NBC Montana News

1.9 (10)
30.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bonten Media Group Holdings Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for NBC Montana News

1.9 out of 5
10 Ratings
11 years ago, MT Lin
NBC MT App is GREAT !!
The NBC MT news app is great !! I especially enjoy reading it when we are out of town on a trip as it really keeps us up to date on what is happening in MT. I check in even when we are home as sometimes I miss the news on TV or catch just part of it. Our son lives in ID but he also has it on his iPhone to be able to be "in-touch" with his home state's news. Thanks again for having this app available. Linda P.
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7 years ago, SweetP and Hollyhocks
Overall ok, can't open attachments
Over all this is a good site for news summaries. Live stream is reliable. I've had problems on other sites not being able to open live stream, or having it dropped. It doesn't take as long to open the app as it used to, but it could be faster. My biggest problems have to do with accessibility. I can't open anything within an article. That includes videos and other things within an article. Sometimes the whole story is in a video or another website, but it won't open. A few times I've clicked on a story and all there is is a headline and photo. Why post these if people can't access them?
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9 years ago, Anniecatmt
Clear and now mostly well written
Previous versions of the KECI site there were occasional issues with sentence construction and spelling making the reading of the small articles difficult. In the current version, the editing much crisper and errors are way, way down. A very good read now; great way to get news on the fly
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8 years ago, Harley Gramma8
News News and more News!
I love having this app on my phone! The quick news blasts on my front screen are great. They give me just enough info to peek my interest. Then I can decide if I want to tap and read the whole article now or save it for later. Keep up the GREAT work. And thanks! Harley Gramma Darby
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4 years ago, EW4O6
It’s a hot mess
The app consistently crashes after opening your first news article. It’s directly correlated to the ABSURD amount of ads that are embedded in each story. The phones simply cannot take the amount of media it wants to load to support the RIDICULOUS amount of ads in the story. Other than that the app is ok. Great for quick local news but the INSANE amount of ads in the app and the consistent crashes that result from it make it a awful experience. If my all caps words didn’t emphasize it enough I’ll close with this THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY ADS!
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8 years ago, Chjsbny
Up to date local news; accurate weather
Gives more accurate local weather forecast than most of the weather 'apps'.
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8 years ago, mrlevs
Love the local news, could be improved
I love getting local news updates on my lock screen/notification center! The ads are a bummer and I would like to see the option of swiping forward/back to turn pages instead of having to tap the back arrow. Over all, a useful app!
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9 years ago, GoTarHeels!
We referred to NBC Montana all through our vacation in Montana this summer. It helped a lot to let us know about the wildfires and other weather conditions. I enjoyed reading the news reports as well.
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7 years ago, Joycek705
My go to news source
This is where I go for everything news...weather, fire information, even national news.
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5 years ago, Chasnewyork88
The app’s sound has never worked on my iPh
The app sound has never worked on my iPhone X No way to contact the developers. I tried the app a few months ago - no sound so I Deleted it . Downloaded it again recently because they are always promoting it on the news broadcast. Still no sound and no way to fix it. Too bad. I would of liked to of used it.
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7 years ago, Damon459
One year later and not any better!
Why can't you find a better app developer, every time this app starts getting halfway decent you go and screw it all up again! This new version is the worst one yet! How is that even possible? Apps should evolve not devolve! This is also why I've stopped watching new broadcast, too much crap and way too much opinion! I want the news not your opinions!
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9 years ago, Cache Money
All the info I ever need for Western Montana
Keeps me updated and never crashes on me. Relevant news and constant updates on weather which is huge in the winter time.
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9 years ago, KL7JGS
Ok if you live in the Missoula area
The app works fine on my iPhone. The only problem is they are a Missoula based station. So all of the news is about Missoula. They don't have a clue that a large percentage of their viewing population is not in Missoula. It's really aggravating to get an urgent news alert and find out its only that the Grizzlies won there latest game.
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5 years ago, Wymtgrace
A work in progress... continues
The app works great on my iPhone but will not even open on my Kindle HDX. I specifically like the local news segment. As time goes by...the app has digressed to an add laden program that apparently cannot handle so many links without crashing continually while reading just one news story. My iPhone is a 6S plus and works with everything but this app. 😢
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7 years ago, Corvallisjohn
A helpful app.
I travel a lot and don't have a lot of time to keep up with the news. Montana NBC gives me all I need to know to keep up with Montana and National news.
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8 years ago, kermitv
Useful for this Montanan
This app is totally stable on my 6 and latest iOS. I finds the alerts very helpful and very applicable to whatever part of the state I'm in.
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7 years ago, Love Bozeman
I love this app. It's easy to move around in. I like that I get notifications but I am not overloaded with them every 5 minutes.
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9 years ago, BeeferT
Great app!
Good layout and news information. Thanks for providing your news on my iPhone!
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4 years ago, MTStation watcher
Live doesn’t work
Live broadcast never works and has way too many ads and breaks when it does. The show never comes back on after an ad. Maybe we can only watch for a few minutes on this ap. I’m not sure.
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7 years ago, ReneMF63
Awesome local news source!
I love being the first to know what's going on! Be sure to get the alerts! Thank you NBC Montana for a great app!!
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5 years ago, Inmontana
The app is pretty good, for the most part
After reading an article. The button to head back to the menu screen, doesn’t work all the time, on my iPhone. Forcing me to to back out and restart the app. Pretty frustrating
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11 years ago, malarie18
Love it!
Keeps me up to date on everything going on in MT while I'm over working in the oil field.
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10 years ago, Buger3456
Great App
Very easy to read and keep you up to date on latest news. Love it!
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4 years ago, bigsky girl
App won’t open any longer
App use to work great. Since Christmas every time I try to open app it use spins around and never opens. I would get daily updates on Covid info then when trying to open app to read full story it won’t open Very disappointing
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9 years ago, Nutchell
Great app!
Always keeps me up to date on the news!
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8 years ago, Tboner58864
Needs work
Regular crashes, videos don't always load, entire paragraphs within the articles are repeated.
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5 years ago, HLizaC
Old News
Articles are not updated frequently. Most articles are from days ago. I’ll sit with a colleague, and they will fill me in on the current events while I read yesterday’s news. Finally switched.
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7 years ago, Montana Champ
My go-to Montana news source while traveling
NBC MT's mobile app is much superior to those of the state's print media.
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9 years ago, Bigmtfish
Love it!
Great way to get quick news. Very reliable.
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11 years ago, Abbie the Agorophobic
Crashes even after the updates to help with crashes. POP-up ad pages are blank and can't be closed to see the site. Waste of time.
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2 years ago, Whitefish traveler
When I try to open up some stories I get a black screen which freezes. So I have to close out and come back in. Prior version was much better!
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9 years ago, MontanaBoy102197
It's news for Montana the greatest state
Need I say more
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9 years ago, Zamblomo
Too many offensive advertisements
Too difficult to browse the weather forecast for other cities. All those terrible advertisements, I will quit using this new version because I hate those stupid mugshot ads
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7 years ago, Greenhouse Granny
Need to speed up the loading. Otherwise= good job!
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10 years ago, Maps guy
I like the content but the app quite frequently hangs when updating. The only fix I have found is to delete the app and reload it.
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5 years ago, MrsNotHappy1749032
Blank screen
This app used to work fairly well. Now, the only thing you can get is weather. The screen is blank or an “oops” banner pops up when trying to get local or national news.
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7 years ago, PennysPony
In ecuador
I am in S. America for 6 months, very good app for my local Montana news and national/world coverage. Thank you
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2 months ago, montana monk
Not working after last update
This app was pretty good until last update. Now all I get is the splash screen “ NBC MONTANA”. Nothing after that. Refutes how update is described.
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9 years ago, Annie oh la la
Updated NBC MT app
I miss the 7 day forecast. Hoping it reappears, with enlarged font for ease of reading. Also, where are the irresistible news?
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4 years ago, Mema Z
Keeps crashing
I don’t know what is going on. It opens fine then as soon as I tap on an article to read it crashes. Is anyone going to fix this app?
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13 years ago, JennyRN2CNM
Thanks for making this app!
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11 years ago, Rhop48
Works well
Seems to work well
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9 years ago, Glw128
Best regional News in the country
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9 years ago, #%:&8>
Ads Ads Ads ....... uuuugh
Native advertising is over abundant, super distracting and makes me wonder where this news sites priorities are. Wish I had not updated to this version.
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9 years ago, Caney Creek
New version- good job
Great job on the new update to your app!
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8 years ago, 👴🏻😐
It's so so
No more sneaky ads. But they still could do better!
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3 months ago, bbhgfhjryvjjfg
What’s the deal? App won’t open half the time. Frustrating. Fix it!
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2 years ago, BzmMtnMan
Crazy buggy/No dark mode
App is just as buggy as ever. New update has no dark mode and is blinding white.
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9 years ago, Inflamed
I expect the news but all I seem to see is ads. Hard to follow and tough to navigate. Liked the old version much better.
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6 years ago, Latteconnie
Can’t rotate screen
This is the only App I can’t rotate the screen on my iPad!!??
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