Narrator's voice

4.5 (8.3K)
81.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Escolha Tecnologia LTDA - ME
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Narrator's voice

4.54 out of 5
8.3K Ratings
1 year ago, Roblox meme or 21
Good but can be expensive
Overall a pretty good app, but it can be expensive, like make things at least $.99 for those that don’t want to pay 499 a month for something, because I feel like that it’s just unbelievable, even though it’s still a dollar store price, make it at least $.99 so that way we won’t be able to spend all that money, because I want it to be just a little bit cheaper, it would be really helpful for those that can’t afford things that are four dollars and above, because if I was the one that made this app, even though I am not, I would have asked for people to set the price at what they want to do it, so that way if people that are minimalist, they can go as low as one cent or $.99 even, they can all save their money, that’s what I’m really stressing about in this interview is have those that download this app save their money
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2 years ago, ayomi Love Palestine
Almost perfect
This app is almost perfect with all the voices I want, and some other voices which I don’t know what they even want in life other than The sole purpose of just existing, and I can experiment with them for the fun of it and hear them say stuff, however creating your new affect is a bit hard or incomprehensible for me as A blind person, I assume there is an increment and decrement buttons for value adjustment, but those seemingly just don’t work, well with voiceover, or they might be value adjustment Bars bars but still when I scroll up and down they didn’t move, If the issue was from me, then please enlighten me on what I should I been doing, and if it was from your app, then I hope you would fix it, that be so kind of you, and, about the ads, well those are hard to deal with but I won’t ask you to remove them, they are better then just paying for the voices And one more thing before I go, could you please try to add some more Arabic voices thanks a lot lovely developers
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2 years ago, @j sister
amazing <3
GOOD THINGS ABOUT - Has a bunch of nice voices -No limit to what you can say TYPE AWAY!! -Has other languages to use for translation and just cuz -Pretty easy to use —————————————————————————————————— BAD THINGS ABOUT IT -The Voices aren’t that accurate though -It has a ad every 5 to 10 mins -Anytime you enter you get a ad -Ad free is pretty expensive —————————————————————————————————— Extra Notes - I make gacha and it is nice to use since I get nervous when doing voice overs 4 CapCut so it is PERFECT and in my opinion the BEST voice app you’ll find ! —————————————————————————————————— OVERALL RESULTS PASS ! Its great and easy to use SO CLICK DOWNLOAD BUTTON NOW ! By clove
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4 years ago, Emi wolfy
Just a lil report TmT
Hello person who made this game (or whoever is reading this or etc TmT) but i love the voices I wanted to have my GACHA LIFE/ GACHA CLUB speak like this I saw someone else used it so yeah I live this but there are so many ads like I was making a song with song lyrics generator so I tried it out and I copied and pasted it then I put it in the app! But even though Ik you have to pay for the thing to not have ads but it’s not fair there are so many ads I don’t pay for this stuff (“sorry” and that was a fake sorry that I ont pay for it -.-) but this is no hate comment, just put less ads for the people who don’t pay for it I seems weird and not getting money and stuff..BUT DUDE CHILL WITH THE ADS!!! (Anyways bye <3)
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2 years ago, Santino J. Miller
Everything seems to be OK except for a couple of changes. You need to put more voices back in. You need to find Wiseguy (Voice used by goanimate), Duncan (used by goanimate), Millie (used by goanimate), David/Evil genius/Zach (used by goanimate), and others that were used by goanimate added. It’s sad that a couple years ago the prices had risen sky high in order to make a go animate video. And that’s why I really think you should get those voices put back in there. There are already others in the app now you just need more in the app.
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2 years ago, GachaGaming_Queen
Ads and glitches
This app is great. Honestly, it’s really useful. I use it for my spelling homework. The voice tells me the word I need to write, and I write it down. However, there are so many ads during the process. I understand that you out ads. Okay that’s fine. But can you at least reduce them. Everyone 20 seconds there’s an ad (literally 20 seconds). There are also a lot of glitches. Today I entered the app for it to help me with my homework. When I clicked on it I typed in the words and it said “Loading Be nice! Rate us! 😍” There’s nothing wrong with that I get it. I’ve had that come up a couple of times before. But today I couldn’t get rid of it. I tried completely exiting the app and still. I tried to restart my device and still when I enter it that’s what comes up and stays there for over 3 minutes (probably more I just didn’t have that kind of patience). I got fed up obviously. So that’s why I think 4 stars is a fair review. I hope you can fix this problem. Thank you.
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3 years ago, MiracleWhale1030
Hey! So I’ve been doing memes and nutshells for entertainment. I used to do text2speech. Therefore I started seeing more videos saying they use this app to make the voices for memes and nutshells, etc. So finally after 2 months of procrastinating telling myself I’m gonna downloaded it, I FINALLY DID. But holy heck this app is amazing. It has way more better voices and it has an accent/diff language you can use for the robot voice. God I am so happy this exists- But the only thing is ads. There a bit too much ads but I try my best not to snap at it and stay calm, because I snap all the time and I need to calm the frick down, but over all, it’s an amazing app.
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1 year ago, macusoper
Narrators voice
This is a great app. However, there is one issue. It relates to selecting a voice or answering some text. The voice to text option works really well. But, I can’t select a different voice or answer text in the field. Could you please fix this? One more thing, when it comes to all the premium invoices, could you please move them to another server? That way I can find more of the regular voices that work included with previous versions and none of the voices aren't in weird positions when I'm trying to select them. So could you please fix that also?
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3 years ago, Elijah623
Not gonna lie…
Not gonna lie… I don’t ever rate apps but this saved me so much money from paying someone to narrator to talk in my ads! This app is amazing and deserves every bit of 5 stars and I know ads are how they make their money so leave them! It’s perfectly fine by me! (I don’t understand why it says switch your server to different pokemon like charizard😂😂😂 but it switch what the voices sound like and charizard is a neutral for some reason😂 but hey it works! That’s all I care about! Don’t change a thing guys!)
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10 months ago, astri shop
Great app but disgusting comercials
So at first I saw everyone had voices on their videos so I wanted to SEE how to put them so I downloaded this app and sometimes when I enter to the app there is comercials and there is one comercial that there is a girl that when you pick pillows you are starting to take all you’re clothes and you are walking to your bed and in your bed there is a boy waiting for you and there is also another comercial that has two girls hugging each other and almost kiss. Pls change more appropiate comercials and bring the esperanza Voice back and in samsung there is an app called la voz de zueira and that is better bc has esperanza’s voice!!
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3 years ago, Jadan Bliss
Incredibly fun and useful
This is probably my favorite TTS app on any mobile platform. I decided to try it out to run some lines for an animated movie in a voice that isn’t my own, and ended up “casting” several characters. Characters I hadn’t even considered sprang to life thanks to these voices. I am not a fan of the subscription model for mobile apps, so I will deal with the ads. I would buy this app outright if it didn’t need a connection, but as it is it is still great. I highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, Keliz Gaming
It’s Good But Just One Thing..
Hi. I’m a video editor that downloaded this app to remake my friend’a Gacha video on crack (he gave me permission to do it) I downloaded the app and it was good but there were a few things. For starters, So. Many. Ads. See whenever I run a recording it immediately goes to an ad right after. Please remove some of the ads, it would be very helpful. Second of all, SLAYYYY I love the voice differences. That’s so cool! And the different types it can be. That’s really slay! Uh, yeah the only thing I ask of you is to please remove the millions of ads but other than that, great job
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3 years ago, okay, no thank u
Remove this please,
So, I really enjoy this! It’s very fun to use and I enjoy using it for meme videos and such. But theirs a problem. As you told me to rate you, which I did. I don’t the think the 😍 emojis were necessary. It made me a bit uncomfortable. Also, calm down with the ads! They pop up too much and are starting to get a bit annoying.😅 Also, whenever I want to listen to the Narrator’s voice, the play button seems to load a bit too long. It’s either my internet or the game. Not to sure, but hopefully it stops soon. But good app!
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2 years ago, trizmas
Yeah, this app is awesome
I make videos that require narration so I’ve played around with several other text to speech apps and websites. This is by far the best one I’ve found; better by a long shot. With other services the voices are either robotic or too artificial sounding. This app the voices actually sound natural, and the amount of different voices they offer is great. If you’re looking for a good text to speech app and happen upon this one, download it and delete the rest. This is the only one you need.
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3 years ago, creepersoldier55
Good, but 1 thing infuriates me
This app is honestly one of the best if not the best text-to-speech apps I’ve gotten in a while. However, there is one problem I’ve noticed while typing something up. I was in the middle of typing up a long string of text, when right out of the blue, the app asks (forces) me to rate it. This happened right in the middle of me typing something up and was a bit infuriating. Also, I feel like after I listen to it to make sure it sounds good, an ad plays EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Don’t get me wrong; this app is awesome, but these things make me infuriated.
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3 years ago, HayHayDa Rxse
This app is amazing but I wish there weren’t so many adds
So I bought this app for a voice in my Gacha life videos and it worked amazingly! But the one problem is that every single time I write and hit the play button there is always an add that pops up, and I get it they want money but there is too many adds. If there were only a couple that popped up I would like it more but there is just too many adds!
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1 year ago, Err0r.12
New Coins Feature
The app used to be good but now it limits you up to 4 uses (text plays per 90 seconds) and it’s pretty annoying. I hadn’t used this app in over a year but recently i decided to open it for comedic purposes and found out plays are limited now??!! This is really frustrating because back when i first got this app (2020) it was very effective with few ads and no restrictions, there were unlimited plays and the coins feature wasn’t even a thing (btw the coins are what u use to play a text and they cost money). I miss the old app tbh, now it seems like it’s trying to feed off of money.
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3 years ago, please listsen
Great App i love it!
Alright, so when i first used this app i thought, maybe i could use this for gacha life edits? And now i basically use it all the time! This app is great! I really also like you can change the voices, if your a boy you can change it to a boy, if your a girl you can change it to a girl! I recommend this app to anyone who wants to talk to people but does not want to use their own voice. Keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, poleoco
Developers, Owner, etc. Please read 💖
This app is amazing! I love the voices! For my Gacha life users, or Gachatubers, I’d like this app, since voiced videos are sort of trending, maybe give the voices a little character, or emotion. Like when you add a question mark or exclamation? Really, I do think there would be more downloads if this were an update so subscribers would not have to voice act. I would love an update like this, just a thought that popped in mind. Thank you!
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2 years ago, ♡¢нєяяу♡
Very Fun But…
i like the voices and all, they’re pretty funny! you can explore around with things and make funny videos! BUT i just want to say that there are TOO. MANY. ADS. get rid of all the ads and fix the app because i am not paying for this even if it is cheap. i also, some of the pronunciations of some words sounds a biit weird. even if it isn’t a word, like “lol” it literally sounds like lael- but anyways,i love the app but can you just pleaase reduce the number of ads as well as some pronunciations? thank you for your time, goodbye 🙏🏽-berry
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4 years ago, Gish Tong
Awful app, requiring users to watch an ad just to even convert audio into a video...
When I downloaded this app, I didn’t expect it to be filled with ads. The first time I opened the app, I was met with a black screen and the audio of an ad playing in the background. Swiped out the app and reopened it. This time, I was able to create the audio I wanted to create. When I wanted to save it as a video, it made me watch an ad for a ‘coin’, which is needed to do almost anything on the app. Afterwards, I attempted to save the video to my iPad, only for the app to crash. After attempting this a few more times, the app kept crashing repeatedly. Don’t download. It was a complete waste of my time.
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3 years ago, she said my name
This app has so many features for GaCha club. Tuber and any universe of GaCha I recommend them to use it you can change voices and get more proper voices and this app makes me happy to use while doing voices if I don’t wanna pre-record my own voice if I had to replace my mic like say it broke this app got you because all you do is type what you want it to say and it really works well!
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2 years ago, Luna chan chan anime
This app is amazing but one tiny problem…!
Hi as you can see from the title I absolutely love the app but I don’t really know how to save the audio… I tried some of the buttons but it was no use…And when it said it was said or something like That, i’ll go to my camera app, and there’s no audio for it… all I’m asking is if you guys can fix this one little tiny problem and make it easier to save the audio… thank you so much…have a blessed day/night!
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2 years ago, Pepito693
Great app, just one more suggestion
I'm so glad that you guys slowed down with the adds, it really helps. I just have one more suggestion. When you go and change the pich, can you only make to where it only changes the pich of the voice? I mean I know that's the hole point of the pich, but you know how when you change the pich of JAWS, NVDA, voice over, and other screen readers? I think the pich will work better that way. But over all great app.
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2 years ago, Koko :D
Why does it cost to make a vid out of it?
I know that you can have unlimited voices to choose from and you can text whatever you want but why do you have to have coins to export/make a vid so you can use it? Like I can go on to I translator app and screen record it saying stuff then export/make a vid with it for free without using “coins”. I know, l know you give out coins but why do you have to watch a VIDEO to earn it- like bro. And for the low price of money you can GET COINS…. so your telling me that I have to pay MONEY to export/make a vid? Really? Two stars >:(
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4 years ago, Colsonhouse
So I started off with doing this as a joke, but then I started making videos with it. And I’ve made A LOT of stories and lines with it if you are looking for a app to make videos with, this is a good choice. The only problem is when I try to change the voice... it pauses for a long time, and goes to effects when I try to get out of the voice changer. Anyways very good!
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2 years ago, fourearkitty
It’s Great but…
The app itself is great!! There’s different voices to pick from and you can edit them. The audio is also easy to import. The only thing I don’t like about this app is that there’s SO. MANY. ADS!! I can’t even write a sentence without an ad popping up. If the creatures can get reduce the amount of ads that are played, I’ll give them five stars. Until then, I want them to reduce the amount of ads that are being played. I don’t want to have to pay to get rid of them.
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10 months ago, Quarantinecat
Only giving this a high rating so more people can see it
It could’ve of been really cool! If everything didn’t cost money To get more voices it costs money To use free voices more then like 4 times it costs money, Why? I’m not gonna pay money for a crappy little text to speech app, At this point I’ll just use my own voice and crappy microphone
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3 years ago, Luke Barlow
Really good I recommend it
Hello I am mr meow from the mr meow channel I am making a funny roblox joke series to make people laugh it might be cringe tho to find my channel type mr meow falls on his knees I haven’t uploaded the video tho it is gonna be about work at a pizza place the first one will be about work at a pizza place where you meet John Doe not the bad one tho anyways thank you for making this app it is so good
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4 years ago, Kawwai_Kun
It’s fun since I make gacha life mini videos or movies but when I decide to use this when I’m done and I push play to listen to the voice when they stop talking the adds come up over and over and over but I still use this since I don’t have a iPad recorder or something like that for other apps just please fix your add controls pleaseeeee!
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4 years ago, harrypott3r fan 300
I saw this app on a video, and I thought it was cool, and I was doing a gacha mini movie in a nutshell video. When I first got in the app, I was met with a white screen and an add.i Xed out of the app, and then it worked. I created the audio I needed, and was exited to create my video. BUT THEN, it said I need a coin to convert this audio to a video! And in order to get coins, you had to pay REAL MONEY or watch a time consuming add. I needed a lot of this robot audio, and if I wanted that, I would have to watch probably around 30 minutes of adds. And when I finally finished watching all the adds, I couldn’t even SAVE IT!!! Worst app ever. 0/10, WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.
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2 years ago, Andrī
I’m obsessed
For people who hate their voice, but still want to communicate virtually. this app is the most and greatest choice you can get! I advise you to get this app especially since it’s free! Yeah! I’m being sincere! This app is the greatest text to speech app, especially since you can export the audio to your editing software :D 100% recommended.
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2 years ago, 1FunTimeFoxy1
It keeps loading?
Okay so, I’ve had this app before but I deleted it,, and then I wanted to get it again, but then when I downloaded it it keeps saying loading? I’ve kept it loading for 2 minutes but still nothing…. I deleted the app and got it again because I thought it was a glitch I did it a couple times but still loading.. I checked my WiFi and changed it still kept say loading… is it just me?
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1 year ago, jdheidnegdj
It's almost the best text to speech app
I love this app. It's amazing and can be used for videos if you want. But there's a disadvantage to this app. #1 it has adds. Sometimes you're just trying to test a voice and then BAM an add pops up. #2 the voices are kinda limited. I really like more voices. Especially for the American ones. They're kinda limited on the voices. And that's why it's almost the perfect text to speech app.
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1 year ago, InVeThis
Lots of things need fixing.
The app itself works ok. But, as for the functionality of it… not so much. You’re unable to lock your phone while it’s reading or you’ll have to start all over again. If someone calls you then you have to start all over again and if you’re like me and you put in multiple pages at a time for it to read then this is very annoying. Anything that interrupts the sound basically makes you have to restart it.
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3 years ago, montelongo2001
Please read this.
This app is really amazing for both iPhone and iPad. But I do have a question a couple users who use this app some of the voices aren’t working. Is there a way on how you guys can fix this issue? Because the other day when I went into this app the voices weren’t working some of the voices are working but some of them are not like Paul, Ivy, Kate, Julie, Simon, Steven and etc.
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3 years ago, baby jhen
Life saver
This app is amazing it a life saver .. I write stories about anime and stuff but i didn’t want to use my real voice so what I did was ask what I should use and a friend pointed this out …I’ve been using this for almost a year now ♥️.. Idk what’s up with it now it don’t wanna work for me and I don’t know y ..but this is really an amazing app😭♥️♥️♥️
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4 years ago, LucasJRobak
Get past the Digital age
I’ve experienced far better quality from my computer. Tried this app to see what’s out there for my phone. Very digital sounding. I do have to say I’m impressed with the quantity of options and voices provided... but quality will always trump quantity. If they offered one phenomenal voice, 5-stars. But they didn’t. Instead you get 30+ sub par voices. Wow! I’ve turned into a post millennial app snob. I’ll use this for prank calling.
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3 years ago, Lance 30
Finally i found pink sheep’s voice
I wanted that voice but i dont know yet whats that voice when i watch a video i saw pink sheep and then i hear that voice and then I search how to get Pink sheep’s voice on phone and i found it and i search it put on apple store and yeah thanks for making the app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️but.. ads-__- but its ok though THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!! Dude:D
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5 years ago, HackGamingYt1
so this app is great for all your desires, you can save audio files, share them to editing software, etc, the only thing wrong is the typing system. it’s a bit buggy sometimes i need to tap over 5 times just to be able to type, and there is way to many ads, maybe just leave the ad at the bottom
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2 years ago, Rj Jubba
Could you add more slasher voices and less ads
I love this app it’s awesome and fun but could add more slasher voices like chucky,Freddy Krueger etc also can you please make less ads appear every time I done making a voice an ad appears every time I’m done making the lines for the please and thank you other then that awesome app
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1 year ago, ElianaGomeztheRandomGirl
Good app but…
I really like this app but…there’s way to many ads like I know you need to have ads but I use other apps and they only have a few ads not like every 90 seconds … I know that’s how they get money and alot are really not kid friendly …and it’s the same ad that’s not kid friendly … I do use it for Gacha life and Gacha club it’s good but to much ads every second…
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2 years ago, IcyDrak0
Absolutely Incredible,
This app is amazing, It helps you say the words you need when you need them and if you cant get words when you like animating or something like that, You can use this, Sure theirs a couple adds but overall it’s incredible, download Now! It’s actually amazing.
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2 years ago, Slothmasterz
Amazing, but different languages need more people
I find this app amazing and very helpful especially when making videos, but I recommend adding a bit more voices to different languages because I would appreciate more variety, overall and amazing app! Would recommend!
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9 months ago, Satanous
Great app :>
I've only been using this app for a while and I already love it! It's great to have a nice voice and a smooth sounding text to speech! But the only thing is they have so little voices and you need to pay "coins" for them so I think they should add more and have more variety s for the voices.
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4 years ago, hates game
Love this app but lower the ad removal price
I honestly love this app because you can choose any voice or use it for a video and there is nothing wrong with it how ever I think you should lower the price of ad removal to 0.99 since the price is ridiculous that’s the only problem but other than that this is a amazing app
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4 years ago, LilKitsune
The Best I Could Find
This app is great and has a variety of different voices. I personally love it. It does take some time to pick a voice, and by that I mean when I pick a voice, it continues to load for a long time. Also there is a lot of ads there are ads at the bottom of the screen and ads that pop up out of nowhere. I still like the app and it does the job.
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3 years ago, •_That one simp_•
Please read <3
Hi! Thank you for reading this. So at first when I got this app I loved it and it was so much fun to use! But then it wouldn’t play the audio and just show a blank thing and I don’t mind the ads and I deleted the app and reinstalled but then it worked once and it just stopped again so can I please have so advice? I am pretty upset. Please help!
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2 years ago, takes ur money
I found many games to put voiceovers on some apps but nothing ever worked so guess what I looked at this app and was very very very good I could do a lot of things and they’re right over my videos so now I could post over my videos and be very happy and satisfied.
Show more
1 year ago, DMOGSLNJ
I do pay for the service as the TTS voices are excellent… so for me it’s worth the $4.99/month 👍🏻 BUT … The servers for the app are not the most stable and you may experience some frustrating moments along the way. Some days it is fine, other days, there can be quite a bit of glitchy connections. The glitches happen most often on the more “premium” voices… if you are not interested in those, it will likely work just fine for you. There ARE quite a bit of ads thrown in the free version so you should be prepared for that as well.
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