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User Reviews for MTV

4.25 out of 5
20K Ratings
6 years ago, D. Hill
The MTV app is a solid representation of the famed channel in its current form. Users can use the app to watch full episodes and clips of its programming including popular shows such as MTV Teen Mom, My Super Sweet 16, Undressed and many others. Users who have a cable provider account can pretty much watch all available content and those who did not have a limited preview before he ir she is locked out. The app has made sone recent changes with the incorporation of a MTV News section that was formerly another app. While the browsing experience here isn't as smooth as the former standalone app it gets the job done. Overall navigation in the app is better with a simple scroll up and down the main menu page. The app has allows users to set up notifications for their favorite programs adding in a little customization. For those invested or still invested in MTV the app is well worth a download.
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5 years ago, Kelleyrae123
0 stars if I could
Let me just start off by saying one thing that really bugs me about this app is that it is not consistent with there episodes they upload. For example, if a show aires on cable Thursday, they don’t upload that episode until the following week when a NEW episode aires. Considering I do not have cable, this is highly annoying. More inconveniently, the app NEVER leaves off where I was at in an episode. Not only do I have to remember the EXACT time I left off, but it also doesn’t show the scene when I’m trying to find where I left off. Therefore, I have to literally find where ever I left off. Lastly and more importantly, it is WAY to sensitive to my chrome cast, meaning it disconnects without actually disconnecting to the point I can’t pause the show without completely exiting out of the app, finding the episode I want, and reconnecting to my chrome cast. And it doesn’t even leave off where I was watching after I do this. This happens roughly 3-4 times while watching an episode that I can’t pause it. By the look of the other reviews, this has been an issue for a long time and makes me question how much you people care about what the people who are actually using the app have to say about it. As I’m writing this, I had to pause the episode I’m watching and after only 2 MINUTES of it being paused, I hit play and it started the whole episode ever. Great work mtv.
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5 years ago, Shay1888
Too many ads!!
I know, I get it! This is how they make money is by the ads, however, there is WAY TOO MANY!! I’ll only watch like 5 mins of an episode and there’s already an ad on! Like are you kidding me?! And the ads each are like 3 mins long. Makes it to where I don’t want to watch the show anymore because of how many ads. It’s ridiculous. Even on tv they don’t show a commercial every 5 mins! Unlike this app watching shows seem almost impossible. A couple times I’d be watching a show on my phone and all of a sudden it will skip WAY ahead even when I’m watching it and I NEVER clicked anything, and then another ad plays and I can’t get out of it. Finally once the ad is over, I go back to where I originally was before it skipped lots of parts, and without a surprise, BOOM, another AD! So annoying. I feel like I can’t enjoy the show without an ad coming in a million times an episode and destroying the purpose of it. And not to mention they’re the SAME ADS EVERYTIME. It gets annoying after awhile. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they were different ads. I wish they’d get new ones here and there, but not the same ones each time. Please if there’s anyway you can fix this issue, please do. 😤
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5 years ago, Awesomenesspersonever:p
I LOVE The Challenge shows and have been watching since Season1... this app lists the episodes from Finale to Premiere! This ruins the anticipation of who will get sent home because you can see it when having to scroll through them all to get to episode 1. I have a big family and rarely get to watch my shows when they happen so this really ruins a lot of what makes this show so great!! I don’t want to know who made it to the Final before I even know who is on this Season!! And the ‘play next’ takes you to the episode before the one you just watch, so then you have to back out and start at the Finale episode and then scroll through them all to get to the episode you need! So every time you want to watch a new episode you have to scroll through the entire season which shows you pictures of people on every episode! So by the time you watch a couple episodes you can tell by the pictures what going to ultimately happen!! And now every episode of every show is locked even with my Dish subscription, and the few that aren’t won’t do anything when clicked on!! I have AppleTV and MTV is the worst app by far out of everything I watch!! And I love so much of MTV’s programs!! It’s so FRUSTRATING!!
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6 years ago, LNM0883
So inconsistent, inefficient, waste of time
This app is awful. I am logged in on the same user on my Apple TV for one room and cast to Chromecast in another room from my iPhone. The "Continue Watching" feature is never correct where I left off - not even the right episode. So I have to not only remember where I left off, but to troubleshoot and fast forward I have to sit through ads I might have JUST watched 20 minutes before (cueing up an episode I stopped and want to restart). The Apple TV app is a bit more efficient during active watching but the iPhone app is awful. If I'm casting to my TV and do anything else on my phone, when I go back to the app to pause or do anything, the app is back to he home screen with no option to see "What's Playing" even AS it is playing on my tv. So I have to experiment with closing the app, connecting to my cast device, disconnect from cast device, and start ALL over again (find my episode, find my spot, watch ads I've just seen). Ridiculous. And no, I do not need nor do I have the time to "troubleshoot" by emailing back and forth with tech support. By the tons of other reviews saying the same thing, it just needs to be fixed.
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2 years ago, MelT323
This is quite possibly the worst app I’ve ever used and I’ve used a lot. You’d think with where the world is at with technology, they’d figure out how to make this app not glitch or lag every single time you try to watch a new episode of something. I have to reset the app several times in an evening because it just freezes or glitches. On top of that, it doesn’t save your spot in the episode when it does glitch. You have to manually search for where you left off which is EXTREMELY annoying when you have to do it multiple times. Not to mention every time you try to skip ahead to find your spot, you get hit with MORE ads than you usually have to deal with. I’m okay with ads here and there, I get that’s what makes these things free to us, but MTV takes it to a whole different level. They have to fix this app and the functionality of it, because I’ve been trying to use it for years, on multiple devices, and nothing has gotten better. It’s like they don’t care how awful it is for users. If I could give the app 0 stars, I would. Lucky for them I can’t, so they get 1.
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4 years ago, AppReviews24
Worst App
This is quite possibly the worst app ever. I have had it on a Pixel, Kindle, iPhone, and Apple TV. It is very buggy and glitchy. It appears the servers are not strong enough to handle the workload. Constant error messages, constant loading/playing issues - the shows stop every two or three minutes for anywhere from 15 seconds to three minutes. If you pause and try to slow it to buffer, it makes no difference. The organisation is awful. Episodes are not in order and auto play goes to whatever is listed next. So you may jump from episode 10 to episode 37 and have no idea until you’re so confused you realise you must have missed something. Then to try to look and it takes ten minutes to pause, go back, find the episode you were on, scroll through and find the next episode, press play, wait for it to load if it ever does since have the time it give you an error message that it is having trouble...just a really crappy app all around. I cannot believe it has as many good reviews as it does - those people must be getting paid for good reviews.
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6 years ago, Tfw.19
Not working properly
This app usually works perfectly but recently it is in need of bug fixes. When I go to live tv i’m not even able to watch what is on because it just shows a repeated series of commercials that never end. Another thing that I don’t like is that it doesn’t show the correct name/title for what is being shown on the channel. For an example, on the mtv channel it will just have the same list for what’s being shown through out the day from the mtv2 channel and not the mtv channel.
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4 years ago, Ahhhhsome86
There is a glitch
It’s not even letting me submit my app support stuff. I am trying to watch on my Apple TV, it only lets me watch a few episodes and then the others are locked. It won’t let me sign in to a tv provider at all. When i click it says they are trying to get all tv providers to participate. Like doesn’t even let me select my provider or enter my info. I get the app to work on my phone, and I’m able to watch all the episodes, but the screen it soo small, and it doesn’t give me the option to stream it to my Apple TV, nor make it full screen on my actual phone, so it’s annoying to watch it on like a 3rd of my screen. I tried moving my phone to horizontal and still nothing. Anytime i tried to click on the screen to see if there were hidden buttons, it just paused. Go to the app support and type all this up and the send button won’t work. Thought maybe i typed too much, so i erased a bunch and still didn’t work. Refresh and tried again and still nothing. Soo now it can be part of my review. Fix the app please
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3 years ago, KShea386
Worst app ever
This is hands down the worst app I have ever used. It glitches constantly. When watching episodes back to back it doesn’t play through to the next episode, it says it’s not available so I have to go back and select the episode to watch it. Then if by some miracle the video loads (half the time it doesn’t) I get to watch 3-5 minutes of the show before I get thrown into a 3 minute ad series where it plays the same ad over and over and over and over again. It is also near impossible to figure out how to turn on closed captioning. I still haven’t figured it out. In settings, there are no actual settings, just information about the setting but no buttons! I.e. if you click closed captioning, you get a whole lot of info about who provided them, and nowhere does it allow you to actually TURN THEM ON. What kind of settings feature is that? Honestly if my show was available ANYWHERE ELSE I would run there in an instant. Please MTV. Get it together.
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3 years ago, zmonkey16
Never works, too many ads, etc.
This app has never worked perfectly for me. Until recently, I would have given this app 3 stars. It used to load slowly anytime and would have many ads, but at least I could watch shows. Now, I would give the app 0 stars if that were possible. First off, I do not think that the new format is user friendly at all. It just makes it harder to find what you’re looking for. Secondly, There are so many ads in one episode! They are not keeping up with other tv network apps in this department. Also, I can’t even wat shows now. The app does 1 of 2 things when I try to watch a show: 1) loads the ads at the beginning perfectly, then skips every 30 seconds to load the show before stopping completely or 2) plays the ads at the beginning and then continues to play ads while the time for the show is running. My app is updated. My internet is working properly. This app is ridiculous.
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5 years ago, VidaMfStar
Terrible & horrible app
They play 2 seconds of footage then 500 hours of ads! There should at least be a feature where you pay monthly for no ads because that makes me never want to be on this app. I currently have no cable because I can’t afford it and this is my only way to watch shows. If y’all are that desperate for money (from ads) do you know how many people would pay for no ads ? Seriously, like do you know how many people would pay for no ads ? A LOT. You want the app to stop having such a HORRIBLE rating ? STOP SO MUCH ADS AND MAKE THERE BE A NO ADS FEATURE FOR $4.99 A MONTH. I would definitely change this rating to a 5 star if there was less ads for those who don’t buy the no ads feature & if there was a no ads feature. And if I pause to go do something else I expect it to play where I left off but it doesn’t, please fix that too. Until this happens, deleting app & leaving my rating at 1 star. Would give 0 stars if possible.
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2 years ago, fjdhsi kvkdkzxk
Ads end, ads start, intro ads, theme song, ads, then show (with more ads)
TLDR: ADS, MTV = 70% ads 30% content 2 Stars for its ability to reliably push ads. Ok so I got ads a few seconds before the end of an episode cool right? I play the next episode I get even more ads at the start. I then get a quick few seconds recap of that episode at the beginning ( not even 20 seconds ), then I get even more ads. Then it plays the 5 second intro theme to the episode I am watching and then I get yet another set of ads. That’s right 4 ad sets in a row for 20 seconds of content. That’s end, start, recap and intro. Welcome to the MTV ads app. 10/10 at playing ads, #adgameonfleek. - EASY FIX: Literally had to buy a VPN to block the never ending ads. Now I can watch ad free! When using this app I recommend using a paid ad blocking service / VPN provider. It’s worth it’s weight in gold.
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6 years ago, Mpowers9
Terrible app
I usually don’t review apps but this is so bad I had to leave a review. The app on the Apple TV never remembers cable provider information. So after re entering the cable provider details the app will occasionally actually open and let me browse for shows. Then if I do find a show to watch I click click play and almost every time it will not load and just have the spinning wheel. Have to come all the way out of the app re enter cable info and then try the same process again. Usually I give up after the second attempt and it is so annoying to use. I have a lot of streaming apps and this is by far the worst of all and there is honestly no comparison this app is terrible. I don’t even know if it can be fixed it may just need a total re write. I also have the issues others have where after a commercial it will start playing a section from another episode. Absolute junk Wish I could give negative stars.
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3 years ago, Cangle33
The amount of ads per show is obnoxious
I am a National media strategist. I sell advertising and have 10 years of digital marketing experience... I get it. But the way this platform sets up ads is insane, I get an ad when I log into the app, another when I click on a show, and 2 more before the episode even starts... that is nearly 5 minutes of ads before any content. Not to mention the fact that MTV doesn’t do a $5-$10/month offer for an ad free version is ridiculous. I think most people that still, in 2021, watch MTV at all are willing to pay for an ad free version for their OTT device. Just doesn’t make sense to the UX IF THE VIEWER IS FRUSTRATED AT THE AD THAT IS SUPPORTING YOUR COMPANY... if brands aren’t receiving an ROI for the impressions served on your platform then they will stop advertising with you! To top it all off every show has 6+ minutes of ads for 40-50 minute episodes... that is obnoxious.
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3 years ago, susie107
Not fixed yet
Nope. Your update didn’t fix it. This app already had issues casting to where I had to hit “cast” and quickly tap the video I wanted to cast in order for it to work but this week- constant crashes, constantly stopping mid-stream with an error on screen saying something went wrong and try again later, then when I’d try watching just on my phone it starts from the beginning again and watching the same commercials over and over instead of progressing along in the video...Its almost like this app streams the video from the router to device to tv whereas most apps are kinda like a remote control just telling the router what to grab from the internet, but then you often need to reconnect to the chromecast to do anything like pause or stop. Mtv seems to continue to stream from two devices the entire length of the video causing delay, lag and glitching.
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4 months ago, Tvvjeb
Keeps glitching
I downloaded the app and signed into my provider and began watching my desired shows. The first 2 days the app was fine. By the 3rd day I started receiving error messages saying that this network is not included with my tv provider. Which is weird since I’m still able to view this network on my regular cable. So I went to Xfinity to check if this channel had been removed and it hadn’t. But for the next few days I was unable to use the app. I decided to randomly check again yesterday and it was back to normal. No issues, continued watching my shows. I open the app this morning for it to tell me that once again, this network is not included with my tv provider. Basically, the app only works when it wants to so if you can watch your shows another way I would suggest doing so.
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8 months ago, GoodMorningHeartache
The absolute worst!
I have never written a review for an app before, but MTV has inspired me by creating the absolute worst app of all time. It’s not even the 4,000,000 ads, really. I’ll sit through them. I’m just trying to watch an episode of Drag Race here, but it’s the fact that the ads crash the app during every commercial break, only to lose my place. Or, even more egregious: the fact that the stream pauses literally every 4 seconds (not exaggerating here) the ENTIRE time. But wait, there’s more! After trying for 2 hours to finish my hour long show, I get a message that the video is unavailable when I’ve only got 10 minutes left (not including ads I’m sure). By the way, the video is available. I just have to watch more ads only to lose my place AGAIN. I miss when Drag Race was on VH1! Please do better MTV! It’s bad enough the music video is extinct. Don’t ruin Drag Race too!
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3 years ago, N0xtarb
Crashes, inconsistent, and hard to navigate
Whenever I am watching my shows right in the middle of them the app just closes! I know that my phone can run it just fine (iPhone 11) but whenever I watch stuff it just kicks me out it also never correctly saves where I’m at in an episode if I am on episode 12 of a show and I skip to episode 13 because I already saw episode 12 then the auto play just sends me back to episode 12 instead of episode 14. Another thing is when you are going back to watch a show you have to go and search for your show there is no continue watching section just their featured shows. It also is inconsistent with what episodes it has one series i watch is missing 8 seasons and it is missing multiple episodes in other seasons too.
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3 years ago, Wooday87
I love the idea of what this app is. However, I frequently have to log out of my provider and log back in because even though I’m logged in only half of the episodes show up. For example; trying to rewatch Snooki and JWoww and after an episode plays through it tells me the content is no longer available even though it is to me through my provider. I then have to force close the app, reopen it, log out and log back in. Sometimes I have to do this more than once to have all the content show back up. A “continue watching” feature would be nice, I have to search the show I’m watching every time I reopen the app. It does feature a lot of ads, which I understand generates revenue, but they are definitely excessive. Would love it more if it were user friendly and had more “Classic” MTV shows on it.
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2 years ago, Mepoochie
Don’t wast your money
Don’t waste your money. I paid monthly for commercial free I also paid $25 extra to watch a particular show that I really wanted. I let the show run over on accident on my phone without watching and now I am locked out of watching it again. Are they kidding me? If you pay you should be able to watch anytime like any other app that’s out there I have most other apps. I tried to get ahold of support to no avail. This app is a complete waste of time. It wanted me to pay $2.99 an episode at first so I paid a lump sum of $25 thinking it was better on top of my monthly payment I couldn’t be more wrong. Do not make the same mistake. There are much better apps out there that once you pay your monthly fee you don’t have to pay anything else. They also respond to their support calls MTV does not respond again waste of money.
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5 years ago, Dex's Mom
Still needs work
So since the latest update, it does seem to be streaming better...when it’s streaming...until you have to put it down for a minute & the phone goes dark. When you try to go back in to the show you’re watching, it says “no internet connection” which in fact is not true, esp when you’re connected to a strong wi-fi signal, has been connected all along. Every time this happens, you have to close out the app...go back in and then watch a couple more commercials before the show resumes. Very frustrating! Come on developers, you can do it! You can make this app just like every other channel I stream & have zero issues with, which is almost every other major network. It’s better, but not quite right yet.
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2 years ago, floralmimis
Im writing this really mad right now. Whatever is wrong with this app is beyond annoying!! I have had it for awhile now and every single time i just want to watch my show it asks me to connect to my provider which I have plenty times and its worked! Worked for awhile where I could watch without the hassle but every now and then the app re asks me about my provider and doesn’t even load for me to sign into my account just immediately states it doesn’t come in “my package” when it does and It has worked numerous of times before. I’ve tried deleting, redownloading, rebooting the app and it’s still freaking stupid. Have tried to contact support and nothing!! Beyond angry that I enjoyed my show yesterday but won’t be able to finish it today.
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3 years ago, NickZampow
Nothing good with the app at all
Wish I could go lower than one star. The app has way too many problems. I can’t watch one episode of any show without the app crashing. It has gotten to the point where after 45 seconds it crashes. This especially happens during all of the ads. And when it crashes during the ads, it restarts all of the ads again. So I’m sitting there trying to watch an episode and all I get to watch are advertisements over and over again. Speaking of ads, there are way too many. While watching an episode, I actually timed to see how long the ads run for vs the actual episode itself. I kid you not the show ran for 30 seconds and then I had to sit through 2 minutes of ads. And then after another 30 seconds, more ads appear. I highly recommend MTV updates this app and fixes the many problems it has.
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4 years ago, Kelcie Grey
Flabbergasted at positive reviews
Would give 0 if I could. This is the worst tv channel app ever. Insane amount of commercials aside, if I lose my place in a show, there is no preview when you seek, you have to watch an entire set of commercials to see where you landed, and if you didn’t land in the right spot, you have to watch another set of commercials when you make your second guess (and a third or a fourth). It’s insanely slow. The app won’t let you rotate when in commercial view if you weren’t already, if you pause during the show you usually can’t hit play on the screen but instead have to scroll all the way down on the list of shows to the one you are watching and hit play there. I’m on a new iPhone. It should not be this glitchy and non user-friendly. Would delete in an instant if I didn’t like Teen Mom. So I guess ya got me.
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5 years ago, MelisK1
This app is inefficient and frustrating
I would like to provide some insight into how this app is severely lacking in comparison to other apps. I stream my tv through google chromecast. First off I could never get this app to work with my Comcast Xfinity log in — it makes no sense and there are countless inquiries online. How is that possible? Now I have a Spectrum log in and now out of the blue it says MTV is no longer part of the subscription package which is wrong. In addition, the new episodes can take up to a week to be added to the app. We have entered a time where a ton of people are streaming and it’s frustrating that this app is extremely inefficient and I feel like you are losing a lot of streamers. Streaming is our reality and I have zero issues with the Bravo, NBC, ABC, HBO apps etc. I think this app needs to be better, its 2018.
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4 years ago, Kionne26
A Mess of an app
Don’t even know where to start, first of all this app is usually pretty good. But when this app decides to not let you log to your tv provider. Granted you want to watch multiple episodes this is when the app starts to go downhill. I specifically have this problem with U-verse not being able to log because of a subscription error even though U-verse provides it. I also have an issue with amount of ads being played in a video it seems like overkill with how many videos are plastered through an episode, And If you leave an episode or click away in any form. MTV makes you restart the video or makes you rewatch the same ad you already saw. This apps needs some interface tweaking so the app is less glitchy going forward
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4 years ago, Maliburhea
App Needs MAJOR Fixing
I’m so beyond frustrated with this app! Every show I watch the app literally shuts down in the last 2 minutes!!! It’s bad e light that we have to sit through all the commercials even though we are already paying for the services through our provider but every time the app shuts down I have to sit through the commercials all over again! Sometimes back to back because it plays commercials before the show and then again when I try to find the place where the app shut down! So we have an app that stops playing the show and the forces us to sit through 1-3 more additional rounds of commercials when trying to reboot where the app shut down. Extremely frustrating especially when again we are already paying for this service with our provider!
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6 years ago, LarissaMarie
What an awful streaming platform.
2 annoying issues I have found in a very short period of using this app. So first, the “play next feature” if you want to leave it to play the next episode actually plays the previous episode which is super annoying. Second I have been watching Laguna Beach and The Hills and there are full episodes that are duplicates even tho they are named differently with different descriptions. And even weirder, the last episode I watched the first half was the right episode and after the commercial break it was the second half of an episode from 3 episodes prior. So they are whole plot lines that I missed that I get a briefing of in the “previously” section of the episodes. Soooo annoying. Get a better media manager and a better app developer. I’m sure there a million out there now.
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5 years ago, loveandpeace🌺
Xfinity and the dreadful ads..
The only reason why I’m subtracted the two stars is because of ads and tv providers—-is it a possibility you can get two options: to either watch all of your commercials at once in the beginning of the episode or throughout the episode. Because it really pains me to sit through a 3-minute commercial every 5-6 minutes. And the tv providers—I’m an Xfinity customer and I was curious for why Xfinity is no longer listed as a tv provider? This change happened around December/ January. I used to use this app all the time, but now the only chance I get to is if a use the free hour pass. Other than that, I see no other flaw in this application. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Neesha ^_^
Had trouble logging in with cable provider
My main gripe was being unable to login with my cable provider. Whenever I went to “unlock all content”, it would pull up a log in screen for a cable company I did not have and there was no button to switch providers. As soon as I pressed cancel to exit the screen, the app would freeze and then crash. I had to uninstall and then reinstall the app and press “don’t allow” for everything before I could successfully get to the screen to choose my correct cable provider and log in. It appears this app could use some improvements.
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5 years ago, Djfelyfel
This App Is The WORST!!!
I normally NEVER rate things especially not apps but I just couldn’t take it anymore. I have been an MTV fan for as long as I can remember. I live for the challenge, I love jersey shore, and I used to watch Teen Mom religiously, but I am incredibly disappointed in the app that MTV has created. It glitches all of the time. It will randomly kick you out during a show then when you go back in it makes you watch a commercial. And to make that worse, It tends to kick you out right after you watched a commercial so you’re watching double the commercials. The thing that really did it for me that made me write a review was today it just decides not to work and says oops try again later... SERIOUSLY!?! MTV you are far too lucrative of a company to have such a crap app. GET IT TOGETHER!!!
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1 year ago, BrooklynnHaze
Can it get any worse?
This is the worst streaming app I’ve ever used. Period. Like all the other reviews you’ll read, besides the 5 star ones that are so blatantly fake, you’ll see that this app has a bad user interface, is FULL of bugs and glitches, and COMPLETELY overrun with ads. It’s impossible to watch absolutely anything on this platform without being bombarded with ads and error messages. They’ve been having this problem for 4+ years, you’d think they would fix it by now. When’s the last time this app has even been updated? It seems like they don’t really care but they care enough to buy fake reviews and leave their email, which is no help because they won’t get back to you anyway.
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1 year ago, Hoiner22
Too many ads
I tried to watch one episode of a show, but there were way too many adds that I had to just give up. I had to sit through 3 ads before the show would start. Then they showed me the previously seen clips. Then I had to sit through 5 ads. Then they showed me the show’s intro. Then I had to sit through 6 ads. Then I watched a few minutes of the show, and it wanted me to sit through 5 ads again. I gave up and I will no longer watch any of the 5 MTV shows I used to watch. I understand that they need revenue, but a show should not be more ads than content, and it is impossible to catch up on a show when it takes hours to watch a half hour’s worth of actual content.
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4 years ago, cute_wild_cherry
So many issues.
I’ve had this a week to watch a few shows not on demand with my tv provider and have had nothing but issues..1st it doesn’t keep me signed in with my tv provider so every time i get out is the app I have to re-sign back in to my provider even if the video is paused for 5 mins. The loading time takes forever. Videos won’t always play on my Apple TV but on my iPhone app it will play. While watching episodes a window will pop up on the right side with a count down to next episode when my episode just started then when the timer runs out it shows a negative timer for the entire episode currently shows “ Next video in -735 seconds. And yes I’ve reinstalled this app on my Apple TV and still problems.
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4 years ago, princessYoMama234567
Poorly planned UI
This app has a few things that bother me. First, it requires you to rotate your device back and forth to see the shows and episode lists. Most other big streaming apps will have an interface that’s usable in landscape mode, as that’s how most people will be watching the video. If you don’t flip this to portrait mode, you can’t even see the episode list, it gets automatically hidden! Second, it has no quick incremental rewind and fast forward buttons. You are forced to scroll on the tiny time bar w your finger, which is often quite inaccurate. So if I missed a couple sentences, I can’t just pop back 10 seconds, I have to try to find it using my finger, which never is able to go back just 10seconds.
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4 days ago, __ashleybabyy__
This app used to be amazing. Now the ads are insane. I’ve seen 3 ADS within 5 minutes. Each ads is about 3 minutes long. I understand you’re losing a lot of customers and need to have commercials/ads for profit but this is honestly ridiculous. The show doesn’t start where you left off. So once again…. Stuck seeing a millions ads trying to find where you left off. Freaking terrible. It doesn’t even allow you to minimize the screen while using your phone if an ad pops up. You HAVE to stop what you’re doing and maximize the screen. So you’re forced to watch/listen to them. I wish I could give negative stars because I absolutely would if it was an option.
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5 years ago, [![monty]!]
Inconsistent Episodes!
I would like to start out by saying this app WAS really good for a while, I truly enjoyed it, until I began noticing spotty episode placement as well as the COMPLETE LACK of certain episodes!!! That’s sooo disappointing! I was catching up on Jersey Shore Family Vacation (the best show MTV is running currently IMO 😅) and finally got halfway through season 2, and noticed episodes 15-20 are completely missing from the app!! What’s up with that??? So now I’m stuck without those episodes and I’m not jumping from halfway through the season to the very end! I know it’s a first world problem, but that is bs! Would love to see those episodes included on the app, then you would see a five star review from me. I’m not hard to please, I just like things to work as promised!
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4 years ago, acemonty23
Never Seen So Many Ads in My Life
Mind boggling number of ads. And as others have said, making any change to playback just restarts another series of 4 ads. Then switch to casting, another series of 4 ads. Oh you skipped ahead? Watch ads, 1 minute of show, then 4 more ads. Never write reviews but had to with this one. Good app otherwise but very unfortunate that good UI is completely overshadowed by ad content. Honestly makes me boycott the network. Used to use the website and cast and it would chug and play tons of ads too. Thought this app would help but no dice. Better casting and playback but not worth it. Even cable TV on demand has too many ads and no fast forward. Get it right, MTV. No other network shows this much advertising.
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3 years ago, iMacaroni9
This app deserves a 0 star and has to be one of the worst ones out there, I cannot watch a full episode without the app interrupting me and telling me “Sorry, this video is unavailable” and then I have to exit out of the app and go into the app again! It never saves where I am actually at! And don’t get me started on the ads!! I do not mind watching ads but sometimes it is a little bit much! Especially when I had to restart the episode then skip ahead because of the app’s fault!! Get better staff to help deal with all of these issues, I love watching MTV but at this point I’m ready to delete the app and save myself the headache of dealing with it. How is it possible that such a great network like MTV has so many issues with their app?
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4 years ago, lindseywlindsey
Can’t watch on my phone
I have this app on my Apple TV and on my phone and every other time I’ve tried to watch something on my phone it won’t let me. It will either say the video is not available anymore. It let me watch the last two episodes of the challenge but then when I tried to watch the next season it wouldn’t let me so I went back and tried to play a video that I literally had just watched 10 minutes ago and it’s saying the same thing. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it deleting the app restarting my phone and restarting it and nothing is working. But if I go watch it on my TV it works just fine and all the content it’s saying is an available is playing just fine.
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5 years ago, Rayrayot
MTV can afford to hire better App developers....
I was signed in and watching the challenge (dirty 30- because this was the ONLY place I could watch). It was working fine- I didn’t care that the episodes were not in order and I didn’t care that there were ads. I was happy to watch. BUT, it kicked me out half way through the season and I tried to sign back in and it told me “please contact your TV provider and subscribe to a package that includes MTV”. I HAVE MTV, AND IT WAS JUST WORKING. Now I will not be able to see the conclusion of the show. I don’t normally write reviews but I felt compelled because of how frustrating this situation is. Please do not comment and apologize and tell me to “email for support”. Just fix your App and reply back when it’s fixed.
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5 years ago, Brinka242
Doesn’t Recognize Spectrum Subscription
Can’t use app suddenly as it doesn’t recognize my Spectrum subscription. Have tried to log in and I get a white screen. Have deleted app, re downloaded twice, tried logging out and back in. Wasting time and total nightmare experience. Also when I am able to watch shows normally they run the same commercials a thousand times over, some woman with urinary incontinence issues and a guy with a guitar singing a song. I feel like I am stuck on the It’s A Small World ride at Disney World and can’t get off, like the same loop of the same obnoxious stuff playing over and over and it is so annoying!!!! Are there not enough paying advertisers to support the app because it is garbage?
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2 years ago, Mandalin10
Worst App
I use this w Apple TV, however I’m pretty much over using it. It doesn’t remember the shows you’ve watched so you always have to search it, doesn’t remember where you left off on a show so you have to remember the episode and where you left off but the worst part is it will nearly every time I open the app, freeze up. The only way to resolve the issue is to delete the app, then re-add it, and add all credentials so you can continue to watch again. LITERALLY EVERY TIME for me. I like some shows it offers but the issues are too much to continue to use it. I’ve never used another app with Apple TV with any issues at all. Fix it or just don’t offer it.
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4 years ago, musicman0405
No tv provider for Apple
It was working fine until I guess it had an update I was using this for Apple TV and my iPhone now it’s signed me out and it’s will not let me sign in to my tv provider it only lets me sign in on my phone through uverse and I have been using directTV and it will not let me switch tv providers and on Apple TV there is no more option to sign in through provider I contacted support and followed everything they told me and still doesn’t work it’s only Apple products that it doesn’t work because it works perfectly fine in my Xbox, desktop, and Samsung smart TV but on all my apple products it does not work which is very frustrating until this is fixed I’m only giving a 1 Star
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2 years ago, london.paige15
I have had so many problems with this app. Every time I open it I have to re-sign in to my service provider which is inconvenient. And when I am watching a show it will disconnect after watching 2 episodes. Also when I cast to my tv it won’t let me click on the episode I want to watch so I have to disconnect, click on the episode, then cast after waiting for it to unfreeze. And it never leaves off where I stopped. I have to always remember exactly where I left off because this app can’t do that for me like every other streaming app can. I don’t understand how these issues have not been fixed after 4 years of this app running.
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3 years ago, G3Esco
Glitch Central
Let me start off by saying I’m not the type of person to write reviews but man this app is beyond frustrating! I can’t go thru 5 mins of an episode before it starts glitching. A 24 min episode turns into 45 mins due to glitches. I thought it was only me but after reading all these reviews it’s clear this app needs major help. MTV please, I’m begging you, please do better!! Every review says to contact for tech support but every person SHOULD NOT be having the same issues. You have to address the issue as a whole not on a individual basis. Every time there is an app update I get excited thinking it will finally resolve the glitching issue and it never does.
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5 years ago, Kylie Rochelle
Tooooo many commercials
Yes I understand y’all make your money from the commercials but for some reason if I pause the app to long a commercial pops up. If I try to fast forward or rewind, a commercial pops up. And then along of them are a minute and a half long. I choose to use apps and not watch live tv because of so many commercials. By far MTV app has the most commercials out of all the apps I use. (Vh1, E!, HGTV, ABC, FOX and Disney for my kids) just saying a little less (random) commercials and shorter lengths would be nice. ✌🏽 but other wise I like the options, the navigation of the app, the clarity and performance.
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6 years ago, Freckles951
Annoying and glitchy
This app has some serious glitches. In some videos it will go silent for 5-30 seconds at a time and rewinding doesn’t fix it. I have to completely shut down the app and open it back up and then get the 30 seconds I missed after re-watching the ad of course. The MOST annoying part: the music/video controls stay on the lock screen even after I’ve completely closed the app. I have to restart my phone in order to get it to leave the lock screen. I’ve narrowed it down to this app through process of elimination of all 7 of my other music/video apps. Please fix this!!! It is so annoying!!!!!
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3 years ago, sarlear
This app is so frustrating!!
If the app functioned properly it would be great but more often than not, I have to stop watching mid show. The app freezes, repeats commercials, doesn’t pick up where you left off, and constantly makes you sign in. Half the time it doesn’t accept my service provider log-on, even though it’s been the same for 5 years. Most recently, when trying to stream an episode, it shows continuous commercials and never gets to the actual show!! I let it go for almost 12 straight minutes of commercials, I don’t know if the show would have ever started!!! Don’t even bother with this app!
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