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Horizon Software International
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4 months ago
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User Reviews for MyPaymentsPlus

1.36 out of 5
178 Ratings
4 years ago, AngInAfrica
App is even less functional than the website
Deserves zero stars. Very pretty but does not work. I can log in and see my three kids, but can’t view balances because the app doesn’t think they have active accounts. The website is just as bad; slow and either loads a blank page or hangs. The only way to get any functionality is to use the computer and choose to go back to the “classic” site (not an option on the app or phone’s browser). Just awful. The school now warns parents that payments submitted through this company can take a week or more to be credited to the student’s lunch account. I guess in the meantime your kid can just go hungry.
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1 year ago, Benesimon
Terrible website!
Does this website ever work properly? I’m beyond frustrated with having to contact their customer service department every 2-3 weeks to update my children’s lunch accounts. More often than not, I cannot login to my account and see accurate information about how much money is in my children’s lunch accounts. Money I add doesn’t show up for hours. I have to contact the company to get the issue fixed. Money disappears from the accounts when my kids haven’t eaten lunch at school. This is unacceptable. I wish my school district would choose a more reliable service.
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3 years ago, anon-parent
New app doesn’t work!!! Developers please revert back to previous version
This new app does not work!!!! Wake up and revert back to the working version! It doesn’t show any funds and can’t process any deposits from this app. Good thing the web version still shows correct info and can deposit and pay fees there. I had to uninstall this iOS app because it hasn’t worked since the update and I’ve reported several times already. Also, it looks insecure, so I hesitated doing any transactions from this app. Will use the working web version until issues are fixed. I can’t rate an app that doesn’t work, but being forced to rate it 1 star..... :(
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7 months ago, BH5th
Untrustworthy! I’ve had to pay two late fees due to payments not being completely processed despite getting notifications that payments had been made. My son almost missed his first field trip because of it, and the situation has taken a toll on our relationship with the school. Several times I haven’t been able to even login to the account. The wheel will spin, say loading and then just close. Busy parents do not have time for this shenanigans and their kids shouldn’t have to suffer for it. Do better.
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12 months ago, Zinnirit
Why Make it Worse
Congratulations on making your app worse. It was fine did what it needed to do. Now its hard to navigate. The layout is terrible, and all the buttons don’t even show up on the screen. You have to log in each time. No face id, or remembering your password. If you want to update something and make people love your app put it back to how it was and just make it so ai can move money between accounts. Between each kid, meal, and general. Ill give you 5 stars is you can manage that.
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1 year ago, jshbhd
App and website are terrible
My guess the owners don’t know how an app or mobile website should function? Why do you make it so hard to pay you? The bottom of the app and website have 3 items/sections to tap on yet their alignment is off so you can only see 2 1/2 sections. The cart to checkout is in the lower right with half of the icon showing. Ok, but when you try to tap the icon something unrelated slides out. The whole reason for the app is to put money into an account and it fails at that.
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1 year ago, Janee Murphy
App doesn’t work nor does the website
I can’t make a payment on neither app nor website. Whenever I try to add my credit card to make a payment the “Add” icon is always greyed out. Sometimes even when I try to add an amount to my cart tab that’s greyed out too. Mypaymentplus use to be very functional before the pandemic. I don’t know what happened afterwards. I’m not sure how they are making money if the website/app is not functioning. This needs to be fixed ASAP.
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2 months ago, Tickles0927
Great App
I find the website and the app practically the same. Easy to log in, navigate, check my children’s purchase history and easy to add funds when they need it! Simplistic and has all I need from it! Very user friendly! Zero issues!
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1 year ago, saccle
What happened to your app?!
I really truly dislike the update you did on your app. I have had so many issues signing in. And why do I have to put my email and password in every single time??? Once I get signed in, it seems like you made things more difficult instead of easier, which is what I assume you were trying to do, to put money into my kids’ accounts. Please change it back!!! 😩
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12 months ago, Kdube23
Does not work at all
Ever since the update this app is useless. The screen is hard to navigate and does not even line up with your phone so you can’t even access the cart button to check out. You also have to sign in every time now which is extremely inconvenient and no option to keep signed in or use Face ID. Please go back to the old way, it worked just fine! Since the app does not work at all I’m giving zero stars.
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1 month ago, AngOmom
Works great for my kids!
I have 4 kids in school and have not had problems with this. It’s so easy to pay for all the school stuff. The fees are a bit high but I’d rather do that than send in checks for all the random requests and lunch refills.
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3 weeks ago, Babyrosejeans
Forced to use it but it’s always down.
My school is using this company to “streamline” payments. Well it’s taken me about a week to register my account because it’s either on a scheduled maintenance or the system is unavailable. I’m not at all impressed if this system down time is a regular thing and this adds to stress vs taking it away. Also, Horizon software, you have a typo on your main page under the digital forms icon. It’s “completing” not “compelting.”
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2 years ago, ZZpinkDog55&
Does not work at all
I’m on the phone with “support “ again. I was hoping this school year would be better, I spent last year putting money in my son’s account manually because autopay NEVER worked as it should. Now this year I’ve had to set it up 3 or 4 times from the beginning (registering). So it’s worse if that was possible. I didn’t think it was possible but apparently they found a way.
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2 years ago, Mommymandy2
Omg horrible!
I have NEVER been able to log in with the app, I keep getting and error. I just successfully logged in with my computer, added my three kids but wasn’t able to just add funds, was only offered auto pay which I don’t want. My kids pack, this is for extra stuff and the stupid school won’t let them bring cash. I timed out and it won’t let me back in! Ugh this thing is stupid!
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1 month ago, Kitty5415
This app is garbage
The app is telling me there is money in my kids account, but yet I keep getting low balance alerts. Then the app says that the balance hasn’t updated in almost 2 weeks!? Also, won’t update cafeteria purchases. How are parents supposed to keep up with the accounts of y’all don’t update your app!? Please get it together with this app. It’s been more than enough time to update this.
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3 years ago, Background artist
Update is terrible
I have used this app for several years to keep up with our child's lunch account. Now I can not see what purchases have been made, the low balance alerts do not work and it is STILL showing the amount I deposited last week I. Addition to the amount that I just deposited today. PLEASE go back to the way you had it or make improvements. This just is not user friendly.
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12 months ago, Doofevilinc
Can’t even sign in
The sign in button does nothing. What’s frustrating is that they charge a fee when I load the account so my child can eat, then this is the product put out. As you can see by the reviews over the past months enough fees have been collected not to care. Nothing has been addressed, or even acknowledged which is really sad.
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4 years ago, e.e. sauls
Great update
Modern and functional. Great improvement over the old version. Everything is clean and easy to use. Looking forward to seeing more features soon.
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9 months ago, TiaGreen1
What’s the point?!
This app is terrible. First, why call it an app if it requires a full sign in every single time? Second, The screen is designed in a way that doesn’t allow for “check out” functionality, as the buttons are off the screen and can’t be accessed. It’s not a mobile solution. Pretty sad that our school district chose this so called “app”. It’s baaad.
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1 year ago, Zignatius
Horrible app and no customer service
If this wasn’t a requirement for my students’ lunch accounts, I would not use it. Useless app, useless website, zero customer service. The student meal purchase history function hasn’t worked since last school year, making it impossible to track expenses. Also, the cart is un-viewable on the app.
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6 months ago, Koollittlekitty
I have been using MyPaymentsPlus for several years now. It used to work great. What happened? I can’t even sign in to my mobile app anymore. Now I have no idea when the account gets low and needs additional funds. I may end up having to go back to the days of giving money directly to the school and cut out the “middle man” and the fees.
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1 year ago, bgdawgfan
Would give a 0 but not an option
The new iOS 16 update is horrible! The accounts are never updated correctly and good luck getting in contact with support. You can’t even click the cart button to refill accounts. Cannot believe there are no other options for school lunch administrators to use.
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4 years ago, iHeartPodio
Updated Look
I actually preferred the old look of the app. It was easier to navigate and looked just fine the way it was. But I’m sure I’ll get used to the new look soon enough. Overall, I really like this option to add funds to my students lunch accounts.
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1 year ago, Techguru75
Popup to enter password
Amateur developers. They have pop-up every were! hahahaha! Sounds like couple of teenagers sitting at home in basement created this app. Half of the time the user name entered /saved via keychain does not work. Did you know pop-up actually were technically eliminated from HTML5 / Mobile apps. These guys thing it’s 1995 again. Fix it!
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1 year ago, Nenah_knows
Buggy release
The last update to MPP broke the application. I can no longer navigate the screen in a streamlined manner. The toolbar appears to go off of the screen and is out of reach. The whole visual use & ability on my phone is limited at best. A new update needs to remedy this problem immediately if not sooner!
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3 weeks ago, Mrinaws
This is not a trustworthy company
This is not a trustworthy app/company and I’m furious that most schools are making it mandatory to go through Mypaymentsplus. Please check your balances/deposits. I’ve made multiple deposits to my daughter’s account. The balances/purchases does not properly reflect the deposits I have made. Very frustrating.
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1 year ago, cracra momma
What happened?
I haven’t gotten on it in about a month and now when I do try to log in it freezes up and does nothing. But, it will let me go to the log in screen. I just went online through a browser to add money. I hope it went through. Why did you have to mess with it?
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3 years ago, Kdhyedho
This used to work fine
You have taken an app that worked just fine and completely destroyed it. I have 2 students at 2 schools and the app does a horrible job of switching between the accounts. It randomly shuts down, won’t process payments and just doesn’t work anymore. I was a happy user and supporter for over 5 years.
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12 months ago, heather8401
Don’t waste your time on app or mobile website
The only way to use this service is to goto the website on a computer. The app nor the mobile website work. I could only finalize the account and load money to my sons account by going to the webpage on a computer.
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12 months ago, Soulful Alpha
App and website won’t allow payments
The bottom navigation on the app is broken and displayed off screen. No means to see your cart. No luck with the website either. The pay button is broken. Terrible service, terrible app, terrible website.
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1 year ago, MusicMan2277
Absolute garbage
It’s so bad the developers should ask for a refund for their degrees. It is a worthless wrapper around a website that also doesn’t work in a mobile web browser, be it Chrome, FireFox, or Safari. Congratulations on being terrible across the board. It’s actually rather impressive.
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1 year ago, talonso73
App Freezes
The app freezes once I enter my login info. I always have to go to the actual website to add funds to my child’s lunch account. What’s the point of the app if you can’t do anything in it because it just freezes?
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8 months ago, invrno99
A Thorn In My Side
This app rarely works. Right now it says I have my password wrong(I don’t). So I figure maybe it wants me to change my password… so I tap forgot password , type in email to change it and I still have not gotten an email to so I can change my password…. Still waiting… I hate this app!
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10 months ago, bshdmd
The more upgrades the worse it gets!
This service is horrible. I’ve been using this app for a long time and every time there is an upgrade the worse this app gets. Unable to use this app on my cell phone I can only use on my computer.
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1 year ago, Jaysmile
Sign in process
I might as well just use the website if I’m going to have to enter my email and password every single time. Not a fan of the most recent update and still no way to move funds between students under my account.
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12 months ago, nicoleatlanta
Worst app and even worse website
App won’t even let me log in. Website isn’t mobile friendly, can’t even use my cell phone to add money to my kids cafeteria account. Major fail by whoever created this app and the website as well.
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6 months ago, KSevie
I do t even know why this is an app, it’s worthless in terms of being able to access or change anything on one’s account. If the buttons won’t show up on the screen to do anything, what is even the point? Do bettter.
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1 year ago, Asdftyuicddhbfetyhvddeddgh
Can’t see my child’s recent purchase history for meals. Screen loads and gives an error. Tried adding funds to their account but I can’t checkout because the shopping cart is off the screen.
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3 years ago, Fredonia93
While the app claims you can manage your children’s lunch accounts through this app, you can’t. Autopay errors out every time. Then when you try to add manually, when you go to pay the shopping cart is “empty.” Completely worthless app that does not function.
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3 years ago, Ti Ti-KCSTP
Doesn’t work
I’ve used this app multiple times over the course of 4 years and I can never get the payment to process. Was able to get one payment to go through today but when I attempted the 2nd, I had to log in via chrome.
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4 years ago, tycea
Bring back the old app!!
This “new look” has made the app extremely slow and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add funds to my kids’ accounts. I am able to only see what their balance is—but can’t add to it. Fix it please!! And I will change my rating.
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12 months ago, AngelPuss1022
Hard to use on an iPhone. I can add funds or add things to my cart but when it comes to checking out it’s almost impossible. The site at least works on my iPad. Just not functional on my iPhone.
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3 years ago, carolyncht
New MyPaymentsPlus
The new app is difficult to process and it has NO information. I looked at my students purchases and it had no data. This app is terrible. Last years was much better. App is worthless and when you send in comments , no one responds. 👎
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1 year ago, madmominfloridaaa
Stole my money
Updated….and my kids all now have $0 balances. Even on the website. They are no help even tho they see they should have money in their accounts they tell me they can’t adjust it on their end.
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1 year ago, CaptianYamato
Does not work after latest update
Go back to the version before this useless update. Am not able to log on either through the app or on line.
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1 year ago, freeteyme
Does not work - always down
We’ve tried registering at different times and it is down ALL the time. School is about to start and the app is still unusable. MySchoolBucks works better than this app!
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3 years ago, Panda is bad
Zero stars!!!!!
This app is useless. Can’t delete an old school district from 9 years ago. Can’t pull up the new one. Seemed like it worked ok before the last update. Website is useless except in classic mode. I hope every school district who uses this program drops it!
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12 months ago, Mnjcmnjc
Poor Update
I used to love this app. It is not working anymore ever since the app update. I can’t even log into the app anymore. I have to do everything from my computer. Please correct update. It is not working.
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12 months ago, nj tin
Phone app
Log in to the app on my computer everything is fine. Log in on my phone, nothing is accessible. Gets into the app but cannot see anything. Can’t add money see my son’s account. Deserves zero stars.
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12 months ago, Tywoe
You need to fix your app now! More and more people are moving away from cash, and you have an app that’s built for reloading your child’s lunch account through bank/credit/debit or reoccurring auto-pay, AND YOU CANT EVEN CHECKOUT.!! Get your *ish together.
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