2.7 (25)
104 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for NBC 10 WJAR

2.72 out of 5
25 Ratings
9 years ago, Rhodyguy
They've had time. Why can't they get it right. Terrible app useless information stories from all over without telling the location.
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2 weeks ago, Mustbejamcuz
Too Many Ads, Too Many Errors, Too Little News.
Many ads “posing” as news these days are not only allowed, but the content is exceedingly high on the “gross” factor. Serious misspellings in news articles abound, often slanting the story in an unintended direction. No excuses - there is a thing called Spellcheck. Garbled sentence construction too often leads to misinformation and even some hilarious misunderstandings. All too often, news articles are now obviously written in haste, with an eye toward time, money, and no regard for the reader. Those always mattered, of course, but in the race to be first with the news, accuracy has been sacrificed, and readers (or news consumers, in the present parlance) become confused, then disbelieving, and, finally, give up and don’t care anymore.
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2 weeks ago, RichJPain
Another Fake News Empire.
Sinclair Group is no different than Faux (Fox) News. I’ve seen your script handed down to all your stations word for word. Bias
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5 years ago, Mzb1120
Let me listen to music as I read PLEASE....
I like to listen to music via a blue tooth speaker while I read the newspaper my phone. Each time I try to read a story my music stops playing. It’s terribly annoying!!! So much so I plan on deleting the app and using my browser instead. I’m sure Sinclair Broadcasting paid good $$ to have the app developed. Time to update that bug. 👾 Otherwise I enjoy the app. I find it user friendly. It’s a bit difficult to move out of a story and return to the main page. Not a deal breaker however.
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9 years ago, Twins Squared
The old app was so much better!
The old app was so much better! This app is so much less user friendly. Small buttons, hard to find content and no functioning videos. The weather section is the worse change. You have to push several small buttons to even get to the weather section. No detailed forecast. Very little info at all on the weather section. Where are the national radar, school closings, weather features, detailed forecast, etc.? The old app was one of my most used and I hate the functionality of this one and don't see myself using it at all.
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1 year ago, Melacamara
I loved the news app, and always enjoyed it just the way it was. I liked that I could scroll through the listing and see a picture and read a glimpse of what the article was about, and because I don’t see very well, the dark mode was great! Now, the bright white screen is blinding to me and I do not enjoy it anymore. Please fix it back to the app it was, this way looks like I Googled the news online. Do not like it! ☹️
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9 years ago, Jam4532
Bring back the old app
This new app is useless. Old app had everything I needed at just a finger tap away, including a complete weather forecast that was updated throughout the day. I deleted this app and switched to WPRI channel 12's app which is superior. All my information is just a finger tap away, no fancy settings or rocket science to get what I need. This app gives the complete weather forecast and an updated video as well as all the icons!!! Wake up WJAR!!! You had the best app then ruined it! Only gave it one star because I had to in order to send my review.
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8 years ago, DALSAB
I can't believe they've let it go this long
This is an example of a good company getting sold bad services. Someone must have convinced a decision maker that this app was an upgrade from the previous one. Well, you were bamboozled. I wish I hadn't deleted the old one! I miss having NBC10 as an app. It's a pain to go to my browser (first world. problems!) I keep coming back to see if the reviews have changed showing its been addressed, but alas no. I just wish they anchors would stop telling me to download it - they must cringe!
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4 years ago, BriAlv
Highly recommend!
I downloaded this app during the COVID19 Pandemic. I made sure my notifications were on so that I was update with breaking news, and weather. Best News station ever!
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7 years ago, Matthew Hajjar-Betters
App freezes when using search feature
I've just recently downloaded the app for iOS, but one problem I've encountered, and I don't know if other people have too, yet, is that it freezes when using the search feature. I don't know why this happens, but can it be fixed in the next update?
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8 years ago, Timmy-Tom
Pop-ups Galore!
Don't bother getting this app. It is extremely frustrating. Every time I open it to try and read some local news, it immediately sends to to the App Store to download some POS gaming apps and will not allow me to go back to this news app ever. It just sends me back to the App Store within a second of retrying the news app. I just ended up deleting it and downloading another local news app that works just fine. Sorry, I preferred WJAR too.
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7 years ago, bostonredsox104
Improve Your Weather Graphics
We Rhode Islanders like to follow the weather every day. Your weather graphics are so incredibly uninteresting. Please make them more appealing -- at least show the overnight lows! I usually go to the WPRI app for weather. I've been waiting for this change to happen but it's taking so long. Thank you.
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8 years ago, LDRD112
This app is not worth the space it takes up on your phone
The old layout was much better. The descriptions for the weather forecast are gone, I can't find the school closings list anywhere, when you're reading a story that says, "click here for more," there's no link to click...I could go on forever. There are so many things wrong with this app. If it were possible to give no stars, I would.
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9 years ago, Cheermon425
Epic Failure!!
This new app is far to difficult to navigate...when it works! But even worse when it doesn't, which is most of the time!! I used your last app every day. Sometimes more than once. Please bring it back!!!!! You'd be better off having no app available at all than to offer this frustrating disappointment... Please save your reputation and bring back what wasn't broken to begin with.
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5 years ago, xMacx
Great source of local news
All recent stories and weather available for viewing and reading.
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9 years ago, Barnabas401
Terrible App
The old app worked and was unique to WJAR. This seems like some generic app that is used for many news platforms. The worst aspect of this app is the weather section. This app gives you a generic weather forecast that you can get from any crappy weather app. The old app had a forecast that was locally specific and included information from the actual meteorologist. This new app is just plain terrible!!
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2 years ago, declined nickname
Way to much like the others and BRIGHT
I liked this app because it was different than most other news apps in appearance. Now it looks like the others. The biggest issue I have is that there is no Dark Mode. Please add a setting to change the view to make it not so blinding.
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5 years ago, Lafacker
Replacing Mario Lopez with Billy Bush-you have got to be kidding-I for one will no longer watch EXTRA!
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2 years ago, ash999399
Please overhaul/ revamp
The app is easier to use than other news apps in the area. However, it has a mind of its own when it comes to load times and loading stories (particularly videos) to view. Even with a perfect connection.
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8 years ago, Madkitty23
Much better
I'm so happy you finally have a decent app up & running. So much better than the previous one. Giving it 4 stars because I'd like to see a better weather component.
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9 years ago, ARB221
Terrible it's mostly videos
The new app is awful in that most of the stories are videos. Most of the time when I use the app I cannot have a video playing. I like channel 10 but I've since switched to channel 12 because the majority of the news stories on their App is readable and not videos. Bring back the old format and I will return.
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9 years ago, Raeaudra
Down and out!!!!!
I feel bad for Molly trying to hype this new app. The old adage newer doesn't mean better certainly applies here. It has to be the worst user friendly local news app. Rate minus 5 stars if I could. Skycam feature shows only EP, where are the Obituaries to be found? Very disappointed so much so that I probably will delete this whole mess. Keep us informed if you should somehow repair this terrible news app. I will be using your competition from now on😥. I also think the changes to the TV broadcast are annoying and over the top so I will be changing that as well. Please fix this soon than later so I can come back.
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9 years ago, TiffanyJae
No video at this time? It's been saying that since the day this app came out. No details on forecast other than "rain today". Need locally specific forecast details and weather animation please. My built in ios weather app gives more information than this one and it's pretty basic. Someone dropped the ball on this one. Finding a more reliable app 😞
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8 years ago, RoB_11111
Please fix
This use to be my go to app for all news. Lately it has become unusable. I believe it's word crush that keeps bringing you to the App Store making it impossible to read any articles. The other pop up ads do not automatically bring you to the App Store. I will be switching my news app like the other reviewers.
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8 years ago, Trindity
Best one ...
Very nicely set up so far ....I'm really like the extras on this app and will give a five-star... when my live footage can be play... Good job! Will recommend to others... ( also where do I add my location?)
Show more
9 years ago, Tooch27
Can't even give a star it is so bad
Good to see I'm not the only one who can not stand this new app which is why I'll be deleting it. Why would you "fix" something that wasn't broke. If you want to pay someone to make stupid decisions I could certainly make my share of those and get paid at the same time it would be great.
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9 years ago, Ro54425
This new app is horrible!!! The old app was so much better! This one, there is no weather forecast. We used to be able to read a description of the weather from the meteorologist who was on. This app is awful I hope you change it ASAP. I will be downloading a different local news app from another station.
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9 years ago, Terrib75
Fix error message
While trying to access the Live News section, keep getting the following error "There was an error loading the content of this page". Video begins but the error box keeps popping up.
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9 years ago, Loislover
What did you do???
This app is terrible compared to the old one!! Where is the detailed forecast, the closings, the weather feature??? There is almost no weather functionality in this app!! Or if there is, it is very hard to find!!
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5 months ago, brizeelee
Weather does not reload
Weather is stuck from the day you first look at it. Uninstalling reinstalling nothing works. I want local weather. Seems like the most basic feature it should offer.
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1 year ago, BFalvey7
No Landscape Mode for iPad. No Dark Mode. Doesn’t let you use music while you’re in the app. Get a web developer and fix it already. Should be the standard. I can’t use this app while having my iPad in the desktop configuration.
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9 years ago, Garth 4b
Horrible - please fix
Completely ruined my formerly favorite local news app. Just horrible. I'm not sure what you guys were trying to achieve but this is a fail both on the iPhone and iPad. Broken functionality. Back to the drawing board. Had to delete it as it is so user un-friendly.
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7 years ago, Warren Reader
Bad update
Since the most recent update has downloaded, I can't access any stories. I click on a headline, and it only shows the headline itself and the associated image; no other content. Please issue another update asap!! I use your app all the time and usually I love it.
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9 years ago, Chris LB
New app no good horrible
Old app was great. I have been trying to work through it thinking I just needed to get used to navigating. But no. It's just a poor design. Lost many weather features and difficult to manage. Sorry let me know when u get a new one or update this I am done!
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4 years ago, PARossi2
Great Content Poor Functionality
The content is great! However the app doesn’t work more than it does. It also doesn’t allow you to listen to broadcasts and do other things simultaneously. If they improve the app functionality it will be awesome!
Show more
9 years ago, Pushguy
Not fair
NBC Channel 10 is trying to pass this APP off as something it isn't. I thought I was the only user who couldn't get the new APP to open, but I'm not. I'll just delete it and wait until reviews come in and proclaim it as being fixed. It's a waste of time right now. Too Bad!
Show more
9 years ago, chowbaby28
I have come back a few times to see if this app has been either changed for the better or hopefully had gone back to what it was...very unfortunately ...Not!!!! Am using another local channels app...is fine BUT not like your original!!!
Show more
9 years ago, Hclapp90
This app is absolutely horrible!! Like everyone else is saying there is nothing to the weather like the old app had. There are no details for the weather. Also, there are no closings and I do not like the new news layout in the opening
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3 years ago, MasterMRK
Dark mode?
I enjoy this app a lot, but is it possible to get dark mode?
Show more
8 years ago, Joet333
Best TV ensemble Worst app
It is obvious the owners of WJAR don't care what people think of their app. They have the best TV personalities and they accept garbage like this. Gene and company must grind their teeth when they tell us to check out the app. I keep coming back to see if anything has changed. I will go back to WPRI.
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9 years ago, kb0337
Terrible News App
Most of the time when clicking on headlines the link clicks over to an unrelated article, especially older news articles...very frustrating! Plus the functionality of the app is antiquated and unreliable.
Show more
5 years ago, jada824
Playback errors
There seen to be more & more playback errors where videos won’t play
Show more
7 years ago, JasleyboyN
I loved this app to look st their Sky network, now I can no longer get it. Also while reading news articles it just boots me off. Very disappointing
Show more
9 years ago, Sophiegirl1972
I used the old app EVERY day, multiple times. I'm close to uninstalling this version. It's terrible. Weather portion offers about 1/10 of what the original app did, that may be generous. Don't download please bring back the old app
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1 year ago, I don't want a Nickmame
Try to watch a video in an article and all you see is a commercial.
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8 years ago, Jfdrescue1
This app is very difficult to navigate and poorly laid out. I am a channel 10 viewer but I use the apps from the other stations for getting the news on my mobile devices. Please come up with a new app!!!
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9 years ago, Katedltn
Can't open
I'm sorry to say that I have to agree with all the recent reviewers! I can't use this app at all. I had no problem what so ever with the old one. I also have to delete it. Good bye Channel 10. You were always my favorite :(
Show more
9 years ago, VenomousFate
horrible...... not an improvement to the old. Bad user interface ..... forecast page is a complete joke!!!! Whoever created this new app should be fired. I may have to delete wjar altogether as this is unusable and they have disabled the older version .....
Show more
9 years ago, dfred411
There are middle school kids that could create a better news app than this. I feel like the next step is to actually print the news on paper and then deliver it to my house.
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2 years ago, Sunny00830
It is difficult to read the news story in the new app. The print is lighter. I will be finding a new app to read RI news.
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