2.4 (140)
10.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Liberty University
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for myLU

2.36 out of 5
140 Ratings
8 months ago, Mars3942
It’s ok
It overall isn’t a bad app, it’s convenient not to have to get my laptop to look at things I need, however the past few days I’ve tried to get on the app when I open it I just get a blank white screen, i don’t know if it’s a app issue or Liberty’s WiFi, I haven’t dealt with this up until now and I have had this for a full year.
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7 months ago, Dr. Dr. Dr. Floyd
App seems completely fine now
Lot of bad (old) reviews. As for me: perfect experience. Quickly got all the info I sought, and it was faster and easier than using the website. So it seems to be the sign of our times that all these poor reviews from years ago just linger here on an app that must have been greatly improved since all the bad reviews happened, and these old reviews just don't get updated or purged. To be fair to app developers, and helpful to people looking for apps, these app stores should definitely purge ratings from previous years, especially when an app has had subsequent updates. -Russ
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2 months ago, jkz71
I just had to sign in and sign out 5 times in order to check my email. I have not encountered anymore problems except with email. Every now and then email will work on the first try. But, on average, it usually takes several times of logging in, clicking email, blank screen, logging out, logging in, etc. Other than this problem, it’s great.
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4 years ago, Seriously? Must be a joke.
Old app “Liberty Today” was 1000% better
I hate to be the type of person to come down on something so harshly, however I think it’s worth mentioning. I’m not sure what they were thinking when they chose this layout. It’s busy and inconvenient. I have to search and search for what I want to look at. And even then it’s not there. With the old app I could easily access everything without hardly lifting a finger. Not to mention the cut of bus maps. Whoever designed this app did not have us Liberty students in mind. It runs more like a website than it does an app. Not worth your time.
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4 years ago, smcintosh182
Third-party cookies
The login issue is fixed now, and I am able to easily view my dashboard. However, the application is still blocking 3rd-party cookies, which are required for Kaltura to run. In other words, we are unable to view the LU presentation videos on the LU app. I love the idea of LU making their own application for online study. The Blackboard app is subpar and I would love to abandon it for a system native to the university. Please fix this issue and God bless.
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4 years ago, Tiaoziho
this does not come close to being as technologically in-tune as its late predecessor, LU Today! My expectations were not met, as I pondered on why one would even entertain the idea of this app being on the same level as LU Today. Honestly very disappointing, if you were to ask me to design a platform for students to use, I would first ask the students what they feel their interface should include. Within 30 seconds of using the app I knew that budget cuts were made!! Please consider downloading this app!
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2 years ago, Poe10:)
Sometimes the app attempts to open a web browser window (the browser often gets stuck). Sometimes it opens a window in the app itself. If you accidentally back out of window in the app you lose all progress. It is much easier to delete the app and do everything through browsers. This shows that the app is of no use. For a school that is the largest online school in the US, it’s embarrassing.
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9 months ago, AJRussell
I’m a new student and I have so many issues with this app. It constantly crashes and logs me out. When I try to log back in it requires me to verify my account via Microsoft Authenticator. It gives me a number but the Authenticator app never pops up any number to verify anything. I can’t access any of my info, or use MyLU for anything school related. There has to be a better system for this. It’s pathetic how crappy it is.👎🏻
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3 years ago, caleb_s_21
App?... more like collection of links...
Listen I set that people put time and effort into this “app” but come on it’s literally just a half decently laid out collection of links. Additionally, the bus maps, gone? I used them daily. This goes without mentioning the whole login issue. If you don’t want to improve it and make it a real app, at least give us the old one back pleaseee.
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4 years ago, Kati2019
Love it!
This new myLU looks great. I love how everything is organized and the quick access links at the top make it easy for me to find what I need. It’s very easy to navigate. I also really like the newsfeed feature.
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3 years ago, Naterhero47
It just takes you back to the website, kind of defeating the purpose.
I’m not so sure I would want to use this app again as the Blackboard link there just takes you right back to the website, kind of defeating the purpose of the app.
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4 years ago, Chad Moreno
myLU > Liberty Today
What an improvement from the Liberty Today app. This app corresponds with the web app, making navigation quick and intuitive, displaying information from available meal swipes to laundry availability.
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4 years ago, jack jonh english
What is ur purpose
The fact the the app simply redirects you to the website does not in fact help what i am looking for. I can no longer access easily into such as dinner dollars and restaurants that used to tell me what time they close. Before the app was quick and told me exactly what i wanted to know, now it takes me to a website just to spend 20 min on something i will end up not finding it.
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4 years ago, shanfost
I was having the same issue, unable to login. I tried logging in manually several times, but final was able to login. It is a great app. Easy to use. Thank you!
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1 year ago, CamRon3000
I Enjoy it
Does everything I need it to do minus a couple things you would have to do on the website. Works great.
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4 years ago, Giant migit
The frick?
The good reviews of this app were made by Bots. This app is terrible. Liberty Today was better. Everything on here is much harder to navigate and the app itself can’t even access your info. You might as well just open up a browser. I feel like the team behind this app got payed in advance so didn’t care if the app was good or not. It is trash, make it better please and thank you.
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6 months ago, RHudson80
Acting Funny
For some reason, I get a blank white screen whenever I try logging on. Never happened until now. Must be a bug related to the app.
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4 years ago, geko_baker
Login Issues
I’m stuck in an infinite login loop. It requests that I login, I enter my credentials, and it proceeds to attempt to log me in...only to repeat the process. I am also apparently unable to attempt this process unless I’m connected to Wi-fi.
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2 weeks ago, insertwittynicknamehereplease
Just Use Chrome
Unfortunately, this app is basically just a bad browser, and not a good one. It’s difficult to navigate to the edges of pages. Just use your favorite mobile browser instead.
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3 months ago, Phillip Vasquez
App Quality
I’m a current student of LU. the screen doesn’t fully fit on my iPhone 15 Pro Max.
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3 years ago, knod17
Horrendous log in loop
I can’t even get into this app to use it. I get a log in prompt and properly login. Then it says continue or cancel. Either one you pick sends you to the same never ending loop that makes you want to rip out your hair. Recode this Liberty, it’s embarrassing.
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4 years ago, pinkiehunterbur
Hard To Navigate!!
Bring back LU Today!! Can’t navigate myLU!! I want to know what washers are open but it takes me to webpage! I want to know dining hours but it takes me to webpage! Not mobile friendly and hard to use!!!!
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3 years ago, Astropulse_
Just use the website
Seriously. Just use the website. Its faster and more reliable. The only useful thing in the app before was the bus map, and now thats gone.
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4 years ago, ConsumerReport!!
Login issues
I can’t log in. Keeps going back to the Microsoft login screen every time I try to log in
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8 months ago, Flying Monkey 2
Can’t login - Error Message
For several days I have been unable to login. I get a message that states unexpected error. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling, but that didn’t help.
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4 years ago, Math You Hoss
Fake news
This isn’t a real app. It just redirects you to the liberty website. I could just go to safari and go to my bookmarks. It would be the same thing. I’d like to give this “app” a lower rated review but 1 star is as low as it gets.
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4 years ago, AJFond
I tried to login and can’t. When you go to the Authenticator App it keeps asking for a QR code. And if you do it manually it wants a code and url.
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2 years ago, parms655
Looks great works terribly
Half of the links that you click on when you need them they don’t work. Nothing is easy to find.
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3 years ago, ....,?!$
Doesnt work
Wont let me sign in. Well it does sign in then it goes it opens up for like 2 seconds then goes completely white. I deleted app and reinstalled. Same thing. Doesnt work.
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2 years ago, Capclutch21
App Doesn’t Work at All
No matter how many times I try to open, delete, and redownload this app all I can get it to do is display a white screen.
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3 years ago, jakoe marns
Why did they change it!! This app is worse than the webpage version, can’t see washers and dryers, can’t find anything easily and logs you out like everyday. Bring back LU Today
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2 years ago, Smurfplayer10
Worst app ever made
Good luck getting it to even open, let alone use anything the in the app. Trash app
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3 months ago, Spectacular Reviews
Login issues
From all of my devices. I am locked out.
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6 months ago, cocopiccolo
LU App
I can hardly ever access my email and it only shows a White screen.
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4 years ago, Rayfemery
Can not log in
Every time I try and log in, it refreshes back to the sign in page.
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2 years ago, De bice bear boos
Liberty today > MLU
The students and faculty promised to build off what LU today was. Instead they “redesigned” an outdated app. Barely usable. Go back to LU today
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3 years ago, TheLordlovesthisGeorgiagirl
It is ridiculous! The steps one must go through to even use this app. Do I have to worry about “cookies” that I don’t want if I unblock. Wow Liberty! I give you PLENTY OF MONEY IN TUITION!!! Not happy at all.
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4 years ago, saphh1224
Issues logging in
Won’t let me log in
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4 years ago, BookooFett
Endless sign in loop
I have yet to experience the app, as it is caught in an endless sign in loop.
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4 years ago, michaelpenner
Login Issues
Won’t let me login in.
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4 years ago, Friggin Todd
Awesome App
Awesome App- Jonathan Hodges
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3 years ago, WaveJoey
Not an app-uses links to direct you to your browser
Just use your web browser on your phone to get to yourself because this app is just an extra step in doing that…
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4 years ago, Paola27
Terrible app
The old app that they want to get rid of “Liberty Today “ is so much better. This app doesn’t actually have any in app functions but instead just takes you to the website whenever you click on something. Something such as the “live bus maps” on liberty today is not available on this app. You cannot even see the times the restaurants are open but instead just takes you to the website that talks about the liberty dining but no actual information. This app is terrible and they should keep the Liberty today. This is not useful at all for on campus students.
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4 years ago, makthesmack
Login issues
It’s a pice of junk it won’t let me long in no matter how many times I enter the code and it logged me out of my Skype account to and it won’t send me the email for my code
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