NBC Connecticut News & Weather

4.4 (1.4K)
95.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for NBC Connecticut News & Weather

4.44 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Cricketyurchick
NBC app
I’ve had this application for quite awhile now and enjoy receiving each and every notification!! I stay current with the news mainly because of this app!! I get notifications for weather, breaking news, amber alerts basically everything. I did however give it 4 stars instead of five because I have on many occasions written to them concerning accidents that have JUST took place I’ve written about a fire and even when TD bank had just been robbed and no one has EVER REPLIED they could’ve gotten breaking stories but chose to ignore!! Other than that I enjoy this app!!!
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2 years ago, Hoss lantern
Just… why?
You would think that when your done reading a story the ones at the bottom would be other news updates on other stories or what you have missed. Well, I guess they are stories I could have missed, because I’m constantly reading stories that can date back two years. You might not think that’s a big deal if your just reading by yourself and you came across it, but when you read about a deadly traffic crash that shut down the part of the highway that your family drives through and you call them to avoid the area, and they don’t know what I’m talking about because the story was from last year. Or when I’m prepping my vehicle and supplies because there’s an incoming snowstorm “tomorrow morning” that can drop as much as 14”, and when I’m all bundled up in the dark ready to walk out the door there’s not a flake on site nor has anything dropped because the weather report was from 18 months ago. I guess the morale of the story is don’t be curious it will just waste your time
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6 years ago, klcardone
Great App
I don’t allow many apps to send me notifications, however; this app I love getting notifications. I am and extremely busy person and I do not have enough time to try and find time to watch the news. This app sends me little summaries when stories are occurring locally, nationally and world wide as they are unfolding. I can choose to learn more or ignore it depending on my level of interest. The weather is by far my favorite part of this app. NBCs Bob Maxon is my morning go to guy while I’m getting ready for work and what to wear according to the forecast and in comparison NBC is always the most accurate. I also get weather alert notifications. Example: “lighting strikes reported .02 miles of your current location” is an alert I received today among many others leading up to and during a severe storm we were having. Over all I’m very satisfied and would highly recommend it!
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3 years ago, 2121Iawl
Great & Accurate
This is a well done app that delivers what you want easily & without having to jump thru hoops to find what you need. It's become my go-to app for local weather & news updates. I keep the opening screen on Weather & added it to my widgets so I can check without opening the app if in a hurry. By far I've found their local weather forecast more accurate than other stations & weather apps, at least for my area of CT. Like any other app, there are a few things that can improve, but none are bothersome or take away from the app's value. This is one app I can depend on! Nice work developers!
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3 years ago, filmbuff2
New app better but...
I only use the app for weather. The new app is much better than the old one, works on iPads as well as iPhones, and contains almost all the information that you could possibly want. It’s messy but with a bit of work the information is there (why would you ever want an ugly radar sweep showing up?). BIG MISS for me: you have a limited number of sites you can save and it doesn’t allow Canadian sites to be added. What’s up with that?!!! For those of us with strong Canadian ties and property it is essential to add towns from north of the border. Sadly I go back to the Fox 61 app where I can track all I want and place the tracking dots exactly where I want them.
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4 years ago, R.K.Muck
Well curated notifications & great weather forecasts.
This is my primary source for CT “headline” news. They strike a good balance in their notifications. Frequent enough to keep me informed, but not enough to annoy me. All alerts are CT related, even the National and international news items are highly pertinent. The app itself has more news than I can keep up with, but is organized well enough that I can easily find what I want or need. PLUS! They have the most accurate CT weather forecast. They take great pride in that accomplishment and have the awards to prove it.
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5 years ago, terrio1208
Live tv stopped working
Sine I updated my phone to iOS 13 I can’t get live tv. Also around the same time my Apple TV stopped being able to watch the app live. Please help fix this. I loved watching live tv and getting the notifications. Feel lost without being able to watch the news in the morning in my bedroom. Help please
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6 years ago, Dmlryder
Grateful app user
I don’t have cable so I use the NBC APP to watch live and video recorded news as well as my weather! I am always very grateful for any live emergency news and am alerted right away, something you don’t get when you don’t have the app! I also have the option of either reading or watching the news from my phone at anytime of day or night! Thank you NBC for always keeping me up to date on news and weather as well as any emergency situations in my state and area.
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6 years ago, GMENROCK
Perfect app to start the day
This app is exactly what I need. I open it up and see the weather first. It is formatted perfectly so that I can see everything I want to know about the day or week quickly and easily. In fact, I like it more than any other weather I app I currently use. After the weather I simply tap the top right corner and I’m watching the live news. If that wasn’t good enough, there’s a tv schedule for the news channel so I can see where I am in the lineup.
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3 years ago, Suckeredin12
Trustworthy source
One of the few apps I allow to send me notifications. They don’t overwhelm but keep you informed. Great source of local news, but in this time when all 24 hour news channels are covering only 2 topics, Trump and COVID, I’ve relied on NBC CT to keep me updated with what else is going on in CT, the nation and even internationally. And I love the weather updates when storms are coming and the power outage and cleanup updates afterwards. Totally recommend
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3 years ago, Larryblass
Quick Reporting on Everything Connecticut!
If you need to know what’s going on at almost anytime, this is the app for you. Whether it be a traffic notification, weather warnings, or basic news stories, you’ll hear about it first on this app. Then maybe an hour or so later on some of the others. Get this one and keep it live all day long.
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7 years ago, E pilot.
I work during the day. So it is nice to come out at lunch time and get up to date on what is happening. Gives me the traffic so I can adjust my commute home. Weather updates allow me to plan for the evening and the breaking news alerts aloe me to know what is happening in the state and the important news around the world. I always seem to know before the other guys at work. Great app to have.
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3 years ago, SarahKay77
Disappointing Update
I’m not a fan of the new app and this has been my favorite weather and news app for years. I certainly don’t need news (Olympics) updates all night long, but I can’t find where to turn off news alerts, but keep weather alerts. I also don’t need “rain will start in 22 minutes”, just REAL weather alerts. The weather screens are also not as easy to scan and understand quickly. Please bring back the better functionality of the previous app.
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5 years ago, AvocuddlesCT
It’s a Must Have
Love this app, especially notifications. It enables me to stay informed and connected on both a local and worldly level throughout my day. Reliably gives the “must know” latest local weather and news. Just the right amount of info comes across, and whomever discriminates what’s important enough to send in a notification does a great job!
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3 years ago, dotdrex1
Keeps us aware of Connecticut news
When we are home in Connecticut we watch the News T Six. We are currently in Florida where there is no Connecticut news on TV or in the newspaper. We are especially interested in the Covid 19 daily reports and vaccinations as well as the UConn men and women as the NCAA tournament is upon us. Thank you for keeping us informed. We love our state and will never leave!
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6 years ago, factoid mary
Great Local News Coverage
This has become one of my favorite news apps. There are many local news stories covered immediately after they occur. They are thorough and professional. The weather reports are right on the money usually and constantly updated. I highly recommend this app.
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2 years ago, misscyndiloohoo
App is crashing
The app has been crashing on me for 2 weeks. Every time I read the top stories and then switch to the the weather portion it just spins and spins. I close the app. Clear everything. Reopen the app and it still won’t open. I have even deleted and redownloaded the app with the problem happening. I have updated my iPhone to the current version. This has been an ongoing issue since I last updated my phone to 15.1.
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3 years ago, JazzSingr
NBC Connecticut
I’m almost obsessive about keeping track of the weather - hourly temperature fluctuation, etc. I use this app almost exclusively for weather, and it’s my favorite weather app now! The great thing about that is that I can always view a video of the latest meteorologists’ forecast, too, if I want. Thanks, NBC CT!
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6 years ago, tespected
I watch the app on my iPad in the morning while getting breakfast for the latest weather and news as I don’t have a tv in the kitchen, and I love the alerts I get for weather and emergency updates that come up on my phone while I’m at work as there’s no other way to hear news..great app for on the go people👍
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4 years ago, Jo War
Liberal Bias, don’t waste your time.
Don’t waste your time this news app. Even for a locally run app they are so liberal bias. I want to read news that isn’t pushing an agenda. I just want balanced local news. I counted 4 pro-Biden opinion articles (that keep in mind we’re not labeled as opinion) and 4 Trump bashing articles. Look if you’re telling the news that’s great bash who you have to bash but the verbiage is clearly one-sided. You know you can write an article without clearly making your bias opinion known right? I tried contacting the news agency, with no avail. So the app will be deleted.
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6 years ago, Bullmastiff2000
Not totally happy, not totally disappointed
Here is few thoughts I have about the app. Hangs up a lot. It’s saying live updates which are not there, just pages trying to load or nbc logo and no info(I’m on Verizon and very good WiFi at home as well as at work, so definitely not my coverage issue).Another thing is that it’s seems like nobody proof reads the articles. A lot of spelling and grammatical issues. You would think that someone would be in charge of making sure that it’s: their books, not there books etc. Overall not happy.
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4 years ago, margaretr1024
Love the weather radar!
I use the weather radar all the time to check and see if rain is coming. It works like a charm 😊Several times I have sat at my son’s lacrosse practice and been able to determine if bad weather would hold off until practice is over. I highly recommend this app!
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5 years ago, R3L0AD 337
My Daily Source am to pm for Connecticut Newsworthy events
I have been using the app for about a month and have been pleasantly surprised to have notifications which help me plan and motivate my daily regimen. Just moved to Connecticut so it is therapeutic to understand the local news, traffic, and weather forecasts. Works great on both iPad and iPhone (iPhone X; iPad (reg) 6th Gen. TU 337
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5 years ago, Sloan 007
Love this app
I live in Texas but I’m from Connecticut – my friends and family still live there. I love this app because it keeps me informed with the things that are going on back home. The awesome thing about this is also informs me of the weather down in Texas. I wish the Dallas Fort Worth NBC Corporation would do it as good as a job as they are in Connecticut! Well done
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7 years ago, Men and WOMEN
Worse than the older app
Loved the old weather app that recently quit working. Was forced to start using this and promptly went and found an alternative weather app. I just wanted the weather, not all the other news. I won’t use this. My news feed comes from apple news that aggregates news from multiple outlets. I don’t want to or need to get news from only one place. I do like to get weather from one source that I trust. That used to be NBC 30, but I found another source when you discontinued the weather only app.
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6 years ago, bristolite
Great updates
It’s really nice to get updated in news as I don’t receive the Hartford Courant except the Sunday edition and can hear more local updates up to the minute. I do get our local newspaper but it doesn’t cover anything until the next day and is very localized . Great job. I especially appreciate weather for all of CT.
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4 years ago, @glenwyman
I like everyone on there staff. The Reporters and morning and evening Anchors and the Weather Staff give you The correct and Fact Checked information. They don’t tell you Fake News like FoxNews does plus they don’t push Russian Propaganda. Everything they report is The Truth you can’t find a Better CT NEWS STATION CHANNEL 6 WVIT on COMCAST DANBURY,CT AREA
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5 years ago, Nicole #4
Great App
This great app, I suggest getting it for sure. You can watch live NBC news and there is a ten day forecast like you will see on the NBC News channel. You also change all the notification settings. And this app updates you with all the out of the odd things that are happening in Connecticut.
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7 years ago, news pacgirl
Good app for breaking news
I downloaded the NBC News app a while ago and I really like the option to read the stories without having to watch the videos. Sometimes I can't have the sound on so it's great to get the story without the videos. Nice to have videos too though.
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1 month ago, James Mogan
Really wish it worked consistently
I like using this app, but for the longest time it's had issues loading the weather data and will just show blank. It often requires several closing and opening again attempts to get it to work. I'm at home on a strong connection so there's no local connectivity issues.
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5 years ago, Ray Wlfd
Great app to have
Love being able to just click on the icon and get instant news and weather right there..choose what I want to focus on with immediate updates..the weather is my favorite because I can get the latest live cast..really enjoy having this app at my fingertips
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4 years ago, DeenaWhite4
Great App, Content Creators Need Help
Great for getting local news. With a little more updating of content I’d give it 5 stars. But the news alerts and live feeds are extremely informative it’s just the same content sits there for awhile. Sometimes a new story comes up that cancels out the news of the old story but the old story remains.
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6 years ago, Erica_cecilia
Good but not great
This app is useful for staying up to date throughout the day. However, I installed the app for the weather. Each time I open the app it either: force closes or doesn’t refresh the time/location (the app is always completely closed on my phone when I open it). I continue to use the app because it is the most user friendly minus the couple glitches.
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1 month ago, KDawg the Cat's Daddy
Opens less than 50% of the time!
I am a WVIT NBC CT news fan and tune in daily which makes this app even more disappointing! I use it to check weather frequently and it rarely opens correctly the first time. I have to close and reopen it several times until it finally loads correctly. I also have WFSB App, it works much better. I will give this app a little more time to get it right, and if not, WFSB here I come!
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3 years ago, gtkebdice
Enjoy the alerts
One of few apps that I allow alerts from. Important information from weather to local and National news. The alert is often enough, but quick connection to full story when I want the details.
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4 weeks ago, ChrisJSB
Needs more Investment
This app is atrocious. I have to open and close this app like five times just to get the weather to load. It’s slow to load and never loads properly. Please invest in the app so it’s at least useable because it’s quite literally the most annoying experience and there are several reviews that say the same thing. This replicates on multiple different devices.
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3 weeks ago, JMCT2002
Never Opens
The app is great when it actually opens. 95% of the time I go to use it, the app is frozen when it opens and doesn’t load. I have to constantly close it and open it back up 3-5 times to finally get it to fully load. I’ve even tried uninstalling it and reinstalling but that didn’t help either. My mother has the same problem with app so I know it’s not just me.
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7 years ago, Sandman9386
I really Miss the Old NBC30 weather app. Please bring it back!!
I really miss the old NBC 30 first weather app. It kept saying that it was going to stop functioning after a certain date so once it stopped functioning I deleted the app. I downloaded this new app and its horrible. I wish they would bring back to older one which was the best weather app out there. My wife never deleted hers and apparently it's started working again but they no longer have the app on the App Store to download. I'm totally bummed.
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4 years ago, elizabeth in morris
Love the app even when I’m away!
This app keeps me updated on things at home, even when I’m traveling. From the weather to more significant news events, I always know what’s going on. And I love that it alerts me with the little number on the app, so I never miss anything!
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4 years ago, GrandmaGita
My favorite news station
NBC 30 has been my favorite for many years. Even if I watch another news station because I was watching a program I always switch to NBC CT. I trust them and the weather reports more than any other station.
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3 years ago, TheTenaciousTrader
Well Designed
The NBC News app is a clean looking and very well designed application that does not overwhelm the reader with advertisements. I tried the apps for the other local news organizations and the NBC app is the only one that I kept installed on my phone.
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4 years ago, ln423
Surprisingly good App
I turned off all notifications except for this app. They are often out first with breaking national news, as well as relevant state news and important weather updates.
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4 years ago, i rhink all names are taken
CT NBC news app provides the best up to the minute news coverage out there. A few years ago I didn’t like it because all of their news was New Haven County, however now, they provide the best state-wide coverage of all and their app is easy to navigate. Thank you!
Show more
4 years ago, Laura EMG
Love it!
I love the app. I am also very busy and I like to know what is going on. Times are crazy right now and even thou it’s very scary, I need the updates of what is happening in CT and the world. Thank you NBC for everything you do to keep me informed.
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4 years ago, 12@spins yip
News you can use
I love yhis app and its notifications because it keeps me up to date on all the news from around the state. Weather alerts is the best feature since storms can be in our neck of yhe woods in a flash. Enjoy this App a lot.
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2 years ago, Concerned User Too
App keeps hanging when loading on iPhone
Apps keep hanging when loading on iPhone 8 with the latest OS updates. I tried shutting down and restarting the phone and app, uninstalling and reinstalling, but keeps happening. Aside from this issue, the app is great, just wished it would just work every time.
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2 years ago, overwhelmingly_positive
Freezes- takes 3-4 app re-opens to load
Used to really like this app (mostly use it for the weather), but for the past few months I have had to close and re-open the app 3-4 times to get the weather tab to load. I enjoy being connected to local news from time to time, but I’m sick of dealing with this poor performance.
Show more
6 years ago, Lorena&Nelson
Liking it!
I’m rating it a 5 because I’m a working mom with three children and no time to be checking the news every minute. With the app, I get informative notifications of what’s going in the state and whether School are closing early or not!
Show more
3 years ago, Marketing Mimi
Only way I have to get NBCCT! I’m thankful for this app!
We moved to an area in Shelton where the cable company only supports NBC NY. The app is the only way I have now to get my local CT news and weather. So glad to see Bob Maxon on my phone each morning!
Show more
4 years ago, Ciocido
Great all around app
This is a great app with tons of information at your fingertips. Gives school closings/delays as well as news that just happened. It’s one of my top go to apps! I have tried other news apps and they don’t compare!!
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