MyUSF Mobile

2.8 (37)
17.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
University of South Florida
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for MyUSF Mobile

2.81 out of 5
37 Ratings
3 years ago, Reviewer758
Can’t login
Needs updated. Unable to login or view the Home Screen.
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1 year ago, i am big mike
Can’t even look into Oasis. The web browser works better but now when I try to log into MyUSF on the website, it directly opens up the app instead! Oasis is an important part of student school access and if they can’t have access to this resource, they can miss out on important uses.
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1 year ago, you don't care about me
Cant even open oasis
Whenever I try to go to MyUSF from the website it opens this god awful app. I can’t even get to oasis. Trying to look at my class schedule and I can’t even get to it from my phone. Delete this app from existence bruh it’s horrible
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2 years ago, Benster135
It keeps signing me out every day despite checking the “keep me signed in” box. And when I do log in, half the time the menu doesn’t even load properly. It’s overly complicated and slow.
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5 years ago, Lord Bubby
Doesn’t Work
This app’s laundry room function doesn’t show which washing machines and drying machines are available for my laundry room. It did show them at the beginning of the year but stopped for some reason and hasn’t since.
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6 years ago, CantaloupeJustice
Used to use now it’s crashed
The app had a bad habit of signing me out and shutting down randomly. Now I can’t even access any of the functions or the home screen and I use it regularly. Hope this gets fixed.
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14 years ago, Pbinpcb
Grades please
It's great that you put the schedules on here... But that's good for, what, the first week of class? Give us something we can use all semester long, like blackboard grades by course please!
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3 years ago, jchsbfkvos
garbage app
I would give it zero stars if I could, it feels like they put zero effort into it. Just use safari.
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3 years ago, USFgradStudent
It doesn’t even work
Literally can’t select anything to even log in
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2 years ago, jinyongpang@GRE
heavy app but helpless in use
not a flexible app ,taking long time getting bull tracker page refreshing,the worst app
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14 years ago, cskennedy
Great App - Go Bulls!
The release of the iUSF App is most appreciated! The App works well and is loaded with information of interest to students, faculty, staff, alums, and guests to campus. This will make navigating around campus a breeze! The calendar of events allows us to see what's happening on campus at a glance. You've made it easy to catch up on the latest in Athletics, check out a class, track the Bull Runner, and read the latest news from campus.
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14 years ago, aales73
Love It!
I just downloaded the latest iUSF app and I love it! I think the categories are more streamlined and easy to maneuver through. Love love love the Directory, and MyUSF. The new menu layout is sharp and crisp and utilizes the whole page now (which I prefer). Great update!
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14 years ago, csk00k
Terrible update
I've been an avid user of iUSF and have found it simple, easy to use, well designed, and very helpful. BUT this new update represents such a step backward that I can't understand what our school was thinking. This version makes everything harder.. The map is a lot worse, there are more mobile websites shoved into the app, it looks and feels worse. I miss the old version and want it back.
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14 years ago, Toobey
Nice work
You make me proud (Go Bulls). For a directionally challenged person like myself, it's a great help. And with the class search, I'll now be able to remember when I need to show up and teach. I'd write more but my eyes are full of warm tears.
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7 years ago, Rghuggyug
Can't remain logged in
The app keeps signing me out whenever I get off the app, can it be fixed to keep me logged in so I can get class updates easily and quickly, its really bad that I have to always log in all the time, that doesn't even happen on computer because my logging is saved. Mobile app should make things easier not complicated
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9 years ago, bigjep
Decent App
The app is very handy and extremely accurate. However, the App is kind of slow when loading Internet pages. Also the dining restaurants should be labeled which ones you could use for your meal plan.
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13 years ago, Rudydog89
Got it all
Having all the maps on there is really convenient plus it has most everything else you need to know as a student.
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8 years ago, Satisfied and happy customer
Can't Log In
When the app works it's a fantastic tool to check on my classes. Unfortunately, since the most recent update it will not allow me to login at all. I have tried reinstalling the app and checking my settings on my phone but nothing works. If it worked I wouldn't have any complaints with the app.
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12 years ago, Ryandinho14
So useful
Everything is so useful about this app - it's presentation, accessibility, and speed. The map feature is great, the schedule is useful for freshmen, it is an all around well-developed and very productive tool for any Bull.
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12 years ago, DrMCP1967
A poor effort
USF used to allow Blackboard access through BB's own app. Now they have disabled access through that app. This new iUSF app lists MyUSF as an option, but refuses to allow sign on. When I talked to IT, I was told MyUSF does not support mobile devices. If so, WHY release an app with that as an option? As a USF faculty member for 20 years, I can say this is the worst tech failure I've ever seen.
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10 years ago, Ksax2006
The gps feature for nearest routes and stops is not working on the iPhone 6+ It worked fine on my 5s and my location services and gps are on it just will never sync I've deleted and reinstalled the app with still no successful gps nearest your location.
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14 years ago, Justinnnnnnnnnnnnn
Huh? What the hell happened in the update? I thought it would fix or improve something, but the app is now not only extremely ugly, but considerably harder to use.... I wish I had known this, or I wouldn't have upgraded! Is there a way to get back the old one?
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10 years ago, Alexandra McManus
Great app for USF students! This is a large improvement, as iUSF can't compare to this new updated version. It makes attending USF and living at USF much more convenient.
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13 years ago, fillyiyq
Not great
I was expecting a Bb portal at least. The Bulltracker is convenient, but that can be accessed more easily through a browser. MyUsf won't load and it doesn't keep your campus preference. This app doesn't offer anything that you can't get from the website.
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12 years ago, Indee&vi
I can access
Maps & my schedule, should add blackboard, the guy who said it doesnt show my USF is an idiot because it does, check your id & password joker
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14 years ago, mnarinsky
Thanks for the new version!!
Much cleaner and easier to use!
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11 years ago, GOAT-est.
Serves purpose
The app is ok. I don't like how you can't change between maps anymore, but it serves it's purpose.
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14 years ago, The non-entertained
Was it worth it?
I guess it is useful but was it worth the cost to the school to write this app? 125,000 dollars to design something that could have been written by a computer sci major for cheaper. Typical USF. Check the Oracle if you think that cost was made up.
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7 years ago, Gabriel91g
Collection of URLs
This app it's just a collection of URLs you can access directly from your browser. On top of that, you even have to keep login every time you close/open it because it doesn't save your credentials. Don't waste time downloading this app.
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13 years ago, Guitarguy308
Needs more features
There isn't really any reason to use this app except for maps and information about contacting someone. A clean interface for bull tracker would be extremely useful. Also put the menu for the dinning halls on the app
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14 years ago, jsupersample
Looking good.
Glad to see this in the store with the shuttle tracker included. Recommended for current and future Bulls.
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12 years ago, Ssssss56111
Don't bother...
Complete waste of a download, the only useful thing was BlackBoard but they took that off. The information from this app can be found easier via safari
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10 years ago, Unhappy hater
Hate update
This update is 10x more confusing. I can't find anything that the other version had. I've clicked every button on here and the information I'm looking for is no where to be found.
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13 years ago, CrossingTabs
Needs work
Gives me an error every time I try to view the class schedule
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11 years ago, TjmechE
So so app
No BB access is a real bummer. Hopefully they will make canvas mobile. Otherwise useful for schedule, news, directories, etc.
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14 years ago, Rbsinger
Go Bulls!!! :)
It's a great way to keep up with usf current events.
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14 years ago, 2997guy
Great but...
Great app but it only gets three stars until it can tell me where I can find a parking spot...amirite?
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14 years ago, Seniorgyal
Great app! Wish they had it when I was a freshmen
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13 years ago, CheekySweetie
Blackboard has it's own mobile app, y'all.
Blackboard mobile learn-it's great. :-)
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12 years ago, MattFog82
Grad student
I downloaded this thinking I could access blackboards grades or class announcements . A big negative. Just put a mobile browser link to BB on your phone.
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14 years ago, Mistywiz7
I've been waiting on this app and it's great......
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11 years ago, James mac machine
This app does nothing. Considering how many fees we pay to attend this school, you would think the technology would be better than this. Don't waste your time.
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12 years ago, Trae Rosay
This app is a waste of money .
The directory doesn't work AND you can even access blackboard anymore ... What a waste !
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10 years ago, Stellyin
Not functional. Does not provide good information. USF website better than the mobile app.
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7 years ago, MrWonkaYT
Stay logged in
Fully closing the app logs you out? Why? Also, the copyright is listed as 2015
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13 years ago, Cubinicano
Let us use blackboard!
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11 years ago, Nothfufhdjd
What happened to the campus map?
I'm talking the PDF with all the buildings, not this unhelpful google map that is has been replaced with!
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11 years ago, Dinosauress
I used to actually like this app. Now they updated it and I can't get bulltracker to work!
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11 years ago, Sanaaf
I used to love this app! Never missed a bus. But now I can't even get the app to open.
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12 years ago, 11515ty
Works good
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