My Town : Home - Family Games

4.4 (261.7K)
556.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
My Town Games LTD
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for My Town : Home - Family Games

4.45 out of 5
261.7K Ratings
2 years ago, sombody3000
Please read before downloading!!!!!!
Hi! I’ve been playing this game a lot and I have 3 suggestions 1: I realized how you don’t have any shoes on the mannequins now it’s been fine with me but now when I role play with the people the father goes to work bare feet😂 hopefully you can change that! 2: so I used to play this game like 4 years ago too then I redownloaded it but what I found was that there are a lot more adds then 4 years ago like almost every good piece I f clothing is locked or ads same with the people too so maybe can you unlock and get rid of ads because I usually play this game when don’t have a lot of time and also I don’t have the money to unlock people and clothing. Finally 3: when I was roleplaying once and putting my characters to bed I realized that I had to take people out of the i don’t know what to call it? Person holder I guess anyway I have to take a person who has pajamas on and switch their clothing also I realized that some people in the person holder don’t have pajamas on so I go through the closet but I can’t find any pajamas in the little girls room in my town home please change at least 2 of these it’s very frustrating (the is all in my town home just so you know)
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4 years ago, Allison Fink
Updates,and ideas?
So this game is very fun I’m so glad it’s free now lots of people want all the the games to be free and I get that because not all the games need to be 2.99. Maybe make half of the games free Also do a my town summer camp, also I don’t have my town stores but maybe you could allow to open the trunk in the car. Also maybe make the school free or the grandparents house. Because there a lot of games other than my town that are super EXPENSIVE. And I heard reviews from 2018 saying all the games free do you read the review if you did I bet your games would be much better and more people would play my town🤨😐😮 So you maybe have like a dollar for each game then you will probably have more money read your reviews please, it will help out a lot . Now you probably are ignoring this review but after a played. Doctor panda it was so expensive like what? So I went here I was glad to see there were some games were the whole set was free and you do not need to do any in app purchases in some of the games although in my town beauty pageant you do I feel like the game should be free. So I highly recommend you to lower the price! I love my town so much👍🏻 I don’t play it so much but I played a lot like every day! So people that played a lot probably should get a chance to have some new games and have them free. Please listen to us and other people that are reading this right now I’m really glad you are because this is my review on the game and just pretty good
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1 year ago, Boombox28
So much fun but..
This game so much fun you can do role-plays you can have fun there’s no real people in it so you can just drag play it’s like a doll house basically which it is supposed to be but I digital one. I think it’s really cool that some of the most of the characters you don’t have to pay for and they just have an ad I think. like a lot of stuff could use that because you can get money by advertising that stuff and we don’t even have to pay. I think it’s an amazing app and it has a good future. It’s an awesome app. Actually I’ve been playing it for a while now over three years and it’s so much fun and it’s a very safe app. It has a Privacy policy, I think any age could play this game it’s so much fun you can just spend hours just playing on it and it’s not like Tik Tok like how people just obsessed with scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and it makes you forget your every day life on this one you scroll, you play you have fun I don’t think I have any problem with this app but I wish every character had ads at least just so I could still play with them but it’s a really good as I highly recommend it you should get it and it’s free. Most of them are free some of them like the richer ones they have this thing on the App Store were there making some of them free and some of them you have to buy I totally recommend and thatis just so you know…..
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3 years ago, My Town lover!
(Btw, i just updated it and it's now June, but sadly it still doesn't open! It's not the creators fault, I just think hat the game needs a little bit more.) First, when I got this game it was really fun! But now, whenever I try and open the app, it just goes back onto my iPad home screen. I am pretty young, so you know that I play games on my iPad a lot. Also, It only stays "open" for about half a second and that is really disappointing. I just hope that the editors read this. This was one of my favorite games but now, it's not made it up to the top of the list of favourite games. This also started a little before the Christmas update with the new icon and the Christmas decor, so I never got to take a look at all the cool Christmas stuff and decor. I just had to play my other games. I own the beach, mall, friends house, grandpas house, and a few others, so you know I really like this game.I just wanna say that whoever made this game should get it an update so the glitch to stop so I can play it. Overall, I really like it! It's really fun, except that I can't play it. So, it's really good! ( also it is now almost June 15th,and I've still been waiting for AN update but my mom made a password to update the game but I really hope I remember to ask her!! Although, it has been a longer time before it glitches back to my home screen!)
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6 years ago, Lol surprise
I love the games alot but i have some suggestions and problems. First i lobe that u dont need wifi to play and it's creative and fun to play for a wide variety of ages. I am 10 and still like these games! But one problem I have is they glitch out on me really easily, I want to play but get disapointed when it kicks me to my home screen😠 this frustrates me because I have ideas for what to play with the characters. I would love if u make it so the things u do stay when u leave and come back . I think tat you should make a My Town home shooled because , i know there are schools and daycare,but, it would still be fun. You could also update so in games there are more characters like in hospial and street fun ect. I also think you should make all games free because then I would own all of them and to save space i could delete and redownload without feeling bad about spending money to then delete. Also another game idea is my town sports. Or you could make my town pool. I also would like you to make it so if you want you could have the characters have things from other games like if I buy something you can bring it to other games! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE AND FIX AND ADD I WOULD LOVE THAT!!!!💜💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Your number one fan -me
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3 years ago, dhdbdhjd
It’s ok
This game is awesome I love how you guys made it Christmas theme. One thing I don’t like about your guys games is that on the airport one, whenever you try to take something out of a suitcase it just falls!!!! What is the point of putting it in the suitcase then!?!?! So I hope you fix that mess up in the app! Another thing is, why do you make your apps for money!?!! It’s so dumb. I may be the only one thinking that but i don’t care. I love playing my town but I never can because I’m not aloud to but stuff. So change it so we can all play the games instead of paying our money to play a game for only a few min or even hours. Kids love your games so make it so they can actually play them!!!!!!! Last thing is that, on the My Town Home when you click the navigation thing on the bottom corner you have to pay to go to the places hence my thing about the apps costing money. Change so kids will actually want to play the games. Bc it’s rlly dumb. So hope you change it. Thanks for making the other parts of the game tho. It’s a great game but I can only play the My Town Home one😭😭. So hope you read this and make the changes everyone hopefully wants.
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3 years ago, carmle cat lover
Well I like it but few things
Well when you sit down your hand goes up and you can’t change it to go down I really don’t like that because what if something scary and like you like why am I laughing to this soo technically I want you to change that but you can’t you don’t have to change it like when the mom or daughter puts makeup on soo yea those are the problems wait there’s one problem that I really don’t like well when you want Pour a glass of water or lemonade you have to wait and you have to do it at a certain time because or else it won’t pour and I don’t like it because like literally it’s so hard that’s not how you do it in real life so yeah can you please fix that and yeah so those really are all the problems that I don’t like but also I really don’t like how when you get another pet and then you can’t put it into the dog cage thing whatever it’s called a friend yeah so that’s the problem is that I really really really really really really really don’t like can u do that for me plz :( it will make this sad face happy again PLZZZZ. Also UPDATE MEEEEEEE. Btw I love how u can put makeup on people:)
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4 years ago, bmorrison8208
This is a good game!
I really like my town doll house, the house is really cute, I like how there is the main family but there are 2 other families too! And the 2 other families can come over for sleepovers and play dates! I also like how because my town hospital costs money they have doctor outfits, so if someone get sick or injured, they can become doctors! I do have one complaint about my town doll house, I think because there are 2 babies, in the parents room they should have 2 cribs! I think that not all the not all of the my town games should cost money, because I think it is stupid to buy a bunch of games when you are probably going to delete them someday because when you buy a game you get tired of it and then you want to buy a different one, and then you are gonna regret wasting a bunch of money, when you could have used it on something else! The only my town games that are free, are My Town Discovery, and My Town doll house, so I think you should make more games free. I really like My Town Doll house and I would recommend this game to anyone!
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3 years ago, momma queen b
My town is amazing but
So I’m a very happy customer I literally bought every single game and their all amazing for the most part just a few things here and there but overall great I LOVE the new update to the house and stuff but I used a lot of money to buy all the games and now they make you pay for all the clothes and characters which I absolutely hate I understand that this game is free but I loved it a lot more when everything was free and they also changed it because before let’s say some of the other characters from the my town beach I would be able to use them in every game not just the beach one and they changed that so now I just have the boring characters so please change it back and also every time I go 8nto a new room I get an ad I also understand they need to make money but like u switch rooms a lot so it really bothers me how I have to watch a 15-30 second unskippable ad every time I walk into or leave a room
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4 years ago, Savannah Moreland
Amazing apps! Few problems and suggestions. Hey
I love the apps! I’m 10 and they are still so entertaining!I love the update where you can go back and forth. One huge problem that I have is if I get a new my town game it will restart the rest of my my town games ( I’m a huge fan and I have a lot ) and if I’ve gone really far in my role play and I get one more, I have to start all over again. One other suggestion I have is you could make more of the younger boys because like I said before I have most of the games and I only have two of the younger boys. Another idea I had is to make something that can change the weather like where you grab a car there could be one with something that could change the weather because I once tried to pretend it was snowing and it was kind of hard. You could also make something that could change the time because if I’m trying to put mine to sleep I see blue sky instead of a night sky. Please consider these suggestions and reply to my review.
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4 years ago, run race 3dgirl
Omg update 🥳🤩🥳🤩
This is the best I just got this game and it is amazing but one thing what is the balloon dog I just want to know that what is the balloon duck I just don't know what it is supposed to be I put it on the TV for them to see I don't really get it and they don't actually pop which is kind of disappointing but yeah and now they're only making one sound like going like grrrr which is a problem but thank you for at least fixing it because before there was only three seats and one highchair and there wasn't enough for the kids and the parents I can only fit the mom dad and the son well thank you for updating it again:-) :-) From Hailey ps please make it free like oh my god my mom is getting very upset because she doesn't want me to pay for these apps and I really want to get all of them so it would be a big help if you can make almost all of them I'm not saying you have to but it would be a good upgrade to a in my town fans to make them free please from Hailey
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3 years ago, narwhal 31
All of it used to be free I’m so mad at my town Creators
Hi I am a 10-year-old don’t judge me I love this game but here’s the thing the Christmas update came and I’m just like yay so then I’m just like cool cool so then I went to the girls closet to see if there’s any Christmas options for outfits you know so I went there and a lot of the things said add and it had the lock I am so mad why why you guys are sick and nasty people I mean a kid just wants to have fun and you’re taking money from the parents to download the silly game don’t get me wrong I love this game but the parents might delete it because the kid is too old or something like that it’s kind of a waste of money. And my best guest from all of your nasty decisions is that all the characters are not free besides the main ones I hope you’re happy I am so mad I hope you guys are happy because you’re making everyone struggle I love this game but I am deleting it now everything is free I would rather have ads pop up than this by from Narwhal 31Also can you check out my review on my town world of games I have something to say in a huge problem thanks I’m so mad at you guys I hope you’re happy still
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6 years ago, Jjdhehejehhejdjhd
A New Little Update Idea
I love all your games. When one comes out I ask my dad if I can buy it. And on top of that, I’m 10 years old and I still absolutely LOVE your games. Ok. Now onto the update part. I started enjoying your game more when I could make a huge family with all the connected games(My Town:Pets, My Town:Best Friends House, My Town:Doll House, My Town:Shopping Mall, My Town: Haunted House, My Town:Hospital, My Town:Museum, My Town: Farm). But anyways let’s cut to the chase. I think that all of the games should be connected. I mean it is My TOWN right?! And there is one more thing. I think that you should add maybe a couple more rooms for guests, for girls, for boys, for friends. I think you should also add a room for the babies only with more than enough cribs. (Like I said I get all of the kids from the connected games and make a big family. That’s it! So just know that you don’t have to do the add more rooms part it’s optional. I really want you to Connect all the games.
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6 years ago, TibaKetid
My town
I love playing your games when I’m bored because is very fun. The thing is that Like y’all should make an update in like in the House you should make the baby bed bigger for the 2 babies to fit in and also the dining table doesn’t fit all the characters. Also there should be a day when you make the games free like About 4 days of downloading free my town games if that 4 days is finished you can like take it back with price because I want all your games and others too but is about purchasing. Also in all games make every thing equal amount of people to get like the hotel all of them have less bed also I want when you connect games don’t have same characters in d game and just same ones altogether like when you connect d games and you wana go to the shop you can shop and bring back the food you but and take it home and cook . It would be awesome but please when you connect make it freee for like 2 months.
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2 years ago, NatBug13
Updates :)
Hi, so I love playing this game. And I really want a few updates, So first one is, that I want a baby room so the babies have their own room, second, A bigger house so all the kids have own room, third one, They Can have an extra room for a play room, fourth one, a bigger back yard. Oh and For all the kids rooms they have: 1. A desk with a computer 2. A tv 3. A bed that has 1 bed on the top and on the bottom the desk and computer is under their And for the play room maybe: 1. Some swings 2. A rock wall 3. Maybe a ball pit For the baby’s room: 1. Ball pit 2. 2 toddler beds or both baby’s 3. Maybe a play mat Please do those updates it doesn’t have to be in the same exact day but those pls. P.S. ty if u do it And if u can make a few of the my town games free that whole be great too😊 :) And I’m sorry it’s a lot, but u don’t have to do all of it tho if u don’t want to :) Tysm :) :) :)
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6 years ago, to my town games
A message to my town games
This game is cool and all but more of my town games should be free a lot of kids don’t get to enjoy my town because it cost money that some people can’t afford or parents won’t pay also you would get a lot of good reviews on my town products and more people would play it only two games that are free is wrong to all the kids that want to play it but can’t because financially difficulty’s I think my town game should be free for the world to love and share please change your ways it would be really helpful and make kids around the world happy please take this message into consideration and make some more of my town games free you probably won’t because you may not care but please do this is coming from a kid that loves my town game and can only play two of there games because my town will not make a lot of free games please make some more games that are free because my town is a really fun game that needs to be spread around the world not just the people that will pay money for your games please take this in consideration please. Love charm.
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7 months ago, (5rrdfftggg
Want the old my town back!
Hi my town I just started playing your new my city games and there’s a REASON WHY. You said “all of your games” *yea I do have all games except for the wedding one* will be having the MT+ thing in it. First, there are too many adds, and the ads are mostly car ads for ur car. There are kids that want ads for them car ads? Are for adults because adults can have cars and drive. I got a Mazda ad on my city dentist. The ads u see are basically stuff out of MT/MC. 2. THE SUBSCRIPTION ! why aren’t many people complaining about the subscription? They can handle the ads and can pay I guess but I’m young and I cant buy stuff or handle ads also I play on my iPad a lot and the old my town was no ads, no paying, only 1 family , and the fun!!🤩 I am so sorry I gave 4 stars but I would change it back to 5 if you remove the subscription, or I buy it! Thank you bye :)
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6 years ago, 12yearoldlover
I LOVE My Town
Ok, I am new to my town games but I absolutely love them!! I got two of your apps in one day so I could drive to the different places and have more people..... one thing though. I would like to have a play or bonus room filled with toys, a TV for late movie nights, dress up clothes for little girls to play with, and other fun stuff. Because where else do the kids play during the day?? I also suggest making My Town: High School, My Town: Babysitter; where you go to a house and you have a ton of teenager kids to choose from to babysit. My Town: Office; I think this should be a place where the parents can work during he day while the kids are at school. I have to pretend my mom goes off to work but she really just sits in the car all day. If you take these suggestions I am positive that you can make My Town better than it already is.... P.S I am 12 years old and I love My Town!!!
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2 years ago, destiny cookie
It’s been 4 years.
So yeah if you don’t get it basically what I’m saying is I haven’t played this for f 4 years 😃 yay. Though I didn’t redownloaded but by the reviews… I can tell that i should download or not either way it doesn’t matter I remmeber I used to play this so much I played most of the games :> and now I came back to resee my childhood. It was like toca Boca expect I didn’t know what that was until 2018 😀 So Yeah for people reading this (Not trying to be rude) but my town is basically a toca Boca remake and to be honest, it’s not half bad! expect when I did that one Cinderella roleplay- but that doesn’t matter 😅 I’m Surpised People Still Play this game Im Guessing After 2020 came well.. I kinda just deleted it off. But if I didn’t type in “ROBLOX” (idk how this got here though ;w;) I wouldn’t be able to find this game so yeah Anyway, That’s All! Thanks for reading!
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3 years ago, 😀?
Please Read Developers!
Hi so I lovED the game, oh did you see that? Yeah I a Said I lovED as In I hate it now, you wanna know why? Because I got this game kinda when it came out and I loved it but then you started making more games, and more games, then one day I want to play and BOOM! You have to watch TONS of ads to do stuff like you have to watch a ad to get the clothing and you have to watch ads to get the pets too! I hate it! And now you are doing that to the rest of the my town games even when you pay for them And I still like my city (least you don’t have to watch ads for my city) and I think you should PLEASE stop the ads even tho you probably make money by having sponsors but I mean come on! Don’t you make money with every game children buy? I know that like if someone buys 14 of your games you make like 42 Dollars, I hate ads so PLEASE change the app, oh and by the way don’t you see your remaking your my town games? Like my town bakery and my town movies and my town Firefighters and my town beauty contest?? anyways, Thanks for Reading! To: Game Developers. From: A my city lover.
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4 years ago, TaytumNeonsparklescrew👑
Ok, so I LOVE ❤️ my town and it’s really cool 😎. It’s kinda like toca boca, but it’s a great 👍 game... but before you say thank you 🙏, there is a few problems 1: So, at first, The first time I hopped on the app, it was amazing 😉, but the a few years later, it randomly started glitching 😭😭. And you guys JUST made a update. I keep on trying to see if it works... BUT IT DOESNT. So plzzzzz fix that. I have not been able to play for 5 years 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭!!!!! 2: Ok so u know how Ther is a little guitar 🎸 in the girls with brown hair’s room? Well I named the little one with the heart shirt Lindsay and wen I put it in her hands and then take it off, I can’t put it back. And one more thing. I am not saying u have to since u kinda did recently, I would like more clothes for them because in the little boy’s room there used to be two pjs, but now there are only one. And also I cant stack the blocks 🧱in there room either. Any ways, that’s all I wanted to say. Plz fix this because I have like 13 other my towns games anyways, so yeah. Bye!
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3 years ago, donald trump is a butt head
So first off hey I love your games their awesome but there’s a problem so idk if it’s just me or the phone I have or maybe you guys but when I updated the game for the Christmas update it made me have one of the characters locked and like 2 I had to watch an ad for and that makes me upset because I didn’t have to do that before I updated the game and when I try to just put them in the car and transfer them from the game I originally got them that didn’t work so I just tried to watch the ad to get the character and I just took me out the game and then restarted it so if that’s y’all fault and you guys are able to fix it plz do because I just brought the amusement park and I wanna be able to bring all the kids from the school and fashion show there for like a school field trip or something like that other then that I have no other btw just and idea could you guys give the parents from best friends house more clothes because they don’t have that much to choose from
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1 year ago, reviewstar30
Review on all my town games
I love my town. It is so fun! I discovered a very cool thing. I have a lot of my town games. Not so much but a few. And the people were able to go to different games. Here’s and example; we start at the My Town Home. Say they were going on a trip, I would go to My Town Airport, and I would see security guards, and flight attendants and pilots. When I got off the plane, I would switch to My Town Hotel, and the original family, the pilot, the flight attendants and security guards were all still there. It was so exciting! Until a person from My Town Home wasn’t able to move to My Town Best Friends House. It was sad, and I want to warn you that it might happen. Overall, so fun for all ages, and I hope you enjoy! Sincerely, ReviewStar P.S. I hope you understood that all the titles starting with My Town, are games. Like My Town Hotel.
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6 months ago, Fern girl135
My town
Hello, this game is the best why! Because it is like playing in a doll house it is really fun, also all of the dolls are not real people, and no one else can get on because it is private. It is also free and no Wi-Fi is needed, like if you are on a round trip your kid can play on it but some of the people are not free but at the bottom of the Persons feet and if you click that it will show a good video after the video you can play with the doll but the videos need Wi-Fi but that is not important because when you play with one of the doles and go to another my town game and click the button like in my town home you play with the little girl then go to another my town you will click the little girl button and it will show the little girl that you played with, so this is why you should download this game.
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3 years ago, isabellA 33334
From my town lover2 best game!
Um hi so like best game ever I like how you makeing some of then new and ya and I have the Firestation one it’s so good I like the gym anyway um guys look I enjoy playing this every time I go to App Store I think of my town gosh it’s good and had it when I was 3 and been taking it and getting it again cuse it’s so so so good look you guys thanks for makeing this game and all should try it out love you my town and thanks again for making the game for everyone and ya that’s a I have to say and I’m not just talking about this one but I’m talking about all of them so ya bye guys and renember try the game pls cuse once you start playing you will have so fun and u get to make your own stories and use your imagination and ya read this I know it’s a bit big and when I say big I mean huge so ya but pls read it and download the app my town lover that’s me
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6 years ago, sofias rule
I am your 1# FAN but really confused fan and a tiny bit frustrated
First of all I just want you to know that I 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘 your games but I just got the 🐶 dirty and got long hairs and I’ve tried everything to get him clean but nothing is working.🤷🏽‍♀️ And I got really frustrated. Also please get all the games for free for at least for one day because my dad gets me one app a week if I’m good but I only (usually only get the free games) get the free games. Last thing I have some ideas for some games that I wish you would consider I got ten ideas 1. My town pool 2. My town vacation 3.My town Las Vegas 4. My town arcade 5. My town Treasure hunt 6. My town creators of my town lab 7. My town park 8. My town restaurant 9. My town talent show 10. Please try to make an app all about you . With hope you’ll even waste your beautiful time reading this with love ,Sofia 7 years old :):):)
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4 years ago, kenadi4444
Good updates but very odd
Hi I am Kenadi, when I bought this game was so excited I wanted to say some of the complaints. First when you drive to a different place all the characters restart and I did it for a while and now it teleports me somewhere. Second I see there are new pets but when I close out of the game all my stuff resets back to how it normally is. Last I can’t not believe how long it takes to load that is very annoying it took 1 hour, for it to load. That is all my complaints please fix them and kids will enjoy it more. My update idea is what if you made the games free, so I think if you held a contest and people picked there top five ones and you picked the ones that one so those would be free. Another one is can you plz and a area in hospital for pets like a vets clinic. That is all I have I hope you consider the ideas, I love your games and would love if you sent me some of the games for free. Thanks love Kenadi 😜🤞🏽👩🏽‍🦱
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2 years ago, kitten liver331
Not a huge fan…
Ok, so I know it’s for kids but that doesn’t mean you can’t at least try to make it inclusive. Not all families look the same. First you have no option for same sex parents. Even if you have two men or two women living it the house there is still that wedding photo and other things that clearly show that you only want a straight marriage. Second, it’s very sexist. The girls have makeup and pink bedsheets and stuff while the boys have a soccer ball and cars. Not to mention in the cover, the mom is carrying groceries and the dad is reading the newspaper. It makes it look like women are just for getting the food and men just read the newspaper and go to work. Lastly, it’s racist. It starts off with white characters and you have to pay to get a character of color. Seriously, it’s 2022, not 1822, people need to understand that there are lots of types of people, and each one is beautiful. I really wish you guys could try to make it more inclusive because NOT ALL FAMILIES LOOK THE SAME!
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5 years ago, nikayousefi
It’s too Expensive!
I am I am not trying to be mean but it is the way to Expensive For this kind of app because one of my games I lost I sometimes lose some of the people in my town I think if you make it less insensitive it will be more worth it because my people get lost and sometimes I don’t even find them so I still lose some of my people so it is not fair some people can’t afford that much money for games and ever to be better maybe make it a little more less expensive I am not sure if it’s the game problem or it’s my tablet because my tablet is a brand new one I am not sure if it would do that but anyways please make it less Spencer and meet maybe fix some of the problems likes people not losing the people in my town it would be better because sometimes some of the main characters like in the wedding one I lost the both people who are getting married so I had no one thanks for reading this text hopefully you can fix this😕🙂
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6 years ago, Kate😸the cat lover
I really do love this game. It is great at helping your imagination spread and grow. There’s so many fun things to do, use, and explore in this game. It makes my little sister happy when we play it. But there are a couple problems. First off, sometimes my iPad will turn off while the game is on, and I’ll turn my iPad back on and the game will be frozen. It is very annoying so I hope you can fix that. Next, in the game the dog is covered in mud, but there is no way to clean him. Is this a glitch or can you just not clean him? Please fix this as well, my little sister loves the dog but gets very frustrated when she finds on that she can’t clean him. Lastly, sometime when I play with my little sister the clothes will glitch. Can you fix that? I also have a suggestion, maybe you can add in a way to get more pets, or find a way to switch back in forth between pets. Thank you for reading.
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4 years ago, junkbox99
A message to my town game creator
I love this game but I wish the new other games like this were free also not just home because I could do a lot of things if I could go to other places like grandparents house and best friends house it really would be fun I hope you take my advice and change it to all the games on my town to free so please make the games free you could make money another way please basically every game except this one you have to pay but for my birthday I got a gift card with 15 dollars on it but that was before I found out about your games now I am mad. And maybe you could add more like my town pool and my town park and my town work case whenever I pretend like the dad is at work he is just sitting in the car maybe you could add another crib or make it longer and more chairs and best of all free games ps im 10 years old also you could add a my town Christmas theme or party Love Ava miller
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6 years ago, Famegirl101
Work on price
Okay this iPad is a hand me down from my mom and she used to pay for this iPad for money on it but I don't know how much money there is on here and that's the problem so who knows how much I can pay for games like most of your games have money and I just wants to try them so please make make the game free I understand if everything is free you don't make any money but a lot of people pay and there are some people who don't have the money to buy your apps there are also a hundred kids in the world who have the same problem as me I know you want to make money sometimes if you want more people you just sometimes have to give up the money and make some sacrifices there are only two games that are free,my town home, and school I have both of those games and it's actually pretty boring I even deleted my town school but please make the games free believe me it could help your company and people who don't have money to buy your games thank you
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4 years ago, Hope yall feel the same As mEh
AWESOME!!!! 💝💝👍🏻😄😆😆
First of all I love the new update because the backyard is a much bigger I love how you can choose their own cat or a dog type in the backyard. I hear love the new kitchen update in the rooms update I am sad that you had to remove squeaky the dog but other than that the game is amazing and I don’t like how some of the games are $2.99 or three dollars basically. The fact that the backyard is bigger is just my favorite part of the whole update I like how the kitchen is much bigger and how you can actually draw it’s just so awesome I can never stop playing it I’ve never deleted already downloaded it I’ve had it ever since I was four years old I am nine right now I love this game I am so happy that this one was free if this was 299 I wouldn’t be writing this review but this game is awesome I can not think of any other game that is better than this
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2 years ago, Bmt/jmt
For all my town games you should make more games that have houses in them and make them have like four floors like this house only has two should have at least three basement would be good when go into the house and put them in different clothes the clothes don’t stay on them and when I go into a app it reset the whole thing and when I get a new one I have to go into all of them to get the charters and when are you going to every app to get all the characters the next day I just reset it starts off with the same six characters and some of the games don’t all load with you go into the and a game idea make a game with a pool or one that has a baseball game or basketball. The game won’t stay in one place it just resets it self. All the games won’t all load and all the characters won’t show up in each game fix it
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3 years ago, NatalieUnicorn469
WHAT?! 😭🥺💵
Okay, I was honestly thinking about three stars but if all these games and the bundle costs an arm and a leg, they must be good, so four stars. Hi!❤️ Im Natalie and I LOVE THIS GAME! Im nine years old and will be turning ten this November.🥳 I was honestly SO excited that this game had a “town,”😆 I mean, this is called “My ToWn”. But the only thing I can play in is the home aka The Dollhouse.🤭 Why can’t I take or taxi or heck, use my own car to go to the “salon” or something?😰 It is not fair!😫 If I try to press “more games” and I tap on one of the “places,” it asks an addition.🙄🙄🙄I just got one that was 4+2=_. I answered; 6.🧐 Then it glitched, yeah.☹️😠 I tried again, GLITCHED. Now I am literally LOOKING THROUGH This App Store TRYING to find one of your games such as like the salon or something. But no, they all free, AFTER you pay. 💵 I love the game but not the fact you can’t go nowhere. Please fix it!
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3 years ago, lavnderxoxo🙃🍫😙🧁🥳🍡😶
I like it but....
Look I have been playing my town for all rude or year now and it has changed a lot right now there is a lot of glitches in the new my town update like for example a start moving on its own and it’s just very frustrating and also when I’m trying to pull Kohl’s on a character it just trips and naked and it’s not fun because I’m trying to do it let’s play series and I kind of like the old version of my town where there is no ads none of this now that there’s way too many hours just to get any character I mean like I like the new house but I wish there wasn’t any ads and all the characters are free like it doesn’t make sense but I just hope you guys fix the glitches I just yeah wanna play this game but it continues glitching out so that is why I’m giving this app a three star rating I would have given the five if there is no glitches and it was like the old way
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4 years ago, jfhdirijfhfurjrjj
Update ideas please please read
OK so I love this game and I wanted to give some update ideas for stuff first is a news station there’s one on my city but it’s one floor and it’s kind of small it would be really cool if it was a full building and you could take actual videos and save them to your photos. Next is a café I know they have a lot of these but if It would like a full one where there’s like a kitchen in the back where you could like play mini games where you make actual coffee and cakes and stuff like that that would be really cool and Finally The grocery store again I know they have a bunch of these but it would be fun if it was like a real one and you could go into like the cold thing and you can make some stuff and bring it to your house so yeah that’s my update ideas P.S did you get my other reviews LOL
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2 years ago, noelle714
Somethings about this game that I like and hate
Number one first I’ll think that this game is great this is a great game but sometimes it will kick me out and that sometimes when I don’t have Internet but sometimes I kick me out but don’t let me do make up I will glitch and number two I like the characters the characters big sister little sister they are so cute I think I could hi so yeah maybe I could think that it’s cute game and it’s not a bad game with that kicks me out but yeah the glitching it’s not glitching on me now stop kicking me out now and yeah so The outfits are cute for weddings I have almost every game now of that and it’s November 4, 2022 but yeah we’re about to go to a wide world in this game and I’m about to get this game I’ve already got it out Now🥒🥝🍈🍍🐶🐱🐽🐷🐯🐨🐼🐯🙈🥰😍😘😂🤣🙂😅😅😇😄😃😀😚😚😗😙😋😛😒🧐🥳🤪🤩😏😒😒🤓😋😌😉🤨🤬😡🥶😱😨😰😥😓🥵🤯🤐🦷👁👣👁👀👶🏿🧑🏾👀👀🧚🏿‍♂️🧚‍♀️🧚🏿‍♂️🧚🏿‍♂️👯‍♀️👯‍♂️💅💏👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👚🥼🧥👗👙👘👕👖👔
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4 years ago, FriesiansWhoopWhoop!
Hi, My Town Creators!
Hi! I love 💕 your my town games! They are simply awesome! You can pretend to be to be anyone! What I love about it is you can connect it with the family car, carry multiple items, and people can have emotions. But, one day I found a glitch. It might be fixed because it said you fixed the glitch, but I just want to check. So, I took a outfit from Best Friend's House to decorate the girls' closet. I tried it on the older girl and I tried to move her to the other side of the room. Instead, her outfit went with me, leaving her naked. I went to go to the mom and get her dressed for bed, but the same thing happened to her. The baby too! Just to make sure you fixed the glitch. I do have one request if not done: I have 2 ballet outfits, but no ballet! Can you please connect to the Dance School? Thx for reading!!
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7 months ago, maegenray
Denied Refund for Accidental Purchase
Considering I was charged $60 for a year subscription to this game by the click of a button (five year old daughter accidently clicked on in app purchase and it was made without my knowledge) - I demand to be refunded. I have been told by your company to contact Apple. Listen here- they do not control refunds. They push a request to your company and it is determined by you. You have denied my refund twice. This is $60 you have managed to take from me in a very sneaky way. My daughter was able to click a button and there it is. I no longer let her on my phone, that's my part, but after deleting the game immediately and canceling subscription in a panic and reaching out to you, it is very wrong of your company to deny refunding me and to lie by stating it is up to Apple. To point the finger at them when you have denied my refund is despicable. I feel I have been scammed. This needs to be fixed or you can count on many reviews like this to keep coming.
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3 years ago, cooooolllcat
My ideas
I would love if you could make there be a basement at my town home I would love if you could change the hairstyles I would love it if you could name them because people want to RP and there’s people who want to be able to name them and be able to swap the names out and also I would love the hair would get messy when they sleep so that they can use the brush to brush it and also I would love the hair to grow because then you could cut the hair and I would also love the blow dryer could actually move the hair and also I would’ve love if you would make more games free because there are many people who want to play the games but because they cost money the parents wouldn’t want to buy them because they were cost money and many kids are sad when their parents say no because the games cost money but it’s a really good game I love my town❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, pkxdNOw
Plz read
I’m Gianna (G) and I’m 9. This game is so good I even STILL play on this and it’s like a 6-7 year old game!! I love it but whenever I put my characters in a chair the game starts glitching and I dunno if this is a glitch or what but please fix that. And the ads. In my closet there was this pretty dress and I had to wait for 30 seconds to get it because of an ad. Everyone has the ad thing I know but still why so many? I love this game so does my 5 year old brother. I think it needs a little fix up but otherwise it’s awesome. Oh, and I have more. The pets are really cute but again the ads. I love it that you HAVE to use silverware to eat and not your bear hands which I love and I love this game again this is an amazing game and it always makes my day. Love, G 😺😽😸😻🥹❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
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4 years ago, graany app
Amazing but needs could use a new fix
I love the swing of keep me entertained until 5 3 to 6 It’s great now I’m trying it again but I think you guys should make it a little more easy when you go driving every time you go to another place if you have another app it will just load like that can’t they be somehow connected without having to change the character for the of that game and it’s hard to get stuff when they’re behind the table or something like that and there’s not enough flowers to plant in the whole garden and why they die so fast one of my recommends is that you guys make a secret hideout in it because I would be super fun those are my problems I think you guys should try to upgrade it using my tips and a lot of other comments tips to.
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4 months ago, ice if right
Thank u so much but still 1 star sorry
Thanks for responding but I am not happy about how you care more about money than people having fun on your game! But I enjoy playing it and you guys are very good game makers but like I said before pls listen and make more things free thank you for reading this! Bye os make more features! Update I used to actually like this game and you know what I think I was being very kind to you and patient but you don’t listen to what I’m saying you probably just read a couple words BUT LISTEN IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT TO BECOME DO YOU WANT TO LOOSE ALL THE PEOPLE ON THIS Game? NOOOO! So you listen to me and all the others that you pretend to care about just because other people say this doesn’t mean you have to!!! I dislike this game and your stupidity your game is boring have a nice day!!!
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4 years ago, Mandy thirty three
WARNING: Glitch mainia
So don’t get me wrong I LOVE this game! BUT I’ve had two glitching problems. 1. I got My town school and put the kids in the mini van, but when I got to the school only the older girl was clothed. So I went back to the house. And got them dressed again. I got off the game cause I had to do something. When I got back on it revealed them in the van not in clothes again!!! And did this for three days! I finally restarted my phone to see if that worked but it didn’t.😞 I finally just deleted the game and got it again. THAT took care of that problem! 2. This problem I just got this morning but the 2 of the 3 moms are glitching so u can’t use them!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😔I am calm now.
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1 year ago, ccbsquad
Where are a few things that you need to check
When I put towel on one of the characters or a diaper on the baby they have this weird like undershirt on and I’m pretty sure that boys don’t have to have that because they can have their shirt off and when the wraps in the towel you can’t really see anything anyways this game is really fun it’s fun to play I love playing it all the time and all of your mini games but maybe move the wheel and a little book thingy because I’m trying to close the door that’s right there and I can’t so maybe move them to the top of the screen so will be easier to you know clothes stores and stuff and I think that’s it because this game is really fun and I like all the new things
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2 years ago, lyla bean 13
Please read before downloading
Hi I have been playing my town for probably about four years now and this has never happened until this morning.I was working on getting all my characters dressed when all of a sudden one of the boys started glitching it was super weird I could not move him but I could move the other characters and he would not get dressed well he did but as soon as you tried to move him his clothes would come off and he would have like a one peice gray bathing suit on and then I changed the girls with no issue then I went to change the parents and the babies and the girl baby started doing the same thing then the boy baby then the mom would stay dressed but she would not move the dad however stayed fine I was was very confused by this so I thought I better share it Thant you for reading this
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6 years ago, Whale lover543
It's okay
Okay. I love my town, I've had almost all of there games on my kindle fire, but I'm a iPad user now, I've lost pretty much everything , so here's what I'd like, so I have only this game and my town mall or whatever it's called, it says that it connects with this one to mall, but no it doesn't I've already tried, and there is a bug , if u go in the bathroom and u put the preteen girl on the toilet and keep tapping her she disappears and the toilet seat won't open, and honestly, it doesn't really bother me but it happen one time, but still fix that and the connecting part, but for now, I'd like for u guys to put some of ur apps free it's unfair, we have to pay for everything , don't get me wrong I love my town, but maybe lower down the price or atleast make it free, the only free app they have is this one, so please read this my town.
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3 years ago, lolalala1234589
Ideas about the new one
It’s pretty cool I love it because there is gifts and Christmas lights but I don’t like that some peapole are locked and I always trade with close and some of my favrite outfits are locked and I really hope you add some Christmas close and it would be really cool if you unlock some peapole so I deleted it today and i was not interesting anymore because of the money and evrything it’s like so expensive like at lest make some places free and I hope that you chek this out please change it when they did an update in 2020 thanksgiving they did so cool things I played it all the time because the outfits where free now you have to be an outfit for sleeping I don’t like that is hope you Change it then I would play and download the game aging
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4 months ago, nezka2000
A lot of changes that need to happen
Ok so, I’m not the one to judge but I don’t think people should buy this game. It glitches far to much and the graphics are not good at all. I don’t mean to be harsh but it’s the truth. When you buy the game you barely get anything. A house. That’s literally all. -_- and if you want to get another place it cost money ( not everyone has money to spare yall) Sometimes it’s free but it’s never really good. The way the game glitches is really annoying. There’s also like NO diversity which is really frustrating as a person of color because I can’t play nor relate to any of the characters. Again I’m not the one to judge nor to be harsh but I feel as tho these things are big problems that should be fixed and noticed by other people. If thinking of buying this game I hope you take these things into consideration. If not than Good luck 🍀. From Your local my town player ( sorry for writing all this 😓 )
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