NBC 4 New York: News & Weather

4.6 (1.9K)
96.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for NBC 4 New York: News & Weather

4.58 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
6 years ago, Farida Maui
Brings News to me Instantly to my iPhone Lock Screen
I frequently travel especially to New York City and downloaded this app to keep tabs on daily weather report, traffic, road closures and local news. Since then, I kept the app even back at my hometown In Hawaii because it sends important news directly to my iPhone lock screen and just swipe right from the lock screen to view the article easily. Now I’m vacationing in Japan and I immediately heard of news back in U.S. The app is easy to use, just download it and allow notification when it prompt you at setup. You can have news you can use and be aware of what’s happening in the world. It only does push notification on top stories so it’s not too much notification. Thank you for the app, keep up the good work!
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10 months ago, NYC718
This is a good app, but one bug I’ve noticed with it is that the badge number on the app icon keeps increasing each time I get a notification even though I’ve already cleared the alerts in the alerts section within the app. So for example, if in a day I get 3 notifications the app would display a badge with the number 3 and I’d go and clear out the alerts in the app and the badge number would disappear but then when another notification comes in, the badge would display the number 4 instead of 1. So it acts like I still haven’t cleared out the alerts even though I did. UPDATE: Latest update to the app fixes the inaccurate badge bug.
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4 years ago, CityKatH13
BREAKING NEWS: it’s a great app!
When I worked in the corporate world, I only watched NBC to get my day started, because I could relate to their anchors the most — they felt like “my tribe”, with the same sense of humor as me. Although I left the corporate world a long time ago and no longer watch the news (it’s too depressing), I still want to know when important events happen that could affect me and my family. Enter the NBC 4 NY app and its Breaking News feature.... Although when the COVID pandemic started, they overused that functionality, because when the new cases *doubled* (which made it sound very dramatic) from 4 to 8, for example, I have to admit I was a little annoyed. If the cases doubled from 400 to 800 overnight, THAT would’ve been “breaking news.” I give the app four stars, because it keeps me informed, and I like that the news is separated by type. It’s much better than going to WNBC’s mobile website. Some articles, however, take too long to load. Sometimes, there is only a video available — I understand that this is a news station’s app, but I prefer to read my news (it “registers” better with me), so having a transcript available for every video would be nice. Thank you for being there for me all these years!
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5 years ago, Snuffalofogus
Up-to-Date News
Lists local & national news stories, by category. Sometimes stories don’t change frequently — especially in some sections. Other sections are video only, with no text. One glitch: It provides pop-up alerts for breaking news that connect to a story/ the app, but sometimes the news story has not been posted on the app so if you miss the pop-up alert alert/ aren’t able to tap on the pop-up message, you won’t see the breaking news story until it is posted on the app, which can take a bit. Tapping the pop-up alert links to the message, but that story is somehow not on the app page. Hard to explain, but frustrating...
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6 years ago, Tokmul
Possibly the best channel in the tri state area, NBC has it covered with news coverage at convenient times and entertainment for everyone in my home. My Tv is always on NBC. From Lester Holt, Savanah, Hoda & Kathy Lee, Natalie P, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen, David Ushery and Chuck, my news and entertainment is covered by the best in the industry. Those mentioned don’t just inform and entertain, they are in my home presenting to me and my family. They are so good at their craft and that’s the way TV personalities should be. I truly love NBC, I feel I have a friend in this channel by always having it on, no matter what I am doing NBC is great company to have. Thanks buddy!!!
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6 years ago, Saved student
Wish I had downloaded this app sooner
I was looking for a decent weather app. This turned out to be the best weather app I ever used plus a very good news app all rolled up together. The weather app is an excellent radar function that updates frequently and gives a good hourly and ten day overview. It offers a video of the weather forecast if you want to see and hear a channel 4 weather person "talk" about the weather as they do on television. And it's more than that.... download it for free and try it. I deleted other similar apps after I got this one.... Franklin L. Westwood , NJ
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4 years ago, Μιχάλη Κωσταντίνος
Michael from Connecticut
This is the best app for telling you when the rain is coming. I tell everybody to download NBC 4 NY! I love New York City and you keep me informed with everything that's going on in New York City! It makes me feel like I'm there! It puts me at ease since I cannot get to New York City easily like I'd like to. Not to forget to mention that when NBC 4 NY carries live press briefings, the quality is much better than Fox 5's even though I like watching their news casts as well. Your coverage is exactly what it should be! Thank you guys. Let's all get through this Coronavirus soon!
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3 years ago, P nyc
Most reliable weather map/reports.
I have used this app since it started- I find the weather radar map is the most accurate available. Particularly like to be able to see the future map in motion. The news is easy to navigate and see past news as well as well as being able to watch live news. Highly recommended!
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6 years ago, Muni took
Live Stream???
Downloaded this app with the specific intent of watching the St. Patrick’s Day parade today that my son is marching in. The app gave me nothing but repeat the commercials for Honda and Zyrtec. if you say you’re going to live stream you should make sure that it works. Really annoying I wasted 45 minutes hoping that each time I reloaded that it would work properly and lo and behold and just replayed the same commercials over and over again. This is really sad and embarrassing for whomever is in charge of this. The app is poorly laid out, hard to navigate, and obviously doesn’t work as advertised. And as an added bonus, the app never Exit properly. Are usually have to swipe up and hard close the app instead of being able to back out and move on to something else.
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6 years ago, Sports thoughts
Out of Towner
As a Snowbird spending the winter in Florida I have found the NBC News: New York application to be Indispensable in keeping current with the metropolitan news indispensable in keeping current with the Metropolitan news. The application provides current breaking news and weather notifications. It is also easy to navigate so that I can read and see videos of the stories that are most interesting to me.
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4 years ago, Galesburg 1$
Instant News
Even though I retired last year and moved out if NYC, I watch the news on this channel constantly. I find the news to be informative and accurate and delivered in a very professional manner. Your news app was my lifeline during this pandemic. My son lives in Manhattan and other friends, so I was able to understand their experiences. Thank you for always being there.
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2 years ago, Nerdy Pete
Handy app! BUT…
I really wish I could turn off all notifications for sports. I Sports is not a option in the “News Alerts” tab and while Olympics is, I *still* get notifications for it. It’s pretty frustrating to get sports and olympics notifications when I really could not care less. I can’t turn off notifications for the app because I *do* care about getting notifications for NYC news stories because I actually care about those. Good app, otherwise.
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3 years ago, Pout3521
Best App For Weather
I love the NBC 4 App for its weather report. The information I need - how cold is it outside, is it going to rain, and if it is, when - is all right there when I open the app, and the information is very reliable. I used to use the Weather Channel app but it’s not as detailed and they seem to be going out of their way to make that app confusing and harder to use.
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5 years ago, NYC TX Aggie
I ❤️ NBC 4 NY App
My go to app for almost all things NYC. Great journalistic reporting and current on major breaking events around the area. The morning weather report is great before starting out on my commute. All around good app. The only thing lacking is a public transit commute update. The traffic info is good, but it would be great if the provided brief updates on public transit similar to Spectrum One. Other then that, great app.
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3 years ago, Dawnygirl1
Where’s the high temp for today?
I love the app, and new interface. But in order to see what the high temp is for today, I have to scroll across the graph, find the highest number and see what the high temp will be from there. It shows the high for other days, just not the day I’m in. It used to show the high for today…what happened?
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4 years ago, Apehed
Best app on my iPhone!
Could not live without “My 4” as I call it. I’m a New Yorker thru and thru but unfortunately I am separated from beloved city. With “4” I hear and see events and happenings long before the nightly news picks it up. With my hectic schedule I’m still able to keep abreast of all that affects my City on a moment by moment basis. Thanks for being a beacon of enlightenment in my daily existence. NBC 4 rocks!
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3 years ago, rcrodgersjr
I like it.
We recently moved to our country home in Pennsylvania during the COVID 19 emergency and the app keeps us informed as to what’s happening in the city. Sadly we’re going to sta here because the cost of living and quality of life is a little better but we’ll continue to go back and forth to visit friends and family.
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3 years ago, former New Yorker ,
Review & my satisfaction
I only have NBC’s App for a short time - I live in Boise, Idaho - & being I grew up & born in NY, raised my family in E. patchogue LI, I figured I can keep up with the news & what’s going on back there !! & I get all the news & scoops all day , it does keep me informed, I can not complain , I’m pretty happy with the app, amazing what has been going on there ( NY ), I don’t miss the NY drama , & the humidity !! Overall the app is good !!
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4 years ago, badbunnybkyboyboy
Very informative, accurate and an accommodating app that allows users to be abreast with news
A great app that makes it convenient for users to be on top of their current affairs. I like how they provide alerts and it pops up on my screen. This app is so convenient that many times I am more aware of current affairs than people who watch news regularly.
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5 years ago, Dianthes
Easy and convenient.
I haven’t regretted downloading this app since I did. It’s easy to get to the breaking news, the notifications show up almost immediately on my lock screen and a quick swipe lets me know what is happening real time. I like the fact that the news is in both video and text format. Thanks guys, great job!
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4 years ago, Marynp
Our favorite network channel
You can now get apps for every news source in NYC BUT we think News 4 is the best in just about every category - from breaking news to borough-specific stories. We are temporarily living outside the city but want to keep up on all the news and this app gives us everything we need.
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4 years ago, Howard Spence01
Great News app
I use this news app the stay informed of what is going on. In our great city of New York. It keeps me up to date and informed on what is the news is and what is happening locally. It keeps me dry with the weather. It keeps me moving with the traffic reports. It keeps me sane with the minute to minute news pieces and it keeps me insane with the sports. Great going. Fantastic work. Howard Spence
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5 years ago, yeetboiyes
This app is AMAZING
This app is friendly and direct. This is unlike other websites where it is complicated an you are just working to find something. In this app you can find stories easily, and know what you need to wear tomorrow. This app also tells you about crimes and other things. I would recommend this app to everyone!
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4 years ago, La_negra
Stay connected
I really enjoy this app. It allows me to stay connected to what’s going on in the world. I prefer the app to watching the news because I can pick and choose what information I want. The app gives everything from local to world news, sports, entertainment, weather and did you know articles. It’s great!
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4 years ago, handsomeguuyintl
Quick highlight overview in alerts
I’d like to stay posted of the latest in NJ/NYC without receiving constant news. Therefor I have my notifications off but instead log in to this app and just look at the alerts. These are extremely helpful en keep me posted on the latest important news. Especially during the COVID-19 period.
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5 years ago, John NBC4
This app is Great ! It keeps you up to date with breaking news. You can watch the news live on your phone. The weather app is great; you can get live hyper accurate radar, you can get time lapse radar and all the weather statistics. You can resize the radar to see s particular area or the whole country. Check it out; you will love it.
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4 years ago, Notacop
Companion on my journey
I appreciate NBC journalists and personalities convey facts clearly and concisely without the editorial nonsense prevalent in most other news sources. If you want good news reporting, an easy to use app that gives you helpful news updates when important things happen in the local area this is the one for you.
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5 years ago, pbc23
What happened?
I have used this app for years especially for the weather and the radar. This new update is terrible. Opening the Live Radar, a big ad for Macy’s is across the top of the screen blocking a good portion of the top of the screen and chops off the storm tracks. You can no longer rotate the screen to view a bigger image. Obviously, Macy’s is more important than the user. I know you need to pay the bills, but, this is ridiculous.
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3 years ago, Lbc4474
New version has a lot of problems
I used to love this app and went to it all the time for the weather. A few weeks ago it was updated and since then, there have been a lot of problems. There are times when I got into the app and I cannot access the weather or the news at the bottom of the screen. I’m not sure if it’s a programming issue or what. I really liked the app prior to the update but now I hate it.
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6 years ago, mserious
Not optimized for iPhone X
Too bad, since millions have purchased this device already. When viewing a photo gallery, the screen above and below the images turns black. The button to return to the previous screen is situated in the upper left ‘horn’ on the screen, but has no functionality when pressed. In order to continue using other functions of the app, one can only force-shut the app and restart - very inconvenient. Thanks funky dev team for looking into this.
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2 years ago, Deb2800
Needs bugs worked out
I’ve been using this app for quite a while and been happy with it, but the last few weeks it’s been having issues. The weather section won’t load and freezes the whole app. I have had to go the App Store and reload it several times. But today even that won’t work. It is still stuck in weather trying to load the radar map.
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3 years ago, Chynared21
Bring back the version before this latest update…
I do enjoy the latest app update to the app itself but the weather on my pull down screen totally disappeared. It was my go to instead of having to swipe to a different page , folder and app. Too many steps. I’ll just have to use the iOS weather app as that is in my pull down.
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4 years ago, Socky Soprano
Amazing weather predictions
This weather feature ( when set to your location ) is so reliable. I always pop it open to see what’s the weather going to be like now & the future look ( just a few hours ahead ) before I go anywhere!! Simply amazing
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4 years ago, Lina's helpful reviews!
Lots of updates!
This app gives you an option of notifications. I picked yes, meaning that this app can send you notifications that are important. This is really helpful for what is happening in the world with this pandemic. Sincerely Lina. Please enjoy this app! Sometimes the app can be annoying because when I’m sleeping a loud *ding* pops up, but that’s why there’s silent mode and night mode. Lol.
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3 years ago, JulieNCSLP
Not a fan of recent changes
I have used this app for years and I really loved it for news and weather, but I really don’t like the latest changes. The news part is okay, but the changes to the weather portion make it very hard to see/read. I thInk it’s because it just looks like a lot of tiny gray print. Nothing stands out. It’s a huge step down, IMHO.
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5 years ago, Ibotta Shoppa
Very informative
Our son lives in NYC and this app almost always gives me information about what’s happening there even before he knows about it. At times, I’ve been able to save him time by letting him know where emergencies are happening or trains are down so he can avoid them. I love this app!
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4 years ago, 8675309jenny-jenny
This app has been a Godsend during the pandemic
I’m away from New York, and google news is really not cutting it when it comes to keeping me informed during this pandemic. I figured I’d download this app to see if I could be in touch with more news. Yes, this app is making me feel close to New York. Thank you for this. 💯🗽😷❤️
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3 years ago, dizzyiris14
Recent updates made weather section ineffective
They updated this app recently and I don’t like the format of the weather section. If you have it showing the temperature for the day, you can’t see if it is supposed to rain. There is also no general outlook for the current day’s weather. I hope they change the format back.
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6 years ago, Chica in Jackson Heights
Reliable Info
I watch NBC news/weather because I feel they are reliable & usually on point with the weather forecast. And now the app gives me the 411 whenever I need it & u can watch live if I choose to. I also appreciate the notifications I get regarding stormy weather, amber alert, etc.
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5 years ago, Anchormissx3
The BEST for everything news when you live in NY
I had a few different apps of all the local news stations (abc 7, cbs app) and this one BY FAR has the best features, the most up to date news, notifications on severe weather heading my way... don’t know where I’d be without it
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6 years ago, Pssht
Honest News
Really pleased reading all the accurate breaking news that you provide. I get a weather forecast every day at 7:00 am and alerts for important events that affect our area. I highly recommend your app and very glad that your providing such good reporting to our community.
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6 years ago, New-life
Great app!
I love being able to keep up with news from my home. I moved away a few years ago and always like to keep up with things happening in New York and this app is perfect. There are a few glitches from time to time but overall it is my link to New York.
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3 years ago, BY90069
Turned off notifications but still get them
I like the new design but I don’t like how I turn off weather notifications and still get them. I just want breaking news alerts, that’s all. I have another app that already tells me when it’s going to rain or lightning. It’s too much now from your app even after I disabled it.
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4 years ago, CamWein
I love NBC News because it give me all the news update in a timely fashion and is based on fact. The reports are complete and if information is still coming in they tell you that there is more to report. They are the most reliable news network!! Camille Wein
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3 years ago, CarolCarol99
New version not great
I’ve used this app several times a day, every day for weather. This new version has way too much white space and the typeface is light gray - can barely see it. When you click to current day and move to weather by hour the time turns from gray to black but that’s it the cloud showing rain or lightening stays light gray. Plenty of empty space - make the numbers bigger and darker. Boomers are using your weather app - we need bigger, darker numbers!!
Show more
3 years ago, LeeRiker
I live in New Jersey…I love and use your app for the weather, the radar is sooo right on, then a can listen to the forecast which is great! And I like the alerts for the instant news of what’s happening in a short paragraph (which is all I need for today’s news)… SandraJ
Show more
3 years ago, Aisey Alana
Stay Informed with NBC News 4
Downloaded this app and I’m so glad I did. It keeps me up to date and informed, especially with breaking news. I also enjoy having reliable weather forecasts at my fingertips. I depend upon it these days!
Show more
6 years ago, Nettie71
Functional App self explanatory
This app is seamlessly easy to use. It also provides me news and weather notifications locally and when I’m out of town. At one point I could see my local news NBC NY while out of town now that’s changed. Other than that its a great app.
Show more
4 months ago, SweetMimi54
Doesn’t load
When are you going to fix this app? It seems you don’t care. It used to be a great app but now I go into the app. It takes a long time to upload and then it sends me a message to open in the app when I am in the app. Also, in the Weather part when you click on weather alerts, it brings you to a list of counties and then when you click on the counties, it brings you back to the list of counties.
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6 years ago, Johnny Rods
Peacock Pride
Great work out of WNBC-TV. Their wonderful app covers it all; from Hoboken NJ, to Greenwich, Ct, to Larchmont, NY to all five boroughs of NYC. If you want concise, up to minute broad news coverage on all things in the tri-state area, this is the app for you. The clean and sleek graphics give it a very contemporary feel and the distribution of content, digital and otherwise is top notch.
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