2.2 (38)
19.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Florida Atlantic University
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for MYFAU

2.18 out of 5
38 Ratings
3 years ago, Toriousa7
App has many problems
This app always shows that it is “loading” but doesn’t always actually load, very annoying & inconvenient.
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6 years ago, TMarino92
Good job...
You broke the app. Major fail. Update: I will admit I made a harsh call when I decided to submit my first review. It was partially justified, as the app was completely unresponsive at the time. However, I have since received feedback from the app developer, telling me about a simple fix. It seems a little redundant that some tinkering with the settings is required for proper function, but I will take back my immature comment and give the app the praise it deserves. Well done.
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5 years ago, PocketSnacks
Works 👌🏽
Does what it should if you want to check the basic stuff: Financial Aid, Email, Registration status, etc. Not too bad. Would be better if more things were naturally integrated into the app and it feels a little clunky, but it beats going on to web all the time.
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6 years ago, TFeghhi
Good job
Hi, thanks for the nice application! When I want to log in to my FAU account, instead of signing in to application, it redirects to internet browser, if it is technically possible that we can only use the app, that would be great! Then each time you don’t need to sign in and you may use your Touch ID.
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4 years ago, jewqueenstan
It works
The app works. I wish there was faceId integration to make it easier to sign in. Or maybe having the option to save the login info
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6 years ago, Ranasita
Terrible app update
I was excited for this app to be updated but everything about it is terrible. Can't get anything to load on the app, logging in takes forever if you can even log in, the app needed to be fixed not the look or layout. I feel like the compatibility of this app should've been updated . Just terrible please fix this!
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6 years ago, nektaria angelia
Absolutely loved this app but as of recently it keeps saying “connection failed retrying...” and never loads. Really hope they fix this soon, because this app would be very helpful otherwise.
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6 years ago, cxshelly
Lies about the shuttle!
I was waiting for the shuttle at Iva and the app said that it was coming in four minutes but ended up being over 15 it kept saying the shuttle was close so I waited by but had to ride my board back because I didn’t trust it anymore and it was about to rain and there were a lot of gnats and I had to get back to Irt.
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6 years ago, gryf3n
Not useful
I could walk to the library (from engineering east) log into a computer, log into my Fau and do what I need to do, faster than I can open this app in my phone. Very slow, does not run well. Never has, since I have downloaded it. Would be a useful app, quite a shame
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13 years ago, Eternal SunshineRE
Good start
This is a new app and not expected to be perfect. This is the first attempt. A good suggestion would be to add registration and blackboard interface into this app. Also try to incorporate more student entities to the app to show freshman student life (George Washington added the student news and Student Government). Try find a way to push alerts and special event through the app.
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5 years ago, Jenjo115
App just doesn’t work
I’ve uninstalled the app, closed the app, tried everything with it and it just does not work at all. It worked perfectly until FAU changed webpages and now this app is useless. Can’t check anything since app is broken.
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4 years ago, Zibrat
It will now not let me sign into my email and it was always annoying how you had to sign in every time. Make so you don’t have to do that.
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6 years ago, whit237
I was excited that FAU upgraded the app but it keeps crashing and having to reload. Looks better but not working better.
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6 years ago, Why34566745
Won’t connect
Ever since it updated it says connection failed even though I’m on campus on WiFi. It won’t let me into the app or load.
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5 years ago, Ginnie22
Doesn’t work anymore
They updated the app and nothing works anymore, very inconvenient. Says ‘persona is disabled’ almost all the time.
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5 years ago, user09129102978
Crashes iphone6 plus
This app was great when it worked! Now it will not open at all.
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6 years ago, milyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
New update
New update won’t let me use the app, I keep getting a white page saying “persona is disable”
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5 years ago, ChaseSansone
Unable to access self service
Due to the glitch in FAU ID Authentication, it’s impossible to log in. (There is no way to enter the SMS codes.)
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6 years ago, Procxlite
It literally doesn’t work.
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11 years ago, Tyler Sheinberg
Great App!
This app is great. Love the calendar of events (just wish it was a bit easier to find events put on by Student Government and RSA - AKA the events students care most about). Ability to access Blackboard and MyFAU is a huge benefit. The latest update brings FAU Bus tracking for those Lot 5 days and the best part Student Media! Now I can listen to Owl Radio on the go and watch Owl TV on demand. Great job FAU!!! * Please add support for iPhone 5!
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13 years ago, Hentomi
Great App to get quick FAU info
This app is good for those new to FAU & even those familiar with the university. I especially like that I can find out where by class is located on the map which I know many of us need! I also really like scrolling through the image galleries trying to find people I know! Go Owls!
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12 years ago, LexusLivin
Augmented Reality, whoa!
This is app is a must for FAU students. The augmented reality feature helped me find the rooms for my finals! It was cool to, but the icon dissaieared after less than 30seconds, need to fix that. Also Need to add an option to enter your full schedule and show a map of your courses. That would be helpful.
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13 years ago, Aquaman885
Awesome App
This is a great app, especially for new students who are still learning their way around campus. Now I can toss my paper map. The library link and others will be very useful on my iPad.
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13 years ago, anGeLiCaV22
Great Organization!
Fantastic app design, layout, features, etc, but the courses feature stopped working for me! It just says loading and never comes up! Might need some bug fixes...
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13 years ago, apmaher
Informative and interactive!
This app is a great resource for potential and current students, alumni & faculty. Glad to see FAU going mobile and I highly recommend downloading the applications!
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10 years ago, ☢ Miguel ☣
Awesome update but...
It needs to be updated to be compatible for iphone 6 and 6+!! I hate having a blown up app. pictures and text dont look as good and are out of scale. If this is changed that would be awesome!
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12 years ago, Peppah359
Good App
Good app. The maps are a tremendous help. Email is already pushed to mobile phones via google server but access to your class schedule would be great.
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9 years ago, yvngshad
Great App
This app saves you the trouble of having to go to the actual website and navigate. all of the features are present on the app. I love it ! Go Owls!
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13 years ago, Scorch2003
Very very useful App
This is an amazing app! Get it right now and say goodbye to trying to ask a random person questions if you are new to FAU.
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7 years ago, KatieLind
Everything I click to go back logs me out!
Everything else is great except that there's not an option to save your login information.
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11 years ago, Alicia66
Great app
Great app! Just started fau. So many people (including myself) have iPads. iPad support would make this app even better!
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13 years ago, Floral4512
It was about time! I love the maps and the news section, pretty useful app, good job guys!
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12 years ago, Zachfau
It's useful
Not the greatest app in the world but the map is useful. It would be better if you could pull up your schedule.
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13 years ago, JWOW :)
Pretty good but...
Pretty good only if it could tell you where you can find parking it would be perfect.
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12 years ago, Pmp143
Good App
This is a good app. Maps are helpful for every campus. But would be better if owl mail was linked.
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10 years ago, Karla Huari
Need to update hours of operation for dining during summer
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13 years ago, FauDrDeb
Terrific app! :-)
This is a terrific app. It will be even more useful as offices, clubs and athletics add events to the calendar. Thanks for this useful tool.... encourages engagement and campus spirit. Go Owls! :-)
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10 years ago, Marc Stew
Very nice
Very nice improvement over the previous app. Good UI and easy to use. 5/5
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13 years ago, Dukeus89
Go Owls!
Glad to see an app for FAU. Hope it stays up to date.
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13 years ago, Polk vjgd
Just need to add email and it would be great!
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13 years ago, Annoyed@grindr
Doesn't start
You would think the App would atleat initialize but it turns right back off.
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12 years ago, DimovGroup
Super stupid
Completely pointless app. No email, no blackboard access?? What the hell do I need it for then?!
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12 years ago, buddahjew
Cant check mail.
Biggest reason to have an fau app is to get fingertip access to my fau eail....useless app!
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8 years ago, And jcj
Idea: color parking lots like if green red etc
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8 years ago, DatAsianLove
No MyFAU anymore?
There's no MyFAU section in the app anymore, which was the only reason why I have this app...
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13 years ago, maximillionare
Awesome job, guys!!
Great looking app!!! Way to go!!!
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13 years ago, fvjcbjfbmgb
they need to add lacrosse under the athletics section
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12 years ago, Entre246
No Owl Mail!!
Integrated iTunes University but not owl mail? Come on!
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13 years ago, Gushyssksbniw
Really impressed
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9 years ago, Michypie96
Go owls
Love the app
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