My Study Life - School Planner

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My Study Life, Ltd.
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11 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Study Life - School Planner

4.72 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Rayebeth
Helped me so much!
I’ve always had issues with time management and procrastination, not to mention just forgetting about assignments and tests. I’ve tried for years to use a physical planner but it’s never worked out and I’d always abandon them after a day or two. So far I’ve only been using this app for a couple weeks but it’s completely changed the way I go about schoolwork! Because it’s online it’s always available and easily accessible, and I love being able to get reminders when I have a due date coming up. I can input as much information as I need about an assignment as well without running out of room, which was another problem I had with physical planners. With the different tabs I can see just my “tasks” or assignments coming up, or I can look at my calendar tab and see all my classes, exams, holidays and assignments for the month. It took me a few days to figure out how to fully use the website/app, but it’s much easier to navigate than some other websites I’ve used. Honest opinion, I’ve never been this excited about anything to do with school, but now it’s almost kinda fun to schedule all my classes, tasks and exams and to mark them as completed when I’m done. I feel so accomplished and I really feel like it’s in part thanks to this program. Maybe I’ll be back with an update when the semester is over. Anyways, I absolutely recommend!
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10 months ago, 💩🤩🍭🎈💪🍩
Helpful App
I love how easy it is to create a schedule especially for college students. Some classes I meet twice in one day and it’s very easy to add into the schedule. Thank you for creating such an easy app to navigate! There are only two things I wish this app had; One thing I wish it has is the ability to add widgets on the apple iphones. It would be nice to see a countdown on my lock screen of when my class ends and/or begins. One last thing is I wish this app could be downloaded on my apple MacAir, but it currently doesn’t show up on the apple store on my computer. It would be nice to be able to see my schedule on my computer because it’s a bigger screen…or if I’m in class and I can see when my class will end instead of pulling out my phone. However, these are some of my personal preferences but this does not deter me from using this app. It’s a great app overall and very easy to navigate. I love it!
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5 years ago, berglas612
Disappointed long time user
I would normally give this app 5 stars in a heartbeat, I’ve been using it for all four years of college and it’s been an absolute lifesaver. A month or two ago, there was an alert on the app that said we should export our data and delete our accounts because MyStudyLife was shutting down, so I sadly did and found an alternative. Yesterday, I was recommending my friend a good college scheduling app, and I told her I would recommend MyStudyLife if it wasn’t unfortunately shutting down. But when we looked it up, the app was up and running!! I was very excited and downloaded it again, but my account is gone and all my data is exported so I needed to make a new one. The dev team is not communicating anything about the shutdown at all, replying to every tweet with “MSL is working as per usual and will continue to do so throughout the school year” despite many requests for recovering data and information on the shutdown. They are also not responding to my support email asking if there’s a way to import my exported data. I’m disappointed because I wouldn’t have deleted my account that I’ve been using for 4 years if I knew it’d be back in a month and the dev team should have been responsible for properly informing their users.
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6 years ago, Pinkypiepink
It’s one of the best study apps I have but..
I love this app. It keeps me on track of things and allows me to know when my classes are about to end. I like the slide bar a lot because it helps me organize which things I need to do first based on completion. I wish that this app would remind you after your school day has ended to add any new assignments. I tend to forget at least once a week so I would find this incredibly helpful and for those who wouldn’t want it, there could be a option to turn it off. Another tool that would make this app better would be to add groups. Some teachers use this site as a reference for students but it becomes a bit difficult for these teachers to email them stuff like this. I think groups would allow more people to get on top of their school work. And this would help students only too. They could create groups with peers in their classes so that if someone didn’t hear the assignment, they could access it easily. I do this a lot and constantly have to get it from friends. I give this app a four instead of a five just because of this
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2 years ago, pedical
Love the app but can improve a lot
Hats off to the development team, the app works amazing and is very stable, no bugs whatsoever. I love this app and have been using it for a while, it has helped me in college a lot. Though the features in the app are amazing, I have additional ideas that would make it simply better. Due to the fact that this is for students, a lot of students have recurring assignments, so I would love to have repeat feature on tasks that allows the student to choose certain days of the week the reminder automatically sets itself. Another thing is the due dates, currently I’m only allowed to choose the date, while I understand most assignments are due at the end of the day for most students, I think if we could customize the time of the due date, it would be better. I appreciate the things you guys do for us students and I will continue to use the app whether the features get added or not, but those are just my thoughts on few things that would simply make this app better.
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5 years ago, xxjenmuixx
I thought the app was shutting down.
This app is splendid. I’ve been using this app for 2+ years and planned on using it again this upcoming school year. I use both the app on my phone and on my laptop. This summer, I was on mystudylife website to update my courses for the Fall, but the website stated that mystudylife was shutting down. We would not be able to add anymore tasks or whatnot on the app if we still had it. Therefore, I deleted my account and the app. I told my friend about this app bout a year ago, and he started using it. Because he was still using it, hat’s how I found out... it’s not shutting down?! Then what was the point of me deactivating my account? I love this app so much, I was devastated when I thought it was shutting down. But now I have to do so much to organize everything again now that it isn’t. Normally, I’d given this app a 5 star. But the lack of communication with its users minus two points... Can the creator let us users know now, is the app ever going to shut down? Also, please address what was with that shut down notification on the mystudylife website during the summer?
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2 years ago, DerpFromLove
It’s great, I just have an issue with the calendar
I’ve used this app for almost 2 school years now and it’s served me well. It’s mostly simple in terms of creating a new task— it doesn’t make you go through a 15-step process to make one task unlike some other apps. I do have a suggestion though. When setting a due date for a task, it would be nice if it was in the format of a calendar, where you select the day something is due by selecting it on a calendar, rather than the scroll menu. The scroll menu is fine though, but it’d be nice since some of my teachers tell me which day of the week something is due, rather than the exact calendar date. A problem I have with the calendar is that my B days aren’t showing up in my second semester. They are set to be a year-long class too, I checked and they have the same setting as my A days. I tried temporarily setting my B days as an A day to see if that was the issue, but they still won’t show up in my second semester… Other than that, great app! Please continue your hard work, and thank you for making this app 100% free— I’m tired of all of these school apps making themselves “freemium” *ahem* looking at you quizlet… This app is a reminder that school doesn’t have to be a pay to win as long as you have the right tools.
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1 year ago, beabestie
A really good app
I really like how this app is set up, but there are two changes that I would love. I really like how the dashboard is laid out, and I think if you made it possible for the schedule to be color based as well as numbered or lettered that would be really great. My school has blue gold and white days, and I think it would be really cool if you could look at the monthly calendar and see the colors, either as the full square or a little dot. This would really help see what days are what at a glance, even for numbered or lettered days. The other change I would make is a grade tracker. I like to check in on my grades every week to make sure they're improving and I think having a feature that could graph that as well would be fantastic. Other than that I really love this app and how you can schedule exams as well as assignments.
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4 years ago, Verityyyyyy
i’ve been using this app for a few years now- and it’s a complete lifesaver. it’s simple and easy to use and yet very powerful. it also syncs your data over the cloud, and is accessable on a browser. oh, and it’s free. f r e e. as someone whose grasp on time is limited at best, the only thing that keeps me from accidentally skipping class is the notiflication function of this app, letting me know 15 minutes and 5 minutes before each class. especialy now, during quarrentine, because time absolutely does not exist when all your classes are zoom meetings and school ends before lunch. i’ve never really used the tasks and exams functions, but they seem to be ok. The only things I would really like added are the ability to customize the colour scheme in the app and support for iPad. other than that, it’s absolutely rad.
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5 years ago, Olivia-K
Great app! I’d like 1 more feature plus 1 adjustment
This is the best app I’ve been able to find for keeping track of exams and assignments. It would be great if you could add events or due dates to the calendar that aren’t necessarily associated with a specific class. For example, if I need to submit money to the head of a club for my club T-shirt by a certain date. Or if some professors offer extra credit to students who attend a certain fundraiser or event. Other than that I’ve been very happy with the app itself. It offers versatility in the ways you can view the calendar. One thing I might change is the full month view showing the color-coded dots for each class you have every day. I’d rather it just show dots for exams and assignment due dates, or at least have the option to change it that way in the settings. Would definitely be a 5 star review with those two tiny changes!
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3 years ago, Domo2135
Great app
This is a great app to me to use when you are in school. It kept me very organized with my work. It was simple to use. It was free and didn’t really have any limits or you had to pay money to get the full app. There are three things I would change . One of them is giving us more with how we can set up reminders. Like if we want to be reminded everyday or every two days to do an assignment so we don’t forget. Another thing I would change is for the title I think there shouldn’t be a character limit. If we like long titles then we should be able to do that. The last thing I would change is if we could get reminded about whatever exams we have. Sometimes I forget about an exam because the app will only remind you of the day of an exam. It would be beneficial if we can be reminded about exams beforehand. Other than that the app is really great and I find it beneficial.
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3 years ago, Kora2day
As someone with ADHD I struggle keeping my assignments organized and this app has been a life saver! That being said there are a few small changes that would be a MAJOR upgrade. If there was a task type called “reading” along with assignment etc. If when entering a task it automatically took the last subject and date you entered rather than reverting to today’s date and your first subject. I wish there was a way to note class on a particular day is canceled (maybe from the calendar). The last thing would be on the Dashboard where it says “3 tasks due” or however many per subject, it would be nice if it instead said how many tasks you still need to do. Would make it easier to see at a glance how much you need to get done.
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3 years ago, karimesagastume
I love this app
I am currently a student in college, and I’ve tried so many apps, not many worked for me except for this one. I love how I am able to add my schedule along side the building and the room where my class takes place. I am able to have everything in one place and I love it. The only thing that I would like to be fixed, if possible, is that when I add an exam for a class and asks me for the time that I could add that it takes place during one of my classes because every time I add the time it says that the exam crashes with my class lecture but in reality is taking place in the same class. Another thing that I would love to see in the future is a widget for iPhone, I love widgets so it would be so much easier. Anyways, I love this app.
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4 years ago, 😒😕😐😊😑😐boring
Easy to use, reminders, no in-app purchases
This app is fabulous because I’m very unorganized if I just keep everything in my head but I don’t have the patience to maintain a planner. This is so much easier because you can list assignments, classes, and exams, and the app reminds you when class is going to start or if you have an assignment due tomorrow and it works really well for me in college. Especially with the virus and everything because my teachers aren’t accepting paper copies of anything so we have to turn everything in online. Each class has a different platform which makes it hard to know what you actually have to do, but this way I can organize all the things I have to do into one place. This is a wonderful app. You guys should make a widget too for iphone! :)
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2 years ago, Reese😄
Great Tool!
I love this app/website! It has helped me with remembering both assignment and when my next tests are. I really enjoy the dashboard because oh how many things you can see at once. The app even sends me notifications on what assignment are due the next day and a reminder 15mins before each class! I am also a big fan of the way that the website and app work together, I can do all the same things on my phone as I can my laptop! I recommend this app to anyone who wants to be organized and make it to class on time. The one thing I would love to add is that when you use the progress bar on task, the amount that you have finished would be around the task circle instead of just done or not done. Overall great app!
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4 years ago, parkergaines
Fun and necessary app, improvements are possible
I love this app! I would like to see it organize tasks by not only day, but also by hour. I DO NOT want to see my third period assignment before my second period assignment. Furthermore, I think it should be easier to add tests and quizzes. I don’t love entering them into the “Exam” section. It’s a hassle and confusing. I think that “Test/Quiz” should be added in the tasks selection along with “Assignment; Revision; [and] Reminder.” When a Test or Quiz is complete, it could remove it from the tasks section and the dashboard. One last thing I would love to see is a progress bar for the day’s tasks. It would show the percentage of the work you have to do. That would be very cool. This is a great app, though. I love how everything is in-sync on my school computer.
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6 years ago, 8888888888%
i don't know about most ppl but I'm not big on using a paper agenda. If I don't have my backpack with me or near me then I can't check what hw I have. But what everyone always has with them is their phone. It is incredibly convenient to have an app to keep all ur due dates. I used to just use the notes app on my phone, but the layout of My Study Life makes it so much easier to write down assignments and keeps track of all ur work in a clear way. I also love that there is a feature to mark how much of an assignment u have completed, bc we all know it's basically impossible to get big projects and essays done in one sitting. I have been using this everyday since I got it and intend to continue for as long as my schooling career lasts.
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5 years ago, allymarie628
Please add different features
This is a wonderful app!! It has really helped me to organize my schedule and helped to make sure i don’t forget any assignments. That being said, I would really love if you could add in a professor’s office hours just so that you could have all info about a class in there (unless maybe you can and i just couldn’t figure it out). It would also be nice to be able to set an assignment as recurring, because for many of my classes I have to do homework every week for class. Also, it would be wonderful if you could add a specific time (like 1:30 pm) for when a task must be done rather than just the whole day, and be able to see it on the calendar. This app could be absolutely perfect but there are just a couple things that are keeping it from being the only scheduling app i need.
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4 years ago, 아이패드어플제발좀
Outstanding but has room for improvement
I normally don’t write any reviews, but I am writing this because this app is really useful that it let me delete all the timetable, task manager, and exam calendar apps. The great user interface is another reason I came to love this app. I’ve been recommending it to a lot of my friends. However, there is a little room for improvement. First, the time table always glitches. Without any exception, whenever I go back and forth the weeks, the time table glitches and shows a blank table. Also, the time table lacks the function to cancel certain classes. Yes, it has the starting/ending dates option. However, users cannot remove a single class that is canceled due to the professors decision or whatever reason. Leaving a cancelled class on the time table is a problem because the app provides not a fixed table but a more calendar kind of a table varying by week. The user may find the uncanceled class on that week confusing. I really hope the time table improves because again, I find the app very useful and convenient and am loving it. I would like to thank the developers, who have worked hard on this and will work on the future bugs and updates.
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4 years ago, sayakay
Event Creation Snags
The schedule is really great and definitely my most used feature of this app, but I always get frustrated when I’m trying to put something in the calendar but it won’t let me because it’s at the same time as something else. I can see how it’d be useful for it to work this way, but it’d be so much more convenient if you could ignore the conflict and put it down anyway. Maybe two conflicting exams are too far in the future for you to do anything about. Maybe one of those events is optional but you still want to keep track of when it’s taking place. This app prides itself on being able to accommodate for a complicated college schedule so one thing that would be great is for you to be able to see when events conflict, but also just put it down anyway.
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10 months ago, michak remington
Love this app
This apps perfect for university students, but the only thing I’d add is an option for office hours. I don’t want to add them as class/tasks/reminders and it’s every week. It’s just good to know when they are, even if you don’t always go to them. I would also add like repeat tasks because in most my classes, all my tasks are due the same time and same day usually. It took a while looking at my syllabus and listing down all my assignments. It would make it a lot faster. Overall the app is great because I’m able to keep track of my assignments and calendar in the same app with an easier interface for university students than other calendar apps.
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2 years ago, AnxiousAnonymous
Can’t beat it.
I am a senior in college and have used this planner all throughout my college experience. I honestly cannot praise it enough. I never could get my mind wrapped around traditional paper planners and it always seemed like I either lost it or just forgot to use it. With this planner, all it takes is a little bit of time to set up your semesters and classes and then the assignments and due dates. It does a really good job at sending reminders for assignments that are getting close to the due date and really helps you stay on top of things. I would highly recommend this to any college student out there, especially if you despise going the traditional paper planner route.
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2 years ago, erwpark115
This is an AMAZING App!!
My Study Life has helped me so much! When I found the website online I was like wow this is amazing! Then I needed it on my phone. There are so many benefits to having this app. First off it’s free! Secondly you can keep track when all of your tasks are due and when all of your exams are. Next, if you enable notifications you will get reminders of when your next class is. Finally, you can add all of your courses by semester and you can add Hollidays. This course has so many amazing features that I would have never imagined would be free. Yes, you have to enter everything manually but it is WORTH IT! Download this app!! It is perfect for students and you will succeed.
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4 months ago, mgrenert
Best School App
This is the best app i’ve found that is also the best user-friendly, + it’s free :)) Being a college student w/ being in clubs + having a job makes my schedule super busy. It’s also stressful to stay on top of due dates, but this app is easy to use + it has separate categories for assignments, exams, and your schedule. It’s nice everything for the semester in the beginning with the syllabi. Before I found this app, I tried a bunch of other organization and time management things, and this is free, the easiest to use, the most organized, and the quickest. I love this app, I just wish there were cuter colors or an option to customize your colors when color coding.
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5 years ago, hugh-stephner
Best planning app for students
I used the swear by my paper planner. I couldn’t find a good online calendar to display class times, homework due dates, and exams at a glance. But I decided to try the hunt for a good app again when I wanted to ditch my paper planner in hopes of keeping my backpack as light as possible. I found this app, and I love it! I prefer the desktop version as it has a bit more space, but the app is also great and has all of the capabilities of the desktop version. I also love that I can check my calendar quickly from my phone. There are only two things I wish I could change: 1) Add an “online” option for class times. The app requires you to enter a class time, but there is no option for online classes. 2) This might be iPhone specific, but I wish there was a widget for this app. I use Google Calendar for my personal events and work schedule, and I would love to be able to quickly look at their widgets side by side to get a more well rounded look at my schedule. Because of this, I still do keep my paper planner, but I no longer carry it with me everywhere. Great app! Thank you!!!
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6 years ago, Lizzm97
Awesome app! (For FREE!!!)
Let me start of by saying that I’m in my first week of classes and I have already uploaded EVERYTHING die up to spring break (2months). I absolutely love this app because not only is it accessible on my phone, but I can also access it on the website when I’m actually getting work done and typing reports. The slider bar for how much I’ve completed of an assignment is a FANTASTIC idea and one of my favorite features. One feature I do wish it had was the ability to input a time which an assignment is due. I currently put the time in parentheses, but having that option would make the app basically perfect. I highly recommend this app if you have trouble with remembering assignments or even being organized. It’s been a life saver in just a short week for me!!!
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3 years ago, pgl2961
I love this app
I’ve been using this since my sophomore year of high school, and i’m going to be a freshman in college this fall. i love this app! i do have a few suggestions though one, i wish you could customize the colors for each class a bit better second, i think that a widget feature would really make this app better so that you could see what you have to do each day on your home screen. lastly, i wish there was an option to add events to the calendar outside of assignments so that you could plan for study time without having to use a separate app. i’ve been using Time Tree in conjunction with my study life for that reason
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3 years ago, Couragdturtle
Life saver
This app has been so helpful. I’ve had a bunch of phone problems recently but when I had to use my friends old phone, I could just login and i hadn’t lost any of my assignments. It keeps things organized and it keeps me sane. The website option also allows me to view things on my computer and add assignments quickly no matter what I’m doing. The organization of this app is just amazing. I’ve tried so many planner apps and none of them work as well. The way you can put the schedule in is so useful. As I get use to the new school year, this is the most useful thing I own. If they ever charge for it, I would buy it in a heartbeat.
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5 years ago, Eco14.28
A little frustrated
I have been using this app for 2 semesters now. And it’s a great way to keep yourself on track and up to date for all your classes. Disclaimer being you have to have the discipline to use it. I recently logged in after a week of exams and knowing I had no assignments that week to find being asked to sign in again. I did and my schedule and all of the assignments, exams, reminders I had taken my time to organize and plan were no longer there. Completely blank. What is the point of having an account if this is gonna happen? My only other complaint before this is that if you miss an assignment and you obviously don’t want to mark it as 100 percent complete the app continually reminds you off it and marks it as past due so the only way to make it go away is to delete the assignment.
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5 years ago, Lanakae
The only reason I’m staying on top of my classes
I’m in college and I have a huge problem with not organizing anything and forgetting about/ procrastinating on all my assignments and exams, but this app lets me keep track of all my academic everything. It lets me see what assignments I have due when and when my exams are. And since I literally don’t go anywhere without my phone, I always have access and no excuse for forgetting an assignment. This might not work well for some people and it’s definitely not perfect but it is my life saver and the only reason I’m not drowning in all the work I have. I highly recommend this to anyway in college (or high school) to at least try. It’s free so what do you have to lose?
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4 months ago, Budderking22
Super useful!
I’ve just started college and use this app all the time. It’s amazing and would recommend it for any and all college students. It allows for easy organization of homework assignments and makes it all the more satisfying to complete them. I do have one recommendation, with that being the ability to customize how far in advance you see upcoming tasks. As of now on the dashboard it is hard set to only seeing three days in advance, but I would love the option to make it anywhere from 1 day to 7 days. Seeing a full week in advance would help a lot with allowing me to prep for more time costly tasks like essays and big projects.
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2 years ago, DeanBeanWeanee
Helpful! Can also be used on a laptop/tablet
This app is quite helpful and easy to navigate. I use it as a way to visualize my week as far as school goes so I can kind of mentally prepare for what chaos I may encounter. Life happens. This app helps me move my time around so I’m not stressing as much internally about how I’m going to be able to finish my work. In all honesty, this is the only student planner app I’ve actually continued using past a week or two. I’ve been using it for about 11 weeks now and I really like it. It has all I need and I’ve been on top of my classes. It’s really great. I really like that I can use this on my phone, laptop, and tablet too.
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1 year ago, Sabrinanieves2002
Please add multiple assignment reminders
I am a college student with ADHD. It has been a lifelong struggle through education due to never being able to organize myself and remember things. I WISH I had this app sooner. The only thing that would benefit me greatly to be added to this app, is if you could receive more than one reminder a day about upcoming assignments: as I can’t remain focus, and much of the times miss reminders due to my ADHD; it would ensure that the assignment is more likely to get done this way if it’s being thrown in my face that it needs to get done. Also would be helpful if the exam reminders could be set for 1 week, 2 days, 1 day; rather than 30min, it’s kinda useless if one needs to prepare.
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3 years ago, Pizzapiea
App review plus some notes
Hello! I have been a faithful user of this app for almost 5 years. It is literally a life save both in app form and desktop form. I highly recommend using it and the best part is that it’s free!!! There’s only one thing I’d love to see. As a college student now, I tend to take one online class a semester. On the app I have to add a time for everything. It would be nice to have an option for “online class” or “all day” for the calendar portion. That way I can avoid the I missed a class heart attack. The last thing I have is a small suggestion! A cool thing to see when creating a new semester is also having the space for a brand new class list. This way you don’t have to shuffle threw al the prior classes or go through the long process of deleting the 20 classes you took in a semester. Regardless of these two things I have always and will always love this app! I know that’s it’s future is bright and I hope to use it in the future and recommend it to my future students!
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4 years ago, Kk-Unicorn
Great idea but a few issues
I think this is a really great app and a handy organizer. It tells you when you have a class or when an assignment is due. However, there isn't any noise for notifications so I don't always know if I'm late right away. Also, you can't change it so that an assignment is due by a certain time of day- it only says it's due by the first class of the day. Also there a few glitches when I am switching from, for example, "tasks to new task" or another thing the title stays there under the new title, if that makes sense. I am still using this app right now but might look for a different one. But it would be really helpful if you could hear a sound when you get a notification and if you are able to choose the time of day when an assignment is due.
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4 months ago, BlazingWings37
Great, but widgets please!!
This app seems great, and I’ve heard a lot of other people share their good experiences with it. However, there’s one simple thing that a lot of other, poorer apps have over it: the ability to create a widget with your current assignments. Even if I have notifications on to remind me of assignments, it’s still likely that the notification will be quickly forgotten after I first see it and it gets dismissed. I’ve used a couple of other list apps, and they all have the function of making a home screen widget with a list of your most recent assignments. This would improve my experience with the app GREATLY, as I use widgets for all of my other lists.
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2 years ago, Livia is my name
Amazing app
I genuinely love this app so much. It’s perfect for classes because you can set up the school year and the semesters in the school year which makes putting in your classes a breeze. I can access it from my phone or a web browser so I always have access to my schedule and assignments which is incredibly helpful for me. The set up just works really well for me and having my schedule on my phone does make me much more likely to actually put in the work (I rarely end up using notebook planners). I just love this app and have been using it for four years now, it’s truly amazing.
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3 years ago, Russ797
Very Useful, But Needs Two Adjustments
I just started using this app, and it is absolutely amazing: you can put in your class schedule, make a list of tasks to accomplish, and have an exam calendar with alerts. However, it would be so helpful if we could add our tasks to the calendar as well. As a more visual person, being able to see when everything is due vs reading the date it’s due is usually more useful. The exam reminder is also great, but the latest it will remind you is 30 minutes before the exam. This is good, but if that might be extended to a day, or even a week, it would be so much more beneficial! Other than that, it’s a lovely app.
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4 years ago, AbiBlake1
So helpful!!
I just recently started using this app and it has been such a great way to keep me on track of my school assignments. A request is that it would be great if we could put not just the day an assignment is due, but the exact time of day as well, like some of my assignments are due specifically at 3:00 pm and it would be super helpful on the app to have that information. Another thing is to add another option just to remind you of an event coming up for a certain class, meaning it wouldn’t necessarily have a due date, but just a reminder for that time, for example, if a teacher requests to have a meeting with you. Other than those, this app is perfect and so easy to use! :)
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7 years ago, mmmoxielady
I got A's bc of this app!
This app saved my life and my GPA during a crazy semester. It's so intuitive to use. I love the color coding. I love the percentage completion. That was so motivating to get things done for a visual person like me. I sat down in the first week of this semester and spent 3 hours putting every single thing from all of my class syllabuses onto this app. I never missed an assignment, quiz, project, or exam. And it helped me so much with prioritizing urgent tasks vs upcoming ones. Breaking assignments down into parts. Switching my time between assignments without forgetting to finish one or turn it in. I realized I wasn't a bad student, I just wasn't organised. USE THIS APP. IT'S FREE AND PERFECT FOR STUDENTS!
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6 years ago, Nosirev
Great APP!! I wouldn’t plan much before this
This app has really made planning easy, enjoyable, and accessible. Before using my study life, I really hated paper planners because they lost pages, were too small or just hard to maintain. My study life really turned that around. My only suggestion for the developers would be to add a small category of tasks such as a “general stuff” like remembering the party this weekend, or that I need to drop car keys off. Ha ring a separate section from classes for these smaller tasks would be pretty cool. Other than that! This app has been perfect for my beginning years at college!
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5 years ago, Mariyka19392949
Great App but could improve
I love this app! It has been so good to me, but I found myself almost missing assignments because of how the due date feature works and have to create multiple separate tasks to remind myself when to start on an assignment and to keep working on it every day until the due date. I wish there was a feature that could be added when you set a due date for something where an option would pop up to set daily reminders to work on said assignment until its due date. Please please please think of doing this—my life would be so much easier and I would not need to waste precious time manually creating a reminder for every day.
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8 months ago, beel!
Widget When?
This app is so simple and easy to use! I like how things are color coded so I can tell what tasks need to be done immediately and which ones I still have time on. It also helps with quickly identifying which class my tasks are for without having to read. The only reason I’m giving this app 4 stars is due to the lack of a widget. I have ADHD and tend to easily forget things if I do not see them, even if I’ve been given a reminder. Having a task counter widget of some sort on my Home Screen would seriously help out with my short term memory! Devs, if you see this, I hope you incorporate it soon!
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2 years ago, IfYaAintFirstYoureLast
Great planner app for school!!
This app has been great so far. I’ve already recommended it to several people at school. I appreciate this app so much! My schedule is always with me and I can quickly add assignments and look up due dates and exams. Update requests: please add a feature for the schedule where you can manually enter the days for a class such as a lab when you don’t have to go every week. That would be super helpful! Also something to think about would be a Quiz label. I use the exam one but it isn’t exactly what I’d like to see.
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2 years ago, hyfhtfutfutf
A overall good app
Note I don’t ever give a app 5 stars so don’t take offense, this is so it doesn’t seem like I’m being payed to put this here I believe overall this is my favorite app, I’ve tried payed, free and so many others but this one, this one is my favorite. I have recommended this to my classmates and here’s what they said, “ just use the google calander planner” I said back “walks away” it’s so dumb that people say that. CAUSE GOOGLE CALENDAR IS A CALENDAR NOT A PLANNER. I will say you need to take some time (30 min) and ACTUALLY SET IT UP. Otherwise your not getting the full experience, so overall this is a great app and deserves my highest rating
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3 years ago, khabiba.123
Could use some improvements
I absolutely love the layout of this app. It’s organized, easy to use, and allows me to be very productive. Recommendation: The one thing that I hope can be added is how the schedule is used. Right now, we can only add in our class schedule which is great. However, our classes fit into our daily lives meaning that it would be great if we could schedule in non-academic related activities. For example: clubs, Mornings, after school, etc. basically where we can add in our daily life schedule plus classes. Hope that made sense!
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1 year ago, sarogaya
I feel disappointed
I have been using this app for a quite really long time, approximately 2 years or more. I was INLOVE with this app for it helped me be organized in my studies. But now all of the sudden I cannot enter to the app for its says that somebody is trying to enter to my account to get and sell information about me. I am a college student and I have put their my calendar, classes, assignment and test dates. For a long time whoever I met that was a student I told them about this app, always talking nice about it, telling them how much it had helped me. I am so sorry and ashamed that l have to pass through and now that I am entering in more exams in my second semester of my freshman college career. Please I need for this to be resolve immediately for I have an important schedule to follow.
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2 years ago, Iser7362829;8
Great, big feature lacking though
This app is great and I plan on using this to keep me organized with my busy schedule, but there’s one feature that would make it so much easier! I wish there was a feature allowing the user to set a task to repeat every week, this way I wouldn’t have to continue adding a task for it every week. All my assignments are due the same days of the weeks so it would just make it easier if I only had to enter them once and then select a repeating option similar to scheduling classes. Great interface though!
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6 years ago, Queen of bacon land
Too many errors/glitches
When I use my email, my account won't sync. Tried a different email, same problem. Tried using my Office 365 student account, the app told me it can't access it. Tried my personal Office account, and it told me to use my student one (which hadn't worked). Finally tried logging in with Facebook, and removed email permissions, but it told me it needs to see my email. Tried to re-grant permission for the app to view my email, but there's no option to do that, and it keeps giving me the same error. The 3 stars are because I have used the desktop version, so I know how My Study Life works, and I like using it. But I can't even use this app! :/
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5 years ago, KaeCa
Verification trouble
I downloaded this app about a week ago and tried to set up an account using my school email. I never received an email to verify my account and I went through all of the steps on their website to receive an email in the case that one didn’t send. When those steps didn’t work, I reached out to the support staff asking for help and when I didn’t receive a response for a few days, I sent a follow up email. It has been two full business days since my second email and I still have not received any response. I don’t want to sign up using any of my personal emails so I am at a standstill. If I receive an response from the staff and my issue is finally resolved, I will edit my review but until then their service has been far from excellent.
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