NBC 6 South Florida: News

4.7 (1.2K)
96.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for NBC 6 South Florida: News

4.7 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
6 years ago, suesshops
Part of our daily routine...
Couldn’t live...wouldn’t live without NBC Doppler radar app! Busy, active household... yard services schedules, exercise, walking, boating, family time in the yard, high school kids... tennis and equestrian lessons through the week. Also high school drivers last school year often weather warnings delay school dismissal and driving. We need to know ahead of time precisely where the rain cells are and when. Also, college age daughter in Boston; we monitor what’s happening to her changing weather situation...temps, rain, snow, storms, occasionally amount of daily sunlight (9 hours in winter!). Often flying up to see her or she’s flying home...we check Doppler to know what’s happening in the skies that could effect our flying. Thanks you NBC 6 for this indispensable app! It’s a must. We would be so frustrated without it.
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7 years ago, AidenMarioLiam118
Essential App During Hurricane Irma
...As Hurricane Irma roared towards us in Broward County, South FL, we were glued to NBC6 TV. On air they mentioned this app and I immediately downloaded it to my phone. I was able to watch live coverage via the app for many hours after our own power and internet went out. When our phone services failed we then to simulcast on our am/fm radio via the instructions posted in the app. We were greatly comforted by the familiar voices of our local news team and this app will remain, on my iPhone home screen, permanently.
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3 years ago, DeepCoverChris
Fix notifications to get Five Stars. Stop click-baiting me.
I really enjoy using this app. It is very useful during hurricanes. The one thing that really bothers me is that notifications appear with a story link and you click on the link and it doesn’t take you to the story. So you open the app and you go to the Alerts section and you find the same story linked. You click on the link within the app and it doesn’t take you to the story. I have turned off notifications for this app because I am tired of getting my hopes up to see the new story and getting disappointed at not being able to see or find the information in the latest news feed.
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4 years ago, StormyDay1
Doppler radar
Not sure how much weight this holds or if others agree but the newer version of the radar is a subpar compared to the previous version. The previous version gave “past”weather/precipitation up to “present” time. You could see if rain was coming your way and just about calculate up to the minute it was going to rain at your location. The newer version gives you future weather patterns in the radar but doesn’t seem to be accurate. The window of “past” time on the timeline is to short. I’d like to have more “past” time weather on the timeline. The rest of the app is great but I’m looking at other radars/apps now that give me a more accurate idea of weather near me.
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4 years ago, kallbox
5 Stars Must See TV!
You can get the news anywhere. But in South Florida accurate weather is key. NBC6 Doppler Radar is the best around period! I have been in several meetings with local weather forecasters and John Morales is head and shoulders above everyone else. He is the most accurate, and “just the facts” forecaster to listen to when hurricanes threaten South Florida. He does not hype it he accurately reports it. You can trust John and the NBC6 weather team. Also Angie’s special on on Australia and the environment was excellent. Keep up the great work!
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7 years ago, E.G-C
No longer working!
One month since last review, and the situation has not gotten better. I absolutely CANNOT watch live news and weather. Same error still pops up below that says:"an error has occurred, please try again, or contact support". Any ideas NBC? Updating my review as of 22 September, 2017: I no longer can view news and weather live! An error message pops up that says: "An error has occurred, please try again." I have reinstalled several times, signed in with my TV provider info, and still cannot watch news and weather live. PLEASE HELP! Giving 4 stars inly because app keeps crashing after recent update. Living in Fort Lauderdale, this is my go to app for weather. This weather team is second to none, with John Morales who is the best of the best! I'm upset today because there has been an update to the app, and it keeps crashing. I'm not crazy about the new look, as it does not preview the weather when I open it up, as it did before the update. That said, please just get it to stop crashing, and I will eventually get used to the new look. Thank you.
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4 years ago, localleader
Local news is king
NBC6 has a great team and has a long history of providing South Florida with a credible, relevant news product. We can obtain national news on several cable networks but we have only 4 options in south Florida to receive information that is the most important to our collective quality of life! NBC6 consistently brings to our attention the stories that are important to all of us.
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1 year ago, drtobo
App needs reorganization
This app is one I review every morning, among several news apps. However, it is needlessly complicated and repetitious. I prefer to see stories organized with the latest first. The distinction between Latest and Alerts is totally meaningless to me, and I would suggest combining those two threads. Stories are also duplicated between those threads and the column on the left. I would be happy if there was a single timeline, and perhaps the headlines of stories could be color-coded to indicate in which category they belonged.
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4 years ago, Crack 'em
Devoted fan
I would have given you 5 stars except I recently made several requests that the sound person (specifically the one responsible for special segment background lead-in music and/or sound) change the annoying, repetitive, immature sounding selections that led into Covid updates and 2020 HS Senior recognition. I have a 3rd grader that could’ve made better selections! You’ve finally made a change which I appreciate but it sure took long enough. I’m just curious how many viewers this has cost your station?
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4 years ago, Mary-Frances
Too much advertising
I’m so sick of Carl’s Carpet & Tile & that air conditioning company & constantly having to wait for these commercials to stop before I can catch up to the news. When I’m trying to see the radar or hurricane status, I could care less about carpeting & air conditioning commercials. Constant annoying commercials. When the news has priority the commercials should come second. Too much advertising that your forced to watch constantly. Informing the public about critical issues come first.
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5 years ago, white dime and cent piece
Best app for South Florida!
The services of this app help be out daily! The weather display is always fast and accurate and the notifications of major storms in my area makes planning when to best get out easy. Whether you’re looking for up-to-date news, weather, or traffic, the NBC 6 app is the best place to get it. Whether you live here or if you’re just here for vacation, the NBC 6 app is the best help to plan your day.
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5 years ago, Dai3000
Best way to keep connected to locals new
I use to use multiple apps to stay informed with local news but once I downloaded the NBC6 apps, I don’t need anything but this one! The push notifications have been great too, especially during storms and breaking news. Highly recommend it if you want to stay connected with all things Miami.
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4 years ago, Ukickmydog
PLEASE fix radar back to previous version
This is my go to radar app. It’s always very consistent, accurate and faster than most. However, this latest version where the “past” and “future” radar are “seamlessly” put together is terrible. It is now impossible to loop just the past to present radar to see the weather pattern. It automatically stutters strangely into the future part and it makes little sense. Maybe there’s improvement to be made, but please bring back the option to switch between past and future. Thank you.
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3 years ago, #1cover
My favorite news app
Thank you for providing honesty, integrity and with a little bit of humor to begin my day at 4:30 AM. Johnny and Kristen are an awesome 👏 anchors with great chemistry. Also I can always depend upon accurate weather information from Adam. He is fantastic and I have learned a lot from him! The entire team is truly awesome and a blessing to me seven days a week!! Thank you ☺️
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3 years ago, Me karen
Great but I have a few suggestions
I just have a couple of suggestions for your app. Try not to cut off the person speaking when going to the commercial break. I don’t know if the newscaster isn’t paying attention to the time and talks past when they are suppose to stop or if the transition is timed wrong but every time it goes to a commercial break someone gets cut off. Another suggestion during the commercial break maybe you could play actual commercials or music during this break. There is a long period of silence during this time. Last suggestion I know you have the time and temperature in the bottom corner. Is it possible to add the date?
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4 years ago, Annie Montgomery
Registered Nurse
Excellent app Accurate information . Easy to navigate. It is my favorite news engine to find out up to date data. The content is relevant to daily discoveries - objective and timely information. Thanks for keeping us informed about the latest news. The news about the Corona Virus have been outstanding...
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6 years ago, Ylindo
I love this app! It really helps me stay informed! My favorite is that I can watch the news and weather “Live” as I’m getting ready in the morning - weather I am in the bathroom, bedroom or in the kitchen! My only suggestion is that you add a button for the “It’s time to Walk Fluffy” features which I enjoy so much and sometimes miss! Thanks for the great app!
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4 years ago, Italian345
Channel 6 Media News
You are Number 1 in the United States in writing False News! I am a Professional Civil Engineer, Mining Engineer and Architect and obtained a 4.0 Average in all disciplines. Also, I have an IQ of 130. Just letting you know, don’t try to snow me because I do a lot of research before I form an opinion of your Network ! You have provided enough proof of false news reporting for me to change my long time Party membership from Democrat to Republican! Thank you for helping me to make this decision! Keep on moving in your current direction and you will soon go from Socialist to Communist !
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4 years ago, CFlores77
My weather go to!
Every morning when I wake up and everyday when I go to sleep I check the Doppler weather forecast and it’s on point every time. Also having the news alerts sent to my mobile device keeps me informed. Great job NBC 6 News!!!
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1 year ago, Bonefish141
What happened to real time Doppler?
No wonder the only review they show on the app landing is from 4 years ago, all the latest one are horrific. Looks like they have done away with real time Doppler they would highlight so much and used to set themselves apart from the other local stations. This was my go to app when weather approached. Sad to see. NBC has been my news and weather source for more than 40 plus years. I hope they restore this feature, otherwise I’m going elsewhere.
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3 years ago, 315-OTS
I like their chief meteorologist weather forecast. Unlike other news stations he’s factual and informative without being an alarmist. I only watch the weather and not the regular news so my rating is limited in scope. It will be 5 stars if the app was less intrusive with its personal information gathering approach.
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4 years ago, Canoace
App freezes after latest update
NBC6 is the only local news source I consume, and the app has so been fantastic for years, particularly when there are storms. Unfortunately after I downloaded the latest update, the app sometimes freezes when I try to view videos or scroll down to read content. This is particularly troubling as the app today kept freezing as I was trying to view the latest news on a potential storm that has South Florida on the path. Please fix this!
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4 years ago, Martins Daughter
Best channel for news
Channel 6 is the only station I watch for news. The content and accuracy of the stories can’t be compared to other local stations. Plus I love real time doppler. If they say it’s going to rain in 5 minutes, it does. Thank you channel 6.
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2 years ago, Pember071
Let people customize alerts
There is no option on the app to customize notifications/alerts. Let people select which type of news notifications they want to receive. For example, people only wanting to receive local news alerts, and not international, should be able to select that option.
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6 days ago, Vic1776
Doesn’t work
I downloaded this to keep up-to-date. I do get notifications, and when there’s something I want to read more about I tap on the notification to open the app. However, clicking on that notification, NEVER brings me to the actual video. It’s always brings me somewhere else to a video. I’m not interested in and has nothing to do with the notification I received. This is just taking up space on my phone.
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2 years ago, eden14debweather
Annoying radar future cast
Why did you change the radar and remove so much of the past radar. Now you show way too much future cast and do not give us the option to just watch past. Some of us are smart enough to see the track of a storm better than your computer. Please change it back or allow us to get rid of the future cast!
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5 years ago, Canterescu
Much better than the Weather Channel
I downloaded the app to get more accurate weather. It exceeded my expectations! The radar, weather prediction, and local news on NBC6 have now replaced a whole series of other apps that I used to use. Highly recommend!
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7 years ago, Jznsjshnsna
Omar in hollywood fl
Great coverage of Irma hurricane, I had my sons in college use this app to keep them inform and safe. I fell good knowing that when everything else fail they could get meaningful local information via their phone LTE and this app. I myself used it here in hollywood fl. To give me the most current updates. Thanks
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4 years ago, Samanthaa K.
This is great systems I did not realize the program give readings by the minute which makes it easy to travel by the time and location detailed . Used to see blobs of cloud reading, I now plan out of town knowing exactly where the weather is or will heb
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4 years ago, hms0846
Drains Battery
App works well but frequently it will drain iPhone battery. Battery app shows hours of “background activity “. This last battery check shows 5 minutes on screen with 3 hours background activity . I turned off background activity refresh but that did not help. I do have current version of the app and iOS.
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5 years ago, Frankkkkkkk
Excellent weather app
1000 times better then the horrible weather channel you can understand clearly what is happening. Weather channel is one long commercial sprinkled with terrible on air goof balls. I will only use this app for my weather news. Good job guys
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6 years ago, MJExec
Working outside!
Best weather app available in South Florida! Most of our employees work outside so we are very cognizant of the danger from lightning! The Doppler 6000 gives us advance warning and a good level of comfort that our staff can monitor the weather and find safe cover in advance of any approaching storm!
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7 years ago, sndluhu
Free Live Broadcast of News
I'm in Illinois and my daughter lives in Miami. This app has been a lifesaver for me to keep up to date on the hurricane Irma tracking, warnings and evacuations. So thankful the news and special news reports can be seen live without having to connect to any tv provider. Great app!
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7 years ago, MrRaymond
Needs an update
I enjoy NBC6 news and it's team. I think having the new Doppler 6000 is awesome, but the app just doesn't work well to complement the new system. Every time I use the app to see the weather it either doesn't load the information or it crashes. I end up using WSVN's weather app just because of how easy it is to load and use. Please update so I can enjoy an alternative!
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6 years ago, Stefsail
Precip and wind numbers are too tiny
Even with readers the numbers for precipitation and wind info are not only small, but light gray instead of black. Using this on the phone and even the ipad nearly impossible unless you only care about the temperature. Help us out here. We don’t all have 20/20 vision any more and I’m not even sure that would be good enough. Please fix it. Plenty of blank space on the page to increase fonts. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Lynn71970
Great App!
During this time of the Coronavirus, I find myself going to Channel 6 more than any other local app. They are great about capturing and reporting information in a timely manner and notifying us when there is something new to learn. Thank you so much for your great reporting!
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5 years ago, JSencer
Great app
This is a very useful app to have on your phone. It gives you very accurate weather information based on the radar. I probably look at the map 10 times a day and it’s always correct
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3 months ago, shanbear123456
Horrible operations on app
Such a great news channel deserves a quality news app. Alas, this is not it. I love NBC6, have grown up with the channel, but this app is truly horrendous. It glitches constantly, the ads take over the entire screen, and you have to watch a 30-60 second ad to watch ANY video they “alert” you to, even if it’s a live video (now you’ve missed it, thanks ad) or even if it’s a 25 second traffic alert.
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6 years ago, @&$!%#
Weather Station Review
Channel 6 has always been my go to station for weather and news. They do not overdramatize the situation which is a reassuring thing to know when preparing for inclement weather. Especially during hurricane season.
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6 years ago, shawnbm
Gives you what you need, when you need it
Whether it is inclement weather, breaking news or just fun things going on in south Florida, this app gets you what you need when you need it! You are tuned in to what is going on. I use it every day.
Show more
4 years ago, lauralolazini
Best local news!
I love NBC 6 news! Thank you for giving all the info on time! I like that there different kind of news! Every day with NBC6. I wish it could be more about any celebrity who as a guest in our state, or more about envy events. Thank you
Show more
5 years ago, barttleship
For me NBC 6 here in Miami
Is the one to watch , their professional way of given the News and the Weather is the most accurate. Thank you for your incredible work and my family and I enjoy watching you guys
Show more
5 years ago, MayritaManza
Not working properly
I don’t know what’s going on, but the Doppler 6000 radar is not working! You try to expand the view and does not move! You actually have to hit the spand arrows several times before it opens up and the same goes when you try to close it! This began a couple of weeks ago but no sign of improvement?
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5 years ago, nunch579
The best local coverage
The NBC 6 app is an essential part of my day. I find their news reporting unbiased and factual. Their weather app is also very up to date and helpful which I check every morning before I leave for work.
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3 years ago, ohnosolowe
Gives up to date and accurate news stories!
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6 years ago, MattBostonMiami
Ch 6 on top of it all
For the last 6 months have been using Ch 6 app when home in Miami and when traveling to Boston- New York and Los Angeles It is far and away the most up to date TV app... Great live videos and news So happy to have it I recommend highly
Show more
3 years ago, Mami22192
Great app!
I use this app everyday for news and weather especially when I don’t have the time to turn on the news during the day. Works great!
Show more
4 years ago, Starman442
Info when you need it!
Timely updates, notifications timely and important. All the news you need whether Covid updates etc. etc. love this app highly recommend it
Show more
7 years ago, Doral Realtor
Great info, good App
The information and weather forecasts are great. The App itself can be improved. The news clips (videos) sometimes seem to be here for ever. Also, I couldn't find an option in the Doppler radar to see whether the air is approaching or going (as I saw it on the live forecast).
Show more
7 years ago, htilis
Thank you!
We evacuated our home in Miami Beach to Orlando. Thank you for allowing us to stay informed about Irma from afar without a single glitch. I wouldn't want to get our updates from anyone else. Thank you for all of your hard work!
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