NBC 5 Chicago: News & Weather

4.5 (1.9K)
96.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for NBC 5 Chicago: News & Weather

4.51 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Mikeh1993
Love it.
I love the app, but there are drawbacks. The weather portion is the part I love the best, especially the live radar, which is great when storms are rolling through the area. The news portion is the part I hate the most, because it will send alerts often, even if they are turned off, although it’s not as bad as it used to be, it still happens once a week, but that’s not enough to make me remove the app though. I also like that I can watch live newscasts as well, especially with the weather and like how something weather related shown on TV at various times appears in the app within a few minutes.
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7 years ago, Mrs. Hopeful
I like to be informed daily of the local, national, and international news. The news stories are interesting and informative. However, I do wish there would be more positive happy stories told leaving the public the network serves ending the news at the end of the day on a positive note. The magic of the holidays during that special time of year should be felt in the news throughout the year. I have spoken to several Family members and friends who rarely watch the news anymore, because of daily violence, negative politics, taking the place of real life heartwarming stories. So when we tuck our children in bed every night after reading a feel good story, we say “Pleasant dreams.” Shouldn’t the adults have the same happy positive dreams at the close of their day every night when they sleep? I would like to believe that could be true. Pleasant stories! Pleasant dreams to all and good night.
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4 years ago, not.CourtneyB.up.in.NYC
Update seems like a downgrade...
So...I used to love this app. However some recent changes have made for some annoying glitches. Several stories will not scroll up, leaving me unable to finish the article. The new ad format is aggressively large and often in middle of article. Sometimes I scroll up and it goes directly to ad or sponsored story content. It’s becoming a hassle just to read an article! I used to love this app, and I’m hopeful next update will solve the problems. Other than that story content is good, yet sometimes repetitive. It is very up to date, informative (when you can read the full article), and interactive. I really enjoy the interactive ness of several articles, most recently being able to type in your hometown and pull down the wildfires out west and being able to visualize what that would look like in your community.
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4 years ago, lsdfghklpoytes
Mixed thoughts
I’m trying to like the weather part but it has some real issues. For example when I look at the 5 day forecast at the same time I’m watching the 5 day forecast on the tv broadcast they are not the same! Brant keeps saying you see exactly the same on the app - NOT. The real-time radar seems to lack behind live tv by about 10-15 minutes when watching both at the same time. Right now the DAILY forecast (June 6) says a high of 84 but the HOURLY forecast never gets beyond 77. Very inconsistent. Which is correct? So I’m not sure what’s going on here. It seems that the radar and forecast feeds are different for the live tv and this app. In fact when you zoom way out on the radar you can find different radar sites across the country. That leads me to believe it is some sort of national data feed and not Chicago specific. Certainly not what the nbc 5 weather team is saying.
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2 weeks ago, JKizzy35
Are you kidding me?!? Your app (yes… It is YOUR app! Not me… Not my phone… Not user error… etc…) has not been displayed correct times, temperature, or really any data for MONTHS NOW!! I have confirmed this with multiple other friends and family members, and they are all having the same issue as well! It will say “your location” 8pm and 70 degrees when it’s 1am and 58 degrees out. Then slide to the next location on my list (the city I live in/should be my location as well) and it gives a completely different time and temperature like 2pm and 82 degrees outside. And yes… It does the same thing with neighboring cities as well… It’s literally all sorts out of whack! Get someone on patching this issue already, will you?? This is ridiculous that I haven’t been able to use my go to weather app anymore for literal months now because no data is syncing and/or is displaying correctly!
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3 years ago, Ggvj
Great except for video player
The app works very well except for the video player. I'll often click on articles and have a suggested video that seems to be related to the story. After clicking, it's usually a live broadcast and unrelated to what I'm looking at. When the video is correct, the player is unstable. Going into full screen doesn't truly put you in landscape mode - the speakers don't correctly play audio from both sides (top and bottom speakers) of the phone. Furthermore, spatial audio with AirPods seems to always be used dispute having it disabled in my phone settings. Improving the video player would really increase the usability of the app.
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4 years ago, Ms. Taff
Weather obsessed
I love this app especially for the weather information. It gives live data and you can see when bad weather is coming to your area. I check the weather more than I care to admit. I also like how accurate it is. I do also like the news updates but I agree with some others that it’s too many and some are not necessarily important enough for an alert. Still love the app and definitely use it daily.
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4 years ago, The Big Kahuna_66
Great app, but could be better
Great app for my local news and from my favorite news channel. Have been watching NBC News since I was a young adult. I receive notifications for any breaking news. The app could be easier to navigate, i.e., I was recently trying to find a listing of cities’ curfews due to the George Floyd protests. According to channel 5 news, I could find the listing of cities and their curfews on the NBC Chicago on line. The app did not have a link to those cities. I even tried using the search option, but never found it. I will still use the app. I hope it improves, though.
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3 months ago, Mardeedee
Ads too many and too large
I get news notifications. When I tap on one, it opens in the app which is extremely tiresome to use/read on because there are way too many ads which are also very big. I have to do more scrolling than news reading. Too many ads also make the app way too slow to read the news because the adds are all graphics and video. It’s much quick to read the news by just going to Safari, typing a few keywords and reading the news on other sites. If there’s an NBC search result on Safari, when I tap on it, it still opens in the NBC app. There’s no way to choose to open in Safari. Annoying NBC.
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4 years ago, pastorpaul56
I’m originally from New Orleans and I grew up watching WDSU and NBC affiliate. When I moved to Illinois 33 years ago I began watching WMAQ it gives me just what I'm looking for. If I have any issues it would be that they repeat themselves a little to much for me. I enjoy the live radar especially when storm’s are coming through my area. I just want to say that I will continue watching channel 5 news y’all are the best in town, keep up the great work guys.
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4 years ago, ritawater2
NBC App especially Weather
I have been using the app several days a year! Every day especially inclement weather! You are my life line! Thank You❤️ I can’t live without my NBC App❤️. I can’t tell you how many times a day that I open it up to check new like to see when the Mayor or Governor is having a news conference and then there is the weather! I have a dog that has to go out and I check to see how it is outside and to see what kind of outer wear I need! I guess you can see how much value your App gives me! 5 stars! I love my app and use it several times a day! Constantly check on weather conditions especially for walking the dog, checking on updated news and of course the 2:30 report from our Governor. It is part of my day! 4 Stars
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6 years ago, Freezer Mike
I have been a weather buff forever since I worked outside for 40 years. I find the very precise 5 day forecast right on and the satellite- precipitation radar amazing!!! I can scan out to Nebraska to see what’s coming or as simple as checking to see when the clouds are moving out to plan my outside work. Having 24 hour access to the weather makes my life so much easier!!!
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3 years ago, Bam bam7
This is the best app. I get everything from them. Weather updates ( and believe me if it is bad weather near by you will know). News and sports. Now the games in Tokyo and the Olympics. I can take it anywhere. Thank you NBC News weather and sports. God Bless you all for keeping us safe. Download their app it will be the best thing you can do for your family. Stay safe with NBC!
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2 years ago, Myrna M.
NBC app
Love it. Always “my go to”. The only issue is when you are viewing an alert and reading it and you want to delete it, the “x” to delete it is so small that when you tap on it, it opens up the alert again. It’s a pain. Can you make the “X” bigger or create a swipe to the left feature to delete it easier. Thanks!
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5 years ago, SusiBuffy
Love this app!
Every morning when I open my iphone an NBC5 weather report for that day is waiting for me. It helps me to decide what to wear and how to plan my day. The app sends important breaking news notifications, but not too many to annoy. The Live Radar is nice. You can see weather movements in real time. Overall a great and useful app that does what you expect without bombarding you with nonsense all day.
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5 years ago, ChicagoA
Weather Videos - Tell Me More...
Wishing the videos that were uploaded to the app were the actual forecasts from the news broadcast. Just take Brant’s forecast from the 5:00 news or the 10:00 news and put that up on the app - keep uploading the latest and greatest. The version he records for the app is never at complete as the one he does for the actual broadcast. Also, it’s unfortunate that you don’t give any dewpoint info on the app - just inferior relative humidity info. Please update that. Dewpoint is so much more helpful. Thx
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3 years ago, Suzie47
Who the heck remodeled this app!?
Some computer nut just revamped this app and it’s horrible. You used to be able to find articles easily. There used to be a number in a red dot outside the app to let you know how many alerts there were. All you had to do is open the app and touch the little bell that had the red dot on it and it pulled up all the new stories. Now I have this huge number on the outside of the app but when I open it there is nothing that indicates new stories. I can’t get rid of the number. Please fire the idiot that remodeled the NBC 5 app and bring back the old one.
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4 years ago, Gale S Berry
Timely alerts
I can always depend on weather and news alerts when needed. The Governor and Mayor daily update alerts are great during the COVID-19 pandemic. I look forward to the alerts to remain updated. The daily weather forecasts helps to plan my day. The forecasts are accurate and let’s me Know if I should schedule outside events in the morning or afternoon. Overall a great app recommended highly.
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5 years ago, Patjch
Keeps me in touch
Although I moved out of Illinois, I depend on and enjoy your local news and weather to stay in touch. Frequent trips (every few weeks) are made easier and richer because you keep me up on everything. Plus, it is easier to understand what my friends and family are experiencing. Thank you! Just don’t forget to focus on good news!
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4 years ago, C upchurch
Happy with most of it
I look at the low temperature for the day a lot because I work and do other things outside. A lot of times the low for the day will say something like 28 degrees. But when I get up at 4:30 it is actually 19 degrees out, and the app still says 28 degrees for the low. Sometimes I have to plan ahead for the Westland it is just a little frustrating when I’m getting mixed signals on the temperature. Other than that I use the app a lot and love the interactive weather map, it is awesome to have.
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3 years ago, wilmaphillips
I liked the weather option.
Within the last few days, the weather option does not work. It has worked for years, and I used this app more often than the Weather Channel. Now it says no chart available. Sometimes it will give me weather for another town that I have programmed in, but, when I ask for my town, it continues to give me the previous town’s information. I have been forced to use the Weather Channel. I deleted the app, then reloaded it from the App Store, and it still says no chart available.
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3 years ago, 8135629
New nbc 5 app
This morning a pop up asked to allow or not allow tracking, and ever since then the app doesn’t work like it used to. I deleted it and then reinstalled but it still is not working right. Cannot scroll the news and also cannot switch between news and weather without going out and reloading. Help. I like this app especially for the weather and want it to work like before.
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4 years ago, wranglerjeepgal
News and Weather is Top of the Pops
Excellent app for my local news. It’s the only app I have and look to for Chicago news and weather. Weather reports and advisories are the best. I like to know what conditions are coming my way (rain, snow, wind, sun, tornadoes, etc) and when to expect them. I know with NBC 5 Chicago I am always going to get the most precise and updated information.
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3 years ago, Jazz1723
Good weather app for bad weather
I use only the weather part of the app, but the radar is fantastic. Shows you your location, and lets you "play" the radar forecast for the next several hours. It's a lifesaver in severe weather to predict when the severe weather will pass, and to verify that the storm has passed. I don't know what I ever did without it.
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3 years ago, ibsweiss
Unnecessary notifications
Why does your app notifications leave us “biting our nails” for the news, while other news apps give us enough information via the Notification Center to get by? So much unnecessary. I don’t have to click into your notification for updates when another app gives the exact “nail biting” update right beneath you in my Notification Center, with more information. Which app do you think gets more praise? You guessed it. That’s why you get 2 ⭐️’s.
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4 years ago, C-Roni2
Channel 5 app
I absolutely love this app. The notifications keep me informed, the articles are great and there is such variety. I’m glad I downloaded it. I have had the app less than 1-week and I scroll through it several times daily. You are often alerted to what’s going on before it’s aired on the news. Awesome experience not to mention I am a faithful channel 5 viewer.
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5 years ago, aletha4
App for channel 5news and weather.
I love this app I have it on my phone and tablet also on my computer. It keeps me up today on what is going on. I highly recommend the app. I give it 5 stars. That is how much I love it. Thank you channel 5 for having this app. I do not have time to really sit down and watch the news on tv. But I can see what is going on with this app.
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2 years ago, Djx0708
“Still there” notification is annoying
I’ve always had this app just for important news/weather notification. Recently I’m getting notifications asking if I’m “still there” and that they’ve “noticed I haven’t opened the app in a while”. Not a huge deal, but a little annoying- just wanted to provide the feedback.
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3 years ago, Anono12
Can’t get back to weather
I have no issues with the formatting and color theme changes but if I don’t close out of the app, when I go back into it I can’t get to the weather. The bottom toolbar is gone and I am stuck on news. I then have to close and reopen the app to get weather access. Also old version used to save my news or weather preference when opening and the new one defaults to news.
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6 years ago, Thoughtfulpoet
Excellent News Source
I like news that is just that: news. Commentary is someone's interpretation of the facts. NBC news is my have to source---where ever I am in the world of getting solid reports about developments across a range of topics. The writing is easy to understand without assuming readers are on a 3rd grade reading level. I really appreciate this excellent and pertinent news source!
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3 years ago, Bill in Homewood
NBC app
I enjoy the weather section of the app most. I enjoy looking at the hourly forecasts for wind and precipitation amounts along with the temperature. These are truly handy as I frequent different areas of the country and I often use the information to decide when I will hike or fish or do yard work or decide how to best enjoy my day. Andy Avalos is the Best! And Zoridea is great and beautiful! Sincerely Bill in Homewood, Illinois
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4 years ago, 44 year old mature woman
I like the app it updates very often on things from local traffic backups that may affect your commute to weather, amber alerts and other stories of interest. You can adjust the notifications received. And Like the live feature so I do not have watch from my tablet via cable carrier App!
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6 years ago, Bingmsnn74
Easy, Simple, Quick, & Not Annoying!!!
I hate pop up notices on my cell with a passion!! This App has them. But they are limited to Chgo area and my town. Which I am near Chgo so it’s great to get both. Reminds me to watch the news if there is an interesting issue I want to hear about. Plus I don’t get a ton of them. So shirt, sweet, to the point that’s what makes it work!!
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5 years ago, anncata23
I enjoy the up to the minute weather on my phone. It gives me the option to stay or leave depending on the weather. Also important updates in the news are important when it comes to what is going on in Chicago or the Nation We have many great local stations but NBC 5 is my favorite.
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5 years ago, HMJ921901
Love NBC5
Love the app Love that they fix the problem that when you get notifications and you tap it, it takes you directly to the news articles Love the weather tracking system. If they could do anything else I would like to be able to bookmark an article for later review.
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5 years ago, JQM46
NBC Chicago News and Weather
I’m a news and weather Junkie. When in the car I listen to news radio and whether at home or office I get up to the minute reports on both through this app. Both written word and visual if wanted. Weather portion provides all that I could want to know. Perfect companion to your various newscasts.
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4 years ago, paramore-fan-08
Great App
I really like the weather, live radar, and notifications of when bad weather is near me. It tells me rain will be in my area in 8 minutes and for approximately how long it will last. I appreciate notifications of live press conferences and can watch them live in the app. I use the app everyday!
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7 years ago, DBurnison
Has been crashing for weeks - delete & reinstall to fix
I have an iPhone 6s running iOS 11 on Verizon. Home screen is set to weather. I usually don’t write reviews but, this problem has been there for weeks. Every time I start the app it crashes. I cannot see weather, news or anything. UPDATE: DELETED AND REINSTALLED AND IT NOW WORKS. I like this app for the maps and the graphical, hourly forecast.
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6 years ago, Anyonymous_bHaSNm01fH
Had no problems
I enjoy this app, it is a very reliable news source, and is very trustworthy compared to other news sources such as FOX. This will mostly give you news in the Chicago area, however, so I only recommend it to those living there or those curious about what’s going on around here.
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5 years ago, Gamer3475
Weather is Missing One Thing
I like the weather page on this app except that it’s missing one key weather metric. It doesn’t show the current dew point. I consider that to be a very important part of the total weather picture. It does show the humidity but without the dew point, I’m not getting the full picture. Add dew point and this would be 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Cit10driver
Great information on weather.
It’s always good to know where the storms are at and the direction they’re going. As a retired pilot I want to know where the storms are at. I also have Radar Pro on my phone but NBC5 gives me more information. Stay safe everyone, storms can pack a punch.
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4 years ago, lghda
Excellent news updates
Checking the latest news on my phone is great, thanks to this app! I still like to watch the channel 5 morning & nightly news when I can, but I am happy to get the updated info whenever I wish.
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4 years ago, wow Da man
The app keeps me informed when my busy schedule won’t allow me to sit still and watch the news and weather! I am in law enforcement and a first responder, so I depend on the accuracy of the weather report and the articles about what’s going on in the Chicago land and surrounding areas, keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, Queen Fortnite
Alerts And Weather
I am pleasant to have this app I don’t know how I found it but I can say that I love watching the news and the weather so This NBC News 5 app is the Best I ever downloaded!!! Rate: 5 for graphics,information,-!: Alerts,weather, channel and also keeping us inform on time when Need to Be! Thanks Love The App!
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5 years ago, nana sisters
Jan K.
I love this app. I use it daily. I work outside and I love having the radar to see what the weather will be in my neighborhood. The breaking news feature is beneficial. Easy to look up school closings and articles. I used the live stream when we had a tornado warning to keep track of the storm.
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4 years ago, mrpaul55
Great App !!!
Now that we’re under siege by the Covid 19 virus ...practicing social distancing and wearing face masks it makes it very important to stay well informed and on top of the latest developments each day. If for any reason you can’t have your tv or radio on the number 1 place to get your news and weather is the NBC5 Chicago App !!!
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3 months ago, Rozelind
Weather app stopped working
I depend on this app for weather and local news but for past several days the weather radar is broken. Looks like severe weather and unable to find where to submit feedback. Removed app and reinstalled - did not improve.
Show more
3 years ago, Myaweskk
Morning highlights
I love the feature where “breaking news” is the first thing I see when I open my iPad. I can scroll the news alerts and catch up on topics I might have missed. There are probably other features I am missing but this one I do daily and enjoy.
Show more
3 years ago, Doggymama76
Still good.
I used to watch channel 5 the most, but over the years I changed, however, I really like this app because it has a great layout and good notifications. I like that I can select what notifications I get.
Show more
3 years ago, 24Yogurt7
Catching up on the news
I like being able to be brought up to date on the latest news in small doses throughout the day. Thank you! I appreciate the coverage of the Governor’s and Mayor’s press conferences, keep us up to date on all news, especially regarding Covid-19.
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