myUK Mobile

2.3 (47)
4.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
University of Kentucky
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for myUK Mobile

2.28 out of 5
47 Ratings
9 years ago, Thedarkcrowsmiles2
The app doesn't work with iOS 9. It needs to be updated
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3 years ago, FriedPickle101
I thought to myself as I downloaded this, “Now I will be able to access my uk email and find class times from an app, instead of opening up my email. How convenient!” Now I realize you can do neither of those things on myUK mobile. As it turns out, myUK mobile is like myUk but with(considerably) less. Might as well search myUk on safari. To be honest, I do not know why anyone recommended this. To promote UK events and give students the chance to participate, or to maintain the guise of UKs focus toward student convenience? In its essence, myUk mobile is a manifestation of UKs lack of concern for making student life easier. It almost seems as though university faculty will assume that students always prefer “digital” and “mobile” things. When it comes to homework, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Students are crying out against Zoom lectures and online homework vocally. In all actuality, these systems are implemented for the convenience of professors, not students. Cheaper it becomes for universities to provide an education, and more expensive yet that education becomes for students. Virtually any competitive industry could procure something more useful than this.
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3 years ago, bsimpsonky
Dose not rotate
The app is not full featured, but is good for quick information without going to full website. The biggest complaint I have with the app is it does not auto orientate. I have to turn my ipad sideways to get the full screen. This is annoying because I use my ipad with a keyboard that has the physical orientation of the ipad horizontal, so I either have to remove my ipad from my keyboard case or turn my keyboard sideways.
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5 years ago, Speleosaurus
You can do almost nothing with this app. It includes a campus map and a directory of students, faculty, and staff. What about meal plans, course catalog, all the day-to-day things a UK affiliate needs to manage? They do push this app hard and I can’t see why. I downloaded it after it was recommended at new employee orientation and removed it after I quickly realized it was worthless. I have downloaded it again to check out the new employee functionality but I don’t believe it will last long... You could do SO MUCH with this, what a shame.
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6 years ago, Frustrated Nicki
Please update the app!
I'm a new UK student and they really push you to use this app, but it doesn't work! Sometimes I can login and it works fine, but most of the time it just gives me a blank screen where there should be a menu. The app hasn't been updated in THREE YEARS! If they want you to use their app so bad, maybe they should make it compatible with the current ios! I have an iPhone 5c which will only update to iOS 10.3.3 but this app doesn't even work on my admittedly outdated phone!
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3 years ago, Tayona L.
When I first got the app i tried logging in but it kept saying my password was incorrect. I went to change my password and the app tells me the same thing, my password is incorrect. I’ve changed my password about 3 times and nothing has worked. I haven’t even gotten to use the app yet! Really frustrating.
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9 years ago, LordGennai
Bug - Graduating Students
As a graduating student, the Plan & Register for Courses option does not work due to me not accepting a statement of obligation for the next semester... Would be nice to be able to use the app to at least view my schedule for the current semester.
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8 years ago, Lady Astrid
Cannot pay tuition
The app acts like it needs to open a browser window to complete payment, but it cannot actually open the window. Instead, a box with the web address pops up over and over. I've deleted and readded this app so many times, but it remains useless for almost everything.
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4 years ago, michizlle96
Sometimes works sometimes doesn’t. Currently telling me my password is not correct even though I have triple and quadruple checked.
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2 months ago, sb2227_
Not good
Absolutely terrible. Can’t even check your schedule if you haven’t updated your contact information on the myUK website. Which makes no sense.
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4 years ago, barr07
Need health service
There’s no way to access messages from your doctors from a mobile phone. This must be addressed because if there’s a very important message and I don’t have my laptop, I can’t check it
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8 years ago, SonoPixie
Nothing for UK Med Ctr staff
I installed this thinking I may have all the options I have on my Uk when at work, such as pay stub, vac hours, etc... Nothing
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4 years ago, alchimia.rubedo
What is the point of this?
I downloaded this to keep an eye on my final grades as they’re posted. It’s the end of Fall 2020 but the K-feed is stuck on Spring 2020 and there’s no way to change it.
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6 years ago, Noah Issac
Can’t even log in
See above. There is currently no option to type in the login text boxes.
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5 years ago, Amdatdude
New update doesn’t work
Every time I click on K Feed, the app doesn’t load anything.
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4 years ago, TitanShadow
No K-Feed Notices
Used to get notices about grades, don’t anymore. App is a bit of a joke.
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2 years ago, ray bae 🔫
doesn’t even work at all
trash app but ig it fits for a trash school :)
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9 years ago, Lmw1231
Doesn't Work with 5s
This app does not work with an iPhone 5S running 8.1.3. Attempts to download then when launched immediately crashes. Uninstalling and reboots do not help. Needs to be updated to be relevant with recent Apple software.
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9 years ago, Midget_Herder
Was pretty good
App used to be pretty good, very functional if aesthetically unappealing. Now, though, it doesn't work on iOS 9. Would be super handy if it did again, because it WAS a decently convenient app to have.
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9 years ago, Ewi1son
Needs update
Needs to be updated for 6/6plus
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9 years ago, Cbrad22867
Crashes when opened after updating to iOS 9
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9 years ago, Elkhawg
iOS 9 has completely broken this app. Crashes as soon as it opens. Please fix
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9 years ago, $Pantz!$
iOS 9
Used to be great but needs to be updated for iOS 9. It crashes as soon as it's opened. Fix please!
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9 years ago, Bricks69
Needs ios9 update
Crashes every time I try to open the app.
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9 years ago, (¿!Awsum¡?)
"iOS 9 compatible" ...right...try again, maybe? Still crashing. Please fix.
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9 years ago, allynator
Midterm grades?
Can't even check them. There are 20k+ who go to school here. This is pathetic.
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9 years ago, LukeLovesMusic
Wish I could give it zero stars
Thanks UK.
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