NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth News

4.6 (3.4K)
92.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth News

4.56 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
4 years ago, D. Vicki
Keeping up with the metroplex
I wrote this months ago and thought I had posted it then, but found I had not. My opinion of this app has not changed. It is great, easy to use, and still has excellent videos, alerts, remote footage, etc. I am sorry I failed to post this at that time: After living in Arlington for 10 years, we moved back to Wichita Falls. As we still have family in the DFW area, when severe weather broke out right above our grand-daughter’s apartment, I went right to live feed of the area on the local NBC app. Felt much better after watching the live feed for awhile and put the app on my phone. Thanks to this great, clear app, we have peace of mind as we check it quite often, especially when something’s amiss in her area. Up til now, we’ve never had any issues when using this app and commend them for the live feed, esp the good quality of the video within minutes of the severe tornado in the past year that caused quite a lot of destruction. Their chopper’s fly-overs while checking the destruction in the days following was always very clear and commend their chopper pilot for the steady flying.
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5 years ago, 
This app is almost perfect but not quite
I love the idea behind this app but the execution is just not there. You can’t do anything without the live stream of NBC freaking out! I wanted to adjust my screens light so I pulled down the utilities menu on my phone. When I slid up it sent me straight back to the home page of the app. I went back to watch the stream and it came up with a service error, which always happens. I refresh it and it normally will work but it’s more than just trying to adjust something and the app reopening. I like to rotate and expand my videos but it is so fidgety!! There is no place to rotate the screen or zoom in/ out, therefore you can’t see the titles on news broadcasts, almost all of the time. It is so frustrating that I can’t manually press a rotation button. I’m left with it broadcasted tiny on the upper part of my screen because even when it does rotate to be bigger it almost always will go back to its small size on the upper half of my phone, even when in a horizontal position. Oh and when it falls flat on a surface it does the same thing. As I have said previously, the idea is great but the little errors get super frustrating and the videos don’t load 80% of the time... I’ll still keep this app but with a little frustration. It could all be due to maybe a new update needed or something.
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4 years ago, Dr. R Edwards
Staff and news coverage
This is the only news channel we watch every a.m every evening we have watched it for years. I like everyone on the news. After a.m news we never miss the today show either. Some anchors left some retired and some passed still miss them. Really miss Cathy Gifford. The staff keeps the news interesting and informs you of many things. Love how the today show always brings new things like training the puppy until it leaves for a forever home. Will continue with channel 5 when you have the best why change? Thank you to all staff for all you do to keep the news interesting and us well informed. I also have the app on my phone and if I am away from home I go the app I love it Only thing I would like changed is to be able to make comments but, for whatever reason it always says this site is not available.
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2 years ago, Cirikkati
Failing to Load, devs trying to kill an app?? 🤔
The last 2-3 updates have completely made the app unusable. For pretext I set up my app to load in the weather section with what used to be a “live radar,” the NBC 5 radar. Since NBC DFW owns and operates their own radar it means that they are able to directly publish new radar data every minute. This is what brought me to the app, as nbc’s data will be the most updated and reliable source. About one or two updates ago some change made the radar almost unusable and seemed to inhibit the app refreshing and loading new data. The most recent update has actually made the app unusable, nothing is loading in! I constantly get a “URLSessionTask failed with error: The request timed out.” on my screen before the app can even load in one piece of data. I’ve forced the app closed multiple times to reopen it to no avail and have uninstalled twice now as well. NBC 5 your app just kept getting worse over time and you finally have tried to kill it. Hopefully your dev team can get stuff back on track. P.s. like lots of other comments, GET RID OF THE ADS DURING BREAKING NEWS OR WEATHER EVENTS. K thx byeee.
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6 years ago, Jmhriley
Breaking News, Live Updates
NBC is always the first of my local news apps to get notifications of breaking news, live updates, etc. - Literally, their notifications get to me minutes, sometimes even 5-10+ minutes sooner than my other local news station apps on my phone. Most of all, their live feed sets the bar. I have tried live feeds on ABC and FOX from my phone and/or iPad and the quality is just terribly inconsistent - continuously spotty, feed cuts in and out, etc. I will continue to use NBC for all of my news updates. Thank you for investing in user-friendly and reliable software/resources to provide us with an overall great user experience!
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5 years ago, Watauga 42
Love the App
I hate the thought that I waited to download this app during some really bad weather and I lost the satellite connection on my tv. I get all the latest news quick with the app now and love the fact I feel informed about local news and weather. I just wished this channel wasn’t so democratic I never felt it was so one sided to recently. Maybe I had blinders on and it took someone to point it out. Other than that I love channel 5 been watching it for 42 years. Wow it’s taken me that long to see what I see now. But I will continue to watch and now with this app I’ll see everything sooner. Still 5 star
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5 months ago, Hashi G
Bad App - freezes for years now!
I have downloaded and deleted this app many times in the last couple of years and it is without a doubt, very poorly constructed. It constantly - and continually has for ages - freezes. This has been an ongoing problem the developer seems to have no interest in fixing. It does not run in the background - something you definitely want with Texas weather!— but you can’t keep it open or refresh it because it’ll freeze. I made a comment on here years ago that this app needed help but so far no one has done anything to fix the problems. Nothing has changed…. Look at all the reviews that say the same thing. Save yourself a lot of grief and don’t download this app! Find one that works because they are out there… sadly it’s not this one!
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4 years ago, RWB236
Until today, I would have rated it four stars. We live in a rural area and NBC 5 is one of the few stations we can receive over the air, OTA. Having lived through years of rip-offs, I don’t consider satellite TV as an option. Today, the areas OTA TV reception was being impacted by an inversion layer, so we thought we would stream NBC 5 DFW, like mentioned almost every morning on the news, “now stream live on Apple TV”. That lasted about 15 minutes before a login was required and a request for a TV provider popped up. The weathermap is useful, but is no longer presents a live presentation. The News streaming requires a subscription and the weather app is slowly devolving to something less than useful, so this may become an unused app real soon.
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3 years ago, Jrmaui
NBC 5 of North Texas
I am thankful for NBC 5, both on tv, and this app. NBC 5 represents my area best what with the beast to the east (Dallas) stealing a lot of air time, I like to stay informed about what’s going on right here in my own area (Fort Worth)! Recently we moved out to the country (N W) and had a horrible time getting service (tv)! But I was able to keep up to date with all the news (Covid 19 especially) weather and current events right here on this app and felt good about being informed on what’s going on and what I need to know both with videos and readable reports and live tv! Thank you NBC 5, and keep up the good work!
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1 year ago, DGL52
iPad version hanging periodically
For the second time this year (2022), the iPad version of the app hangs IMMEDIATELY upon selecting the Weather tab. I reported this the last time it happened and they suggested deleting and reloading the app, restarting the ipad, updating the iOS version, etc. NONE of those helped. After a couple of hours, it mysteriously began working normally again. Problem just repeated itself today (but I’d not yet working). Throughout the whole deal, the IPHONE version of the app worked fine. Don’t know what broke, but this version no longer very useful…. Hope a newer release returns to better functionality. It’s now Feb. 26, 2023 and the iPad version of this app STILL HANGS!!!!! The iPhone version continues to work well, but the iPad version is BLOODY USELESS! I’d give it ZERO stars if I could!
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4 years ago, Juraissicjet
Great way to keep up
NBC5’s app is a great way to keep up with the current weather and news in the DFW area. I’ve always loved the Channel 5 weather ever since started I listening to Harold Taft after moving here in the early 80’s. David Finfrock and Rick Mitchell have been really great weathermen and good presenters and I especially enjoy Rick’s light-hearted approach and weather quiz’s. All of the weather staff are experienced professionals who share their expertise and knowledge so readily. I spent 45 years flying and taught weather in the USAF’s pilot training curriculum. I enjoy seeing professionals share their knowledge, especially in times of severe weather.
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3 years ago, Layla 2198
My 5 News
My favorite is Rick Mitchell, he’s the best how he is the only weather man who talks calmly and keeps you calm during a storm! Every other weather person usually tries to provoke fear and that I don’t like, that is why my tv or my phone will be on 5 during storms. Thank y’all so much for everything, keep up the good work and please let y’all’s bosses know that this viewer has a lot of respect for y’all’s team and to keep y’all, don’t get rid of these good people and a bump in salary would be great for them too! Thank y’all very much again!
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3 years ago, rrabd
I’m getting rid of my app!
I’m sitting here watching the NBC Townhall with Donald Trump and the moderator. Savanah Guthrie has done nothing but talked and argued with Donald Trump instead of letting the audience ask questions which is what you’re suppose to do in a townhall! Even when the audience asks question and Donald Trump answers the questions, Samantha Guthrie interrupts him and starts going after him!! I will not watch your channel ever again! If you’re going to advertise that’s it’s a town hall then make the moderator stay out of it. She was ridiculous! Trump shut her down and made her look stupid and she looked totally biased and it was obvious she was a Biden surrogate!!! She is a joke as a reporter and journalist!!! I’m pulling my app and shutting it down! I will have Fox local app instead of NBC app. NBC has forgotten that they are suppose to be fair and balanced!!! No way!!!
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10 months ago, mgpics
Weather part of app
I love the weather part of this app when it works. It tends to freeze up, can’t get the radar or scroll on the weather tab. I love the radar, the 10 days of weather and the ability to watch Rick or whatever weather person is giving updates during storms. But just like many months ago, the app has been frozen for weeks. Restarted my phone, no help. Reloaded the app before and it didn’t help. Usually I have to log out of everything else to get it to work but nope that doesn’t work right now either. I even have the latest phone and more than enough space / capacity. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, T Alvarez
Map portion of app still horrible
One year since this weather update and it’s still horrible. I hoped you would fix the weather related map issues. I would rather see the map past, not start at 90% of a possible future. Im convinced that most people probably think the map run IS the past. Why don’t you guys do a poll to see, you’d probably be shocked at the responses. If the weather is really bad there is no way to change the view with one hand. Please remember people that use your map are probably not safe at home and and able to control the screen. They are probably driving or walking through bad weather. Your mapping app does not help if a person is in these situations. Your map portion of the app is not user friendly at all. Why is that? Please fix the map back the way it was before.
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4 years ago, Watch out for flying monkeys
Lived here all my life and grew up watching NBC5! The best news program! We moved to Rockwall from the Plano and Garland area in 2013 and continue to keep NBC5 as our need to know news option. The app gives informative news, weather, and sports updates and I give it 5 stars. All NBC 5 newscasts are given by the best newscasters ; all fair, concise, and in my opinion caring people. My favorite time segment is the NBC5 morning crew from Debra, Laura, Samantha, Grant as well as the entire crew. They all do a fantastic job and put a smile on my face. NBC5 keep up the great job. Thanks Y’all !!
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4 years ago, RossTexas1
This is fabulous that NBC allows such easy access to info & TV. Because the other networks have not followed suit, they are losing all generations under the age of 40! Crazy! I did notice when I went to watch TV on the app while I was in Florida, instead of getting the Dallas channel 5, I was connected to the local NBC channel 7. Interesting. I completely applaud NBC for giving EZ access to live TV in this App, as well as being the only main network that allows live TV access on the Uverse App ... leaving CBS, Fox & ABC in the dust!
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6 years ago, pssdoffandscammed
Keeps me informed real time
With our weather being so changeable, it’s great to be able to keep up in real time. Several times during severe weather I have been able to either delay my travel, or even change routes to avoid the worst of it. The app also sends info out about warnings. In addition the news team also sends out breaking news as it happens, including live reporting, and aerial shots. Can’t say enough really. Just keep up the good work! If I could give 10 stars I would!
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3 years ago, judyenorton
Thank y’all NBC5
I’ve been using your app forever, and use it several times an hour, especially to see what “my Buddy Rick” has to say about the weather. I met him at the weather expo and asked if the S band radar was located in Bristol, to which he replied “yes, it is”. Trivial to most people, but of vital importance to the functionality of the radar system. So my friends say he’s my buddy. I watch the updated news briefs also, but always count on y’all for my weather info!
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3 years ago, Gdahl87
v7 Redesign is Terrible
This was absolutely my go-to app for local weather & news for years; however, the complete redesign a few months ago has made it almost unusable. The new design is clunky and inefficient. The landing page for the current weather only gives a 2 hour window instead of the entire day. Scrolling to the 10 day forecast lands at a full screen of the following day details first (none of which are weather by the way) and then you scroll to a condensed list for the remaining 8 days. All this and you still don’t know the immediate forecast for today or tomorrow. Who designed this? Please bring back the utility & ease of use of the previous v6 app.
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4 years ago, Roche2015
Thank you NBC 5
I’m very satisfied with this app. It keeps me up to date especially with what’s happening in the DFW area. I realize that so much is happening with the pandemic that it’s hard to focus on anything else, but I do find that you are putting some positive articles on the app. We do need positive energy as well. So, keep bringing the news as you have been doing and also keep bringing positive news as well.
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4 years ago, topherMario33
Best weather worst app
For the love of God, separate the weather app and fix the UI and touch input. NBC has the best weather in DFW but this app is so bad it’s frustrating. The snap feature with the weather map is infuriatingly bad. Every time I scroll left-right on the hourly forecast, the map snaps open/closed no matter how careful I am to only scroll side to side. The advertisement background of the forecast screen is annoying at best. I’d pay to remove it. The widget is the closest to stock IOS but it’s too buggy to use reliably. I really want to use only this app for weather but I can’t stand the issues and I’ve given this feedback many times and the developers don’t care.
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3 months ago, cadmium orange
Freezes constantly
I have had this app on my phone for years. It has never worked properly. It constantly freezes when trying too open app. I have deleted it and try bringing it back on occasion to see if it has been fixed. Nope. Still freezes. I have other weather apps on my phone and do not experience performance issues with them. It’s a shame the developer can’t get this fixed because on the rare occasion when it works, it has the potential to be a good app. Save yourself the frustration and use another weather app.
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3 years ago, mgwTX
I never do these but wanted to say a few things. I grew up in the DFW area, and during my professional life I did quite a bit of traveling around the country. Currently I am in the PNW with family and none of these other news outlets compare to NBC 5, in regards to professionalism and content of the programs. I have the app so I can keep up with what is going on “at home”! Thank you so much.. Hope all of y’all are staying safe and healthy. Merry Christmas!
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5 years ago, Orio
Connects with Us
I have to say that after all this bad weather we’ve had in Fort Worth. I am more convinced that NBC5 is well connected with us. Although, it’s a time of fear and chaos NBC kept us updated and well informed. The application is user friendly and loads very quickly. Live news keeps me inform everyday on my way to work. Although, I am driving I am just listening 😌 and staying updated with what’s happening. Keep up the great work.
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5 years ago, purplerain17
NBC5 App
I absolutely love this app. It keeps me informed every minute of the day whether it’s about the weather or breaking news. Other weather apps that I have used either lock up/freeze or shut down while using it. This app always gives me breaking news first before other local apps. My coworkers always get breaking news after mine come in. Great job, keep it up. Everything works well with my iPhone Xr.
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7 months ago, Sue-brina
Best Weather Notifications!!
I don’t even live in Dallas - I’m near Austin- but this App is so great about current weather alerts and notifications!! It’s more accurate than any of the Austin-based apps I’ve tried. I appreciate the news alerts from local, state, and national thanks to this one. It’s been over 30 years since I lived in Dallas, so hearing about news stories there is nice, too.
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3 years ago, Lee / yarnoverlounge
I have lived in the Dallas area all of my life, actually 3rd generation native. NBC local, by far is the most accurate weather predictor. The app is so well done and keeps me posted on daily events as the occur and always before anyone else I know finds out. It isn’t overkill, the app does not bombard with useless notifications. It is just right on the balance scale! I recommend it to everyone!
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5 years ago, BLTLDO
4 out of 5
NBC 5 DFW app is really welcomed. I like that it is “live” when reporting bad weather especially and thanks for that. I don’t always get sound with the severe weather though. Checked and double checked my iPhone for settings and no problem on my end. Also can’t get the full screen all the time. Would like the option to get closed captioning to have on my iPhone while on my computer or watching TV. I may have that and don’t know it. Keep up the good job guys!
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5 years ago, bellaroxiegirls
Amber guyger
I have been watching the trial. My heart goes out to amber it is a sad day. I feel for the Jean family also. What kind of people run out and celebrate a person quilty of murder. They are already wanting to sue every police depart, amber. The preacher is a hypocrite a man of God should have said they are praying for the Guyger family,that they also need prayers. The Botham family should be praying and grieving. Celebrating on the court house steps, is totally ridiculous. Pray for Amber!!!!auntierene
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1 year ago, tdg - Fort Worth Tx
Pathetic mobile app - shameful political bias
The NBC 5 Dallas-FW news & weather app has been deleted from my phone! Like so many others, I stopped watching the TV version of this subtly sneaky platform of extreme left political bias a long time ago but attempted to use only the weather feature of the mobile app. However, the app itself is fraught with bugs and is a nuisance to use, support from the most sophisticated hardware and iOS, notwithstanding. Most of the faces NBC 5 presents to its audience nightly as so-called journalists and reporters on TV exude WOKEism and constantly present a grossly obvious group-think and shamelessly unfair narrative. …drip drip drip
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3 years ago, thirstywaters
My dependable local news and weather source!
I watch Channel 5 NBC to get regular news and weather on my tv but this application makes it available for me whenever I am ready to see what’s going on around the DFW metroplex, north central Texas , the rest of the state and country as well as around the world. Convenient, accurate and trustworthy are the attributes that make this app one of my favorites and most used.
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5 years ago, Cameraman2
Best app ever!
This app is great. I have watching NBC 5 News DFW since May 2012 and they are amazing in my opinion. I get alerts on my notifications which is good because I can look what is the latest news of my local area. Plus I get weather alerts as well. Also I can watch the news on the app as well which I really like about this app. Overall, I really enjoy using this and I still use it now. 👍🏻
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3 years ago, cp@5
Reliable and comforting.
I like that the app is always on the job. It comforts me to know that I can rely on it’s important information that it provides. It’s convenience allows easy access to relevant news that affects us all to one degree or another. I like the easy, resourceful info that will always be available when I need it. Keep up the steady resourcefulness that keeps us all informed and relevant. Charlie Pate
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4 years ago, bfolch
Weather Radar
It seems something changed with the weather radar. When viewing the radar in motion, I find the historical weather activity (ex storm movement) more useful than the predicted future movement. Something seems to have changed where they only show a small portion, maybe 30 minutes, of past cloud/storm movement. It is easy to tell when a storm is coming your way, when you can see where it has been. This small historical sample makes that harder.
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5 years ago, shelter in place
How reassuring it was!
The news and weather channels had been forecasting severe weather but it wasn’t until my employer told us to leave our desk away from our computers and take shelter that I realized how reassuring it is to have access to the channel 5 weather app. Because I had downloaded the channel 5 app both me and my co workers could see what was happening and where.
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4 years ago, Kb teacher
Weather on your app
Why did you permanently change your weather app from the general view to the satellite view, with NO option of going back to the other version?!! I’m still able to tap on a weather system, but instead of having a succinct breakdown of that system, I’m now given this two page info chart that I have to try to decipher and interpret. I do not like it at all, and wish you’d change it back, or at least give us the option of doing so!
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2 weeks ago, Persona0000
Nice when it works
Constantly freezes when it switches to the weather tab. Even if you open and close it, it opens in the same tab and remains frozen. It’s a shot in the dark if it’ll actually work or not and most of the time it doesn’t. The weather notifications are nice but the story notifications are too much and you can have between 5-15 a day and it gets annoying. The biggest drawback as I said is the main thing I use it for, weather, rarely works.
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4 years ago, Punch Me!
Great app, one complaint
Overall this is a great app, the notifications are useful and you can watch the news live. My only complaint is that, when watching a video, the screen doesn’t actually rotate when you’re in landscape orientation. Only the image rotates, meaning the clock and toolbar at the top are still visible. This also means you have to swipe sideways to get the control center or notifications feed, etc.
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3 years ago, HibiscusPup
NBC 5 App
Yes, I love this app! Even though some days the news really makes me sad, this app always includes the stories and pictures of people and pets being kind, funny, helpful and lovely, too! Plus, always helpful tips on how to stay healthy and happy. Always a good reality check on what is happening locally, nationally and around our world.
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3 years ago, erinpf32
Easy to use, functional, and fast when it’s needed
This is a great app to stay up-to-date on the latest weather and news stories. It’s easy to use, and they send just the right amount of notifications to keep you informed, but not too many to be annoying.
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5 years ago, FWNinjaCowboy
Great way to stay informed! I do miss the NBC5 Weather app
I think that the NBC5 app is great and love how easy it is to navigate and stay informed. I love the quick updates and alerts! Thank you NBC5 News Team!!! The only reason to not get 5 stars is I do wish that NBC5 Weather app still worked the way it did before the apps were merged. NBC5 Weather Team is the BEST and I miss being able to do a quick weather check when that is all I am needing.
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6 years ago, Scratter76
Great news app!
The live feed always functions well. News of various subjects is organized in a pleasing way. I watch the live feed while I get ready for work. I can still hear it even if I open another text or email. Other apps shut down when you do something else. It never shuts off midway through what the reporter is stating. Thanks!
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4 years ago, CM Hercules
Great App
This is an excellent app. I have been using it for quite sometime and have not experienced any issues with it at all. It provides the latest news and will keep the public informed of whatever breaking news possible. I encourage anyone to try the app; you will most certainly find it to be useful and informative.
Show more
4 years ago, Teabear200
This used to be my go to weather app 🙁
What happened! Rick, the weather in this app has gotten worse then just going to the website. I used to count on you guys to stay weather aware and safe. The storm tracks, warnings and animation speed are awful now. I had to download a more accurate radar. Now I have to watch the weather here then open another app when I want to see where the storm is going. Please fix the radar back the way it was!
Show more
5 years ago, Carmine217
News Will Come
Overall, a really great application that keeps you informed on the news, weather, sports and regional events. In exchange for this service they require that the viewer watch a commercial or two but to the extreme. On several occasions, was presented back-to/back with as many as eleven (11) commercials before being able to view severe weather and traffic announcements. Many of the commercials were actually about NBC 5. As commercials fund the station and network it is expected to occasionally view one but not being able to access up-to-date life threatening events makes them past history. I can go to other channels to view history. Perhaps a filter could be implemented to stop or limit commercials during these presentations.
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3 years ago, Wyliestrong
Weather Aware App
Since we live here in North Texas, it is critical that everyone stay aware as we get into the Spring. Weather in this area of the country can be violent at times, and I think this App is the best available for keeping track of the weather. The channel 5 weather group is the best in my opinion of taking care of their viewers. This APP is a good part of that....
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11 months ago, J_P.M.
Frustrating to say the least
I like using this app since it has local weather along with local news. Nearly anytime I open it trying to check the weather it completely freezes the app and I have to repeatedly force close and reopen it until it finally loads the weather tab without freezing. It has been like this for quite a while. I’m moving on to something else, I cannot stand this thing.
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6 years ago, Mr_Extraordinar
This is how News is suppose to be
Keeps updated with weather to start the day and quickly again when the forecast changes which we all know happens a lot haha. Also huge plus keeps you updated with breaking and local news so I feel more connected with the city. Thanks keep it up
Show more
6 years ago, LilRoseTX
App Review
Love the app! Great weather reporting, love the way the app let’s me set up what type of news I want to view first and let’s me view on my front screen of phone. I love quick reporting of AMBER ALERTS as well. Love the quick response of all of the above. Overall set up of app gets a 5 Star rating for how user friendly it is. Hats Off And A Big Thank You From The Vickery Family!
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