myFSU Mobile

3.8 (24)
16.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Florida State University
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for myFSU Mobile

3.79 out of 5
24 Ratings
1 year ago, meantomatoes
Login screen doesn’t fill in iCloud Keychain password. Cookie to save Duo for 60 days not supported 😐 Fsu page doesn’t quite fit on screen so I have redundant scroll bars
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10 months ago, UserFriendly00
What are they thinking?
This app is so bad it makes you want to scream. I feel like we all need a class in how to use it - or at least go over it better at orientation. It is not user friendly, has no ability to “search” and feels like you are just going in circles to find even the most basic information. We basically gave up using it and now just login on the computer. It needs an overhaul!
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9 months ago, gRock$
This is a 0 star rating
Any academic enterprise in the year 2023 has at least 1000 students who can build a useful app. With over 40k students at FSU I would think at least one could build a better app than the junk heap. Do this thing have a purpose other than wasting someone’s time? Come on FSU, give one of your computer science students or classes a project to create an app to be proud of, this is a debacle.
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1 year ago, Nfjsidhbvfdj
They Ruined It
Turned it from a decent app that let you access multiple services easily to a glorified browser that opens the much-less-useful-on-mobile full myfsu website. If I wanted that, I’d use my browser. The “my menu customization” is completely broken.
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11 years ago, Baseballplayer15
Decent app
It's a pretty good app fsu. I think the blackboard component could be better though. Perhaps adding the ability to view assignments and such. Also, improve the maps. Add some items such as vending machines and buildings by prefix. Also, make the map available in satellite images. Reality adds 100x more detail than virtually drawn maps.
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3 years ago, Randomuser445
Just a collection of external links
You have to log in every time you select something, because each button just takes to you the external FSU website. Literally more work than just going to the website.
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13 years ago, bdk88
I have been a student at FSU for 5 years. I got my Bachelors degree here and now I'm working on my Masters here. This the BEST thing FSU has come up with since I've been a student here. It's easy to navigate and has all the information about campus that you could need. This would be really great for anyone who is unfamiliar with FSU's campus such as incoming freshman, parents, transfer students, foreign students, etc. I highly recommend this App. Good job FSU!!! Now if only they could get blackboard to run this smoothly..... Lol
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14 years ago, iRyanKGT
FSU All-in-One Homescreen
Remarkable app, holding a spot on my homescreen and outside of folders on iPhone OS 4 Beta 4. Has 4 stars for now only because I believe it's missing a vital tool to all students and even faculty, Blackboard integration. Aside from that, push notifications for FSU ALERTs would be a nice addition as well. FSU's current mobile text solution is much slower if not less efficient than the current twitter feed for these alerts. Overall though, amazing and you can't beat the price!
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14 years ago, guppyfly
The directory function works well. The Campus Building locator is essentially useless--the buildings are not in alphabetical order so you might need to scroll through hundreds of entries to find the building for which you are looking. The calendar function does not seem to provide a true academic calendar (which lists the first and last day of classes, holidays, add-drop deadlines on a single page). You can see events and deadlines only for the specific day you are viewing. The campus map can be viewed only in portrait orientation whereas landscape would be more useful.
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14 years ago, Creative Thinker
Must Have for a Nole Even Tho There are Still Bugs
I love this app and i find myself using it almost everyday. It's great to find out what is open on campus like dining areas and the library especially when the holidays come up and the hours for everything starts at odd hours. Cant wait til they add the tracking bus option here. then this will be the best app ever!
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14 years ago, StrikerObi
This is a great app for keeping up with all things FSU. I especially like the GPS powered map and the calendar features. It's also much better for athletics info than the Seminoles Mobile app from CBS Sports is, and unlike that app this one is also FREE. The app's design is pretty slick too.
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13 years ago, Fsustu
Love map even better with walking directions
Great features. Please consider enhancement to the map to include route from one building/location on campus to another with option for walking or driving route. Also to locate nearest parking to a building and option to limit based on student/faculty/white/etc parking allowed. Thanks!
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14 years ago, LoveInYaMouth
Hidden gem
It's easy to tell that this application has had some major time and effort put into it. There are tons of well thought out features to really get the most out of the FSU experience. Thank you for making this free!!!
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11 years ago, Mrmac208
Just ok
Map app works pretty well. Very useful for new students. Wish there was a GPS navigation feature. Dining hours are completely off. Says something is open when it's really closed and vise versa. Blackboard works 50% of the time.
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14 years ago, Tallykenj
Awesome app
This is great. Everyone who is interested in FSU will find useful information no matter where they live. Those that are in Tallahassee, however, will find some great features that complement campus life.
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12 years ago, Noles25552
Poor specific database. Poor Sports app and fair Bb app
Everyone has to go to the real Seminoles website to get information on rosters, in game reports, post game reports, player bios, etc. Blackboard needs a way to access schedules, webmail and other secure apps details. It is possible to find licensing and security from the university to do this. I use this app only to look up class info, otherwise it is pretty useless to me.
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11 years ago, KBluetrump7
Pretty useless!
Aside from the maps feature which is helpful for a new student, I have never opened this app and had it help me do anything. The calendar is terrible and difficult to navigate to find anything you are looking for. Even something as simple as FA Disbursement. BB works on this about as well as it works in general, which means it doesn't work well at all. Useless and has since been deleted.
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13 years ago, rudegalriss
Did work!
This is soooo much better than the original. I love all the new features. Especially being able to access Blackboard!
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14 years ago, drkokintz
Great app, but...
... I agree with another poster. The building list should be in alphabetical order (the current order is numerical from the physical map). And a basic academic calendar by term would be very useful. Otherwise, pretty sweet app.
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14 years ago, ms1911
Great App!
Love the pictures of the campus and different schools it contains! Hope they will add pics of our teams in battle too this year! We will remain unconquered in mind, spirit, and success! Go 'Noles!
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14 years ago, JD220
Go Noles!
Fantastic app ... been waiting for this one for a long time. Great access to sports, news, and updates! Love the map feature!!!
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14 years ago, Essmithpa
Absolutely Awesome! As an alumni who loves to reminisce and goes to at least one home football game a year, this has quickly become my favorite app!
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12 years ago, Maylew
Didn't this app use to give walking directions around campus? Could we get that back? Please & Thank you.
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12 years ago, oceanfrank
If only they had the iPad version it would be perfect. Great app now that blackboard is integrated.
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13 years ago, ajaybeeee
You really did a good job. Able to view ppts from my phone, doesn't crash w/ the new update. Accessing Bb was the best addition you could add. Pat yours on the back.
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11 years ago, 1986DavidBowiefromLabyrinth
Great place to find info when you're around campus and not around a computer.
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13 years ago, ra09
Comprehensive app + GREAT BB
This app has everything you need as a Florida State Seminole. Also, the blackboard feature is very useful.
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12 years ago, boldcity
Near perfect
Until you get used to the lay of the land, this app will make your life as a 'Nole ten times easier. Add bus-GPS-tracking suport and this app is complete.
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11 years ago, TdoubleD08
Can't access blackboard at all!!!!
This app when works has everything you need for school! However for awhile now it hasn't been letting me login to my classes saying a login failure. Pretty annoying! I'm about to delete it if it doesn't get fixed soon!!!!
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12 years ago, iikidzmom
Blackboard No Longer Works!
Loved the app and used it all the time for Blackboard access, but now it just says "login failed, can't connect to your school right now, try again later". Tried uninstalling/reinstalling - negative fix. Please fix this ASAP!
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14 years ago, Middlemaniac
This app is great! If you have an iPhone, and go to Fsu, this will be extremely helpful! Good job on the peeps who made this
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11 years ago, Natbaby92
This app is great. Adding an easy access icon for checking fsu email would enhance its effectiveness even more though!
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14 years ago, Slim Again, Soon
Great map!
Map is great -- where am I? Oh, yeah ... Right there. Map function alone makes it a keeper.
Show more
14 years ago, rbm921
Love it.
Great way to feel connected to FSU and Tallahassee, even from halfway across the country. 'Nole for life!
Show more
14 years ago, Shmony
Great app
Love it. Way better than all the other FSU apps out there, and it's free.
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9 years ago, Carolinauncgirl
Map doesn't work
The map points all locations as the bottom quarter of the map. I can't find anything and locations are all screwed up.
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12 years ago, Angie FSU
Was a great app but now the blackboard feature no longer works
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13 years ago, 0@tmeal
Not showing game that is being played now!
It isn't showing the game that in playing right now in the football schedule! I just found out about this game.
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14 years ago, Isa614
Good since its free
It is a good app. It loads very slow and you should be to view your grades as well.
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12 years ago, You have to fix it!!
My mom used to play for the florida states women basketball. So me & my family r HUGE fsu fans. This app is great!
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11 years ago, Faucet69
Great app
Very useful and easy to use. Blackboard has their own app FYI. So does the bus tracker.
Show more
11 years ago, UN5C Spartan117
Good app
For a college app it gives a lot of info. Could have more like bus schedules, etc.
Show more
11 years ago, kellydev777
Was good
This app was good until it stopped working a few weeks ago.
Show more
12 years ago, KeithRackleff
Only reason I got to classes my first semester...
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12 years ago, Natreed79
App no longer works
For a few weeks now its been telling me that log in failed and it can't connect to my school. Please fix!
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11 years ago, None1120
Always has issues
The app always has issues and works only once in a while. Horrible app!
Show more
13 years ago, jtubb
Great so far
Great app so far!
Show more
14 years ago, FSUAngler
Very useful app. Go Noles!
Show more
12 years ago, Joeljx15
Love FSU!
This app have never done me wrong! Go noles!
Show more
14 years ago, jhunt1329
Great App! Go Noles!
The campus wide calendar is great!
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