watching Morning Joe, has cut off after about 20 secs, and before the ad ever declares who it is for, or comes in in the middle of the ad. I was an ad buyer for a while and I certainly wouldn't have been happy paying for primetime slots that never serve my client's ad to the point of the brand payoff. I want MSNBC to succeed and if they can't even do the fundamentals like serving ads for a full 30 secs, God knows how they will prosper. Update: V6.0.2 Wow! So far SO much better. Good job with the new UI and all the layout and new features. Keep it up. Thank you for putting some real effort behind this update. I have always been able to stream, but the quality and latency was pretty bad, and the stream would often hang for many, many minutes, if it worked at all... BUT.. This version seems to have solved a lot of these issues and also given us AirPlay (thank you!!!). Keep on keeping on MSNBC.
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5 years ago, javabean505
Working OK for me... Why??
All the excoriating negative reviews here left me confused, as I'm not experiencing any of the problems described. After giving this a bit of thought, I've come up with a couple ideas that might explain it. 1) Maybe my ISP is faster or more consistent than most. I'm going through Xfinity with a measured downstream in excess of 100Mbps. Don't remember what it's advertised as, but that's what I'm getting. 2) Maybe my TV provider (Dish) is better than most. Maybe their interface with MSNBC is better than most? I never even have to sign in at MSNBC anymore because the app remembers my Dish account and apparently verifies it in background. (Using the iPhone app.) 3) Speaking of which... Maybe the iPhone app was separately developed from the apps directed at other devices and is just better. In short, I don't get crashes, freezes, logging in over and over... Just doesn't happen. So, if so many others are experiencing these things, but NOT with other networks' apps... that does kinda go to the idea that this app is maybe coded inefficiently or in some way poorly. You shouldn't have to have an A-list TV/internet setup to watch a news feed. I hate to see MSNBC take these hits on their website; they're one of the few entities holding this country together against the rising tide of lies and deceit. They need to be worthy of our support.
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5 years ago, Lburg Lady
Good customer service
I keep getting requests to rate this app and usually don’t because I am either annoyed at it when it’s not working or just want to watch my show when it is. The things that regularly annoy me are the sign in when it tells me “this show is not included with your subscription (it is!) check with your provider” or they don’t get shows uploaded in a timely manner. I generally watch the previous evening shows while I’m getting ready in the morning. It’s annoying when they aren’t uploaded. Also, I find it annoying that the app doesn’t always remember where I am in the show. I shouldn’t have to make a mental note that I’m 29 minutes in and then fast forward and watch MORE commercials to get there. Having said all that, I’m writing because I got so frustrated with the sign in problem that I emailed the help folks never expecting a response. I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from them really quickly and they were incredibly polite and fixed the problem. Since then, I still have to sign in more often than I’d like, but at least it accepts my sign in attempt each time. Also, when I was searching for help I found the live stream that I hadn’t known was there. That’s also a nice feature. So, your customer service earns an extra star. Make sure they know.
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6 years ago, Howie Digital
Consistently poor preforming app.
Update: this app has finally achieved perfection in freezing. It now NEVER plays video and has made me question msnbc on a whole. Do they not know millions get their news on smart devices?! , with apps that work. It’s a shame. It’s been a year of this and I give up. I don’t like the competition, but their apps work. Enough is enough, msnbc your app is beyond a joke. For months I thought it was my Apple TV, my iPad or maybe my internet. I adjusted and fine tuned..everything. Conclusion the msnbc app is just shamefully poor to the point of being useless. It’s main feature is to freeze constantly, Period! You will not be disappointed there, that’s 100% guaranteed.. You never get to relax and just get the news or watch shows in one cohesive flow. Now, I love msnbc and their channel, this is not on them, it’s just this terrible app! My local channels live news apps are better and other national competitors work just fine. I wish they would put some effort and thus show respect to the viewers and their own journalists by getting this right.
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5 years ago, I watch MSNBC often
The good and the bad
My rating would be higher if I was considering only content as I avidly watch almost all of the MSNBC shows. I’d be willing to pay to avoid some of the ads that are repetitious, even sometimes in the same ad block, and never targeted to my demographic or interests. Freezing is a greater problem with this app than any other I use. Also the app does not remember where I left off watching when I return to a show when resuming the app. I know this is a free app but this feature, present in other apps, would really help the older user. Kudos to your show hosts who are very skilled and interesting to watch. I would appreciate a little bit more national and yes international news to temper my strong interest in all things Washington DC. Thank you making this content available and please keep addressing the freezing problem.
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2 years ago, CherokeeNative33
Do Better
MSNBC’s evening line-up is excellent reporting. I refuse, however, to watch the daytime shows because they constantly focus on the Biden administration’s and Democrats’ “failures”. Rather than boosting the overwhelmingly good to great accomplishments they have done for the country. I realize that progressive Democrats expect more but MSNBC should be pointing out the huge number of challenges thrust upon the POTUS administration as a result of the prior administration, the pandemic & world events. MSNBC should be explaining to its viewers the operations of government and how the Democrats hands are tied and the need to elect more in order to accomplish wha5 progressives want. Focus on what’s happening good nut the bad. Democracy is hanging on by a thread and MSNBC should be helping Americans understand that especially since under an authoritarian rule, the media will be first to go. Do better!
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5 years ago, Voice of the customer
Time to fix the channel
I don’t know who runs a MSNBC app but it is a junkie application. It keeps asking me for my location every hour or so and then stops. Then for all of us sudden I get the wheel of death on the screen. This is a problematic piece of garbage that they have designed. I have the latest iOS and it seems that either MSNBC doesn’t understand the inner workings of the Apple iOS system or iOS is far more advanced than the MSNBC app but somebody needs to do something to blow up the app and build a new one If you don’t want these problems and you want to get MSNBC for free you can Google rock in a rooster MSNBC live and you will stumble across a relatively error-free European feed for MSNBC that does not have commercials. I think I may wind up going there and dumping Comcast because either Comcast does not share my identity data properly or MSNBC is APM is polluted but somebody isn’t doing something proper and they should check it out because I see nothing but complaints about this app
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4 years ago, Love Woody!
I love MSNBC, and I have my favorite shows. However, I don’t have time to sit in front of the TV, which has made this app perfect for me. I can start my show on my app, grab my earphones, and listen as I go about my chores. While there have been times when the app would quit (as stated in at least one user’s review), it still worked well enough that I didn’t feel the need to complain. However, yesterday it quit working at all with live programs. I finally deleted the app and reloaded it—twice—hoping that would fix it. It didn’t. While it still works great with day-after viewing, I really would love to listen to real-time programing. I don’t think it’s my device that’s broken because all my other apps still work fine. Please check on the app and fix it. I would greatly appreciate that. 😊
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3 years ago, Itsthepath
Perfect News Source
I appreciate news stories that seem logical, and details are important. The facts backed by proof are essential. The more facts I am given, the easier it is to find a flaw in what is being reported. I find no flaws in Rachel Maddow’s reporting. Rachel Maddow’s ability to present what came first leading up to an important news story makes her easy to follow even when the news story gets complicated. I am able to comprehend because she is a gifted and succinct communicator. Once I have the big picture, I am able to follow the news by going to many other different sources in search of more information. She is a role model for me in her ability as a communicator and she has integrity when it comes to reporting news that matters.
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6 years ago, Bound4Pleasure
Absolute Worst App
MSNBC’s app is absolutely THE WORST app of it’s type I have ever come across!! Live streaming is near impossible, with all of the freezing screens and restarts. I try to use it 4-5 days a week and over the last 2 years or more I haven’t live streamed a single episode all the way through. Just today Hardball stopped 20 mins in and never recovered! To watch the rest of the show I’ll have to wait until after either 10pm (or midnight, whichever is their policy). I try to watch on different computers & phones with different internet connections but it makes no difference at all. The problem lies solely with MSNBC! Streaming past shows (not live) is somewhat better, but the selection of available episodes is ridiculously small. Like today (a Tues) the only available past episode is yesterday’s (Monday’s). Why would they not have at least 1or2 eps from last week. But this is their norm, not the exception. If I’m already paying for the service why do I have to wait so late to replay today’s episode, especially considering that their crappie service’s failure is the reason I’m forced to watch the replay in the first place, instead of watching it live. MSNBC: Please spend a little less on fancy new sets at 30 Rock and a little less on big salaries, and invest in an app that actually your competition does. Potential customers: Request and demand a better service from MSNBC before signing up for this app!!!
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6 years ago, TheBlaiddDrwg
STILL freezes too much.
The title pretty much sums up the review. Adult as others who have given a low rating have mentioned with all other hardware/software/connectivity issues ruled out on my end this app still continues to be unusable 50% of the time. This is not a new app, and this is not new technology. There’s really no excuse for how poorly this at performs at this point. I’m just glad that the SiriusXM app has an MSNBC audio stream, because WATCHING the live stream through this requires far more babysitting then any other video streaming app currently available. On a secondary, less important but still irksome, note, there’s been a noticeable increase in the amount of time from the original airing of a specific show to that show’s replay being downloadable via the app. Whether that’s an issue on the networks end or not, I couldn’t tell you, but it diminishes the iOS experience nonetheless. This will be the third time I’ve tried to download/use the app regularly, and likely my last. VERY disappointed.
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4 months ago, NC criminal traffic defender
Re: “To be fair.. ” 🤦‍♂️ (sheesh!)
Many MSNBC contributors and some hosts have a disturbing “both sides” penchant for giving Trump the benefit of the doubt on various topics .. “to be fair” (as if appeasing him might earn mercy from a Trump FCC, should he retake power). Even more troubling is the frequent refusal to air Trump speeches, as if MSNBC viewers might fall for his lies if they hear them raw and unfiltered. IMHO, it’s immeasurably more important to shine a light on what is being consumed by his supporters and, where appropriate, FACT CHECK the misinformation in real time. While we’re at it — STOP bleeping out Trump’s profanity. Let people see just how coarse and uncouth he really is. There’s too much at stake. Why cover for him?
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5 years ago, RuthyVirginia
MSNBC is too controlling - why?
MSNBC is by far my favorite TV channel because I feel the people’s hearts in the truths they tell me most every day. I love them and trust them to do their best to tell the truth as they see it. The company itself, though, has become very controlling of its website and now this app. I used to be able to watch for free on the web - now I have to have already bought into some of the most expensive cable programming available to watch any of it! Just over a year ago I could upload segments for free and now it is very complicated to do so - they often even leave off the dates of the segments! And the app - it’s cool to be able to watch it on another device but you’re forced to watch the commercials and after a point you can’t even skip forward! Is it really this important to you to make so much money off of us, NBC? Don’t you already make enough? And why does everyone have so much to say that they can’t allow their guests to be greeted properly? Why is Rachel the only one left who allows each guest the courtesy of saying hello and good-bye? Not relaxing. The rudeness is stressful. Thank you for hiring such wonderful, loving truth-tellers, MSNBC. I would like you to make them more easily available to everyone. Doesn’t our country need and deserve that? Thank you, Ruth Virginia
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4 years ago, dupeay4US
Give MSNBC its own app!!
Ever since you combined the MSNBC awesome app with your NBC Networks app, I have absolutely hated it! All the functionality of the MSNBC App on its on is gone - the app does not pick up the live stream Quickly once interrupted, I have to restart it constantly, it takes forever to load and even stream, and I cannot get to past episodrs with ease! I do not care about your other channels - if I did, I would download their individual apps! Whoever thought putting a lot of great individual channels together into a single app was STUPID!!! PLEASE BRING BACK THE MSNBC APP ON ITS OWN!! Thank God I can still watch MSNBC ON ITS OWN ON MY FIRESTICK, or else you would lose a lifelong customer!!!!! Bring it back and call it MSNBC ONE or something! Why do we have to even consider your other channels at all? I know - because MSNBC is your flagship so you want to lift the other channels on MSNBC’s back! Don’t! STOP!! Give us our individual apps for the rest of us who don’t care about the rest of your channels!!!!!
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5 years ago, Rallon Sadcas
A plethora of quality issues.....
That leave it just plain annoying to use. Complaints are similar to other reviews here: inundation with web ads which are the same over and over and over and clip and cut over each other; app freezing; stream pauses; subtitles won’t turn off even though I never turned them on; subtitle dictation isn’t even close; app tile in launcher greys out; app won’t play picture in picture which means you lock up your iPad completely to use it. I have also used live stream on laptop and there in macOS/chrome/xfinitystream it comes down to which stream channel you choose: stream the channel mirror? Its the same as live tv with a 10 second delay and almost no issues Stream the digital msnbc live channel? Same junk as the iOS app. Accept one reality:this is a left leaning political channel. Win over millennials and their successor generations to your cause with junk digital performance like this? Good luck with that.
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4 years ago, Tlessly
I Just Want To Watch the News...Sheesh!!!
I just recently downloaded your app because I like & trust you news. I was unpleasantly surprised to find out I can’t even watch ANY of your news shows without having a tv provider. I can’t afford cable, dish or even WiFi any longer due to losing my business because of covid, therefore I get all my news from my phone. I don’t understand why you only have 3 news shows set to expire & no way to watch them without having a tv provider! Isn’t MSNBC a “NEWS” channel or app or whatever? If I can watch regular tv shows on NBC for a period of time without having a provider, why can’t I watch the dang news without one? This makes no sense to me & with everything going wrong in our country right now... I guess I’m lashing out at you because I can’t even watch news I trust!!! Damnit, why can’t anyone just do the right thing when it comes to their viewers or supporters or whatever we’re called??!!! Sheesh!!!!!
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1 year ago, Danabenj
Streaming Access to MSNBC
Unless you have a ROKU account to stream live broadcasts to your phone or tablet, you won’t be able to view broadcasts on your mobile phone or tablet. MSNBC has partnered with NBCuniversal which is now owned by Peacock that live streams NBC (news, shows, etc.) and Bravo shows and movies. If you previously could stream MSNBC news to your mobile devices using a TV provider other than Peacock, be very careful about trying to use this app to stream live broadcasts. If you don’t exercise due diligence, you could potentially be signing up for a new Peacock account (thru NBCuniversal) and being billed automatically to your existing streaming plan for $55 a month. The workaround is simply to access MSNBC thru your existing streaming service if your plan carries it. Hopefully, this is not too confusing.
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4 years ago, Ceyou2
Love the App for keeping me updated politically
This is one of the few apps that I watch consistently for current political updates on the. Coronavirus, the insanity and incompetence of Donald Trump trying to act presidential, and news breaks as they happen. What I like best is it provides the facts in a truthful manner and gives insight into the misinformation and rumors circulated by the White House, internet groups, etc. It provides one with enough information to make a rational and informed decision and perspective on what is going on in the US and the as World. I can also access it on my SiriusXM on channel 118 in my car at any time. Love Rachael, Morning Joe Arbrie all of them except Josh. Keep the truth flowing about the threats to our democracy. I can only speak for me.
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3 years ago, RJM1944/1971
I listen to msnbc because it’s news I trust
I’m not interested in much chit chat among the women concerning styles & home modeling. I want news from Washington & around the country. We have been so ruined by Donald Trump & his family. While some freeing up of commerce needed to happen. This Cluster B snake oil salesman needed to be stopped & media just feed him. Yes white disenfranchised men & their families were feeling like he was a hero. He was not nor was he capable of doing anything to bring us together. MyConnell was a prime enable & Jim Jordan also fell for the lies. The man is an anti social psychopathic narcissist. Don’t listen to the words watch the behaviors. He like Bernie Madoff (of sad memory) need to win prison for the destruction they’ve wrought to the American Fresno of our forefathers. Take it from someone who evaluates such I evaluate for the State of NJ.
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4 years ago, Gotohelltimjohnson2020
I have use this app to watch primarily morning Joe and the news up until about 3 PM almost every day. About six months ago the app started freezing up so I went online, then that started freezing up. The last three days it’s impossible to watch it anymore, it freezes up, “initializes” or just plain quits I’ve done everything they’ve asked me to. Reinstalled the app, restarted my device, signed in and out of Dish, to no avail, I’m done. I cannot watch the shows I so love to watch. I got support six months ago, and they fix the problem on their end although I was blamed that it was on my end. Finally it was fixed and I was off and happy as a clam watching, once again, morning Joe every day along with Stephanie Ruhle and all the other great reporters. That ship has sailed. No support and I’m not able to watch either on my iPhone or my iPad. Super frustrating
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1 month ago, MyAppleTP
I’m Losing it! Fix this app please!!
I use the app daily - it was changed in the last few months so when you want to watch live shows it opens a new browser page to do so - that’s not the problem - when watching live it now freezes, literally every time it’s about to go to commercial. I’ve done all the steps of removing the app and reinstalling it. All apps on my iPhone and iPad are up to date - I did all of it - nothing is helping. Before this new version I never experienced this issue - it happens on my iPhone and my iPad so it’s not my device. So I need to click out then back in and restart it every time it freezes - if I’m watching Deadline Whitehouse I’m going in and out of the show for two hours. I never complain about anything but this is too much, please fix this app or go back to where it was when a browser was not involved.
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4 years ago, SECR68
iPad issues
Update: Screen issue described before no longer a problem but still can’t get the live broadcast when hooked into TV as it flips from play to pause. Doesn’t happen with demand programming. So, still not watching msnbc live. Can’t adjust image, aspect on iPad so lose image on both sides. On three iPads the image is still cut on both sides so only get the center of msnbc image. There has not been an update - is this happening to anyone else. Running latest 13 iOS. As to freezings and the like this has not been a problem for sometime, but was in the past. This app is far from 100% functional, but will use for audio as can’t be sitting in front of a tv while I’m working anyway. Update We can no longer use our devices to get msnbc. Sorry as we are rarely using the home tv and the app won’t work on our other antenna connected tv. Does not work any longer on my phone.
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3 years ago, Bcannon1105
Love MSNBC but this app is more than frustrating
MSNBC is my favorite news source. I like to have it on in my office. I don’t have cable in my office, so using the app on the Apple TV is the next best thing... EXCEPT i have to log into my TV subscription for authorization to use it EVERY two hours. After watching it for two hours it completely closes out the app, and I have to re log in. All the other apps I use like this that require a tv subscription login stay logged in for weeks without me having to re enter my info. This is beyond annoying and frustrating. Please fix this. I can’t for the life of me understand how this is beneficial for them. If my HBO app that I pay $15 a month for on its own doesn’t keep their app on such lock down, there is no reason why a news app should be set up this way. You’re losing potential viewers!!
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2 years ago, Eddie Štolen
Apple TV App works like it was developed by Fox News
I put this review here because I can’t do it through the Apple TV app, and I would give it zero stars if I could! To begin with, the thing crashes more than a drunk F1 driver, and when it’s not doing that it rewinds two to five minutes and replays content, and that’s when it’s “working right”. When it’s not working right instead of the rewind and replay it starts going through the MSNBC highlights on its own, it just skips from live content to the highlights without touching a button. To make matters worse, it now won’t let me watch anything other than the highlights! It says “please sign in with participating tv provider”, but the sign in button doesn’t work AT ALL, so I can’t even put in my information to watch live tv even though I have an account AND it’s part of my cable subscription.
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11 months ago, mcnaircj
Love the Shows Hate the App
I have been waiting for years for them to fix the app so it doesn't freeze or stall but it's only gotten worse and now I can't even use it at all because they keep rejecting my attempts to sign in with my service provider. That didn't work I tried to link to my TV provider on my phone and iPad. The one you use for all the TV linked apps and IT STILL will not work. It asks me to sign in with my TV provider on their app AGAIN and then gives the same error page I started with 🤦🏿‍♀️I've tried installing and uninstalling and using my browser and all the things. It's like they don't want me to watch their shows. MSNBC really really needs to work this out. Like I said I was frustrated years ago with having to sign in every two seconds and have things stall but now I CANT WATCH at all. This is really bad.
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6 years ago, Thpeech
Living in a different time zone (HST vs. EST), does not allow for current news, especially when shows are not even available until 1-2 days later. I love all the shows MSNBC offers, but if they aren’t available in a timely fashion, what’s the point in using the app? I realize that ads are needed to pay for broadcasting, but I know all of them by heart. Xyzel, Volvo (my favorite) etc. is a great time to fill up coffee, but happens frequently as show goes on. The app itself has not been a problem...just the timeliness to the viewers, so please pass that along to MSNBC. I have yet to find how to watch these shows in real time, on my devices.😢 Aloha🤙🏽🌴🌺
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6 years ago, nathanphicks
Worst-performing video app ever.
Video frequently freezes and degrades in quality, even when you’ve confirmed via Speedtest that you have an adequate high-speed connection, whether Wi-Fi or cellular, and when other video apps work just fine. Its latest behavior is to un-sync video and audio, layer two audio streams atop each other, skip back and forth between the broadcast and the video, and log you out after a few days when you haven’t used the app. This is in addition to the fact that the app repeats commercials ad nauseam and doesn’t allow you to buy access separately from your TV provider. MSNBC, please get with the program! Get a new team of developers, or a modern IT infrastructure, or something. This performance is so awful that I’ve just deleted the app from my iPhone and my iPad. I never write reviews but this latest inexcusable performance has set me over the edge.
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11 months ago, Paula from California
Dr speaking on Chris Jansen show
Dr advising people on excessive heat safety. While it is appreciated for his advise, I heard him considering only a portion of the public. He advised to stay indoors! What about those of us who do not have the luxury of air conditioning or even a swamp cooler, Dr?? It is far cooler outside than inside my trailer during this heat of 108! I am 72 yrs, on a fixed income. I love MSNBC, but am disappointed in the consideration of only those who live with a greater means being advised by the Dr. You are not living up to your general agenda MSNBC. The poor have been left out of the conversation here. I am educated. I care deeply for all of our citizens and I have contributed to the betterment of our fellow human beings, animals and our shared mother earth for many years now, yet I am not worthy of the Dr’s regards for my health safety in this heat crisis? Shame on you MSNBC. You dropped the ball on this one today. 😟
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5 years ago, Chico21115
MSNBC Live TV No Longer Works for IOS Users
Until a few weeks ago, I had no problem accessing live TV and podcasts on the MSNBC app, but suddenly the app stopped working. The problem is that an unresolvable error message now appears related to Location Services. The app says that Location Services must be enabled, but IOS 13 and its 13.1 and 13.2 updates do not allow toggling anymore between the “Ask” and “Allow When Using App” options. As soon as I click on the When Using the App option, it just keeps going back to Ask - rendering the MSNBC app useless. I spent hours working with MSNBC TVE tech support trying to resolve the problem to no avail. Their instructions, however, did enable me to restore access on my iPhone 7 Plus to live TV on my CNN app. I guess I will only be able to watch MSNBC (which I strongly prefer to CNN) on my TV until this glitch is fixed via an app update.
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5 years ago, ElsbethO
In times like this when we have such a horrific ‘president’
This is the one place i can find news that the most horrific, lying, traitorous whitehose does not control. I do have to limit how much i watch as my dr is afraid i will have a heart attack. I already had heart surgery last june and my brother the following month had a quadruple bypass and we are neither old nor out of shape. I am so repulsed by the way the republicans have rolled over and paved the way for trump to destroy our democracy. I do not trust our elections anymore and obviously the checks and balances i was brought up to believe were in place, are not. This is a horror show but you give me hope. I
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6 years ago, BusyMommyShan
How long will it take for NBC/MSNBC to catch up to your competitors and develop 1) an app that works decently, and 2) an app that actually can work on the AppleTV for live viewing? I go camping during the summer and stay at RV parks for extended periods of time; lots of those places don’t include MSNBC in their cable tv line-up. Lucky me, I have a WiFi booster and an AppleTV. YAY! Now, if only there were a MSNBC app on the AppleTV so I could just watch live from the app ... nope. Ok, I’ll pull it up on my iPad and mirror ... what do you mean I don’t pay for this channel, I have DirectTV? Oh wait, now I *do* pay for the channel ... oh, look, now I don’t again ... oh, spinning circle of death ... frozen on Chris Hayes’ face. This is ridiculous. You want to know how to do it, wander over to CNN and see how their app works. (And that one’s not even that good). Shoot, look at ANY network that has live watching capabilities. Just do it, for crying out loud.
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3 years ago, bryandickens1
It’s always been a bad app
I’ve been using this app for years, it’s never been good. On the iOS apps, if you pause the video at any time and then resume playback, it will continue to pause/play (buffer perhaps) until you restart the app. Then it will lose your place in the program. Sometimes and often, the app will just crash and lose your place in the stream. The AppleTV app is even worse. You still have all the pause/play issues, but just the user experience is bad. The screen is SUPER bright blue, it’s uncomfortable on the eyes. The trackpad is inverted, that’s annoying. Plus it has all the playback bugs described above. Those playback issues also occur when watching the desktop version of the player. Moral of the story, you pretty much have to dedicate the time of any whole show to watch it smoothly - no pausing, and hope it does crash.
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5 years ago, Zorvan75
Worst app in the history of apps!!!
The mobile and tablet app is great but, the Apple TV app is the worst I’ve ever experienced. I’d give it zero stars if I could. I go through the trouble of unlocking it with my provider and I’m booted after 15 min to an hour and have to resubmit my info. I used to think the AMC and History Channel apps where the worst but, this app takes the cake. The developers need to be fired and the advertisers should know that their investment is being wasted. This app is so bad that it makes me dislike the network as a whole and I absolutely love MSNBC well now it’s more of I like MSNBC given this app and my opinion is making my feelings towards MSNBC go down day by day as thee developers ignore my communication. They don’t even respond to me. Guess CNN will and they’re advertisers will be getting my views because their developers know how to get it right. Btw: The NBC app is the same.
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4 years ago, Jaeroe
I know ads are part of life but since the new update, things have gotten to the point of ridiculousness. There are already a lot of ads when watching a live program. Since the last update, I’m constantly being forced to watch ads DURING the programming. I’ll be in the middle of a segment that I’m highly interested in and right in the middle of the conversation, ads. Not just one but up to four or five. I miss the the meat of the segment and then can’t rewind to catch up where the ad interrupted. This is my source of choice but I have others. I’ll, unfortunately, have to stream elsewhere until (IF) this is fixed. It’s live news. You don’t interrupt live news with ads, especially when there are already commercial breaks scheduled in and CERTAINLY NOT at the cost of the content.
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1 year ago, johnnyLate
MSNBC the anchors and news stories are fact and if a mistake they issue an apology. F—- news is all propaganda no facts just opinions, and CNN has made a mistake by not wanting toPresent the facts as I truly are. Ive watched MSNBC news for 20 years I think so anyway .I don’t know how long I’m assuming msnbc been in existence 20 years my late wife and I had a good time and learning time and look forward and had good time together Watching Rachel Lawrence Ed Schultz Chris Matthews and watched all the anchors that are on now grow through the program thanks so much I never write reviews John Moody lover of all democratic party since 1984
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4 years ago, Kit Janus
Fed up with ads, deleting the app
An update: A few days ago, I posted 3 stars and the comment that follow these additional remarks. I am deleting this app and watching MSNBC in my browser. I am completely fed up with ads interrupting reporting, causing the need to restart the app to return to the interrupted report- which, of course, is some new topic. The intrusions come at greater than 15 minute intervals, in addition to the program's scheduled commercial breaks. Stop treating paid subscribers (of service providers) so poorly. This is nothing but unvarnished greed. Shame on you. (Prior comments from just a few days ago) This app was 4.5 stars until the most recent update- (now it's barely 3 stars.) I cannot watch 30 minutes without having to close, reopen the app to continue watching a report that was interrupted by ads. These ads are not the expected ad break. The expected ads between segments play as always. The ads to which I refer are not expected or convenient. FIX THIS! MSNBC is not free to view. I am paying too much to have programming, primarily so I can watch MSNBC. The app is acting as if it is freeware that has too many, poorly placed, and lengthy ads.
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1 month ago, mrs maisal
Works reliably only on WiFi at home
The MSNBC app that was in place worked very well and we were very happy with it. I used it driving into work every day at 4:45 and would listen occasionally during the day and then on my way home. Don’t know what happened, but this new app is a severe disappointment. It is glitchy meaning that it freezes often and I have to wait for it to unfreeze and then I get frustrated and have to turn it off and try to reboot it. Also, when I am not at home, the credentials that I know are valid for my service provider do not work when trying to login to your app. Very frustrated. You had a really really good thing and whatever you did to try to make it better - failed and made it essentially unusable for me and I’m guessing possibly some number of others. I tried to provide feedback using an option within the app and after I tapped out a long message, I found there was no way to send the message. The little arrow in the upper right on the screen did not work. I did copy the message over to my email and sent it to the address that the app was representing. I’m waiting to see if anybody bothers to respond.
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5 years ago, frannysgirl
My favorite channel
I am a teacher that works up to 12 hours a day so I often miss my favorite MS NBC shows but now I don’t have to worry about taking them I can just put the app on and enjoy them while I’m grading papers at home or at school. It’s a tossup between Nicole Wallace deadline White House Chris Matthews hardball or Rachel Maddow but now I get to watch them all the time. Makes me happy but nothing Can ever make me happier than to see Donald Trump being removed from the White House. Perhaps will be able to restore sanity, civility and the marker say to this country that I love so dearly. Anyway thanks for making this available 24 seven
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4 years ago, GaiaLady
Kudos to Rachel, thumbs down to podcast editors
Rachel gives some of the best newscasting available, and I’m grateful her show is available via podcast. Lately, however, the people who put together the podcasts insert commercials mid-sentence of the newscaster. This is ridiculous. And it is outrageous. It is disruptive to the listener and also to the message - actual news - that is being conveyed. Are these partisan players who want to debunk the news? Or are they just incompetent? This is also happening on other msnbc show like Lawrence O’Donnell and Brian Williams. Knock it off! It’s sleazy and demeaning to the newscasters, and disrespectful to listeners.
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4 years ago, NicoleWallaceFan
Not very good
This is a frustrating app. When I first open it up and tap “live” it sits there with a black screen with the pause sign doing nothing forever. It goes completely black and I tap it again and it repeats. When I’m lucky to get it working, it will sometimes freeze up and nothing I do gets it back. More: lately commercials happen anytime, with no apparent reason. Before, commercials happened between segments of the show, like on television. This morning, I logged in to Morning Joe at the start of a segment on COVID and the app went to commercials, literally played like 10 ads in a roll. By the time it got back to the broadcast, the segment on COVID was over and the show was going to commercial break. If this is to discourage me from using the app it’s working.
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3 years ago, EarthCitizen1
I love MSNBC and watch it every day. I used to love this app. Then the UI was redesigned, around the time PeacockTV was released. The MSNBC apps (iPhone and AppleTV) became very prone to crashing to the point that I gave up using it for a few months. I came back today to see if it was working better, only to find another new UI, completely missing clips for any of my my favorite shows. As a non-cable subscriber, I can use up to three “credits” to watch full episodes. I don’t have time for full episodes. This app is now useless. As a consolation, MSNBC clips are available in the PeacockTV app, for a subscription, which is undoubtedly why they were removed from this app where they were free. Sadly, I’ll be deleting what used to be my favorite news app. MSNBC is fantastic, this app not so much any more.
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3 years ago, Skip Brilliantine
Daily user, daily problems
I watch MSNBC every day and love the programming. The app (which I use on Apple TV) is almost unacceptably glitchy. The ad serving is the primary objective of the app, so get ready to see the same Trulicity spot three times within a commercial break. Or Febreze - four or five times in a row. Often, you’ll realize the commercial break has been going on for over four minutes, just to restart the stream to discover you’ve missed most of an important interview. They are also very casual about programs on demand. Usually last night’s programming is available the next morning, but sometimes? Just not there. And there is no one by google or any other method to complain to. Hence this review.
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6 years ago, stopiamwarren
Keeps Asking for Location but Can’t Enable
I’m running iOS 12 and the app keeps asking for my location to be turned on, but there is no place to turn it on in either the MSNBC settings inside of the settings app, or in the Location Services section of the privacy settings. This has been happening for the last 3 months that I’ve been running the iOS 12 beta, and I reported the issue months ago to the developer so they could fix it by the time the seed for iOS 12 was released, but they haven’t fixed anything. Also the feed drops continuously, on all of my iOS devices, whether I’m on cellular or my 1gbit home WiFi. And every other time I open the app it asks me to sign in with my service provider, an issue that’s been happening for over a year and hasn’t been fixed.
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4 years ago, LZ SF
Essential and regularly aggravating
I’m an almost daily user. My provider went from DirecTV to ATT and then, because I moved, to Xfinity, each of which had a surprisingly large effect on the experience. The problem is that the core engine seems to be brittle. Very easily the user experience goes from good to bad. I’m asked to sign in three times in one session and then not for days (every single time asked if I want to create an NBC profile. No.) Going to live works except when it regularly displays a “you need a provider screen” to which the only response is to forget and relaunch the app ... I realize this is a work in progress. I just wish it didn’t feel so much like one.
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6 years ago, Sharon5569
Spotty app for a major news outlet with many fails.
MSNBC is a major news outlet. Why such an ok but not great app? Live steam doesn’t stream consistently. New archived show availability is inconsistent. When do last night shows that I missed post? 3am? Sometime tomorrow? Not at all? And then when they do post how long are they up for? 24 hours? 36? All week? It’s a crapshoot. Wish you would pick a formula and stick with it. But clearly there is no formula. It seems to arbitrarily depend on an intern who’s bad at their job. And why oh why is ever commercial break Ray Liotta talking about quitting smoking? I understand saturating the market might have its benefits. But I never smoked. Never will. And don’t need to hear Ray Liotta talk about it a dozen times and hour. Or that other one about opioid induced constipation? How many times an hour must we hear about that?
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