MyNBC 5 - Vermont and New York

4.3 (1K)
114.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Television
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyNBC 5 - Vermont and New York

4.33 out of 5
1K Ratings
5 years ago, Busco Lady
Positive feedback.
We are “snowbirds” and certainly enjoy being able to read and learn of happenings in our hometown area while we are away. You are to be commended on keeping us up to date in a reliable and enjoyable newscast. We send our thanks to you.
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4 years ago, ADK girl
Ok app/ too many ads
I hated this app when it first changed but it does give you limited North Country News. The format does not flow well and I still find myself having to work at finding local news. Way too many Ads that stay the same for months. Same video ad over and over each time you watch a video. Very annoying. Pages do not get updated enough, especially on weekends. Ex: after Kentucky Derby there was news about before the race for a week or two. Come on you can do better than that. Lately the Venus Williams story has been on there for ever! Please it's not news if it's weeks old.
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4 years ago, Rain4444
Big use of battery and space
This app uses a lot of battery, and space, on my iPad... unnecessarily, in my opinion. I have tried to limit, or eliminate, background access to the app but have not been able to do that to my satisfaction. I still see 5-6 hours of battery usage when my iPad has been off for most of the day. As a northern New Yorker, I use the app only for its weather section (which is good, therefore some stars). It would be nice if there was a way of emptying the app and controlling the background usage. As it is, I delete the app regularly, then have to set it up again.
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3 years ago, wptz review
Weekends need help
We often try to watch the 6pm news on the weekend. It is often the case that when we tune in at 6pm we get a recording of the morning broadcast or nothing at all. It’s disappointing but we can move on to another station to get the news. I also think you need to change the title of your lead ‘First Warning Weather.’ It always sounds like ‘First Morning Weather.’ Maybe make it ‘First Alert Forecast’ or ‘Your WPTZ Forecast.’ It needs a change.
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4 years ago, The Zuckster
Weather Radar/live news
The radar part does not always work as the screen goes gray. Sometimes the live news is black and your hear the news and advertisements at the same time.
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4 years ago, Wel5506
Bob, Plattsburgh
Been watching WPRZ since the early 50s when everything was black & white & snowy. We could only get 2 channels at the time. We lived in the Adirondacks & TV 5 was OUR NY station. Many years have passed & sorry to say - OUR stationed has changed. TV 5 would be appropriately be called the Vermont Station these days. NY gets very little coverage now compared to even a few years ago. We need a prison escape or huge ice storm before that happens. You get where I’m going with this? My rant is over now.
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6 years ago, ...Therese...
Needs improvements
It’s the only game in town here in Vermont. So it should work flawlessly (the app crashes from time to time), and the news bulletins should be relevant. Im not interested in being alerted on “feel-good” stories. I’m also not interested in being alerted on news that’s happened 3 or more days ago and has already been aired on WPTZ-TV. Please don’t use the notifications as an advertising gimmick!
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2 years ago, Hooseahmagomewatsi
Sensationalized Broadcasting
This app and broadcast is just full of sensationalized information… especially the morning weather broadcast. Full of misinformation and volcanic style broadcasting to scare viewers. What happened with those cataclysmic storms and predictions that never seem to unfold? Just download a national weather app (for accuracy) and other local news apps. Also, the continued use of the micro aggression, “guys”, is a symbol of exclusion on your customer base rather than inclusion. Didn’t you get the memo? 🤦‍♀️
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4 years ago, VTlace5
Someone needs to do a better job editing/proofreading before posting stories. There’s been a number of times I have found spelling errors or misplaced words. It looks unprofessional. The app has often frozen when I’m trying to view a particular story. I’ve had to shut down the app and then open it back up. Otherwise it’s a decent app.
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3 years ago, Miearth
Hope you have awhile
When I try to pop on and catch the weather quick, or see a alert or breaking news, yeah that’s not happening. First you go to a ad...which most of the time takes forever to load, then maybe you will get where you want to go. I rated it, because I really want a app with my local news and weather. I hope it improves.
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3 years ago, SP 1958
Not much interest in it
Few articles of interest—way too few local news articles. Can’t cast to TV only air-play which only works half the time. Weather up-dates aren’t up to date. They are often hours behind. Needs lots of improvement in how it is used not in it’s physical operation. Everything seems to function fine and easy to switch back and forth.
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7 years ago, dotrodg
Old weather app was better.
All I use the app for is weather. The old one that is “going away” is better. This one is difficult to use and hard to see. Who puts white text over white clouds? The icons depicting what the weather will be hour by hour are horrible. It’s too bad, I really liked the old one and used it all the time. Maybe if they actually read the reviews and fixed some of the problems it would be tolerable.
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7 years ago, Softbird50
It is nice to get an app that has the weather for the town i live in, i live in canaan, vt and we dont usually see many weather reports for our little town. So Good job, keep up the good work
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4 years ago, boner2389
Behind the times
Seems as though for the major news agency in the area it would be more up to date. Lots of old stories that never get taken down and new stories that never seem to make it on the app until it is too late. Very slow in updating the stories and miss many relevant stories
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4 years ago, Lilbranson
Regarding the MyNBC5 app
Enjoying this app. I Look at it at least once a day for weather update and Local news. It’s very handy to have, since I can’t get channel 5 news anymore.
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11 months ago, Jslvsclf
Weather alerts
This is very helpful to me. Thank you for making it available.
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3 years ago, lake clear resident
I do like wptz now that it has. Moved from Saranac lake to Plattsburgh. It seems to be more informative about local happenings, music is extra special.. lake clear person.
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4 years ago, puddyssss
Great job
My children live in Plattsburgh and this site keeps me up-to-date on local news give my thanks to the technicians and engineers
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3 years ago, 41powerwagon
Weather dept
Wptz needs to adjust there temperature map of the 10 day forecast.a lot of my co workers and myself find the nightly temp hard to discern,it should be moved to where it’s between day highs and not below ,will be less confusing for your viewing audience.I’ve been watching since bird berdan,should be an easy fix, thank you
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4 years ago, hchhjchxuuufyx
I’m updating the app right now recently I’ve had problems with using the interactive radar but I don’t know what’s to come.
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3 months ago, Mike_in_vt
Way too many ads
I try to watch the weather update quickly and I have to go through 3 sets of ads (6 mins total). It nearly makes the app unusable.
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4 years ago, 1950Roadrunner
Always Informed
I am so glad I have this app. I appreciate getting alerts and weather. I miss more Plattsburgh news.
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6 years ago, pawzitive
Good App
Like to check on news a couple times a day and this app is clear and brief
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4 years ago, vttudes
Updates have made this app unusable
Two updates ago we lost our ability to read each topic- it switched to video only. The last update left me with a gray screen and no info loading.
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4 years ago, ammo6
App is fine, but national news is always a day or more old. By the time I see it on your app, I’ve been seeing it for several days on other news sites or social media.
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5 years ago, Xsgaga
So so
Would be nice when you get an alert and open the app to read it that the app wasn’t totally black! Even after closing and reopening, the article is rarely there that was on the alert!
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2 weeks ago, Chooch440
Ads are too long…
30 second ads for every news article??? Are you insane? Too many other news apps with better formats to use so this app will now get deleted.
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4 years ago, chief lucky star
Best in the Area
Better than WCAX TV 3
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6 years ago, Lmsaltus
Poor local coverage
Stories are not updated very often. Very few local stories. At least the school closings are helpful!
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2 years ago, need the truth
Baby formula
Why don’t you tell the people that the government has warehouses full of formula for the illegals coming across the boarder
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4 years ago, LeanderEmma 2
The only local news channel I watch # 1 WPTZ and the other #1 channel I watch is MSNBC 👍🏼
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5 years ago, yardfurniture
Great Team
Love, love, love this team !!! I’ve been watching them for years, still miss George Mallet 💕 Tom and Stephanie are the best !!!
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4 years ago, deck plate leader
Rutland co.
Looking for more coverage of the Rutland And the lakes region News and weather 🎤
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4 years ago, phucucovid5
A somewhat local read however, truly biased in reporting.
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6 years ago, grani ryan
The old weather format was MUCH better. I could see sections at a glance, not have to scroll through constantly. Everything else is five star.
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4 years ago, Doing_the_Loop
Do not like the layout
The presentation is too busy and not well laid out. Trying to locate news stories can be fatiguing.
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5 years ago, VT-Rider
Love the NBC5 app
It’s how,I get most of my news now. Love you guys!
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3 years ago, bell010457
The app sends me an notification and when I slide on it, half the time it crashes and doesn’t open. Please fix it.
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5 years ago, Up an movin
Too much Vermont news what about N.Y.?
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4 years ago, Gaudias
When Parker Chevrolet is gone, let me know. Parker won’t be there because the app no longer loads on my ipad.
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6 years ago, K1HD
Liked their old app
This has too much irrelevant information...
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6 years ago, voity
Alerts are the only good
The only thing good about the app is the push alerts. Other then that the formatting on how information is presented does not flow well. You should check out others in the area how they have their app setup. Lots of irrelevant info. :(
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7 years ago, Bfuc:$4):
Review after the latest update
Just deleted the app. Worth zero stars
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6 years ago, Kitty pop 2000
Good stuff
Yup good stuff
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4 years ago, Morgangram
Rating wptz
Very biased reporting. Too many irrelevant out of region stories.
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11 years ago, D-drow
Handy App
I like how easy it is to get the latest news and weather, and I also like the ease of searching that comes with the different categories. One thing that bothers me a lot is how poorly written many of the stories are. I often see spelling and grammatical errors that frankly are pretty embarrassing. I am not talking about little errors here and there, but frequent ones that should have been caught while proof reading or at least by an editor. After all , you are reporting the news in print format, so accurate use of the language is imperative. Other than that, it's a great App.
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9 years ago, Adkhi901
A pain in my side
I got the app to follow the Dannemora escapee situation. The alerts were relevant and welcome. Now, I find the alerts are too frequent, hardly alert-worthy and sometimes, not even news. Add to this the app is awkward and difficult to navigate. Most of the time the alert has no follow up within the app. Also, I find it disturbing that you allow advertisements which try to appear to be news stories themselves. Certainly, I've known people who believe the "hooks" at the "top" of these ads to be actual news. And then you embed them in between your real news items. As an entity that prides itself on informing the population I'd think this would be offensive to you, as it is to me. I've intended to delete this app, but so far haven't taken the time to do it. This has just given me the impetus to get it done. So...goodbye.
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7 years ago, AntiSketch12
Great, but morbid alerts
I love this app, and find the weather alerts extremely useful and accurate. However, I had to deactivate alerts because they'd been sending daily alerts of every fatality happening in VT or any shocking / upsetting news on a daily basis. Life is stressful enough. Who needs a constant barrage of more bad news?! "If it bleeds, it leads" is an awful reality.
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7 years ago, Me21212me
Glad I found it!
I was using the WCAX app, but all it does is crash and they have removed all news sections including the national, international, New Hampshire, New York, business and sports leaving only the local. Which had about 4 to 6 new articles daily if lucky. So when I saw all the actual news on this app I was amazed!! And it does not freeze and close every time you click on something. Great App compared to WCAXs app.
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11 years ago, Frustrated Ford
It's simply "okay"
Overall, the app is functional. However, many news stories are repeated 2 or 3 times on the same page. It appears to be done to fill in empty space and hide the fact that this news app is not a priority. Also, the news stories rarely update on weekends and during the week, only seem to update around the time the stories are broadcast on the network. Not really the breaking news-type of app that I had hoped for.
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