NAVER Dictionary

3.3 (204)
53.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for NAVER Dictionary

3.29 out of 5
204 Ratings
3 years ago, 웹툰파123
New Update is a Downgrade
Naver Dictionary used to be, by far, the best Korean-English dictionary app. The newest update, completely changing the interface, made it harder to use. I can no longer find the illustrations that used to go with idioms. For example, there used to be funny illustrations that went along with 밀당하다 and also 누워서 떡 먹기 etc. These illustrations helped me remember vocabulary and learn more effectively. Additionally, the text was a lot easier to read in the old version (not the text size, the text layout). When I look at the Vlive fan subs in the new version, why is the 한글 so tiny compared to the English text, which is bolded? This makes it so hard to read! Developers, please make the old version accessible again. It was superior in layout, information, and usability. PLEASE RESTORE THE OLD VERSION! Thank you so much for giving thoughtful consideration to these concerns.
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3 years ago, jyuuri
Poorly handled migration
It seems that there is a new version and an old version of the site and app. The new version has a blue layout and looks slightly more modern. Both the old and new versions are accessible on desktop, confusingly enough, but the mobile app is on the new version. The frustration comes in the fact that the new version requires you to migrate your word book from the old version. This is apparently an action manually triggered by the user via a Start button, according to the blogpost. However, no where in sight do I see this supposed Start button. I feel like my account is in this weird limbo where I shouldn't add new words to my word lists, and I can't access my old word lists on mobile. Moreover, the new version on desktop is basically the mobile app layout but stretched out, which makes it look awkward and wastes space on a computer screen. Please resolve this word book migration issue and please design the new desktop site to be more optimal for desktop screen sizes.
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2 years ago, ness227_
Helpful, but could use some work
I got this app because I wanted to try out Accentia. The app has a lot of features that I find helpful. The dictionary is nice, the daily conversation is cool, and I like Accentia a lot, but it also has a lot of problems. I enjoy using Accentia’s talk feature, but the app often cuts me off while I’m speaking and makes me record things over and over. You can’t hesitate for even a second, or else it will cut you off or force you to re-record the sentence over and over. I like Accentia because it allows me to listen to native speakers and practice my speaking and reading, but these issues hinder my ability to do that. NAVER, please fix some of the recording features in Accentia.
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2 years ago, sicknanners
Slow and often not as good as other apps
As someone who speaks several languages, has worked on machine translation, and also used to live in Korea, I think this app is disappointing. The most obnoxious issue I’ve had is that I’m rarely still logged in and the app clearly has loading times that are egregiously slow for a mobile app. Compare this to something like Pleco for mandarin and it’s even more obvious. There should be an option to disable some features that require internet connection. Also, the UI is designed in a way that I can’t easily tell which direction (english to korean or korean to english) I’m even trying to translate in. The times it has worked in the ideal way, I did get pretty good results in terms of definitions and examples. Although, I think the examples need curating because they often aren’t very diverse. The desktop site at least has far better usability in my opinion
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3 years ago, Errie
App vs Website
I noticed the new app version doesn’t have all the words and definitions that the web site version has. Just one example with a random word I just needed to look up - 밤새우다 - it gives me nothing in the app but it has a definition and examples when I look on the website. Can the app have all the definitions the website has? I like the app better because it includes things like conjugations and audio examples of them, but it’s not as helpful if it doesn’t have all the same definitions. 감사합니다!
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5 years ago, KS4321
Used to be great, but not any more
When this app included the Naver translator, as a Korean language student I used it more than any other in my studies. Unfortunately, the translator portion seems to have been cut in favor of Papago translator, which is not even close. The Naver version had a superior user interface and also showed you the source words and possible source words — exactly what you want to assess and learn. Without the translator, this app does not seem much better than any other dictionary. In fact, I’ve ended up deleting it because I no longer use it, nor am I finding Papago translator very useful. Hopefully Naver will reconsider and restore what was the hands-down best Korean translation app available.
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2 years ago, hennybahsld
Unable to change the language setting to full Korean
It's an amazing app, but I am unable to change the setting to full Korean. It resets to korean-english version everytime I reopen the app. Very annoying that I cant change the language setting.
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1 year ago, “nonickname"
Naver is inoperable
This poorly designed app is impossible to use in an iPhone. (1) I want to learn Korean and use the Korean dictionary, but the app keeps wanting to teach me English or some other language, even though when initially selecting sub-apps I selected only Korean ones and deleted all the English ones. (2) The placement of link icons is such that it’s too easy to end up in a place that is useless to a user like me and where one never intended to go. After multiple reinstallments, I give up and, most regrettably, will rely on Google Translate despite its serious shortcomings.
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1 year ago, mehwahaagsfsgs
Not that bad
Ive seen reviews saying the update is trash but it isntso bad once you get used to it. I went tothe left bottom vorner naver iconandchanged the dictionary to the korean-english one. The only thing i miss is the vlive examples.. But i dont think its really Naver's fault. Vlive and Weverse combined and i cant even go to old vlives. I hope atleast Naver will add videos to the examples and say which group said what..
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3 years ago, littlestar12
This app could use some fixes
The app isn’t horrible, I just feel like it needs some improvements. Like having the audio be from actual Korean speakers instead of a computer voice because sometimes it’s hard to hear the enunciation properly with that kind of voice.
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3 years ago, Katherine Doo
Its good!
I love this app because it is better than anything! But I want some pictures about this words that I find in the dictionary… And I think we need to change some results when we enter the word.
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5 months ago, A. B. C. Z
Stop with the “allow notifications” prompt every time you open the app!!
Every single time you open it return to the app, there’s a popup prompt asking you to turn on notifications. If a customer declines, it means we don’t want any notifications, including ones asking to turn notifications on!! Get it through your thick skull!! Stop harassing the customer every time we open the app!!
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6 years ago, AsaKitsune
Pretty good
The app serves its purpose and it does it well. My only complaint as of now is that I cannot log in or sign up in the App. When I choose to log in with Line I am given an error and if I try to sign up and create a Naver account it does not allow me to do anything.
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1 year ago, Michael O'Leary
Absurdly unintuitive UI!
Perhaps one of the worst UI layouts I have seen! Instead of showing the user which dictionary has been selected (eg English to English), the UI fails to inform the user about the dictionary that is currently selected. This glaring flaw needs to be updated, quick! Otherwise, the app is fine and the underlying contents ie definitions are completely satisfactory
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6 years ago, 5 Yrs German
Loved it before papago
I don't know if their was some sort of sell-out to, but the Papago translator engine is a serious step down from the previous version. Really frustrating that this change was made. Otherwise, this app is an essential for assisting my self-study.
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5 years ago, IDGAFFFFF
All the Korean websites needs Local id verification :(
I have Naver id cause I made it in Korea before.....But all the foreigners and even Koreans who live abroad (with no Korean local mobile numbers or other local id verification programs) cant make a new ID ... So thats why naver cant be an internationally popular
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4 years ago, Boondo Chang
This app is great. Wish I found it earlier
I was using this on Safari and finally found this. It’s the same but better.
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1 year ago, rlr524
Incredibly poorly designed
This app has a very over-complicated user interface, with help pop ups that make little sense. It’s better to just use the Naver website. It seems like they’ve tried to do too much with this app and didn’t really plan anything out, now it’s just a convoluted mess.
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3 months ago, m ☆彡
Can’t log in
Pleeeease let me login with my line account
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7 years ago, Jantzman
Love it
Have used this app and the website for years. Its one of the most complete overall dictionaries I have used while in South Korea.
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5 years ago, RoninMobo
Becoming Bloated
Please let me turn off the annoying TTMIK video. I like defaulting to the Korean Learners dictionary, but it is irritatingly bloated with media now. Naver is a great dictionary, but the app keeps adding more and more bloat. Sometimes it’s best just to stop (or just give people the option to disable display sections)
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1 year ago, Quentamia
Sign in with Apple is broken
Sign in with Apple doesn’t work, so I tried to create an account but was immediately told I couldn’t sign in because of “suspicious activity.” I wouldn’t care, but the Word Book feature isn’t accessible unless you sign in.
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8 months ago, park916
forever pending. not usable.
it doesn’t even show the main page anymore. It was getting worse and worse but not I cannot even use it. I am gonna delete the app and will never come back.
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2 years ago, Will8able
Inaccurate translations
User interface has changed and the translations are wrong or poorly explained.
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4 years ago, kdksnssj
So annoying after it changed
Used to like this dictionary app but after they add to show their web drama ad automatically it so annoying that I have to wait app load their drama ad twice load.
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1 year ago, Joslin81005
Terrible for Korean learners now
The new interface has made it nearly impossible to use this for learning Korean. You can basically only use it for learning English now
Show more
6 years ago, Alesya94
Not loading properly
When I try to use it it loads to a blank page. I tried it over different internet connections and still get the same result. Please fix. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Brianadetillion
Brian Nam recommended me this
I haven't used it yet let's see
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1 year ago, axzomos
The app itself is very complicated, it also tends to freeze on me. It isn't an app getting after trying to translate korean to english, this app made things worse.
Show more
2 years ago, Dailyeyes
Not really easy to use…
Too many functions and dictionaries with not user friendly interface…
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6 years ago, bug100194
I cannot login / phonetic symbols
It shows an error message when I try to login with my Line account. Also, why did you remove phonetic symbols from all of the English words?
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5 years ago, Flatkatcarsnicoenckfc
no audio for korean
you say your app is for foreigners. but why is the audio only in english?? please add the korean pronunciation from 국어사전 on naver. your app is bad because i can’t hear korean. edit- i found out how to find it. but why is that hidden ???
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5 years ago, TheAnimeFan8
Bring back the old translator.
I remember using the app a long time and I like the old translator that was inside the app. I don’t like Papago Translate. :( Please please bring back the old translator that was inside this app. :(
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6 years ago, dictionary. pop
Like it
I pretty like it, however, I hope some info. that pop out first when I get in, hope to make choice to see or not anymore
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3 years ago, 4kFehlize (add m on twitch)
😂😂 the words are so off and don’t even bring up the actual words, I searched the word “full” and it brought up coffee this app is not trustable don’t download it
Show more
6 years ago, flfl124
good dictionary
the translation function is not super accurate but the dictionary is quite thorough
Show more
5 years ago, Finitely
Pronunciation not available
What’s the point downloading it if I can’t hear the pronunciation in the app?
Show more
1 year ago, Jiyus1006
영어 책을 읽으면서 모르는 단어가 많았는데 이걸로 찾을 수 있어서 좋았어요..근데 가끔 해석이 나오지 않는 단어들이 있어서 불편했어요. 아무튼 대체적으로 편리했던것 같아요 :D!
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2 years ago, Holy Mon·gol·oid
Dark mode 만들어 주세요.
Show more
1 year ago, snaq5786777
can’t sign in with apple
can’t sign in with apple
Show more
2 years ago, Alkimar
I can’t find English to Korean
Show more
8 years ago, LJMStance
Krn Language N00b
This app is pretty awesome. As someone who doesn't understand nor able to read in Korean, this app is so great. The translations are amazing! You can go to a site and you can see it changing to where it makes sense in English. A must use when you're trying to understand the idols and actors.
Show more
9 years ago, Positivenarwhal
Saves me every day
As an english speaker learning Korean, there is no more accurate or convenient EN-KR/KR-EN Dictionary out there. Absolutely adore it; it is easy to use and gives lots of different meanings/examples. Definitely recommend getting this; there are no annoying pop up ads, etc.
Show more
7 years ago, Lyn88615
I've been using this app to look up words and save them in the"wordbook" which is the feature it provides for you to save vocabs you searched. After the recent update, it just decided to wipe out everything I have saved. How unreliable and inconvenient. If I had known, I would've never used this app to store any information. VERY disappointed!!! What's the point of creating a wordbook if it won't save anything?
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8 years ago, HopiwerCHOWCHOW
I love this app so much. I wish I could rate it 10 stars but there aren't that much, so oh well. I am Korean and I need translation and it also has synonyms!! Awesome!
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7 years ago, Squirrel6s
What happened with this update?
Why does my dictionary now only have basic text and no graphics? It also no longer works. Super mad I updated!!
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9 years ago, caseypenk
Not for English speakers
I downloaded this because I thought I could look up Korean words.. well they only have dictionaries written in Korean! In other words they have KR-EN and KR-KR but no EN-KR. Very disappointing, you would think they could easily reverse it.
Show more
9 years ago, TunaChamchi
So slow
So slow that I rather use Naver website instead.
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3 months ago, Kim ex j de jdjdnjcjdxjdjd
네이버 사전 깔아주시지 마세요
부모님 이 앱 깔아주시지 마세요 게임 유튜브 가능합니다
Show more
9 months ago, longtime_sowon
이틀 전부터 사전이 안 열려요… 고쳐주세요 ㅜㅜ
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