My Singing Monsters: Coloring Book

4.2 (686)
131.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Big Blue Bubble
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Singing Monsters: Coloring Book

4.18 out of 5
686 Ratings
5 years ago, Frankfrankch
More free colors and pages
I love the game but I....well.....I colored all the pages so I keep restarting the pages but it gets boring after a while coloring the same pages over and over and I don’t wanna PÄY are you cCRAZY so I would like at least a page with yelmut. and maybe watching a couple adds to get a couple more colors permanently or temporarily I don’t really care I just want to have more colors and to color yelmut
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6 years ago, Rchicken34
I downloaded this app thinking there were actually a multitude of coloring pages on there, but no!! There’s one page per island, monster category, etc. the rest you have to pay for and the pages they give you free, are the single element monsters or something absurd to where you don’t even want to color them. This is a con app and I don’t recommend getting it. Just stick with the regular MSM games (Dawn of fire, MSM original). I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want to pay a dollar a page for coloring pages that aren’t that great anyway. Usually I have great things to say about the My Singing Monsters community and creators but this, this is a huge disappointment. Hopefully this gets read and the prices get knocked off because until then I’m sticking to my one star rating (if this app even deserves that). Thank you!
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10 months ago, cool sun rose
I swear to god devs if you don’t respond I’m gonna go bonkers
I have something I need to say. WHY IS THE FREE PAGE DAILY? I really want you to be able to always do a free page because it’s like so fun! Why are the free pages daily? It’s really annoying needing to rest lazily on the couch ALL DAY waiting for the free page to be open. Yes i once did that I hated it so much. Also by the way I have a recommendation. Maybe there could be a premium thing in the game. Like, you had to pay for money to buy a premium pass to get interesting colors and pages! I hope you fix my complaint, and add my recommended update!
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1 year ago, superrrr super cool guy
10/10 but needs to update
This game is super fun. But, it really needs to update since there’s not much pages for free and, the free pages don’t really work anymore. I love how there’s like shading and amazing pages but people will and definitely get bored of this game doesn’t update or get more free art pages. Most of the pages are money, which I don’t like but the game is still really fun to me. Update please and tell people about this game.
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1 year ago, mincecraft2000
You have to pay for basically everything
this game is really neat but I feel like it’s just a quick cash grab because basically everything cost money there are only two basic colors and only two drawings that are free every color pallet cost 99 cents and I’m not gonna pay 99 cents for a game I will barely play on if you could atleast give the cold island and plant island pallet maybe it would be a little bit better but I’m gonna un download it
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4 years ago, Dr. Bower JR.
Best coloring app of a game series!
This is a good game . Sure , you might not have all the colors and pictures but when the offer to get them all shows up , and you have ten bucks then it’s worth it . But one thing . It’s not up to date on my singing monsters content. But still it’s a great game to play!
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5 years ago, Tootpanda
Please update the app with all of the newest monsters and stuff, and more pages please!
And, maybe even make it so you can transfer the newly colored monsters to, well, the game. That way, each monster can have it’s own custom style for each island. Also, add baby pages. Please. I want to be able to color the babies as well.
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1 year ago, ThIs nIcK nAmE WaS tAkeN tO
Not good.
When playing you only get to do one page for a lot of them and it does not make the game fun when buying the whole pack for 1.00 and the kids parents don’t want to sent money for the whole page has with is like 100$+ so I do not recommend this game so just play my singing monsters (the actual game) witch is a free one to actually play and also when you zoom in you realize it’s blurred so I hope there is a fix to all that!
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3 years ago, Just jump
I just have a question
So I bought the unlock all pack,but I have a question. If I transfer the data from the app onto another device,will it save my in-store purchases? I will wait for an answer. Oh, and by the way, this app is great! 5 stars!
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4 years ago, Sloth599
I love this game, don’t get me wrong, but OMG is the stuff expensive! I would really love it if the developers could, like, cut the price in half or something. As it is now, it is really high quality and relaxing, but a few things should change. Also, add some more stuff! Like maybe fire haven, fire oasis, physic island, faerie island, gold island, finish the seasonal events, and epics. This game has a lot of potential, but it needs updated.
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3 years ago, EJdude2
Great Game but one problem.
I think this is a great game and I love coloring all the small details! The only problem is that The free pages don’t work for me. I don’t know if there’s a bug or if it’s just not working for me. Anyway I still think this is a really nice game!
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6 years ago, TifDFant
I love this game!
This game is really fun and relaxing. My mom bought me all the stuff on it and I’ve been having fun on it for a long time! I love My Singing Monsters and I’ve always wanted to make my own monster and now I (kind of) can! I hope the developer makes more My Singing Monster content.
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11 months ago, kmckale
Everything is locked and app tried to pwn my network
Opened app for first time. Nothing to do. Everything is locked. Even the first daily “free” picture doesn’t open for a whole day. While I was looking something to do, I get router security notification that my device running app is accessing multiple network devices and attempting to breach firewall protocols with blacklisted IP addresses. How did this app get through the App Store review process?
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12 months ago, blue bubble boy
Don’t want to pay Money to color
The game is really great but you need to pay money to do all the coloring pages plus the colors and I had a hard time getting the colors right on the coloring pages that’s why I give it four stars
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6 years ago, Disappointed Mac Developer
I can’t remember the colors of the monsters.
I know, I know, you can color the monsters any colors you want, but can you please let the people coloring let them see the colors their supposed to be in like, the corner.
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2 years ago, famousbrilliance
Still Unable To Get Daily
Reached out to support again, 2nd time. They never responded to my first complaint. I feel like there are enough colors to choose from. I enjoy the different drawings and filling in the colors. BUT for the love of mime, please get the daily glitched fixed. I cannot play ad. Everytime it says, unable to do, try again later. Later it has never worked. Maybe they will fix this someday.
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7 years ago, J b c productions
A good pastime (based off a 12 year old)
I thought the game was pretty all right also no Internet connection That's just amazing though I would've liked it if you could well lake transfer the pictures to other people you can probably do that but I don't know because I have a while
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3 years ago, fantastic but i want 3 things
Needs updates
MSM coloring book is really fun the price for unlocking everything is kind of cheap and so many pages but also pls add a Halloween section and werdos u could do the two on plant cold air water and earth island another thing is fix daily pages it keeps saying add it working
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5 years ago, godzilla345546231
Give me all pages
The resentment of me getting the whole game pages is because I love your new app of your point of view of making more my singing monsters with a lot of love
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5 years ago, Plot A Gon
It’s ok
My one complaint is that most of the pages are locked. At least they have a free page every couple days! BigBlueBubble should make all of the pages free though.
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1 year ago, Yelmut is best
Hardly any free pages Bru
This game is ok but there are hardly any pages you can do for free. You have to pay to be able to get the good pages. Who is gonna pay to color pages just make them free. Big blue bubble ain’t getting any money from this game
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1 month ago, jmskywalker76
Love the game but one huge problem
The game is great just whenever I want a free page it always says fails to load add it always says it please fix it
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6 years ago, Deanna Albrecht
So fun!
Having so much fun already! From the moment I got it, it was so addictive! It's really cool how you can zoom in and fill in the really small details! So I decided to buy the whole thing😆
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8 months ago, SillyFella2
I don’t like how you have to pay to play. There is barley any free experience in this app. You have to pay for pages, pallets, MORE pages and MORE pallets. Don’t you already make enough money from MSM and DOF? I like the app but please add lots of more more free content.
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1 year ago, slimjimfazboi
For some reason when I try to watch an add for a coloring page it doesn’t work so please fix it
thank you.
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4 years ago, 🐬🐬🐬🐬💄
Great but
I keep trying to get the free pages but the adds don’t work and I am not sure if it is my device so I am not giving the game a bad review it’s a good game but please see what you can do
Show more
6 years ago, 😜😏😄
😄Fun and not addicting 😄
Fun but who would buy pictures for like 4.99$ 😏. Also can you make the wubbox I think it's called but I want it cheaper 😢 plz. But my favorite game is still Splatoon 2 on the switch 😏😄. And it's kinda funny how expensive it is to buy pictures 😄. Lol.
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6 years ago, JS 104
It’s ok
The app may be pretty boring. But when you finish you notice how cool your drawings are. Although I don’t think there should be prices to color.
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8 months ago, yay!haha
Daily pages? Never heard of ‘em
There’s supposed to be daily pages, but there’s no decoration subjects, and most of the daily pages are decorations and when I even got a monster, a rare clamble as a daily free page, I checked my rares after it was done and guess what there was no rare clamble it’s literally pay to win!
Show more
7 years ago, Autumn Arendelle
I just LOVE the fact that now we can color our favorite monsters how ever we want! This app us so fun and creative for me because I love to color. Please download this guys!
Show more
7 years ago, Rebecca39393
Great game but...
Over all it's really fun to play but it's really annoying how the daily free page system doesn't work. You can't click on it. Love the app so much overall!! 😃
Show more
2 years ago, oaktopus Stan87
I love this GAME
But for some reason the add for the daily page won’t load Evan when I have perfect WIFI if a deceleration could tell me why this should be appreciated HAPPY MONSTERING
Show more
7 months ago, Isaac ya boi
So gorgeous but not perfect
I like it all except that we can’t make it were we get to choose a monster to paint
Show more
5 years ago, bigbluebubblefan
Amazing app!
It is fun but not much is free you should make more free you have to buy almost everything btw again fun and amazing
Show more
6 months ago, OrangeSnake7379
Coloring is okay but in-app purchasing doesn’t work correctly
The coloring is just OK. You can’t download the daily page or make purchases because the app is out of date and it isn’t supported.
Show more
1 month ago, Therealchefomar
The app is really good
The app is really good but they need to add more updates like in the regular game. sense they added new islands they need to do the same.
Show more
4 years ago, mdidjd
Good idea 💡 for a great update
1 add 🔥 islands and also there rare forms to also add epics P.s. idea for a new app monster creator it’s where you can create your monsters
Show more
5 years ago, Sadchild24
Don’t purchase the unlock for $10!
Son wanted the other pages, so I purchased the pages. Unfortunately they only loaded on my phone and none of out other connected devices. Messaged support, nice lady messages me back saying in theory it should have loaded. That’s it, no other support, thanks for the rip off.
Show more
2 years ago, bananyaboy109
Plz respond
I love the game but can’t access the daily free pages. Can you help plz
Show more
7 years ago, I love BBB
Best game ever!!!!!
I love this game!!! My life is just constant stress and annoyance and this game is just a wonderful break from my ordinary routine. Big Blue Bubble is the best. The monsters they create I just fall in love with. MSM is great
Show more
7 years ago, Lbljm
Great ga- er I mean... Coloring book BBB! But...
Honestly good, but there's a glitch. For some reason I can't get free pages, But that does not mean i will minus the star rating! Pls fix tho. ~ By Joseph, a die hard MSM fan. 🎃 Ooga Booga 🎃
Show more
1 year ago, Avribloom
Here then gone
I accidentally deleted it now I'm sad that was the best coloring book ever
Show more
1 year ago, Tommytheboss🖕🏻
Hello BBB (big blue bubble) I played the msm coloring book game and it was fine, but the plant island one with Furcorn HAS NO TEETH! I would appreciate it if you fix it so please fix his mouth
Show more
1 year ago, Furcorn 1234
What’s with the prices!
This is supposed to be a free game why does every single page minus a couple free ones cost money there is no way that this App is going to get good reviews when you have to pay for everything it should be free and not cost
Show more
3 years ago, my singing monsters big fan
Good job
Ever since covid19 I have been. Coloring and I ran out of my coloring books so I download This game and I am A big fan
Show more
5 years ago, faapitoa
You don’t get all they promise when purchasing.
Paid full price for the entire content, when purchasing it tells you what you will get for the price. After paying they did not give access to all pallets as promised. Just disappointing.
Show more
6 years ago, manuelmiguel619
To much money
To much money I can pay all that money can u make it we’re we can spend less money plz
Show more
5 years ago, watch more gacha life
I’m pretty good at this!
I finished my first art, I’m really good! Although all the rest is not done but IDK, I like this app
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5 years ago, a like to color
You need to add more pages for free because I really love this, but I colored all of them and I’m not willing to pay 9.99 for all the rest so please add more free ones. And can you also add more free colors as well? Thank you and I hope to see this in action. Sincerely, A person who likes to color
Show more
2 months ago, Braeden Bristol MSM superfan
I had to pay to use the pictures and you only get like twelve colors and they can’t even do noggin right so IT NEEDS MORE COLOR so ONE STAR sorry bbb your other games are awesome also can you add a spectrum also more coloring pages please
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