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4 years ago
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User Reviews for My Movies by

4.64 out of 5
1K Ratings
6 months ago, Bienson
Best for latest sale prices and collection tracking
I’ve been a fan and member of the site for years. When this app came out it was great to have a dedicated mobile app to help check quickly the latest price changes on Blu-ray to help me build my collection. The scanner option to help track my collection is really great. The app is designed well for me to move around between best prices and lowest prices and the detailed reviews that the site has. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Tybo108
Almost Perfect, Essential For Collectors
First, let me just say how much I love this app. It is a life-saver in tracking the films I own and collect, and I also use it for tracking the movies I've seen. One thing I've noticed, though, is in categorizing my "Watched" movies by director, many of the films I've recently added are not listed under the director's page (i.e. I just watched two Ang Lee movies for the first time and logged it in the app, but they don't show up when I go to the "Director" category under my watched films, even though he is listed as the director for both films within the app). Also, for some reason the DVDs I enter are not saved to my account, only on the app (which I guess kind of makes sense, as they are a "Blu Ray" based site). These are minor complaints, and I really am pleased with the app and what it allows me to do. However, I would love for these small issues to be resolved in a future update.
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3 years ago, Vivorian
We can only go up from here
I love this app! The only reason I won’t give it 5 stars is because it can do bigger and better things. -Have a feature to label games as digital or physical owned (the times are changing) -Make the navigation a little more fluid (I use it fine but my wife has the app downloaded so she can keep track of our owned items and it can get a little messy for her since she’s not on it a lot) -Make a distinction between Theater Movies and Theatrical Release films (plenty of times I’ve tried to add things to my collection and discovered that I’ve looped myself into the listing of the film for Theaters (and if you’re confused by that whole statement than I think I’ve proven my point)) With all that said this app is amazing and keeps multiple pieces running and organized so well that I honestly don’t know how I functioned with my collections before hand since I now realize how massive it is. I’d recommend this app to literally anyone, collectors or people who just physically own more than two games or movies. It’s an amazing tool that everyone should learn to use and not being 5 stars isn’t a slam, it’s a hopes that something fantastic can get only better! 💚
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1 year ago, EFR Reviews
My Movies Review
I love that I can keep track of all my movies and whenever someone asks if I have a certain movie, I can look and see if I have it. I like that it keeps track of all new releases and sales. Another great touch is that it goes through all the different releases of a certain film in physical media. My only complaint is that it counts a box set as one film, regardless if you have multiple films in a box set. Another thing, I hate that it doesn’t have every release ever, which then again that would be impossible to do but, I have like 4-5 films that don’t show up on the app or website but other than that, this is a great app for movie lovers and collectors!
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1 year ago, Beachlord Thrashfelon
Decent app that could use some improvements
App is working well for me on the iPhone 11. Very few issues with the scanning portion & no crashes. But I have a few suggestions: What I would like to see is a quicker way to access the barcode scanner. Anytime a disc is scanned, you add it, then have to click all the way back to the home page and start over. Maybe having a bottom menu with a button for the scanner would help. Additionally, when you have multiple formats of the same film, the app doesn’t combine those movies as one. This throws off the total count. Same goes for movie sets; it counts one set as one item rather than counting the number of films in the set itself. Would also like to see the app combine TV shows rather than counting seasons as individual items. For example, the current number of shows in the app for me is 11, but I only have 4 shows scanned. With some quality of life improvements the app would get a higher rating. Hopefully an update is in the works.
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3 months ago, xxrayyzz
Bulk upload to collection
Since I mainly buy in bulk, or other people’s collections, can we please get a feature where everything that’s scanned in from a new delivery can be added with a couple clicks? Like they’re all the same seller, same price when divided out, same purchase date, etc. I’ve got around 1000 that still need to be entered since even with bulk scan, you gotta go one by one… Or at least add a favorites flag to bring the most often used sellers to the top of the list. But adding bulk options would easily make this a five star app. Even with the 90’s ui feel.
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5 years ago, Erick_Brooks
Love this App.
I’ve been using this App going on 3 years now would be lost without it. Helps me keep up with the blu-rays I own and the ones I plan to buy movies I seen and ones I plan to see. My only gripe is one of the last updates made it so when your in the retailer section; instead of typing a store in the search bar you have to scroll all the way down. Hey blu-ray forum you all can add in a future update; something appraises your movie collection so if you ever wanted to sell you’d have an idea of what you’ll get.
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7 years ago, Dialbolic
I love this app
I have been using this app a few years now and I love it. It keeps all my movies in a data base. I love collecting movies I have over 500 now and it makes it so simple when I am out shopping for movies. The point is so I want buy duplicates plus if u let some one borrow a movie you can add it to a list in the app so you know to get it back. I highly recommend this app especially if you like collecting them and to keep up with what u have.
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7 months ago, admccroan
4 Star Functionality, 2 Star Design
This app really is the best way to keep track of your movie collection, stay informed on new releases, and see deals on items in your wishlist. The information is accurate and always up to date - way more so than other apps out there. However, the design is not so great. It would be nice to have more view options such as a grid or shelf with titles below the cover art, a way to see more details about a release without having to go to the website, and a dark mode to reduce eye strain in dark environments. And one final request: an iPad app.
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6 months ago, docvoltage
The app works as it should
An excellent app. The barcode scan function is a godsend and works perfectly. If you search by title, sometimes you will need to use the English title instead of the original from the country of origin. If you use the app on multiple devices, don’t forget to synchronize when you first open, and it will always update. Thank you to the developers!
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4 years ago, sellerhappy
Great, minus just a few options
I’ve really enjoyed using the app to catalog my very large movie collection. The barcode scanner is how I usually import movies, and it has worked great. I’ve only had maybe 5 or so items that the program just couldn’t identify. More artwork options, especially the back cover that would show special features included on the disc would be a big plus. Sorting options are pretty limited as well. Manual input of information or artwork would be a good addition.
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3 years ago, derrickj1972
Happy to have it.
I have been using this app for several years now and I still love it. The ease of use and the ability to quickly add my collection to a database for quick access is perfect and awesome. As long as physical media is around (which I hope is for a long while) this is the ideal app for cataloging your collection. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, iandianashville
The Price Tracker I Was Looking For!
I’ve been systematically purchasing movies from Apple to rebuild my movie library from the DVDs I previously owned. I hated the prospect of paying full price for old favorites, so I sought out a price tracker that would notify me when the movies I wanted were on sale. I found that feature and more in MyMovies! The interface is pretty bare bones, but it gets the job done. Highly recommend.
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7 years ago, Prometheus8
Essential for anyone who has movie, video, gaming collections
Great app! Been using the service for quite some time now. Never has any problems! Highly recommend. Very easy to scan the barcodes and add or update your collections. Suggestion/request: Update the app to create an iPad friendly version - that would be excellent!
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2 years ago, MelissaB9902
Barcode Doesn’t Scan & Limited Database
Most of the time the barcode doesn’t scan, or sometimes it will if I hold the camera over it for a full minute first. So far only 5/30 movies are in the database. Even famous movies like White Christmas, Annie, and Shrek don’t come up when barcode is scanned. And even if recognized it would be nice to do a batch add to the collection instead of having to click the movie then add to collection once it’s recognized. Needs to go look at how some book database apps work to get an idea of better flow.
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7 years ago, wse1
Many years I had bought another app for cataloging all my movies. The problem is that they never updated the software to work with the new iOS. This is a lifesaver as I have over 1500 Blu-ray Blu-ray and I'm starting a collection of UHD 4K Blu-ray. In addition I can track my collection on my Mac iPads iPhones anywhere in the world . Thank you keep up the good work!
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1 year ago, Robert Hay
Great app but needs updating for iPhone 14 Pro Max
Barcode scanner doesn’t work with iPhone 14 Pro Max cameras, won’t scan the barcode because the camera won’t automatically focus and there’s no way for me to force the camera to focus within the app. I prefer to use the barcode scanner over manually searching for the title I’m adding to my collection.
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3 weeks ago, expensive_news
Great Website, Great App
The website is a fantastic resource to learn as mush as you could ever want about any particular Blu-ray’s quality, or about Blu-ray and 4K encoding as a whole. The app is a great addition to set alerts about iTunes sales for any titles that I’m interested in. Overall this is a really great resource and a great experience.
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1 year ago, JM3O
Please fix barcode scanner on iOS
Super responsive app, great for release tracking, no bloat. The only real problem is that the barcode scanner function for collection tracking is broken on iOS. The camera opens, but barcodes are never detected. If any devs are reading this, a patch for this issue would be greatly appreciated. Device: iPhone 14 pro max, iOS 16.2
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8 months ago, fullmetal27
Convenient for a Collector
This app is really neat for anyone with an extensive collection and wants to keep track of what you own and what has been been watched. I have been using there site for years to track deals and this app only helps the collector even more!
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5 years ago, MtnDewey
Best App for Cataloging My Collection
This app has everything you could want for keeping track of your movies, television series, and video games. It is easy to add and search your titles with the barcode scanner and various filters. I am extremely satisfied with this app and would recommend it to any movie collector.
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5 years ago, PigeonMaster801
Almost perfect. Free barcode scan
The app could be designed better. I love that it's free and scans movie barcodes for free as well. But adding movies is somewhat time consuming. Makes sense, but could be streamlined to work faster/better. Cross platform functionality doesn't work very seamless, despite having a 'cloud' based account.
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4 years ago, tony9043
Great app for 3D enthusiasts!!
Nice to be able to go to a place where you can find out about how good a certain movie, that you’re interested in, will look at home. I really wish I could use my ITunes account to purchase 3D movies and have them delivered to my house. Still, a great app though.
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6 years ago, aredell2
My favorite app!!
Great app for tracking your collection, checking prices and price matching. However, every once in awhile, the images of your entire collection disappear, and you have to delete each movie one-by-one, and add them back the same way to fix everything. This is a huge pain for someone with a very large collection.
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2 years ago, destroytheheart
Barcode Scanner Doesn’t Work Anymore
Great app for the most part, lots of features I don’t use, but one that I did that no longer works is the barcode scanner. Just plain doesn’t work anymore (iPhone 14 pro). Worked about 30% of the time on my 13 and about 70% of the time on my iPhone 11. Ironically, the better the camera, the more useless the scanner performs.
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2 weeks ago, ListenerOU812
Great for categorizing your collection!
This is a great app for categorizing movies that you own. For someone with a large movie collection like me, utilizing the multiple sorting methods is invaluable. There are also great format specific reviews as well and it’s all completely free. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Beowolf325
Is this shutting down
I love this app but for the last week or so I’ve been unable to see the new release dates or able to add any new movies I’ve gotten. Also the main website on the internet says it’s unsafe or something so u can’t even go to the main site. What’s going on??? Please help
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3 months ago, Mantis7Star
Perfect App For The Collector!
I've been using the “My Movies” app for many years, and it's possibly the best app to track not only the movies you own but also the games for practically every gaming system (and I've tried a ton of apps!)
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4 years ago, shadowsip
Very handy
This app has saved me so much in not buying the same film. When I’m at the flee market or at a pawn shop I just see the low prices of a few films and decide it’s too good to pass up and then tempt look and yep I already own it. Yes I have a movie problem.
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9 months ago, cujoedaman
It works…
I didn’t seem to have a problem with the barcode scanner like others, but I quickly abandoned using the app for one SIMPLE reason: no bulk scanner. Seriously, for a site that focuses solely on movies, you would think they would have a bulk scanning option. Even all of the other terrible apps do. I have nearly 800 movies to scan, but when you open the app, it’s three button presses to get to the scanner, then two more buttons to add the movie, THEN you have to do it all over again. For. Each. Movie. Don’t even bother with this. You could search movies on their site, but do a search and you’ll see why that isn’t any better.
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6 years ago, DJB126
Great, but one added feature would make it amazing
This app is amazing for being able to see if you have a certain movie in your library when you’re out. But, it would be awesome if there was a feature to show how much your library is worth.
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7 years ago, gibson0670
To me this isn’t user friendly.
I put this app on my iPhone and created an account. I see that UltraViolet is there but nothing is there to tell me how to link my UV collection. I logged into my account online and after one hour of clicking I can’t find how to link my UV movie collection. I also can’t find how to post a question to ask how to do it. Very disappointed in this but I don’t want to be. Since I have to pick a star I’ll pick one star but this is a definite zero stars for this.
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1 year ago, dyamraj
Love the app, but it’s needs to add Dark Mode support
I love this app. I use to track my collection and to keep up with sales/deals. It really needs to have support for dark mode, so I’m not blinded in the night when it’s opened.
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1 year ago, Ben Tr.
Good, but could be better
Please make it simpler to access lists under the different labels you can apply to a disc. I would like to use the app to track which discs I would like to buy, but it’s not clear to me how I actually see a list of those once I label them as such. Otherwise, reviews are great. Thanks folks.
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7 years ago, Madison'sdaddy
Can't live without it
I don't know how people in the past kept track of their collection, but I rely heavily on this app. Price tracking is alone a great feature but categorizing the collection etc makes it even better! Top notch app
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6 years ago, IggyD03
Wow...simply amazing app if your a movie or game buff
This APP is amazing, it keeps track of my movies while shopping and my games as well. Supports DVDs, BluRays (all flavors) and games from 360/PS3 generation and newer. You can search for pricing via the built in scanner and add movies to your collection.
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7 years ago, Mbettik
Useful App
The app is great, especially if you have a large collection or are actively adding to your collection. The price tracking and notification function is great. The only complaint I have is that they haven't made an iPad app.
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4 years ago, dancinde
I use this app and the website the app came from pretty regularly. It's a great way to keep up with my always growing film collection. Now if someone would do something like this for music collections!
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6 years ago, jawstone
One of my most used apps...
As a collector of physical media, this app is perfect. The barcode scan feature is very handy for when I take a home a huge haul of Blu-Rays. The amount of categories you can break your collection down into is impressive. The only app you need as a movie collector!
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6 months ago, gantenbeyn
Please fix scanner
In iPhone 15 the camera doesn’t seem to be able to focus so that the barcodes can’t be scanned. Please fix this
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2 years ago, Khei90
Great App!
Plenty of features and lots of titles in database. Sometimes, i forget what movies i have so this is a great app to keep track and keep collection organized.
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3 years ago, Candy4826
Very useful app
I really enjoy using this app. It helps keep track of my movies and is easy to use. The only thing I would recommend is to add a feature that would allow you to add dvds and Blu-rays separately as in my opinion they are separate categories.
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5 years ago, Cold Trained
Must Own/Use App!!
This is easily one of the most helpful apps that I have used ever! I am a major Blu-ray enthusiast and I cannot even begin to explain how helpful this app has been for cataloging my collection!
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4 years ago, TheChiptuner
BIG BUG that needs fixing.
Love the app but there’s a glaring issue that prevents me from using the app as intended. When I update my collection via a browser, it doesn’t update for me on the app. I have to delete the whole app and reinstall in order for my collection to update. Super annoying.
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6 years ago, HawkEye1194
Good functionality but ancient interface
Has some good functionality but the interface looks and feels dated. Could use some updates to improve the user-friendliness as well. Good functionality though.
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7 years ago, Hogg_NorCal
Take your collection with you!
This app is awesome! Scan new blurays and add them to your collection, keep track of prices with the price tracker! I gave it 4 stars only because i wish we could browse the forums on it but other than that its awesome
Show more
2 years ago, Patrick The Yoda
Great App For Retail Workers
Great App For Retail Workers. Especially if you work in a department that sells dvd’s. It has a section that has a “release calendar” it shows you physical release dates of dvd’s INCLUDING digital releases dates like iTunes.
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5 years ago, tjpern
Doesn’t Track DVDs, Just Blu-rays
The app does not track DVDs, just Blu-rays. The website itself tracks both. One would think they would accommodate both formats since in reality people collect both.
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1 year ago, thelivingstatue
App abandoned?
This app hasn’t been updated for two years and the scanning function doesn’t work on current iPhones. The developers have been asked many times to fix it but appear to have abandoned the app.
Show more
4 years ago, cycophuk
The app was better before they removed a lot of content
You used to be able to get a wealth of information regarding movie specs and content, but months ago it was removed and no one will address it. It’s a good app for keeping a list of your movies though.
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