mtv Al Lubnaniya

3.5 (445)
58.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
MTV Lebanon SAL
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for mtv Al Lubnaniya

3.49 out of 5
445 Ratings
5 years ago, Najjar111
Font size
Dear. I always use The product and I have the following remarks my phone is IPHONE XS MAX SPACE GRAY 256GB 1.Once the message is opened I see random characters on the screen that disappears after message display 2. In order to increase the font size I cannot press the A sign until I scroll down to the end of the message. This is very inconvenient. Please adjust. I suggest to include some-options: - System should take the text size of the iPhone setting - the symbol A should be displayed on top of the massage and be accessible from any in you reading - allow zoom in/out the text message Thanks
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3 years ago, Wadad F
Poor app design
I love Watching MTV and the programs but this app always has technical issues and needs some serious updates. for example, every once in a while the content doesn’t load. (I restart the phone, uninstall then install, turn off the wifi, try to troubleshoot to make sure it’s not phone with no luck) also, it’s very frustrating when you’re watching, you barely move the phone and the whole episode stops and can’t even resume so you have to start from the beginning. Please fix the bugs in this app, so we can continue watching while living abroad
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2 months ago, Mustafaossman
Mtv news and Graphics
I used to switch to other channels to watch the news with new technologies like AR and smooth animation, meanwhile now mtv has got a big competitive advantage over the lebanese channels, arabic channels, and also over international channel. The simple and new animations and graphics make me wait to see the news everyday only on mtv. Keep up, mtv is making the best photo of the lebanese art and creativity over the world.
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3 years ago, mobile legeneds is awesome
So many errors and glitches
Ive been using this app for 3 months and this is what ive experienced with it so far: 1- glitch- if you change the screen from normal view to wide view then it closes out whatever you watch. 2- ive been trying to log in lately and a message pops up saying “error” and “ok” and it shuts the app down. 3- very basic app development features. 4- not very easy to navigate and search for what you want. 5- it doesnt allow to watch episodes automatically back to back unless you close the whole search menu and look for the show again and look for the episode you want to watch and hit play. 6- the only decent show on it is alhayba and you cant even watch the previous seasons. Crazy.
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3 years ago, Kashol
No play controls on Apple TV.
Can use any play controls on Apple TV (play, pause, stop, forward, backward, etc). Once you start the episode, that’s it! Also on Apple TV, once an episode starts playing, you can not go back to main menu or home. You have to quit app completely by double clicking remote button and “kill” the app by flipping it away and relaunching to go to the Home Screen. Many users don’t have this skill. Overall, lacks basic functions on Apple TV. Should not be released on Apple TV in this non-functional state.
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5 years ago, Who Sam
Live does not work
Update: Be ware if you are in the USA, live streaming is not allowed. I downloaded the app in the US. I paid for my subscription in the US and I was not warned that live streaming is not available in the US , Canada and Australia. I tried streaming on my computer using chrome after it failed on the phone, and it did not work throwing an error. It was not until I used Safari that I got the streaming restriction message. I downloaded the app and paid for a subscription. Live button does nothing. I takes you to a screen with the logo and a red bar on the top of the screen. Nothing plays. Ads are all over the place. If live does not work and I have to suffer your ads, why in Gods name are you charging a subscription fee. As is, this app is worthless. Running on iPhone 7 Plus iOS 13.2
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3 years ago, ppprandom
Ads make this unprofessional
I am a paying subscriber and it’s very frustrating to have to deal with full page blocking ads. The user experience is closer to a free low quality app than it is to a professional news network app. Do CNN and Reuters do this in their apps? The ad revenue is minimal compared to the degradation of the user experience. Charge me $2 more a month and remove them for god’s sake.
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6 years ago, Precious-h
Wont work
Each time you need new log in id We run out of email and password this is ridicules. Dont update your app if you are not up to it, each time we think will work , you screwed up, you only good in popping up advertiser & and push short notification on. No streaming video or live, or can watch or read for long as normal as much as we can. Now we cant log im not willing to creat email and pass. Each time you update your site...we had enough..
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5 years ago, Evelina I
Good but could be better | Improvement required
App is good but these are a couple of areas to improve. - add a landscape view of the app when screen is tilted - night mode is not working Waiting for the tvOS app!!
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2 months ago, Appeleur
Fix this irritating bug!
This is a review of the App and not the MTV station. If you're watching a show, don't you dare accidentally tap the screen. It's like pressing a reset button: The episode you were watching disappears. You have to go look for it and reload it again. It's been like this for years and no one cares and no update ever resolves it. App developer, PLEASE fix this bug!
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4 years ago, jesusis real
Apple should remove this app
I paid for a subscription and was not offered subtitles in English and this app does not work at all, the live button nor the search button are functional. Took the money and clearly stated subscriptions are non-refundable. I would beware any apps with a subscription that say no refunds....fix this Apple or remove them from your App Store, next people who by your products will blame you.
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10 months ago, Chamoun01844
The App is not working properly
The 5 star for info provided but the app it self need attention lately the app would close by it self
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3 years ago, nuttynunu
Horrible app
The technical flaws are beyond comprehension. You think w all the great examples they have of how streaming apps work they’d come up w something better. The tv app is even more horrific, constantly crashes. How are my aging parents suppose to watch and use an app that even their programmer and highly technical daughter is frustrated w all of it.
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2 years ago, nbusca
New programs not available unless you watch live
You can only watch live for certain programs And not available to watch them from list if available programs Needs a lot of improvement
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2 months ago, اير فيكم
Every time i open the app there is a window that comes up and gives me 2 choices only. One is to close the apo and one to go to store. This is not good. Too many advertisements. To top that i am a subscriber to the app so i pay every month a subscription fee. I don’t think i shoud see any advertisements. To top that when i was writing this review it asked me for a nick name. Well any name i put it will tell me it is taken. This is not good and unprofessional from whoever is maintaining this website. But again this is Lebanon and something is done 100% right and perfect someone will die 😀
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6 years ago, RoninLeb
Network error and no notification
A month ago the notifications stopped working even after reinstalling the App. Always network error when using my home wifi, have to turn wifi OFF and use 4G to work , really????? Used to be muchhhhhh betterrrrr
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2 years ago, Mir_T
News Bulletins Feeds are not Downloading
I’m watching the MTV on Apple TV and recently the News Bulletins Feeds are not Downloading. We see the pictures of the news segments, but aren’t playing. Also the programs guide isn’t updated with the current programs and shows.
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6 years ago, sysvr4
Text too small
The font is way too small. Almost unreadable! The app should support landscape mode. When viewing an article, the font size can be increased but the largest size is still too small and the size is not remembered between page views. This app is a poorly written web page wrapper.
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4 years ago, jouj-jouj
App for Apple TV
Hi! I’ve sent an email a year ago regarding having an MTV app that can be used with Apple TV! It’s so annoying that I will have to use the mobile app on my iPhone and to connect it to the Apple TV. Please creat a new app for Apple TV’s. Thanks
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4 months ago, ajokerwashere
Update the Apple TV app
please update your Apple TV app to include the live option for One Tv! Now you can only watch mtv live from the Apple TV app. Thanks
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4 years ago, dillymassi
Bad customer service
I’m paying monthly . Each time I want to watch a replay there is a message saying that I need to visit mtv website to complete my account . I emailed them more than 4 times with no reply . Also I don’t have the option to cancel my subscription. So disappointed .
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9 months ago, Deems111
Unable to see News bulletin on Apple TV
News bulletin does not work on Apple TV, only Live TV works on Apple TV. No issues on the iPhone though.
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1 year ago, The Arz Guy
News Feeds don’t play
The news feeds on Apple TV do not play. You can see the thumbnails but when you click it does not play. Plus the dates are off by one day. It’s been like this for a while, please fix. Other programs play ok.
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2 years ago, Eagleeye001
Fix your Apple TV App
News bulletin feeds on the Apple TV app have been broken for weeks. Given that you have to be a paid subscriber to watch these feeds you would expect some urgency to get that fixed. Very disappointing.
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4 years ago, alagk
Wish I read the reviews before paying for my subscription. The popular shows that you would want to stream (even not live) are « not available in your country » which in my opinion beats the purpose of actual paying for a subscription 🙃
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6 years ago, squarrel67
Replay watch
Why I can’t watch without a login? But it’s open on the iPad?
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3 years ago, YosraElie
I don’t know why every now and then my app crashes! I have an Iphone 12 pro and the app has been acting out for a while now although I pay for the subscription. How easy you get the money but how lazy you are to fix all problems! Shame MTV
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3 years ago, Fall684
Mtv Lebnon shows
Its a great place to watch shows, but has alot of Glitches, or sometimes does not load good!!
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3 years ago, Krysantos
English not working on iphone
The app fails to launch in English. It’s been 3 days now
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1 month ago, Nancy D.C. NY
It was updated today and it stopped working!
This app is terrible, it is very sensitive, everything closes suddenly, and now after the update, I can’t even login!
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6 years ago, Juan777Stephan
While I’m watching the news other news start popping up and it is even so hard to close it.
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4 years ago, baouchrieh
What’s going on ? Where to sign in ?
I need to sign in Thank you
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5 years ago, Alex0604
Horrible! Not worth the storage on your phone!!!!!
Not sure if this is a news app or Ads app. Every time you click on something there is a stupid ad that plays.
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7 months ago, greensherbet
Avoid it like the plague
I have rarely seen an app as buggy and slow as this one. Keeps dropping off, very limited usability and something reminiscent of the early 2010s interfaces.
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3 years ago, fatimajamil
Billing problems
I paid for one month subscription and now today it’s asking me to pay again? I just payed yesterday. Please fix your app
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7 years ago, Alilstar23
Best application ever
every time i start the app a long commercial start no good plz stop it
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7 years ago, Mikir2012
News Video play doesn't work on iPad version
The news video play doesn't work on this iPad version. Your latest few updates screwed up a good up!! Please fix
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5 months ago, mahaazzaz
I have problems with watching live your application
Hi I have problem with your application while I play maybe it needs updating
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6 years ago, Mackattack73926-5
Font size still not fixed!
In the latest update, the font does not stay at the setting you want it at. It reverts back to the smallest size each time.
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6 years ago, JeanDVM
No updates
Too many ads No support for newer iPhones (iPhone X) Lots of bugs Lack of news in English language (for a non arab speaker living in Beirut and eager to read news) I’m disappointed
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4 years ago, me6cents
Plays loud Ad in silent mode
This app doesn’t respect silent mode. It plays a loud advertisement even when your phone is in silent mode which makes using it impossible in a professional environment.
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3 years ago, reem67791
Terrible App...
Honestly this app has so many flaws. It always glitches, hard to maneuver and always crashes. I guess it makes sense why the subscription is 2.99 a month....PLEASE FIX THE GLITCHES!!!!!!
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10 months ago, Choueiri
Very buggy!!
App keeps crashing, always need restart!
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6 years ago, mkj-houston
Video clips no longer works
Received an update to this app on Apr 10, 2018. Once updated - Video clips in news section no longer play!!!
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7 years ago, Samaudser44
What happened here?
You push in update through and it’s worse than before. Can’t play prerecorded videos, and NO Live broadcast.
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7 years ago, Sabz080
Too many ads , you should be ashamed as a news channel your app should be an extension to your tv channel not a place that became mainly an a new source of income
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6 years ago, nickmousalem
Don’t subscribe
It use to work great after the upgrade stoped working I have to sign in every time and it keep saying wrong password
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1 year ago, Lalaloo96
Some days it works and on some days it doesn’t. Horrible
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5 years ago, Rasa-il Be-masa-il
Fake news when it comes to reporting on US news
MTV is a leftist news station as it follows the fake news cnn station
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6 years ago, sarahh83
It keeps on showing the error thingy without explaining what’s exactly not working. I cant use it i cant do anything. That’s a shame.
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