NBC 7 San Diego News & Weather

4.5 (691)
96.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for NBC 7 San Diego News & Weather

4.47 out of 5
691 Ratings
4 years ago, Informed Tom
Great App to Keep Up To Date on News
So convenient to get the most important news nationally, state-wide and locally. Only complaint is that the advertisement that appears, prevents the news item underneath it from being selected and un-boldened. This seems to be a program bug that could easily be fixed. Otherwise perfect and very useful.
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1 month ago, Elsbells21
Fix portrait mode
*** UPDATE it seems the below issue has FINALLY been resolved. It’s been working correctly for a couple of weeks now….hope it continues thx! *** UPDATE Portrait mode still gets stuck at the Border traffic section. Why can’t you fix this? *** *** When are you going to fix the portrait mode issue of news stories stalling at the border traffic section on the iPad? *** Update***it seemed the issue was resolved yesterday with the app update however today it’s back to being stuck scrolling in portrait mode when it gets down to the border traffic vehicle wait times section. Can you remove that section permanently so this stops happening? This never happens on the iPhone (no border traffic section) just the iPad. Please make all of the news stories viewable in portrait mode for iPad mini. The ticker on the right side works fine. It’s the news stories on the left hand side. Once you scroll down to about the border traffic vehicle wait times it always freezes so you have to switch to landscape mode to scroll down and see all of the stories. It’s very annoying. It works fine on my iPhone so shouldn’t it work on iPads as well?
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5 years ago, sua-solo
Every time I was at work my boss would update us with developing news and current updates. Also with weather. So I decided to download the app and I actually check it often! I can always count on this app to update constantly no matter what time, especially at 5-6am the updates on crashes on the freeways or anything before starting my day. I got my family to download the app before they joked for awhile saying “tell us mrs. NBC news” because I would always ask “did you hear on the news that...” or I would say “don’t take this freeway until..” and they always ask, where do I get my news from? And well, it’s literally this app!
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3 years ago, gg92101
Good content, inconsistent presentation
NBC7 is my go-to San Diego news source, but this app is wildly inconsistent with technical issues. Audio levels are all over the place between live broadcasts (low), commercials (loud), and stringer video (really loud). No one seems to pay attention to the Weather page, which frequently has wrong dates in the sidebar forecasts. Today is Thursday Nov 25th, but they have it listed as Nov 24 (this happens frequently) and in fact the entire 10-day list of days and dates is wrong, off by one day. Videos sometimes take forever to load. I love the content, but the attention to detail is frustrating. Thank god it’s free!
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6 years ago, Fox#1fan
Where my son lives
My son is in San Diego and I love keeping up with SD news thru this app. I know what the daily weather is, what top local news stories are breaking, and a view of national news so I can keep abreast without having to look further. I really enjoy learning about local special events, especially what to do each weekend. If I see something he might like, I flag it for his attention. A great app that I appreciate having at my fingertips.
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4 years ago, lolivetriedtosendthis12times
I love this app!
I use this app daily. I set it up to receive notifications, so each time that there’s breaking news, I get a brief description. For instance: Gavin Newsom is going to give a briefing on CA and the coronavirus or that one for San Diego County is going to happen. Also for stuff like there’s been a fatal car accident on 8 West in Mission Valley. Expect delays or if the freeway is closed, etc. Important stuff!
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3 years ago, Casa1cat
Easy, up to date News
When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is turn on my IPad and get into your website. I can see how to dress for the day, find out what has happened on the east coast, and what to expect throughout the day. Quick, easy, accurate!
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5 years ago, drp7
Up to date news rapidly
We really appreciate how rapidly we receive news alerts on this app. Thanks for your good reporting Really appreciate getting news of our area immediately. Stories are updated quickly too. As we don’t have cable tv, this app is essential to knowing what’s happening
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5 years ago, Wackyberry
Know news
I’m scatter brained from a high stress {type A} personality. NBC 7 keeps me focused and aware of what’s GROOVING in our great city. I LOVE the alerts for breaking news. Aside from high blood pressure if it’s another mass shooting, It cues me to take a moment ( YES, TO BREATHE) oh, and read. S-l-o-w-l-y read. I’m gonna say this, and it may be a hyperbole, but NBC 7 has become my Life Coach, my Calm Connect....Well, sort of....
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6 years ago, jssmit
Second home in California
We have a second home in Carlsbad, CA. When we are in our South Carolina home we try to keep up with the news from California. I found that the NBC 7 app is great in keeping us updated on the news from the west coast. So glad that our California family recommended it.
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7 years ago, Womanofblackbirds
My go to place for news
I have this app on my IPad and use it every day to get my news and my weather. That’s especially important when I am on travel and away from San Diego and the area. NBC 7 provides me with excellent, concise, information on what’s happening in my county, the state and the nation. Love this app and NBC 7.
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4 years ago, Elm D. L. P.
Keeping my self inform 24/7
I always wanted to be informed of any news that could help me updated on whatever was happening on my community and it wasn’t until I down loaded this app that I accomplished what I was looking for, at home at work anywhere I go, I am informed Highly recommend this app.
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5 years ago, OpaSkip
My source for local news
Like getting my news from the app instead of tv because I can select the stories I’m interested in. Wish there were a little more local news and a little less local sports as San Diego only has a baseball team. Has the best weather reports, prefer it to the weather channel.
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6 years ago, Xavi829
Local Notifications are Wonderful
The constant important notifications (fires, freeway closings, etc) are fantastic and help me keep me cognizant of what happening in San Diego from my phone. Sure, only some notifications are directly relevant to me, but I appreciate the local awareness the app grants that other social/national news medias cannot give me.
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5 years ago, Tex #42
TEXAS FAMILY w/ San Diego Arm.
We have a son & his family in the San Diego area. The connection with Channel 7 gives us information of news, weather & all important information on the area. We live in a rural area and use Channel 7 for a lot of the National News. We Cannot get a BIG CITY news broadcast with our Satellite Service.
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4 years ago, 2018-06-27
NBC7 app
I use the app for a number of reasons. I have even contacted people in the contact list...for example I was watching the news and the anchor who was broadcasting mentioned one city but not ours and was not clear. The person answered the phone when I called and was going to review and fix as necessary.
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5 years ago, Marie Boop
At a tap of my finger
At one top of my finger I can take a look at what’s happening at any given moment at any given time in my beautiful city. I love that I always get the emergency updates I can choose to look at them and ignore them but I know what’s happening at any given moment!
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6 years ago, shaunmm2k
Does not support landscape AirPlay
Or I’d give it 5 stars. Amazing app, best and first with notifications, often before CNN or Apple News. Best by far with local news. And mostly, just the right amount of notifications that grabs me every time. Not so good on the ad delivery, too many repeats before the videos i always wanna watch.
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3 years ago, 941937
Recent bugs make unusable
This used to be a good app, but then started freezing a few seconds after opening. That went on for about a month. The new version fixed this for a while, but for the last several weeks, shortly after opening, it irreversibly jumps to a border traffic camera image. Does anyone ever test this app for functionality on an iPad?!
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7 years ago, GR2D2
Prompt and concise
Thanks NBC San Diego for keeping me informed about our county as well as the state and nation. Note: Desert weather and humidity is very important for those of us living in East county. It's all about how we cool our homes as Swamp coolers or evaporative coolers only work in low humidity. So we need humidity reports regularly to take care of our homes.
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5 years ago, Buddha4401
Honest Local News
I enjoy local news stories and follow up for San Diego. This APP keeps me up to date on local news, events happening, and local weather. Updates are made to weather and news on a regular basis so I can check up wherever I am.
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3 years ago, BPurdyIV
Had to uninstall
The new update made me uninstall. Painful to use. While scrolling it would randomly send you at the browser for an ad. Would also randomly pop up with multiple border camera video feeds that you would have to close before getting back to the articles. Shame because this used to be the best news feed for San Diego.
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3 years ago, Well Shuffle My Truffle
obtrusive full-screen border crossing pop-ups
Okay for local news, but the app is cluttered, the ads before videos can be very long, and worst of all, the pop-up full-screen border crossing live cams. Extremely obtrusive. I’ve been hoping/waiting for an update to fix this issue because I can’t imagine for a single second that this was an intentional design feature.
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5 years ago, PHNManager
Channel 7 San Diego
I really rely on this app for local news updates during the day, especially when there are events like the current wildfires. My only complaint is that some of the stories remain on the site far past time with no updates.
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4 years ago, Walklikeachicken
Dagmar Weather
Thanks for Dagmar Weather!, am able to find “clear dry windows” for morning walks in Clairemont, can adjust timing plus or minus an hour until storm passes. The live radar screen is pinpoint accurate! Want to see more of Dagmar’s pets during broadcasts please!!
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4 years ago, GaryMc78
News at my fingertips!
I think this app is awesome for someone like us. The wife and I are coed cutters so our news comes from what we find on sites like this. Thanks for showing and sharing what counts on the news and stories in our area.
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4 years ago, Lyricalbuff
Good news feed
Overall, this is a good source for news. However, it needs to be updated on the weekends. I often go on for up to date info only to find the same news from the night before.
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5 years ago, Fitgirl8
News in a Flash
While I'm in San Diego I get news on my phone and feel that I'm kept current on news happening. I look forward to staying in the know when I return to FL where I now reside. But I like keeping up with my family this way.
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2 years ago, Tecateeddie
Great app!
I have older iPads and can't update the iOS versions above 11 which inhibits my use of many apps. This app allows me to get all the news and information I need, thank you!
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5 years ago, holzy808
NBC7 -My only direct link to SAN DIEGO
I love San Diego especially LA JOLLA.. Living here in Hawaii, NBC7 provides up-to-the minute news covering San Diego area with quality reporting of today’s current news. I wish NBC7 would do a daily segment covering “San Diego County Coastal News”reporting daily events from Oceanside to Mission Beach. Focusing on San Diego’s greatest asset; LA JOLLA!!! That’s a wrap.
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6 years ago, Mickelfish
Great App and Updates
The NBC 7 San Diego News app is awesome. I need to stay up on what is going on both in San Diego and around the nation. I always receive breaking news updates, extreme weather updates, etc. I recommend this app for everyone.
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4 years ago, bluedot9
Music Shuts Off in App
I like most everything about it except how the app shuts off any other non-NBC7 audio when you’re in the app. Other apps have it coded to just turn music off if you start a video. Please do that.
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6 years ago, Calexico Guy
NBC 7 plus The New York Times...
I check NBC7 first thing every morning, particularly for San Diego and regional news; you’ve never let me down yet. I read the daily NYTIMES for national and international info, between the two I get my news fix for the day.
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5 years ago, lacep4202
Best app for weather!
Love this app for everything but most importantly the weather! It’s super on point and I love being able to watch the Doppler showing the storm coming in and at what time it comes in.
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3 years ago, frankiehesse
Cant get past traffic live stream
I’ve used this app for my local news for several years but switched today to CBS. While scrolling through the main page the live stream traffic opens and there’s no way to turn it off. So I just close the app. I’ve been hoping it would be fixed for a couple weeks.
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4 years ago, DucksoupSD
Great weather radar!
I live in a radar shadow from the US weather radar but the 7/39 radar gives me perfect coverage. It’s great to be able to see when my neighborhood is going to get rain.
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4 years ago, Kin S.
Well Crafted and easy to Navigate
This is a model news app from a very good local station. Highly recommended. Every so often I am asked to write a review and this site is still excellent.
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7 years ago, Jfmatt2
Best news app ever!!
This is my go to news app for of the San Diego news... This news app keep me update on all the breaking news throughout the day. I also love the weather radar and forecast.
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4 years ago, 77Maya77
News 7 app
Works great and I get notification immediately of breaking news as it happens and weather alerts instantly. Really important in fire season!
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5 years ago, Barb Hastings
Great to stay on top of news affecting our daughter and family!
I really appreciate the alerts. It always puts my mind at ease. The news are current and well presented.
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7 years ago, RosieUsher
Easily stream live
I use this app to stream the live news every morning on my phone while I get ready for work since I don't have a TV in my bathroom. It's consistent and always works. Love it.
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5 years ago, Leepeas
I hope this goes on forever
I’m in love with this station. All the news is up to date and waiting to be read. Thanks for sharing your news with me. The BEST.
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6 years ago, DesertBotanist
Great tool for monitoring wild fires in the county
I work outdoors in open wild lands on a regular basis, and NBC is always the first to warn me and keep me up to date as any new wild fires develop in the area. I make sure all of my crew members have the app on their phones.
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6 years ago, Samurai Penguin 80
The place I go to stay informed.
This app has been a valuable source of information for me since I do a lot of traveling and like to stay informed with what’s happening at home.
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5 years ago, Trish F.
Good for quick updates!
Although I wish there was a section dedicated to current traffic conditions, this is a decent app for quick overviews/updates on breaking news. Great section on what to do in San Diego.
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7 years ago, KHS-65
Great way to get breaking news
We do not subscribe to the newspaper and sometimes I don’t have time to watch TV so this app gives me a quick view of what is happening.
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4 years ago, Aueen b
great app
I enjoy using it to find out the daily news i’m the morning. I just wish it would work for the afternoon news also
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4 years ago, 1happysenior
Weather map
Your radar map of the rain is so accurate! Makes it easy to plan errands before or after a deluge. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Pacerguy
Loaded the app when we visited San Diego. Great for keeping track of current events with timely notifications. Everything you need to know in one place.
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5 years ago, oclawdog
Good app for local news!
I’ve been happy with this app. They send me alerts for breaking news and weather events. Easy to navigate and great photos.
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