MyFinanceLab Financial Calculator

1.2 (35)
247 MB
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Current version
Pearson Education, Inc.
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyFinanceLab Financial Calculator

1.2 out of 5
35 Ratings
2 years ago, one hungry batch
I downloaded this app because the pearson mylab textbook I purchased said I would be able to use it. I tried logging in several times and it will not allow me access to it. Its a calculator, all the money sl*ts that won’t give people access to this app should be banished to the worst part of the underworld forever. And the technology looks like it belongs on an iphone 3. absoultely horrible company taking money from students who don’t have and wont even give them access to the things they need
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4 years ago, XBL POINTS
Great...Until it’s NOT.
This app worked perfectly for the first two weeks. Then, all of a sudden, I was prompted to log back in. I had been locked out, but thought entering my user information would fix it...NOPE. Have been locked out, and nothing has worked. It is a great app when it works, but Pearson needs to provide better user support.
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3 years ago, hjs1129
Don’t waste your time
I followed the directions from my eText and when I attempted to L of it I just got an error saying the username/password is incorrect or I am not subscribed. I am subscribed though because I have access to the eText. Even after resetting the password because at first I thought that was the issue it still didn’t work.
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5 years ago, Ted_E.
Can’t Log In- No Support
I was referred to this app directly from my textbook. Can’t log in using my student Pearson account. Support told me they can’t help me. So it is basically useless. Don’t waste your time resetting passwords, it doesn’t work. And apparently the company doesn’t even respond to the many reviews and issues already posted here.
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6 years ago, Scottie1979
Worse service
The same calculator is used on my class website but even after registering I can't get access. No email or phone number to make contact with them. Horrible
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8 months ago, Angry birds is the word
App doesn’t work
Won’t even let me log in. Can’t connect to server even though my credentials are correct and I’ve reinstalled the app twice. Garbage company and developer.
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2 years ago, RandiSade
Can’t login
This app is terrible!! You pay all this money and can’t login!!!!! If I could give no stars I would.
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5 years ago, Spillaa
Doesn’t work enough to let you use the calculator. Don’t waste your time.
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2 years ago, Ashley Cave
Why pay for a calculator app…
You need a registration to use this app. Why?
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5 years ago, Logan Stear
Good for what I need it to do.
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6 years ago, okie dokie olie
Wont let me log in
I reset my password 3x and it will not allow me to log in. This is app is crap
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2 years ago, MichiganGirl2222
Does not work
I was promoted by the e text but this app does not work.
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6 years ago, Kenda Fan
Does not work and good luck getting support.
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3 weeks ago, Yu Boiii
Straight up junk
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8 years ago, Nikfhkmnv
I join the ranks of those who can't sign in
Can't even access it. Pearson is honestly one of the few things in this world I have a lot of disk like for. $300 book, $100 access fee, and still can't access any of it. Way to prey on students and not even bother delivering a decent product.
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9 years ago, RebeccaSalazar
As a financial calculator it's not that great
Pearson boasts to have these products available to their students as part of the crazy access prices but when it comes to doing work it requires 3 decimal places and the calculator rounds to 2 decimals even though it's their same program. You'd expect it to be hand in hand.
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8 years ago, Acv0125
Error** unable to log in
I installed the application as it is part of the course. When I try to log in is says: "error - the connection failed while validating. Please try again." I called Pearson, they are unable to fix it, as it is an application error.....
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10 years ago, Daft fellow
Great App
Before I spent $50 on a physical financial calculator, found this APP and am so glad I did. It works great and I always have it with me.
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8 years ago, Mr. Andarson
After reading other reviews, I see that I am not alone in not being able to sign in. Lost connection before validation. Verified sign in with professor and still does not work. No wonder Pearson is seen as a joke to the education world.
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8 years ago, 104847281029463820294738
No log in help
There was no help on how to sign up, either on mylabplus or the app. Make it more user friendly and try again. I paid a lot of money for this and it's useless to me right now.
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8 years ago, ufer69
Simply does not work
The app won't let you log in, so you can't use it. Have lost homework points because of it
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8 years ago, Mrstdash13
Worst app I've ever downloaded
Just doesn't work at all. You can't even get a chance to experience the app. Just buy a BA 2 financial calculator
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10 years ago, jb1knobe
Does not work
Does not work on iPhone or iPad and no customer service. Spent 40 min on hold and 40 minutes on chat with no help.
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10 years ago, ssprunge
Not a replacement
The app works ok. The NPV function is broken. The cash flows are also not working properly.
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8 years ago, Rickash1958
Downloaded and then found out a subscription is required. Disappointing at best
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8 years ago, sup11
Don't waste your time
I wish I had heeded the other reviews. It just doesn't work.
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8 years ago, Josh123784627
This app does not function. It is false advertising. Do not waste your time.
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8 years ago, mkdreem
Hey Pearson, I'm sure you're making a profit charging $200 for a course semester access. So why not invest in this app and MAKE IT WORK!!!
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8 years ago, MaurBroadway
Verified my FACULTY login and error while validating- great...wanted to show it to my class
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9 years ago, Yankees00303
Garbage company
What a horrible company with shoddy products..
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8 years ago, find charge
input username and password, can't connect
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10 years ago, MayraGarcia
Great app!
Excellent app!
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