Mushroom Identificator

4.7 (1.6K)
76.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
AnnapurnApp Technologies UG haftungsbeschrankt
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Mushroom Identificator

4.67 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
4 years ago, WormBurden
Best on the market
I started using this earlier this summer after we started receiving heavy rains, bringing on huge blooms of different species in our neighborhood. It’s not perfect, you should always get a second opinion from a professional before handling any mushroom. That being said, the crowdsourced learning algorithm is top-notch, and I have actually noticed it getting more accurate over the last 4 or so months that I’ve been using it. On a side note, I tend to go back and forth between the app and another on the market that provides a better forum for geotagging and networking with other shroomers. This app is far superior as far as identification goes.
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4 years ago, mdk :/
I love this app!!!!
I use this app every day! I either use it just to look through mushrooms for fun, play the quiz, to help identify mushrooms I find on my ‘shroom hunts, or to help someone else identify their mushrooms. I post every mushroom I find just to the amazing community of this app what I got! If you’re a mushroom enthusiast like myself, I implore you to get this app today! It’s so cute and sweet! And not to mention, there’s an optional purchase one can make that helps the creators make the app better, and I suggest spending the $5-8, but you can also use the free version. I love them both very much and only spent the money to help benefit the creator.
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2 years ago, Richiinet
Decent app and seems to work well
Cool app helpful to identify mushrooms the few I have tried seem accurate. Wish there was more to this. You can add a group location if you are there at the time you want to add it. Would be nice if there was a profile area and easier ways to discuss with a community that seems to be there. Really cool app with a one time unlock feature and very reasonably priced versus others I have tried.
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6 years ago, Rhjdfgh
Great free app that does what it is supposed to.
I love that this app gives suggested species with photos. It has helped me id a ton. Obviously its not a mycologist and sometimes it gives the wrong species as suggestions, but for what its worth this has been a huge help. I wish that there was a wider variety of mushrooms to browse through personally. I love collecting mushrooms, poisonous, and not. It would be nice to have an encyclopedia of many more varieties. Aside from this, this has been a great app.
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2 years ago, hshdiurgegdurheguq
Excellent app for identifying mushrooms! 👍🏻
Me and my family were curious as to all the mushroom types growing in our lawn over the years, so I downloaded this app to find out more about them. We were very pleased to see that the app got both of the fungi types we uploaded Identified correctly, as well as gave us a lot of information on these organisms. Wonderful app, would download this again! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, SanMax199412
Fun and Informative
While I am not an expert and therefore cannot be certain that the suggestions always result in a correct identification, this app get me very close to being able to find out more information on mushrooms I’m finding and trying to identify. I’ve also learned more from the app about discernible features and what to look for. Definitely worth downloading!
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4 years ago, Jake Mcsnake
Nice app
The best thing about this app is being able to join the mushroom community and share discoveries. It’s cool to see what other people are finding. Of course, it’s not meant to replace your own research and you shouldn’t rely on a stranger’s opinion, obviously, but the more suggestions you get the more you will be able to narrow your specimens down to specific species.
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11 months ago, All But Country
Kinda Useless
I’m a total novice and thought it would be fun to learn a little about what’s growing in my yard. I got a sample, set it on a white napkin for contrast and submitted several pictures. The results that came back were massively different than what I found. Not even close! I kept digging and came up with something that was similar, so I clicked on it and after that, there was no way to back out to the results! The only way to look at other options was to start over. This app is as unhelpful as it is difficult to navigate.
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4 years ago, margo1md
Excellent in field resource
So far, I have been pretty pleased with the app, having used it about a dozen times. It offers several choices based on images taken live or uploaded from my camera, and has been pretty spot-on 99% of the time. Handy item to have when foraging for a quick reference.
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1 year ago, Peter from PP
Seems reliable
I have not used sufficiently. The interface could be improved. In my case although it suggested four Amanitas. None of the species was correct. The result could have improved by allowing more than two photos input and some more questions (?). Maybe there should be two options one could choose: beginner and more advanced.
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4 years ago, Krofder
Pretty Good Results
Admittedly I’m only an amateur at mycology, but I find this app to have decent accuracy for most common fungi and some that are more rare. When I’m in doubt I ask a friend that has many years of experience in this field. The app warns you to do your own detailed research before ingesting. That’s good advice!
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2 years ago, theBoxHead
Identification is pretty good!
Gives me a good direction to search in when finding new mushrooms. Wish it also included the common names in addition to scientific ones. Also wish it allowed me to copy and paste the scientific name so I could search on my web browser, but I can’t highlight the name in order to copy/paste it.
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2 years ago, custrojones
I am sure it has potential. It might be good if you could choose an I think it’s this and then confirm location of this. For example… I think one of my fungi may be a Russella based on the photo but it would be goodif I could say it was found growing wild near Breckinridge Colorado. That might eliminate some options.
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9 months ago, Booze Allexander Hamilton
By far one of my favorite apps. Well designed, well above average accuracy. An exceptional app. It’s not about getting accurate results instantly, most fungi that’s impossible. It’s the design of this app that helps as part of a mycological toolbox.
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4 weeks ago, ImThatOneGuyIRL
Interested in learning about mushrooms? Start here!
A wonderful app if you’re looking to identify mushrooms in forests around your home! Bonus points for informing you of their dangers and calling you out if you plan to solely use it to eat said random mushrooms in the forest, lol :)
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3 years ago, 7hyg6yy6y7uuu
This is really a fantastic app, because it doesn’t just help identify mushrooms. It has a community of people you can ask to help identify your mushroom, a map to map out your findings, and even a challenge quiz to increase your knowledge of mushrooms! Love it.
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4 years ago, isabellaromno
Really good
Really good app. Gives you lots of options for choices and does a better job than most others. Not perfect with identifying but a lot easier than looking through hundreds of pictures
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6 years ago, poin dexter lafeitte
Easy to use
The identification process is pretty cool just needs a wider variety of species and more pictures haven’t been able to pin point but 1 out of about 8 different species but in their defense their are over thousands of different mushrooms other than that it’s free and most importantly easy to use
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11 months ago, Hooch dog
Excellent for beginners
I’ve used this app a number of times, with a great deal of success! Today’s answer looked nothing like the pictures that I took, but usually it’s very informative
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3 years ago, GindaLail
Multi Step Process is reassuring
This was very easy to use and I liked the multiple questions. Fast identification and now I need to read more. But the app works perfectly.
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5 years ago, Bat?
Great study Tool
While the identifier is decent, (I wouldn’t put my life in its AI hands) the real gem is the identification quiz. Great to familiarize yourself with some of the species, with more mushrooms added in app updates. I don’t love the shooting star animation but I don’t know if that will stay!
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11 months ago, slynngwalt
I love how user friendly this app is. Uploading pictures is simple and the app offers plenty of suggestions to narrow my results. I learn so much from this resource.
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11 months ago, Toxic butternut
Identifying mushrooms
I use this app to help me identify mushrooms while foraging. Although I rely on my own experience before I eat one, this app has consistently helped me expand my knowledge. I five star approve it.
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4 years ago, pooFartButt
Very interesting
This is a great app if you always have wild mushrooms popping up in the yard. Obviously, my family and I only eat mushrooms from the grocery store because we don’t want to $h¡t blood and die, but it’s nice to know what’s growing around us!
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6 years ago, fungusfaith
A great app, and you can't beat the price!
I love this app and use it all the time even though it gives internet links based on the photos, but that is enough to get started. AND it's really easy to use!
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2 years ago, hunting-for-shrooms-Colorado
Good app
So far I am impressed. My initial experience warrants 5 stars - it identified a mushroom from my iPhone’s picture - a person holding the mushroom (no scanner needed) - correctly. We’ll done.
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1 year ago, Pook-A-Loo
I love this app
This app is awesome. It’s great to connect with people who are more knowledgable than I am and who can help identify mushrooms that I find. I have learned quite a bit from this app.
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3 years ago, krussell22
Wow!! So powerful! Found my mushroom right away!
Thank you so much for this - needed it for an assignment - it blew me away! I couldn't find my mushroom anywhere else on the internet!! Thank you!
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5 years ago, Amorotor
Wonder free Mushroom ID app
I am just getting started learning how to ID and harvest mushrooms. I like this app for it’s ID feature and the ability to mark a find and tag it on a map. Also I find the mushroom harvest calendar uniquely helpful.
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6 years ago, Picapacapopo
Free app. Impressive.
Tried this app on a whim as it was really the only free option for mushroom identification. It works quite well. Get a good picture and you will likely get some good recommendations for your mushroom identity. Thank you for this fantastic app!
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4 years ago, hettingr
The first mushroom I looked up using two photographs (one tha I couldn’t find in books) was quickly found by this program. So, being asked to rate it at this point, I have to say it’s great!!!
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4 years ago, Feroucous Goby
Nice app for a place to begin a search
I would not use it for positive identifications because my life may depend on a positive identification. I wish I could include spore print, more Gill identifiers, and surroundings of were it was found.
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6 years ago, Bean dippppp
Please update for iphone X!!!
Great app but i would love for an update to fix the top of the screen being cut off. They need to either pull the menu down or modify for iphone X. I can only see half of the two side tabs and not the avoid tab at all!
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2 years ago, NicolFamily
Great App!!
I like this app as it is a great teaching tool to learn about mushrooms. It has some good information on each type and lots of great pictures too!
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3 years ago, nellie malzac
Mushroom identification app ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amazing !!! I tested it I looked up a picture of a psilocybe cubensis on google then screen showed it and cropped it to see how good this app worked an it was 100% correct so far love this app already!!!
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8 months ago, HealthyWolf
Wonderful App!
This is an easy to use, fast, mostly accurate, fantastic "in the field" app to accompany your fungi identification books!!
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2 years ago, AzBeeBuzz
Most functions don’t work
Every mushroom I tried to identify by taking a photo, the app warns that identifying is only in beta. Why was I charged for something that admits it doesn’t really work yet!! And the pop-up asking you to take a second photo doesn’t allow you to choose Yes, only the No button works. I put zero faith in this app.
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6 years ago, Tinkham
Limited, thus Free
Don’t expect much from this cute little app. While limited it’s main benefit in my opinion is it’s data base identifying search feature, but after you photograph your mushroom and before you search, take a screen shot if you want the image saved.
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4 years ago, OJ (notsimpson)
Fun and fairly accurate
Found some mushrooms in the woods and used this to find out more! Really fun and pretty accurate, better than just googling “brown mushroom skinny stalks in a clump together” :) thanks for the cool app!
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4 years ago, mushroombruh
It’s pretty good
Obviously no mushroom identification app is gonna be perfect but this ones pretty good. I do wish they had more of a gallery when you clicked on the mushroom though, because some photos don’t well represent the mushroom.
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4 years ago, 🍄Mushroom Man
Highly recommend 🍄
This game is so easy to use and I found what types of mushrooms were in my backyard. Also, those game has 900 species of mushrooms to check out
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6 months ago, Vendi1
Mushroom ID App
This app is fun to have an idea of what mushrooms you’re looking at and helps kids get interested in fungi and the world around them.
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2 years ago, The neighbourhood
Useful app! Easy to use
Super easy and helpful app. I am cautious because there are so many similar looking mushrooms but it identified mine super well!
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8 months ago, Mc.greatlife
Great app for identifying mushrooms
I’ve use this app to confirm my suspicions on identification several times and it’s highly accurate
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6 years ago, Kitsco23
This is a great app
I have a suggestion I'm still not really a mushroom expert by I think on the photo Identifying you can add multiple images for easier identification
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2 years ago, TravisWBK
Works pretty well so far
This app has been pretty good at suggesting what the fungi I have submitted pictures of to it.
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3 years ago, Speaker Sherpa
Works great
I like seeing all the “often confused with” options
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4 years ago, HilaryD0912
Awesome start
This app is super helpful if you’re wanting to learn different mushrooms. It’s not that accurate yet, but the suggestions offered are informative. I hope to see this app get much more advanced!
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2 years ago, .SWIM.
New user, but so far so good!
Have had success thus far, I will definitely add this to my mycological toolbox
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12 months ago, cccccccccccoo oh gifg
I’m rating this four stars because it’s not that accurate but maybe it’s because some mushrooms look different from others but their the same species but I still LOOVE IT ITS SO GOOD I CONSIDER GETTING IT
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