Music Sparkles

4.3 (127)
115.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
TabTale LTD
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Music Sparkles

4.3 out of 5
127 Ratings
12 years ago, Tammy Ann
Love this app, but multitasking gestures can ruin it
This is one of our very favorite apps, but since my 1 year old plays with it by touching it with an open hand (all 5 fingers at once), he sets off the multitasking gesture and switches to other apps when he really gets into playing the piano. I wish there was a way this app could lock so that you wouldn't have to go all the way to the settings app to turn that off. Not sure if apple lets you do that though so otherwise, this app is awesome.
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3 years ago, unicornlonley
Oml m. Hold hood 😭
I remembered this from my childhood. It was basically the best app ever! My mom downloaded the app for me and I loved it! I used to play it all the time! Now am about to delete it if you see the review I prob deleted it already. This app was amazing! TYSM for making it also there’s a copy out there and luckily it only has 1 Star XD! Also ty again for making this app. I really appreciate it! My life would be so different if you didn’t make this game!
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1 year ago, NightFury14pluslightfury
My childhood game! I’m getting the full version someday.
I remember this from when I was young, so I redownloaded it for nostalgia’s sake just to have it in my library. (And to hear the old samples, especially that sick banjo solo! I recorded the sample on GarageBand and now use it as my call tone! Thank you Music Sparkle!)
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5 years ago, Blue razz berry 26
Possibly changed my life?
So when i was little my mom downloaded this game for me and i totally fell in love with it. 15 years later i'm writing music, going to state for choir competitions etc.) thank you for this💘
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2 years ago, Jomgarcia
My story
I had good times w this game when I was little,it was life changing and Ty for making this game
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4 years ago, cvp823
Great app!
My 5 year old is learning so quick! Definitely worth it!
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1 year ago, sandaddiction
Music Sparkles 💖
This app looks good, I love the instruments in this app it’s super cool
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5 years ago, abdoc2007
Used to be a fun game.
I want the game back.
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3 years ago, nononononknom
Made me do a star solo in my high school band
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5 years ago, Pudlicker357
Can’t play it
I tried to play the music and it wouldn’t let me :/ my siblings had it working but it wouldn’t for mine
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4 years ago, hen12035
My first game I ever played
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3 years ago, PandaMa17
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3 years ago, Juliezer2011
Cool math games
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13 years ago, Twinkletoes Mom
Love the App But...
I downloaded the free app for my child who absolutely LOVED it. I decided to purchase the full version and now the app crashes constantly, especially when she tries to play the guitar. Maybe it doesn't work well on a 3GS iPhone that my daughter uses but there is no way for me to test this theory on my 4S without forking over another $2.99. I plan to upgrade her to either a newer phone or even an iPad later on. Does this mean I would have to purchase the app again? I'm not so inclined to do that unless there's a guarantee that it won't crash again. I think if whenever I purchase something, regardless of the price, it should perform as expected. Please advise as to what I can do fix the issue in the meantime. Thx.
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12 years ago, kfurletti
Fun app
This music app is perfect for kids who love instruments and music! Even very little ones will get a kick out of banging away on the xylophone or drums, and “making music.” We got away with the free version for a long time, until my son started learning more about instruments and really wanted to play the “locked” instruments (such as guitar, saxophone, piano, and harmonica). He is so proud of himself when he is playing the drums or the piano for us. And fortunately, none of the instruments are raucous or make us want to shove in earplugs.
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12 years ago, girschmidt
One complaint...
I love this app…my only complaint is about the recorder. I teach elementary general music and the recorder on your app isn't transferable to the real ones that we play in class. Real recorders have a thumb hole on the back and only 7 holes on the front. If we want students to know their fingerings and transfer the skill and not get confused, this might cause a tiny problem with some students.
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11 years ago, Sweetswire
Still gives adds even after purchase
Purchased for my baby. She enjoys it. However give 1 star for 2 reasons. 1. Even though I purchased the app I still get ads. 2. I cannot put on any other device. Initially purchased on IPhone, tried putting it on IPad and it won't allow access to other instruments even though I purchased. Very disappointing as I am trying to get my daughter to stop using my phone but since it was purchased from my phone if I want her to play and have her choice of instruments then I have to give my phone. Additionally emailed them and they have not responded. Thus no app support available.
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12 years ago, Sezhe
I love the new pad but there is two things that bugs me a lot. The location of the microphone and how hot it gets when you are using it for a short period do time. I thought the purpose of the iPad was to be able to move around with it. Did I made a mistake by selling my previous pad for this one?
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13 years ago, Jenny79's Iphone
I am a ten year old girl and I know this app is a little babyish(for a ten girl) but I play the saxophone and the flute(saxoflute) and the saxophone is my favorite instrument on the app but I wish they had a flute :) playing jingle bell rock on the sax it's the last silver key x3 then the 3rd silver key x3 then then it's a pattern of the second and third like 232 and then the 3rd gold key and that gets you started
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13 years ago, EntertainingTheKids
Pay multiple times????
Downloaded this app for my iPhone and my son loved it so much I bought the additional instruments. I couldn't have been happier. Then I got an iPad and tried to let my son play with the app only to be prompted to pay all over again. Not cool!!!! This is not the case with many other apps I own, but it appears to happen with all apps by this maker. This would get five stars if they resolve this issue.
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12 years ago, 2ndwhit
Love, love , love : )
I must say that I love this app just as much as my 3 yr old daughter. I pulled it up one day when my 4 mo old was getting fussy. I tried my best to play a song he would like and he stopped crying lol! I kept playing and he dosed off to sleep. I love the piano accompaniment and YES I paid to unlock all instruments!! It's worth it!!
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12 years ago, movie fan7
Shows constant ads even after purchasing!
My 2 1/2 yr old grandson loves this app and it worked great initially. I paid for the app because it looked like a great app that would be fun for him to use. He has accidentally deleted it twice, so I had to redownload it again. Now the app doesn't recognize that we already paid for it, and the ads are a constant nightmare!!! I'm not going to repurchase this multiple times. I would have given it 5 stars if the ads weren't such a nuisance. There doesn't seem to be any avenue for support (I've looked.)
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12 years ago, jt1of5
Good after I figured out sound problem
In order for the sound to work, you have to go in to settings. In General, go to the "Use Side Switch To:" and make sure it is set to "Mute", not "Lock Rotation". Then you can turn off mute with the side switch and get the sounds. If settings are set to "Lock Rotation" you will not get any sounds. This needs to be documented clearly or the negative reviews about sound will continue.
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8 years ago, Tchr649
iPadAir 2, iOS 9.1 I purchased this app, my child loves it But it is not a good representation of some the way they are the violins. It has a great instrument list and is really good for exposing you or your child to new sounds and what makes them. Would be nice if it had short summaries on instruments origins and history.
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12 years ago, Slackerboy314
I could play twinkle twinkle little star on that game! It was so cool that I taught my grandmother how to play it. She said it was so wonderful, that I thought I was going to puke! I'm sorry, but my sister is watching Bigfoot, I mean finding Bigfoot. My sisters name is Kenna Michelle Wilson. Also for more information, my name is kaylee Nicole Wilson. Hey! Don't make fun of my name! Anyways, that's really not my name.
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12 years ago, Coroxychic
Love - but needs some improvements
My 10 mo old adores this app and I intend to purchase the full version. However, there needs to be a way to lock the screen so that there's continuous, uninterrupted play. She always ends up hitting the home button and getting back to the main screen - very inconvenient for us both.
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12 years ago, Baltimorebaby
Great for all
Really fun and useful, I spend as much time as my 20 month old strumming through all the instruments and sounds. Hours of fun in a single app. Easy to use and a great first musical learning. Her face just lights up when she is using each of the instruments our favorites re the keyboard and saxophone.
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13 years ago, mariasunny
Great instruments
I'm a musician and I play several instruments. I was looking to start teaching my 4 years old some of them. I wasn't expecting much from this app at first but I must say I was wrong. The app is wonderful. The choice of instruments is great. My kids and I had lots of fun with this app this afternoon. Highly recommended.
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12 years ago, Bdtvkhdgkk
Not for IPad 2
My daughter has an Ipad 2 and I have an IPad 3. I downloaded this game for her, and because they are linked it downloads on mine as well. There is NO sound on the app that is on hers, but there is sound on mine. So I am guessing and assuming that is because of the different IPads. So if you have an IPad 2 I DO NOT recommend this app! Hope this helps.
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11 years ago, Princes Megan
I really like the fact that my daughter can decide which instruments you want and you get a sense of rhythm and how the instruments function. She realizes she's creating her own music and is actually learning how to make the sounds to make. This app is. Very easy too us.
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9 years ago, Josmommy2014
Have to pay for almost everything
It would be a great app but you only get 2 instruments, one is a xylophone and the other is drums. Also a scale that sings "do re me fa so la ti do." If you want the other instruments it's $1.99 each which is ridiculous I think. My daughter was bored with it after 20 minutes. You should really let people know they are pretty much going to have to pay for the whole app. I don't recommend this.
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11 years ago, Game app user
Sounds are synthesized!!! VERY disappointed!
The first 2 free instruments sounded ok, so I bought the full version. Very disappointed, especially the violin, harmonica, harp sax, accordion, piped organ, recorder ... etc. all sounds heavily synthesized. I would not want my grandson to think these are the true sounds of the instruments. He already could pick out the real instrumental sounds of many different instruments at 3 years old. This will very much disadvantage/confuse him!!! I want my money back!!! As I won't be using this one for him!
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12 years ago, ScalesEighteen
Great for little kids
Downloaded to play with 2 year old, loved pushing all the buttons, she figured out quickly how to change the tones. Kept her easily entertained, sure she'll be able to play and learn from it for many months to come. Great free app.
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12 years ago, Change698
I downloaded the app for my 20 month old after reading all the wonderful reviews. After down loading I realized there wasn't any sound coming from any of the instruments :-(... The help section only says to turn up the volume and the rest should work. I only wish it was that simple. So now I have a disappointed child to console... If anyone knows the fix to this problem, please share... My baby absolutely loves music and will enjoy this thoroughly..
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11 years ago, GoodKidsTech
Good app, bad ads
I like this app a lot. I bought the full version and am not disappointed in the instruments or app itself. But I am really irritated that even after purchasing the full version I continue to get a barrage of ads within the app. That is very disappointing. My two year-old, who otherwise loves the app, stops playing it for that reason.
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11 years ago, Lacyladean
Love this app for learning music!!!
I've been looking for an app like this and I'm so happy I found it! I've heard that learning to play music helps stimulate the same part of the brain used for math and this app is perfect for introducing my 2 year old to several instruments. Love it!
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12 years ago, Penrose33
One time use
Bought full app. Loved it. Got a new iPad two weeks later. The full app doesn't transfer. It's an "in-app" purchase. Seemed like a rip to me. Usually, you buy the app once, and can use it on multiple devices. Not here. My kids got ten days use out of a three buck app (which is high in. My opinion anyway.)
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12 years ago, annie1351
I love this app. The sound is superb along with the graphics and interactive play.. Thanks for such a wonderful tool. I am a music therapist and have used this app with some of my younger patients. Such a refreshing tech break..good for redirection and focusing.
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13 years ago, Mama 514
My granddaughter Makayla Marie loves playing with the instruments she will sit there all day playing each one . It's also educational for her since she is musically inkleln. Thank you very much for making it free for our kids to enjoy.😃
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12 years ago, Kamarent
Fun but educationally incorrect
This is a fun app and would be excellent for music education if it was accurate. The fingerlings for the saxophone and the recorder are not even close to being correct. The recorder doesn't even look right. Disappointing but hopefully will be fixed in updates. This app definitely has potential!
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13 years ago, Jilsonmama
My Kids Love It!
This is a great app. Even with just the free instruments it makes for great entertainment for my 5 month old and my 4 year old when I need to get something done or as a reward for good behavior.
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13 years ago, Pushypuss
So very entertaining
My year 5 old and 3 year old absolutely love it. I can see how much they appreciate making music. Only one thing tho, my 5 year old wishes there was a violin, too!
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12 years ago, dub city 615
Sparkle music
Really like this app the instruments are very realistic and it keeps my 2year old entertained I just wish it offered a couple more instruments in the free version because he gets board with it after 30 min or so otherwise great app
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12 years ago, Urban Mom
I can sum up my review of this app in one word: delete
Doesn't anyone oversee the truthfulness of these apps? Yet another "free app" that's not free at all :( Apple desperately needs to block these freeloaders from advertising themselves as "free". Quite frankly, this app is not that great. And the fact that you have to pay for access to almost every single section is simply annoying. I can sum up my review of this app in one word: delete.
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11 years ago, Ckymky
this is educational!
I can't wait to use this in my elementary music classroom! It will be a great tool for improvisation; the students can take turns choosing the various tone colors. Definitely worth the extra download, thanks!!
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12 years ago, jwhansen
Annoying ads, after you buy it!
This app is ok, but it's very annoying that it pops up an ad every time you open it, and this is for the paid version! The ads are for other products that the company sells and are very obtrusive. Also, this app crashes fairly frequently when my young son puts both hands on the screen.
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12 years ago, Reading lady
I am an adult, and I love this app. It would be more perfect if there was a way to record and play back the arrangements that we create on the instruments. Please work on a way to do that.
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12 years ago, geo1955
My son has CP and has limited movement in his hands and arms. This app is great for him since it takes very little movement to make music. He also loves the bright colors! Thanks for putting music in my sons life.
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13 years ago, DorothyW
Love it !!!
I have it on both iPhone and iPad, amazingly fun, great graphic effects, I love the tiny instruments that plays in the background, and most important my kids just LOVE it. they won't let go of it for hours- very impressing :)
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11 years ago, slique53
Great toddler app!
I have a 17 month old granddaughter that has been using this app for a while and loves it. I highly recommend it for even the youngest of toddlers, especially if they are quick learner a!
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