Navigate Student

2.3 (113)
69.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
EAB Global, Inc
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.4 or later
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User Reviews for Navigate Student

2.3 out of 5
113 Ratings
11 months ago, Taverec
Doesn’t show class start dates
The college I attend requires us to download this app as a out of state transfer student. The overall app is user friendly and easy enough to use and figure out. However there are some major UI issues. In the class schedule tab you are able to see the classes times and days of the week they meet. However it does not show the first day of classes and last day of classes. Nowhere on the app are you able to find this information. This is a really important thing to have on a college app because certain colleges have rolling enrollments. Meaning some classes may be on a 12 week basis while others are on a 8 week basis. (My college has 4 enrollment options all with different start dates for the same semester) This causes enough confusion on start dates as is however without a way to check the actual start and end dates a student could easily miss their first day of classes if they don’t revisit the website. At this time I’m more inclined to use the website for my college needs than this app due to its lack of properly thought out and working functions. Everything is there in the menu I’d want, half of it just isn’t fully fleshed out is the issue. The app needs serious work if it is to be the main hub for multiple colleges to direct their students to. College is hard enough already, students don’t need another headache trying to use a 75% completed app.
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6 months ago, Yo Momma 24/7
Please update your app. I keep on getting an error message saying: Unable to check on latest update. Fix the app
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11 months ago, Denae’s Review
The navigate app is a great app for me and any other college student to use when trying to figure what they must do or as I would say what needs to be done . It is very colorful, so it's got my attention easily . I love how I can get a Study Buddy who takes the same classes as me . Who doesn't like to interact with other students ? I know I do . My favorite thing on this app would have to be the " To Do and Events . Without this icon I would be lost , it helps me stay on track .
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11 months ago, Zing zing Jean
Great App for School
The navigate app has allowed me to view my schedule and find all my classroom and classes throughout my campus. Helps me keep track with my different appointments. And send a messages to my teachers and other leaders with ease. The only downside was that it logged me out sometimes I would frequently have to log back in
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11 months ago, AlexZDL
Works well.
Don’t get fooled by the bad reviews. While the UI could get some work, it is still pretty straightforward where everything is located, you class schedule, holds, appointments, etc. Sometimes you just gotta look something quick on your phone rather than getting on your laptop.
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10 months ago, Girl Gamer ^_^
Good app!
I’m able to see my class schedule, set up netting’s with my success team, and meet with tutors all in this app. Runs smoothly but be sure to update frequently as that can hinder the app working properly. Other than app, I have no issues using this app!
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11 months ago, Aprilr96
Great for basics!
This app has allowed for basic searches for campus use to be very helpful. The app is great if you need to find a link to something quick. There are some kinks in the app with crashing or it taking forever to load. Overall I think it is very convenient.
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11 months ago, HunnadGranDan
No Accessibility For Voiceover Users
This app is not accessible for people who use voiceover. The buttons don't work when activated and I can't get into sub menus such as appointments or class schedule. Navigate is an app that my school uses for many different tasks and as a blind individual I am not able to use the app at all because the app has poor Accessibility. hopefully the app developers can fix this issue as soon as possible.
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10 months ago, Walker Clapsaddle
I have to delete and redownload at least 3 times a day, I think maybe the servers are small and crash when too many people join but holy I need to know when my classes are at least during the first week.
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5 months ago, Cal228
Hard to use
Our college uses the Navigate app to schedule appointments with our advisors and such. Between it freezing and just not loading at all, it’s extremely frustrating and a waste of space on my phone.
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10 months ago, Jniels2991
Useful app
Navigate is like a virtual school buddy that's making the whole education journey smoother and more enjoyable. This app is a game-changer for college students!!
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10 months ago, Jon18384&
Long time user
Been using this app for years with my current college. It is been trash the entire time. Barely works when you need it to. Constantly signs you out or just sits at a loading screen for 5 mins.
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11 months ago, daisy1220
Great app!
This app was very easy to navigate and I loved the option of study buddies!
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11 months ago, RevengeSpike
App works
App makes school functions easy to access.
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10 months ago, Avangelie: the leo ♌️
The app keeps logging me out
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11 months ago, Honbopji
Easy to view appointments, schedules and connect with classmates.
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10 months ago, barbarosz
Beneficial App
This is a very beneficial app for students
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5 years ago, KweenReview
Need to include a back button or arrow.
The concept of the App is tremendous. Yet, there is a navigation errors that need to be fixed. (No pun intended!). I have noticed that once I reach a certain page there is not a button that brings me back to the home page nor to the page before. I am having to constantly to exit the App on my phone and restarting the program in order to get back to the homepage. I gave this app two stars because without the back buttons the App is a hassle to use and overtime have starts to become useless. I hope to the developer will read my review and will make changes pronto. I can see this App becoming a great game change in the near future. Yet in it currently state is has a few kinks that need to be ironed out.
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2 weeks ago, Puerto Rican Mongoloid
Buggy and lame
I only use it cuz I have too
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11 months ago, Ninasemet
nothing works!
cant open my academic plan (map) on iphone and online. impossible to use. do better, navigate
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4 months ago, milonokis
No college
They don’t even have my college..
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2 years ago, nategotsauce
App is No Good/Cry for Help
Writing this review because I currently do not have a laptop and have been forced to use my phone for the last semester. I was hoping this would just somewhat be like a mobile version of the website found on a laptop but it is absolutely horrible. For starters, and easily the BIGGEST problem with the app is that it does not let you look or even edit your planner/schedule. This is really the only reason why my school even uses the app so to not have this feature on the mobile download basically renders itself useless. Next, because for some reason you can actually access your planner on the website while your on mobile I tried that and it still left me useless. Every time you grab a class to drag to your calendar the website scrolls with the class you’ve dragged essentially never being able to let you scroll all the way down to the calendar unless you let go of the class your dragging. This leaves the whole registration process debunked and making me unable to sign up for any classes. Registration for winter classes came out today and I need help IMMEDIATELY because I have no way to register and if I don’t sign up soon I’m going to lose the classes I have planned. Please fix your app to at least be able to access and edit the planner would make everything so much better. I hate to give an app a one star review but this one is more so a cry for help than poo-pooing the app, I just need to be able to sign up for my classes asap.
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2 years ago, DanielP_04
Mostly good
I'm about to attend Northern Illinois University this year and I was told to download this app during my orientation. It seems extremely helpful and convenient for college. However, problem is that when I go into the app and it takes me to the browser where I log in, it doesn't take me back to the app as your app description says, making this app pretty useless. It doesn't help that the browser version is sort of not mobile-friendly. Other than that, everything else seems to be okay. I just hope I will be able to use the app version soon.
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2 years ago, trerrygarstasio
A lot of issues
The app was easy enough to use to register for classes (although it was still too glitchy that I had to register via the web browser), but when I go to add the classes to my calendar, it says it’s added, and then the app freezes and I have to force quit and the classes still aren’t added to my calendar. Most of the time when I open a section on the app it freezes and I have to force quit. Hoping this isn’t a long term issue but I would hope there is a way to fix it since there is no “contact” or actual app troubleshooting you can get to from the app.
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3 years ago, RRS212864
This app is beyond terrible. Students are forced to use this app for scheduling meetings with their academic advisor — and yet the app does not display what time slots are available to book. Yes you read that correctly. In order to book an appointment, you need to continuously select random calendar days and hope there is an opening on that day. There is no option for “soonest appointment” nor is there an option to see what time slots are available. This used to be possible in the app but after doing the update it is no longer possible. I know CUNY is short on cash but this app is garbage. Please CUNY at least get computer science students to make a new app as part of a volunteer project or federal work study, ANYTHING would be better than this.
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2 years ago, Lele8080
I love every about this app, I even like the idea of a study buddies because now if Im struggling I don’t have to waste all my mins on tutoring I can just go to study buddies, I also like that I can easily call and email my advisor or my instructor without have to go searching for what I need and it is very easy to contact them both. The fact that I can cross out my assignment off of my to do list without having to remember what the due date is it’s a plus for me. There is not nothin negative I can say about this app.
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1 year ago, Gingerella*
Great app, needs updating
There are few bugs: sometimes the app doesn’t launch; also, the app needs to be updated to fit an iPhone 14 Pro Max. The app isn’t optimized to the screen. Otherwise… This is a great app that boasts many features. You can manage a task list set by your school, as well as your personal to do list. You can schedule and appointment with your supervisor and even reach out to other students via the Study Buddy feature. If your school places any holds on your account you can see that too, and there are extra features like links to academic calendar.
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3 years ago, vanna the banana
Poor UI - confusing and outdated
Initially, I didn’t have an issue with the app. However, after the recent update, the app is super clunky, not user-friendly, and it’s too crowded. I don’t know how/if they got approved under ADA guidelines with how squished the information is. I also don’t get why you guys changed the available times option in general to having to press on individual days which is extremely time consuming. The developer team definitely needs some sort of testing group to try out every update before releasing it because the user inference is clunky, cluttered, confusing, and visually unappealing. Not easy to navigate at all.
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2 years ago, memdanat
List view isn’t chronological
I don’t outright hate the app, and I find it generally much easier to schedule appointments via the app as opposed to having to call in for every appointment, but I wish that health services (including counseling and the DLRC) were also available for appointments in the app. Also, and this is genuinely my biggest sticking point with the app right now— the class schedule list view is in alphabetical order, not chronological order. This isn’t really useful to me, I honestly can’t think of any situation where it would be more useful to have my classes in alphabetical order as opposed to chronological.
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3 years ago, epicgamer666420
Okay, here’s a suggestion
Overall, the app is okay but a bit awkward. I’ve found that the Home Screen glitches out a bit when you go back to it from other pages. Not a huge deal I guess. The schedule section was very disappointing to me because it could be so much better given that this is a mobile app. The list view isn’t even organized by time. What? The calendar-like style is great but most people will have a Google calendar anyways which is much more convenient to access. My suggestion for the schedule section is to create a chronological list of classes per day, and have the app change this list as the days change. Maybe there can even be a bar or something that moves down the list as time goes by to show where someone is during the day. If the schedule was set up like this, I could see myself using it a whole lot more. Thanks for reading!
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4 years ago, Weeppp
First it took me almost 15 days to create my school account now this. I can’t even login to the app using my CUNY first account. Idk what they are asking for but nothing works clearly. Now I have to talk to my ASAP advisor again and figure out what does this app do and how can I login. And the last time I talked to one of the people from service desk the guy told me idk what’s wrong with my school account and left the call just like that. I mean why would he be working in service deck if he doesn’t know what the problem is. I feel like dropping out.
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5 years ago, kimmypie21
Decent App
Most of the negative reviews indicate an issue with log in. That may not be an app issue per se but an issue with how the app and your school’s system communicate with one another. If your school has recently begun using the app, this may be a temporary glitch and you should probably reach out to your school’s tech support or EAB’s support for more assistance. Otherwise the app is reasonably easy to use. Scheduling advising appointments, which is its primary function, is less intuitive than I would like but still gets the job done.
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2 years ago, H_Clarke
Pretty Good
I’m a current student at Baylor University and we use navigate. I think it’s extremely helpful as far as being able to easily book appointments with advisors, tutors, career center, etc. I think it could be more user friendly in some of the other utilities because I don’t use it much for anything else outside of making appointments. It has “glitched” a few times and just shut out of the app, but not often enough for it to be a major issue.
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2 years ago, destinyzubia
Navigate Review
I am a student at Victor Valley College and we use navigate. The app is pretty easy to use, as well as the website. I like that I am able to see everything in one area. It is very convenient and allows easy access for many different aspects, such as tutoring or finding study buddies. It is just a great app to schedule appointments for various things. Overall, it is a good app and would recommend.
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2 years ago, Edocheedo8alfrafo
Great until crashed
I’ve been using navigate since September of 2021 and I’ve loved it, it’s extremely helpful. But today I got a series of notifications and when I opened the app I was logged out. This happens occasionally so I found my school and logged in only to be logged out again and told I don’t have access. It logs in very briefly before I am told to find my school once again. I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix it, hopefully there’s a new update fixing this issue soon!
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5 years ago, groupaccount
Cannot even login...
I decided to download this upon reading that my university uses this and advised students to download. Upon opening the app, I was able to type in and successfully find my school, however, that is about it. Upon entering my credentials on the portal (which is the same login as the one outside of the app) it gave me a message saying “Sorry, our login failed. Please try again.” I gave it a few minutes, even a couple hours-still nothing. The same red alert comes up every time without fail. Please advise and fix this issue so I can access proper notifications and make for a better college experience.
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2 years ago, Banananana999
Effective when in a pinch
I work at a job where I am not allowed to use my laptop or the work computer at all for school work but I am able to use my phone. The navigate app allowed me to check my class schedules without having to pull out my whole laptop and log in into my school’s site to pull it up. It also made it easy to add my classes directly to the calendar on my phone.
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2 years ago, afern86
This app is great!!
I use this app for school and I love all the features it has. It tells me my “to do’s” to make sure I never forget anything and it reminds me which classes I have which days ! It’s great for the days that I can access my laptop because I can check everything on my phone and keep myself updated. 100% recommend !
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2 years ago, Datster123
Easy use
I go to the university of New Orleans. At first I was skeptical about using it to schedule tutoring but when I did I found that it was easier to schedule through the app I found that getting to communicate directly to the tutor before hand was nice. I have yet to try the other features yet but from my experience with getting tutoring help I can’t wait to see just how easy they are.
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2 years ago, martalma20
This app is a lifesaver
Im an undergraduate pursuing a degree in biology, so I am always looking to stay organized with my classes. Navigate helps me to do just that! I seriously could not thank this app enough for being so accessible. The appointment feature has been especially helpful as I am easily able to schedule a meeting with anyone across campus.
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3 years ago, Cal Pla
Great app with a few issues
Navigate is a great tool to use. Many of the features of the app are very easy to find and use. The only issue I’ve had is finding the class planning feature. For me, this has been extremely difficult and time consuming. Once I’ve found it it is very straightforward and helpful. That would be the only downside to the app.
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2 years ago, anhell0707
Overall Good Features
This app has helped me immensely with scheduling appointments with my advisors and scheduling tutoring sessions, which is what I do the most on the app. It makes it easy to see my upcoming events and has helped become more organized. Overall, I really like those features and would recommend this app for students who want to easily organize their tasks and appointments.
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2 years ago, anikahsu
Very useful app!
This app helps me keep track of all my necessary meetings and such for college and it is extremely convenient! I recommend downloading the app to all my friends. It is definitely a lifesaver when you have a hectic schedule and has helped me keep track of my work, classes, and meetings over the semester.
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2 years ago, RyanW1228
Surprisingly good
I’m a student at Colorados Front Range Community College and I have used the web version of navigate for quite some time now. After trying out the app I was surprised by how similar it is to the web version while also being optimized for phones. The one “issue” I had with the app was that some of the pictures seemed low resolution.
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3 years ago, Mackenzie1719
Overall an ok app
I logged into the app when school first started and used it a ton!! It was very beneficial for me personally, however not everyone uses the app so sometimes their is hold on it that are true or their are glitched with certain parts of the app. I did use it a lot at first which is why I think it is a good app, but it for sure needs some updating or easier ways to access things.
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2 years ago, godly tiddy drops
Great app!!
I am a student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and this app is perfect for me! I am able to see all my appointments as well as schedule them, see my class list, and be able to connect with advisors and more! Definitely recommend this app for anyone who needs an extra dosage of organization in their life!
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2 years ago, Hue's Review
Get’s the Job done
I was able to use the app to make appointments, check my own schedules, and meet up with my study buddies. After all it’s a navigation app that helped navigate around your coursework, which you may find it helpful if you were to use if for school work navigating purposes.
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4 years ago, Alexander L. 🎨
Good app but could use a little something
This app and concept is pretty cool. I honestly like it. My problem is with the user interface though. It feels like a giant web page that’s trapped inside an app. I understand that technically that is was Navigate is but still. My other problem is with logging in. If I exit and close the app, even just for a short amount of time, it makes me find my school and log back in again.
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5 years ago, Josh Spooks
It’s not true
I don’t care what the 4 star rating says, the app itself is trash. I can log in fine, but am randomly logged out regardless of how long I’ve been on. Sometimes it’s after 15 minutes, sometimes it’s after 7 seconds. The screen scrolling will also randomly stop and you’ll have to force close the app. I pity the fool who tries to register for classes with the app. Even on the computer the site is buggy and a pain. If using this for any period of time doesn’t make you want to slam your head against the wall, you’re a better man than I.
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2 years ago, Cab2256
useless if you want to use it for the planner
The Navigate website is completely unusable from mobile devices, the “buttons” are just words on the page. I decided to get the app because I need to view my planner and of course, the app has no mention of the only thing that people actually use Navigate for, the planner. You aren’t able to view it or edit it which makes trying to use Navigate on mobile an impossible task, it’s completely frustrating.
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