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User Reviews for Murasaki - EPUB Reader

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9 years ago, Greg Shenaut
Good book reader
I've tried several other book readers and this is the one I prefer. It's got a very straightforward interface and it does the job. I read normally in iBooks, but there are times when I don't want to import a book into iBooks, so I need a simpler reader. For me, it's Murasaki: I've made it the default app for .epub, for example. Good job.
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6 years ago, Gorgeous Val
I use it daily to read ePub files. Stable and simple. Flexible as far as different formats and view. Search works in app and in OSX finder with an added extension to search for text in the file, like a PDF. My favorite is that the user can both scroll through a chapter like a browser, and arrow navigate to other chapters. Buy the Pro version, it’s worth it.
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12 years ago, SydneyCarton
Bit pricey but works well
I tried a few different ebook readers--one left artefacts on my screen, one required I sign in and failed with an unintelligible error. This one works and displays the pages of my book nicely. I feel it's a bit pricey but once in a while it's worth it to pay a bit for something that just shuts up and works. Thanks for making this simple task seamless, Murasaki.
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6 years ago, Applemusic88
worth the money, just get it!
I have searched and tried many different ePub readers: Calibre, Kitabu, Kindle, Adobe, among others … This one is *hands down* the best one of all. Uses very little memory, it has tab support, and the ePub rendering is almost perfect (I say almost because it’s also dependent on the file’s format). Yes - It’s expensive compared to FREE. But free doesn’t always mean good. Don’t think about it. You can keep your free ones, but if you’re an avid reader - GET THIS ONE!
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3 years ago, John in SB
Not Good
This app hasn't been updated in years, and it shows. The search function is unreliable, the navigation/bookmark pane doesn't work and occasionally switches sides unbidden. The swipe function doesn't work with the Apple mouse.
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5 years ago, Wrigster
Still OK
Program still works under Catalina, however the Quick Look plugin function is broken.
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12 years ago, Rick-G.
I had been looking for a good reader for reading on my Macbook Air and my iMac. I tried a couple of other readers and didn't like them. Murasaki is perfect for my needs. When reading Watchtower and Awake! magazines, I can open up the scripture references which are displayed in the articles as links. These reference links can be opened in a seperate pane by pressing the command button and clicking on the link. This feature is very helpful. An entire article opens without annoying page breaks placed oddly throughout the article like other readers exhibit. Formatting seems more natural. Illustrations show up on the pages where they should be. I couldn't be happier. Try it - you'll like it I'm sure.
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11 years ago, mjb123
Buggy and Not Thought Through
It worked as described for about an hour. After experimenting with the fonts preferences, the application failed to change the font preference at all - books were displayed in the last font selected and no matter how much fiddling could I get it use the font selected. Keyboard shortcuts are sort of weird and lacking. For example, when the sidebar is selected, left and right move between sections of the document. However, no matter how many times I clicked in the document itself would the arrow keys move between pages. Hence dysfunctional - I have no way to use the keyboard to move between pages. Very amateur - should cost no more than free. I really want my money back on this one.
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13 years ago, Firefly76
I have been looking for a good way to read DRM free epubs from O'Reilly for a long time. There have been some options avaiable, but none were well executed. Murasaki is the answer I've been looking for. It has spotlight integration, Lion full screen support, text to speech capability, and a minimal interface that renders the ebook as it was intended. If you need a ePub reader for DRM free ebooks, look no further.
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10 years ago, Sylinsr
Just one thing ...
This is one of the best ePub readers I have used so far. I would be completely happy however, if it could add furigana to Japanese text. Then it would be absolutely perfect.
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12 years ago, tech no
worth the price
I boutht this App for one reason. The ability to use spotlight to search for content in epub. I could not find another application or free plug in to do that. I don't use it as an ereader because you can't view your book in a 2 page horizantal format.
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11 years ago, kamimark
Pagination wins
The paging view finally makes reading a book reasonable; before I could only really use it for quick reference or quoting. It would be nice if space advanced the pages, in addition to arrow keys. Thanks!
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12 years ago, EdiPhone
Nice simple app, please add ability read page by page with keyboard
This is a nice simple app that opens Epubs with no fuss. The one big missing feature, unless I'm missing something, is that you can't change pages from the keyboard to read one page after another. The app loads a chapter at a time, and you have to scroll your way through each chapter, making it uncomfortable for page by page reading. At the moment the app is good for quickly browsing your way through to refer to information.
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12 years ago, user129394
Like it
I downloaded this app to listen to ePubs using the Text to Speech function. It works well, but please add a "Pause" function. Thanks!
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12 years ago, BeyondtheTech
Best bang for the buck
Until Apple releases iBooks for the OS X, this is the best ePub file reader out there. Simple yet full-featured, and the developer keeps it up to date. Thank you!
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9 years ago, Holy Grail T
Simple and clean, few bells and whistles
I’ve been using this for a while, and it has become my default reader for epubs (no drm) on my mac. Pros: it respects the publisher’s formatting, but allows the reader to override pretty much anything using the Ad Hoc User Stylesheet feature. (You do have to know something about css to use this effectively.) The simple fact that it doesn’t ignore lots of css styling features (unlike a lot of reader apps) makes it worth the money. It is the only functional epub reader I’ve found that will read books in epub 3 format without falling back on “backward compatible” features, for example, it actually uses the new epub 3 “nav” document for its sidebar table of contents, instead of the old epub 2 “ncx” document. (I confess, for now, this is mainly of interest to people who like to poke around in the innards of pubs, since few epubs are available in epub 3 format.) Unlike most of the “free” alternatives, it has no annoying features meant to encourage you to get your books from any specific source. Finally, it doesn’t create its own versions of your books hidden somewhere within its own filing system—which can be annoying. It just opens your books and reads them where ever you keep them in your directory. This means that if you tinker with an epub and open a new version, it shows the new version, not the old version. Cons: Bookmarks link to the whole underlying document (usually a chapter) within the epub, not to a point location. So they are essentially useless. There’s no way to add highlights or notes. In summary, if you’re just reading, and don’t need to mark up your epub with bookmarks and notes, I recommend this app.
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12 years ago, xuqunce
什么时候 书签可以精准定位
什么时候 书签可以精准定位,其他的都可以,主要是书签问题 定位只定位章节不定位页码
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12 years ago, Mikestro_
Well thought out
This is a well designed application. There's nothing I dislike about it (which is rare :) ) * support of a custom css means you can change the appearance of the page to be exactly what you want The first thing I did was to create a `padding.css` file that added margins to the left and right of the text (so it doesn't run right up against the edge of the window) * full screen support * quick look for epubs * good keyboard navigation & shortcuts * search with apple-F and apple-period to close (the latter is strangely not present in other apps) * flat or hierarchical outline view * bookmarks * separate windows for each file * nothing you don't need Very nice.
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12 years ago, joewiz
I wanted a way to open up ePub files I had downloaded from O'Reilly, and to preview ePub files I have created myself -- without having to move them onto my iPad. This does the trick, is nicely polished, and is priced right. I particularly like: - the quicklook integration means your ePub file icons show the cover image instead of a generic document icon - supports Mac OS X 10.7 Lion full screen mode - you can have multiple ePub files open at once, since they each just take up one window on the screen (and it works nicely with Moom for arranding windows side-by-side) - ePubs are rendered basically the same as they would be on the iPad - the app seems to use a WebKit view, so CSS is respected, etc. - bookmarks (to the chapter) and search are snappy - search is basically like Some suggestions for the developer: 1. Add Help. The app is pretty self-explanatory, but even a basic overview would be much better than "Help isn't available for Murasaki". Just take this info from your website, which does a great job explaining the app. 2. I'd like to be able to open the sidebar on the left side, not the right side. A setting or toggle for which side would be nice. 3. Clicking on a search result in the sidebar takes me to the top of the chapter containing the match. It should take me directly to the first instance of the match. 4. Many ePubs I open have basically 0 margin, so they creep right up against the sides of the window. Maybe provide a quick set of margin preferences? 5. Please some alternate style sheets too; the View > User Style Sheet > Open Style Sheets Folder shouldn't be empty out of the box. I hope the developer considers these suggestions. Even so, I already give it 5 stars.
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13 years ago, algis midveris
doesnot support english!!!!
i had ebook in epub format on my mac air.and this version do not recognise english letters...
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