NBC10 Boston: News & Weather

4.5 (492)
96.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for NBC10 Boston: News & Weather

4.54 out of 5
492 Ratings
5 years ago, phoebesm
Best Boston local news
I downloaded the first 5 news apps that came up when I searched “Boston” and this is the one that actually gives me news. The rest seem to be vehicles for advertising and clickbait. I like to know what is going on with business and city government, any weather events in the area, and occasionally have local restaurant and bar recommendations or be notified of events like concerts and political rallies. This app gives me a nice variety of this type of info without making me feel like I am in a bubble or being targeted for ads. Hopefully they stay awesome!
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3 years ago, DWB45
Great app for local & national news
My go to app in the morning. Gives me a great look at local & national need to start my day & wake me up. Have a subscription to the Globe to read every thing later. However this app gets me started with a quick look &/or in-depth reporting. 10 news is my go to channel for the evening news & the app to start my day. It is truly 5 stars. The news to go to for Boston and all of New England.
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3 years ago, Diane on the go.
Alert & connecting to that story
I love how this app gives you an alert, and when you click on the alert it brings you to that story. Another news app I have brings you to the love news feed which is never addressing that topic at that moment
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6 years ago, JeffsFort
Overall happy, one exception
On iOS, the NBC10 app widget on the search screen only directs you to the correct video highlighted when you tap on it about half of the time. I do enjoy having my local weather and news but, often if I see a story highlighted on my search screen, I’ll tap on it and then still need to search to find it as I’m directed to a completely unrelated story. Tapping support in the App Store appears to be mainly support for installation so I’m having difficulty submitting this as an issue.
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3 years ago, Chesterfield zxxv
I like the app and content, but iPad version locks up frequently
I like the layout and the content of the app. The only problem is the iPad version of the app locks up when I read a story. The only way around it is open the story in my reading list on Safari, then it works fine. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling, but still am having the same issues. It does not happen on my iPhone. I hope the developer addresses this issue.
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5 years ago, Sheli333-8744
Very pleased!
This app is one of the best news apps I’ve used. Many news apps are so cluttered with ads that content is jumpy and videos are near impossible to watch. These videos are sharp and clear. Audio is clean and news items are current and continually updated. This is my app of choice.
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5 years ago, Grandpiano123
This app is excellent
Within minutes of loading it, I was receiving weather notifications and breaking news which is exactly what I wanted. In the process of loading it, you will be asked what categories you prefer - another plus!
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4 years ago, q:-
Best Boston news
This app has the best local and national news, as it relates to Boston, out of all the ones I tried. The ads are obvious so you don’t accidentally click on them and they’re not excessive like some other sites. An excellent choice for news that’s pertinent to our area!
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6 years ago, Cranberry1234
Much improved
Thank you for fixing this app none of the other Boston apps are any good for several years this wasn’t either but you fixed it thank you. I go to New York and New Hampshire often and the weather works well there too.
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4 years ago, Cioshafiq
To The point and on point and immediate
Really enjoying the accurate information and just helps us with our daily lives especially during this pandemic
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4 years ago, CoachM5
Articles stop scrolling
I use the app often and like it. However, recently when viewing articles the page “gets stuck” and you can’t scroll any more. You can only swipe between articles. Not sure if is the google pop up ad at the bottom or not. I’m on an iPhone 11, so it’s not that. It is quite annoying and I will start using another Boston news app if it continues.
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4 years ago, Betze37
Thumbnail alerts
Please don't make us not only open your app, but also have to click on “alerts” to get rid of the big red dot on the thumbnail. I see your alerts when they scroll by, and then again in the app. That should be enough without the extra step to clear them. I’ll delete the app if it continues this way.
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3 years ago, beacape
Kicked off
I LOVE getting local news alerts but please please please fix whatever causes the app to kick me off whatever podcast I’m listening to whenever I open the app. It is VERY frustrating. I can read and listen to a podcast at the same time. If I want to watch a video, I will do so.
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5 years ago, Huhgin
Best Local (& world) News App
I am very impressed with your App. I check it at least 4 times a day for the latest news for Boston area as well as national & world events. I also check it for weather, too! Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, Paul T-mann
My “go to” app for local (NH) weather.
The WMUR app has pop up video ads that are too annoying. I understand these apps are advertiser supported but I can’t stand being forced to listen to car dealer commercials every time I open the app.
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3 years ago, WarNun
Best Local News App
I have been using it for more than a year and haven’t had any issues. I enjoy the weather personalities and the info that accompanies them. Definitely recommend the app!
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3 years ago, vtujm
News app change mid-July, too bad!!
The new format rolled out in mid-July has a terrible flow to it. Not at all easy as it was. Unwanted info on screen rather than fill the page with all news rather than taking up space with “choices”. I far preferred News 10’s app over channel 5’s but may have to go back. Disappointed!
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4 years ago, Hooah9
Exceptional Quality
I’m originally from Mass, been gone 20+ years what I’ve missed the most about being away is the intelligence of my people. NBC10 exemplifies intelligence with its Quality Programming products and services.
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4 years ago, andythibodeau
News review
I like their local news and the weather persons are very professional. There is a big HOWEVER, however, I’m not a fan of their political news. They( or you) are so liberal biased that I will not watch the national or world news On your Chanel. Sorry but both sides would be acceptable. Thanks Andy Thibodeau
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10 months ago, BeauneV
Wonky weather videos
The weather forecast video freezes and stops no matter if I start it over, or close the app and try again. It stops 15 seconds or so into the video. Disappointing, because I really like the weather team.
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9 months ago, twinsmo
Too many alerts
I want to be notified if major weather events. I don’t need to know that a short rain shower will occur in a few minutes. Please offer a way to limit the alerts.
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4 years ago, Bcontona
Well Sorted
I like how the news is sorted. Sometimes different stories could be located in a few different sections and this app does a good job of making sure those stories are located in all relevant categories.
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3 years ago, d.i.o.s.
To the point:
This ‘10 Boston’ app has the best news & weather coverage! Up to date, unbiased news and accurate weather reports keep me well informed. (I tried the CBS Boston app but I was sorely disappointed). I’m sticking with ’10 Boston’!
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3 years ago, new england humanist
Excellent news source
I especially like the local information including the weather updates
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4 years ago, Sibranc
Great app and great station.
I’m very happy with NBC10 Boston. I have being using the app for quite while and I’m very satisfied with all the Breaking news and good information that I always receive anytime. Thank you guys !
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4 years ago, never_tan
Great app for tourists
Just trying to figure out the weather and got this app thinking a local source was most reliable. Loads quickly and has all the info I need including UV index! Thanks so much.
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3 years ago, lkjsherfhzd
Completely broken
It’s been working fine until recently when it started to freeze up - would only allow scrolling on the iPad if I turned it sideways - now it has frozen completely. Uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing - completely dead - and the feedback email is rejected as “no such user”.
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4 years ago, Stpac
Fantastic App!
The information is all fact based, and non biased. The App is incredibly simple, easy to navigate and use. I’m impressed, I recommend it. Thank you and beautifully done NBC 10 Boston!
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6 years ago, Jsr75
5 Star app
I have been using this app for 6 months. I have had zero problems app runs perfect for me (iPhone 7) News is delivered faster than I have ever been able to get it. Great Job Great app...
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3 years ago, Jock-o
Very appealing and informative
I consult thus app multiple times daily. It has proven very clear and efficient, especially with daily, and more than daily, updates coming concerning COVID. Links, references and videos are well presented and it is a great accompaniment to TV’s NBC10.
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8 months ago, Marcommer
Reliable details
We watch NECN so it’s nice to have regular updates as-it-happens during the day. Very well organized and written posts.
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3 years ago, Jennboie
My favorite
This is probably my favorite app, with news and weather. I’m always the first to know breaking news!
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4 years ago, bean ounter
My favorite local news app
I use my News app all day long, it keeps me up to date, and I find it easy to get more details when I need them.
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4 years ago, Dan Shoe
Great app
Being an expatriate Bostonian, I have a need to keep up with what is going on in the Commonwealth. This Chanel 10 app has been great at keeping me up with breaking news and special interest events. Thanks
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5 years ago, rosemre23
Updated weather
Live in Weymouth and its great to know the actual forecast so I can plan for the week. I only watch NBC for news so I am very appreciative for the notifications I receive. 🙂
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3 years ago, andony71
NBC 10
Always happy with notifications and the news content.
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4 years ago, Mykaiser
There is a problem
This app can not update i tried please can you fix it
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6 years ago, Live Pats 12
I really like the awesome team work, and I always get a laugh out of something lol . That is News being real, and to the point. You all Boston, and outside the City News .
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4 years ago, GGandLadyBug
Great App for getting great news coverage -
With excellent notifications to keep me alerted to breaking news. I live in Minnesota - and use this station app now as my TV media US and Global news source.
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5 years ago, Gdhr11
Great app!
I’m very happy with the app... I travel around the Country a lot for work and it is great to be able to stay up to date on what is happening at home.
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4 years ago, PhoneToolsFan
Crashes and burns
Crap. After reading 3-4 articles the app freezes and crashes. You worry so much about your ads you could care less about allowing the user to read the articles. Your app cant handle both the ads and the memory to serve up the news so it freezes snd crashes. LET ME CLEAR THE CACHE TO OFFLOAD ALL INFO YOU ARE TRYING TO TRACK AND STORE WHICH IS FREEZING AND CRASHING MY EXPERIENCE. Hire someone who can make a proper app.
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5 years ago, fkv45&*796
Thank you for being there
It is great to have an app with local news and weather stories. Thank you
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5 years ago, Red Sox Mom
Best local news app
Love this app for local news! They give you the best of local news. I use this app more than any other local news app.
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6 years ago, BlancheLu
Great App!
This is a great App! Keeps me up to date with notifications throughout the day and I can click and read more anytime, anywhere.
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3 years ago, robacal
Great app and love the live link
Excellent easy to use app that gives you all the news and stories
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6 years ago, KevTheSportsGuy
News is current compared to other apps enjoy the modernization of the station
Enjoy the current news it’s faster than other app, I enjoy your state of the equipment
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4 years ago, hicktowncutie11
Last update made impossible to read articles
The last update has made it impossible to read the articles. I scroll slightly to keep reading and it locks up. I can’t go back I can’t scroll I have to keep closing it out. I can’t read anything all the way through. I used to love this app but lately is a mess
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2 years ago, smileyrp
Doesn’t open 9 out of 10 times
I download this app to replace NECN because it was not opening, only to find out this uses the same exact app as NECN and it will not open either. It only works about 10% of the time. I’m running iOS 15.3.
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5 years ago, Dieseldoghouse
Getting better
After an initial glitchy start as the NECN app, not very Apple iOS friendly. The 10 app seems more reliable, loads better- is waaayyyy more reliable than CNN on the iPad!!!
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5 years ago, dfson
I love what pops up on my lock screen! I’m kept up to date with what’s going on in my area!
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