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Horizon Software International
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for MyPaymentsPlus

1.36 out of 5
178 Ratings
7 years ago, Asia42809
Fixed the add a card feature
I originally downloaded this app a few years ago. It worked well. Recently my card information was stolen so I was issued a new card from the bank. When I went to add the new card info it kept acting as if it was adding but wouldn't actually add, therefore forcing me to use the site. I would like to say that the issue has finally been fixed after alerting support about the issue. It's a convenient app that allows me to monitor my child's account. Give it a shot!
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5 months ago, im soo poor
it helps pay my sons lunch money and after school activities
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4 months ago, LGABoarder
The user interface is so bad
Please hire a ui/ux designer. It’s so bad, so much wasted space and wasted clicks. Wouldn’t use it if I didn’t have to.
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10 years ago, 3nSchool
Would be a wonderful app but.......
I just downloaded this app a week ago because I thought it would be a big help, seeing as I would no longer have to go to the website and check on and add to my children's accounts, but this app will not allow me to add funds to their accounts forcing me to still have to go to the website. The issue is, I enter the amounts that I want to add then click checkout, then I choose to add a wallet (this I have to do each time even if I have previously saved my info) and then the problems begin; I enter my payment info and then continue to my payment address and then my phone number that always comes up as invalid. After the changes are made I click the save button and it goes through what looks like the process of saving and takes me back to the cart, I click checkout and then I get an error stating that there is no wallet selected for my district. This is very annoying. Please help, I have an iPhone 6 if that is of any assistance. I really love the program and would love to love the app, if it was beneficial for me otherwise I will be deleting it.
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5 years ago, Matt_reviews
App needs work and customer service is lacking.
The app doesn’t seem to always show the correct balance. I added funds because it said it was negative $1.30 on the general account for a water cup that was supposed to be free but they charged my kid for a water bottle and then it show plus $1.30 when it should have been updated to show $0 on general. The meal account had plenty of funds and I noticed an incorrect charge for an adult meal before so I called about that to and the lady had an attitude problem. I’ve also noticed incorrect charges for things my child didn’t purchase so I called and it was removed only for more incorrect charges to show up later. I never had this problem on the old app. Next year I’ll just send cash if this keeps up because who wants to be ripped off. I entered my card info on the old site and it had an option to store card and I chose not to only to find out they stored it anyways which is a big problem if their system is compromised. I tried to remove my card info and it wouldn’t delete it. Ridiculous!
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6 years ago, cbloveday
Outdated but works
The app is VERY outdated but it works just fine as the title says. I do wish they would update it so that it would use features of the newer phones such as Face ID and the Fingerprint to login for better security. I would also love to see a nicer interface on the app because it’s obvious it hasn’t been updated in many years. As far as doing what it is supposed to do though. You it lets me add money to my kids’ lunch accounts, add more payment types, see what my kids are spending their money on at the school cafeteria. I’ve been using the app for a few years now without issue. I find it very convenient to be able to check and add funds to my children’s lunch accounts from anywhere.
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7 years ago, gbseasia
I haven't used my account for a year and I now come back this morning to pay but I forgot my password. I couldn't see the way to reset my password. I started to chat with a woman there. It let me know that there were two people ahead of me and waiting time was 3 minutes. Ok, no problem at all. But guess what? I don't know what was that woman doing besides her work, but it took her twenty minutes between to answer my simple question: "how do I reset my password". It was more interesting that she eventually made an excuse that she had to deal with 10 people What an excellent LIAR, employee of Meal Pay Plus! I'm worried for my automatic online payment security!! Seriously! If it is true that she has to deal with 10 customers at the same time, so stick with one and get it done first then come to the next one moron!
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2 years ago, Benesimon
Terrible website!
Does this website ever work properly? I’m beyond frustrated with having to contact their customer service department every 2-3 weeks to update my children’s lunch accounts. More often than not, I cannot login to my account and see accurate information about how much money is in my children’s lunch accounts. Money I add doesn’t show up for hours. I have to contact the company to get the issue fixed. Money disappears from the accounts when my kids haven’t eaten lunch at school. This is unacceptable. I wish my school district would choose a more reliable service.
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7 years ago, Yert1369
Update your App. Can't see my kid.
This app is garbage. If I could give it zero stars I would. I can't see my kid through the app, only the balance and the ability to add more money (with a "program fee" I might add) go figure. I can't even see her purchase history because of this. When the school let us know about it, we were supposed to be able to see menus, select foods our kids were allowed to have and ones they weren't, it's been 4 years and I've yet to even find that function online. Get your act together. I will be bringing it up once again to the PTO to get Valley foods out of our school and find an alternative, or make them hold Horizon accountable to making this garbage app work.
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10 years ago, SCgerl79
New update has a major flaw
I like most of the changes with the new update, but one thing I do not like is the fact you have to scroll through all the children to review their payment & purchase history. Before all I did was click on each child's name & clicked on history to see it. The new change is confusing & should be changed back.
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4 years ago, AngInAfrica
App is even less functional than the website
Deserves zero stars. Very pretty but does not work. I can log in and see my three kids, but can’t view balances because the app doesn’t think they have active accounts. The website is just as bad; slow and either loads a blank page or hangs. The only way to get any functionality is to use the computer and choose to go back to the “classic” site (not an option on the app or phone’s browser). Just awful. The school now warns parents that payments submitted through this company can take a week or more to be credited to the student’s lunch account. I guess in the meantime your kid can just go hungry.
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8 years ago, falcon_024
Don't be fooled by the low rating
If I could give this a rating of 10 stars I would. After reading the comments I think that people are rating this low because they don't like having to use the service to pay for their kids lunch. That is a separate issue. I've has issues with the online version as well. That being said, this app makes the process sooo much easier. The process using the app is flawless!!! GREAT APP🤗🤗
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8 years ago, IslandBeauty671
Won't let me add money
This app is ok. It let's me view my children's account and payment history. I got the app thinking it would be convenient but when it comes down to it, it's useless to me. Since I've gotten the app never fails every single time I'm checking out and hit confirm the app seems like it's processing but then just closes. So I've been having to go on the actual website to add money. At the website I am able to do the same as what the app provides only my payments on the website actually get processed. Would be happy to give this app a better review if that issue can be fixed.
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9 years ago, LovesWords70
Needs some more work
I am not new to computers or my iPad and I have a lot of difficulty trying to switch back-and-forth between my kids in this app. The little arrow that allows you to switch back-and-forth tends to go back to the menu on the side instead of going to your list the kids. Very frustrating & irritating, and it does not notify about the balance levels in a timely manner - at all ever no matter what version you're using. I put my notification level at $15, and I still don't get it until it's down to $5.
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4 years ago, anon-parent
New app doesn’t work!!! Developers please revert back to previous version
This new app does not work!!!! Wake up and revert back to the working version! It doesn’t show any funds and can’t process any deposits from this app. Good thing the web version still shows correct info and can deposit and pay fees there. I had to uninstall this iOS app because it hasn’t worked since the update and I’ve reported several times already. Also, it looks insecure, so I hesitated doing any transactions from this app. Will use the working web version until issues are fixed. I can’t rate an app that doesn’t work, but being forced to rate it 1 star..... :(
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4 years ago, FamilyToMars
Good luck getting a response from customer service
I’ve emailed them multiple times over the last few months regarding my children’s accounts and have yet to receive one response in return. Website is glitchy. If you click on the hyperlink for customer service to email you, the entire webpage disappears. It’s a good thing I can do research and find contact info, although they keep it pretty well hidden. Still, no response. I would advise not putting a large sum of money on your kids’ accounts because if there’s a problem, you can’t reach anyone to fix it.
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5 years ago, I'm still puzzled
Love this app
Really have had success with this app as far as being able to load money and keep track of my kids accounts, however my last just graduated from H.S., there is a low balance in her account but to get to FAQ’s, support,etc. there is nothing but a blank page, so not sure how to get my balance paid back to me or donate for the remaining balance! Please update this app!
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2 years ago, Zinnirit
Why Make it Worse
Congratulations on making your app worse. It was fine did what it needed to do. Now its hard to navigate. The layout is terrible, and all the buttons don’t even show up on the screen. You have to log in each time. No face id, or remembering your password. If you want to update something and make people love your app put it back to how it was and just make it so ai can move money between accounts. Between each kid, meal, and general. Ill give you 5 stars is you can manage that.
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6 years ago, BTrucci
Unable to log in
The same as many others have said, I am unable to log in on the app. I use the exact same login info as I do on the website and am told I have an invalid username/password, yet have zero issues on the website. I have consulted their “customer service chat” several times, and they have told me to reset my password, that the app may be having a glitch, or that I need to create a new acct. I created a new account with my husbands information and am still unable to log in. If I could actually use it, maybe I could issue a proper rating on the functionality of the actual app.
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5 years ago, EdmOKC4
What? Can’t add a payment method! Trash
Would be fabulous if we all could rate in the negatives...I have tried and tried to add a payment method!!! Says it’s saved and then the information is gone like I never added one... same trash app from last school year and the year before. Who developed this trash app? 1.7stars is embarrassing for any company. This has persisted for 2+years without a care from the company. Deleting this trash and writing a good ole fashion check. I’m concerned where my payment information has gone... into the great abyss of a company that can’t fix an app on over 2yrs that I know of... is my information even secure!
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6 years ago, sheahl
Login still doesn’t work on app but does on Mac
My problem has persisted through a new phone, all updates, multiple years. The same login that I use to sign in on the website using Safari won’t work on the app. I contacted tech support which was useless, they told me to signup. I have signed up, it won’t let me signup again (I tried). Tried again today. App said password or login was wrong, used same login/password combo in Safari on both my Mac and the same phone and logged in just fine. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Phone’s been restarted many times. Still the app is useless.
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6 years ago, Kris3605
Totally unstable app
The app is very frustrating. It allows you to put your bank in there as well as debit, but you can’t set up automatic payment to your meal accounts when the balances are low. Reloading from the back almost never works and the app frequently crashes when trying to load any account. It often takes between three and five attempts to get a payment to go through. It’s one of the most frustrating apps I’ve ever had to use and it feels like it’s just typical of most of the terrible computer software available for the public school system.
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1 year ago, BH5th
Untrustworthy! I’ve had to pay two late fees due to payments not being completely processed despite getting notifications that payments had been made. My son almost missed his first field trip because of it, and the situation has taken a toll on our relationship with the school. Several times I haven’t been able to even login to the account. The wheel will spin, say loading and then just close. Busy parents do not have time for this shenanigans and their kids shouldn’t have to suffer for it. Do better.
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4 years ago, Flaco791
I don’t usually take the time to write reviews but...
Being forced to use this app because the website does not work well with Safari at all. If this app was optional, then I would be fine having to deal with it. But my kids not having lunch money today because the app is a piece of garbage that blows away upon checkout 50% of the time, the wallet is hard to manage, and sometimes the payment does not go through even with a confirmation number, it is frustrating beyond belief. Rant over.
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9 years ago, I'm believing now
I'm not a fan of this service because of communication problems over the years but I'm stuck with it because my children's school district chose it as their online option. The app and website isn't always synced with the school because I often see large differences between reported balances. Now I am getting push notifications that a balance is below $20, but the app shows the balance much higher than $20. Which one am I supposed to believe? Now I have to call the school again to confirm which balance is correct. I also tried to contact the company and developer through both the website and the app, but I get redirected to a FAQ page with no real contact information. So my next best option for trying to get this stuff fixed is to post a bad review in the App Store. My Payments Plus needs to fix their app, webpage, and customer service.
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8 years ago, Cemcqueen
Need to update!!!! Please!!! I've used this app for a couple of years and absolutely LOVE it!!!! So easy to put money on the kids accounts! I can see what they're getting everyday!! But for the last couple of months I've tried to load their accounts and when I try to submit, it kicks me completely off the site! WILL NOT LET ME LOAD!
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9 years ago, Britt757
Notifies me every night balance is under $5
It's quick, it's easy, it's effective at getting my kids their lunch money. Yes it lags by a day or so but that has more to do with the school than the app. My only issue is that every night it notifies me that both of my kids have less than $5 when actually they both are fine. Without that one annoyance it would be 5 stars.
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2 years ago, jshbhd
App and website are terrible
My guess the owners don’t know how an app or mobile website should function? Why do you make it so hard to pay you? The bottom of the app and website have 3 items/sections to tap on yet their alignment is off so you can only see 2 1/2 sections. The cart to checkout is in the lower right with half of the icon showing. Ok, but when you try to tap the icon something unrelated slides out. The whole reason for the app is to put money into an account and it fails at that.
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6 years ago, Redknight933
Crash attempting to check out
The app hasn’t been updated for some time and it shows. When I attempt to check out with additional funds in my child’s account the app crashes without completing the transaction. All convenience lost. I would recommend a refresh to bring it up to date and better error checking for situations when it can’t complete a transaction instead of crashing. It turns out the website is more forthcoming with error messages.
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9 years ago, rachelnwyatt
Super easy
Love this app. It takes me less than 30 seconds to add money to my son's school lunch account. I like that it saves my last transaction amount so I don't even have to type in how much I want to add. That said, I don't mind saving my credit card info in the app, but it could be helpful for others concerned about security to provide a passcode option.
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10 years ago, BossManFixxer
Awesome update for an awesome app!
Love the new update for the MyPaymentsPlus plus app! The quick payment options and easy access to your shopping cart is great! Very easy to use and love the over flow and animation of the app. Find myself checking my students accounts more frequently just to see the side menu slide back and forth! 😄👍👍
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5 years ago, Ballsdeep130
Simple. Easy. Basic. Add money in a snap.
This app is basic. It doesn’t need anything more. No fancy settings, no options to upload random things. It’s Just plain simplicity. Adding money to my kids accounts is a breeze. Thank you for this being ‘simple’ in a world that’s geared to be complicated with how we run apps.
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10 years ago, Browneyes33121
Fees, Notifications, History ABSURD!!
I realize they are trying to make money but the fee for putting money into your child's school account is ridiculous!! I chose to be notified when my children's balances drop below $10, but never get notification until the balance is less than $2!! WHY can we not see the purchase history all the time? It is hardly ever available & updates a day late! There is NO REAL TIME BALANCE! I THINK OUR SCHOOL DISTRICT SHOULD HAVE THEIR OWN APP FOR THIS! That way the fees will be going toward our schools & deposits/purchases would be always be up to date!!
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5 years ago, Need A Good Nickname
Terrible app
I had to create two separate accounts for my kids which was very inconvenient. So I need to login into two separate accounts everytime I want to pay my kids account. Then one day it decides to not let me pay on my sons account anymore. It deleted my card info on the account and I cannot add a new card back to the account. I was happy when it worked but now it no longer allows me to pay for his lunch on my phone. Yes I can walk into the school and pay for his lunch but this app should make it so I don’t have to. Oh well.
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10 years ago, ddmitch1111
I am ecstatic that you all updated this app! It was always convenient; however, now it is EXTREMELY convenient...and easier to understand and move around in. I am especially grateful for the purchase history update, because I can now know exactly what my child eats at school. Thank you so much for this update!!
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10 months ago, Tickles0927
Great App
I find the website and the app practically the same. Easy to log in, navigate, check my children’s purchase history and easy to add funds when they need it! Simplistic and has all I need from it! Very user friendly! Zero issues!
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2 years ago, saccle
What happened to your app?!
I really truly dislike the update you did on your app. I have had so many issues signing in. And why do I have to put my email and password in every single time??? Once I get signed in, it seems like you made things more difficult instead of easier, which is what I assume you were trying to do, to put money into my kids’ accounts. Please change it back!!! 😩
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6 years ago, Mikdasongz
Please update this app
I have had no issues with this app until recently. The app no longer sends push notifications for low balances. Granted, I do receive an email alert, but the push notifications are a faster way to know if your child has a low balance. Please update and fix this.
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2 years ago, Janee Murphy
App doesn’t work nor does the website
I can’t make a payment on neither app nor website. Whenever I try to add my credit card to make a payment the “Add” icon is always greyed out. Sometimes even when I try to add an amount to my cart tab that’s greyed out too. Mypaymentplus use to be very functional before the pandemic. I don’t know what happened afterwards. I’m not sure how they are making money if the website/app is not functioning. This needs to be fixed ASAP.
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10 months ago, AngOmom
Works great for my kids!
I have 4 kids in school and have not had problems with this. It’s so easy to pay for all the school stuff. The fees are a bit high but I’d rather do that than send in checks for all the random requests and lunch refills.
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2 years ago, Kdube23
Does not work at all
Ever since the update this app is useless. The screen is hard to navigate and does not even line up with your phone so you can’t even access the cart button to check out. You also have to sign in every time now which is extremely inconvenient and no option to keep signed in or use Face ID. Please go back to the old way, it worked just fine! Since the app does not work at all I’m giving zero stars.
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7 years ago, Dad2graciekat
Normally ok but not working right today
I would say it does what it is suppose to but today I tried to add money my daughters lunch account and it acted like it was going to go through and then would crash before the transaction completed. Tried several different times with same results. Finally had to log on to the website and add because the girl had to eat.
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8 years ago, Carolinagirl96
Oh my gosh, making payments is so much easier now!
After using the website for over four years, I decided to give the app a try. So pleased! It's very easy, fast and user friendly. Highly recommend--definitely quicker than using the website!
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10 years ago, tiffsphone
Purchase History Dates Need To Be Fixed
The purchase history dates are behind a day. Otherwise, I don't have any other complaints. The app is easy to use and convenient. Low balance notifications on the app would be an extra bonus!
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8 years ago, Beauchicken
ATT: IT DEPT!!! App doesn't allow you to log in
I don't now what's going on but over the past few weeks this app must have updated but since it won't let me log in. I use the exact same user name and password as on the website which allows me access to the website but continually get error messages on the app. The website doesn't give a customer service phone number but live chat. Chatted with "Jennifer" who was clueless but said she'd pass along to IT. Weeks later, no fix. Used to be great, used to....
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12 years ago, TiffSS
So great & helpful!
LUV this app! Makes getting money in my kiddos lunch acct so fast & easy! Not sure why others are having problems with the credit card that is saved to their acct, mine pulled up just as it should have. Also like that I can see the charges to the acct. All around great tool!
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7 years ago, Majika96
It WAS nice..
I've been using this app for a few years and it's been incredibly useful. Recently there was some sort of update made and now I can no longer add money to my kids accounts through the app. It always crashes. I have to, instead, login to the website and make the payment there - which isn't huge but it does completely make this app useless. When it works as it's supposed to it's great but it's been months.
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8 years ago, FileSystem
Can't believe I am enjoying making a payment
Best payment app I have ever used. I can open the app, make the payment and exit the app in less than 5 seconds. I hope my bank app was this beautiful, smooth and fast. Developers and designers have done amazing work.
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8 years ago, Cherri234567
Very convenient!
I love being able to refill my kids lunch account from my phone. It makes it very easy and quick, I have never had any issues with the app. I also love being able to see the lunch choices that they have made
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9 months ago, Babyrosejeans
Forced to use it but it’s always down.
My school is using this company to “streamline” payments. Well it’s taken me about a week to register my account because it’s either on a scheduled maintenance or the system is unavailable. I’m not at all impressed if this system down time is a regular thing and this adds to stress vs taking it away. Also, Horizon software, you have a typo on your main page under the digital forms icon. It’s “completing” not “compelting.”
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