NBC News: Breaking & US News

4.8 (150.4K)
84.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
NBC News Digital, LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for NBC News: Breaking & US News

4.75 out of 5
150.4K Ratings
3 years ago, EarlGreyNoCup
Back to being a five star
If you’re on the fence about this app, look at how consistent the developers are at responding to each of our technical complaints. They addressed my issue. As far as ads go, it’s a free app offered by commercial network channel. Someone has to pay for it. I’d rather read, listen to, or watch ads while on the app than sacrifice my personal device’s autonomy when I’m off the app. Here’s my previous review: Was among my favorite news apps until today. They now force users to accept notifications. That’s ridiculous. Hate to see it go but it’s deleted now. I’ll revisit in the future - hoping they see the light. Because I will miss it. But not enough to accept nonsensical notifications.
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2 years ago, Rex Hrothgar
NBC news is great, The app as well…except…
I see reviews here that are up to two years old that address my issues. NOTHING has been done to address the app’s “automatic refresh” boondoggle. This apparent “brain fart” of an idea is, in my opinion, screamingly frustrating! Literally every time I go to take in my daily diet of your news options on my iPad, I get automatically catapulted to an awfully rearranged menu. So many times I’ve been just about to make a selection and then “POOF” it’s gone! At which point I proceed to look for the item unsuccessfully and give up. I give up because of the other problem I have with it, “lousy search options”. Seriously??? This app is from the NBC that I’ve always loved and respected? As per usual, the content etc. are in line with how I’ve come to expect from you folks, top of the line. But these problems I’ve listed are what I’d expect from rank amateurs. (I’m not going into the bugs I’ve experienced, I don’t want to split hairs.) I love you guys. (Loved you better when news was a public service and not a corporate venture.) But even now you are the one I turn to. The best thing going. Please fix this weirdness? I think, by now the public knows how to push a “Refresh” button when THEY WANT.
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4 years ago, kdbull
Good app but needs fix
I really like this NBC news app. It’s just the right amount of news without the overwhelming and completely depressing, overblown, polarised information of other news apps. I want to be updated with the latest important news; not bludgeoned with gruesome murders, US vs YOU political crap and a TMI style of app reporting that complies a bunch of other nonsense making me feel that human beings are the worst idea ever created! That being said, I have a couple of technical issues; why does it jolt you off the section you are reading ( I assume more stories are being added? ) it is incredibly frustrating to be reading a headline and suddenly your 3 or 4 stories down and have to scroll back to what you were originally looking at. Also, while I love that the content is limited, which makes for a clear straight forward news feed, some of the stories at the bottom seem to never change, so really you end up reading just the upper portion...how about moving those older stories along. More stars when small issues are fixed😉 Thanks for doing the news right!
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4 years ago, Kyphillips
True/Trusted Reporting
I am a women of love, I love my fellow man, women and child globally. Breaks my heart reading or hearing some of the news reports in my day. I known the world and my country are/is a complicated mess and sometime wonderful place. Spent a lot years working (sometimes 2 to 3 jobs) And raising 3 kids. The time I spent learning the news around me was at minimum. Most news came from my fellow workers. Now that I gave time, I’ve jumped in with both feet and heart. Thank You NBC, MSNBC, Today and apps for your great reporting. 🙏🤞💙💙💙💙
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4 years ago, Toby (the girl)
PLEASE add a search function
It’s a nice way to get news and it’s free. But there NEEDS to be a way to search for articles. I frequently will have clicked on a notification to read an article and some problem causes me to go back to the home page of the app (sometimes I didn’t finish reading the article before spending an extended period of time with the app minimized, or sometimes when I click a notification it doesn’t actually take me to the article) but if the article isn’t on the home page and I don’t know where to find it in the explore tab, there’s no way for me to get back to it. This is less pressing, but it would also be nice if clicking links inside an article that lead to another NBC article would open up that article inside the app rather than in my browser.
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2 years ago, NoLimitsSaila
App is okay, content is trash
The app works okay, with frequent scrolling issues, resetting, pictures failing to load and other glitches, it’s earned about 3 stars… The content, on the other hand, is trash. I keep the app to see what NBC is saying is the “news” and how they frame it, which is typically very biased and skewed. Please understand what you’re getting when you read this. The articles will always present you with one side, written from one point of view, and never include any contrary voices. Additionally, they pick only the articles they want you to view, of course. Their prerogative, of course, and your choice to read or not. Thanks for reading this review! Take care!
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5 years ago, TrekFan359
When “Breaking news” push notifications aren’t breaking news
The push notification options for this app appear to be “all or none”. There is one option in settings for “Breaking news”, another for “Quiet mode”. The problem is, I get tons of notifications for things that aren’t breaking news at all. Some are editorials (notification title starts with “OPINION:...”), others are non-breaking news stories: “Toddler's family grapples with 'unfathomable' loss after her fall from cruise ship”. The app needs a *real* “Breaking news only” push notification option. Until it does I’m about to turn off the app’s notifications because I get far too many non-breaking news notifications.
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12 months ago, Joe Lee 2814
Very annoying.
I love being able to listen to my favorite NBC news sources, but I hate that it frequently shuts off, errors out and tells me “Something went wrong please retry. Multiple times almost every time I try and use the live feeds. I’m at home. My WiFi is on, not cutting out, not even once and yet your app’s live feeds shut off every ten-twenty minutes. And tells me “Something went wrong please retry. It’s 4:00 now, It happened four times since I sat down at my desk at 3:00 The app occasionally would do this but it only recently begun to do it with such annoying frequency. I usually just get frustrated and switch to one of the CBS feeds
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5 years ago, TheBestBoot
Minor Issues Make Big Differences
There’s a lot of little things that are annoying. I have this on mobile, and it gets annoying. I can’t figure out how to search, so I can’t see anything but the past two days of news. It gets really annoying! I want to see stuff from the past, almost every other news app has this! It would also be nice to have subtitles on the videos. I don’t always have headphones with me, so it’s difficult to look at certain stories on the go. It would also make everything difficult for deaf people. Most everything else is great, the ads get annoying but it’s fine, gotta make money somehow I guess. Overall it’s an alright app, but these things start to get to you after a while.
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4 years ago, LongTimeTennisLover
Nearly impossible to use on iPad
This app has one really annoying glitch. When I'm trying to read through the headlnes on the main news page, the app suddenly jumps, completely on its own, to somewhere else on the page. It may be up or down, but the headline I was looking at just disappears and the screen is centered in a new, random, place on the page. Then I have guess whether to scroll up or down to get back to where I was. If this is because the page was refreshed, please give us a button to do the refresh when the user wants it refreshed - don't aggravate the user by jumping away from what they were trying to read! Otherwise, the coverage seems to be very good. I just can't stand the way the app annoys me. If it didn't do that, I'd give it 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Broad R. Each
3+ decades is enough
As an adult, I have watched the NBC Nightly News for more than three decades. In recent years i have enjoyed podcasts s as well. Why? Like you, because my parents watched it and I followed suit. The doctoring of the Columbus police shooting of an armed and assaultive person has caused me to pause and wonder, what is NBC’s role in this non-stop attack against law enforcement? Then I remember, ratings, it is all about ratings, not character of employees or reporting abilities. If that were true, Savannah Guthrie and Brian Williams, come to mind as individuals who should be unemployed. It breaks me that my news source has lost any semblance of reality, but to doctor reporting…that is INTENT, intent to lie and mislead to sell a story. I hope your sponsors abandon you, as you have abandoned your viewers. Good bye.
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2 years ago, Ken H in San Francisco, CA
Glitch Glitch Glitch
The content of NBC News’ app might be of value, however one would be hard pressed to fully know. While the user peruses the headline stream, the app page will inadvertently jump to an alternate section, leaving the user … hanging. The user is then left to scroll and hunt for the original article, only to have the page once again jump to another section?!? At this point the user might simply close the NBC news app and open CNN or NPR or ABC News or CBS News or Politico or FOX News or Huff Post or The Hill or the Associated Press or any of the hundreds of other news App choices available without this ridiculous and wonky glitch.
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5 years ago, Astutress
Page content jumping around, poorly organized
This is regarding the iPhone app. I use the app by skimming down the home page and just choosing to read certain articles that interest me. Ugh, every time I read an article and return to the main page I’m not in the same spot where I was, or for a split second I am but then the page content jumps, and I don’t know if the spot I left off is above or below where I am now. This seems due to ads randomly appearing or disappearing. SO ANNOYING. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any logical organization anymore. This has been my go-to national news app for years and I am just irritated trying to use it. Considering deleting.
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11 months ago, skittle128
Please let us filter notifications
I only want notifications for breaking news. I do not want notifications for stories about how people love Korean corn dogs or other random stories. I am trying to reduce the amount of times I pick up my phone, but I want to stay informed if something important is actually going on. If we could have an option to only get notified for actual breaking news, that would be great. I am about to turn off all notifications because I am tired of my phone dinging at me every hour, and usually for stories that I would definitely not consider important breaking news.
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11 months ago, cruelsummr
fix the Now Playing live feed powered by TuneIn
The redesigned Now Playing powered by TuneIn tab has issues. It randomly shuts down and especially ~10 minutes before the next MSNBC show. Deadline Whitehouse never shows as playing, though it is; most of the other shows now appear to be in the correct order. The addition of that ridiculously hugh 5 1/2”x5/8” now playing bar needs to go away! It cannot be moved and docked elsewhere on the screen or minimized; it’s always in the way blocking news stories and videos. Who thought this was a good idea?
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2 years ago, Meebo57
Gesture for previous page
The only thing abt the app that could be improved is the left-to-right gesture to go to the previous page. In the current version a finger has to be placed completely off-screen then swiped to cause the app to respond to the gesture (iOS). Because of protective cases, that is difficult. Allowing the left-to-right gesture to begin anywhere on the screen would be more practical.
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1 year ago, FJ_Tech
Totally disgusting ads
For the last few months, the ads that appear throughout articles appearing in the app are actually worse than clickbait, the kind of stuff you see at the end of any normal webpage. They are not only utterly ridiculous but absolutely disgusting to look at. This includes drawings of people farting, people with skin disease, and all other kind of maladies. Then there are the utterly indescribable images of what appear to be human deformities. How this kind of garbage could ever be approved for display on a reputable news site is beyond me. What has happened to NBC News? The app works well and I trust the journalism of this organization but these ads render the site unusable for me.
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4 years ago, Suesette
The REAL News
I trust NBC and MSNBC to deliver the news in a timely, accurate manner. They have the best journalists and reporters who are willing to put their own lives at risk to bring viewers the real story. I have depended on NBC news for decades, but particularly over the past 5 years as real journalism is under attack on a daily basis by our President and his cronies in the right wing media. I am thankful to NBC and MSNBC journalists and reporters for providing their viewers with the real news during these turbulent times.
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3 years ago, Nathan Wind
Apple TV : No control over playlist
I watch this on the Apple TV and I am pretty irritated with their update… It’s been A while now and I wanted to check in on the news for the 2nd impeachment… I stopped using this app because they changed the way it deals with playlists… I wanted to check out msnbc highlights and I can’t skip around anymore… I am willing to watch ads, do not get me wrong, but I hate being locked into a playlist without being able to skip around… I’m willing to watch Ads! It’s a very frustrating experience… This app used to be better it feels like they did this to make sure I watched ads… squeezing out every nickel at the cost of user experience
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4 years ago, MPL_40675
Best news app that isn’t biased!
Among many reasons to choose where you get your news from, it is always best to choose cites that showcase everything. The good, the bad, the ugly. You don’t want a news app that’s biased or caters to those who choose to be willfully ignorant. That’s why I love NBC among a few others. Because I know I’ll be getting accurate news information on current issues. Thankful that there’s still good news apps out there.
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4 years ago, no way tip enter
Trusted news coverage
Even when I was a kid my family always depended on NBC and the Today Show in the morning and evening for our news coverage. I also do watch news on CBS and their coverage is also excellent. It’s a comfort to see the same ppl delivering the news and knowing their names makes them a real part of our family. So I’m giving NBC an 5 star rating.
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3 years ago, jamielawrence42
Since last iOS and tvOS update it have been garbage
I use this app on my Apple TV and my iPhone. Since early April 2021 it’s been glitchy on both devices. On the phone images fail to load and frequently it tells me I’m offline (I’m not). On Apple TV it freezes, pixelates, then restarts the story. I’ve troubleshot my network, quit the app, restarted devices, deleted and redownloaded the app on both devices and even restored the phone... never resolves issue. Internet speeds are 115 mbps down and 10.5 up, using Ethernet or WiFi on Apple TV, or WiFi only on the iOS device.
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3 years ago, Katie12345678999
Amazing App
I love all of the updates that this app has done in the past 6 months. I use my fire tablet to read news in here in the morning and the night and you guys are always up-to-date with features! The local news is the best feature to date! Thanks for all of your hard work and making this my favorite news app ever.
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2 months ago, Jkeeton
Why is this app stuck in 2015
App developer link takes you to nowhere. What’s the point of having a new iPhone 15 Pro and still can’t watch a video in full screen? I know the Dynamic Island blocks a tiny bit of the screen but those huge white bars on both sides of the video in full screen is terrible. At least make them black but really I could still be using my 7 plus and not even notice bc that’s how old this app feels, looks, and functions. IPhone 6-8 and SE, that’s the iPhone this app looks like it was meant to be used on. Please give us an update already. The X has been out for years!
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5 years ago, KateTeddybear
Improvements Please!
Review 1. Would like option of either audio of news or news in print. 2. Anyway to respond to an article or to vote ie. YES good idea or NO ridiculous, not necessary and waste of taxpayers money idea. For example I want to scream at the asinine idea of Trump inserting himself into “The Capital 4th.” I will not watch if he has any part in the celebration. Use my tax payer $ to help feed, clothe, provide health care and a safe place for those without. Kate Gardner Koontz
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4 years ago, weatherator
ABC News comments
Many of the featured stories are excessively politically correct. There is a great over emphasis on racial, sexual and homosexual matters to the detriment of the overall presentation of information. In addition, many stories make assertions without facts, representing poor journalism at best and outright propaganda at worst. In specific, the story about the $160 billion restaurant rescue bill uses the term “grant“ interchangeably with “loan“. The fact that no editor picked up on this grotesque discrepancy or simply doesn’t have the literacy to tell the difference between a loan and a grant is appalling.
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3 years ago, Dielawn311
Way too many notifications…
The app itself works well, but they need to calibrate what they think people need to be notified about immediately. Not knowing why Tiger Woods got in another crash is not breaking news. I had to turn the notifications off. I was getting 20 NBC news notifications for every 1 received from a competing network’s app. Ironically, they just had a segment about internet addiction featuring a guy that had trouble ignoring this sort of non-stop news.
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5 years ago, cival1776
Info is good. Delivery is lousy
Many articles require waiting 15 seconds for an ad to run before the news video. If I wanted an ad to run every time I would just google “show me ads”. I want the news. And the ad seems to be the same for every news story. Other news outlets seem to get their news up faster so I usually start with CNN which is just as bad with video ads.
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9 months ago, Piscesprincess514
I wish there was a section to re-watch those short clips of the man who gives us little hacks, tips, and just things to know, because they go by so fast and I love watching them. I’m not sure if you guys know exactly what I’m talking about. There would be times I remember one of them while doing something but I can’t recall the whole exact thing so I just wish I could go back and re-watch them.
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4 years ago, JimStone20
Love the app! What happened it to now?
I have always loved this app on my iPad & iPhone but something appears wrong with application when I do not use the full application. I was able to get updates without having to open full application on my iPhone & iPad until recently this week! What it is going on with your application now, is it just sheer volume or glitches? “Failed to Load” Press to Reload function is not working either!
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4 years ago, yardsale1948
I have been watching all night. GREat job! BALLOTS FOUND INGARBAGE! I live in a Mobil home park and all of our ballots were found in the garbage! If it wasn’t for a kind neighbor that found them all and delivered them to everyone I know I wouldn’t have been able to vote since I don’t drive. It had to be done by the mail delivery person, no other way! I live in Clackamas, Oregon pls check into this! Thanks
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3 years ago, JohnNearChicago
Latest version of this app is unusable
Unless you change your settings to accept it’s notifications. Personally, I like to read my news like I used to read the newspaper. I DO NOT want the app to “Notify” me about anything! Sadly, that makes it impossible for me to use the App. No Rachel Maddow, no Nicole Wallace. Bummer. I have no idea what they were thinking when they made that change! That’s ok, I deleted their messed-up App and I have a half-dozen other sources of news. I hope lots of other folks are as outraged as I am, and NBC re-thinks their outlandish policy on notifications!
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2 years ago, Skypatrol
Version 7.1.0
Freezing up and I must quit the app and restart using an AppleTV. At live mode start up lasts 10-30 min and then gets wonky, intermittent and so is the other glitch of starting a segment and within a few seconds restarts the same content when in live mode. I do appreciate the app and use it every day. Streaming is a challenge no matter which side of TV your on, look forward to the next update, my 3 star is respectable, not to far to get a 4
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4 years ago, tivs sr.
The reason why NBC news is needed
They way that the news is written lets you get the message and the facts directly. There is no color or implied facts with the content, I consider this news to be the facts and nothing more. When I read this information, I can draw my own conclusions with any other suggestions. I appreciate NBC for their honesty and sincerity; thank you.
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4 years ago, Westervilleperson
Channel 4 Cols OH
Don’t just tell people to check website.... Some people do NOT have a computer or don’t easily know how to get to the site you’re telling about..... Just TELL us what we need to know....or put at bottom of screen like school closings. I volunteer at StAnns; yesterday the volunteer coordinator sent out a list of resources for community..... it was very informative & most that I have never heard about in the past 2 weeks watching TV & news conferences. That’s not serving ALL of your community. Thank you. Jan
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8 months ago, Tiggi543212345
Adds amounts are dishonest
I was watching a program and I expected ads because it was free. That is the way the world is right now. However, I was displayed that would be a certain number of ads and it count it up with each add. Then I was displayed another ad and the number went up from what was previously advertised. This happened twice in a row which resulted in me providing this review. I do not mind ads but if I’m going to have three ads, then keep it at three ads. Do not make it five ads after telling me it will be three ads.
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3 years ago, KarneeSue
I had to turn off my notifications for NBC News because the most recent one contained T****’s name. For my own mental health, I can no longer have that name unexpectedly popping up in my face. Some may not understand this, but 81,000,000 others just might. When I want to know what he’s up to, I’ll check your app and Twitter. I’ll turn my notifications back on in 2024. Thanks!
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1 year ago, freedomfighter262
This is a wonderful app for my IPHONE 12. Unfortunately I have a mini IPAD that I used to watch MSNBC with. Now with the new update I’m unable to watch it. The mini IPAD has version 9.20 and cannot be upgraded to 14.0 or later. I’ve tried to use older version of MSNBC app but pop up window tells me I have to update MSNBC app to watch it. Any suggestions? Thank you!
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3 years ago, NotLikingThisLastUpdate:(
Great App
I like this app for the news but also because I can watch the different news programs, however, sometimes the videos are not available the same day as when they were broadcasted. My one gripe is that the updates typically break minor details around the app, and some can be annoying.
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1 year ago, donnsj
Slight degradation
This is my go-to website for news. Seemed to operate quite well in comparison to other network news sites. That has changed. Once I’m done reading a story, I usually have hit the back button to get to the next story that I would like to read. Now it takes two hits of the back button to get to that same spot. While this is a minor convenience, it is an inconvenience. Please fix this!!
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3 years ago, kickera
Constant Truth of Information
I have appreciated being able to stay informed with the truth of information. I may not agree with the news but I need to know the reality of our lives. I appreciate knowing someone else’s perspective. I appreciate even more not being mind manipulated & given the respect that I can decide myself. The ease of use of the app is wonderful.
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4 years ago, Joe&Vanessa
Quality news coverage
I really enjoy this app and I appreciate their journalistic integrity. One of the last news outlets that you can trust to be fair and honest without an obvious bias. The app is well designed and easy to use with out a paywall. I recommend this app to anyone looking for a reliable way to stay up to date with current news.
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5 years ago, Jerrelynn
Review of NBC
You consistently have The Best news coverage You have The Best Newscasters; With Great personalities, integrity & factual ...You all deserve a raise this year..! Your coverage Gets to The Heart of the Matter And you seem to always wear the “White Hat”, (As in you model those on the side of Justice, Solution oriented, Helping - Not hindering) THANK YOU for your dedication over the decades. Through various landscapes; from crisis, celebrations, shockwaves, weather anomalies and victories, you’re with us all the way. It’s a pleasure being on this journey with you ~ Blessings, as the holidays approach, and this tumultuous year of 2019 comes to a close. May Love and Peace prevail in the coming months and new year. 💃🎄😉🇺🇸🙏 Warmly, Jerrelynn Fling
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4 days ago, HellhathnoFurey2019
I find that your reporting is very helpful and informative as well as the fact that
I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or not but I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you guys today and I hope you guys have a wonderful day and I hope that you guys have fun with each other. Love
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2 years ago, Agaric2
This app is worthless. Nothing to do with the content. Just that all I can see are the picture/headlines. When I click on a story I get nothing but black screen. After months of sending messages asking them about the problem—no response. Too bad. They used to be good, and the news content probably still is. They just don’t care about the delivery medium. Maybe the same techie geeks that build the app are managing the online feedback and don’t pass on the complaints. Whatever, I’m deleting it forthwith.
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4 years ago, KTLJVP
Where did objective Reporting of news and balanced analysis go?
I’ve watched the NBC Peacock for almost 60 years. I’m an independent who loves my country. NBC has lost the reporting integrity it once had. Chuck Todd is in way over his head. You don’t need to be Tim Russert but Todd isn’t the same hemisphere. As long as NBC is anchored by Chuck Todd the Peacock will be at the bottom of the ocean. Kevin Lusardi Madison, NJ
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3 years ago, McKinley1187
Constantly Forced to Sign In
I view content on the Apple TV app, and every hour (sometimes more or less) the app closes itself and I am forced to constantly sign back in. Sometimes I log in and select MSNBC and instead of loading video content, it goes to a blue screen. Then, I am forced to force close the app and restart the process again. It has been doing this for well over a year. It’s exhausting and makes watching NBC coverage more trouble than what it’s worth.
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4 years ago, A Michigan Democrat
NBC online News
I prefer the content of NBC and MSNBC over all others. I feel they tend towards Democrats and democracy which are my tendencies as well. I prefer CNN’s layout to yours but I’m not sure I can pinpoint what’s different. One thing I like about CNN is that videos of their TV personalities are seen giving perspective and analysis. I think that is a vast difference. And I like the physical layout of their website. Signed, a Michigan Democrat
Show more
4 years ago, irelilta
NBC is hosting a Trump town hall the same night as a Biden town hall, allowing him an alternative to an equal and fair portrayal to the American people of the quality of the presidential candidates. This is an appalling choice that further fractures the country by forcing viewers to choose a candidate to watch, instead of letting Trump accept the consequences of opting out of the presidential debate. They’ve given him a platform to escape a debate in which he’d need to be civil and defend actual policies and plans. This is forcing a fissure in our democracy. Shame on you, NBC. This was my primary news outlet. Deleting the app, and unfollowing your network for good.
Show more
2 years ago, marlis 123
The App does not find the internet connection on my device
This App does not get any reception since the upgrade. After the upgrade the App keeps telling me that there is no connection and I should check my internet connection. However my internet connection and my device are working fine with every other App except for this NBC News App, which I used to enjoy. I have updated and restarted the App and restarted my device. Everything else is working and has internet receprion, except this App. What can I do?
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