4.4 (18.6K)
33 MB
Age rating
Current version
Next Generation Communication
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyTV+

4.42 out of 5
18.6K Ratings
6 months ago, namenae,na
Squid game issue
This app is pretty good if you like tv channels movies and stuff, but there is one minor issue, whenever I try watching the tv series “squid game” it always never works, it’s just stuck on a loading screen leaving me stuck there, I even asked a friend what is a good place to watch movies and tv shows? He asked me why? I said because I’m trying to watch squid game and it just leaves me there on a loading screen, then he said, let me try to watch this in MyTv+ , then I was waiting for an answer, so he told me that the same thing was happening to him aswell, he told me everything else works, because it tells you to choose captions, but in the squid game, it doesn’t, so that’s what I’m assuming right now, I think that if it happens to not only me but also my friend ,then I think it happens to everyone, so I think you should fix this issue, please, I wanted to watch it for so long and it doesn’t work, so please, fix it.
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2 months ago, MrArikhalid
I've been enjoying the app overall, but I've encountered an issue with the subtitles. There's currently no option to customize the appearance of the subtitles, such as changing the size or color of the text. This makes it difficult to read them, especially when the scene is bright, rendering the subtitles nearly invisible. It would greatly improve the user experience if this feature could be added or fixed.
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2 years ago, STRAWßERRYMIŁk
Great App and great movies
My tv+ is a great app I love the quality but some times when I want to install a movie for my downloads i can only install one movie at a time it would be much better by making a limit and letting us install movies without waiting. My tv+ releases a lot of movies that are from apps but those apps are for real money, in my opinion my tv+ is better then a lot of apps therefore the subtitles could change to maybe they could add some other languages and when we watch any movie we could read the writing below but it does not have it therefor my tv+ is the best app for movies in my opinion.
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3 years ago, Darsem24
Great app
it’s simply one of the beat apps i have ever seen to watch movies, it’s quick, simple, fast and very easy to use, however the only problem that i have with it and it happens to me many many times is there’s alot of movies that just don’t open, i press the play button and it won’t work, and finally this one is not a problem for me but if there was more movies and series added to it it gonna be pretty good but after all, GREAT APP
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4 years ago, Mn hayam
The best quality
This is the best free app i have came across its easy to use quick access and best of all it has multiple language subtitle and HD quality. And many of my favorite shows are available. I have never been more satisfied with an app this much before. The only issue is its still not supported by smart tv. I have access on my mobile devices and my ipad i wished if i could have access in the tv as well and this app would have just been perfect.
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3 years ago, xRain92
best app, but subtitles
This app is amazing in every way, but one thing i hate is not being able to change subtitles to english when watching a tv show, it works just fine with any movies but for any show it just doesnt give you the option to change the language, please please fix this i would love to see this in a new update and it’d be game changing
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1 year ago, Hama Mitanni
Well developed and good app
I really like the app because I can choose the subtitles as well as watch tv freely. But one thing that you need to improve is TV show sectional especially there’s no trailer of the tv show (series), and each episode must have its title and discerption as other apps and it’s necessary. Also you are in Iraq and if you add Kurdish language as subtitles and work with Kurdish cinema you will gain even more people use the app.
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3 years ago, laweenatroshy
This app is the very good. But there’s something wrong.
I live in iraq and I think it’s the best app to watch movies and tv shows I have watched movies like revenge of the sith and the avengers movies too, it’s so good. But there’s something with the Star Wars movies. Star Wars movies have a zoomed in screen in this app, It feels weird. It’s not like Star Wars.... Usually Star Wars movies are the style that leave the top and bottom of the screen black. The scene will be in the middle. However in this app, it’s zoomed in.
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4 years ago, beee13666
Literally the best
This is like the best app out there, however I have some problems with it that I wish could be fixed. 1. You can’t choose English subtitles for the shows. It’s Arabic by default. I really wish it could have English as an option. 2. There aren’t some really famous shows on it like The Big Bang Theory or Gossip Girl, and many more. I really wish the developers could add these shows too. 3. It’s not available on Mac. I would absolutely love to watch these movies and shows on my MacBook. But all in all, this app is like THE BEST out there, without any exaggeration. Thank you so much to the developers who made this app a reality. I would be even more grateful if these three points were made a reality too.
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3 years ago, IiKenshi
Not Having Landscape mode on Ipad
Overall, this is one of the best choice to use, but one of the missing future is you can’t use it in a landscape mode on Ipad which is pretty annoying because Ipad mostly used in landscape mode. I hope in the future, the developers add that future asap. Thank you !
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2 years ago, Sam ..?..?..
When I open app it says network error
This app is great for shows movies and other things but needs a lot of fixing like the downloading feature and when you know you’ve finished that episode because somtimes it glitches so you have to rely on your memory for we’re you are in a show and not to mention the annoying network error that’s been on there for 2days now.
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1 year ago, iddkdjdjdj
It’s fine
It has great movie and tv show/channel choices but is very low developed it has so many bugs it always freezes and crashes the press to continue button never lands on the part where I last watched and most of time time almost every time it only gives me the choice to watch channels so I have to simotanueslly change it back every time to ALL options .
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11 months ago, my name is marina
the best app for movies and shows but…
i love this app a lot, has many shows and movies but there’s a slight problem, first the too many adds and second which is my main reason giving 4 stars is because new movies or shows or episodes for shows don’t get added to the app soon, i’ve noticed it takes at least 2 months which is a bit annoying for people who watch shows like “miraculous ladybug” cuz the episodes release individually and they don’t get added soon enough, hope this will be fixed and overall get this great app it’s such a lifesaver if you don’t have netflix or desney+
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2 years ago, Lada saidie
I have a problem
Hi I was using this app It used to work and than when I came back to the app couple days later it wasn’t working anymore I tried searching up the show I was gonna watch and than I tried it didn’t work and I tried something else it also didn’t work and the only thing their was was like news I tried fixing it but it didn’t work
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12 months ago, -Lyan
Used to be my fave app but not anymore…
About five months ago, a problem occurred in the app. It keeps saying net work error. I have tried everything from draining my battery to restarting my phone and even deleting and reinstalling the app nothing seems to work and it continues to say network error. I don’t know what to do anymore I have tried everything to make it work now I am going to make a review on every single social media. My TV has.
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4 years ago, rhrymrcr
This app is great i had a lot of problems on it but it seems as the have fixed it , but i have one more problem that i am dieing to be fixed. Can you please add more movies in it , like the movies called 365 days with english subtitles please please add this movies ASAP i am dieing to see it . There are more movies that needs to be add on this app but can you please add this one and thank you:)
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1 year ago, Mohanned T
Its very good but the ads
I like the app a lot but the adds are very annoying like i am watching anime then ads pop up and every episode you open you have to wait 14 seconds for the add to finish so you can watch but great app just lower the ads
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3 months ago, تساصازص
Pretty Good, especially if you have good internet. I only say they should upload more movies and also make a tv app. It will be easier in many ways for us and them. I recommend it a lot for everyone.
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2 years ago, there is no name.
Great app but...
Hi my my TV+ your app is great but there’s one problem. I just can’t see any movie why I asked my cousin he is the one who told me about the app I asked my cousin how to fix this problem he told my to do smth but it didn’t work please fix this problem for me
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4 years ago, Zhiyar.Uns
Almost Perfect
I have been waiting for an app to deliver free movie and tv shows for IOS for a long time, this could be the best one. It is great and everything, but it has some small bugs, the main one is when you tap a movie poster, you can’t go back, you just can’t, it is very annoying, you have to reboot the app. Fix this please.
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2 years ago, MehmetMunaf
Screen rotation
The app is not supporting dynamic screen rotasion on iphone and ipad, its only work in vertical mode, watching movies requires to rotate the screen to fill the device screen which is not available in this app. Hope you can fix this in the coming updates.
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3 weeks ago, Kurd samurai
Keep it free
I've been using this app for a while now and it's fantastic! Please keep it free; it's incredibly useful and accessible to everyone. Keeping it free will ensure it continues to help more people. Thanks for your hard work and dedication in maintaining such a great resource!
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4 years ago, ShwannFwad
Hello Dear MyTv+ There is a problem in the application when I try to open it, it gives an error that titled (an error has occurred (1000)), i tried to reinstall the app but the problem wouldn’t solve, i hope you give a solution for this error in next version. Regards.
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5 years ago, ShivanAlgardy
Finally, this app is like a dream coming true, i no longer need a tv and satalite to watch a series , ,movie and mu favorite TV channel, because this app has it all. Thank you so much for this app! I appreciate the effort of everyone who contributed their work and time to make such a piece of art app
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1 year ago, HamaABH
Great service and definitely a great app for movies and shows, there’s just one problem, it would be great to be able to download episodes just like movies. Otherwise this is the best free movies and tv show app I’ve ever come upon.
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2 years ago, MAYAR A.
Landscape mode
They need to update the app and fix the landscape mode is not working on the iPhone even when the rotate is not locked I tried to contact email them but they all told me "there is something wrong with your phone" even though I'm not the only one who's facing this issue. When you ask them to add a tv show/movie they basically ignore you. But the MyTv+ device is way better than the phone application.
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1 year ago, odam__1
I love it
I love this streaming app but the only think that keep bothering me is that I can’t download tv shows episodes i really hope you guys put that feature in in the future and thank you for this app
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4 years ago, shallaw eng
Great app
I love this app, but since last update I can’t open the app, when i open it closes itself. Iam using iphone, iam waiting for the update to fix this problem, i really hope you fix it soon. Thank you
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1 year ago, yasmin🤭🤭
the app is so good i 100% recommend but if only we can download movies to watch offline, like i tried to once but it didn’t work it kept making my app glitch and it wouldn’t open. please try to fix this problem but i love this app!
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2 weeks ago, dunya1997
amazing app
this is the best app i have ever downloaded and watched movies/tv shows on but i would love to see Turkish series/movies have english subtitles. and also why is it not available on other phones that are not iphone ??
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2 years ago, sihad.photoshop
Add cellular future
Hello, this is really the best program for movies and channels, but there is a problem. The program does not open when we open cellular data wife like example i us Korek or fastlink in iraq and it’s not working on this app. I ask you to update and add this feature.
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6 months ago, vmcj c
Great app
Mytv+ is probably the best free movie/show watching platform that you can get out there it basically has every movie and if its a new movie it comes out in just a few days but the only thing that i dont like about this app is that it doesnt have south park :(
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1 month ago, Xxcookiegirl
Please add some Turkish dramas! And more movies!
Hello! I'm just a normal user of this app! And I want ur improvements! I'm not trying to be disrespectful! But I think u guys need to add more movies and maybe some Turkish dramas.. Like Inadına Aşk in English that means in spite of love or love out of spite.. Same thing.. Anyways.. So I hope I see this improvement. 🫶🏻✨
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4 months ago, hhamadok
Download and data issues
I can’t download and watch movies offline like before and it doesn’t work with data internet only wifi
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4 years ago, Yad jawhar
Why waste money on application like (Netflix) when there is this masterpiece of an app available for you to watch everything you want. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart a big thank you to the producer of this phenomenal
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1 year ago, kulecha
This is the best app
this app is really useful and if im being honest i use this app every single day to watch movies or tv series, to whoever is reading this keep up the good work i wish you the best of luck on ur future endeavours!
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10 months ago, alons roblox
Great but read this 📌
I want to watch a movie but it won’t load and when I went on another movie it loaded like wth ? Please fix it cause I’ve been waiting for like 3 days to watch this movie and it just won’t load!!
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7 months ago, BRING BRU
I like it, but what is the Star Wars like that?
OK I live in IraqToo but what is the Star Wars like that cause is there anyway you could fix it cause I like the movies a lot but I don’t I don’t really need to subtitles well I needed some French or Mexico movies but it is so cool🖤🖤😍😍👍👍🤨🤩🤩😊😚:D
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1 year ago, i stolen jimin's jams
Great app!!
MyTV+ has been my favorite app to watch series, movies and channels for a long time. But I've been looking for the Spongbob Squarepants 1999 series and It's not on the app, so It'll be great if you add it to the app. Thank you for your amazing work, love the app!!
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3 years ago, P. rasoul
Very great though there is one problem
I really enjoy this app it’s amazing however the version is supposed to have downloading as an option how ever I can’t download any shows even though I’m using the new version
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2 years ago, fshvcgjnnvcxdd
Add some things
I realy like the app and the video quality is so good but im sad that there’s no korean tv shows please add them there’s so many korean viewers get frustrated when they find out there’s no korean tv shows beside it i love the app
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4 years ago, Lawzan
Fix it
I liked the app a lot , but something just ruined it.. when i watch stuff an ad pops up, I don’t mind about the ad..(it was better with no adds) when the ad is displayed,it says you can skip after the 5 seconds.. the thing is there is no ad!! The app just crashes .. fix as soon as possible. With respect*
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2 years ago, Elias6968
The free Netflix
I had Netflix for a month then my parents would not get it but when I found my tv+ it was literally the free Netflix and honestly i found more movies on here than Netflix best app for movies.
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1 year ago, docHMU
Korean drama can’t be played
Before 1 months there was no problem , recently I found that the dramas can’t be played I waited for few minutes but still the circle sign isn’t going… plz fix it
Show more
7 months ago, HamaKurda
Downloading problem
Hi, I can’t download 2023 movies, just 2022 and bellow, it would be great if you fix it, thank you, And I would love to download Tv shows too, if possible add this future too, thank you
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1 year ago, Ahmad alkhaffaf
The Advertiesments
I did’t pay for mytv+’s device who have many and many advertisements You can put the advertisements for application’s on mobile phone only The other things is perfect
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2 years ago, shhaaaaa_messiiiiii
there’s a thousands of Kurdish users that use this great app, for watching movies and series’s. So I suggest and beg you to add Kurdish Language for the subtitle. We’ll be so thankful if you add our language for the subtitles. Thanks for your genius app.❤️
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Best app for free movies and tv
Thanks for this amazing app! Please keep it alive Ik that appstore might remove it soon but you guys should put a social media or something on the app so we can stay connected to redownload it if this one been removed 🖤✅ Thanks again...
Show more
3 years ago, Barz Brifkani
Try this app!!
This is the home of movies it’s better then mbc 2 Every movie is in the app! Like i wanted to watch a overrated movie it appeared in my search! , and like i can save movies to watch try this app! It’s very good
Show more
4 years ago, H.e.l.a
Tv Series
I’ve been wanting to watch a tv series but it just keeps on loading. I left my phone on the app while charging and went to do something that took about a hour, I came back to see that it was still loading, Is there a reason for this?
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