MyInstants SoundBoard Buttons

4.5 (15.7K)
172.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
延锐 胡
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyInstants SoundBoard Buttons

4.53 out of 5
15.7K Ratings
8 years ago, Heyy.Katt
Why the ads and ratings for buttons..? So annoying
I really like this app, my brother was playing and I asked him what it was so I could get it. The I get it, and play with it for about 10-15 mins... after that, I wanted to play a button, and guess what? I had to watch a 5-10 second video.. I was cool with that, so I watched the video, and when it finished I went to play the button... this time the pop-up said to "Rate it 5 stars for more buttons".... so here I am wasting my time on a stupid review, when I could be doing something I actually like doing... like playing the buttons and annoying people. :/
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1 year ago, Minthony Stone
Has potential
So, I didn’t expect much. I didn’t get much either. Many of the buttons are obscurely labeled, which makes it confusing. There are only about six free sounds, which you will need to watch an ad to play after a while as well. The “watch an ad to play this sound” feature also doesn’t work. I’ve tried three times now, each time watching until the exit button says “reward granted,” and am still unable to play the sound (or any others without getting the “watch ad” popup). I should note that I refreshed the app several times. I noticed a few spelling errors in the interface as well, though this is a minor concern. My worst qualm is that it’s not clear what the difference is between the “remove ads” payment and the subscription feature. Does the subscription remove ads? Does it allow unlimited access to sounds? What is the difference between the subscription and just removing ads? Also, with how terribly the watch-to-play ads are working, I doubt either payment option would do much in terms of app usability. Overall, this app has potential (pretty design, good concepts), but it has too many functional issues to attract any sort of user base.
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4 years ago, n#jxjiiskzmz
Amazingappola. com
I really like the funny sounds in this app, especially the gun shot and the screaming goat! Haha! It is fun to use the screaming goat when people are talking too much. I played that goat sound when one of my friends wouldn’t stop talking, and she looked totally confused! That was funny. I decided to rate this app all of the five stars, because everyone enjoys the funny sounds. I think they really like the screaming goat! Also, it can come in handy when you need to teach people what things sound like. Thanks you all for reading my review. Enjoy the rest of your day!
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5 years ago, Jack1727
Easy to Fix the ads
All you guys have to do to get rid of the ads is out airplane mode on your phone, to do this swipe up from the bottom and you’ll see a button that shows an airplane click on that, it will disconnect you from WiFi so you won’t get texts or calls, but also you can’t call so when you have that mode on you won’t get anymore ads and you can enjoy the ad free game, you can also do this with almost every game you have.
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1 year ago, EZE Ruthless
Dumbest subscription model yet
This is the dumbest subscription model I’ve ever seen (which is really something). So you want us to pay a subscription fee…for pressing a button…and hearing a 2-4 second sound? Yeah…I’m gonna go ahead and *not* do that. What a joke. These are the kinds of apps that should be a 1-time price to download; THAT would be fair. Instead, everyone and their uncle wants us to pay a stupid subscription fee, and the constant eBegging is getting so old. It’s a joke that you want us to pay a subscription fee to press a button; I’m surprised you didn’t try to charge us extra for the privilege of using our thumbs instead of an index finger (now watch them try to slip that in on a future update, haha).
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6 years ago, theplayerofracinggames
Waste of time 🤬🤬😡😡😩😥😢😠
The hints are rediculous get rid of them or deal with a lawsuit of false advertisement I got this to have fun with it but you put hints in this saying give us five stars to keep listening that is propaganda and illegal inducing so I will be reporting this to the bbb and apple tech something better change this is absolute BS. Apple said they would crack down on apps using propaganda to get 5 stars but looks like nothing’s changed. 🤬😡
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8 years ago, DiamondTheWolf
Pretty Good.
I actually enjoy the app. It is actually a lot of fun to just press a button and listen to sounds sometimes, yes I know, I am a very weird person. The only thing I do not like is that I hate to rate the app to continue listening. Other than that it was fine because the app works perfectly and even though ads pop up it never bugs me. Alright good bye I'm done writing this now :)
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5 years ago, Galaxywaves
Really thought this would be better
When I saw how many sounds there was to choose from I was excited. Then I got an ad not the worst thing but was confused why you would put a video ad on a soundboard of all things. So I just kept looking through sounds to grab some I wanted. Then I learned about the credits system. AND THATS WHEN I LOST IT. You want to limit how many sounds I can use even if I save them and then. MAKE ME PAY MONEY IR WATCH SEVERAL ADDS JUST TO USE THIS SOUNDBOARD!!! If this had not been implemented would have been a good thing to have but once I realize uninstalled within 10 minuets of having it. Don’t wast your time with this app.
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8 years ago, Dhkegkegk
Terrible terrible terrible terrible
You have to give it five stars so I gave it five stars so you could see this this app is horrible take it from me get MLG soundboards it's so much better it cost $.99 to get the extra like packs it's just a few extra maybe like 10,20 but it's so much better than watching ads and like giving it reviews please get MLG with the ilumonoti symbol triangle with eyeball
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6 years ago, Zeldarocks12
I had to delete this app because I was getting so mad with the constant adds popping up every 10 seconds. I couldn’t even enjoy this soundboard because of it and thats. I’d rather enjoy my time having fun with an app cracking up a couple of buddies of mine than waste my time on battling these constant adds that just will not stop popping up. It angers me that I not only couldn’t have fun with the app but had to delete it also. No app should have so many adds to where you have to delete the app. The adds need to stop. I loved the soundboard and had a great time with it but the adds just grrrrrrr!!!
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8 years ago, Love this gamee!!!!!!thank you
I used this for about 5 minutes and it was fun, but then I had to watch a 30 second video to get to play more buttons, okay that's fine. But then every time I clicked on a button a pop up came up and said "rate 5 stars for more clicks" so here I am, but my question is; are they really so scared that no one will give them 5 stars ?
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6 years ago, GAI-BO1
“Over 200 awesome sounds!”
This app does not have anywhere near 200 sounds. After opening it the first time I went to the back page again later and found page 93 with 2 sounds on it. Doing some math (12 x 92 + 2) we get a total of 1,118 sounds. That is clearly more than 200 sounds. Great job, but maybe a few less ads.
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8 years ago, Dopeytracey
I really like this app but I just wish you wouldn't have a limit to the number of sounds you can listen too. I would want to have unlimited amounts of sounds. I really like pressing the button and annoying people but when you put up the pop up ads and now having to type a review makes me angry!!
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7 years ago, JPunch91
Needs improvement
Ok you guys need to get rid of ads or make a paid version cause they are annoying. Another thing I would do is add a back button for when you search a sound cause there's no way to get back to main page. And a cool thing to add would be a playlist for sounds you like...MAKE IT HAPPEN!
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8 years ago, Multiplayer is nice
So many ads
I clicked about 5 buttons then is told me to watch a video to get 50 extra credits, I watched the video then I tried clicking another button and it wouldn't let me until I rated 5 stars. If I didn't have to rate it 5 I would rate it 3 or 4 just because all the ads
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7 years ago, PolyWop
Too many annoying pop up ads
They wanted me to leave them five stars in order to continue using their app. Not a chance. If you're thinking of using this app for any type of production - I strongly suggest looking for an alternative. This app has pop ups that force you to leave a review. The sound effects are cool but unfortunately the ads and pop ups are insane! Sure I know you have to make money off your free app.. However this is way, way overboard!
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6 years ago, ObiGun333
Why so many ads to play a button
I just got the button and was playing with it and tried one more button and said watch a video so I did the I try again and it says give five stars for more buttons this is kind of dumb but here I am.
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8 years ago, Joeyrocks666
Ads and unlock.
Too many ads popping up every other button and then after clicking several it won't let you click on another button until you rate it 5 stars.
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7 years ago, FluffFriendz4ever
The first time I tried this I was cracking up... I started playing the airhorn sound in front of my uncle, and we stared to laugh. And the OOHHHH and the 9+10 thing is just too much! It has a huge variety and it's just fun and to play with. I don't like how you have to rate and watch videos to get credits and stuff :T But besides that it really makes me laugh.
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5 years ago, And25g
I think it’s so funny all the sounds you can find but I think they should separate the time of ads and buttons because if you press a button 3 times you already get an ad. Overall I think this app is amazing
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8 years ago, Moi mom
Love the app but one prob
I love this app so much because its usful for youtubing fir makeing funny vids and such. I just really wish i could organize buttons cause deez nuts is like 50 pages from goteem. I suggest makeing a favorites list and of corse make it towhere you can add favorites. But, anyways great app and ive never seen one app like this:) 👍👍👍
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8 years ago, PorkBottom1234321
It's fun but...
I love this app because I can annoy my family with it but o think there are too many adds and that there aren't that many buttons that don't have a pop up screen saying that I need to do something to unlock them. Anyway it's really fun 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Red_Baron312
Just doing this for more button action but apparently you have to type more than just a little sentence so here I am wasting my time typing all of this when I could be doing my homework or something
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4 years ago, GrimmDee
Scam scam scam
You’re limited to how many times you can press a button. A pop-up will appear asking you to give it a 5star review to continue using it. Locking the app’s usage by asking you to rate it high to inflate its score is scummy. Also, this app has a paid option to unlock it to be ad free. If the app had its own original sounds then it would fine but it’s all famous/popular sound bites from music/memes/movies/ pop-culture etc. You are being asked to pay for stolen content.
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8 years ago, Eki review
I like this app you should buy it but you could turn down the ads a little because sometimes it gets annoying besides that it is a great app you should buy it and you will have fun
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7 years ago, yttuie
This game is horrible
I was playing with my MLG Sounds board and this ad pop up and I played it I search a sound and then it said Watch ad to hear I watched it and said rate five stars I did but never work. Make this game better or I’ll call the bad game association.
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5 years ago, Bigtrickel
Here’s some suggestions for new buttons
Awesome app and I really think it could use the moans from the website version, when I look up moan (for the memes duh) nothing comes up so if you could add those it would be very much appreciated
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8 years ago, Shadrack 😄
Plz read this
This app forces you to rate it 5 stars or it won't let you hear the other sounds . If your not cool doing that then this app isn't for you, I've read the other reviews and they all have the same problem.
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7 years ago, Xbeicjdjdbfj
I like that first and then I had to watch a 5 to 10 minute ad but I was OK with it until it said I had to rate the game when I try to press any button so here I am doing this dumb review when I could be doing something else
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8 years ago, Dads fasting
The best thing ever
The best of all of them in my head and a good time with you guys have to go back and I don't think that it was not immediately available to all of them in my head and a good time with you guys have to go back and I don't know how much you love
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7 years ago, TinySneakyBagel
So, apparently, all the 5-star reviews are BS. I agree, I really like all the buttons, the variety, and the noises, but the ads and the mandatory rating things are annoying and I wish that you could save certain button
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5 years ago, HU5KER FAN33
From best sound board to worst
This used to be so fun to use to mess with and entertain my friends with. Now it’s constantly shoving ads in your face every 10 seconds, makes you watch an ad to play more sounds, then makes you rate them 5 stars to play more buttons. You guys earned 5 stars without all the ads and without forcing your supporters to rate you 5 stars in exchange to play with this app! Go back to your old ways or continue to lose support!
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8 years ago, Crazyfanboysteve
The fact I can get
The fact I can get it right away with a lot more fun if I can see you soon enough for you and your friends are like that you have a great way of saying it would mean so so happy to see my tweets
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4 years ago, edward338
Ok, I like this app cause you can prank people with sounds. But you have to get credits to push buttons? And you can only get them by watching a video! Like, just play an add every once in a while. But the credits thing is annoying. And when it asks for you to buy premium, it’s really hard to hit the X cause it’s so tiny!
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8 years ago, Fish disjunction
Goodbye and I don't think that I have a nice person who has a great way of the day before I get a follow trick in a while ago but the fact I can get it right away with the new version is better to be the first half of the day before I
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8 years ago, Jack The Cool Guy
I like it but
I really like this app, I just downloaded and it's pretty funny, I'll definitely use this around friends. The only problem was the "write a review" to continue was incredibly annoying and unnecessary. Otherwise a great app!
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5 years ago, rainbowblitzshy
MyInstants SoundBoard
This app is really fun and enjoyable. As a matter of fact, when we were little kids, my older brother would always bother me with this app then I decided to finally get him back and annoy him. I give this app 5 stars!
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5 years ago, Kai K Williams 01
This entire app is perfect for just having fun around others. You can find a perfect time to make one of these sounds and everyone will be cracking up. I would suggest less ads, of course.
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8 years ago, Ichigo360
I was playing this app annoying people for like 3 minutes then I start getting ads and a pop up for rate for more buttons so now I'm rating your app so I can continue to annoy people with these annoying sound buttons :P
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6 years ago, Delta Charlie Actual
Not a bad app
It’s a standard sound board that seems to work pretty well. The biggest suggestion is having a way to stop some of the sounds as they just keep going until you hit another sound that is really short in length.
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9 years ago, Arandomnickname$$&&
This app is amazing I do think you should get it because it makes you laugh you won't regret it even though there may be adds this app is still a great joke and would be a great start of a party!
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4 years ago, sharqwisha
It is circling me to give it a five to continue
Just like I said in order to continue I had to give them a five u really like the game I want to keep playing but I probably whorls just rated it a five on my own
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8 years ago, Potato king 😂
I really love this app so much im giving it five stars because of that but also why are there sooo many ads and why do you keep asking for five stars and not letting me continue without rating five stars.
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2 years ago, ert2pa
Really descent Sound board
So far just browsing through the available sounds and it’s pretty impressive. As I’m building my SoundBoard favorites I am finding great variety
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6 years ago, nickname Andy
Make a version where you can put them in your eye movies
Great app! But what if you can put those sound effects in iMovie? So you can make iMovie’s with though so cool sound effects that you have
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8 years ago, CoolCreepGamingTSM
Dem ads
Its actually pretty cool,but i played a few and acted them out then an ad came up and i had to watch a stupid video. Then i pressed another sound and this review came up then im like BRA WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER THESE DAYZ. So here i am writing hope theres no more ads. :|
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7 years ago, VickyPickyBicky
I do/don't like the app
I don't like the fact with all of the adds like I know you want people to buy or do what ever your doing but please it gets annoying and it wouldn't let me play a sound until I rated it and that too got annoying.
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8 years ago, Thalasala
Hate ads
The ads are annoying. they just pop up randomly not even between sounds but like in the middle of them
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7 years ago, OCBOT
Five stars for button access
I have to write a five star rating to get access to the sounds. Some good ones but annoying that they for you to review it like this.
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9 years ago, Kitty62319
It's alright..
When I first got it it didn't bother me for a review.. But the next few times I used the app, it kept asking for a review just so I could use some of the buttons. Overall, it has pretty funny vine sounds and such and works pretty well.
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