4.7 (2.6K)
62.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Local TV LLC
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MY FOX8

4.71 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
3 years ago, missy1987108
Love it ! #1 news station in the world hands down !!!! Thank you guys so much for keeping us up to date on the latest just about anything and for always keeping us alert in bad weather and storms like the other day , y’all are greatly appreciated ‼️🙏👌🏽💯
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5 months ago, Mjenkins77
The app my be fine but the news agency behind it is incredibly irresponsible. Plastering faces and names up far and wide without any regard to the effect it has on those people and their families lives. Nevermind that the second you put charged with all people think is guilty. It’s a shame. The stress it causes. The torment and paranoia it fosters in a soul not knowing who has seen it and who is looking at them. Judging. Deciding their guilt based on a picture and a headline. Fox 8 isn’t the only network that is guilty of this they jus happen to be. Who I’ve seen first. I will no longer support a network that destroys for the sake of headlines or viewership. I will no longer support a network through their apps. You should really think about effects beyond your news room walls before you do the things you do.
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2 years ago, Jhalacheff
Please fix my news app!!!
I used to love this app, which is why I’m giving it the three stars, but lately, it won’t work at all! I get notifications all the time, but when I click on them, I get nothing!! When I just go into the app, I get nothing, just a black screen… o have to go and search it on the website, so what’s the point of the app?? And then sometimes, when it was actually working, it wouldn’t even take you to the actual story you clicked on from the notifications… fix this ASAP!!!
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3 years ago, OdieGrrl
Crashes and other things
This app is always crashing. It will also post breaking news and as soon as you click on it the link takes you to a blank page or to the home page where you cannot find the article until some time later. Today was the last straw when I was trying to watch a live broadcast and there was no sound. I flipped over to the competition and didn’t have any trouble with sound or anything else. I like FOX8 but I hate this app
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4 years ago, American Believer
Becoming a typical click capturing App
Local news is interspersed with national news, some stories days old. Confusing! Recent news, local and national, is often placed way down the page, a sophomoric attempt to get the reader to view more stories with more advertising in them. Advertising is imbedded in most stories. I’ve found that when stories are repeated you should choose the second story as it has little or no advertising.
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5 months ago, Drop Dogg
Bad update
Since the app has been updated, have fail to update the app and cannot see anything but add my weather location. I can’t scroll or down at all on my iPhone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and shutdown my phone and still have the same results. I like the app before this issue and I love to see this issue fixed.
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4 years ago, xunilhr
Such potential
Browsing the app's content is decent and better than the other local news apps as far as content. What brings it down to a three star is the ever annoying notifications they consider breaking news, which is the only one I have set. For instance, just now got an alert on a video of a wood carving artist. How the heck is that breaking news??? I unchecked video updates, which is what this is.
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7 years ago, LawanaT
Best News App
Fox8 has the best news app. It gives me the current happenings in national and local news. They give you the information you need and do it in a non-biased professionally reported journalistic style. I depend on the Fox8 news app and the Fox8 Weather app to help get me through the day.
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5 years ago, PAWDSteele
Excellent and Informative News
I enjoy listening to and being informed on my phone up to date things that happen in the community and worldwide quickly!
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5 years ago, Doormas
Local News
Hey Developers, app starts with “Start Local Stay Local”, then after 5-8 Local News Stories there’s national stories mixed in, Please create another tab or something, that’s very irritating, National news is important too, but shouldn’t be mixed with local news, especially considering your “Start Local Stay Local” Theme!
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7 years ago, htg324
Advertisers paradise, users nightmare.
Lately when I use app and read stories reported some pop up advertising ad comes up and I cannot read story. Advertisement doesn't have a close x location. I have to go back to main page 2-3 times before I can finally read story. Same ad keeps popping up. Deleted app and reloaded. Same thing.... Arrrggghhhh.... Guess Fox8 getting paid well from advertising.....
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3 years ago, Kimberly824
Could be issues
Every time I open this app, within five minutes it’s rendered useless and I have to force close it and start over. It consistently freezes up. I love my fox 8 and they are my go to new station. I thought maybe an update would fix this but it’s been consistent for a year now. Even deleting and reinstalling doesn’t alter the outcome. Someone please fix it!
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4 months ago, carolanne60
Was good
App was good after two updates it’s bad. The text is much too large and takes too long to scroll through. Thought the second update would fix that but it didn’t. Now I never finish the news story. Change it back.
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3 years ago, Fuji Girl
My Fox 8
I have never had to send a review but now. I have the new iPhone 12 Max Pro. Every time I log out at night then log back in, My Fox 8 app will not work. The Fox 8 logo comes up but that is as far as it goes. I delete the app reinstall it and it works! I love the app and having to do this is getting tiring!
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6 years ago, Teachmsn
Easy to use!
Very convenient and easy to use. Some apps you have to find the alert once it is displayed. This app makes it easy to follow the top stores including the weather.
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3 years ago, stickbud
My review
Is i love the news 2 app but t miss the voting on different things they use to have u to vote e on. But other then that l love it it keeps me up with the news.
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3 months ago, Jebandtoots
Terrible update
This is one of the worst app changes I’ve had in a long time and it seems that every time they do an update it just gets worse! At first it was frustrating when I would tap view more and nothing would happen but now I tap it and it shuts the app down completely!! You need to fix this or take it away, it’s just useless!
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3 years ago, terrasmile
This new version of the app is downright awful. I used to love getting my news from Fox 8, but the app is so glitchy and swarmed with so many ads that is is practically impossible to get any actual news from it. Like another recent reviewer, I am also switching to another local news app. Can not imagine how anyone would think this is an improvement.
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4 years ago, Jazz@work
Needs work, Work on Accuracy
During the Covid-19 time, have found the numbers that are reported are not consistent with NC DHHS. Looks like sensationalism is running the editing room. People need news that is accurate! I agree with other reviews that refer to issues with too many ad’s and ad’s that weaves into various stories. Many of these are pure SPAM and are dangerous.
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6 years ago, Yoda-58
Morning news
The local newspaper is printed too early to include sports scores so I rely on your site for my morning updates
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3 months ago, DJ Jaxon
There app
I have had the app for a long time, I get up in the morning and that’s the 1st thing I do. But since they change the app I am unable to view more news ad I don’t like that. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it and it still doesn’t work… really upset about it….
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4 years ago, dlmhdmn
Poor App
It is slow to download because of all the videos attached to the story. Even if continue reading is selected on the story, it won’t let you read until the video is downloaded. I do not see the need for videos with every story. The app does not update with current stories, especially on weekends. That leads you to believe nothing else is happening.
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6 years ago, DisgruntledMember
Beware - redirects to unwanted ads
I’ve uninstalled it. Used to be a great app, but they’ve started embedding ads underneath the thumbnails for articles. You think you’re tapping on an article, but it redirects to a web page for an ad?! You can tell because the same news article will be listed twice. Only the second one is legit. Used to be a very good source for local news. Not any more!
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7 years ago, briansmithdrums
Crashes consistently.
I've had issues in the past with the app freezing but this was minor for the most part. After the last round of updates the app only opens one out of 10 times. Logo appears then it crashes. I've deleted and reinstalled. Still crashes. I've reset my phone, still crashes. I've all but give up on it.
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4 years ago, Parrothead4u
Why do I keep this app
I have had this app for years now. In the past it has been somewhat good. The past few months this app is frustrating. There has been a few updates recently. Since the updates, the app either crashes or freezes 100% of the time. Please take the time to fix all the issues.
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6 years ago, RonTBell
Great Job
Love your news team! Lots of smiling and happy faces! Your just a very likable team! Keep up the great work!!
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3 years ago, 103LBS
No longer worth having
Used to be a good app to get your local news. Now, it’s terrible. Full of ads, and glitchy. Hard to read the news, and find anything. If you are into ads this is the app for you. If not, I would avoid. I quit using their app. Terrible now.
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6 years ago, Darth Swink
You listened!
Much better without the annoying pop up ads. Thank you for listening.
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4 years ago, SLDR Guy
Freeze Frame
Nice apps to keep up on the current local news, but the screen freezes/fails often with the iPhone. As do the videos.
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5 months ago, MSombrio
Latest update ruined the app
The latest update has ruined this app. Every story has a photo or video that takes up 90% of the ipad screen making it almost impossible to read the news.
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3 years ago, Jkay081
New Up/downgrade
This used to be my go to app for news. Since the “upgrade” that was forced upon users, the app sticks, stutters, and is so annoying that I will be deleting it and moving to a different news provider. It’s a shame because I have been a loyal viewer and user until now...
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3 years ago, urefrynd
Don’t like new format
After using the MyFox 8 app for the last few years, I have changed over to another local news app because I don’t like the new version. It’s repetitive with stories, hard to read, and the pop ups are worse than ever.
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6 years ago, Floyd#1
WGHP has the best news covering all 3 cities and surrounding areas and weather coverage too.
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3 years ago, me sa poo
Not updated and closes frequently
The app is not updated regularly over the weekends. News is not up to date. I have also found that since the last update the app closes frequently on its own and has to be reopened.
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6 years ago, LacyBen
FOX8 app is great
None of those troubling adds before or in between the news story. Love it.
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1 year ago, johnnyDxl
Pop ups
Takes forever to load because of constant pop ups on screen.
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6 years ago, Fitthjkgg
Up-to-date news
Love Katie Nordeen. Better news than WXII. If I want to find out what’s going on in W-S, Fox has it. Thanks Fox.
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4 years ago, gsonative71
Freeze & Crash
Great station, but app has steady history of freezing and/or crashing.
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4 years ago, liz & Ed White
Fox 8
Love the app. Thank you so much. It’s wonderful. Can keep up with news anytime Elizabeth & Ed White
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3 years ago, Not hard to please
Absolute disaster
New version is worthless. MyFox8 used to be my go to news. New version will not open even though I have 2020 iPhone and newest iOS. Deleted and reinstalled, tried everything.
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7 years ago, Shanteia
Love it
I've had no issues with the app. It's so convenient and needed
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5 years ago, Friend in nc
Fox 8
My favorite local station is FOX8 in High Point NC. All the employees are very Distinguished and report the local news Well. They are real people. Our neighbors Our friends. Keep it up. You deserve the best. Thank you Linda Brooks Ramseur, NC
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6 years ago, travi94
Share buttons not working
I like this app, but the share buttons are not working for me. Please fix.
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5 months ago, RPWalk1269
Bad update
Since update I can not open the app at all! Only thing it does is ask for my location and does nothing afterwards!?! Please fix asap!
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4 years ago, flex7979
App crashes all the time
Horrible app. Can’t read anything without it crashing or freezing. I would hire a new company to work on this app because the one you are using is terrible
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4 months ago, Shave 2
Where is the NEWS?
Have checked the app all weekend and the same stories are running on the main feed. WHERE IS THE NEWS OF THE ACC TOURNAMENT??? NC State plays against UNC and not a peep on tuis app even in the sports section. Shame on you fox 8!
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6 years ago, usaftrb
Terrible at playing videos.
Terrible at playing videos.
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3 years ago, dawgmanx2
New format is awful
Not sure why you changed the way the app was but it is awful now. Liked the old way much much better.
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4 years ago, onestarxyz
Freeze, Crashes and Nickname Taken
App constantly freezes and crashes. Frustrating. Review nickname is taken brought down to one star.
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4 years ago, Kudikuh
Crashes way too often
This app has started crashing several times a day now.
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